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  • Light Up Wood Jack-O-Lantern Face Pumpkin Decor

    Light Up Wood Jack-O-Lantern Face Pumpkin Decor

    This is a Wood Light Up Jack-O-Lantern Face Pumpkin Decor.

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  • Halloween: Light Up Eyeball Wreath

    Halloween: Light Up Eyeball Wreath

    An Eye for DetailMartha has a great flair for decorating. She keeps it classy with just a sparkle of a unique twist to make her home stand up and say hello. In the summer she knows how to trim her bushes and create gorgeous flower arrangements from the trimmings.  In the winter her Christmas tree shines with homemade ornaments and her whole house smells of pine and cinnamon from the lush bows of pine strung along the staircases’ banister. So when it came to the Halloween season, she wasn’t planning on letting anybody down. She combined lush red and black silk roses in a gorgeous wreath. Then she added what everyone in the neighborhood was so jealous off, her eye for detail!Product DetailsThis reusable seasonal wreath is sure to set the right tone for your Halloween visitors. Black and red flowers make up the base. Multi-colored eyes are inserted into the middle of many of the flowers to really drive home an eerie image! The wreath comes with a loop to make sure hanging this for the Halloween season is quick and easy.Dark Decorating MattersWant more decor that treads that dark and dignified line? Check out our glittering black LED candles, poseable skeletons, and our wide variety of pumpkins to tailor your Halloween display to your elevated tastes!

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  • Light Up Jack O Lantern Knit Pompom Beanie

    Light Up Jack O Lantern Knit Pompom Beanie

    Jack O’ One TradeThe best part about a jack o’ lantern? His glowing grin. The worst part about a jack o’ lantern? All he does is sit on the front step the whole season. There’s so much excitement when the pumpkins are bought and ready for the squishy, messy fun of carving a personality onto their faces. And whether you go terrifying or angelic, at the end of the carving session the general desire is to show off your masterpiece. As we’ve already covered though, your new jack o’ lantern is rather lazy and pictures just can’t do it justice. What solution could possibly exist?Product DescriptionHow about this Light Up Jack O’ Lantern Knit Cap? The spooky fun of your favorite Halloween decoration can come with you wherever you’re headed. Don’t tell the jack o’ lanterns back home, but the face on this festive cap lights up and flashes in different colors, making it even cooler than the others. Plus, if you’re worried about folks being frightened by someone wearing a jack o’ lantern on their head, the traditional smile and triangle eyes on this cap guarantee a calmer reception.Safe for TravelEven if this year’s jack o’ lantern had legs and could accompany you wherever you went, there’s a certain amount of danger for him. Pumpkin smashers are lurking everywhere for one. Secondly, what if he trips and becomes his own smasher? There’s too much risk. We recommend accessorizing with this knitted substitute instead (your exquisite jack o’ lantern is better left at home).

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  • Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    This is a Light Up Spiders Garland. 

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  • Light Up Garland- White Ghost

    Light Up Garland- White Ghost

    This is a Light Up Garland Ghost.

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  • Light Up Creepy Spider

    Light Up Creepy Spider

    Get a Leg Up on the SeasonHow do you embrace all things creepy and crawly in this, the season of spook? Some people choose to decorate with ghosts and ghouls while others choose the witchy route. That’s all well and good but we think there’s only one true-blue way to give people the creeps. How’s that? Well, the good old-fashioned, eight-legged, many-eyed arachnid, of course! You probably knew this deep down inside. No haunted house is complete without clumps of ancient spider webs, after all. Get ahead of the grisly game when you get your paws on this giant, light-up spider this Halloween!Product DetailsSpur your family into fits of fright when you arrange this giant creature in your Halloween display this year. With raggedy wraps around its eight legs, it looks right at home in shabby shriek decor. Activate the light-up factor and it’ll stand out even after you turn down the lights for your very own monster mash. World Wide WebWant to work this spider into a display? We have the materials you need to create a giant spider web inside or outside. You could even invest in extra arachnids to make it look like your house is being overrun. Just use your imagination and the Halloween decor of your nightmares is only a couple clicks away!

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  • Light Up Spider Halloween Decor

    Light Up Spider Halloween Decor

    What’s Buggin’ You?Have you been wondering about your Halloween decor all year? We get it. You can get as creative as you want. There are no limits. Want to make your house look like the lair of a mad scientist. Easy. Beakers and a fog machine will make the residents of your home seem genius and unhinged. Make your place a haunted house, a dark vampire hideaway, or an olf dusty crypt. The thing is, every year might be different. That’s where this spider comes into play. With a generally creepy, hairy body, this spider can have a place in your Halloween decor from year to year. Keep things kid-friendly and cheery this year and in a few years, when the kids in your life want to ramp up the creep factor, this spider will still have a spot. That’s sure to give you a leg up in this season of spook. Product DetailsThis creepy spider stands out with furry, adjustable legs. Ready for day or night, this arachnid lights up to the delight of trick-or-treaters. You can use this decor accessory as a centerpiece or pair it with spreadable spider webs, you’re sure to use this spider year after year. 

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  • Small Spooky Light Up Tree Figurine

    Small Spooky Light Up Tree Figurine

    Wood if you CouldIf you came upon a real, haunted forest would you enter it? Your answer might be “no” right away cause who wants to put their life on hold and transform into a werewolf just for a thrill? But really, how many times in your life are you going to run into a haunted forest? You kind of have to try it out. If haunted forests were more common, they might even get onto more people’s bucket lists. So yeah, if you run into a spooky forest, we recommend just taking a few steps into those gnarly trees. Cause who knows when you’ll see one next and honestly, worth the risk!Product DetailsThis light up tree looks like it’s been dug up from the back of an eerie antique store. The gnarly tree has intense roots and hands that look like they’re about to grab naive passers-by. While the expression looks pretty aggressive, the light up factor will be the perfect addition to your Halloween display. Setting the SceneAre you ready to get a spooky set together? Set this tree up with different accessories from our indoor Halloween decor collection. From spider webs to twisty trees and plenty of pumpkins, you’ll have all sorts of options to make your event extra eerie!

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  • Spider Web Light Up Halloween Decoration

    Spider Web Light Up Halloween Decoration

    This is a Spider Web Light Up Halloween Decoration.

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  • Womens Lace Up Witch Shoes

    Womens Lace Up Witch Shoes

    You have the black lace up dress. You have the pointy hat, and flying broom. You have the spell books, and you like to use them. You aren’t wicked. You are just a woman who knows what she wants. That’s not wicked that‚Äôs just common sense. And now that you have everything else you want shoes to match. Not just any shoes, but the perfect shoes.Well, we have the most wicked looking shoes you have ever seen. These Women’s Lace Up Witch Shoes will match that black dress that you have. The sharp pointed toes fit perfectly with your classic witches hat. All we ask is that you click “Add to Cart”, and not use some of your witchy power to magically transport these lovely shoes into your possession.

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  • Girls Dress Up Bride Costume

    Girls Dress Up Bride Costume

    This is a Girls Dress Up Bride Costume.

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  • Girls Dress Up Bride Costume

    Girls Dress Up Bride Costume

    This is a Girls Dress Up Bride Costume.

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  • Skull Light Up Lantern

    Skull Light Up Lantern

    The path to the netherworld is dark. Very dark, and crawling with creeping, slithering, unmentionable things. But luckily we have just the thing to light your way (what… were you expecting a… flashlight?! Bwahahaha!). Because not just any old creepy, rustic lantern will do. You’ll need something just as sinister as all that surrounds you… something which bodes ill for all who dare disturb you! And that is none other than this ultra-spooky Skull Light Up Lantern!With an evil grinning death’s-head in place of a candle flame, everyone who visits your manor this Halloween will know immediately what kind of a night they are in for when they see this creepy lantern glowing ominously in your window. And if you’re not into the whole “reaping souls” thing, it’s also a great way of letting trick-or-treaters know that your house believes in Halloween. Whether they have the guts to ring your doorbell for candy, well… that’s a completely different story!

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  • Master Chief Light Up Kids Helmet

    Master Chief Light Up Kids Helmet

    Who wouldn‚Äôt want to be Master Chief? Doesn’t being a biochemically and cybernetically enhanced super-soldier sound awesome? All you have to do is constantly dodge space explosions, single-handedly defeat armies of massive, terrifying aliens and operate every kind of flying, driving or hovering contraption in the galaxy. Piece of cake! Of course, there are some major differences between our world and The Chief’s. Unless you grew your little tike in a military incubator somewhere, we’ll just assume that they already have the required skill set to be Earth’s last line of defense. Suit up with this Master Chief Light Up kids helmet and give the Covenant a force to reckoned with. The helmet features outer light accents and the famous dark-bronze, tinted visor that has seen countless Halo campaign ventures.

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  • Dallas Cowboys Womens Light Up V-Neck Bluetooth Sweater

    Dallas Cowboys Womens Light Up V-Neck Bluetooth Sweater

    This is a Dallas Cowboys Women’s Light Up V-Neck Bluetooth Ugly Christmas Sweater.

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  • 24'' Light Up Candy Cane

    24” Light Up Candy Cane

    Upgraded ElvesAfter many petitions and well-organized presentations, Santa finally granted his elves the use of magic. Since the elves themselves do not naturally possess magic powers, Santa poured a bit of his own into the candy cane forest outside of the workshop. The talented elves then carefully cut one cane for each elf and left the rest in case of an emergency. With their new canes, each elf is living their most productive and exciting life. Magic has allowed them to keep up with the toy demand while enjoying a more relaxed work environment plus they look pretty cool twirling their glowing candy canes.Product DetailsThis year, make sure your little elf looks the part of the newer, more enchanting, elves. With this 24″ Light Up Candy Cane your kiddo will be the most magical elf in their Christmas pageant or on their trick-or-treating route. Customize their flashy look by choosing between tap and light and multi-flash options on the candy cane.Just Between UsIf your little one loves Christmas more than the rest, this Light Up Candy Cane is a perfect accessory for all their elfish ensembles. Just make sure to keep their candy cane looking it’s best with 3 AAA batteries—the trick behind most magic items—we promise we’ll keep it a secret.

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  • Princess Wands Melissa & Doug Dress Up (set of 4)

    Princess Wands Melissa & Doug Dress Up (set of 4)

    This is a Melissa & Doug Set of 4 Dress Up Princess Wands

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  • Melissa & Doug Dress Up Tiaras (set of 4)

    Melissa & Doug Dress Up Tiaras (set of 4)

    These are Melissa & Doug Set of 4 Dress Up Tiaras

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  • Adult Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Costume

    Adult Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Costume

    Macabre CabWhen you were introduced to the brand new Death Cab ap, you thought it was simply a discount cab service with an emo twist. You shrugged and downloaded it, cause who doesn’t want options when the nearest car is twenty minutes away and the fees have tripled because it’s snowing outside. It was weeks later when you decided to give it a try after a late night out. You did think it was strange that it was a skull creeping along the map towards you. But the driver had great ratings so what were you going to do? Then, when your ride was there, you glanced out the window and to your surprise there was no vehicle what-so-ever outside. No Honda, no hearse, nada. Until you noticed a shadowy figure beckoning at you through the window and tapping at his watch. You didn’t want to get charged without getting a ride. Turns out, it was a great decision! The cloaked figure took you into his arms and carried you home while you slept like a little baby. Turns out the grim reaper makes a great cabbie. Of course, you gave him a five-star review. You want to stay on this guy’s good side!Product DetailsFloating around in the arms of death is more pleasant than ever with this inflatable Pick-me-up death costume. Its has a long black cloak that will cover your legs to make it look like the reaper is giving you a lift. The bony hands wrapped around the inflatable body that’s hilariously short with tennies, gray pants, and a blue sweatshirt. your real head will pop up from the blue sweatshirt so you can set the tone, panicked or at-ease. Death’s head is inflated above your head with a bare skull that’s ready to take you wherever you’re headed. Overly Inflated IdealsWe don’t want to give you the wrong idea. This costume won’t change your life. Once people see you wearing this, they’ll have high expectations for your Halloween costumes for years to come. Let’s hope you can live up to them!

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  • Child Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Costume

    Child Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Costume

    Scaring is CaringYour horror-obsessed little one is impossible to scare! They love haunted houses, late night strolls through eerie graveyards, hunting for ghosts, and scary movies—the spookier, the better.Your little ghoul doesn’t just want to give their pals a scare this Halloween…they want to give ’em the scare of their lives! And they’ve tried on a LOT of costumes to find the most fear-inducing. You’d call the kids to dinner and BAM! there was a werewolf eating your meatloaf. Or you’d get in the car to head to the grocery store, adjust your rearview mirror, and EEK! a deranged clown was strapped into the backseat. There were some good scares, but nothing prepared you for when you came home from work to find this Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Kid Costume haunting your front steps. You aged five years just from that encounter! And that’s just the kind of scary effect your little fright-monster is after this Halloween.Product DetailsThis costume is as clever as it terrifying! It appears to be the Grim Reaper carrying around your child’s lifeless body (shudder) when in fact, your kid will be walking around with their own legs under the Reaper’s black robes. It inflates to give bulk and a realistic look to the Reaper’s face, as well as the blue top, gray pants, and “shoes” of the child’s body, from within which your kiddo’s head will emerge. It’s a terrific, terrifying ride to see this costume stride down the hall. It’s bound to be a hit with horror-lovers everywhere!Grim OutlookIt doesn’t look good for this little one, it appears the cold hand of death has carried them off into…wait…it appears the child in this costume is easily roused by the scents of chocolate, nougat, caramel, and candy corn. We bet the Grim Reaper wishes he knew how powerful a life-giving elixir candy can be!

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  • Harry Potter Dress Up Trunk Costume

    Harry Potter Dress Up Trunk Costume

    You used to have to drink a whole vial of Polyjuice Potion in order to look like another person. You had to gather up a bunch of fluxweed, knotgrass, lacewing flies and a whole bunch of other stuff to concoct it. Now, there’s a much easier way to look like, say, a certain . It comes in the form of this Harry Potter Dress Up Trunk.This Harry Potter accessory set comes with tons of value! It comes with a hooded robe, like the one worn by the Boy Who Lived during his time at Hogwarts. It also comes with a Gryffindor necktie and scarf, along with a set of Harry Potter glasses and a toy wand. All of the items fit neatlyYou used to have to drink a whole vial of Polyjuice Potion in order to look like another person. You had to gather up a bunch of fluxweed, knotgrass, lacewing flies and a whole bunch of other stuff to concoct it‚Ķ especially the hair of the form that you‚Äôre trying to take. Ugh! Now, there’s a much easier way to look like, say, a certain professor or trouble-making student that you need to spy upon. Or, even better, if you‚Äôd like to step right into the Wizarding World as one of the most famous wizards of all time: The Boy Who Lived! It comes in the form of this Harry Potter Dress Up Trunk. This Harry Potter accessory set comes with tons of value! It comes with a hooded robe, like the one worn by the Boy Who Lived during his time at Hogwarts. It also comes with a Gryffindor necktie and scarf, along with a set of Harry Potter glasses and a toy wand. All of the items fit neatly inside the included trunk when not in use, so your child can transform into their favorite Hogwarts character whenever they want to. inside the included trunk when not in use, so your child can transform into their favorite Hogwarts character whenever they want to.

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  • Ram Lumen Horns Light Up

    Ram Lumen Horns Light Up

    Glow BeastThey thought the Glow Beast was a myth. Something made up in middle school sleepovers. And urban legend brewed up somewhere between Bloody Mary and the Slender Man. Then strange lights began appearing in the state park trail cam. A strange glowing in between the trees. Because illegal hunting had been a problem there before, the park sent out a ranger to stay the night and hide out to catch any miscreant hunters off guard. He never saw a hunter but he did see the Glow Beast. He returned the next day with a pale face, enlightened mind, thinking he may have seen the meaning of nature. Of course, he didn’t get a photo. No one gets a photo of the Glow Beast. The best we can do is recreate the glowing horns the ranger described from his life-changing encounter!Product DetailsGet party ready when you don these lightweight horns. Lit by LED bulbs, the horns will stand out in the dark night air. The horns are attached with a clear strap to make it easy to fashion them into your look. Perfect for festivals, parades, and any costumed occasion, these horns can be worked into all sorts of outfits to make you into an enlightened beastie!

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  • Mushroom Lumen Hat Light Up

    Mushroom Lumen Hat Light Up

    This is a Mushroom Lumen Hat

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  • Pom Antennae LumenEars Light Up Headband

    Pom Antennae LumenEars Light Up Headband

    This is the Light Up Pom Antennae LumenEars Headband.

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  • Light Up Sword Minecraft

    Light Up Sword Minecraft

    Got a Creeper Problem?We do. Those big green meanies did quite the number on our last dream home that we made in Minecraft. No worries though. We have the solution to those troublesome critters.If those green buggers are always hanging around and blowing your stuff up, then you need to do something, right? You could just stop building cool stuff, but that’s no fun at all. You could set some traps, but those Creepers aren’t always completely predictable. No, what you need is this Minecraft Light-Up Sword! Then, you can take the battle straight to them.Product DetailsThis toy Minecraft weapon is based on the iconic one used to slay many a Creeper in the video game. It measures 21 inches long and is made out of molded plastic. Of course, it features light-up cation and it also makes sounds from the game with the simple press of a button. It requires 3 AA batteries to operate, but once you have those installed, you’ll be ready for hours of Creeper-slaying action.Minecraft CosplayDon’t have Creeper problems in real life? Well, then you can use this toy as an addition to your Minecraft costume. Great for both kids and adults, you can cosplay as your character from Minecraft!

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  • Round Em Up Cowgirl Costume

    Round Em Up Cowgirl Costume

    Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman holding all your guns with just two hands. That’s why this detailed Round Em Up Cowgirl Costume comes with a faux-leather holster belt to help keep your six-shooters straight. Because if you think it’s hard hanging onto the reins with a pistol in each fist, just wait until it comes time to play a little poker!Ace high or royal flush, it’s not gonna mean much if you can’t pick your cards up off the table, let alone make your play. And who cares if you know when to hold em and know when to fold em if you reach for a glass of whiskey and wind up taking a different kind of shot! Risking something like that is downright reckless. Plus, the alternative is a great-looking costume set like this, which includes everything you need to look like a real enforcer except a pair of boots and a Peacemaker. And it seems like you might already have one or two of those handy!We’re not going to beat around the bush: you’ll have bad times if you think a union suit and a prayer is all it takes to corral the rough-and-tumble lowlifes who gave the Old West its wild reputation. That’s just a matter of fact. But in a great-looking law-lady getup like this, with a bevy of fun and functional accessories at your disposal, we don’t think you’ll have trouble bringing anybody to justice!

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  • Women's Lock Up Prisoner Costume

    Women’s Lock Up Prisoner Costume

    Doing the time that fits the crime never applied to Misty – every time they tried to throw her in the slammer, she always knew she‚Äôd be bustin‚Äô out real soon. After all, if there‚Äôs one thing life has taught this broad, it‚Äôs that you‚Äôve gotta get busy livin‚Äô or get busy dyin‚Äô! Living life outside the lines will teach a girl plenty of tricks, including how to look like sin on wheels even when you‚Äôre on the run.So usually, Misty would just slink up to a guard, bat those eyelashes, and be slippin‚Äô outta that prison faster than you can say ‚ÄúJail break!‚Äù But these new uniforms change everything: Misty‚Äôs always looked great in orange, and now that they‚Äôve updated those old jumpsuits with a mini-skirt, she just might extend her stay around Cell Block A. She might even see about getting her kicks inside the prison yard for a change, maybe even try her hand at running things around here. If there‚Äôs one thing Misty loves, it‚Äôs trouble‚Ķeven if it‚Äôs just looking like it.And now you can, too, with this Lock Up Prisoner Costume! With its feminine fit, mini-skirt, and front zipper closure, slip this uniform on and you’ll instantly transform into the sexist inmate in the pen! Add a handcuff belt and some heels to show everyone in the clink that you might be doing hard time, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still know how to be a lady. After all, there ain‚Äôt no crime in looking good‚Ķbut if there were, with this Lock Up Prisoner Costume, you‚Äôd be committing a Class A Felony!

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  • Disney Minnie Mouse Light Up Headband

    Disney Minnie Mouse Light Up Headband

    This is a Minnie Mouse Light Up Headband.

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  • Light up T-Rex Skeleton Prop

    Light up T-Rex Skeleton Prop

    The Icy Stare of DeathSkulls freak us out. Can you blame us? They’re the concrete reminder that we’re mortal and that eventually, all living things must surrender to the cold, icy black hand of death. Yes, nothing is more frightening than a human skull… except perhaps a giant dinosaur skull!Not only does a dinosaur skull show us the mortality of all living creatures, but it’s the size and shape of a terrible beast that could devour us in a single bite! Now you can bring the frightening aura of the skull to your party with this Light-Up T-Rex Skull Prop.Product DetailsThis skull prop recreates the look of a vicious T-Rex’s skull. It’s made out of plastic and features a movable jaw, so you can pose it in a variety of positions. It makes dinosaur sound effects and it even lights up with green and red lights in the jaw and eye sockets. Get a creepy look for your home by adding it to your party decor!Prehistoric Party DecorLooking for a unique idea for your Halloween party? Try a prehistoric party! You decorate your home like a prehistoric jungle, add this skull, and encourage everyone to dress up like their favorite dinosaur!

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  • Light Up Ram Skull Prop

    Light Up Ram Skull Prop

    Is Your Home Spookified?Alright, take a moment. Think about your living room for a moment. You probably have a few pieces of comfy furniture. Perhaps there’s a bookshelf in the corner or a TV on the wall. Maybe you’ve even found a few perfect decorations to adorn the mantel. Isn’t it all a little too… homey? Where’s the death and destruction? Where’s the terror? After all, if you want to have one scary party, then you’re going to need to spookify your living! You need some skulls.Product DetailsThis Light Up Ram Skull Prop is the perfect way to add some creepy character to your home! The skull is molded to look like a ram’s skull and even has weathered cracks all over the surface. The skull lights up and requires 3  button batteries to operate. Some assembly is required to set-up your ram skull, but once you have it all ready to go, it’s sure to add a spooky spirit to your living room.Spooky CelebrationsIf you’re putting on a scary costume party this year, then you’re going to want this Ram Skull Prop to round out your decor. It’s delightfully creepy and officially prepares your home for frightening festivities.

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