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  • Mermaid Wave Long Purple Wig

    Mermaid Wave Long Purple Wig

    Mermaid business. So. It mostly involved swimming! But, yup, you already knew that. Of course, it involves a fin and flipper, since that goes pretty much hand-in-hand with being a mermaid. And, if it’s the typical mermaid experience, it probably involves a seashell bra, or at least a shiny corset to match your fishtail!But, there’s a very important aspect to mermaid-dom that we suggest you don’t forget. And it will add a whole bunch to your costume experience. You’ve got to have the perfect hair! Don’t believe us? Try to picture your favorite mermaid swimming beneath the sea. Now imagine her without long flowing locks of hair waving in the water. It just can’t be done!That’s why suggest accenting your mermaid costume with a supreme wig selection. Like this Mermaid Wave Long Purple Wig! 100 percent synthetic fibers, this wig comes in the perfect purple hue, and it’s extra long so it’d look great if your swimming under the sea. We acknowledge that you probably won’t be going for a swim when you’re all done up in your mermaid costume, but if you did, you would sure look fantastic with this wig on!

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