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  • Girls Black Witch Shoes

    Girls Black Witch Shoes

    Finding the right pair of shoes for your kiddo can be a trying challenge in the best of scenarios. The style might be unappealing or the color just off. But, when you need to find the perfect pair of shoes for a special lass, the task is all the more daunting. How are you to find the perfect pair of witch shoes for your starting spellcaster? It is tough learning all about the right charms and potions and keeping those familiars under control is practically a full time job. No one has time to rub aching feet, so the shoes need to be perfect.And that is where these Girl’s Black Witch shoes come to save the day. With a delightfully dark shade of black and a shiny buckle for the perfect accent, the shoes would be a splendid complement to any witchy regalia. They are made all the better with the perfect curl of toe and heel to reveal to the world that your young witch might be just a little bit twisted herself!

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  • Child Wicked Witch of the West Costume

    Child Wicked Witch of the West Costume

    Dressing up in a black and green dress while casting evil magical spells on the people of Oz to ensure your reign of terror over them might sound a little crazy, but you might do a crazy thing or two when some girl drops a house on your sister.Even the Wicked Witch of the West has a sob story: she was always competing with her sister, constantly overshadowed by her gift of connecting with the people of Oz. When she was finally shown a way to best her sister, she jumped all over it – at the cost of becoming one of the most recognizable villains of our time.When your little girl wears a Wicked Witch of the West costume, it’s a little difficult to blame her for all the evil deeds that she’ll do, especially when she’s channeling all that crazy from the Wizard of Oz character. This officially licensed Wicked Witch of the West costume is made of 100% polyester fabrics, so it’s breathable enough to make it comfortable for a full night out trick-or-treating. The black dress has an oversize green collar and secures in the back with a Velcro closure. The matching green cape is sewn to the dress at the shoulders – one less piece you have to worry about losing! This kids costume is full of amazing details such as the green braid trim around the sleeves and the green, glittering flying monkey print along the bottom of the skirt. No witch costume is complete without the traditional black, pointy hat – so it’s included with the costume!

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  • Purple Witch Leg on Stick

    Purple Witch Leg on Stick

    Everyone likes fun decorations, right? And Halloween might be the very best time to decorate. There are so many options: graveyards, skeletons, witches, ghouls… You can go the silly route or the scary route, and either way it’s fun.You know what’s not fun, though? The cost of creating such a cute holiday-themed display. Halloween decorations aren’t cheap. That glowing witches’ cauldron costs more than your new pair of glasses! You just can’t afford that.We have a solution. Buying a whole witch to prop up against a tree is costly, but you can buy one-tenth of a witch for one-tenth of the price! Yes, this Purple Witch Leg on a Stick features the best part of any witch—her colorful stockings and stylish boots—without tacking a lot of extra features that will only inflate the end price. The 26-inch foot and leg set is stuffed and mounted on a wooden dowel that you can put just about anywhere, from your office to your bathroom. The boot is covered in playful purple sequins and trimmed in black fur, with real ribbon laces. Put one of these (or maybe a matching set!) on your front doorstep and you’ll be sure to get a leg up on any other Halloween decorations!

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  • Green Witch Leg on Stick

    Green Witch Leg on Stick

    Trying to add a little bit of classic Halloween creepiness to your home this season? Instead of calling up a real witch to scare-ify your home, why not use this Green Witch Leg? With a classic spooky look, you can put it anywhere in your home and you never have to worry about it casting nefarious spells on your or your guests. A real witch on the other hand? They might try to turn your guests into a frog! It works best when placed in hay bails, but you can always use your imagination to come up with the best combinations for this creepy item.

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  • Women's Plus Size Glamorous Witch Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Glamorous Witch Costume

    Haven’t you heard the latest in witch fashion? Boring black robes and clunky looking hats are sooo last Halloween. But, if those have been such staples of the witch wardrobe for so long, what replaced them? Well, this Plus Size Glamorous Witch Costume is a perfect way to look like a stylishly modern magic-user!Witch styles change just as quickly as any other kind of field of fashion, but they always seem to be some form of flowing dress and pointy hat, and 9 times out of 10, everything is black. We’re not saying that’s a bad look (especially when some of the witches sporting them are hundreds of years old and couldn’t really pull off a slinky dress anymore), but there are so many cool stylistic trends out there being ignored! Of course, when you are strutting around in this black velvety dress and pointy hat, and waving the flowing sleeves around as you cast your witchcraft, you might just think to yourself that if something isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing!Don’t be fooled though, this isn’t your grandma’s witch style. This is a fab look for a chic sorceress, and the only thing you’ll want to do more than cast a spell over the other costume party guests is show off this sassy V-neck dress! And while most of the outfit may be classic witch-fashion black, the purple sash and matching dress bottom add some enchanting color to the ensemble. Add some wicked heels to complete this look, and brew up a fun night out in this sexy spooky costume!

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  • Women's Glamorous Witch Costume

    Women’s Glamorous Witch Costume

    The key thing to remember when you’re dabbling in witchcraft is that anything can happen. And by that, we mean you can add one newt eye or unicorn tail too many to your potion, and BANG! you’ve just accidentally transported yourself to the middle of a crowded ballroom! It’s best to wear this Glamorous Witch Costume, so you’ll never get caught under-dressed!So if spontaneous relocation is such a big issue with magic-users, why don’t more witches dress nicely in case it happens to them? Why is it that so many of them seem to conduct their mystical business in what look like tattered bathrobes? We’re not potion and alchemy experts (yet…) but if we’d have to guess, we’d say many of those magical ingredients are pretty rare, expensive, and messy. So if a witch is hard at work, concocting some invisibility potion out of opossum brains and dragon barf or something, chances are they are going to spill some of that magical gunk on their clothes, and leave a nice enchanted stain! There are some messes not even dark magic can get out, so they dress in grungy work clothes, which can be a bit embarrassing to be caught in.That is definitely not a problem you’ll run into when you’re dolled up in this stunning witch outfit! This sexy black velvet dress shows everyone how a glamorous and professional witch dresses when she goes out; not like some messy amateur that spills potions on herself. Put on the matching hat and choker and grab your broomstick, and mix up a potion to make a magically fabulous entrance!

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  • Adult Sparkle Witch Crown

    Adult Sparkle Witch Crown

    Planning on becoming a magical, kind witch who helps lost girls from Kansas? Not without a sequin and glitter covered crown you aren’t. This Adult Sparkle Witch Crown is a prerequisite to being qualified for such an important role. That and having a poofy pink dress. Hey, we don’t make the rules.Even though we don’t make the rules, we can supply you with the necessary accessories and costume to make your good witch look complete. Not only do we have the pink poofy dress, but we also have the perfect crown to complement it. This good witch crown is all sparkle – no dull looks here. The crown is made of a flexible material that allows for a comfortable fit while still staying upright on your head. No need to worry about it losing its shape halfway through the night. The sparkles are embedded in the crown and the silver sequin star shines as the focal point.You wouldn’t want to disappoint your fans, would you? After all, they expect the good witch to come in and save them from the wicked one, so make sure you look the part before you begin on your kingdom-saving adventure.

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  • Black Witch Wig

    Black Witch Wig

    You know how everyone always says “______ is the new black?” You know why they say that? Because black is classic enough, versatile enough, and, well, awesome enough to basically be the benchmark for everything.So raise the bar for your Halloween look by adding in a little more black. Black, after all, is the color most often associated with secrets, magic, death, and evil. Black is night and bats and caves and cloaks. Whether you plan to be wicked, sexy, or just plain sinister, you’ll need a witchy ‘do. You can become an iconic Family member or a broom- and brew-loving sorceress. You have enough to deal with with all that black magic you’re mastering–without having to worry about your hair. We guess what we’re trying to say is: this Black Witch Wig is the new, er…black.

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  • Adult Deluxe Witch Wig

    Adult Deluxe Witch Wig

    It is really, really hard to get a hair appointment when you’re a witch. First you have to work your way through the yellow pages to find a hair dresser than will take you. Then you have to vet out whether they have the talent to match the highlights that you want to get to your green hued skin. And that’s not even counting the fact that you have to walk through Salem in broad daylight to get to the salon… we hear that they don’t like witches very much there! Save yourself all of the hassle with this deluxe witch wig. It will truly complete your occult look, and we’ll even deliver it right to your door!

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  • Plus Size Salem Witch Costume

    Plus Size Salem Witch Costume

    Folks of the modern times might be a bit surprised to see one of Salem’s witches gallivanting about in this day and age‚Äîgrande latte in hand‚Äîbut hey, we can’t blame you for laying low for all these years until the fervor died down. Now that you‚Äôre out and about, are you ready to rule this strange new world? Goody!Have you taken a ride share yet? Browsed the web (that‚Äôs the colloquial term for the internet)? Actually, scratch that‚Ķhave you even seen a computer? Read an e-book? Tried satellite radio? No? You better hop to it, girl! For instance, nowadays we celebrate Halloween as a grand affair‚Äîa night where we honor the dark sprits with costumes and parties‚Äîwhile fright fests were an everyday occurrence for you. We know costume hunting can be a process of trial and error, so it‚Äôs a great thing that you can simply come as you are in this Plus Size Salem Witch Costume. Oh come on, don‚Äôt be such a puritan. We know you‚Äôll love strutting around your party in this getup, taking selfies (we hope you‚Äôve gotten a smart phone by now) without persecution, so own it! We modern folks need you to come show us how scream-worthy style is done, since you practically wrote the book on it. This black frock‚Äôs wide sleeves and jagged edges prove you‚Äôre one tough cookie from a bygone era, while the blood-stained white accents make you absolutely gore-geous for your first all Hallow‚Äôs eve in quite some time. We totally recommend sporting the neck noose and iconic, pointy witch hat that come with this outfit, but if your party includes a bonfire, you may want to stay inside and binge watch a show with your new best ghouls.

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  • Child Glinda the Good Witch Crown

    Child Glinda the Good Witch Crown

    When you think of witches, you usually think of green stockings and pointy black hats, right? But that stereotypical “witch” look is so overused by now… and really, not flattering on anybody. We know that everyone supposedly looks good in black, but you know what everyone looks even better in? Glitter!If you really want to stand out from the rest of the witching crowd, you need a hat that stands out. And you know what stands out even more than a hat? A crown… a shiny silver and pink crown covered in glitter!Glinda the Good Witch knew exactly where it was at when it came to fashion. Just check out her amazing dress and coordinating accessories. She stole the show and easily upstaged those witches from the other corners of Oz (not to name names, Wicked Witch of the West…). Why not take a page from her book and add a crown to your witch costume, too?This Glinda the Good Witch Crown is perfect for any witch costume, whether you’re channeling Glinda’s entire look or making your own witch costume up. In fact, you can use it for all sorts of costumes, from princesses to superheroes. The officially licensed crown is made of pink foam and covered in dots, moons and stars of silver glitter. It’s sure to be the crowning part of any witch costume!

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  • Heartless Witch Adult Costume

    Heartless Witch Adult Costume

    ‚ÄòWitchcraft!‚Äô people have cried for centuries. So many descriptions of what witches might look like. Depending on countless tests to validate the power of the occult practitioners, each culture and even each inquisitor ran into trouble agreeing on what made a witch, though! Witches are made of wood, of course, which is why they are burned at the stake and, thus, float! Thin ladies beware, for if you weigh as much as a floating duck, it is going to be straight to the fire pit for you! But, best watch out if you are a bit educated too. If you know just a little too much and certainly dare speak your mind, you must be possessed and would quickly join the wooden duck ladies, too! We‚Äôve come a long way since those days. Witchcraft is no longer an accusation made by everyone to anyone. Quite a bit rarer, though still equally whispered about in dark corners of our society. Of course‚Ķ that was the plan, wasn‚Äôt it!? Witches are a crafty sort–that‚Äôs why they call it witchcraft, after all! They come in as many different forms and appearances as there are witches and they‚Äôve hidden in plain sight all these years. They only garb themselves in their most mystical appearances during the thinning of the veil, when their magic is the strongest.Which is why you need to get busy, lady! The Witches Ball comes and all the most notable witches of our time have already put together their own unique appearances. Fortunately for you, we have one grand look available that, shockingly, none have taken advantage of yet: the Heartless Witch Adult costume. Of course, we all know that the black-clad and stern-faced is more complicated than anyone can know, but none dare question out of the certain power she possessed as is evidenced by the laced up bodice, the iconic black conical hat, the mysterious black cape, and the black fabric pouch which contains your secretive magical components. Win the title of the Witch Supreme this year with this classical, yet uniquely powerful look!

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  • Deluxe Glinda the Good Witch Light-Up Wand

    Deluxe Glinda the Good Witch Light-Up Wand

    All wizards and witches can cast a variety of unique and potent magical spells on their own. Through a few components, concentration, mystic words, or even just mere concentration, no magic is unattainable. That said, it takes time and lots of energy. That is why you see so many casters making use of implements to help hone in that focus and make some serious magical effects take place with greater ease.And the Good Witch of the North is no different. Her iconic wand is perhaps a little different from what others might select, but this Deluxe Glinda the Good Witch Light-Up Wand is still a crucial aspect of the guardian witch’s abilities. This 16” wand is silver with bright multicolored gems in its star end. But, the magic isn’t in its appearance, alone. A simple flick of the wand and press of a button and it illuminates with magic that couldn’t possibly be explained by two batteries alone! Show those munchkins that all is well and guide Dorothy to her ultimate future and home with this glorious wand!

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  • Deluxe Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Plus Size Costume

    Deluxe Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Plus Size Costume

    Oh, the most good (that sounds a little funny, eh go with it) witch that’s ever graced our television screens. After all, she does float down to Dorothy in a giant pink bubble and takes care of a village of little tiny people called the munchkins!She really just can’t get any good…er (we started out awkward so we’re going to own it) in our minds and our hearts. She creates a beautiful snowstorm to save the gang from the poppies and works as a mentor to show that Dorothy had the ability to go home all along but needed to learn a few things about herself first. On top of all that, she just looks absolutely gorgeous in that big pink gown and tall silver crown. In our eyes she really can do no wrong (but we’re also pretty sure that’s not really in her nature!).Now it’s your turn to guide the ruby red slipper-clad lass from rural Kansas and help her find her way through Oz and also find herself on the journey there. You’ll be the best witch in town (There we go! Awkwardness over) and once you’re done, you’ll be able to kick back in your glass slippers with the wizard and have all your little munchkins pamper you all over the place. You may not have been the focus of the entire movie, but you will always be our favorite witch out there (along with everybody else’s!)

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  • Striped Witch Socks

    Striped Witch Socks

    Witches command respect. Soaring through the air among birds and planes, crowing out with that nasty cackle, scouring the ground below for little pretties to pluck off their feet, witches can sometimes still somehow fly under the radar.Surprising, we know. But our astute Halloween intelligence operatives recount times in which witches weren’t noticed until they hit solid ground below, and on Halloween, they seem like just another trick-or-treater—eliciting mere laughs from onlookers when they command them to hop on their broom or suffer death by boiling cauldron! All that considered, you’ll definitely want a pair of terrifying leg candy to complete your witch ensemble. Hey being bad means looking devilish from head to toe, and they’ll certainly notice these dastardly black-and-white stripes well before you plant your broom in the cold dirt.

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  • Toddler Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    Toddler Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    <p>When Dorothy first came to visit on her tornado-powered motorhome… though we’re pretty sure that the zoning board of Kansas did not approve the farmhouse for trans-world flight… things were a bit chaotic for the girl.  Now, nobody expects to show up and instantly be identified as a witch just for accidentally squashing a green-skinned baddie from the other side of the tracks, but when something like that happens, it is important that you have the right guide to assist you with your next steps.</p> <p>That’s where the delightful Glinda comes onto the scene.  Her quick explanation that the world consists of adorable and beautiful good witches and a couple foul tempered hideous ones lets Dorothy know for sure that she doesn’t want to be a bad witch… even though she doesn’t really have the power to be a good one, either!  But, that’s why Glinda is here to make sure that the Kansas gal knows what she can do to help set the world right.<p><p>But, the adorable qualities of your youngster are plenty powerful enough to help her show off some of her own magic with this Toddler Glinda the Good Witch costume.  The polyester and organza dress is going to look amazing.  Pink satin and glitter spangled organza overlays make the dress look purely magical while the foam butterflies and pink plastic crown demonstrate that Glinda is where the good really is!  Accessorize further with a Glinda wand and clear plastic shoes and your little one will be casting pure magic for all to see.</p>

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  • Child Glamour Witch Costume

    Child Glamour Witch Costume

    ‚ÄúDad,‚Äù she pleads, ‚ÄúI want to be a witch for Halloween.‚Äù So, you excitedly DIY a hat out of newspaper and dust off your old black graduation gown while she‚Äôs asleep. You‚Äôre pretty proud of yourself. ‚ÄùNo! Yuck,‚Äù she explains in the morning. See, she’s a witch, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to go to her cauldron party in any old thing. You see, she’s a glamour witch. Honestly, Dad, sometimes you really are so old fashioned. Satisfy her dueling needs for spookiness and style by getting her this Child Glamour Witch costume. Let her show off her fashionable ways and her fearsome nature all at once. Trust us, once she slips it on, she’s sure to feel like the top spell caster in her group, and for that, she‚Äôll likely forgive you for the whole graduation robe thing. Probably. That‚Äôs because the classic witch theme of this ensemble is enlivened by pretty purple accents, so she can be ready for all kinds of double, double toil and trouble…, but in style. The pointy black hat even has a little bling, as does the sparkly belt buckle. And who needs a broomstick when you can ride a hover board? You may not get her unique look, but that‚Äôs OK. It‚Äôs not your job. Just love her as she is, quirky costume and all, and promise to never, never try to make clothing from newspaper for her again.

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  • Wicked Witch: Legs Prop

    Wicked Witch: Legs Prop

    Here are some Wizard of Oz fun facts:> Most of the Wicked Witch of the West’s scenes were cut or edited because of how scary she>> Each Munchkin earned $50 a week, while Toto got $125 a week, When the witch tries to remove the ruby slippers, and we see fire, it’s actually apple juice sped up very quickly on film. Judy Garland’s dress was actually pink, not white, because it was easier to film.For your own trip to Oz, don’t forget a pair of these wicked witch prop legs. They’re a fun and authentic-looking prop that will add a fun detail to any party or stage production.

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  • Adult Sexy Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    Adult Sexy Glinda the Good Witch Costume

    Protecting the good people of Oz is a big responsibility, so you deserve to look your best while doing such a selfless deed, right? Well, we think you do! You need an outfit that is as cute and pink as the witch from the west is wicked and green. Check it out, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. This Glinda the Good Witch Costume will be perfect!Once you toss on this light pink, satin dress and adjust the matching molded plastic crown, you’ll feel ready to help rule the magical land of Oz. Guiding strange girls from Kansas along paths of self-discovery disguised as yellow brick roads will be penciled into your weekly schedule. Helping the flying monkeys fight for higher wages from the Wicked Witch of the West will be a constant battle but somebody’s got to do it. Negotiating with the talking apple trees about harvesting the fruits of their labor will stressful but also totally worth it after a single bite into the juiciest apple you’ve ever tasted.However, with Halloween coming up, don’t worry yourself with any of Glinda’s responsibilities as the good witch of the region. No, instead enjoy charming everyone with your best impression of this iconic storybook character. Grab a few more accessories such as a glittery silver wand and a shiny pair of high heels to complete this lovely impersonation. Then you’ll be ready to show off your graceful elegance on the dance floor. It will surely be a most magical night filled with Halloween fun!

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  • Red and White Witch Socks

    Red and White Witch Socks

    We don’t exactly know how it started, but there’s a trend among certain circles of witches—they all wear red and white striped socks. We believe there’s an obscure fashion magazine that caters to these fashion-savvy witches that we call “witchinistas”—and we’re sure these fashion magazines are doling out advice on what to wear to cast that special spell…you know the one. The idea that witches only wear black is just an unfortunate rumor perpetuated through the centuries. They actually prefer a snazzy pair of Red and White Witch Socks. You can still wear a black gown and pointed hat and all—but these socks will give you a pop of color that shows the world that you can dress like the best of the well-dressed witchinistas!

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  • Mehron Witch Makeup Kit

    Mehron Witch Makeup Kit

    There’s only one day in which your oh-so supple skin will be universally frowned upon. Here’s a hint: it’s not your birthday and it’s definitely not your wedding night. That’s right, it’s Halloween!So if you really, really want to get into character when you wear the witch costume you slaved for hours over, you should take our advice (we know a thing or two about Halloween costumes): don’t allow your ensemble to be ruined by that perfect, smooth complexion of yours. Instead, try using this witch makeup kit to create the appearance of a putrid, rotten mug that will have your all your friends saying you look…erm, authentic! It includes everything you need to achieve an ugly, green complexion complete with an attachable, otherwise-unachievable mole‚Äîincluding paint, pencil, cotton swabs, and examples!

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  • Classic Witch Hat

    Classic Witch Hat

    According to historians, tall, pointed hats first became associated with witches in illustrated children’s books published in the 1700s. Nobody is exactly sure why that connection came about, but we can tell you one thing: it had to be a major bummer for everybody else who just happened to like wearing pointy hats. Imagine stepping out of your house in the morning feeling all chipper about how good you’re going to look in that extra-pointy new hat you picked up over the weekend, then realizing as you strutted down the street that all of those people gasping and pointing weren’t just whispering amongst themselves about how good you looked. By the time the first person actually yelled out “Witch!” you’d probably have gotten the picture that your fashion choice was out of style, and potentially downright dangerous.Nowadays, though, there’s no harm at all in wearing a pointy hat. Even people who believe in evil witches will generally acknowledge that they wouldn’t be careless enough to advertise their occupation by dressing like the wickedest woman in Oz. Go right ahead and slip on this hat designed in classic witch style, with a wide, round brim and a tall, pointed peak. It’s ideal for wearing to a costume party, handing out candy, or hunting down a confused Midwestern girl and her little dog. Or if you just happen to like the look of pointy hats, it’s great for everyday wear too.

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