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  • Breakfast at Tiffany's Holly Golightly Wig

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly Wig

    This wig goes really really well with our exclusive and licensed Breakfast at Tiffany’s costume dress. It completes the look! You know, when the industry heard we were making this costume they told us we could never do it, it could never be done, million to one shot, don’t even attempt such fantasy! Why? Because the elegance and beauty of Holly Golightly does not come so… well, lightly. But, we here at figured it out, and all you need are a few things and you’re ready to get out there and do some park avenue shopping, or perhaps sing some Moon River karaoke. For an encore you could sing that catchy (albeit mildly annoying) Deep Blue Something song from the 90s, it’s really up to you. But we recommend the classic. Always the classic.

    $14.99 Breakfast at Tiffany's Costumes
  • Adult Stranger Things Eleven Blonde Wig

    Adult Stranger Things Eleven Blonde Wig

    Wigging OutFriends don’t lie, so we’ll be straight with you: this Adult Stranger Things Eleven Blonde Wig will not give you telekinetic powers. We know, we know…it’s a bummer, for sure! We tried; we really did. We had a team of scientists working around the clock on this project. We even tried to carry it to Hawkins to imbue it with the mysterious powers that live there (only to find that Hawkins is fictional…it was awkward).However, all is not lost! This blonde wig will help you perfect your authentic Eleven ensemble for Halloween, ensuring you win the costume competition and take home the prize (which we hope is a lifetime supply of frozen waffles)!Product Details We understand that it’s not quite the same as being able to open doors with your mind or anything. But if you think about it, Eleven’s powers make her life pretty tough. She’s constantly being chased, left to fend for herself, locked away in a cabin, kept from her friends, and oh yeah…required to save the world. So, maybe it’s really better that you enjoy El’s look and not her powers. And this blonde, shoulder-length wig will ensure you have can have all the fun while still staying safe!The AlternativeOf course, you can always go the alternate route and shave your head. That’s the other way to rock an authentic Season 1 costume. Of course, we think this is more fun (and temporary). But it’s up to you!

    $19.99 Stranger Things Costumes
  • Bride of Frankenstein Child/Adult Wig

    Bride of Frankenstein Child/Adult Wig

    Live from the LabHave you been keeping track of the newest royal wedding? No, we’re not talking about the British royals. We’re talking about the monarchs of horror, Frankenstein and his bride. You might have thought these two were always married. In actuality, they had a rocky first date as often happens on blind dates. Honestly, the supposed Bride of Frankenstein reacted to her intended partner with a piercing scream. Her blind date then went on to run to the lab and tried to blow up the entire building. Now we’ve seen plenty of reality television but this level of drama always seems to be missing from most dating shows. If you’re ready to finally see this star-crossed pair get together, show your enthusiasm to the world with this Bride of Frankenstein wig! Product DetailsThis black and white wig will tower over your head to make you into the infamous bride. Pair it with the white dress and you’ll be ready for some silver screen drama. Culture ShockIf you’re ready to head out into the public as this classic character, you’ll have to communicate in other ways than you’re used to. That’s right, no more hissing like an angry goose. Use your words. Modern life might be a little tricky but we all know you’ve been shocked before!

    $19.99 Frankenstein Costumes
  • Dawn of Justice Deluxe Adult Wonder Woman Wig

    Dawn of Justice Deluxe Adult Wonder Woman Wig

    So we’ve been tweeting, purusing message boards, and sending emails nonstop to try and find out just who actress Gal Gadot’s hair stylist is. Because whoever took care of her locks for her epic appearance in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, well, they nailed it! Wonder Woman bursts onto the scene in the 2016 smash hit movie, and well, she kind of steals the show (at least in our opinion)!But once we got this deluxe wig into our costume studios, we quickly found out that all of our effort was for naught. Because this wig captures the on screen style of the Amazing Amazonian to a tee! With long synthetic strands of hair, and just the right amount of curl, when you have this wig on you’ll feel ready to slip on a Wonder Woman costume and straight up lay the smack down. So whether you have your sights set on becoming Wonder Woman for Halloween, or just want to cosplay as Diana Prince at your next event, this deluxe Dawn of Justice adult wig will be the perfect fit!

    $29.99 Batman Costumes
  • Queen Cleopatra Wig

    Queen Cleopatra Wig

    Sometimes the ugly truth of history is that it’s very, very messy. Like technically, Cleopatra was a pharaoh who co-ruled with a bunch of her brothers and husbands and was pretty much Greek in heritage. But resplendent in this wig, kind of like the one Cleopatra probably had to wear to pass for a true Egyptian, you’ll definitely look regal enough to be queen of the Nile!Whew! Those later years in Ancient Egypt were pretty complicated, and this famous lady’s life was no exception. She made a lot of uneasy bedfellows and outright enemies during her time in power. But you know what they say: well-behaved women seldom Ptolemaic history! Live life with the same wit and charm that inspired countless artists and writers to immortalize her in their work, and people are going to be talking about you and your great-looking wig for millenia to come!

    $29.99 Cleopatra Costumes
  • Groovy Hippie Wig

    Groovy Hippie Wig

    Probably one of the coolest things about hippies is that hippie culture was arguably really only A Thing for a handful of years, yet has continued to have a permanent influence. It unofficially started around 1964 thanks to American novelist Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters (some of whom you now know as The Grateful Dead). Their psychedelic and communal exploits – later chronicled by Merry Prankster member Tom Wolfe in “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” – attracted a legion of young adults who, intrigued by the developing psychedelic hippie music scene, dropped out of school and moved to San Francisco and LA to be a part of the “Tune in, turn on, and drop out”movement. Hippies rose to the forefront of mainstream culture in 1967, the summer of which was famously coined “The Summer of Love” thanks to the rise of psychedelic culture, a surge of California music festivals, and heightened protests concerning the US military involvement in Vietnam. The Hippie Movement culminated in Woodstock in 1969, then quickly (as in, only four months later) faded into widespread disillusionment after the tragic deaths that took place at the Altamont Free Concert and the After that, the peace and love of the hippie movement started to slowly decline, first fading with five deaths at the Altamonte Music Festival, and finally deep-diving into disillusionment with the “Helter Skelter” killings done by the Manson Family.But anyway! Take yourself back to a more free lovin’ time and instantly transform into a flower child with this Groovy Hippie Wig. Add some rose-colored glasses and some clothes that don’t match, and you’ll be ready to let the rainbows flow free!

    $19.99 Hippie Costumes
  • Mod Fashion Wig

    Mod Fashion Wig

    People try to put us d-down (Talkin’ ’bout my generation), Just because we get around (Talkin’ ’bout my generation)We all like to dance, and groove. Get up, just to get down. And we need some music to really start get our groove going. Some music like the Kinks, and the Who, and maybe even some Rolling Stones just to round out the music scene. All we have to do is get into our colorful 60s dress, and dance the night away. Well, we also need to get our hair just right as well.We want you to have the perfect night of music, and dancing. And to do that we have this Mod Fashion Wig to make your night go just that little bit smoother. That way you won‚Äôt have to worry about making your hair do that perfect flip. (We never could get ours to go the way we wanted, it always ended up flipping in.) So slip this wig on, and enjoy swaying to the music with the perfect hair.

    $16.99 Disco Costumes
  • Women's Black Flapper Wig

    Women’s Black Flapper Wig

    This is a Women’s Black Flapper Wig. 

    $14.99 Flapper Costumes
  • Women's Black Beehive Wig

    Women’s Black Beehive Wig

    Over the TopHairdos aren’t what they used to be. We’re not dissing the styles of the day, we just know that people don’t put as much work into topping off their styles as they did in the seventeen hundreds. Just look at this wig. It’s tall, it’s curly, and it would fit in perfectly in the dance halls of eighteenth-century Paris. While our hair might not be as over the top as wigs were in Versailles, we should probably be grateful. For a while there, wig making was a big money maker. The ladies of this era wore their hair more than a foot into the air. They were heavy, made of wool, and usually infested with vermin. Lucky for you, this chic wig is none of these things! Product DetailsPeople will serve up respect on a silver platter when you show up in this tall, curly wig. You’ll love the dramatic jeweled do with curls cascading down the back of your neck.Good Hair DayWhether you’re courting in the halls of Versailles with Marie Antionette or you’re hunting in the slums of London as an evil vampire countess, you’re sure to make a grand entrance. Pair it with our saloon girl or royal costume and you’ll find this wig brings your outfit from pretty to showstopping!

    $14.99 Southern / Victorian Costumes
  • High Top Fade Wig

    High Top Fade Wig

    This is a High Top Fade Wig.

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  • Womens Spanish Senorita Wig

    Womens Spanish Senorita Wig

    This is a Womens Spanish Senorita Wig.

    $14.99 Spanish Costumes
  • Girl's Night Out Wig

    Girl’s Night Out Wig

    Women work just as hard as any man does nowadays, and they deserve nights out on the town with their girlfriends. They need to be able to let go of all their stress from a long work week and relax with some high-quality drinks and entertainment. That’s where you come in. Toss on this Girl’s Night Out Wig and start shaking that moneymaker! Be the goofy entertainment for women who need a break from the office. Hit the stage and put on your best Chippendale’s routine.If you’re as suave as Swayze and as energetic as the fun-loving Farley, you’ll be the ultimate entertainer. With an elegant bow tie collar, you’ll be the classiest act the ladies see all night. You can always be sure your hair is looking good with this wig, so get your moves down and work on your endurance now. When you hit the stage looking this good all the ladies are going to want you up there all night!

    $14.99 Wigs
  • Hippie Man Wig and Mustache

    Hippie Man Wig and Mustache

    Some people say that the hippie movement was about promoting love, peace, and tolerance. But we were there, man, and from the roughly eight nonconsecutive minutes we can recall during the 60s we can say without a shadow of a doubt that they were about one thing only: outta sight, totally boss, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen hair. And we had the most hair. We even dodged the draft because the draft board mistook us for a lhasa apso napping on top of a pile of dirty laundry!If you want to look like a hippie but don’t want to spend two years sleeping in the backseat of a beat up 1958 Ford Edsel, then we’ve got you covered. Our Hippie Man Wig and Mustache will give you that hirsute come hither look you’ve been pining for in a matter of seconds thanks to the comfiness of the wig and the self-adhesive mustache! This may very well be as far out as it gets.

    $16.99 Hippie Costumes
  • Men's Wrestling Legend Wig

    Men’s Wrestling Legend Wig

    See You in the Ring!You woke up this morning, eager to suit up for the match of your life. That means you have already put in hours of careful practice and heart-charging workouts. You have pumped up and rested up, and now you’re ready to take the title from the defending champion!But hold up, hot stuff! You know as well as anyone that you’re only as good as you look in the ring! That’s why you’re rocking this classic Men’s Wrestling Legend Wig. It instantly adds that recognizable flair you’ll need to get the crowd roaring in your corner. Design & DetailsThis totally rad wig is also exclusive, you dig? It’s platinum blonde and smooth as corn silk, and will look suave when swinging about your shoulders during the match. The thick horseshoe mustache matches the light blonde color and really makes you stand out against the competition. You’re a legend!Wig ManiaSo stretch out those calves in preparation for leg drops and warm up your shoulders for perfectly-performed body slams, but don’t forget this essential part of your prep: this wig! The crowd expects a show, friend, don’t let them down. You can pair it with a tank top for a ring-ready look that’s timeless and slightly terrifying…for your opponents, that is!

    $12.99 Wrestling Costumes
  • Magic School Bus Ms Frizzle Wig

    Magic School Bus Ms Frizzle Wig

    Ms. Frizzle, how do you do it? Trips to the middle of the desert, into the depths of the ocean and even to the far reaches of the solar system and her hair always remains perfect. It seems pretty obvious that she’s just as magical as her school bus. Unfortunately, most of us non-cartoon characters don’t have a magical fiber in our bodies, so we have no hope of achieving Ms. Frizzle’s hair, or maybe we do…We’ve investigated Ms. Frizzle’s hair from The Magic School Bus cartoon series and we’ve finally crafted a wig that will give you the teacher’s signature red hairstyle. So, all you need to do is place it on your head and hop into your Magic School Bus (sold separately… and only to cartoon characters…somewhere else on the web). Just pair it up with our licensed costume and you can teach people all about cells, plants and other awesome stuff!

    $19.99 Magic School Bus Costumes
  • Men's Chameleon Pop Star Hat w/ Wig

    Men’s Chameleon Pop Star Hat w/ Wig

    This is an exclusive Men’s Chameleon Pop Star Hat w/ Wig.

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  • Dark Northern King Wig

    Dark Northern King Wig

    The toughest part about securing your place as the Dark Northern King isn’t fighting off waves of giant opponents or even the ice-covered living dead. Nor is it the struggles with being so darkly beautiful. No, the real struggle is the bloody wind. It’s angry, hostile, and bitter. We’re not talking bitter-cold, either. Jealousy is the only explanation for the things that the coming winter winds will do to a Northern King’s rich locks. We know that it’s terrible having to deal with bed head in the middle of the afternoon. That’s why we have the grand Dark Northern King Wig available, just for you, our liege. The synthetic hair on an elastic edged mesh cap is just the right length, just the right amount of curl, and just the right amount of tousle up to effortlessly give you the look of a ragged warrior. You have plenty to fight, so spare yourself need to fight your hair, too!

    $14.99 Game of Thrones Costumes
  • Jareth Labyrinth Adult Wig

    Jareth Labyrinth Adult Wig

    THE TRUE KING’S CROWNFolks tend to believe that the thing that makes a king is the crown that is worn.  It seems that every monarch is always trying to have the most ornate looking headpiece, made of twisted silver and gold, proud stag horns, or a gem-encrusted tiara that costs half the kingdom’s wealth.But, those who have seen real power know that a true king doesn’t need any such fascinating adornment!  Any with the guts to pass through the mysterious labyrinth and come upon the castle of the Goblin King would gasp in sheer jealous wonder at Jareth’s amazing locks! DESIGN & DETAILSChannel your inner Goblin King and become the mystifying magic man, himself, with this exclusive Jareth Wig from Labyrinth.  Our own magical designers faced the twisting walls, Fireys, and Helping Hands alike to replicate the top-notch style of Jareth.  This licensed, styled wig is a perfect recreation of the iconic look of the Goblin King from the long blonde locks and shorter fiber spikes to the glittering blue accents.  THE MAGIC WITHIN YOUYou’ve likely already got all the mystique you need to pull off the rulership of the strange land of Labyrinth, but nobody can truly stand toe-to-toe with David Bowie!  You deserve a little shortcut with the help of our designers and this magical Jareth Wig.  Keep your locks stylish so you have time for the Magic Dance! 

    $24.99 Labyrinth Costumes
  • Child Afro Wig

    Child Afro Wig

    So you’re kid has decided to get groovy. They want to dance the disco, throw flowers, and make peace signs.Let us be the first to compliment them on their excellent choice. After all, who wouldn’t want to dress in ridiculous patterns, platform shoes, colored glasses, and fringe? The 70s had a plethora of bright and funky clothing that your kid can enjoy. Of course, to truly enjoy the bright 70s disco wear, they should also consider the appropriate do. That’s right. We’re talking the afro. And the quickest way to a luscious poofy afro? This Child Afro Wig. It’s a synthetic hair wig with curly hair in a chocolate brown. It will be perfect for any disco scenes your kid intends to invade. They will be the definition of fab to the max.

    $9.99 Disco Costumes
  • Vixen Wig

    Vixen Wig

    They make it look easy, don’t they? It’s as if femme fatales just wake up having awesome hair, like having a larger-than-life ‘do is a genetic prerequisite to a career in supervillainy. Maybe it is, but darned if we know what the secret to awesome villain-hair is. Luckily, though, we’ve made it easy for you to become a woman of danger and intrigue without having to spend huge amounts of time and money going to the “evil” hairdresser (plus, we hear she’s booked up solid for months)! All it takes is this awesome Vixen Wig, which will transform you into that femme fatale in the blink of an eye!Made by us, this exclusive wig is a perfect complement to a wide range of different characters and costumes like Poison Ivy or a villainess of your own making. So this Halloween, look radiant ‚Äì and dangerous ‚Äì in the Vixen Wig!

    $14.99 Poison Ivy Costumes
  • Friendly Witch Wig

    Friendly Witch Wig

    ARE YOU A GOOD WITCH?Just where in the heck does Glinda the Good Witch get her hair done, anyway? We can’t say for certain, but we’re pretty sure it has to be at a salon owned by another witch, because those luxuriant curls are pure magic.While you could hunt high and low to find the secret behind the witchcraft that’s responsible for that gorgeous hair, why not save a little time and let us help you? FUN DETAILSIf you’re planning on stepping into Glinda’s floating bubble this Halloween, make sure you’re wearing this Friendly Witch Wig when you do!  Made by us, this exclusive wig has those instantly recognizable flowing red curls and that otherworldly sparkle that only Glinda (and now, you) can achieve.  With your hair finished up and curled, you’ll have plenty of time to sort through all your options for dresses, witch crowns, and magic wands right here!LIKE MAGIC STRAIGHT FROM THE WIZARDYou don’t have to look far to make the friendliest witch in the land of Oz come to life and it won’t require a trip to the Wiz, either!  Styled with magical curls, this perfect wig gives you all the power you’ve been seeking.  But, what will you ask from the Wizard!?  How about a brand new wand or bubble with four-wheel-drive?

    $14.99 Oz Witch Costumes
  • Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig

    Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig

    Good old Mrs. Claus. She puts up with living in the middle of nowhere, a husband who works from home 364 days a year, and all the racket that elves must make while they’re building billions of toys. Do you know the saying “Behind every great man is an even greater woman?” Well, if Santa can travel at the speed of light and knows what hundreds of millions of people are doing at any given time, we’d shudder to think of what kinds of amazing super powers his better half has!Our Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig is a high quality synthetic hairdo that’ll make everyone as pleased as punch to have you around. Match this piece up with some granny glasses and a comfy red dress and you’ll have the Christmas costume market cornered!

    $14.99 Christmas Costumes
  • Brown Ladies Man Wig

    Brown Ladies Man Wig

    You know that you’re a ladies man, deep down. You just need to find a way of showing everyone else who you really are. We think that a new hairdo would be a good place to start. Your hair says a lot about you. Go look in the mirror and think what yours is telling everybody. Now, look at this amazing Brown Ladies Man Wig. This beautiful feathered wig will make you the most wanted man in any party! Men will want to be you. Women will want to know your secret for such perfect hair.With this good-looking accessory topping of your 70’s outfit for Halloween, everyone will finally understand just how big of a deal you are. You’ll finally get the respect as a renowned ladies man that you deserve! Look through the rest of our 70’s themed accessories to add to your disco costume and you’ll be the grooviest one around. No one will be able to match your mojo!

    $11.99 Disco Costumes
  • The Exorcist Regan Costume w/ Wig

    The Exorcist Regan Costume w/ Wig

    ‚ÄúHelp me!‚Äù‚ÄìRegan MacNeil in The Exorcist What are you and Captain Howdy up to today? Are you going to play in the attic some more? Or maybe go jump rope outside? How about shaking the bed in the middle of the night and scaring the living daylights out of your mother?Sometimes our imaginary friends start to get just a little too real and close for comfort (like, invading our bodies, minds, and souls is not our idea of ‚ÄúSharing Is Caring‚Äù, mmkay?) so get a jump on the exorcism by instantly transforming from the loving, shy, creative young girl Regan used to be into Pazuzu, the scariest demon of them all with this The Exorcist Regan Costume w/ Wig!Seriously, there‚Äôs not much we‚Äôre scared of, but demon possession freaks. us. OUT! But reminding everyone of the most horrifying and disturbing movie of all time is your idea of a fun Halloween, then consider this The Exorcist Regan Costume w/ Wig the divine intervention you need! Made of 100% polyester, this floral print nightgown has lace trim around the collar. Green vomit stains also accent the dress (for that demon-puke realness!). The costume also comes with an auburn straight-haired wig. Just add a demonic mask and you‚Äôll not only be the picture of every parent‚Äôs worst nightmare, you’ll instill cringe-worthy memories of late nights praying fervently for protection from demons everywhere you go!

    $49.99 Horror Movie Costumes