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  • Gothic Black Bridal Veil Accessory

    Gothic Black Bridal Veil Accessory

    Perilous PlaylistDid you ever hear of the tale of the vengeful bride? It’s tragic. It’s horrible. And it’s totally true. A young blushing bride was looking forward to her reception right after the ceremony. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. Everything was going well until she walked into the party. The dessert table was in the wrong place. The bar wasn’t serving the couple’s signature cocktails. She held herself together until the DJ started playing their first song. It wasn’t, At Last like they had requested. As the young bride and groom waited on the dance floor the DJ blasted Another One Bites the Dust. That was it. The blushing bride turned red and swirled into a blur of anger. She blasted right out of one of the stained glass windows. They say you can still see her on moonlit nights, looking to drag young wedding DJs into eternal torment with her.Product DetailsWhether you’re looking to become a ghostly bride or you want the perfect accessory for your October bachelorette party, this veil blends bridal beauty with dark and broody in just the right way. The plastic headband is crowned with gray and black flowers while a black veil falls down the head and shoulders. You’ll even have a couple of spiders intertwined in the design. Now that’s what we call shabby chic!

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  • Day of the Dead Womens Veil

    Day of the Dead Womens Veil

    BEYOND THE VEILEven though the day is all about celebration, Dia de Los Muertos is considered a very macabre holiday. Sugar skulls (or Calaveras if you’re fancy) and rosaries are everywhere, complemented by many burning candles and the possessions of deceased loved ones. The day calls for wearing all-black clothing, offset by tiny red rosebuds. For the most part, everyone is dressed this way so standing out in the crowd is almost impossible…until now.The Day of the Dead veil is the one accessory that shrouds your identity while also setting you apart from the other celebrators. It’s a remarkable piece that will go with any and all of your Day of the Dead garb. Honor the spiritual journey of passed on friends and family members by crowning yourself the ‘unofficial’ queen of this special holiday with the Day of the Dead veil.                    Design & DetailThe Day of the Dead veil has everything you could want from a Dia de Los Muertos accessory: fake roses, a plastic skull and a long mesh veil with a lacey edging.SUGAR SKULL SOPHISTICATIONIf you really want to go all out for the event (and why wouldn’t you?) then pick up a colorful face makeup kit and a full Sugar Skull costume.

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  • Black Witch Hat with Purple Veil

    Black Witch Hat with Purple Veil

    A Witch of Another ColorYou know what we’re sick of? The whole notion that witches are ugly hags who dress all in black, are covered in warts and have crooked noses, bad breath, and spindly fingers. Most of the witches we know are total knockouts, with serious senses of personal style and fashion-forward looks! Don’t believe us? Pick up a copy of Rogue magazine—the world’s leading high fashion mag for the dark arts—and see for yourself. There are some highly editorial looks in there!That’s why we love to see accessories such as this Witch Hat with Purple Veil. It’s stylish and powerful, or as the tagline of Rogue reads, it’s “pointed, with a point of view.”Product Details  This show-stopper is a classic, conical silhouette with a modern twist. Vibrant violet mesh covers the black base, creating a subtle sheen when it catches the light. A beautiful brooch adorns the side, while a delicate veil hangs around the brim. There’s no toil or trouble when it comes to this hat, unless that’s the spell you choose to cast in it! Going Rogue This wearable and winsome hat will pair with any of Rogue’s fall editorial picks. So wear it proudly and remember, you can be gorgeous and powerful; in fact, you already are! 

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  • Flapper Headpiece w/ Birdcage Veil

    Flapper Headpiece w/ Birdcage Veil

    We hate to break it to you, but time-travel isn’t possible. Bygone eras are just that: gone. And until Marty McFly introduces to us some truly amazing invention, we must remember that.We must also remember that costumes will always and forever allow us to bridge that temporal gap, making it entirely possible for you to experience, say, those iconic Roaring 20s in, say, our Flapper Headpiece. Anything the Jazz Age throws at you, be it overzealous dudes who say “old sport” too often, an epic swing dance-off, or a little too much champagne, or whatever, you’ll be ready to pierce their soul with your eyes from behind this seductive birdcage veil! It’s got an elastic headband with sequins on the trim, netting to let the boys know you’re not too available, and a feather design anchored by a flashy gem. Enjoy the 20s, dear‚Äîwe know everyone will enjoy looking at you.

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  • Mossy Oak Bridal Veil

    Mossy Oak Bridal Veil

    Are you the kind of girl who would rather head out into the forest to find a new spot for your deer stand instead of going to the mall? Were you ecstatic when your fianc√© suggested a hunting trip up in an Alaskan cabin for your honeymoon instead of seeing the Eiffel tower, or Italy? Maybe it‚Äôs time to add a little bit of that flair to the wedding theme as well! If you’re looking to infuse your personality into your wedding, our Mossy Oak accessory line is the perfect way to show off that you’re a couple with some serious outdoor prowess.

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