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  • Adult Captain Spaulding Costume

    Adult Captain Spaulding Costume

    Dear Captain Spaulding, Thank you for applying at Clowns Incorporated! We appreciate the time you took to consider us, we know there are many clown companies looking for talent out there in today’s day and age. We are currently closing our application process for scary, unhinged clowns at the moment. Unfortunately, parents don’t find dark humor as funny when it is unfurling at their children’s birthday parties. And while we’re sure there is a place for your threatening demeanor elsewhere, we feel it would be a challenge to place you with any of our clients at this time. We’re impressed by your experience, running the Museum of Monsters and Madmen seems like quite the responsibility and creative outlet, though we’re not sure what that dark tourist attraction has to do with our family-friendly cooperation. Please take this rejection letter knowing that we admire your dedication to clowning. Please don’t hurt us, Jumbo the Clown, Sr Vice President of Clowns IncProduct DetailsWe can’t imagine that this famous clown from the Devils Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses would feel at home making animal balloons at a kid’s birthday party. Though his dark demeanor is subtle enough when it comes to his costume. It’s all about attitude with this character. A matching satin texture suit flaunts both red and white stripes as well as patriotic stars. A skull detailed bowtie is the only thing that hints to onlookers that they’d better be on their guard. That is until Captain Spaulding opens his mouth.Tourist TrapWhile Captain Spaulding might have been rejected by almost everyone, even the devil, he sure is a hit around Halloween! Whether you’re dressing up for a party or you’re hosting a Halloween fight night, you’ll love acting out as this classic character created by Rob Zombie. Now, will you be able to freak tourists out as efficiently as our unhinged anti-hero? Well, that’s all about attitude… and plenty of greasepaint.

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  • House of 1000 Corpses Adult Captain Spaulding Mask

    House of 1000 Corpses Adult Captain Spaulding Mask

    It’s no accident that most of the killers in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses movies are named after characters from old Groucho Marx comedies. There’s a super dark streak of comedy running through Zombie’s movies, a glimmer of humor hidden underneath a heaping pile of uglines. Nobody’s a better illustration of that than Captain Spaulding, the foul-mouthed, creepy clown who runs a shady roadside house of horrors when he’s not out on a murder spree.Captain Spaulding is one of those horrifying characters you just can’t help but love, a sneering, sickening, slob who approaches every situation with a stained-toothed grin. Now you can slide into your favorite face of evil (or more specifically, the face of the legendary b-movie actor Sid Haig) in this officially licensed latex mask. Stroll into the party wearing Spaulding’s familiar clown makeup, scruffy beard, and cynical smirk and you’re sure to get a lot of love from anyone who’s seen the films. Not to mention some leery looks from anybody who hasn’t, but that’s just the way Captain Spaulding would want it.

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