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  • Adult Red and White Socks for Adults

    Adult Red and White Socks for Adults

    SOME STRIKING SOCKSTrying to find the right accessory to bolster your already super look can sometimes be such stress that all the splendor is ready to slip right through the seams! It’s just silly the struggle we sigh through to secure a sleek style! But, when you finally see those superior socks that seem to sing, “Yassss!” you can step back, stand up, and slide them up to the hem of your skirt or slip them under your slacks. A superb fit, these striped socks! Sweet as… er… something…DESIGN & DETAILSWhen you’ve got that perfect look that is just missing one, simple thing, it is often something that you’ve taken for granted. Your feet need some style, too, and these Red and White Striped Socks are sure to make a great complement to your Santa Suit a Candy Costume or a more colorful twist to a Wicked Witch! SUGAR!Who knows how we couldn’t think of sugar when looking at these candy cane themed socks, especially when we were stuck on a string of strong sayings!? But, that’s what happens when you’ve got a sophisticated sock already certain! Now you just get the fun of pairing them up with another look. Or, heck, dare you mix and match them with another pair!? Scandalous! 

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  • Knee High Captain Marvel Suit-Up Socks

    Knee High Captain Marvel Suit-Up Socks

    This is a Captain Marvel Suit-Up Knee High Sock.

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  • Superman Cape Crew Socks

    Superman Cape Crew Socks

    Sometimes your feet get a little down on themselves. They feel like all you ever do is crush their dreams and step on their souls no matter how hard they work, and they do work very hard. Sometimes when you feel that low to the ground it’s just like you’re under everybody’s heel and we all know what that’s like. It’s just no fun. Maybe it’s time we let the very root of our bodies know that we do love them. Show them a little more appreciation and let them know how super they really are with some Superman Crew Socks. They even come with a cape! Now they can soar through life and take you anywhere you need to be faster than a speeding bullet! As long as it’s from the couch to the fridge because your heart and lungs can only take so much that your feet dish out.

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  • Where's Waldo Striped Socks

    Where’s Waldo Striped Socks

    These are Striped Where’s Waldo Socks.

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  • Orange Dress Socks

    Orange Dress Socks

    Socks have always been a vital part of any respectable outfit. One can’t simply go to work without socks unless you happen to be a foot model but be real… look at those feet, they don’t belong to a model. Someone doesn’t hit up the party scene without socks unless that party just so happens to be on the beach. Whether you’re working or playing around you need a solid pair of sock to tie your whole outfit together.Sure, normally others don’t notice your socks right off the bat but once they do, you can bet that they’re reevaluating everything they think about you. Make sure you have a top-notch pair of sock for your outfit this Halloween. Dressing up in a vibrant, classy orange tux? Well, you can’t finish your costume without these bright colored tuxedo socks. Grab yours today and stay classy!NOTE: These socks will also pair well with a pumpkin, carrot, penguin or duck costume.

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  • Harry Potter: Slytherin Knee High Socks

    Harry Potter: Slytherin Knee High Socks

    This is a Harry Potter Slytherin Knee High Socks.

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  • Harry Potter: Ravenclaw Knee High Socks

    Harry Potter: Ravenclaw Knee High Socks

    This is a Harry Potter Ravenclaw Knee High.

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  • Harry Potter: Hufflepuff Knee High Socks

    Harry Potter: Hufflepuff Knee High Socks

    This is a Harry Potter Hufflepuff Knee High Socks.

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  • Wizard of Oz Dorothy Ruby Red Slipper Anklet Socks For Women

    Wizard of Oz Dorothy Ruby Red Slipper Anklet Socks For Women

    These are Wizard of Oz Dorothy Ruby Red Slipper Anklet Socks.

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  • Green and White Munchkin Socks

    Green and White Munchkin Socks

    Is munchkin still the PC-appropriate term? The 30s were rough for little people in show business––dwarf tossing was still a thing!––but not so in the Kingdom of Oz. These socks are perfect for welcoming some very large travelers to your village after they drop a house on your evil overlady.We both know you need a pair of appropriately twee-looking socks to complete your munchkin getup. So why not slip into these affordable White/Green Munchkin Socks? They’re so comfortable the Wicked Witch will have to consider ditching her all-black-everything look. You’ve been warned.Minimal dancing skills required. A diminutive stature helps, but look close: there were a couple tall munchkins. They must have had real good agents. “Hey, Pete needs a gig. I know, I know, he’s a little tall for a Munchkin, but he’s a real good squatter. Guy can squat all day. Thanks. I owe you one.”

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  • Harry Potter Gryffindor Knee High Socks Women

    Harry Potter Gryffindor Knee High Socks Women

    School House RulesIf your school had the chic school uniforms that Hogwarts had, would you have been for a strict dress code? Whether or not you would, all of us muggles have to admire that witches and wizards were never forced to wear polo shirts in beige or navy blue and embraced the classic button-down with a tie, slacks, or pleated skirts for witches who were so inclined. The trick to maintaining a love for your day-to-day uniform while living at Hogwarts? Changing up your stockings! Everyone is going for Argyle but there’s nothing in Hogwarts: A History that limits you to that particular pattern. You can branch out, especially if your socks still represent your house-pride!Product DetailsYou won’t get any style points docked from your house when you show up to class wearing this maroon and gold pair of stockings. The pattern is bold with the Gryffindor Lion throughout. The front sports the Gryffindor shield with the name print in black underneath. There is a thin line of ribbed gold on top, making these socks perfect for layering under slacks or wearing with skirts!Pack your TrunkSo, whether you’re heading to Platform 9 3/4 to start your first year at Hogwarts or you simply want to add a little more color to your Hermione costume this Halloween, you’ll wear these socks again and again. Now all you have to do is figure out how to transport your heavy trunk without using magic!

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  • Pennywise IT Movie Crew Socks

    Pennywise IT Movie Crew Socks

    CREEPIEST CREW SOCKSScaring people is fun, surprising others is always a good time and wearing funky socks is enjoyable too. What do you get when combining all those aspects? You get the Pennywise IT movie crew socks! Everyone may think you’re dressed normally, wearing a tee, a pair of jeans and sneakers but remove your shoes and BAM! A scary surprise is revealed. For example, say you’re going over a friend’s house and taking off your shoes before entering the apartment is a requirement. Don’t be surprised if your pal shrieks in terror when they see Pennywise’s sinister smile advertised on your feet. An illustration of the newest version of the demented clown is enough to make even seasoned horror movie fans say, “eeek, your feet!”PRODUCT DETAILSOfficially licensed, the Pennywise IT movie crew socks are the perfect secretive/scary accessory for fans of the latest Stephen King-inspired movie. Created from a blend of polyester and spandex, these stretchy socks are extremely comfortable and feature a cartoon illustration of the demonic clown.FLOAT ON, FEET Wear these socks with everyday apparel or pair them a Pennywise costume and officially licensed mask, ensuring you’ll have a killer look this Halloween.                     

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  • Women's Wizard of Oz Knee High Ruby Slipper Witch Socks

    Women’s Wizard of Oz Knee High Ruby Slipper Witch Socks

    Alternative Land of OzImagine a universe where the Wicked Witch of the West was able to claim her sister’s shoes from under Dorothy’s farmhouse. Glinda the Good Witch didn’t make it in time, actually, we’re thinking she missed the whole thing completely. Dorothy doesn’t know magic, and as fierce as little Toto can be, he’s not a great match for the Wicked Witch. Those are the kind of frightening thoughts that some of the best Halloween costumes come from. With a dash of originality mixed with endless and spooky possibilities, you find something recognizable, but unique. Like that idea? We do too!Product DetailsThese Wizard of Oz Ruby Slipper Witch Socks are designed to look just like the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East. With knitted-in black and white stripes from the ankle on up and a bright red foot with a bow, you’ll have the right accessory for your clever Halloween costume. Even if you can’t wear your glittering ruby slippers your Wicked Witch costume is complete with these officially licensed socks. When you’re out and about your feet and legs will keep warm and if you’re staying in this year you can keep cozy without a blanket, thanks to these 22″ long, knee-high socks.A Witch is Always PreparedDon the dress and hat. Attach the long, crooked nose, and paint yourself green. Become the Wicked Witch! Whether you’re heading to a costume party where they’ll want you to remove your shoes or you’re staying home in full costume, you’ll be prepared for any eventuality (except maybe flying houses).

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  • Harry Potter Ravenclaw Socks

    Harry Potter Ravenclaw Socks

    Toe-Tally CharmingFrom the tip of your pointy hat down to your sharp black shoes, wielding a wand is your destiny. Besides, since you’re a member of the Ravenclaw House, you possess a certain level of intelligence, wit, creativity, and by golly, you love a well put-together ensemble. We can definitely relate to your compulsion for a matching head-to-toe ensemble. We love uniformity and complimentary colors (in abundance). If you feel the same way, then these Ravenclaw socks belong inside your wardrobe at Hogwarts. They will flatter your outfit when you’re simply wearing your trusty Ravenclaw House robe and running to Divination class or when you’re dressing down for a day trip to Hogsmeade. Product Details Officially licensed, these Ravenclaw socks have just the right amount of stretch and they hit just below the knee once pulled up. Please note, they’re comfortable and warm. They also feature a scholarly argyle print, the traditional House colors (silver and navy blue), and the formal Ravenclaw crest. All Sorts of Spellbinding SocksIf you love these socks, all of our Harry Potter themed socks are right up your alley (Diagon Alley, that is.) You’ll have a pair for every day of the week! Check out the Marauder’s Map sublimated socks and the 4-pack of Quidditch ankle socks for your collection.    

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  • Odd Sox Back to the Future Adult Knit Socks

    Odd Sox Back to the Future Adult Knit Socks

    Time Machine BluesWe’ve tried a thousand times. No matter how many times we try to replicate Doc Brown’s time machine, we just can’t seem to get it right (it’s that darn flux capacitor that gives us so much trouble). We want to go back to 1985. We want to hang out at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. We want to stand up to that jerk, Biff! Maybe time travel was never meant for us… but at least our feet can bask in the greatness that is Back to the Future with these Odd Sox!Product DetailsBased on the iconic movie from the 80s, these Back to the Future Odd Sox are knit socks for adults that pack a lot of Back to the Future style into them! They’re black, but have red and blue stripes on them. They have the movie’s log on the front and even have the iconic lightning bolt designs along the sides. Just toss them on your feet and you won’t even care that you may never own a time machine of your own!Socks for the PresentYou can wear these Back to the Future socks with your everyday wear, letting you represent for your favorite movie! 

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  • Adult Michael Jackson Sparkle Socks

    Adult Michael Jackson Sparkle Socks

    Sure we were all very excited on the day Michael Jackson revealed that iconic moonwalk that will forever go down in history, but was it really because of the fact that he was able to walk backwards in a really sweet way? We think our love for this sick dance move was mainly based on a different reason. Out culture has always fallen in love with shiny things and with that fact alone we would like to argue that the glittering socks Billie Jean’s (not) lover was sporting that night really pushed his finishing move into immortality. We’re honestly surprised these guys didn’t catch on like wildfire along with the dance. They’re probably not as comfy as a pair of wool ones but who cares when people are so mesmerized by all those sequins dancing light around the walls? We rest our case. Snag a pair to really authenticate your costume.

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  • White Athletic Socks with Black Stripes Women

    White Athletic Socks with Black Stripes Women

    When you’re a referee, you’re going to need to be wearing stripes. Why do you think that it? Black and white is easy to pick out in a crowd, and it really looks great on anyone. Now let’s see if you’re all set to go…You’ve got your shirt, some cute shoes to match(we suggest black), and you’ve even got a fantastic whistle. There just seems to be something missing. Your legs do look a little bare. Maybe you could use something to cover them up a bit and keep the dirt off.Are you looking for an accessory that screams, ‘I’m a baller!’ Well, look no further. Your sporty swag will be on point when you run onto the playing field wearing these White Athletic Socks with Black Stripes. They’re the perfect choice for a sexy football costume, or even to go as a referee. Because no matter how you get onto the field, you’re going to want to get there in style!

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  • Halloween Monsters Kids Ankle Socks

    Halloween Monsters Kids Ankle Socks

    FEET TO SCREAM FORYour little one isn’t asking you to check under his bed, behind his dresser and inside his closet to find monsters because he wants to find them all on his own. He’s not scared of anything, not even monsters, in fact, he’s fascinated by them. He only hopes to open his eyes and find a big, fluffy colorful monster standing beside his bed. What can you say? He’s a unique little treasure of a child! Since he’s such a monster-fanatic, he loves Halloween. In fact, he’s decided on his Halloween costume in early August!The monster ankle socks are perfect for both monster and Halloween lovers and especially those who love both. Gift them to your child as a way to amp up their excitement for the upcoming holiday or to wear while they’re looking through their favorite picture book featuring what else but colorful pictures of monsters!PRODUCT DETAILS Pass them out for a trick or treat surpirse or give them to your child early so they have the perfect pair of socks for Halloween. These socks are made from a blend of spandex so they’re comfortable and can easily stretch around feet and they’re decorated with cute monsters, pumpkins and eyeballs. SOCK IT TO MEDon’t forget to check out all of our kid’s Halloween socks!   

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  • 3D Novelty Gingerbread Man Crew Socks

    3D Novelty Gingerbread Man Crew Socks

    Rise to the OccasionYou know what we personally don’t think gets enough airtime at Halloween? Baked goods. That’s right! You’ve got your funny food costumes and even a wide array of fruit to choose from. But if you’re someone who loves to bake, you may find yourself whisked out of the dress-up game in favor of hilarious candy costumes, pizza masks, and big ole bunches of grapes.No more, we say! Make way for cookies, cakes, scones, and biscuits (anyone else getting hungry from this?). You spoke, we listened, and now…ta-dah!…these The 3D Novelty Gingerbread Man Crew Socks are here to help you get your cookie costume off to a running start. Product DetailsThis brown pair may seem basic…from the back. But spin on those toes and prepare to tempt everyone’s taste buds! That’s because your feet and ankles are bedecked in a Gingerbread cookie’s “button” pom-poms, with a white “icing” line over the toe and calf, as well as a sweet red bow tie! Wear them at the bottom of a full-on gingerbread costume, or just sport ’em solo for a bit of sweet fun!Can’t Catch You!Run, run, as fast as you can—toward your baking passion! We’re catching up to the trend with these cool socks that will leave your mouth watering.

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  • Adult Bloody Socks

    Adult Bloody Socks

    Hey, sometimes you just want to look like murder victim no. 5 from the latest horror movie. Other times, you want to look like a freshly risen zombie. (None of that rotting corpse look for you!) Just what do you do with you feet? Are you going to wear plain old white socks, or are you going to go all-out and go for the gruesome, bloody look that you know they deserve.It’s like the latest horror movie just played out… on your feet! These Bloody Socks feature an absolutely gruesome style, splattered in fake blood patterns. Despite looking like slaughter incarnate, these socks are quite comfy. They have a cushioned heel, so your feet will be pampered, even when you’re doing your best zombie impression. Of course, they make the perfect finishing touch to an undead ghoul costume, or serial killer costume, but you could always just wear them to go grocery shopping for a shocking effect!

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  • Black Athletic Socks with White Stripes Women

    Black Athletic Socks with White Stripes Women

    Dressing up in cute activeware is a great way to look sporty and hot all at once! But aren’t plain white sport socks a little outdated? Even with a couple stripes of color thrown in, they just look so70’s. If you’re in the mood for an athletic style with a more modern and edgy flair, trading in your stockings will give your outfit the boost you’re looking for!Slip into a pair of these Black Athletic Costume with White Stripes when you’re gearing up for Game Day, and your look will be as fresh as it is stylish! These stretchy thigh high stockings will make you stand out, whether you’re playing a sassy ref, or a cheerleader with a darker side, or you’re wearing them with your roller skating gear. Who needs boring old white socks when you’ve got these babies?!

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  • Harry Potter Hogwarts Womens Knee High Socks

    Harry Potter Hogwarts Womens Knee High Socks

    MUGGLE SOCKSHow do your socks feel? Sure, they keep your feet warm, but Do they make your feet feel magical? Why not? Perhaps your simple white socks just aren’t cutting it. Your feet deserve the full wizard treatment. A simple change in footwear could help you feel a little less like a muggle and a little more like a top student at Hogwarts. It just so happens that we have the socks chosen by every wizard from Hogwarts!PRODUCT DETAILSThese officially licensed Harry Potter Knee High Socks are a great way to make your feet feel a bit more magical! Although they may not be made out of any sort of mythical materials, they do provide a snug and comfy fit with their spandex blend design. They’re pitch black, but have “HOGWARTS” on the side. Each sock also has the 4 Houses Crest on it. Just slip them on your feet and you’ll be ready to cast a few magical spells!FOR EVERYDAY OR COSPLAYThese Harry Potter socks are great for everyday wear, but they also add the finishing touch to any Harry Potter cosplay! Just pair them up with any of our casual Harry Potter apparel for a look that combines comfort with cosplay.

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  • Women's Harry Potter Hufflepuff Knee High Socks

    Women’s Harry Potter Hufflepuff Knee High Socks

    NO MAGIC REQUIREDMagic is great! The Harry Potter movies taught us that. But sometimes, magic is too much hassle. Sure, there’s probably a spell that makes your feet stay warm and cozy, but do you really want to dig out your wand and riffle through your spellbooks to find the perfect spell to keep your tootsies toasty? Sounds like a lot of work to solve a problem that a simple pair of cozy socks could solve! Well, the next time your feet get chilly, put that wand down and reach for these Harry Potter Hufflepuff knee high socks!PRODUCT DETAILSMuggles and wizards alike can wear these officially licensed women’s Harry Potter socks! They’re made out of a polyester and spandex blend, which means they stretch for a comfy and cozy fit. Each sock has the bright gold color of the Hufflepuff House, along with the official crest of the Hogwarts House. Just slip them on and you won’t need to cast a magic spell on your feet!THE LITTLE THINGSIf you’re a tried and true Hufflepuff, then you know how much the small details matter! If you’re dressing up in your Harry Potter costume, then you want to make sure to wear the authentic socks of a Hogwarts student.

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  • Womens Hogwarts Houses 5-Pair Lowcut White Socks

    Womens Hogwarts Houses 5-Pair Lowcut White Socks

    This is a Womens Hogwarts Houses 5-Pair Lowcut White Socks.

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  • Red and Green Striped Adult Socks

    Red and Green Striped Adult Socks

    This is a pair of Adult Red and Green Striped Socks.

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  • White and Red Striped Adult Socks

    White and Red Striped Adult Socks

    Elf’s ChoiceMost people don’t know. After all, most people never get a chance to meet one of Santa’s elves. They live all the way up in the North Pole and they spend most of their time toiling away in the workshop making toys for all of the good girls and boys. So, how would anyone know that elves are VERY discerning when it comes to choosing socks to put on their feet!Yes, the North Pole requires a sock that’s just right! It needs to be warm enough to hold up to the cold… but not too warm when they’re working hard on making toys. That’s why these White and Red Striped Socks are the perfect socks for Christmas elves across the land!Product DetailsThese socks are a simple design that any discerning elf will love! They’re made out of an acrylic, polyester, and spandex blend that stretch to fit. They have red and white stripes, and they even feature green in the toes and heel to add a little holiday spirit. When you’re done wearing them in the workshop, just go ahead and toss them in the wash, since these are machine washable! They truly are an elf’s dream sock!

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  • Harry Potter Gryffindor Socks

    Harry Potter Gryffindor Socks

    From Head to ToeWhat would you do if you could explore the halls of Hogwarts for one day only? Would you rifle through the library, learning as much as humanly possible? Or maybe you’d hope to surf the moving staircases, talking to the various characters that reside in the paintings throughout the halls. You never know what you might find out when the walls have eyes. What would we do? Well, we might just hang out under the starry sky of the cafeteria and eat all the food that J.K. Rolling has been teasing us with for all these years. What’s a treacle tart and why haven’t we tried one yet? Whatever you’d do with your valuable time in the Wizarding World, you’d want to blend in. These socks are a sure way of showing that you belong in this historic school!Product DetailsWhether you’re dressing up as your favorite Harry Potter character or you just want a little more Hogwarts in your day-to-day, you’ll look right at home when you’re wearing these socks. The gold and red color scheme is instantly recognizable to any Harry Potter fan and in a sophisticated argyle, you’ll look timeless. The ankles feature the Gryffindor shield so you’ll feel super official. School SpiritWhile school spirit usually refers to The Bloody Baron or the mischevious Peeves to the witches and wizards of Hogwarts that doesn’t mean you can’t show your Hogwarts house enthusiasm. Just slip on these socks and you’ll feel that much closer to the magical side of life. And if that treasured white envelope finally shows up in the mail? Well, at least some of your uniform is already covered. The sorting hat will definitely know which house to put you in! That’s what happens when you show school spirit!

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  • Over The Knee Deadpool Socks

    Over The Knee Deadpool Socks

    These are Deadpool Over The Knee Socks.

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  • Women's Trick or Treat Socks

    Women’s Trick or Treat Socks

    A TREAT FOR YOUR FEETPoor feet. They’re often described as smelly, stinky and dirty but that’s not very nice and not entirely true. Feet are very helpful and without them, we’d just topple over. No more walking, running, skipping, or frolicking — how sad! Life without feet would be bland, boring, and terribly uneventful so how about showing some appreciation for our lowest extremities by adorning your tootsies in these festive trick-or-treat socks for women. It’s the second best way to treat your feet, the first being a pedicure. Really pamper those toes by getting a pedicure then casing your feet inside these Halloween socks.          PRODUCT DETAILSThese socks feature the traditional Halloween colors, orange and black and they’re made from a blend of stretchy fabric so they’re capable of expanding to the knee making them perfect to wear with a skirt or dress. They’re too cute not to show off! One sock is black and features the word “trick” in orange while the other is orange and showcases the word “treat” in black; very fashionable and very festive!  TRICK-OR-FEET!These socks make for the most nonchalant Halloween costume the world has ever seen. Put them on full display or conceal them underneath a pair of pants! 

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  • Novelty Witch Knee High Women's Socks

    Novelty Witch Knee High Women’s Socks

    HOCUS POCUS…TOECUS? This Halloween, would you like to embody a spellbinding sorceress from head to toe? Would you like magic to ooze from your enchanting aura? Are you interested in beguiling a whole room of people with just one quick glance? If so, then the women’s novelty witch knee high socks need to belong in your drawer ASAP. No need to consult your crystal ball, take it from us— these comfy stockings have the power to make you feel like a complete and accomplished spellcaster. Who knows, elevating you to the status of ‘supreme’ isn’t outside the realm of possibilities. Don’t be surprised if every coven member starts wearing them! PRODUCT DETAILSMade from a blend of polyester and spandex, these socks are stretchy and extremely comfortable so they’re able to fit most feet. Extending up to the knee, alternating purple and black stripes are featured throughout. The purple fabric has flecks of metallic thread throughout while a black hat and spiderweb cape is attached to the back.AS ABOVE, SO BELOWNow you need a witchy upper half to match your witchy lower half, AKA your feet! Don’t forget to pick up a pointy hat, spider earrings and gothic necklace to offset your socks!       

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