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  • Magic Wand

    Magic Wand

    Magic Wand.Includes: One Magic Wand. *Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. This magic wand can be used as an accessory with any of your favorite magician costumes. Conjure up some fun at your child’s party with our black and white magic

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  • Harry Potter Hermione Wand

    Harry Potter Hermione Wand

    Harry Potter Hermione Wand

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  • Pink Butterfly Wings

    Pink Butterfly Wings

    Pink Butterfly Wings; 29 Inch X18 Inch Butterfly Wings. Include: Wings. Does Not Include: Wand. These are perfect with any fairy costume.

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  • Snow White Wand

    Snow White Wand

    Snow White Wand Perfect for the birthday parties and dress up parties. This Disney Snow white wand is the perfect accessory to complete you Snow White Costume. The jeweled wand with snow white cameo, red marabou trim and gold streamers is the highlights o

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  • Cinderella Wand

    Cinderella Wand

    Complete your Disney princess costume with this Cinderella Wand featuring blue and silver ribbon deatiling, bead detailing and Cinderella character emblem.

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  • Butterfly Shimmer Adult Wings

    Butterfly Shimmer Adult Wings

    Butterfly Shimmer Adult Wings.Includes: Sheer black wings with curly tendrils.Available Size: One Size Fits Most Adults and Teens.Available Color: Black.*Costume and Other Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately.Complete your fairy costume with these be

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  • Barbie: Forever Barbie Wand

    Barbie: Forever Barbie Wand

    Barbie: Forever Barbie Wand

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  • Pink Butterfly Adult Wings

    Pink Butterfly Adult Wings

    Pink Butterfly Adult Wings

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  • Queen of Hearts Staff

    Queen of Hearts Staff

    Queen of Hearts Staff

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  • Harry Potter Wand with Light and Sound

    Harry Potter Wand with Light and Sound

    Harry Potter Wand with Light and Sound.Includes: One Harry Potter Wand with Light and Sound. *Batteries, Costume and Accessories Not Included. Sold Separately. I swear I don’t know. One second the glass was there and the next it was gone. It was like magi

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  • Iridescent Pixie Wings

    Iridescent Pixie Wings

    Complete your fairy pixie costume with these Iridescent Pixie Wings featuring iridescent wings with green and white ribbon detailing.

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  • Fairy Adult Wings (More Colors)

    Fairy Adult Wings (More Colors)

    Fairy Adult Wings (More Colors)

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  • Aviator Wings Badge

    Aviator Wings Badge

    There are not many jobs out there that are as cool as being a pilot (besides being a copywriter!). They get to basically go against the laws of physics (So, there may be a few of those laws helping out, but still!) and fly a huge hunk of metal through the sky. Now, when trying to figure out to be for this coming Halloween, why not dress up as one of these magicians of the sky? You may think that without a plane on hand, this costume may be difficult to pull off. Well, you aren’t wrong there, but we have a quick and affordable solution that will help with this problem. Just pick up one of the Pilot Wings Emblem Badges we have here! Just about any schmuck can get their hands on a plane but only certified pilots can pin this badge on their lapel, and now you can too. So, if you plan on being a believable pilot make sure you don’t forget your wings!

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    Skull and Wings Print Halloween Hoodie

    Skull and Wings Print Halloween Hoodie

    Skull and Wings Print Halloween Hoodie

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  • Women's Wonder Woman Wings Dress

    Women’s Wonder Woman Wings Dress

    Being a superhero isn’t all it is cracked up to be. There is a trying schedule that you have to keep and it is pretty rare that supervillains are so agreeable that they post their plans online. (Dr. Horrible, aside, but you need to watch his Vlog to keep up with even him.) The others, though? It is almost like they are trying to keep their sinister plans a secret and that makes it near impossible to catch up with them when they are sneaking off to the next phase.Now, if you’re a Speedster or have some sort of grand teleportation ability, perhaps that isn’t too much of a trouble. But, for the regular wondrous heroes with only godly strength, basic flight speed, and a few magical objects from the mystical island of Themyscira, it isn’t always going to be so easy. And, remember, there is still the ambition to be able to live a somewhat normal life as well! How is a wonder gal to balance that secret life and her villain conquering?Well, we can help ease the burden by with this Wonder Woman Wings Dress. This seemingly simple red cotton and spandex stretch dress looks great and has the Wonder Woman ‘W’ on the chest, but its true magic is revealed when you raise your arms to take to the sky. Blue satin wings with printed stars spread like covert cape to help you move more aerodynamically through the skies in pursuit of your targets. You might not have super sonic speeds in the air, but these wings will help you soar threw narrow paths and cut your time in half, all without even needing a costume change!

    $24.99 Wonder Woman Costumes
  • Purple Butterfly Wings

    Purple Butterfly Wings

    These are Purple Butterfly Wings.

    $39.99 Bug Costumes
  • Butterfly Wings

    Butterfly Wings

    You’ve probably heard about the butterfly effect Рthe theory that even the tiniest event can set in motion a chain reaction with major consequences. The classic example is a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world eventually leading to a tornado developing somewhere on the other side. If a regular sized butterfly can do all of that, just imagine what a human-sized one could pull off. With one flap of the wings, that big butterfly could forever change the world as we know it, for better or for worse. That’s a lot of responsibility to lay on an abnormally large insect.Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about whipping up trouble, weather-related or otherwise, while wearing these pretty wings. These are just for show, and what a show it is. Crafted in the shape of a swallowtail butterfly, these purple, blue and black wings slip over your shoulders with elastic arm bands and feature elegant touches like blue rhinestones and a pair of attached antennae. These butterfly wings are certainly lovely enough to cause a stir at your next costume party, but we’d like to hope their long-range effect won’t go too much farther than that.

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  • Angel Wings and Halo

    Angel Wings and Halo

    Your next Halloween costume: guardian angel! It’s a one, two, and you’re done kind of costume, too‚Äîperfect for those inevitable procrastinations and busy nine-to-five lifestyles. When you’re pressed for time, need a quick and easy costume, and must look heavenly, this is your savior.Or perhaps you’re someone else’s savior? That’s right, this heavenly Angel Wings and Halo set will instantly transform you into some poor soul’s guiding light! The white marabou halo comes with an attached headband, the synthetic wings come with attached elastic bands, and watch the punch bowls, because these angelic wings measure 21 inches tall by 19 inches wide. Snap on our Angel Wings and Halo and you’ll be perfectly equipped to flutter around whoever you choose to save. Don’t be afraid, either‚Äîthis can only end well!

    $19.99 Angel Costumes
  • Black Angel Wings and Halo Set

    Black Angel Wings and Halo Set

    Most everyone goes into the Halloween season or begins preparation for their costume party with three simple but important focuses in mind.Number one: you need something fast. We live busy lives. This is just a fact. It’s okay that you didn’t consider crafting a true-to-life Stormtrooper uniform out of materials in your house back in May. Number two: you have to look good (because hey, you look good!). And number three: you cannot look like everyone else. We all know what it’s like to have the same shirt as some classmate in sixth grade. It’s much worse when you have the same costume as your boss at the one party you get with coworkers per year.The good news? You can hit all of those targets with this black angel wings and halo set! It’s the quickest costume we can imagine that doesn’t look like your everyday attire. Better yet, since it’s black and not heavenly white, you’ll be subverting expectations all night long!

    $14.99 Angel Costumes
  • Monarch Butterfly Wings

    Monarch Butterfly Wings

    Do you know what it means when a butterfly lands on you? Well, if you don’t, we will gladly tell you! If you were lucky enough to have the gorgeous winged creature land somewhere on your body, the butterfly was trying to send you a message. It was saying, “you’re in store for a beautiful transformation, my friend!” You see, butterflies are quite magical and maybe, just maybe, that tiny insect knew that you were about to be gifted with these Monarch butterfly wings. Just put on these dazzling amber-colored wings and get ready for the ultimate metamorphosis. These wings, crafted from lovely satin fabric, are a great way to get your butterfly costume noticed. Just fasten the band around your neck and slip your wrists inside the elastic straps at the ends of the fabric to became the Queen of the Monarchs. The impressive 28 inch wingspan will certainly create quite the buzz no matter where you are fluttering off to!

    $39.99 Bug Costumes
  • Wicked Wings Accessory

    Wicked Wings Accessory

    What’s a dragon without his wings? A big lame lizard, that’s what.Wings make the creature. Fairies. Demons. Gargoyles. Take off the wings and you’ve got magical weirdos and that’s it. But add a pair of wings? Now you’ve got a creature of the night! Something majestic and terrifying! So if you’re feeling like you need to be a mythical creature of epic proportions (and by epic, we mean in possession of wings) look no further than our Wicked Wings Accessory. These nylon-hinged wings have elastic shoulder straps and pull cords so the wings spread. That’s right. Not only can you be a supernatural creature with some epic wings, you can also flex your wings and watch people jump in terror. Ah, the power of wings.

    $19.99 Wizard of Oz Accessories
  • Bloodnight Wings Accessory

    Bloodnight Wings Accessory

    Is it lonely out there, perched on the high mossy walls of ancient battlements? We bet you have a good view of the city, perfect for planning how to enact your evil mission. Of all the things that have been released from Hades with dark plans in tow, it must be handy to be one of the winged ones. You can avoid being seen by priests or anyone else who might sound the spook alarm. You can make pretty good friends with the bats when you’re hanging out in those rocky outcroppings, waiting for a group of innocent passersby to possess. These red and black wings could strike fear into the heart of anyone you cross, the humans don’t stand a chance. Let your demon flag fly when you put on these Bloodnight wings. With these bad boys you can become the biggest baddest ghoul the world has seen since the dark ages. Just slip the wings on and feel the power flow through you.

    $19.99 Bat Costumes
  • Rainbow Dash Wings

    Rainbow Dash Wings

    Do you know what would make any costume at least 20% cooler ? Keep reading to find out! Rainbow Dash is quite the pony. Not only is she a spunky and sassy Pegasus, but she can also control the weather. She is the most loyal pony of the Mane 6, and she is the most colorful as well. So naturally, with quite the pony, comes quite the pair of wings! Your child can now be her favorite dazzling pony when she dons these Rainbow Dash Wings. She can wear the wings alone for playtime and dress up, or she can pair them with the Rainbow Dash hood, for a more complete costume. These officially licensed iridescent rainbow wings come fitted with adjustable clear straps, securing the wings, perfect for galloping around Ponyville. So, slip these on and your daughter will be “about 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat!”

    $14.99 My Little Pony Costumes
  • Bat Wings Pet Costume

    Bat Wings Pet Costume

    Maybe you have a cat with some seriously upside-down sleeping habits. Maybe your pooch can’t decide what to be for Halloween, but still wants to take part in the festivities. This basic Bat Wings Pet Costume is a solid choice either way!Then there’s the nightmare scenario: you and your pet are in complete agreement on which amazing costumes you should wear while trick-or-treating together, but neither of you prepared for the struggle of putting on your pet’s overly-elaborate costume. Good thing you wisely chose to keep a pair of these simple bat wings as a backup! Just slip the elastic straps over your pal’s front legs, and you’ll be ready to take on the night together. Multiple pets? No problem! Your party guests will be delighted to find that they’ve walked straight from your living room into the secret lair of the cutest cave-creatures around.

    $6.99 Vampire Costumes