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  • Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Huge, plumped up lips have been kind of a big deal lately. You can’t flip through a fashion magazine without seeing a celebrity that looks like they’ve had some work done to make their lips big and full. But if it was a botched job, it ends up just looking like they are having a bad allergic reaction to eating some shellfish. So why do people keep doing it then if it could turn out that badly? Honestly, we couldn’t tell you. People are just silly. Luckily, if you’re wanting to try out the big lip look without having to go under the knife, you can do just that with this Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo makeup kit. You don’t even need prosthetic glue for this look, since you can simply apply it with water and by following the included instructions. Try on the lip tuck for size and find out what all the fuss is about!

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  • Trauma FX Tattoo Mauled

    Trauma FX Tattoo Mauled

    Battling the BeastIt was a dark and foggy night. The moon was full. The wind howled through the scraggly trees. Anyone who’s ever read any sort of horror story would have known not to go out. And yet, confident couple Alex and Allison decided to take a stroll on the country lane by their cottage. And when they reached a little trail leading into the woods, most people would have turned around but not this dynamic duo. They kept strolling. And did they turn around when that trail led to a moody, forgotten graveyard? Nope, that’s not how that couple rolls, obviously.And when they saw a large beast emerge from the edge of the woods and began to approach them they thought it was some kind of German Shepherd and Mastiff mutt, not a werewolf. Those don’t exist, right? Well, seems they were wrong. The moral of the story? Get in touch with your fearful side cause it’s good to be afraid of a dark and foggy night!Product DetailsWith this kit, you’ll be able to create a horrific look to make it seem like you’ve been attacked by a wild animal. Choose the tattoos of your choice and apply it with a warm wet washcloth and you’ll look like a survivor.

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  • Praying Hands Tattoo

    Praying Hands Tattoo

    This is a Praying Hands Tattoo.

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  • Tattoo FX Rock Star Kit

    Tattoo FX Rock Star Kit

    Punkish PersonaWhen you’re a true rock star, you gotta lean into the lifestyle. No more heading to bed at 10:00 after watching Masterpiece Theater. Well, you can watch your historical fiction if need be but you better be ready to tell your co-stars that you’re watching it ironically. And to make up for watching Jane Eyre you’d better head out to the stage with extra attitude that night. Your hair had better be greasy, your eyeliner smudged, and jeans had better be torn. Want to make sure your friends think you’re a moody, broody rocker? Polish your look off with this Rock Star temporary tattoo kit!Product DetailsThis lovely kit features 12 tattoos drawn in a classic Americana style. You’ll love the variation from the flaming guitar to lovely little star accents. Use these tattoos to create a sleeve tattoo or ramp up your dark makeup by adding the little stars next to your eyes as is pictured here. tour TimeAre you ready to amp up your look? Pair these tattoos with any of our rocker costumes to make a real impact. From wild wigs to fishnet fingerless gloves, customize your rockstar look to suit your style. You can be sure your tattoos are sure to bring down the house. 

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  • Chompers Temporary Big Mouth Tattoo

    Chompers Temporary Big Mouth Tattoo

    It’s often said that it takes fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. We’re not sure what whoever said that was trying to get at. Doctors are always telling us we need to work out more muscles to stay healthy. So, does that mean that people who smile are lazier than people who frown? Whatever the meaning of that saying is, we’re pretty sure they weren’t referring to smiles like this Big Mouth Tattoo… If somebody were flashing you this creepy grin, you can be certain they are using every single one of their face muscles. Luckily, this temporary tattoo lets you show off your chompers without causing permanent strain to your cheeks. It’s a good look for your spooky clown outfit, or the finishing touch to your cheshire cat costume. Or, maybe you’ll just want to wear it around regularly, to show everyone what a “cheerful” mood you’re in!

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  • Tiger Face Tattoo

    Tiger Face Tattoo

    You Called Me A… Tiger Face? We’ve been called quite a few names in our lifetime (we have a few siblings), but never in our lives have we been called a tiger face. That term isn’t offensive at all, on the contrary, it’s creative, fun to say, and we love it. From this moment on, we will only answer to ‘tiger face.’ It’s an honor to be compared to such a majestic beast and we embrace it wholeheartedly. We can’t wait to get it changed legally. Now for the next minor fiasco, how do we transform our face to mimic the creature’s glorious visage…?Oh, would you look at that; problem solved! Product Details While making an appointment for a permanent tattoo, this unique product fell into our laps, saving us time, money, and (perhaps) slight embarrassment. Just place the decal over your face and dab it with a damp sponge until it’s fully adhered. When you’re ready to remove it (which we never will) just use rubbing alcohol and follow the included instructions. This product is perfect for those who are admittedly inept at applying makeup or for those wanting to be known as… tiger face. Let’s Hear You RoarThis unique accessory pairs well with any tiger costume chosen. Or you can be like us and wear it with your normal, everyday clothes. So far everyone thinks we’re fierce.         

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  • Extra Large Tribal Temporary Tattoo

    Extra Large Tribal Temporary Tattoo

    It’s a hard life, being a tough guy. Where ever you go, you’re constantly being challenged by other less-tough guys for your throne. But sometimes, tough guys just want to play it cool, and quietly hang out with a small group of close friends while they’re out. Or, maybe they even want to stay in for the night with a cup of tea and a good book, and let the other tough guys have some time in the spotlight. One thing every tough guy knows is that even if they aren’t wanting to get caught up in tough guy politics, they still have to act the part. Just slap on this Extra Large Tribal Temporary Tattoo when you head out, and your tough guy reputation will stay safe and sound. If anyone tries to mess with you, just flex your tatted-up guns at them, and they’ll be on their way! And when you get home, it’ll wash off without any harsh chemicals, because tough guys don’t have to be tough on their skin.

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  • Candy Skull Face Temporary Tattoo

    Candy Skull Face Temporary Tattoo

    We’re still in an age where typically having tattoos all over your face will prevent you from getting a job. We’re not one of those companies necessarily but we also sell costumes, and aren’t something like a law firm trying to convince people that we’re real stand-up citizens (for the record we think we are). There is one day out of the year where it might be a little more universally accepted though. That is The Day of The Dead where many people paint their faces to look like the fantastic candy skulls seen in the festivities. We think it’s a pretty sweet look for everyday use but if you or your employer have a little bit of a problem with it then we have some phenomenal temporary tattoos that include a kit for the entire face, and it washes off without a problem! You’ll be able to celebrate the dead and then go to work in the morning like nothing happened. Check out some of our sweet costumes to go with the look as well!

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  • Shot and Stabbed Temporary Tattoo Kit

    Shot and Stabbed Temporary Tattoo Kit

    We’ve noticed that as much fun as Halloween is, it can be incredibly rough on people. So many ghosts and ghouls and zombies walk around and even the living people look like they’ve been shot or stabbed a couple times. There’s just blood absolutely everywhere! We were really pretty scared to go out until we learned that all of it was just some fake stuff. Or at least hopefully all of it because that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves so we can still enjoy Halloween (and sleep soundly). So we figured that we might as well join the fad and get you guys some sweet Hollywood effects temporary tattoos so you too can look like you survived a rather rough encounter or did you not survive it? At least you can come back from the dead so you could show off to your friends (or eat their brains, up to you.)

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  • Mens Star Wars Kylo Ren Wig and Scar Tattoo

    Mens Star Wars Kylo Ren Wig and Scar Tattoo

    A LONG ROAD TO POWERThere is no question that the Skywalker legacy is just rippling with strong connections to the Force.  Anakin started things out with a quick path to power and his entire bloodline is keeping up without much issue.  Still, they need just a bit of prodding to get there.  We have yet to see exactly where Kylo Ren is going to end up in terms of the balance of the Force, but that level of power is definitely remarkable.  Unfortunately, it comes with so much emotional strife!  If only there were a way to skip that.PRODUCT DETAILSOf course, there just may be!  Channel the power of teenage angst and keep it long into adulthood with this Star Wars Adult Kylo Ren Wig and Scar Tattoo Kit.  This comfortable wig looks like it is ridden with internal trauma and the temporary tattoos reveal all the sacrifice you’ve made for your power.  GIVE IN TO THE DARK SIDEIn order to really feel the essence of the Dark Side and gain true strength, you have to be willing to open certain doors that most wouldn’t.  Of course, if you have the right Wig and Scar Tattoo Kit, you can take a few shortcuts that will give you look without all the emotional imbalances.  

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  • Sugar Skull Face Temporary Tattoo

    Sugar Skull Face Temporary Tattoo

    Sure, Halloween is fun. But are you ready for the real Day of the Dead? We all know there is a lot of muss and fuss revolving around October 31st (no one knows it better than us!), but by the next day–when the jack-o-lanterns are smashed and the candy is all half-price–it can sometimes feel like a time to mourn. No! We say: it is time to celebrate. Dress yourself to embrace the Day of the Dead with these Sugar Skull Face Temporary Tattoos. Whether you spend the day strolling through cemeteries, baking sweet bread, or celebrating with loved ones, you will look and feel exuberant at the prospect of extending the festivities past Halloween. This kit is designed to fit around your facial features for easy application and removal. So, why not start a new (old) tradition this year?

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  • White Party Skull Tattoo Kit

    White Party Skull Tattoo Kit

    Have you ever tried to paint your own Day of the Dead face? Did that hard-won face hold up during that costume party? So a miracle happened, you painted your face to some degree of success, you made it through the party without sweating it all off. Now, how fun was it taking off those layers of greasepaint? How happy was your partner when they saw your permanently stained pillowcase, sheets, and washcloths after your night out? Not very? Hmm, well, we’ve got an easier option for your next deathly look. Makeup is tricky, especially when it comes to the white paint. First of all, it has a tendency to smudge. Secondly, white makeup paint requires multiple layers to cover your natural, healthy skin tone. If you want to achieve the look of a lost soul who’s risen from the grave without keeling over before you get it quite right, then this tattoo kit will give you the grim look you’re looking for. You’ll be spreading chills like a fever when you enter your Halloween or D√≠a De Los Muertos parties this year. Keep it simple, because if Dia De Los Muertos teaches us anything it’s that life is too short to struggle with grease paint.

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  • Scarred Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Scarred Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    We don’t all have the ridiculous battle scars that action movie stars have or the gruesome old wounds that the horror villains have on their faces from a past life. We’re just not all as fortunate as the people in those stories. We know, we started tearing up a little bit just thinking about that too but who the heck wants to go through the process of selling your sell for immortality or get sliced up fighting the bad guys? It’s a hassle, it’s excruciatingly painful, and a lot of jobs seem to want people that don’t glow with the evils of hell whenever it’s about to rain. Silly, right? So this next Halloween just save yourself the hassle and grab a pack of these Hollywood quality temporary 3-D scar tattoos and wreak havoc in your town for a night or even an hour before you take them off. These are seriously easy. You just apply warm water (yep, normal water) and you’ll have them ready to go. When you’re done with them just follow the instructions and you’ll be set!

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  • Slashed Temporary 3D Tattoo Kit

    Slashed Temporary 3D Tattoo Kit

    Did you hear that? It sounded like someone just screamed. Oh no, the zombies are coming! And, they have super long finger nails! We don’t know if all zombies have long finger nails, or if they are just scary. But, with the Slashed Temporary 3D Tattoo Kit you can easily accessorize your bloody costume. Maybe you were attacked by a bear like Leo in that one movie, or are pretending to be a creep like Freddy from that other film. Believe it, or not, we are big film buffs here! We really love zombie movies! Application and removal instructions are included in the package, so your slashed scary look will only last however long you desire. Get ready to have a blast at your next Halloween party as a zombie, or whatever creepy creation you come up with.

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  • Pirate Buccaneer Temporary Tattoo Kit

    Pirate Buccaneer Temporary Tattoo Kit

    Pirates come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that they all have in common is their universal love of tattoos! The only thing they probably love more than getting some sweet ink is treasure, but while treasure gets spent away, tattoos stick around forever! Having intimidating, nautically themed images etched all over your body is basically a rite of passage for a fledgling sea-dog. A fresh, new tat can commemorate a particularly big score or victory, or maybe just a bad decision on a drunken night in port! While you may be interested in trying out the pirate’s life for yourself, we recommend starting out with this Pirate Buccaneer Temporary Tattoo Kit before completely jumping into it. That way, if you end up never getting your sea legs and you decide to jump ship, your salty tattoos won’t follow you around forever. They’re also great for addin’ some scalawag style to ye’ pirate costumes!

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  • Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoo

    Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoo

    Face the ReaperWe usually assume that the reaper is well… grim. And that’s true, when he shows up he doesn’t usually have good news hidden up his wide sleeves. But here’s the thing, once the business side of things is over, the reaper is pretty good at chilling out with the souls that he collected. There’s a lot of time between deciding whether you’re heading downstairs or upstairs. In the meantime, you’re traveling around with one of the oldest souls on earth. This guy has a lot to talk about. He’ll back up the Elvis conspiracy (Elvis didn’t pass until the late nineties) and he’ll tell you all about the drama of the Battle of the Bulge. Death doesn’t sound too bad after all. Product DetailsNo need to conquer the arts of sugar skull makeup. Simply apply this temporary tattoo with a warm washcloth and you’re ready to go. The tattoo creates hollow cheekbones, red tears, and a spooky spiderweb on the forehead. And when you’re ready to rejoin the land of the living, wash it off with baby oil or cold cream. Night of The DeadAre you ready to conquer Halloween night? It’s a gorgeous look that can only be improved with black makeup filling in your eyelids and under eyes. Get on the Reapers good side to get all the stories as soon as you guys are hanging out with this sugar skull temporary tattoo set.

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  • SNL Stefon Tattoo Long Sleeve Costume Tee

    SNL Stefon Tattoo Long Sleeve Costume Tee

    WARDROBE UPDATERecently, Stefon left Rockefeller Plaza for the FUN headquarters to grace all of us with his presence. Boy, what a treat it was to sit down and chit-chat with the iconic party guy! He spilled the tea on all the upcoming bars and nightclubs opening up in New York City and urged us to check out the trendy spots next time we visit. Stefon recommends the club Crease, because of its unique ambiance. Screaming babies wearing Mozart wigs and talking Furby toys decorate the exclusive nightspot — it sounds lit! (“Lit” is a cool millennial word Stefon taught us. Jeez, he’s awesome.)Stefon not only gave us the lowdown on NYC clubs to hit up, but he also gave us the 4-1-1, spilling the insider secrets on which costumes will dominate the Halloween scene this year. Since the club-kid is undeniably in-the-know, it came as no surprise that Stefon’s everyday clothes have become prime costume attire. SNL’s popular character is the trendiest and most fashionable costume to sport especially if you plan on attending a nightclub’s costume-event. Lucky for us, Stefon personally hooked us up with his officially licensed costume tee and we’re ready to supply you with the same attire. Bring the party monster’s city-style to your hometown Halloween festivities to spice things up. Mimic Stefon’s outlandish personality and when it’s closing time, you’ll have a bunch of followers trailing behind you. PRODUCT DETAILSThe SNL tattoo long sleeve Stefon costume tee consists of a soft tee with attached mesh long sleeves. The sleeve looks similar to a classic Ed Hardy tee with a fierce and colorful dragon printed on the front and back as well as the character’s name, “Stefon,” written in yellow cursive. The nude-colored mesh sleeves feature the same tattoo-print, showcasing vivid images of tigers and snakes. THE YEAR’S HOTTEST LOOKAccent this undeniably fly look with a wig that is styled into an asymmetrical cut and wear man-jewelry, like silver rings and a matching chain to look like the Weekend Update star.                            

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  • Missing Zombie Jaw Temporary 3-D Tattoo

    Missing Zombie Jaw Temporary 3-D Tattoo

    No use Saving FaceAww man! How did that happen? You know what? Forget it. We really don’t want to know. Life after these biters came around is pretty brutal, no offense. We know you can’t help who you are. You probably tried as hard as you could to stay out of the horde. Maybe you fell behind your group cause you dropped your weapon and thought you had time to pick it up. Maybe you got cornered while searching for supplies. It can and has happened to the best of them. But there’s no stopping fate when you take one in the face. Man, if society hadn’t fallen apart we’d put that on a bumper sticker. But really tough luck man. While your condition might not be great for getting that fresh meat you so crave, at least your living out eternity with a seriously gnarly look!Product DetailsThis tattoo is pretty brutal with a tattered skin line and rotting flesh. The tattoo is easy to apply with a warm, wet face cloth. It’s a little over five and a half inches tall and three and a half inches wide. Once you’re ready to return to the land of the living, you can simply wash it off with soap and water. No rest for the WickedAre you ready to ramp up your afterlife? Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or you’re heading to your local zombie crawl, you’re sure to turn some heads when you’re wearing this tattoo!

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  • Cheetah Temporary Tattoo

    Cheetah Temporary Tattoo

    FACE TATSIt seems like kids these days are getting tattooed all over their bodies and we can’t keep up. Neck tattoos are all the rage and lower inner lip tattoos are considered both secretive and trendy. Now, if you’re feeling both brave and bold, it’s time to get face-ink. That’s right, the newest and coolest tattoo-trend is to get inked on your moneymaker. Get a phrase in cursive above the eyebrow or something more demure, like a tiny cross below your eye. Hey, if you’re getting freaked out about art being permanently featured on your face, don’t worry because we’re actually freaking out for you. First of all, ouch! Second of all, talk about a commitment! Getting cold feet is totally normal and thanks to temporary tattoos, you can have more ephemeral face art. Pick up the cheetah temporary tattoo and experience what it’s like to have a face tat just for a night. Or a couple hours; it’s totally up to you! PRODUCT DETAILSThis tattoo measures approximately 9 inches wide and 7.75 inches tall, encompassing your entire face perfectly. Detailed instructions are included inside about how to apply (warm water and a sponge) and how to remove (baby oil, warm water and a cotton ball or washcloth.) CHEETAH GIRLGet this accessory to compliment the cheetah costume of your choosing.                  

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  • Pirate Tattoo Sleeve

    Pirate Tattoo Sleeve

    A Pirates Life for Me!Life on the high seas was far from easy for pirates. It was either feast or famine. Literally. Sailors were either stuffing themselves with roasted pigs between Caribean islands or they were nibbling on dry hardtack, a biscuit made specifically for hard times at sea. The same went for everything else from water to gold. The closest thing the sailors had to a 401K plan was a map with an X that marked the spot. So it makes sense that those self-same pirates would want to tote what they’ve been through by tatting up their skin!Product DetailsYou don’t have to go under the needle to gain the tough look of a weather-worn pirate. You’ll have all the classic designs when you slide on this sleeve. It includes an anchor, a treasure chest, a ship, and a pirate maiden, of course. Inky IntentionsEvery tattoo that pirates typically got had a specific meaning. An anchor meant a sailor had crossed the Atlantic. A nautical star was meant to guide the mariner home. The rest of these tattoos meanings are up to your very own interpretations. Create your own pirate tale when you slip on this gritty tattoo sleeve! 

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  • Cheshire Cat Temporary Big Mouth Tattoo

    Cheshire Cat Temporary Big Mouth Tattoo

    Constantly grinning from ear to ear hurts your face. We know because we asked the Cheshire Cat ourselves. Well there’s good news for you. You can wear this Cheshire Cat Temporary Big Mouth Tattoo so you have the big smile but your face won’t be sore afterward. That’s even cooler than taking a trip to Wonderland!

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  • Evil Clown FX Tattoo Kit

    Evil Clown FX Tattoo Kit

    Being a clown is fun; putting on makeup is not. When your job is to entertain people, or scare people, it seems pretty pointless to waste time on your vanity. Making up your face with bright-colored paints is just not the way you want to spend your valuable time. You rather be practicing your juggling routine or tending to your balloon animals and we totally get that, that’s why we are introducing you to this handy evil clown FX tattoo kit.You can spend more time dabbling in your clown duties because this kit will save you plenty of time. This temporary tattoo will give you an evil grin with mouth full of sharp jagged teeth. Add details to the rest of your face with the makeup and brush. You will have an eerie clown face in no time so you can spend the majority of your day doing scary clown activities, like creep through the woods or stand outside someone’s window!

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  • Graftobian Dark Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Wheel

    Graftobian Dark Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Wheel

    Oopsie Daisy! Once upon a time while vacationing at the Jersey Shore, we decided to get a tattoo. The drawn Chinese symbols decorating the shop’s wall spoke to us, so after some persuasion from friends, we picked one out that (supposedly) meant “strength.” Fast forward to a couple years later and we’re informed that out Chinese symbol doesn’t  mean “strength.” It actually means chicken noodle soup. Welp, that was a fail! Anyway, thank goodness for this dark tattoo cover up makeup wheel. Now we just use this helpful product to cover our permanent blunder and it saves us lots of embarrassment. Product DetailsThis wheel comes with 6 shades of concealer makeup to help you cover up tattoos for memorable occasions or for costume purposes. Choose the color you want and use an applicator sponge (not included) to apply to your skin. Instructions come with it to make the process easier. Use regular makeup remover to remove makeup. SuggestionsThis product is perfect for costumes that aren’t usually associated with tattoos. For example, if you want to dress up as a police officer, FBI agent, doctor, or nurse and you want to cover up tattoos to look more authentic then this is a great product. People might even mistake you for the real deal.      

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  • Graftobian Light Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Wheel

    Graftobian Light Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Wheel

    Merry Little MistakeWe take the Bob Ross-approach to life around here; there’s no such thing as mistakes. Although we’re not very happy about our “no regrats” tattoo (for obvious reasons) we’re not entirely heartbroken over it either. Luckily, we stumbled upon this very helpful cover up makeup wheel. All we do is dab a little bit of concealer on our permanent mistake and suddenly it doesn’t seem so permanent anymore! You may want to use this wheel to achieve a certain look for Halloween or perhaps everyday use is what you’re interested in? Either way, you’ll always want this handy cosmetic product near-at-hand.Product DetailsYou’ll receive 6 shades of concealer makeup to create a color match which blends into your skin easily. There are easy-to-follow instructions on the package so application is simple. Use makeup remover once you’re ready to take it off and please not that sponges are not included. Ideas  Pick up this makeup for a more convincing look this year or apply it to look more clean-cut for a special occasion. You’ll find this product helpful if you plan on dressing as a cop, medical professional, or SWAT officer.   

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  • Possessed Veins Temporary Tattoo

    Possessed Veins Temporary Tattoo

    It’s chaos outside, cars are burning in the streets. No one thought the zombie outbreak would make it this far. You lean against the door of the gas station bathroom and catch your breath. You just had a close call, but you made it. You switch on the light. In the green glow of the single bulb, you see it, spreading across your face. Your body is rebelling against you, you’ve been infected. While wearing these tattoos it’ll seem as if something evil is making its way through your bloodstream. Your newly swollen veins are just believable enough to make people gasp in horror, look away, and then look again. The infected vein look is a fresh take on a zombie plague patient but they will also work for demonic possession and victims of a vampire attack. For your next zombie pub crawl or costume party invest in this packet of four tattoos. They’re sure to make your skin crawl.

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  • Stapled and Stitched Temporary Tattoo Kit

    Stapled and Stitched Temporary Tattoo Kit

    Ack! When you said you were thinking of getting a tattoo, we thought you meant, like, a butterfly. Or your astrological sign. Or a yin yang. But this…this is horrifying!Ohhhhhhh. They‚Äôre temporary? You mean you didn‚Äôt go down to the Impulse Tattoo parlor and plead with Mitch the artist to permanently ink those scars onto your face? Phew! Are we relieved! You were about to become our friend with the WORST judgment (and that‚Äôs a tight competition). I guess this Stapled and Stitched Tattoo Kit is pretty believable, if even we were fooled. This single sheet features easy to apply (and remove!) temporary tattoos that depict stitched or stapled flesh wounds. Yuck. But honestly, you wear them well. Almost as well as the ‚ÄúNo Regrets‚Äù tat you sport on your bicep.

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  • Zombie Rot Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Zombie Rot Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Oh no! Buddy, what happened? We totally thought you would make it. You seemed so wily. You knew to take your time, hiding out until the hordes went past. Do you make the classic mistake of not bringing your weapon into the bathroom? Or maybe you got trapped and told everyone to go on without you well you held the hordes back. Wow, good for you. What a hero! Well, we respect you and feel for you but there’s no way we’re going to get close to you anymore. Make your ‘walker’ costume the best with some super realistic rot effects! The zombies on The Walking Dead have been roaming around for quite a while, so you’re going to have to take extra steps if you want to look like a member of the cast. This FX Transfers are makeup quality graphics, with the ease of a temporary tattoo. You’ll get four easy-on tats with a realistic look. Add this to your zombie makeup supply, and you’re sure to have an un-dead look that everyone will be dying for!

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  • Skull Face Temporary Tattoo

    Skull Face Temporary Tattoo

    So you want to make an impression but don’t want to commit to anything big like a full skull mask or dyeing your hair. We completely understand. We here at pride ourselves on our practical costuming options, especially when you want to make an impression (and not always a permanent one).For instance, if you wanted to look like a specter or a terrifying thug, you could use this Skull Face Temporary Tattoo. It’s a sheet of smaller tattoos meant to fit over your face and overlay it with a skull pattern. Great for Dia De Los Muertos or any other spooky party, this tattoo set is easily applied and removed and perfect for a few hours of intense costuming… without the permanent commitment to tattooing your face. How fantastic is that? Yeah, we thought you’d like it.

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  • Stapled FX Tattoo Kit

    Stapled FX Tattoo Kit

    There are a lot of options for plastic surgery, but no one must have told you that before you took a stapler to your face. We don’t want to judge, but you made that a little bit of a challenge. Of course, we don’t really know how those painful looking wounds happened in the first place and quite honestly, we don’t want to know. What we do know is that you went for the budget version of reconstructing your poor mug. While going the inexpensive route works well when you’re clipping coupons or even buying a cheap sandpaper-like toilet paper, you may have crossed the line when it comes to self-surgery. Don’t get mad but it doesn’t look like you knew what you were doing. Maybe next time just call that doctor up for an estimate. If you’re looking for an easy yet horrifying Halloween costume this year, invest in these staple tattoos. You’ll look just like you just emerged from a surgery gone horribly wrong or Frankenstein’s lab. Either way, this tattoo set is sure to become a Halloween staple.

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  • Diseased FX Tattoo Kit

    Diseased FX Tattoo Kit

    You didn’t expect the sickness to spread so quickly, no one did. For a long time, chaos hit the streets as people prepared to quarantine themselves. all those people crowding into the supermarkets just made it spread faster. Now it’s eerily silent outside, the people who were shouting and breaking glass in the streets are gone. There’s no sirens, no helicopters. All that’s left to do is stay holed up in your apartment and wait. For what? You honestly don’t know. What you do know is you don’t want to end up like the others: hopeless, forsaken, diseased. You’ll look like a victim of the plague when you put these temporary tattoos on your skin. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or trying to scare the school nurse, you’re sure to make anyone who sees these gnarly boils on your face a little sick. These boils mean business, never complain about your measly acne outbreaks again.

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