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  • Bag of 12 Skulls

    Bag of 12 Skulls

    We think we can all agree on how great skulls are, right? They keep our brains nice and cozy, they give us something to put our hats on, and help us recognize pirates when we see one on a flag. But sometimes, full size skulls are a little too big to be used for decorative purposes, and unless you know something about skulls that we don’t, you really can’t take one out of your body and expect to put it back later.Luckily, you can always use the contents of this Bag of 12 Skulls to make your decor look extra scary! These plastic noggins come by the dozen, and are actually much smaller than the average cranium, so you can scatter them around with the rest of your decorations, or sneak them into peoples’ bags as creepy little gifts. Now that’s using your skull!

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  • Realistic Plastic Skeleton

    Realistic Plastic Skeleton

    Some people may see a skeleton decoration and think that it is only good once a year at a Halloween party. Not so. This guy is ready to delight guests at a 40th birthday, or a Day of the Dead fiesta, or hide him in a closet any time of the year for a fun prank. Skeletons are very versatile!

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  • Decorative Jeweled Sugar Skull

    Decorative Jeweled Sugar Skull

    All Glam no GloomSome people look at death with doom and gloom in their eyes. We get it. It’s never going to be a happy event. But what about the glamour of the mystery that happens beyond the veil? This skull will make people feel a little more comfortable contemplating the dead. Who knows what waits for all of us? Death might be full of nights filled with glamorous death dances. It might be rich, lovely, and full like a bottle of mysterious red wine. You never know what it’s going to taste like until you pop that cork. In the meantime, enjoy that bottle’s label with this gorgeous, sparkling skull!Product DetailsThis lightweight skull will make a gorgeous centerpiece to your October display this year. It has a wide grin and somewhat realistic details as well as a scrolling flower pattern that’s accented with sparkling jewels. From gold, teal, and red you’ll have all the jewel tones you need to add a lush quality to your Halloween display. October TonesReady to level up this Halloween? Surround this skull with flowers and a set of LED candles from our Halloween decor catalog. If the dead come to visit this spooky season, their sure to be flattered by this gorgeous skull!

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  • Scary Skeleton Cobra

    Scary Skeleton Cobra

    Hey, Who’s playing the Flute?You might be able to tell that this cobra has been deceased for a while. It passed away peacefully in its sleep almost 60 years ago, in fact! When a naturalist discovered the snake’s skeleton, still completely intact, he picked it up to display in a glass case in his fancy-schmancy office. The snake didn’t mind. The naturalist hosted parties, gave lectures, and played loud music through the years and the snake didn’t stir. But one day, when the naturalist was sitting in his high-backed leather chair, looking at Autobahn illustrations and listening to traditional Berber music and as soon as a flute solo floated through the speakers, a rattle came from the glass case in which the Cobra was resting. The naturalist paled and turned to see the dead snake dancing to the music. Sometimes you’re simply bound to feel the beat!Product DetailsThis long, boney Cobra will make a macabre impression in any spooky display! Aged looking vertebrates are sure to send shivers down everyone else’s spine. The Cobra head has vicious looking teeth and has a hood framing the skull. The prop comes in two pieces and is easily assembled. With a moveable head and tail, you can pose this Cobra just right for a perfectly creepy display!

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  • Resin Cranium Prop

    Resin Cranium Prop

    ‚ÄúTo be (a skull)‚Ķ or not to be (a skull)‚Äù Do you ever get the urge to break into the Hamlet soliloquy you memorized in college? You know what they say, you either use it or you lose it and you can’t let all those hours of rehearsing Hamlet go to waste! Use this Resin Cranium Prop to get into character once again. You will be prepared to break a leg when the imaginary curtains rise on your pretend opening night. Or, maybe Hamlet is not your thing and you skipped the play all together, opting for the movie instead, if so, you are not alone and we have all been there. If that is the case, you can use this Cranium to add a realistic side to your Halloween decorations, spooky! Imagine if you pop this skull in your bathroom cabinet, and some unsuspecting guest to your Halloween party decides to snoop around‚Ķ muhahaha. You can also choose to skip the prank all together, and make this Resin Cranium the center of your snack table centerpiece! You could even add a fun top hat if he needs to meet the costume requirement, he is pretty flexible, well, as flexible as a skull can be. The bottom line is, that this skull can be used for just about any Halloween decoration ‚Äì even the random monologue ‚Äì and he will add character to any room he resides in! His jaw is movable and he is discolored, to imply age ‚Äì age also implies wisdom so maybe, if you are really in a pinch, you can ask him for advice, but if he starts talking (his jaw is hinged, after all), well, we are leaving the shovel in your graveyard on that one. But personally, we would catch the first broomstick out of there!

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  • Prop 5Ft Hanging Skeleton

    Prop 5Ft Hanging Skeleton

    Haunted Hang OutsWe think ghosts should be the best spirits they should be. After all, not everyone who dies gets to haunt the living plane. What would you do if you became a ghost? Would you delight in popping through walls and sneaking into movie theaters and museums after hours? Or maybe you’d play pranks on anyone that annoyed you in life. Your roommate from college that never paid you back for the internet bill is going to wonder why all their furniture keeps piling up at three o’clock in the morning. Maybe this hanging skeleton prop will inspire your afterlife antics when you hang it up this Halloween season.Product DetailsThis skeleton is draped in layers of black tulle and makes a great centerpiece for your porch or your inside decor. The prop has a skull at the top and skeletal hands attached. With tattered grey fabric and draping black sleeves, it’ll catch the wind and make your seasonal decor extra eerie. Horror AuthorityDo you want to feel like you’re a Halloween boss? We have everything you need to create a cemetery with all shapes and sizes of skeletons or a creepy haunted house. Play your cards right and your haunted habitat could be out of this world!

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  • Light up T-Rex Skeleton Prop

    Light up T-Rex Skeleton Prop

    The Icy Stare of DeathSkulls freak us out. Can you blame us? They’re the concrete reminder that we’re mortal and that eventually, all living things must surrender to the cold, icy black hand of death. Yes, nothing is more frightening than a human skull… except perhaps a giant dinosaur skull!Not only does a dinosaur skull show us the mortality of all living creatures, but it’s the size and shape of a terrible beast that could devour us in a single bite! Now you can bring the frightening aura of the skull to your party with this Light-Up T-Rex Skull Prop.Product DetailsThis skull prop recreates the look of a vicious T-Rex’s skull. It’s made out of plastic and features a movable jaw, so you can pose it in a variety of positions. It makes dinosaur sound effects and it even lights up with green and red lights in the jaw and eye sockets. Get a creepy look for your home by adding it to your party decor!Prehistoric Party DecorLooking for a unique idea for your Halloween party? Try a prehistoric party! You decorate your home like a prehistoric jungle, add this skull, and encourage everyone to dress up like their favorite dinosaur!

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  • 20" 2 Headed Skeleton Prop

    20″ 2 Headed Skeleton Prop

    Dreamy Dead DuoTwins Sandy and Annie were popular in their lifetime. Their joke timing was perfect from the time they were toddlers. Their routines regularly got them extra cookies from parents and grandparents. And by the time they were in high school, they would get asked to introduce presenters and concerts to warm up the audience. No one was surprised when the twins got into show business but they were a little shocked when their show business became a little… cult-like.This comedy based cult was a hit. Their cult went well until the twins were doing their trademark hilarious backward trot and holler routine in a beautiful desert scape where they were pontificating to their hundreds of followers. They fell off a cliff, cartoon style and that was the end. But their followers just couldn’t let them go. They’ve used their bones as a leader ever since. We like to think Sandy and Annie are still telling jokes!Product DetailsThis hanging skeleton has two heads and long, creepy hands. The skeleton has moveable joints along the ankles, hips, wrists, and elbows so you can make it pose however you choose. At about twenty inches tall, you can hang this skeleton up to make your Halloween decor double in awe!

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  • Light Up Ram Skull Prop

    Light Up Ram Skull Prop

    Is Your Home Spookified?Alright, take a moment. Think about your living room for a moment. You probably have a few pieces of comfy furniture. Perhaps there’s a bookshelf in the corner or a TV on the wall. Maybe you’ve even found a few perfect decorations to adorn the mantel. Isn’t it all a little too… homey? Where’s the death and destruction? Where’s the terror? After all, if you want to have one scary party, then you’re going to need to spookify your living! You need some skulls.Product DetailsThis Light Up Ram Skull Prop is the perfect way to add some creepy character to your home! The skull is molded to look like a ram’s skull and even has weathered cracks all over the surface. The skull lights up and requires 3  button batteries to operate. Some assembly is required to set-up your ram skull, but once you have it all ready to go, it’s sure to add a spooky spirit to your living room.Spooky CelebrationsIf you’re putting on a scary costume party this year, then you’re going to want this Ram Skull Prop to round out your decor. It’s delightfully creepy and officially prepares your home for frightening festivities.

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  • Light Up Longhorn Skull Prop

    Light Up Longhorn Skull Prop

    Take it to TombstoneWant to give your home a little Ghost town flair? This spooky season should be fun! You can go as far as you want. Play old-timey piano music. Create your own Jail for awesome mug shots. You can do all sorts of DIY crafts to create wagon wheels, swinging saloon doors, and bundles of cartoon style dynamite. While you can give plenty of Tombstone style flair into your home with DIY craftiness, this skull light is sure to plenty of eerie flair to any spooky setting!Product DetailsThis skull stands out in anyone’s decor with lights in the interior that can glow green and red. It runs on AAA batteries, some are included but you might want to have some on hand to keep your new favorite prop glowing. The skull’s horns detach for storage and easily can be put together when you’re ready to display it. Weird WesternAre you ready to whip up a little bit of the old west this Halloween? You’ll find all sorts of props in our decor. From an animated Ouija board to raven props and poseable skeletons, you can really get creative. whether you’re decorating inside your living room or out in the yard, we’ll make sure this Halloween gets weird!

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  • 60" Swinging Reaper Prop

    60″ Swinging Reaper Prop

    Welp, it looks like this reaper’s done reaping for the day. Now he simply wants to enjoy the rest of his day by taking it easy and playing on the swings! Aww, who would have thunk it? The Grim Reaper, Death himself, actually prefers to unwind after a long day by hanging out at the park. His favorite activity at the park isn’t watching kids fail on the monkey bars like you’d think, no instead he’d rather swing his worries away. There is nothing he loves more than feeling the wind rush by his skinless face. If you want to ensure that your soul won’t be snatched by this deathly entity, we advise that you meet Mr. Reaper at the park and push him for a little bit. He’d love it!Add this decor piece to your yard for some frightful fun. He’s sure to give the neighborhood children quite the scare while simultaneously securing your spot in the scary yard hall of fame!

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  • Hanging Light Up Black Reaper

    Hanging Light Up Black Reaper

    Doesn’t it feel like certain things just don’t show up quite as often as they used to? Only a few short centuries ago, it seemed like people were always stumbling across unicorns and dragons, or getting bombarded by ecstatic visions of angels and ghosts. Then there are more modern mysteries, like where did we put our car keys?Every so often, it’s good to remind people that mysterious forces could be lurking around every corner. It keeps them sharp, you know? But we’re guessing that if you hang our missing car keys on your front porch, people will be more confused than enlightened. Here’s something they’ll understand: this primally-spooky Hanging Light Up Black Reaper. Hang it in a tree, on a fencepost, on your porch‚Äîhang it all! Hang it anywhere! For one glorious moment, force your neighbors to look upon the spectral face of the supernatural! Add some theremin music, and they’ll be shaking in their boots.

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  • String of Skeletons

    String of Skeletons

    Here at the office we don’t have a single skeleton in our closets. We keep them out in the open as decorations! There’s just something about those bones all over the place that really livens up our work space. Is it because of the souls of the people still lingering? No we’re pretty sure it’s all the dogs that break in to get a treat (They’ve gotten pretty friendly around here). Oh well they’re also just a cool decoration for Halloween and that’s exactly what we live for! Try it out for yourself at your next Halloween party with this String of Skeletons. It’s sure to bring a bit of a spooky look that you and your guests will absolutely love. Cleaning up is pretty easy too if you HAVE to put them in your closet. These guys can pack up very nicely. Don’t worry too much about size either, these little guys are all six inches tall.

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  • 12 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    12 Inch Plastic Realistic Skeleton

    Did you know that there‚Äôs a skeleton inside of your body right now? Some say it‚Äôs mostly harmless. Others say it‚Äôs actually waiting for its big moment when the skeleton war finally breaks out. We say you can‚Äôt be too careful — launch a preemptive strike against the spooky skeleton inside of you right now. Stop drinking milk. Take up skateboarding. Start cracking your fingers. Just do anything to give yourself an advantage if the day comes when your spooky skeleton turns against you.If you‚Äôre looking for one of the most blood-curdling decorations on the Halloween market, look no further than this ghastly, bony abomination. At one foot tall this funny fellow is anything but — he‚Äôs a calcified, grinning menace, just hanging around until it‚Äôs time to rattle some rib cages!

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  • 7.5" Puppy Skeleton

    7.5″ Puppy Skeleton

    ETERNAL LOVEEveryone knows that the dog is a creature of boundless energy and endless admiration for their best of friends, we humans.  That is why it should come to no surprise to anyone that we see so many images of pooches sticking around through the great beyond.We’ve got floating ghost hounds in haunted dreams before the holidays.  We’ve got a German Sheppard that proves not all dogs go to heaven because some of them stick around to keep helping out.  And then there are the puppers that take fetching bones a little too literally… PRODUCT DETAILSShow that even the undead can keep a light heart with this adorable Skeletal Puppy figure.  This 7.5 inch statue shows a dog skeleton.  Normally, you might think such a thing would be spooky, but it will be hard to do anything but grin when you’re looking at this pooch with its simple smile and ready-to-pounce position.  WATCH OUT FOR BURIED BONESIt is one thing when the pups run out to the backyard, dig up holes, and bury their favorite bones for a future expedition.  But, when your pooch is one of the bones being buried, you’ve got to be careful or you might find your mutt goes missing!  Fortunately, this Skeletal Pooch tends to listen to “Stay” very well! 

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  • Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes

    Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes

    These are pretty cool. Someone’s under your lawn and trying to get out. Your dogs will have a field day trying to find the rest of the body. Give your lawn crew a scare with these Spooky Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes.After being stuck underground chilling with the worms all year, you’d want to break free and stretch your limbs on the one day of the year the gates of the underworld are flung open and the dead roam the Earth too! Add these Spooky Skeleton Arm Lawn Stakes to your Halloween decor this year to show solidarity with skeletons who just want to be free. The set includes two skeleton arms with detachable hands. A chain attached to the wrist of each arm lets you connect them together. Put them all along the sidewalk to give guests and passersby a ghastly fright this year!

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  • Bones the Hungry Hound: Skeleton Dog

    Bones the Hungry Hound: Skeleton Dog

    Everyone knows that the dog is man’s best friend. A few try to argue that the cat is better, but we’re not talking about which animal is best at scratching up your furniture or meowing incessantly about going outside until it changes its mind. We’re talking about life-long companions and dearly trusted animal friends! Of course, the trouble with any animal companion is that there is a sad limitation on their life span. Then again, that can be said about all of us.Which is why it is a great fact that a skeleton dog is an undead man’s best friend! Such is the case of Bones, the Hungry Hound Skeleton Dog who has traveled all across the pet graveyard just to come back to you. With a jaw that can open and close, this hungry little bone pupper will be an adorable addition to any of your holiday décor. And, we can promise that he’s quite house broken and won’t even gnaw on your guests!

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  • Hanging Neon Skeleton

    Hanging Neon Skeleton

    Creepy No MoreSkeletons are going through a little rebranding process. They are sick and tired of being thought of as ‘creepy’ and ‘eerie.’ It’s not who they are deep down in the bellies of their unskinned torsos. They are people, just like you and I, the only difference is skeletons lack flesh. These innovative skeletons have taken a novel approach to changing their physical appearance and have decided to paint their bones in neon paint. It’s like a tattoo but less permanent; what a grand idea! Decorate the exterior of a front porch with a hanging neon skeleton to add a splash of color to any Halloween decor scene.Product DetailsThese molded plastic skeletons are approximately 16 inches long once they’re hanging. The fabric cord loop attached to the top of the skull makes displaying very simple. Also, these skeletons are easily poseable. They have articulated points at the neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles so position them how you like! Skeleton SquadPurchase a whole bunch of these skeletons to hang from tree branches to create a cool (yet kind of creepy) vibe. Remember, Halloween decor doesn’t have to be macabre; it can be colorful and fun too.    

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  • Hanging Rotted Skeleton

    Hanging Rotted Skeleton

    Ooh boy, what happened to this guy? He’s looking a little worse for wear. Would someone get him a glass of water? Well, we’re not sure what his backstory is. He could be a pirate who’s come back for his booty after those darned red coats tried to get rid of him. He could also have been one of those mysterious bog mummies that have been popping up all over the British Isles. Either way, it looks like this zombie has been left out a little too long!This Hanging Rotted Skeleton lights up and will look really frightening hanging on your porch. It’s all wrapped up in cloth and gauze to keep the appearance that it has been decaying for quite sometime. It’s the perfect item to give your house a spooky Halloween look without a hint of Martha Stewart charm. This is a must-have decoration for a spooky graveyard scene!

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  • Day of the Dead Dancing Skeletons Child Halloween

    Day of the Dead Dancing Skeletons Child Halloween

    Season’s Creepings!Does your kiddo beg to wear their costume to school as soon as you get it in the mail? Do they have their Jack-O-Lantern’s face planned out weeks before you guys visit the pumpkin patch? Waiting for Halloween to come around can take a lot of patience. In the meantime, your child can start rocking this sweater as soon as the first chill hits the air. While it might not be time for the big event, the adorable bones and happy skulls in this pattern are sure to hit the spot for kids that crave all that’s creepy. There’s a lot to do when fall comes around! Kids have to focus on spelling tests and math problems. But once homework is done there’s so much fun to be had. There are colorful leaves to collect, pumpkins to carve, cookies to decorate. There are even in class projects to master. This colorful sweater might inspire the best haunted house drawing their teacher has ever seen. The retro style is funky enough that it can be worn in all sorts of ways and never look stale. The unique layers of bones and skeletons were put together by our in-house designers so you won’t see this look in your local department store. Whether your child loves tutus or torn jeans, if they love Halloween, they’ll want to wear this sweater all season long! 

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  • Day of the Dead Dancing Skeletons Halloween Sweater

    Day of the Dead Dancing Skeletons Halloween Sweater

    The Reason For the SeasonYou know the reason for the season. It’s dancing skeletons! Sure, lots of folks are into pumpkin spice lattes and the fall colors and the cool, crisp fall smells, but October means only one thing to us. The countdown to Halloween, and dancing skeleton memes, gifs, and videos! You probably feel the same way (you are on a Halloween site, after all!) so we’re proud to present to you a brand new, bold way to show off a few dancing skeletons. By getting them on your sweater!That’s right, we’re a worldwide leader in costumes, but we decided to flex our creative muscles and create a brand new way to celebrate Halloween. Halloween Sweaters! Ugly Sweaters are tons of fun at Christmas, and we figured it’d be an easy carryover to make a few sweaters in the spirit of a classic, spooky Halloween. So that’s what we did. This Dancing Skeleton Ugly Halloween Sweater is made right here at, and the quality does not disappoint. It’s made with acrylic 12 gauge yarn, and features knit-in skeletons, skulls, and bones in white, orange, and purple. It really is the perfect fashion for the Halloween season!

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  • Animated Talking Skeleton Decoration

    Animated Talking Skeleton Decoration

    HAUNTED AS HECKFolks tend to shout out in a variety of different ways when they are shocked, startled, spooked, or outright scared.  Naturally, those of us who see folks in such a scenario can also have varying reactions, but it is always better if we know that the freak out is going to be happening.Collecting the data is an arduous process, but provoking the spook is just as tough!  Whether you want to engage in a scientific experiment or simply have a host of haunted fun for your Halloween decor, we are happy to help dread your den.PRODUCT DETAILSWe’re not sure how this fearsome phantasm came to bring its gruesome glow to us, but it is time to make your door as dreadful as you desire.  This Animated Talking Skeleton Decoration is the perfect way to help haunt your house!  Jirating and cackling when disturbed, this hardly innocuous decoration will set the stage for all your festive fun! FUN FOR ANY SEASONFolks enjoy keeping their holiday tree up no matter the time of year, so we figure that you should have no qualms about freaking your friends out no matter the time, too!  This wicked little skeleton decoration might be perfect for Halloween, but who will be expecting this as a Valentine’s greeting!? 

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  • 16" Skull and Crossbones

    16″ Skull and Crossbones

    THE DEN OF THE PIRATE KINGWhenever a would-be adventurer comes upon a door, they’re bound to get curious and wonder what might be within.  They’re also likely to think that they are about to plunder the place and walk away with well-earned riches.  It’s just the nature of adventure, after all.But, there are some doors that give off just enough of that warning look that even the boldest of budding explorers might take a second thought.  They might consider what traps lay ahead and who rules over this den.  PRODUCT DETAILSMake sure that all, friend and foe alike, know that your place is protected by a force like nothing else with this Skull and Crossbones Decoration.  This ornament measures a massive 16″ to make sure it is noticeable.  The black crossbones are a terrifying accent to the bleach white of the skull, which has a hook on which to hang! LANDLUBBERS AND SEAFARERS BEWAREThe sight of the skull and crossbones is meant to be a warning to all and is certainly recognized as such!  Show off just who commands your deck when this perfect decoration is hanging on your door or wall.  Even if you’re a friendly captain, your friends will know to bring along the rum! 

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  • 7.5" Kitty Skeleton

    7.5″ Kitty Skeleton

    Cat’s Out of the BagThey tried to tell Jimmy that Mr. Whiskers had gone up north a nice big farm where there were plenty of mice to chase. Jimmy knew better. He knew that Mr. Whiskers had already promised never to leave him. So Jimmy waited. He knew Mr. Whiskers would be back. The rest of the family moved on. They sold the scratching post, they got a goldfish, they even got new furniture and sold their scratched up stuff. But then on one cold, windy night, the goldfish went missing. The next evening, Jimmy’s mom was shocked to discover the new sofa had scratches down the side. It was a mystery to most of the family but Jimmy knew the truth. It was the cat. The cat came back!Product DetailsBring a spooky yet adorable look to your Halloween decor this year!  With its front legs ready to pounce, this cat’s head and tail can be posed for a picture-perfect look. At just under eight inches long, it’ll stand out in your display without taking up too much room in storage. Pair this skeleton cat is ready to haunt in the cutest way possible, pair it with faux spider webs and a skeleton rat and you’ll be delighted with your new Halloween look!

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  • 7" Black Crystal Eyes Crow Skeleton

    7″ Black Crystal Eyes Crow Skeleton

    ANCIENT NORDIC MAGICOld tales of the ancient Norse deities tell us that Odin, despite losing an eye, maintained a pretty incredible omniscience over the whole world.  That was thanks to his pair of feathered friends, Huginn and Muninn, mighty birds with the keenest of eyes.Some might think that just because the old gods have gone to slumber that their influence is over.  But, even if they’ve gone slightly the way of the undead, now, those birds continue to report in on the goings on of we mortal folks! PRODUCT DETAILSBe they a blessing or a curse, you can bring some of that lost magic into your own den with this Crystal Eyed Crow Skeleton.  This 7″ statue figure is of a skeletal avian with the blackest of bones.  That might be a creepy component all on its own if not for its glittering faux gemstone eyes.  They’ll watch with curiosity and leave you with a sense of awe and wonder… so imagine what they’ll do to your guests! BOW TO THE BIRDWe’re not saying that having an all-seeing skeletal bird is going to change your life, but it will definitely give your home the flair of magic and mystery that we too often go without.  And, who knows, perhaps giving a little respect to this foul fowl will earn you some ancient Norse blessings!  

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  • 8" Bendable Skeleton

    8″ Bendable Skeleton

    A Real StretchYou know what makes us sad? Those rigid, hard-as-nails Halloween skeletons that have no flexibility. It’s like…haven’t you heard? Yoga is good for you! This 8″ Bendable Skeleton, however, knows its way around a studio. He can do downward dog, tree pose, and even one called Halloweenasana, which we’re pretty sure he made up.Either way, if you add this bendy decor item to your haunted house or entranceway, you’re bound to feel more relaxed and at ease about the whole Halloween thing, because something about a perfectly placed skeleton just ensures the holiday is on the right track. Plus, this particular little skeleton can lead you through a soothing—albeit spooky—meditation.Product DetailsThis great accessory adds instant holiday charm to any place you put him. Maybe he wants to hang out by the tombstones in your yard. Or perhaps he’s into guarding the bucket of candy from over-eager trick-or-treaters. Or maybe, just maybe, he wants to chill inside and soak up some of the chill party vibes. This skeleton adds to the eeriness of the holiday, regardless of how you pose him, or where!Just RememberOur little skeleton was made to be bendy—you may want to warm up first before you try keeping up with him on the mat!

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  • 5 Piece Buried Alive Skeleton Kit

    5 Piece Buried Alive Skeleton Kit

    Do you want to turn all Hallows eve into a full-blown night of the living dead down at your end of the block? It‚Äôs actually not that hard! All it takes is a dark sense of humor, a little can-do spirit, and this 5 Piece Buried Alive Skeleton Kit! This ingenious kit features lawn implantable bone appendages–a realistic looking skull, forearms, and legs with articulated hands and feet–that are stake mounted for easy installation into the ground. It will really look like the dead are rising from their earthen graves, right in your front lawn! We just hope that you don‚Äôt come across any real skeletons while you are staging these pieces, they have been known to crawl out from the dirt to defend their own kind. That‚Äôs how believable this kit really is!

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  • Mini Skeleton Scorpion

    Mini Skeleton Scorpion

    Need to creepify your house? Well, what better way is there than random skeletal remains neatly placed all around?! You could transform your everyday home into the study or laboratory of a mad scientist easily and quickly by simply placing the skeletons of exotic or everyday animals all around. Take this Mini Skeleton Scorpion for example!It would look quite haunting on your desk or on a coffee table. Then once you tell everyone the tale of how you came across this creepy crawler in the desert or your basement, they’ll start feeling the uncomfortable itch as if bugs are crawling all over them. Putting people outside of their comfort zone is always fun and is what this scorpion prop is sure to do! Look at the rest of our skeleton animals to add to your haunted house. This Mini Skeleton Scorpion and the rest of his bonehead friends are sure to give you the scariest house on the block!

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  • 24" Skeleton

    24″ Skeleton

    Let’s Hang Out!Most people are kind of rude when ghosts show up. They either screech and run out of the house, trap them in one room of the house with a line of chalk, or they even call a team of exterminators to suck them up with a vacuum. These souls have been through a lot. Why are we being so rude? We get that ghosts are scary but that’s just because we don’t know much about them. What if we just sat in our chair and asked them where they got their chains when they show up moaning. If they’re still stuck on this earthly plain, they have to have some good stories from when they were alive. So sit down, get real, and chat with this two-foot-tall skeleton.Product DetailsThis off-white skeleton has movable joints to pose it however you want. Which makes it the perfect co-host for any Halloween party or event. It has a loop on its skull so you can hang it both inside and outside. With realistic looking bones and an oversized skull, it’s sure to stand out among your other spooky decor. Creepy CompanionsWhatever your Halloween theme might be, this hanging skeleton is a staple that you can bring out year after year. Make it spooky with a layer of spider webs or make it cheerful with a lei and a tiny Hawaiin shirt. Hey, it’s Halloween. You be you. Party with your new freaky friend how ever you see fit!

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  • 64'' Pose-N-Stay Werewolf Skeleton

    64” Pose-N-Stay Werewolf Skeleton

    Have you ever tried to battle against a raging werewolf, just so you can display his skeletal remains inside your home? It’s not easy. Sure, all the legends say that you can just shoot old wolfie with a silver bullet, but have you ever priced out the cost on a silver bullet? Then, you actually have to shoot him with it, which is an even more difficult ordeal. Werewolves don’t just stand around while you take aim with your pistol. They’re always dashing around and leaping about, so it’s not exactly an easy shot to make. If you miss, he won’t be too happy and we all know what happens when werewolves get angry!Yes, there’s a much better way to get a werewolf skeleton to display in your home. Just use this Pose-N-Stay Werewolf Skeleton! It gives you the menacing look of real bones, without you ever having to put yourself in impending danger. It’s made out of synthetic materials, so no werewolves will be mad at your for slaying their brethren.

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