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  • Bag of 12 Skulls

    Bag of 12 Skulls

    We think we can all agree on how great skulls are, right? They keep our brains nice and cozy, they give us something to put our hats on, and help us recognize pirates when we see one on a flag. But sometimes, full size skulls are a little too big to be used for decorative purposes, and unless you know something about skulls that we don’t, you really can’t take one out of your body and expect to put it back later.Luckily, you can always use the contents of this Bag of 12 Skulls to make your decor look extra scary! These plastic noggins come by the dozen, and are actually much smaller than the average cranium, so you can scatter them around with the rest of your decorations, or sneak them into peoples’ bags as creepy little gifts. Now that’s using your skull!

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  • Hanging Rotten Skulls

    Hanging Rotten Skulls

    What haunted house is complete without some rotten skulls hanging from the ceiling? None that we’d want to visit! Take a look at this Hanging Rotten Skulls decoration. It will be perfect for your porch to let your guests know that they’ve come to the right place for some good ole fashion scares. Hang this trio of skulls anywhere in your home, as well. In the entryway for an instant scream from guests walking in the door, or right around a corner in the hallway to catch a handful of friends off guard.Where ever you decide to let these boneheads hangout we guarantee that they’ll do their job and do it well. Raising some heart rates is what these guys are dying to do. Goosebumps are the only things they like to hand out, and after years of rotting, they’ve gotten extremely good at it. Grab this haunting d√©cor and make your home the spookiest on the block this Halloween.

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  • 12 pc. Bag of Skulls

    12 pc. Bag of Skulls

    If switching out your beautiful home d√©cor for that that is a bit frightening then you‚Äôve come to the right place! Just like you, Halloween decorations are our favorite and we love snagging new items to hide around the house to get a scare or two out of your friends and family. A skull is the perfect addition to your collection but wait, not just one skull, how about 12!That‚Äôs right, you can litter your home with the skulls of the dead this year! The bag of skulls set includes 12 small skulls made of molded plastic. Each skull is approximately 4″ x 3″ and is shaped to look like a human skull. Check out all of our frightening decorations to bring a deadly look to any party.

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  • Red Skulls and Bones Bandana Pet Costume

    Red Skulls and Bones Bandana Pet Costume

    When your pup is looking out the window, can you sense that there is some sort of longing in his eyes? Not just the longing to chase after that squirrel running up and down that same oak tree, and no, not the longing to continue expanding his territory with a relaxing bathroom break, but rather the desire to be on the ocean, aboard a pirate ship? To, literally, be one of the most renowned ‘scurvy dogs’ in all the seven seas? Well, if you can recognize this look in your dog’s eyes, then you should be the first to help him achieve his dreams (Dog may be man’s best friend, but, remember, this friendship isn’t supposed to be a one-way street!). Now, you don’t need to go out and somehow get a ship for your little sea-dog, start off small and get this Red Skulls and Bones Bandana! By all means, if your dog is willing to wear a captains hat, go nab one of those for him too. If not, then this bandana is the perfect apparel for your pup to get a paw in the door, and start off as a deck hand to any Pirate Captain. Maybe to even gradually work his way up to 1st Mate…maybe even Captain one day!

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