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  • Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    Some people may see a skeleton decoration and think that it is only good once a year at a Halloween party. Not so. This guy is ready to delight guests at a 40th birthday, or a Day of the Dead fiesta, or hide him in a closet any time of the year for a fun prank. Skeletons are very versatile!

    $19.99 Skeletons
  • Hanging Light Up Black Reaper

    Hanging Light Up Black Reaper

    Doesn’t it feel like certain things just don’t show up quite as often as they used to? Only a few short centuries ago, it seemed like people were always stumbling across unicorns and dragons, or getting bombarded by ecstatic visions of angels and ghosts. Then there are more modern mysteries, like where did we put our car keys?Every so often, it’s good to remind people that mysterious forces could be lurking around every corner. It keeps them sharp, you know? But we’re guessing that if you hang our missing car keys on your front porch, people will be more confused than enlightened. Here’s something they’ll understand: this primally-spooky Hanging Light Up Black Reaper. Hang it in a tree, on a fencepost, on your porch‚Äîhang it all! Hang it anywhere! For one glorious moment, force your neighbors to look upon the spectral face of the supernatural! Add some theremin music, and they’ll be shaking in their boots.

    $14.99 Skeletons
  • Bag of 12 Skulls

    Bag of 12 Skulls

    We think we can all agree on how great skulls are, right? They keep our brains nice and cozy, they give us something to put our hats on, and help us recognize pirates when we see one on a flag. But sometimes, full size skulls are a little too big to be used for decorative purposes, and unless you know something about skulls that we don’t, you really can’t take one out of your body and expect to put it back later.Luckily, you can always use the contents of this Bag of 12 Skulls to make your decor look extra scary! These plastic noggins come by the dozen, and are actually much smaller than the average cranium, so you can scatter them around with the rest of your decorations, or sneak them into peoples’ bags as creepy little gifts. Now that’s using your skull!

    $4.99 Skeletons
  • Hanging Rotten Skulls

    Hanging Rotten Skulls

    What haunted house is complete without some rotten skulls hanging from the ceiling? None that we’d want to visit! Take a look at this Hanging Rotten Skulls decoration. It will be perfect for your porch to let your guests know that they’ve come to the right place for some good ole fashion scares. Hang this trio of skulls anywhere in your home, as well. In the entryway for an instant scream from guests walking in the door, or right around a corner in the hallway to catch a handful of friends off guard.Where ever you decide to let these boneheads hangout we guarantee that they’ll do their job and do it well. Raising some heart rates is what these guys are dying to do. Goosebumps are the only things they like to hand out, and after years of rotting, they’ve gotten extremely good at it. Grab this haunting d√©cor and make your home the spookiest on the block this Halloween.

    $9.99 Skeletons
  • 20 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    20 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    In search of roommate‚Ķ Meet Mr. Bones. He’s just your average, skeleton-man going about his day. He gets up in the morning, drinks his morning cup of joe, and walks out the front door to go to work. However, he works in the scaring industry, and he needs a housemate who understands his job. Many people don‚Äôt know this, but he does have a sweet side‚Ķ He loves hugs! But be careful, his hugs can get a little boney! Add this 20 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton as a decoration in your home so Mr. Bones can finally find a home and settle down. He would make the perfect addition in any home, but he is looking for a house preferably with a basement and close proximity to a cemetery. A haunted house would be preferred, but he is willing to bring his ghost-friend along so she can haunt your house! There is one thing we do need to mention though‚Ķ Whatever you do, do not mention his height, he is self-conscious about how he is only 20 inches tall. However, his compact height is perfect for displaying him every Halloween season! He has anatomically correct details and has a loop through his skull, for the easy and proper display, he is a gentleman after all. He adds a level of spooky to any room he enters, and hopes that you two will be able to live spookily ever after.

    $6.99 Skeletons
  • 12 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    12 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    Did you know that there‚Äôs a skeleton inside of your body right now? Some say it‚Äôs mostly harmless. Others say it‚Äôs actually waiting for its big moment when the skeleton war finally breaks out. We say you can‚Äôt be too careful — launch a preemptive strike against the spooky skeleton inside of you right now. Stop drinking milk. Take up skateboarding. Start cracking your fingers. Just do anything to give yourself an advantage if the day comes when your spooky skeleton turns against you.If you‚Äôre looking for one of the most blood-curdling decorations on the Halloween market, look no further than this ghastly, bony abomination. At one foot tall this funny fellow is anything but — he‚Äôs a calcified, grinning menace, just hanging around until it‚Äôs time to rattle some rib cages!

    $6.99 Skeletons
  • Wedding Skeletons in LOVE Black & Gray Collection

    Wedding Skeletons in LOVE Black & Gray Collection

    If you have a special request or would like me to set-up your invitations for you, PLEASE email me at and please give me 24 hours to reply.

    $1.91 Custom Halloween Party Invitation
  • Halloween Skeletons & Heart Wedding Collection

    Halloween Skeletons & Heart Wedding Collection

    If you have a special request or would like me to set-up your invitations for you, please email me at WEBSITE: .

    $3.00 Custom Halloween Party Invitation
  • Skeletons Elegant Black & White Wedding Collection

    Skeletons Elegant Black & White Wedding Collection

    If you have a special request or would prefer me to set-up your invitations for you, PLEASE email me at Please give me 24 hours to reply. JULIEAGIFTS.COM

    $2.21 Custom Halloween Party Invitation
  • Halloween Brown Gothic Wedding Collection

    Halloween Brown Gothic Wedding Collection

    If you have a special request or need any help customizing, please email me at or you can find me at JULIEAGIFTS.COM

    $2.11 Custom Halloween Party Invitation
  • Hanging Neon Skeleton

    Hanging Neon Skeleton

    Creepy No MoreSkeletons are going through a little rebranding process. They are sick and tired of being thought of as ‘creepy’ and ‘eerie.’ It’s not who they are deep down in the bellies of their unskinned torsos. They are people, just like you and I, the only difference is skeletons lack flesh. These innovative skeletons have taken a novel approach to changing their physical appearance and have decided to paint their bones in neon paint. It’s like a tattoo but less permanent; what a grand idea! Decorate the exterior of a front porch with a hanging neon skeleton to add a splash of color to any Halloween decor scene.Product DetailsThese molded plastic skeletons are approximately 16 inches long once they’re hanging. The fabric cord loop attached to the top of the skull makes displaying very simple. Also, these skeletons are easily poseable. They have articulated points at the neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles so position them how you like! Skeleton SquadPurchase a whole bunch of these skeletons to hang from tree branches to create a cool (yet kind of creepy) vibe. Remember, Halloween decor doesn’t have to be macabre; it can be colorful and fun too.    

    $5.99 Skeletons
  • Skull Gelatin Mold

    Skull Gelatin Mold

    Not Your Grandma’s Party SnackThis isn’t a normal party. At a normal party, you’d want your guests to be dressed in vibrant and fun outfits when they arrive. At a normal party, you’d want to have a few elegant decorations. At a normal party, you’d want your snacks to look beautiful and appetizing. But like we said before, this isn’t a normal party.This is a Halloween party. That means you want your guests to be dressed in crazy costumes. That means you want a plethora of frightening decorations that scare the pants off of unsuspecting guests. And that means you want snacks that look gross and ghoulish. Definitely not your grandma’s kind of snacks! Well, there may just be a way for us to help you out with that last bit.Product DetailsThis skull gelatin mold helps you make a snack that’s delightfully dreadful, but also quite tasty. The mold has a 29 oz. capacity and is shaped like a human skull. Just fill the mold up with your favorite flavor of gelatin mix and leave it in the refrigerator for a while to let it set. That’s it! You’re all done after that step!Sorry, No PineapplesTo make your gelatin dish even eerier, just add some of your favorite fruit… except pineapple. We have nothing against pineapple, but the chemistry just doesn’t work out in gelatin (sorry, pineapple lovers).

    $6.99 Skeletons
  • Resin Cranium Prop

    Resin Cranium Prop

    ‚ÄúTo be (a skull)‚Ķ or not to be (a skull)‚Äù Do you ever get the urge to break into the Hamlet soliloquy you memorized in college? You know what they say, you either use it or you lose it and you can’t let all those hours of rehearsing Hamlet go to waste! Use this Resin Cranium Prop to get into character once again. You will be prepared to break a leg when the imaginary curtains rise on your pretend opening night. Or, maybe Hamlet is not your thing and you skipped the play all together, opting for the movie instead, if so, you are not alone and we have all been there. If that is the case, you can use this Cranium to add a realistic side to your Halloween decorations, spooky! Imagine if you pop this skull in your bathroom cabinet, and some unsuspecting guest to your Halloween party decides to snoop around‚Ķ muhahaha. You can also choose to skip the prank all together, and make this Resin Cranium the center of your snack table centerpiece! You could even add a fun top hat if he needs to meet the costume requirement, he is pretty flexible, well, as flexible as a skull can be. The bottom line is, that this skull can be used for just about any Halloween decoration ‚Äì even the random monologue ‚Äì and he will add character to any room he resides in! His jaw is movable and he is discolored, to imply age ‚Äì age also implies wisdom so maybe, if you are really in a pinch, you can ask him for advice, but if he starts talking (his jaw is hinged, after all), well, we are leaving the shovel in your graveyard on that one. But personally, we would catch the first broomstick out of there!

    $19.99 Skeletons
  • Giant Skull

    Giant Skull

    Before you start decorating for the holiday, close your eyes and picture a horribly haunted house…what do you see? Bats? Cobwebs? Spooky lighting? Skulls?Perfect. As this is your first haunted house, you will want to make sure to set it up right! You have most of the major components in place, but you know that nothing suggests death and decay like displaying a spooky skull decoration in your room of doom! Spook up your haunted Halloween scene by adding this Giant Skull to your festivities and your visitors will see the glowing red eyes and instantly get a chill down their spine; but when this fella starts laughing maniacally, they will scream and run for cover! It is a perfect decor item to display either indoors or outdoors and a must-have for any all Hallow‚Äôs eve bash!

    $59.99 Skeletons
  • Crawling Skeleton

    Crawling Skeleton

    Peppy PreppersDo you feel like your friends and families are ready for the arrival of the zombie apocalypse? Yeah, we don’t think that the people around us are ready for it either. They keep saying it’s not going to happen. Going so far as to send us articles about how it’s not scientifically possible. Want to know what we think? Most likely not but we’ll tell you anyway, we’re pretty sure they’re trying to get us to let down our guard and give them some of our apocalypse supplies. Yeah, that won’t happen until they start doing zombie drills with us! We’re not sharing our bottled water with freeloaders who don’t know how to use random household objects to protect our backs. Here’s the thing, want people to get on board? They need to be as fearful as us true believers. Product DetailsOkay, maybe you simply want to creep people out this Halloween season, that’s cool too! That’s a goal that is easily achieved when you’ve got this crawling skeleton in the house! It is motion activated so once it’s on, it will crawl towards anyone who is hopping around and shrieking. Operated with three AA batteries, it makes groaning noises so people know he means business. The skeleton looks like he’s escaped from the basement. If this doesn’t get people into the terrified Halloween spirit, we don’t know what will!Creepy Conversation StarterSo, next time you’re having a casual dinner party and the conversation starts to lull, don’t rely on boring weather talk. Set this horrendous ghoul on your guests. It’s sure to turn into an evening that no one will ever forget. Whether this guy is out for the night to chase down trick-or-treaters or you’re having a spooky Halloween party, you’re sure to have a great time with this crawling skeleton. 

    $39.99 Skeletons
  • Deluxe Realistic Skull Prop

    Deluxe Realistic Skull Prop

    Every year for Halloween you make your house into a haunted grave yard. And every year the kids who come around are spooked by the creepy sounds that play from the speakers hidden in the bushes. They try to taunt each other into touching the bones reaching out of the ground. You were tempted to put an animatronic arm that tries to grab people as they walk by, but the dirt clogged up the gears.This year you have anther dastardly idea to frighten the kids. You are going to get a huge candy bowl, and put this Deluxe Realistic Skull Prop at the bottom, then fill it with candy. Then leave it on your porch with a sign that says take a handful of candy…I dare you! Then you will watch as they stick their little sticky hands into the bowl for some candy, and freak out when their hand grabs a HUMAN SKULL! Or, you can put it on your mantle to set the Halloween mood.

    $9.99 Skeletons
  • Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes

    Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes

    These are pretty cool. Someone‚ s under your lawn and trying to get out. Your dogs will have a field day trying to find the rest of the body. Give your lawn crew a scare with these Spooky Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes.After being stuck underground chilling with the worms all year ,you‚ d want to break free and stretch your limbs on the one day of the year the gates of the underworld are flung open and the dead roam the Earth too! Add these Spooky Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes to your Halloween decor this year to show solidarity with skeletons who just want to be free. The set includes two skeleton arms with detachable hands. A chain attached to the wrist of each arm lets you connect them together. Put them all along the sidewalk to give guests and passersby a ghastly fright this year!

    $8.99 Skeletons
  • 12 pc. Bag of Skulls

    12 pc. Bag of Skulls

    If switching out your beautiful home d√©cor for that that is a bit frightening then you‚Äôve come to the right place! Just like you, Halloween decorations are our favorite and we love snagging new items to hide around the house to get a scare or two out of your friends and family. A skull is the perfect addition to your collection but wait, not just one skull, how about 12!That‚Äôs right, you can litter your home with the skulls of the dead this year! The bag of skulls set includes 12 small skulls made of molded plastic. Each skull is approximately 4″ x 3″ and is shaped to look like a human skull. Check out all of our frightening decorations to bring a deadly look to any party.

    $12.99 Skeletons
  • Skeleton Owl

    Skeleton Owl

    Instead of saying, “hoo hoo,” this eerie skeleton owl says, “boo boo.” Unlike most owls, this one doesn’t have any feathers. Or skin for that matter. Instead of colored tufts of silky plumage, this owl is comprised of pure bone.* You can clearly see its bony beak, bare ribs, and if you look closely, you can also see the evil in its eyes. Usually perched on a barren and bleak branch of a Deadwood tree, this owl enjoys lurking in the forest, waiting to swoop down and creep out any unsuspecting woodland dwellers.If you want to create the same spooky ambiance in your front yard, then balance this 14″ tall poseable skeleton owl on the edge of your front steps or perch it on a tree branch. Every passerby will get the chills once they notice this nocturnal (and undead) night prowler!     *It’s actually plastic.       

    $24.99 Skeletons
  • Skeleton Lizard

    Skeleton Lizard

    Having trouble deciding what you want as the theme for your home this Halloween? The simple haunted house is overplayed and while a masquerade ball would be fun… it just doesn’t really hold that creepy tone you’re trying to set. Our advice? You could always turn your humble abode into a spooky laboratory this year! Think about the greatest mad scientists in horror history, there’s Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Henry Jekyll, and Dr. Moreau, all pretty sick and twisted but they also each had amazing labs that many people would find themselves trapped in during their nightmares. So if you want to attempt to compete with these insane inventors’ labs, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you but with this Skeleton Lizard posed just right, you’ll be off to a good start. Check out our entire selection of skeleton props to make sure you have a variety of animals ready to help you haunt the dreams of all your visitors!

    $6.99 Skeletons
  • 36'' Nocturnal Bat Skeleton

    36” Nocturnal Bat Skeleton

    The tree limbs are bare swaying to and fro in the whistling wind from the oncoming storm. You meant to be home an hour ago but time had slipped away, now you’re racing home this storm. You could go home by following Broadway or you could hurry through the cemetery and cut the time in half.As the first few drops of cold rain hit your face you tuck your chin into your jacket and start your trip through the graveyard. It’s just as creepy as you imagined it would be, the marble slabs glowing dimly in the gloom. An eerie squeak sounds out, you can’t tell where it’s coming from but you know it’s close.This bat is just what you wouldn’t want to see as you’re making your way through the graveyard in a stormy night. When you hang this creepy bat skeleton with its pronounced fangs for Halloween it’ll give any guest the willies. Just as we’re learning to love the little flying mammals those bats go and amp up their creep factor!

    $29.99 Skeletons
  • Skeleton Parrot

    Skeleton Parrot

    What’s more frightening than a pirate? Well a ghost pirate, of course! However, a ghost pirate is nothing without his trusty undead pet. Some like cats, others prefer monkeys, but we like to keep things old school. So we would like you to check out this terrifying Skeleton Parrot. We think that this little bonehead could make you the most feared ghost pirate to haunt the seven seas!Even if you don’t want to take ole Polly out with you into the party scene, this creepy prop will be perfect for creeping up your haunted house a bit. You could go for a look inspired by a haunted ship and have this Skeleton Parrot perched up right next to the captain’s chair. You could also go for a mad scientist’s laboratory theme, just take a look through the rest of our collection of skeleton creatures. Pick out your favorites, besides ole Polly here, and set them all up around your home to freak out your party guests this Halloween!

    $9.99 Skeletons
  • Bag of Bones

    Bag of Bones

    What is it about this Bag of Bones that makes it seem so frightening? We can’t quite put our finger on it. Maybe it’s the bones’ realistic sizes, or their lifelike molding that makes them seem as if they were taken from a real person. Either way, there’s something incredibly creepy about this Bag of Bones that makes most people freeze up in terror at the sight of them.If you’re a bit of a prankster like us, you’ll enjoy watching the creeped out reactions of trick or treaters (and their parents) as they walk up to your house on Halloween. Of course, if you’re feeling really diabolical, you could set this oversize bag of bones outside your house at any time of the year and watch the horrified looks as your neighbors and guests try to figure out if they’re real. No matter what time of year you choose, this sack of bones is guaranteed to creep out even the most hardened people in your community.

    $19.99 Skeletons