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  • Toddler Knight Of The Dragon Costume

    Toddler Knight Of The Dragon Costume

    Scientists have theorized that it takes more than 10,000 hours of practice to become great at something. 10,000 hours! That means you have to start training your kid now if he ever wants to be the best knight he can be. If he wants to survive killing the dragon, and saving the princess.You’ll have to find the best swordsmen to teach him the craft. He will need to learn Bonetti’s Defense, the Capo Ferro attack, and the Thibault, and Aggripa swordsmanship styles. He will need to learn to ride a horse, and to joust. (You never know when jousting will come in handy.) And he will need to practice while wearing armor. This way he doesn’t get slowed down in a fight because he isn’t used to it.Well, we can’t really help with the swordsmanship, although we hear that Inigo Montoya is pretty handy with a sword. But we can help with some training armor. This Toddler Knight Of The Dragon Costume will help your son learn what it is like to fight with armor. He should wear it for 10,000 hours to get used to having it on. He should also train for that many hours too, just so he has an upper hand when he comes face to face with the terrible dragon who is keeping the princess locked up in the tower. We wish him luck on his quest!

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  • Toddler Rag Doll Costume

    Toddler Rag Doll Costume

    <p>Our stores can get a little clogged over with the various kinds of unique finds that we locate and try to identify.  Runic hammers that tell us, “Hey, you’re not Thor!” and an odd sort of monkey paw that keeps asking us what we want for our birthdays.  Things like that.  But, occasionally, we get a few dolls in that just give us all the heebie-geebies.  Now, as professionals, we of course are not afraid of dolls.  Not even the ones with the terrifying eyes that just <i>won’t stop looking at you</i>.  Nope!  Not… even… … them.</p> <p>Okay, so that’s a boldfaced lie.  They’re horrifying and we lock them into a room and hide.  It’s not something we’re proud of, but there’s a limit to everyone’s inner strength.  Fortunately for us, we do have a bit of salvation.  Among the dolls that come to us, there is one type that is dedicated to saving the world from the freaky doll menace.  And that, of course, is the darling Rag Doll that is blessed with the ability to bring joy and adorability to even the most frightening of little monsters.</p> <p>That’s why we’re happy to spread as many of these adorable saviors out there as we can.  Your tyke can join in the war against the spooky with this Toddler Rag Doll Costume.  The sweet looking blue and white dress with lacy apron and candy striped tights could be enough, but add the matron cap and long yarn hair cap and you’ve got yourself a virtual heroine!  Couple up with male raggedy doll or make a whole team with your kids.  Save us from the wicked dolls!  <i>Please!</i></p>

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  • Toddler Bumble Bee Costume

    Toddler Bumble Bee Costume

    Buzzing around a garden you’ll find cute little striped bugs looking for some pollen. With what they get from flowers they go back to their honeycombed hive to make the most tasty treat nature has ever created, honey. Now your tiny tot can buzz around the neighborhood collecting candy this Halloween in this bee costume!

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  • Toddler Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume

    Toddler Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume

    Rexy the T-RexRexy has been the star of the Jurassic Park franchise for over 25 years. She first wowed audiences in 1993 and now she’s still a part of the new Jurassic World franchise in the 2010s. There have been lots of plot points over the course of all the movies, but for us, it really boils down to one thing. It’s really all about the mighty T-Rex! Yes, it really has been same T-Rex starring in all those films. So we’re thinking, it’s about time she got an understudy. Do you have a candidate? No, we’re not talking about having some T-Rex eggs tucked away in the basement, ready to hatch. We think we should get someone suited up to be the next dinosaur star of the franchise!We would, of course, suggest choosing your own kid. When you get them suited up in our Jurassic World 2 T-Rex Costume for toddlers! It’s officially licensed from the latest Jurassic movie, Jurassic World 2, and it has the dino details that we all know so well. In fact, the only thing it needs is a kid with a great dino roar!Costume DetailsThis costume is styled as a jumpsuit, and it’s fully printed with dino detail, even including a Jurassic World logo on the side. A tail is attached in the back and it’s stuffed with fiberfill. Boot covers are attached, and they fit right over your child’s shoes to make them look like T-Rex feet. All you need to do to complete the effect is to secure the T-Rex headpiece. It fits with hook & loop fastener beneath the chin, and it has soft-sculpted dinosaur face that sits on top of the head!Jurassic roarsChoose this T-Rex costume for toddlers, and we’re sure your little one will be ready to roar. Be sure to check out all of our Jurassic World costumes to find other styles for kids of all ages!

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  • Toddler Banana Costume

    Toddler Banana Costume

    Listen, we‚Äôre not here to judge: Every kid is different, and it‚Äôs those differences that make them special! And sure – you probably maybe wanted to stay away from eating a thousand bananas while they were in utero, but how were you to know that your all-consuming love for this tropical fruit would manifest into a banana baby?! Nobody had any science on that! You just thought you were filling your bod with a nutrient-rich potassium fruit that could propel you on a 100 mile bike ride‚Ķnobody told you that eating 20 a day was going to turn your newborn into one of Chiquita‚Äôs finest!But now that this is the hand those cards have dealt you, it‚Äôs time to roll with it! First things first – hope you like living near the equator, because this little guy cannot be in temps that are similar to a refrigerator! Most people find out the hard way that bananas are a tropical fruit and therefore turn brown in the cold, but if they‚Äôre smart, then they just turn that brown banana into delicious banana bread‚Ķbut you can‚Äôt do that with this little guy!So just do everyone a favor and dress them up in this Toddler Banana Costume: Made of 100% Polyester, this yellow banana tunic will fit his yellow oblong shape perfectly, and it will keep him toasty until you guys can figure out your stuff and move to the tropics. Maybe even get yourself a gorilla costume, dress up like Carmen Miranda, or go as a jar of peanut butter to make your little buddy feel more comfortable about themselves and to, you know, save yourself from so many questions. And cut down on those bananas, lady! Try having just one a day from now on. Maybe 2, if you’re feelin’ crazy.

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  • Toddler Friendly Firefighter Costume

    Toddler Friendly Firefighter Costume

    Bold & BraveHe’s bold, he’s brave. He’s ready to save the day! He is, of course, your friendly neighborhood firefighter. Or, at least, he’s about to become the friendly firefighter when we hook him up with this costume. Another original costume design from our Made by Us studios, this costume will have him ready to be a fire stopping hero!It was obvious to our sales team that firefighter costumes are one of the most popular selections for young boys and girls. But, when it comes to options for toddlers, we thought our classic costume could use an upgrade! That’s why we made and designed this costume. Crafted by our talented team of artists, designers, and developers, this sharp looking style will have your kiddo standing out at Halloween. Design & DetailsThis dapper firefighter costume suit comes with the costume top and pants, along with a fireman’s hat. The top has plenty of printed details including front clasps and badges. It has the customary hi-vis yellow and silver stripes at the cuffs and waist, too, along with a black turndown collar. The pants have stripes at the calf and large black knee patches as well. The structured felt helmet finishes the style, complete with a Fire Dept. Chief logo right on the front!All Set UpThis Toddler Firefighter Costume will have him all set up as an adorable friendly firefighter. Of course, if your family wants to go all out, you could dress the whole fam in firefighter costumes, too! We’ve got lots of great costume choices for older kids and teens, as well as styles for ma and pa. Get your whole family decked out in firefighter costumes, and you can save the day, together!

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  • Disney Toy Story Toddler Buzz Lightyear Classic Costume

    Disney Toy Story Toddler Buzz Lightyear Classic Costume

    THE INFINITE FRONTIERWoody talks a lot about exploring the wild west, the great frontier that is filled with adventure and danger. Well, maybe Woody doesn’t talk about that so much as his voicebox does when someone pulls his strings. Come to think of it, Woody isn’t really that much of a cowboy when he’s just speaking on his own. Buzz, on the other hand, is a true to life Space Ranger. Well, again, he’s actually just a toy version of a Space Ranger, but at least the guy knows what’s up!With a catchphrase that wins folks over every time—way better than snakes in boots!—Buzz is certainly the more authentic toy of the two best buddies. We can’t blame Andy and the rest for seeing Buzz as the newest and most epic of toys. The Wild West might have been a pretty amazing frontier, once, but “infinity and beyond?” We all know which one we’d rather choose! So, it’s no surprise that your tyke is ready to take off and join the Space Rangers, too. We can help!PRODUCT DETAILSWith this officially licensed Buzz Lightyear Classic costume, your toddler is about to become the favorite character in all of Toy Story fame! This costume is a comfortable jumpsuit that features all of the iconic design of Buzz Lightyear’s space armor. The bottom half is white with green accents and the top is a blend of white, purple, and green. The fabric hood pulls over your kiddo’s head and is made of comfy fabric. All they’ll need now is to perfect that signature line! BUDDIES ABOUNDThe best part of being a Space Ranger is that you’re never alone. And Buzz has even more friends than most. Your kiddo can team up with Woody, Jessie, and the rest with our line of Toy Story costumes and truly feel like they’ve reached the infinite frontier. 

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  • Toddler Princess Peach Costume

    Toddler Princess Peach Costume

    Oh no! Is there something wrong in the Mushroom Kingdom? Is Bowser up to his dastardly deeds again? Because why else would sweet little Princess Peach jump out of a Nintendo video game this Halloween? Oh wait! It’s your little girl all dressed up in pink and ruffles and she looks so much like Princess Peach that it’s guaranteed to send a certain dashing, mustachioed Italian plumber will set off on a quest to rescue her and save her home.Our Toddler Princess Peach costume is officially licensed from Nintendo. That’s why the details are so perfect that everyone on her trick or treat route will have to look twice to make sure she’s not the animated damsel in distress from the game. From the tip of her crown to the bottom ruffles of her skirt, your little Princess Peach will make all the Marios out there trick or treating get a crush on her. Her pink satiny evening gown has frills at the trim beautiful, adorable puffy little sleeves, and a tiered ruffly skirt in two colors of pink for all the prettiness. A faux cyan jewel – just like Princess Peach’s signature gem – is replicated and attached to the costume. There’s even a tulle petticoat with a glittery satin hemline ruffle. And the crown looks like real gold, but it’s lightweight foam and attaches to a plastic headband with elastic loops. All your little Princess Peach needs is some red shoes (and maybe some long white evening gloves), and Mario won’t be able to miss her!

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  • Toddler Bumblebee Rescue Bot Costume

    Toddler Bumblebee Rescue Bot Costume

    Your little one is apt to bee good right around Halloween in hopes of scoring his number one costume choice. Well, he is definitely in luck (yet again) this year, because you already know which outfit will make his little heart buzz with joy.When you turn your child into his favorite character from Transformers Rescue Bots, you’re not just setting yourself up for a month (at least) of good behavior; he will undoubtedly be gleeful from morning ‘til night! Every time he sees this Toddler Bumblebee Rescue Bot Costume hanging on the back of his closet door, he will jump up and down, totally revved up for Halloween to arrive. But why save this awesome look for that one night only? Let him slip into it now and he can have a head start in training to stop the Decepticons!Then Megatron won’t stand a chance against your kid’s confidence and skill in this padded jumpsuit. The look has fun printed details throughout, including a yellow breastplate with the Autobot symbol, tires on the elbows and gray bolted metal plates on the legs. He’ll be ready to keep Griffin Rock safe with the help of Sam Witwicky and the Burns family. And in case you’re worried that you may be spoiling your little darling, keep in mind: it was either this costume or a 1970s Camaro. We think you’re making the right choice!

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  • Toddler Optimus Prime Rescue Bot Costume

    Toddler Optimus Prime Rescue Bot Costume

    Your child is already a little hero. Just the other day he stopped the dog from eating some chocolate that fell to the floor. Well, maybe it was because he wanted to eat it first, but still–he saved the dog. We can‚Äôt help but draw similarities; that‚Äôs exactly what Optimus Prime would have done in that situation. Honestly, it‚Äôs not like we draw Optimus Prime similarities to everything all day long–side note: we do actually do this–but that was a real hero move by your littlest one.And with that in mind, we think it‚Äôs time for you to embrace your kiddo‚Äôs true identity and get him this Toddler Optimus Prime Rescue Bot Costume, perfect for embracing the leadership and goodness that shines from your child. Sure, he may not be able to transform into a truck and chase down any dangerous Decepticons, but that‚Äôs OK–he‚Äôll grow into that responsibility. Right now, you just need to set him up with a friend dressed up in a Bumblebee costume and you can start putting together an adorable team of toddler Autobots that will be ready for action at a moment‚Äôs notice–well, at least as long as it‚Äôs after nap time.Not that your kid needs it, but this costume also comes with soft-sculpted fiberfill in the chest and shoulders, helping show off that muscular look. Meanwhile, the entire outfit has all-over printed details which recreate Optimus Prime and includes a headpiece that covers the head and upper face. Stuffed horns on sides of the headpiece complete your kid‚Äôs transformation into the original leader of the Autobots; now let him go and keep peace and order in the household!

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  • Toddler Retro Robot Costume

    Toddler Retro Robot Costume

    Beboop Bzzzt Clickety BeboopYeah, sometimes your kid comes up with some weird languages. But recently he has been trying to speak like a robot. You can kind of understand what he is trying to say based on what he is pointing at, and what time of day it is. (Yes, buddy, we get it, it’s lunch time, we won’t forget the grapes.) But, he is so adorable when he is talking like a robot. Heck, you even have a phone full of videos of him doing it.You love his imitation of the robots he sees in movies. The people like ones he saw in Robots, and the lovable EVE, and WALL-E. He even imitates Bender from Futurama, and he only saw him for a minute before you realized your little munchkin had snuck out of bed.Now you can get him a this Retro Robot Costume, so he can look like a robot as he beboop-clickety’s you. Play time has never been so adorable. All you will have to do is teach him how to move like a robot. Hopefully he will be more like the compassionate WALL-E than the beer drinking, fire-burping Bender. (Seriously, he only saw him for a minute, and yet he still tries to burp fire.) And the longer your kid speaks his robot language, the easier it should be to understand him. Well, easier to understand everything in addition to lunch time, and the grapes. (Buddy, we won’t forget the grapes this time. Promise)

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  • Boys Mickey Roadster Deluxe Toddler Costume

    Boys Mickey Roadster Deluxe Toddler Costume

    When you think of Mickey Mouse you probably don’t immediately think, “Pro Racer.” But, according to Mickey and the Roadster Racers on Disney Junior, you would be wrong! Well, maybe not wrong. That mouse IS almost ninety years old, which means he probably shouldn’t be driving on the regular… except animation transcends time (and logic) and hence, we have this awesome Mickey Roadster costume for toddlers.Now that we think about it, toddlers probably shouldn’t be driving, either. Unless they’re unusually tall like Goofy, most toddlers’ feet can’t even reach the pedals! Or see over the steering wheel. And they definitely lack the ability to memorize the rules of the roads. Or read important things like “STOP” and “Duck Crossing.” Sorry, Donald! Okay, we’re just having fun. Kids LOVE this new Disney Junior show, and we think this officially licensed costume is really going to be just what your little racer wanted.This jumpsuit has TONS of cool details that kids will love. Awesome mouse ear icons that have been reimagined with car stuff like wrenches and flames. It’s also got the number 28 on the chest, which is probably a sly reference to the year Mickey debuted… 1928! Nice one, animators. There are racing checkers down the side, and to top it all off there is an ear hat “helmet,” which transforms your little speedster into the BIG CHEESE himself… Mickey Mouse!Yep, it’s safe to say they’re going to love pretending to race around the track in this costume no matter what time of year it is. What’s that? Oh boy, that flag is about to DROP!

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  • Toddler / Child Angel Costume

    Toddler / Child Angel Costume

    Ah, you’re little angel. She’s always trying to do the right thing. She gave the dog a bath all by herself, just to help you (who cares about the mess you had to clean up?); she made you breakfast in bed (literally, IN bed, you’re still finding crumbs in your sheets after the tray spilled); she even did the laundry when you weren’t looking (you always wanted everything you owned to be pink!). Little darling. Remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts; let her bask in her inherent goodness while wearing this precious Angel Costume, replete with fluffy halo. Speaking of Fluffy, where is that cat? Oh good, your gal is trying to potty train him so you don’t have to clean his litter box—always thinking of others, she is (you may want to go check on that…we’ll wait). While she’s busy “making dinner” in the other room, hurry up and snatch up this costume and send her the message that all her good intentions don’t go unnoticed.She’ll just love slipping into this leotard and tutu combo and watching her legs transform from those of a mere mortal to those of an angel with the simple pair of opaque white tights. Just make sure she knows the white wings ALREADY have glitter on them, lest you have another fiasco like last year when she tried to help you out by making her costume all by herself. Yeesh. Glitter everywhere. It sure is a lot of work being a guardian to such an angel, huh?

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  • Toddler Thomas and Friends James Deluxe Costume

    Toddler Thomas and Friends James Deluxe Costume

    This is the Thomas and Friends James Deluxe Toddler Costume.

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  • Toddler Lil' Newsie Costume

    Toddler Lil’ Newsie Costume

    Extra. Extra. Read all about it! We know what you’re thinking. Your little guy is still a little bit on the young side to start working on the side. But for us, they can never be too young to start earning a little extra scratch! This Lil’ Newsie Costume for toddlers will make any little bucco look just like an old-timey newspaper boy, and it will give them the look they need to start earning a little cash shilling the daily paper at the street corner.He might not have the sales pitch down but he’ll look like he’s ready to join the cast of Newsies when he goes in this detailed costume look. With a tweed patterned one-piece pant and shirt combination, he’ll be able to practice throwing those newspapers in an easy to wear and comfortable style. (Even if he’s still perfecting that arm toss!) Matching tweed bow-tie and driving cap complete the look. And it even comes with a satchel bag so he’ll have something to carry all those newspapers around in!In sizes 2T and 4T, you can use this costume to complete your family’s group roaring 20s theme, or just let him wear it around so he gets used to his future as a town renowned paperboy. Read all about it. Full Story! Get your tribune here!

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  • Toddler Puppy Costume

    Toddler Puppy Costume

    Oh, how sweet and adorable a puppy is; fluffy, floppy, wide-eyed, nibbly, slightly off balance, excitable, and with that intoxicating puppy breath! Oh how you long to have a little pooch to nip at your toes and bound across your lawn. But…your landlord says no pets. Sigh. Of course, your toddler is just as cute…not to mention (slightly) better behaved. So why not feed one bird with two seeds, as they say, and dress your little one in this Toddler Puppy Costume this Halloween? We guarantee that your kiddo will absolutely adore getting to dress up like the family pup. After all, crawling, yipping, romping, and playing in the mud are all very puppy-like things to do, and they just happen to be your little one‚Äôs favorite activities, too! Also, puppies get rewarded with treats, and what toddler doesn‚Äôt love that? The best part is, your landlord will be none the wiser that you have become the proud owner of a sweet little brown, furry pooch all your own–it‚Äôs a perfect solution! Of course, it doesn‚Äôt hurt that your little one will rake in tons of Halloween candy when dressed in this cozy plush tunic with its matching puppy hood and shoe covers. It doesn‚Äôt matter how much that doggy in the window is, because you have just about all the cuteness you can handle right here!

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  • Toddler Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Costume Hoodie

    Toddler Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Costume Hoodie

    This Buzz Lightyear hoodie is so cool, your child is going to wear it on Halloween, and then refuse to take it off likely until they outgrow it.

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  • Toddler Queen of the Nile Costume

    Toddler Queen of the Nile Costume

    YOU MAY BOW NOWKing Tut is known for being the youngest Egyptian ruler in existence. Correction, King Tut was known for being the youngest Egyptian ruler in existence. Move over Tut, a new youngin’ is rising to the top of the hierarchy and she goes by the name, Little Cleopatra. Little Cleopatra is comin’ atchya, by crawling of course, and she’s determined to impress the masses. She’ll shake her gold-encrusted rattle to get your attention if she wants a refill of her baba and if that doesn’t work, then cue the waterworks. Have you ever seen the Queen of Egypt in the middle of a temper tantrum? It’s a full-on royal freak out but she’s queen so she does as she pleases. From the looks of it, she probably needs a nap. Roll out the golden blankie, fit for a little Egyptian ruler, so she can get a little shut-eye because a well-rested queen is a happy one! DESIGN & DETAILSExclusively crafted in our costume studio, the toddler Queen of the Nile costume includes a sleeveless white dress with a hemline that reaches the knees. The dress is topped off with a round gold collar featuring an attached teal cape made from tulle. The golden belt with ancient hieroglyphics down the front uses a Velcro tab to fasten around the waist. Finally, the stretchy gold headband is included with the dress, collar with cape and belt, to complete the ensemble.QUEEN OF EVERYTHINGShe doesn’t just rule the Nile, she rules over the playground, park and playroom. Add a pair of toddler-sized gladiator sandals to transition this costume from indoors to outdoors. Interested in a costume to pair with this one, creating an adorable mommy/daughter look? Dress as a mummy and celebrate Halloween with your lil Cleo!               

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  • Toddler Deluxe Tigger Costume

    Toddler Deluxe Tigger Costume

    The wonderful thing about tiggers, Is tiggers are wonderful things! Their tops are made out of rubber, Their bottoms are made out of springs!They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I’m the only oneIt’s Tigger! Everyone’s favorite Winnie the Pooh character, because Tigger is so much delightful fun! And now your adorable baby can be Tigger too! Your child may not have a spring in his/her butt, and they probably aren’t made out of rubber, but they are fun!Here’s something we know: babies love Winnie the Pooh. Why? Who knows. Yes, he and his friends are a bunch of gentle talking animals with a variety of personalities and styles. And yes, they all live in the imagination of a curious little boy Christopher Robin (and the Hundred Acre Wood). But you know what Pooh loves? Honey! Babies can’t even eat honey! But still they love him and Tigger, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, even Eeyore, who, let’s be honest, can be a bit of a Debbie Downer. So what better way to capture your kid’s precocious energy than with this Tigger jumpsuit? Tigger is energetic, optimistic and fearless, just like your baby! And hanging out with babies is what Tiggers do best!*Note: we would strongly advise against putting your baby in the care of any other tiger. While most are quite good babysitters, some can be pretty careless. Please be aware that Tigger is the only licensed tiger to watch over your baby.

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  • Toddler Deluxe Winnie the Pooh Costume

    Toddler Deluxe Winnie the Pooh Costume

    As soon as you see this Winnie the Pooh costume, you‚Äôll know an adventure is going to happen!There‚Äôs only one thing that‚Äôs better than doing Nothing. Whatever could that be? Well, we have the answer: it’s going on an adventure in the Hundred Acre Wood at Halloween time in search some delicious smackerels to fill that ‚Äúhunny‚Äù pot! But ‚Äì oh Bother! We‚Äôve just heard that there are some Heffalumps lumping along out there looking for goloptious full-up pots of hunny, too. How will your little one ever compete for all the sweets?Well, there can‚Äôt be just be lots and lots of scampering around and hoping for the best. You‚Äôll need to make sure your toddler is the sweetest, friendliest, most lovable character on the trick or treating trail. So, here‚Äôs what we recommend. You‚Äôll need to turn your toddler into Winnie the Pooh, that honey-loving stuffed bear, at once!We guarantee that once this Deluxe Winnie the Pooh Costume is on, the transformation from toddler to bear will be happily complete. The soft, yellow faux fur will be comfy and fluffy, perfect for chilly Halloween adventures. The jumpsuit-styled costume is easy to pull on, and it already has a red, short-sleeved shirt attached with ‚ÄúPooh‚Äù embroidered on the front. So all you‚Äôll need to do is have your little one jump on in, zip it up, and put up the hood with Pooh‚Äôs face. Then, get ready to get big-hearted Piglet to bravely f-f-follow, gloomy Eeyore to put on a smile, happy Tigger to bounce along, and how lucky your Pooh will be!

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  • Toddler Classic Mike Costume

    Toddler Classic Mike Costume

    The funnier albeit much-less-scary half of the famous monster duo, Mike Wazowski ends up with quite an extensive resume by the time Boo returns and Randall gets banished to the human world. In addition to helping save little Boo, Mike foils Randall and Mr. Waternoose’s plot, discovers a much more lucrative (and enjoyable) energy source than screams, and runs away with that snake-eyed vixen Celia. But rarely do monsters (or humans) make such an impact without preparing properly first.We imagine the process is a grueling one, with elite student societies to edge one’s way into, like the YSA (Young Scarers Association), the SMS (Small But Scary), and the CC (Camouflage Club). And while you maneuver that volatile web of cliques, try your best to maintain a 3.0 grade-point-average in classes like Advanced Tip-Toeing, Scare Ethics, and Roaring 101.Mike did just that at Monsters University, and if your little one has similar scary aspirations, we have a costume just for him. Give your little monster the confidence he probably needs during this transitional phase through, first of all, lots of positive reinforcement (it’s a vulnerable time!). This officially licensed Toddler Classic Mike Costume will help him fit in, though, just like Boo at Monsters, Inc. Role reversal! Running around Monsters University with his cool new “MU” hat and pizza-sized eyeball, there’s no way he won’t attract the beady eyes of some friendly monsters. Just keep on him about the books!

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  • Toddler Classic Sulley Costume

    Toddler Classic Sulley Costume

    If Sulley had a son, he’d look exactly like this. This adorable Toddler Classic Sully Costume is an exciting way to transform your little monster into his favorite James P. Sullivan!

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  • Toddler Elmo Costume

    Toddler Elmo Costume

    For as long as we’ve looked up at the night sky and into its inky abyss, we have asked ourselves: what is the meaning of life? To us the answer is perfectly obvious: Halloween costumes. But there seem to be as many answers to this age-old question as there are people. Some say life’s all about winning. Others say it’s the thing they most love. But few have put it as elegantly and finally as our hero Elmo: “respecting your elders by saying Mr. and Ms. and saying thank you and also giving lots of loves and kisses.” It would be pretty hard to get people to go to war over that innocent notion, wouldn’t it?For a furry and perpetually three-and-a-half-year-old guy, Elmo has made quite the impact on our popular culture. In addition to his role on Sesame Street he has appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Martha Stewart Living, Emeril Live, Scrubs, and even on The West Wing where he zinged the first lady of the United States. He has additionally saved Christmas in his own movie, and in 1996 he practically dominated the holiday by becoming that year’s hottest toy. Pretty good, Elmo!If your kid loves Elmo, as do we all, then nothing could suit them better than the Elmo Costume. It’s shaggy and red, just like the muppet himself, so your kid will be warm and visible on the cold October streets. The hood has Elmo’s darling eyes and nose, and the mittens partially detach on demand so your kid can still do delicate things with their hands!

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  • Disney Lion King Toddler Nala Classic Costume

    Disney Lion King Toddler Nala Classic Costume

    This is the Lion King Toddler Nala Classic Costume.

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  • The Lion King Toddler Simba Deluxe Costume

    The Lion King Toddler Simba Deluxe Costume

    Waiting to Be KingWe know your little one can’t wait to be king! Most little cubs have a tough time waiting. They want to be the main event, like no king was before. They want to show the world their roar and they definitely don’t want anyone telling them to “do this” or have anyone shout “stop that” at them. They want to run around free all day and they want to be free to do it all their way!Well, if your little one wants to lead the pride, then they’re just going to have to wait! After all, every good king needs a mane if they want to be the king of beasts! The good news is that your child can start their journey to becoming king by wearing this officially licensed Lion King costumes for toddlers!Product DetailsThis toddler Simba deluxe costume is based on the Disney movie, The Lion King. It comes with everything your little king-in-waiting needs! The costume comes with an ultra-soft jumpsuit that has a yellow faux fur exterior and an elastic waistband. It fits with a fastener in the back and even comes with a detachable tail in back. The hood really helps your child get into character, since it recreates the look of Simba’s face from the animated movie. It has a soft-sculpted face and ears, and it even has a pair of embroidered eyes on the top. It all combines for a look that will help your child happy as they wait to become the king!Just Can’t WaitIf your child has been trying their best to wait to be king, then it’s time to help them out with this adorable Lion King costume! With a soft style and cute look, it might even have them singing a tune from the movie!

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  • Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Zero Toddler Costume

    Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Zero Toddler Costume

    Man’s Best Friend for Life and BeyondThat ghost lifestyle seems pretty tough. You have to get up at all hours of the night, jangling chains and moaning until someone decides to wake up. And after that, they decide to tell themselves that it was all a bad dream! Then there are the places you have to hang out. Ghosts never get to lounge at the beach or head out for ice cream instead they’re stuck creaking around in attics and floating through graveyards on foggy nights. No matter how much you like the spooky side of life, that kind of atmosphere has got to get old. There’s only one thing that could make that afterlife style bearable, having a good doggo by your side while you haunt! In fact, we’re certain Zero’s companionship is why Jack Skellington is always in such a good mood. Product DetailsThis licensed Nightmare Before Christmas Zero costume is a great twist on the classic ghost costume! The white tunic is pretty simple while the head secures under the chin with a hook and eye touch strip. Zero’s face is detailed with big, black eyes and a three-dimensional glowing pumpkin nose. The hood is topped off with big ears that will flop in the wind as your kid celebrates Halloween night. Party of GhoulsIt’s been a while since Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas changed both Halloween and Christmas forever and still, we can’t get enough. If you want to have the ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas group costume, it’s easier than ever! Not only do we have awesome Jack and Sally costumes in all sorts of styles but you can also pick out costumes for Locke, Shock, Barrel, and their Boogeyman ringleader. Want to really shake things up? Throw Santy Claws into the mix! Now that would be an interesting party of people!

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  • Daniel Tiger Deluxe Toddler Costume

    Daniel Tiger Deluxe Toddler Costume

    How many times has your child breathlessly run up to you, eager to share something about the best Tiger they’ve ever known, or practically begging you to put on Daniel Tiger? Is it weekly? Daily? Hourly?! We’d believe all three. Because Daniel Tiger is one of the best TV shows out there for your little ones. Based on Mister Rogers’ (yes, that Mister Rogers!) Neighborhood of Make Believe, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood follows the adventures of Daniel (you probably already knew this one, right?) along with his friends, O the Owl (just O, which is pretty cool when you think about it. Like if Madonna just went by “M”), Katerina Kittycat, and more. And the show is specifically designed to help young children learn about their emotions and how to handle them properly, along with respecting others. The perfect thing for a parent to show their quickly growing kiddos.Of course, your kid doesn’t care about all that “learning” stuff, at least not consciously. Instead, they’re just thrilled to have a bunch of animal pals to spend time with, sharing in their adventures and seeing how their relationships develop and grow. How excited will your tike be to suit up as the very best tiger around, not just orange and striped, but with Daniel’s signature sneakers and cardigan hoodie. There’s a chance your kid might never take this costume off, and in fact might demand that you dress up as O the Owl (still our top choice) or Prince Wednesday, or maybe even the Red Trolley! But how can you possibly deny that cute tiger face? All you care about is that this costume will bring him hours and hours of joy!

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  • Nella the Princess Knight Toddler Classic Costume

    Nella the Princess Knight Toddler Classic Costume

    This is the Nella the Princess Knight Toddler Nella Classic Costume.

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  • Nella the Princess Knight Toddler Classic Costume

    Nella the Princess Knight Toddler Classic Costume

    This is the Nella the Princess Knight Toddler Nella Classic Costume.

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  • Toddler Deluxe Police Officer Costume

    Toddler Deluxe Police Officer Costume

    What does your child want to be when they grow up? Besides ‚Äúa big kid,‚Äù our guess is they may be thinking of a career in law enforcement. So, if they are raring and ready to become a police officer, that is totally great…but they are still a little young to enter into the academy. We know, a toddler always has so much waiting to do! Shorten that wait by letting pretend for now (and what toddler doesn‚Äôt want to pretend?). There is no better way for them to practice serving and protecting than in this Toddler Deluxe Police Officer costume because it looks like the real thing! They will absolutely shine with pride when they can come to the aid of the community while wearing it. And we bet you feel pretty great having a little cop in your quarters,too. Your little officer is being kept busy keeping the peace, following orders, and surveying the property, keeping it in check. Wow, that‚Äôs a lot for a toddler! You must be very proud. Repay all that hard work with the iconic navy of the police force in this costume, and watch those life goals blossom before your very eyes. This costume has authentic-looking patches, a badge, gold buttons, even white stars on the shoulder! The super-fun police hat and faux-gun holster invigorate all police-y hopes and dreams, but don’t be surprised if they still have to take a nap during the day shift; a toddler is a toddler, after all!

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