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  • Rainbow Fairy Wings

    Rainbow Fairy Wings

    These are Rainbow Fairy Wings

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  • Kids Angel Wings Gold Print

    Kids Angel Wings Gold Print

    Every Time a Bell Rings…You said it once. Now your little one won’t stop trying to make bell noises. It was very cute to start—your little one is an angel (most days)—but the constant fake ringing is starting to lessen her angelic nature. Lucky for you, your little one finally got to the point and explicitly asked if she can dress as an angel for Halloween. So go ahead, ring that bell one more time and get your little angel some wings.Details and DesignWith these Kids Gold Print Angel Wings your little will one look like they came down from Heaven. The 24″ wingspan lets your little one feel ready to take flight while the elastic shoulder straps help keep the wings comfortably in place. Don’t worry about a mess of feathers either. No amount of skipping, dancing, or shaking will dislodge the delicately detailed feathers on these angel wings. The velvet-covered wings are patterned with metallic-gold printed feathers to make a glittering impression and no mess. This Made by Us exclusive will be the perfect accessory for your child’s angel costume.Picture PerfectThink of all the lifestyle pictures you’re going to get… Whether it’s Halloween and your little one wants to show their angelic qualities or you’re looking to do something special for this year’s family pictures, these Made by Us angel wings are going to be a hit.

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  • Adult Angel Wings Gold Print

    Adult Angel Wings Gold Print

    Balancing ActNone of us are perfect. That’s a fact. And if someone you know is claiming perfection, well, that in itself is a flaw. So there. All you can do is try to be good and try not to beat yourself up for your shortcomings. You can volunteer at an animal shelter and shrug it off when you find yourself giggling when poor Fido gets his cone of shame stuck on his kennel door. You choose organic veggies from your local small farmer’s market but you still succumb to those dark weak moments at the gas station, finding yourself buying gummy worms at the counter. What’s up with these shortcomings? It’s because you’re human! Instead of trying to do the balancing act, do as the angels do and throw on some wings so you just don’t fall so hard. Design & DetailsThese structured angel wings make a big impact on any holy look. The velvet texture will make you feel like you’re straight off of cloud nine. You’ll love the charm of the printed gold feathers, layered in a graceful design. They can slip over your arms with elastic bands so they stay put and you stay comfortable. Now, that’s a blessing for a disguise. 

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  • Bat Wings Pet Costume

    Bat Wings Pet Costume

    Maybe you have a cat with some seriously upside-down sleeping habits. Maybe your pooch can’t decide what to be for Halloween, but still wants to take part in the festivities. This basic Bat Wings Pet Costume is a solid choice either way!Then there’s the nightmare scenario: you and your pet are in complete agreement on which amazing costumes you should wear while trick-or-treating together, but neither of you prepared for the struggle of putting on your pet’s overly-elaborate costume. Good thing you wisely chose to keep a pair of these simple bat wings as a backup! Just slip the elastic straps over your pal’s front legs, and you’ll be ready to take on the night together. Multiple pets? No problem! Your party guests will be delighted to find that they’ve walked straight from your living room into the secret lair of the cutest cave-creatures around.

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  • Rainbow Butterfly Wings

    Rainbow Butterfly Wings

    A Butterfly Walked Into a Bar…And pow! She opened her magnificent wings. Instantly there was a wide circle around her as she danced to the music, swooping one arm and then the other, dazzling onlookers with her graceful Rainbow Butterfly Wings. Sound too good to be true? We can’t tell you how many times this has happened to us when we’ve worn these winsome wings out on the town. It’s just a fact: people love a good show. And these dazzling, oversized wings create a visual event not likely to be forgotten any time soon! What are you waiting for? Snatch up a pair and prepare to really transform your Halloween party, dance recital, or casual Thursday at your neighborhood pub into a spectacle of nature’s majesty and beauty!Product DetailsThis piece is easy to wear, yet it creates a magical look that’s both ethereal and imaginative! It’s a draped cape that fastens around your neck, with rods that slide onto the top edges to give shape and control. The pattern on the back of the cape, with arms fully extended, is an intricate butterfly wing pattern in ombre rainbow hues. Pair it with a basic black leotard, a full bodysuit, even black denim and a tee, and enjoy the attention you’re bound to garner. A Wing and A Prayer You won’t need to waste time hoping this look is successful—we haven’t seen it fail, yet! We always knew you were a social butterfly, but now you’ve gone and proven it, and then some!

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  • Black Angel Wings and Halo Set

    Black Angel Wings and Halo Set

    Most everyone goes into the Halloween season or begins preparation for their costume party with three simple but important focuses in mind.Number one: you need something fast. We live busy lives. This is just a fact. It’s okay that you didn’t consider crafting a true-to-life Stormtrooper uniform out of materials in your house back in May. Number two: you have to look good (because hey, you look good!). And number three: you cannot look like everyone else. We all know what it’s like to have the same shirt as some classmate in sixth grade. It’s much worse when you have the same costume as your boss at the one party you get with coworkers per year.The good news? You can hit all of those targets with this black angel wings and halo set! It’s the quickest costume we can imagine that doesn’t look like your everyday attire. Better yet, since it’s black and not heavenly white, you’ll be subverting expectations all night long!

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  • Small Rainbow Butterfly Wings

    Small Rainbow Butterfly Wings

    EMERGE WITH RAINBOW WINGSHave you felt that you’ve been just a little too shy lately?  Perhaps you’ve wound yourself up in stress or hidden yourself away from the bright colors of daylight?  Well, we all go through that!  That only makes your arrival more exciting! The thing that you have to decide is how you want to appear.  There’s bound to be that transformation, of course, so you should make sure it is flashy, colorful… something that’s going to be widely seen and maybe even cause some gasps!PRODUCT DETAILSTo ensure that your appearance from that cocoon is truly remarkable, be sure that you show up with these Rainbow Butterfly Wings.  This translucent cape fits at your back and around your wrists with elastic bands and drapes down into two butterfly wings.  Each wing is symmetrically colored with a rainbow gradient from top to bottom that will have you looking and feeling truly magical.UPGRADE THE MONARCHWe tend to collectively accept that the monarch butterfly is among the most beautiful creatures out there.  But, that’s only because we haven’t seen them with rainbow wings!  Take the crown and become an Emperor butterfly with your new elegant rainbow wings.  

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  • Gold Theatrical Wings

    Gold Theatrical Wings

    Setting the SceneMaking your entrance is easy when you’re graced with wings. Mata Hari was great at making an entrance. When she went to balls she often showed up in a corseted dress with a shockingly tight skirt that gave her a dramatic hourglass figure paired with exotic hairpins and jewelry.  And when she walked onto the stage, a hush would fall over the audience. She gave her dance dignity with accessories that brought the buttoned-up officials in the audience out of their element. With a golden snake headdress, silk draping skirts, and bejeweled bodices she brought the mysterious ways of the east to Europe at a time when society was tense and gray. These wings would be right up Mata Hari’s wardrobing alley!Product DetailsThese wings are a bright gold with narrow pleats that let you fold your cape together with ease. Handles at the sides make it easy to expand the gold material to its full potential. Flight of FancyAre you looking to find a look that will make you stand out in a Mardi Gras parade? Maybe you are simply searching for an accessory that’ll let your Cleopatra costume stand out from any imposters. Or perhaps you simply want to get into the music festival spirit like the golden bird you always knew you were inside. Maybe all three of these circumstances will come to sooner or later. Either way, these golden wings deserve a spot in your costumed wardrobe. We might not live in a time of Cleopatras, Mata Haris, or Lady Godivas (the reigning queen of the grand entrance) but you can bring the grand entrance back into fashion again. These golden wings demand it!

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  • Mythical Fairy Wings

    Mythical Fairy Wings

    Swooning for BloomingThere’s nothing that fairies like better than a whole field of flowers. It doesn’t matter what the flowers are. They like Dandelions just as much as they like daisies. Though they do seem to have a special affinity for tulips, those perfectly folded petals provide a cozy little place to nap in the middle of the day. Now, we know fairies might have a lot in common with honey bees and they are kind of like coworkers but they have different jobs. Fairies make the flowers bloom in the morning and close them up at night. They collect the morning dew and spread the scent of lilacs and roses to passers-by. So if you swoon for flowers every spring, you’ve got the fairies to thank!Product DetailsRepresent garden fairies with fancy filigree when you slip these gorgeous wings onto your back. They make a gorgeous arch over your shoulders and dip down in sections like butterfly wings. They’re easy to put on, with elastic bands that slip over your shoulders to let you move without worrying about your wings shifting. The sheer wings are trimmed in gold and they have swirls, and dots that’ll make you think about monarch butterflies. Colorful flowers center the wings to make your gorgeous flitting style complete. Fairy Tale EndingDo you want to look like you stepped out of your favorite storybook at your next costumed event? It’s going to be so much fun to put together your fairy look! When it comes to these lovely creatures, there’s beauty in the details. Find items like pointed ears and colorful wigs in the fairy catalog to expand your character’s look. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or you’re gearing up for your local Renaissance Festival, these golden wings are sure to inspire plenty of magic in any costume!

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  • Bumblebee Fairy Wings

    Bumblebee Fairy Wings

    What’s the Buzz All AboutIs there anything better than the feeling when the first spring flowers come out? It’s wild how one day it seems like the flowers will never come and the next day there’s color and a fresh smell everywhere you look! Fruit trees flash out in pink and white blooms. You can smell the lilacs before the buds even open up. And little Lily of the Valleys delight the senses for anyone who takes the time to look. The flowers are great for us humans but just imagine how exciting it would be for a bee! Not only are the flowers beautiful but they’re the bread and butter for the bees. Who wouldn’t want a bees sweet-smelling job!Product DetailsWhether you want to be a bee or a garden fairy, these golden wings are on the ready! The sheer wings are blocked with a sparkly black center. Each part of the wing is trimmed with gold sparkles and swirls. A tulle flower centers the wings and has a daisy in the middle. Elastic bands make these forty-inch wings work for a variety of ages and sizes. Pair these wings with whatever gold and black ensemble you can dream up so you can bee all you can bee!

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  • Steampunk Filigree Wings

    Steampunk Filigree Wings

    This is the Steampunk Filigree Wings.

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  • Blue Theatrical Wings

    Blue Theatrical Wings

    Sky’s the LimitThe question is not: What can you do with these Blue Theatrical Wings? But rather, the question really is: What can’t you do in them? Because from where we are sitting, these metallic blue wings look like they could take you just about anywhere! Er…anywhere wide enough for your impressive wingspan, that is. Because you’re going to want to open these beauties as often as possible. They are practically magic. They could just as easily take you, say, center stage as they could take you to the moon.  They could have you ready to perform tricks on your unicorn just as quickly as they could turn you into a full-fledged goddess worthy of worship. Pretty cool, huh? We thought so!Product DetailsThis pair of iridescent, aqua-blue, accordion-pleated wings can be worn easily as a cape, and will add watery, whimsical, celestial, mystical magic to your outfit. Get ready for constant “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing as you breeze by! Myth MakerIn this beautiful set of wings, you’re bound to become a bit of a Halloween legend. It just goes to show you, not everything transformative is technological, and we have the wings to prove it! 

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  • Women's Wonder Woman Wings Dress Costume

    Women’s Wonder Woman Wings Dress Costume

    Being a superhero isn’t all it is cracked up to be. There is a trying schedule that you have to keep and it is pretty rare that supervillains are so agreeable that they post their plans online. (Dr. Horrible, aside, but you need to watch his Vlog to keep up with even him.) The others, though? It is almost like they are trying to keep their sinister plans a secret and that makes it near impossible to catch up with them when they are sneaking off to the next phase.Now, if you’re a Speedster or have some sort of grand teleportation ability, perhaps that isn’t too much of a trouble. But, for the regular wondrous heroes with only godly strength, basic flight speed, and a few magical objects from the mystical island of Themyscira, it isn’t always going to be so easy. And, remember, there is still the ambition to be able to live a somewhat normal life as well! How is a wonder gal to balance that secret life and her villain conquering?Well, we can help ease the burden by with this Wonder Woman Wings Dress. This seemingly simple red cotton and spandex stretch dress looks great and has the Wonder Woman ‘W’ on the chest, but its true magic is revealed when you raise your arms to take to the sky. Blue satin wings with printed stars spread like covert cape to help you move more aerodynamically through the skies in pursuit of your targets. You might not have super sonic speeds in the air, but these wings will help you soar threw narrow paths and cut your time in half, all without even needing a costume change!

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  • Infant Darling Dragon Swaddle Wings Costume

    Infant Darling Dragon Swaddle Wings Costume

    What‚Äôs more precious than a baby, that perfect little bundle of sweetness and light that could only have come from heaven? (Unless it‚Äôs someone else‚Äôs baby and it‚Äôs ruining your meal at a restaurant — then it‚Äôs debatable.) That‚Äôs right, the only thing better than a little baby is a dragon, because dragons can grow to be up to 300 feet long, fly, and render entire cities to ashes with nothing but their breath.But why compromise? With our Dragon Swaddle your baby will look so convincing that you‚Äôll always have to be on the lookout for ragtag teams of treasure hunters. The best part is that the wings are functional. No, they don‚Äôt fly, but they do wrap around your little treasure to keep them warm and snug. The toasty hat looks like a dragon‚Äôs head to complete the illusion. It has a bemused look on its face because it‚Äôs wondering why its neck is a baby‚Äôs head!

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  • Dragon Wings

    Dragon Wings

    Tipping the ScalesIt can be tricky to learn how to fly as a dragon. After all, dragons rarely live in basic landscapes. Take cave dragons, for instance. They live high up in the mountains, exclusively. When cave dragons take off they can easily be blustered up by a rogue gust of wind. That can take a dragons daily plans off their traveling course by miles. They might be headed over to terrorize the innocent Homeyham village but they’ll end up gliding over unicorn lake and the enchanted forest instead. One gust of wind saved Homeyham Village from a lot of trouble. Weather saves the day again!Product DetailsThese lovely verdant dragon wings are the perfect way to top off a costume and will work wonders for playing pretend as well. The ribs of the wings have a subtle neutral-toned pattern on one side and have a claw at the top. The wings are plenty comfortable with elastic securing them to your child’s shoulders. Flight PatternsWhen you’re training your little one to be a winged dragon, give them a few tips. Tell them to take off from a low place. Check the weather before flights. And never, ever eat a full meal before a high-altitude journey. Being a dragon is a lot of responsibility!

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  • Wings White Angel

    Wings White Angel

    Harping on HeavenYou’ve been setting up meetings with Saint Peter for months now. You’ve met up for coffee, you’ve borrowed a conference room and set up a power point, you even invited him over for a small supper the saint’s favorite food, loaves and fishes. But as much as he seems to enjoy your get-togethers, he still refuses to give you angel wings before you “go beyond the veil”. He says you’ll have to wait until you get your own cloud and you have to fly there from heaven’s main hub. Cause while we romanticize angel wings, they really just have wings for sky born commuting. Sure, it’s a lot more fun than traveling by car, but there’s no way you can get a set before you move on. In the meantime, you might as well practice your angelic look with these gorgeous set of angel wings. Product DetailsThese lightweight wings are printed on sheer fabric that’ll let the light shine through. The fabric is decorated with a silver feather pattern. The tops of the wings are trimmed with thick white feathers. And the middle of the wings have elastic bands attached and can be slung over your shoulders to keep them comfortable even as you go about your good deeds. 

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  • Wings Large Black Angel

    Wings Large Black Angel

    Angel of AngstNot every angel feels fulfilled laying back with a harp on a fluffy cloud while gold dust sprinkles down while centuries roll by on earth. There are certain angels that are… shall we say, woke. These angels are very well aware that while everyone’s having a good ol’ time in the sky, messed up stuff is happening down on the earthly plane. They peep down through the clouds and get angrier and angrier as they see people ghosting each other after three dates or leaving no tip after an expensive meal at a restaurant. These are the angels that do the equivalent of a teenager sneaking out in the middle of the night and slip down to earth to initiate vengeance on the jerks of the world. It’s kind of a heavenly no-no but it’s nice to know they’re out there looking out for us!Product DetailsThese lightweight wings are made of a silky sheer material and are decorated with a silver feather pattern. Fluffy feathers are gathered around the shoulders to remind everyone of your soft side. The wings strap over the shoulder with elastic straps to keep you comfortable while you spread your angelic nature on our earthly plane. 

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  • Aviator Wings Badge

    Aviator Wings Badge

    There are not many jobs out there that are as cool as being a pilot (besides being a copywriter!). They get to basically go against the laws of physics (So, there may be a few of those laws helping out, but still!) and fly a huge hunk of metal through the sky. Now, when trying to figure out to be for this coming Halloween, why not dress up as one of these magicians of the sky? You may think that without a plane on hand, this costume may be difficult to pull off. Well, you aren’t wrong there, but we have a quick and affordable solution that will help with this problem. Just pick up one of the Pilot Wings Emblem Badges we have here! Just about any schmuck can get their hands on a plane but only certified pilots can pin this badge on their lapel, and now you can too. So, if you plan on being a believable pilot make sure you don’t forget your wings!

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  • Butterfly Plush Wings

    Butterfly Plush Wings

    Once upon a time there was a caterpillar. All the other bugs picked on her because she wasn’t big, and kind of funny looking to them. Then one day the caterpillar turned into something strange. It was a cocoon. After a few days she emerged like a princess out of her castle. The other bugs felt bad now because her beautiful wings stretched out. They all felt jealous of her monarch wings and just let her do her thing. Now your child can be just like a butterfly in the Butterfly Plush Wings. The 100 percent polyester butterfly wings are soft to the touch. The wings are stuffed for a 3D look. The wings have shoulder and hand elastic straps to keep them in place.

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  • Adult Black Bat Wings

    Adult Black Bat Wings

    Nothing says creature of the night like the wings of a bat. But even the most delicate humans would need a lot more lift to get off the ground than our furry flying pals, so we recommend springing for a convenient synthetic alternative like these 100% polyester Adult ‘Bat’ Wings.By no means should you think that we have crunched any numbers. But we hesitate to say that it’s impossible to train a colony of bats to carry you aloft at the snap of your fingers, because we know that some of you will take that as a challenge no matter what the calculations suggest! And since we happen to like the little critters outside of our borderline-obsession with spooky Halloween costumes, we don’t want a bunch of daredevils poking and prodding them in the name of personal transportation. Plus, the prop version is going to be a lot more fun when you factor in all the guano!

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  • Bloodnight Wings Accessory

    Bloodnight Wings Accessory

    Is it lonely out there, perched on the high mossy walls of ancient battlements? We bet you have a good view of the city, perfect for planning how to enact your evil mission. Of all the things that have been released from Hades with dark plans in tow, it must be handy to be one of the winged ones. You can avoid being seen by priests or anyone else who might sound the spook alarm. You can make pretty good friends with the bats when you’re hanging out in those rocky outcroppings, waiting for a group of innocent passersby to possess. These red and black wings could strike fear into the heart of anyone you cross, the humans don’t stand a chance. Let your demon flag fly when you put on these Bloodnight wings. With these bad boys you can become the biggest baddest ghoul the world has seen since the dark ages. Just slip the wings on and feel the power flow through you.

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  • Wicked Wings Accessory

    Wicked Wings Accessory

    What’s a dragon without his wings? A big lame lizard, that’s what.Wings make the creature. Fairies. Demons. Gargoyles. Take off the wings and you’ve got magical weirdos and that’s it. But add a pair of wings? Now you’ve got a creature of the night! Something majestic and terrifying! So if you’re feeling like you need to be a mythical creature of epic proportions (and by epic, we mean in possession of wings) look no further than our Wicked Wings Accessory. These nylon-hinged wings have elastic shoulder straps and pull cords so the wings spread. That’s right. Not only can you be a supernatural creature with some epic wings, you can also flex your wings and watch people jump in terror. Ah, the power of wings.

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  • Satan Wings for Adults

    Satan Wings for Adults

    Demonic Day TripAre you ready to take an evil flight of fancy? Good news, we hear hell is opening its gates for the evening on Halloween night. If you look the part, you just might be able to join demons and minions in their mischevious adventures. Join the demon Ardad who leads travelers astray on trips. Or you might partner up with Pruflas who’s all about spreading lies and fake news. What’s your demonic style? Slip these wings on and decide for yourself. There’s a whole evil world out there to explore. Details & DesignThese red wings are key to your DIY Satan costume. Made by Us, you can be sure these wings will last longer than your standard pair. The soft fabric has seams throughout for a stunning look from any angle. Pull on the stretchy shoulder straps and you’ll have a comfortable finish to any devilish ensemble!Bring on the BrimstoneAre you ready to take on your new demonic style? These wings are sure to amp up your Halloween costume. Choose from any of our other devilish looks to create the demon costume that suits you perfectly! This Halloween cast aside your halo and let your devilish side fly free!

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  • Medium White Feather Angel Wings

    Medium White Feather Angel Wings

    We know you are an angel. We know because your angelic nature shines through in everything you do…well, most of the time. Sometimes you show a little of the devil inside. You play practical jokes on your younger brother. The fake spiders you hid in his bed in high school were hilarious, but kind of evil. But you volunteer to help kids with after school programs, and you are a “big sister” to a kid in town. You just need something more physical to show off your angelic ways.These Medium White Feather Angel Wings are just the thing to let people know that your devilish practical jokes are behind you. You want your “little sister” to know you are here for her. These white wings will let your entire community know you are more than just nice, you are absolutely angelic!

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  • Ant-Man Wasp Wings

    Ant-Man Wasp Wings

    Winging ItIt turns out, the ability to change sizes at the drop of a pin and fly around can’t solve all the problems in the world. There will always be tricky bad guys and X-Con crew mix-ups that throw wrenches into even the most organized plan. But wouldn’t it be a blast to have Wasp’s skills? What would you do first? We think everyday chores could become a lot of fun. Zooming through soap suds on plates and pans would be more fun than any trip to the Alps you could buy. We’d have a lot of fun lassoing dust bunnies and scraps of paper under the bed. While we might fight crime when the world needed our help, we imagine much of our time would be spent flying around at hummingbird size, annoying friends and family. Product DetailsAre you ready to become a high-tech hero? It’s easy to have a good time when these forty-five-inch sheer wings are attached to your shoulders. The harness loops over shoulders so you can be sure they’ll stay on no matter what trouble you’re up against. Flight of FancyReady to take to the air? Whether you or your child is dressing up as Hope Van Dyne this year, the wings are a must. Match them up with the Wasp jumpsuit, a mask, and gloves and you’ll be ready to fight crime… or do dishes in a fly style. Either way, winging it has never been this much fun. 

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  • Theatrical Iridescent Wings

    Theatrical Iridescent Wings

    Pearls of WisdomThere’s nothing like dancing. You feel the beat and you almost can’t help but move. It’s an amazing thing to be able to do. There have been amazing leaders of dance through history. You probably know some of them. Martha Graham shook up the world of ballet when she invented Modern Dance. And there was Josephine Baker, bringing the jazz age alive with her wild yet controlled movement. And let’s not forget the ballroom dancing Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Fred Astaire was pretty darn good but Ginger Rogers did everything he did but backward and in heels. While you may or may not know how to dance on point or throw down some serious tap moves, you can still stand out in people’s memories when you let your dance moves loose. Simply throw on a show-stopping accessory and your look will be unforgettable. Product DetailsWith vibrant pleats of iridescent color, you’ll love this oceanic color. The cape will shimmer with movement. The cape attaches to the shoulders and extends all the way with plastic rods, hidden away under the blue and pink fabric. Winging ItWhether you’re looking for a show-stopping angel or fairy costume or you simply want to stand out in a parade, this cape will make a great addition to your wardrobe. Simply spread your wings and embrace your gorgeous new look. This is sure to shake out to something special!

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  • Theatrical Spiderweb Wings

    Theatrical Spiderweb Wings

    NATURE’S GREATEST HORRORFolks are often pretty freaked out by the sight of a spider.  We think that there must be more!  We imagine them crawling all over the place.  And — boy! — can they be fast when they want to be, skittering from place to place in barely a snap!?Good thing that they don’t have other modes of transportation.  Imagine them weaving webbing between their legs and then flapping those things like a bird and taking off to flight!  Spiders with wings!?  Well, that’s new nightmare fuel.  PRODUCT DETAILSWell, you’ve dreamed it so we’ve made it a reality.  Enjoy a truly theatrically terrifying role when you have these Black Spiderweb Wings.  Wear this elegant cape with a bat-like shape and dark gray and white patterns that look just like spider webbing.  Then, take hold of the theatrical sticks connected to the edge and you’ll be able to do a dangerous dance that’ll look like a spider learning to fly.OF COURSE, IT IS TRUE…It’s a pretty terrifying thought to imagine that spiders can fly.  While these Theatrical Spiderweb Wings will make it look like you’re using webbing as wings, the terrifying truth is that spiders can use their webs to catch the wind and soar from place to place.  If nothing else, this will help you deflect them! 

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  • Women's Wonder Woman Wings Dress Costume

    Women’s Wonder Woman Wings Dress Costume

    Being a superhero isn’t all it is cracked up to be. There is a trying schedule that you have to keep and it is pretty rare that supervillains are so agreeable that they post their plans online. (Dr. Horrible, aside, but you need to watch his Vlog to keep up with even him.) The others, though? It is almost like they are trying to keep their sinister plans a secret and that makes it near impossible to catch up with them when they are sneaking off to the next phase.Now, if you’re a Speedster or have some sort of grand teleportation ability, perhaps that isn’t too much of a trouble. But, for the regular wondrous heroes with only godly strength, basic flight speed, and a few magical objects from the mystical island of Themyscira, it isn’t always going to be so easy. And, remember, there is still the ambition to be able to live a somewhat normal life as well! How is a wonder gal to balance that secret life and her villain conquering?Well, we can help ease the burden by with this Wonder Woman Wings Dress. This seemingly simple red cotton and spandex stretch dress looks great and has the Wonder Woman ‘W’ on the chest, but its true magic is revealed when you raise your arms to take to the sky. Blue satin wings with printed stars spread like covert cape to help you move more aerodynamically through the skies in pursuit of your targets. You might not have super sonic speeds in the air, but these wings will help you soar threw narrow paths and cut your time in half, all without even needing a costume change!

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  • Angel Wings and Halo

    Angel Wings and Halo

    Your next Halloween costume: guardian angel! It’s a one, two, and you’re done kind of costume, too‚Äîperfect for those inevitable procrastinations and busy nine-to-five lifestyles. When you’re pressed for time, need a quick and easy costume, and must look heavenly, this is your savior.Or perhaps you’re someone else’s savior? That’s right, this heavenly Angel Wings and Halo set will instantly transform you into some poor soul’s guiding light! The white marabou halo comes with an attached headband, the synthetic wings come with attached elastic bands, and watch the punch bowls, because these angelic wings measure 21 inches tall by 19 inches wide. Snap on our Angel Wings and Halo and you’ll be perfectly equipped to flutter around whoever you choose to save. Don’t be afraid, either‚Äîthis can only end well!

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  • Monarch Butterfly Wings

    Monarch Butterfly Wings

    Do you know what it means when a butterfly lands on you? Well, if you don’t, we will gladly tell you! If you were lucky enough to have the gorgeous winged creature land somewhere on your body, the butterfly was trying to send you a message. It was saying, “you’re in store for a beautiful transformation, my friend!” You see, butterflies are quite magical and maybe, just maybe, that tiny insect knew that you were about to be gifted with these Monarch butterfly wings. Just put on these dazzling amber-colored wings and get ready for the ultimate metamorphosis. These wings, crafted from lovely satin fabric, are a great way to get your butterfly costume noticed. Just fasten the band around your neck and slip your wrists inside the elastic straps at the ends of the fabric to became the Queen of the Monarchs. The impressive 28 inch wingspan will certainly create quite the buzz no matter where you are fluttering off to!

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