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  • Women's Sexy Ivy Costume

    Women’s Sexy Ivy Costume

    Grow, Baby, Grow!That’s what this green lady says when she’s working in the garden. She’s passionate about everything green and growing. And while you might be tempted to steal a luscious apple or two from her garden, we would strongly advise against it. The thing is, everything in her lush Eden is poisonous to us humans. So, stay away from her produce and don’t try to cross this verdant diva. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid her altogether. She’s got some great gardening tips up her sleeves (when she wears them). She knows what veggies need full sun and which ones take after her and prefer the dark side of life. Like the sound of her lifestyle? She won’t mind if you copy her look. After all, the world needs more eco-warriors of global importance, don’t you think?Product Details Just because this look is earthy doesn’t mean it’s dull. The strapless leotard has a high gloss and a fitted look that will make you feel like you’re the queen of green. You’ll like the sequined ivy that curls across the neckline as well as the sequined headpiece. All you need to make this look complete is a gorgeous red wig, the right footwear, and some makeup that’ll make you look like you know what you’re doing when it comes to saving the ecosystem!Don’t Mess with Mother NatureSo, whether you’re clowning around with your best gal pal or you’re planning on staging a plant-based uprising solo, this costume is sure to be a show-stopper. You’ll be sowing the seeds of environmental ardor when you flaunt this glossy green ensemble. Let those gas-guzzler driving superheroes come at you all they want, they’ll never defeat you when mother nature is on your side because lucky for you, every day is Earth Day!

    $49.99 Poison Ivy Costumes
  • Plus Size Sexy Deer Costume

    Plus Size Sexy Deer Costume

    Did anyone ever stop to think about where Bambi really got his name and how the name cycled from an adorable little motherless fawn who grew up to become an epic stag of the forest and turned around to be the name of a pretty hot-to-trot gal of the urban jungle? It’s a curious transformation. Admittedly, the little babe Bambi did have some feminine qualities in the way that he walked and pranced around. He certainly draws in all of the “awws” of adorability that anyone can muster. And, there is the whole orphaned baby deer element that makes him about as sympathetic as anyone could ever be.But, you can’t feel too bad for the little guy. He grew up to have some amazing friends and definitely bulked up to a pretty hunky guy in his later life. So, things worked out pretty well for him. He’s sort of an inspiration for you other Bambis out there. Powerful, brave, and graceful gals who know how to deal with the cards you’ve been dealt and make life work for you, whether you’re living the peaceful life in the forest, drinking out of streams, eating clovers, and doing your own kind of prancing… or if you have a more fast-paced and hard-hitting life in the concrete jungle.Whichever path you prefer to tread, you might as well look the part of a domineering doe with this Sexy Deer costume. The sheath style hooded pullover tunic dress has a 3-quarter length sleeve and at-the-hip hemline. Composed of polyester and faux fur, this brown dress has a white fur front panel printed with white spots along the brown back. The fur tail is held by thread sewn into the dress and the hood has holes for an antler headband, even if you wouldn’t normally develop them. They’re friggen cute, after all! Prance your way to an eternal fandom this year and maybe join up with a bunny buddy!

    $54.99 Deer Costumes
  • Sexy Deer Costume

    Sexy Deer Costume

    THE MYTH OF THE FAWNThe woods are a mysterious place.  You never know what kind of woodland creatures you may run into or what kind of adventures await!  We’ve all heard about the fawn and of a certain tragic tale that supposedly took place in the midst of the trees.  But, an even older tale suggests that the fawn was a human and deer hybrid!  This creature was no victim in the woods.  No!  It was the master of the realm, the trick-player, the guide… All stories have at least a tiny fragment of truth, though, and perhaps you might be the one to bring this tale from the storybooks to reality!  Become a frisky forest creature and show all that this is your domain.  Now you can become the prettiest doe on the block or show off those horns and be the biggest buck the urban jungle has ever seen.  Whether you picture yourself hanging out with the gang or frolicking in the forest, you’ll have a hard time beating this fun style.DESIGN & DETAILSOur in-house designers are in-the-know when it comes to mystical woodland creatures and have done all the moonlight prancing necessary to pull off this perfectly exclusive Sexy Deer Costume.  Become a real to life fawn with this fun and unique animal-style sheath dress costume featuring a faux fur panel and printed spots to add those essential deer-like traits to your look.  The back of the dress has an attached faux fur tail that is held up by a thread sewn through the hood seam.  The hood has holes at the top so your movable antlers can comfortably fit through.  Who says antlers are just for the bucks!?  When you’re a fawn, you get to decide how woodland magic works!NOT JUST FOR NARNIAIf you thought that the magical animals of a land through the wardrobe was the only place you would be finding a bit of mystical elegance, you were wrong!  It is time to let the fawn out of that winter realm and into the urban jungle!  Prepare for a day and night of real life frolicking when you climb into this exclusively designed Deer Costume and start pulling some pranks of your own.  

    $39.99 Deer Costumes
  • Women's Plus Size Sexy RN on Duty Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Sexy RN on Duty Costume

    Nurse Gwen did everything right‚Ķlistened to her parents, got good grades in school, followed all the rules. She even went on to nursing school, where she learned to be patient, tender, and kind to all who entered the hallways of the local city hospital. But soon, she was faced with a choice: Trade in her white cap for a safe-and-sure marriage to the good Dr. Jack‚Ķor throw herself, body and soul, into her profession by becoming the night nurse for the mysterious man-about-town and notorious crime boss, Sonny Cacciatore!Sonny had been hit with a blaze of bullets when he and an enemy crime family had crossed paths, but the how and when wasn‚Äôt any of Nurse Gwen‚Äôs concern. All she wanted was to nurse him back to health‚Ķbut what she didn‚Äôt count on was finding a new bypass to love! She was lovely and warm, which was just what Sonny needed, and soon he couldn‚Äôt get enough of her bedside manner. Before either of them knew what was happening, they realized that her treatments were going far beyond her duties‚Ķand the bounds of all professional decency!But Nurse Gwen doesn’t care‚Ķafter all, it was Sonny who found the cure to her Lonely Heart Condition, and there’s no way she’s going back! Now they‚Äôve both got a fever‚Ķand the only cure is Women’s Plus Size Sexy RN on Duty Costume! One look at this coat-styled dress, fabric cap, and toy stethoscope, and any patient will be breathless for some expert medical attention! Add some white fish-net stockings and red patent leather heels, and like Nurse Gwen, you’ll be able to woo an entire ward into cardiac arrest!

    $49.99 Nurse Costumes
  • Sexy One Glove Pop Star Costume

    Sexy One Glove Pop Star Costume

    There are a lot of icons who are famous for wearing a signature piece of apparel – a sequined jumpsuit, perhaps, or a very big park ranger hat, or matching space age motorcycle helmets. Others are famous for always wearing the same color – purple comes to mind. And still others are known for wearing things that one might not generally think of as clothing – a dress shaped like a swan, for instance, or one made from a variety of meats. And there are a whole lot of folks well-known for wearing as little as possible whenever possible.But there just are not very many stars famous for something they don’t wear. Take, for example, a single glove. It’s such a simple thing, possibly the easiest article of clothing to lose track of. Who among us hasn’t left the house with a matching pair and come home with one lonely glove? But put it in the right context, like on a stage in front of an audience of millions, and suddenly wearing one glove takes on a whole new meaning. It’s a bold, weird choice perfectly suited to an artist who believes in setting trends and never apologizing for being bold and weird.Embrace your pop enigma side with this unforgettable pop combo. The poly-spandex dress features faux gold button accents and a zipper closure in the front, with accessories including a pair of silver knee-high stockings and the all-important glove, glittering with sequins on a see-through fabric. There are some instances where one is far from the loneliest number, and when you’re a true icon you know when to fly solo.

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  • Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume

    Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume

    A magical journey awaits you! Want to know an easy way to grin from ear to ear just like a Cheshire cat? The answer to that is simple. It doesn’t involve enchantments, magic, or illusion, but it happens to involve your closet. Do you see what we’re getting at yet? You’ll have a wickedly wide smile on your face that rivals that of Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat when you wear a fashionable ensemble, and a costume doesn’t get more fashionable than this one right here.You’ll feel ready to walk the catwalk (pun intended) when you strut in wearing this sexy wonderland cat costume. You’ll be sporting funky Wonderland inspired flair while still looking and feeling beautiful. You’ll receive a purple and pink striped dress with comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps. The ribbon, which laces up the front of the dress, acts like a corset which is undeniably sexy. Polish the look by wearing the included bolero jacket, arm warmers, and the matching legwarmers. Of course, a pair of black Mary Jane high heels will be the cherry on top of the whole ensemble. Once you are decked out in this exclusive Cheshire Cat costume, you are ready to embark on your extraordinary Halloween journey. Prepare to play lighthearted practical jokes on fellow party goers and get in touch with you mischievous side by trying to misdirect trick or treaters. You should also try to meet up with the other Wonderland residents like Alice, Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and even the Red Queen for a marvelous adventure that you’ll never forget.

    $39.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Sexy Pinata Costume

    Sexy Pinata Costume

    You know what always proves a real party hit? A big, cheerful, colorful pinata, chock full o‚Äô sweet treats. Just the presence of a pinata can turn a small get-together into a full-on bash! It whacks the doldrums right out the door! Everyone knows that the pinata is often the star of the party, but a real pinata also has its drawbacks: it‚Äôs flimsy, it‚Äôs stuffed full of not-that-great-for-you candy, and once it‚Äôs broken open, that‚Äôs just it–no more pinata fun for the night. Sad. That‚Äôs why we think this Sexy Pinata Costume is bound to make you absolutely giddy; imagine–all the fun of your favorite party favor, but able to last the whole party through (at least until you decide to go home and crawl under the covers). You can even change up the pinata rules and bake up some mini muffins or your own tiny tasty treats to pass out to anyone who hugs you (that‚Äôs better than being swung at with a baseball bat, trust us). Folks will rejoice over your clever take on a pinata‚Äôs sweet rewards!As if that weren‚Äôt enough joy for you, you also get to dress in fun, colorful fringe! As you flaunt the layers of this festive frock and its matching boot toppers, you‚Äôll immediately draw a crowd wherever you hang. A ribboned, horn headband and a matching ribbon ‚Äútail‚Äù complete this costume and crown you sweet princess of the pinatas! Something tells us that the paper and cardboard kind will never seem quite as fun after you‚Äôve lived the lovely life of a party pinata!

    $39.99 Cinco de Mayo Costumes
  • Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Sexy Black and Gold Pirate Boots

    Argh. Ye know what they say about finding ye very own sea legs, aye? Sure, ye can take the time and put in the practice, but one can sail a thousand seas and fail to ever find their own legs. We think the first step in findin’ one’s sea legs be wit a jolly pair ‘o boots, bucko. So feast yer eyes on these amazin’ Black and Gold Pirate Boots!Slip these beauties on over yer feet ‘n ye’ll feel ready to sail across the seven seas in the stormiest ‘o conditions. Wit’ this glorious pair ‘o boots, ye’ll be sure to take over as cap’n in no time at all. Didn’t anyone ever tell ye? Whoever holds the fanciest booties always be Cap’n ‘o the ship! So get yer scurvy hands on these lovely Black and Gold Pirate Boots to complete your spectacular costume ‘n prepare yourself to take charge this Halloween.

    $74.99 Pirate Accessories
  • Sexy Tuxedo High Heels

    Sexy Tuxedo High Heels

    Some people think that sex appeal is all about how others see you; but we say can‚Äôt it also be all about how you see yourself?While these four-inch faux patent leather Sexy Tuxedo High Heels are bound to play nicely with our French Maid or Playboy Bunny costumes, we think you would be equally cheeky if you put these on with a silk nightie and feather boa, made a whole box of mac n‚Äô cheese, and ate it right from the pot in the comfort of your candlelit room…as long as you loved every minute of it. Some things (like these heels) are meant to be seen and admired by others; while other things (like, for instance, these heels) are meant to cherished by you and you alone. However you wear them, wear them proud. Add class to any formal costume or dance the night away in your living room!

    $39.99 Playboy Bunny Costumes
  • Sexy Red Glitter Shoes

    Sexy Red Glitter Shoes

    Every woman has a pair of shoes that makes her feel special. The ones that make her feel powerful, successful, and strong. The ones she could walk a million miles in. Or, fight in if she needed to. They are the kind of shoes that are more than just fabric, and rubber. They are magic. They make us feel like we can do anything. And we will do anything.What are those shoes for you? Can you think of them? Or did yours fall apart? These Sexy Red Glitter Shoes might be the perfect replacement. Their bold color ensures that you will feel strong. You will feel confident. (You can’t wear red glitter and not feel confident.) They match every dress, and are so very wonderful. They may just be shoes, but they can make you feel like a princess, and an adventurer, and a little saucy all at once. These special heels are more than fabric, and glitter, they are magic.

    $34.99 Kansas Girl Costumes
  • Sexy Gladiator Boots

    Sexy Gladiator Boots

    They say that whenever you are going to activate your time machines, that you should do your due diligence first and ensure that you are going to have all the necessary accessories and clothing so that you’ll fit in when you arrive. You don’t want to draw any unwanted attention to yourself or you risk breaking the time continuum and causing some of your past ancestors to never get together, causing all sorts of irresolvable paradox level problems, or, even worse, returning to your time to find that it is now ruled by a race of egomaniacal lizard people that refuse to accept the idea of breakfast food for dinner. Seriously, time travelers… we cannot give up our afternoon omelettes, so please be careful!To that end, we have crafted a number of flawless re-creations of ancient clothing that will help you blend in perfectly when you are moving among the past and future citizens of our world. Joining this group of completely authentic dress are these … er … Sexy Gladiator Boots. The studded buckle straps are adjustable and the back zipper makes for easy wear while you kick your high heels out and ready to conquer the ring of blood and sand. Well… now that we think of it, we’re not entirely sure that these are going to fit the mold of when in ancient Rome… but, then again, we’re certain that when you’re fully decked out, no one is even going to care if these aren’t truly authentic. (Did Romans even have zippers? Perhaps we should get back on our historical authentification…)

    $49.99 Gladiator Costumes
  • Womens Sexy Fallen Angel Costume

    Womens Sexy Fallen Angel Costume

    Heaven may be missing one of its angels, but we’re starting to think this one didn’t fall to earth by accident! If you need to stretch your wings and take a break from being a perfect little angel, slip into this Sexy Fallen Angel Costume, and show everyone that not all angels wear white robes and shiny halos when they party.We won’t lie, fluttering around in the clouds with all of the other angels sounds like a pretty sweet gig. There’s plenty of sunshine, you get to fly, and there’s an endless supply of harps to play. But, it also sounds like it could get dull, real quick, so taking a break to be a little bad from time to time seems perfectly reasonable. Nothing too bad; just a couple of naughty deeds here and there to spice things up. Maybe an overnight trip to Earth to hit up some dance clubs and flirt with the locals to help break up the monotony. As long as nobody gets hurt, what’s the worst that could happen? After all, is an angel really all that ‚Äúgood‚Äù if they can’t even think of a single wicked thing to do, or do they just need to get out more?Going out is what this saucy angel costume is all about! The dress features gothic patterned designs and jagged flared mesh sleeves to match the skirt’s hemline, giving you a mischievously seductive style. The included black feathery halo and costume wings add to your darkly angelic vibe, and be sure to add a pair of fierce black boots or heels to make this wicked look your own!

    $49.99 Angel Costumes
  • Sexy Parisian Showgirl Costume

    Sexy Parisian Showgirl Costume

    Ah, turn-of-the-century Paris. It’s lasting nostalgic charm almost outshines the city’s actual modern-day charm. Sexy nightclubs and mysterious visitors make for a good story, and thinking about the Moulin Rouge days of Paris can transport us back instantly (even if we were never there, to begin with)!Take a trip to Paris with this sexy Parisian showgirl costume! You may not be French, but wearing some bold stripes and saying “Ooh la la” will convince even born-Parisians that you worked the night shift at the Moulin Rouge. This fun, the vintage-style costume comes with everything you need to rock a night on the town, Paris-style, this Halloween.The costume starts with a sexy fitted dress that’s flattering in all the right places. The top of the dress has a white inset under a black corset that has pink satin ribbon lacing for added detail. The striped skirt of the dress is open at center-front and is longer in the back, adding interest to the costume. A large pink bow fastens to the back of the skirt and the underskirt has an elastic waist with ties at each side so you can adjust the length to your liking. White sleeveless are gathered with elastic at the top and the black fingerless gloves have matching white ruffles. Top off the look with a matching striped mini top hat that has a satin band with a white feather and black netting. The perfectly unique way to finish off your unique costume!

    $44.99 Showgirl Costumes
  • Sexy Dark Alice Costume

    Sexy Dark Alice Costume

    Not every adventure through Wonderland can be innocent and full of fun. That world is in a constant war zone between the Red Queen always trying to release that darn Jabberwocky and the White Queen having to find a means to an end. Sometimes battles are lost and friends are gone forever… kind of a major downer, right?Well, all the pain and suffering happening in Wonderland has made Alice take on a new slightly gothic look. The little girl in blue has grown up and upgraded to a woman in black. You can match Alice’s new edgy style with this Women’s Dark Alice Costume! This outfit will be perfect for this coming Halloween or if you’d like to stand out at your next cosplay event! You can tell everyone about the dark rabbit hole you crawled out of and all of the tragic events that took place during your most recent adventure through Wonderland. Everyone will be interested in hearing about the dark tale that brought on this gothic transformation. Once you impress them with your story you can continue to ‘wow’ everybody with your costume! All of your friends will want to take a closer look at the demented drawing of Wonderland natives printed on your apron and take in all the dark details.The costume will come with the perfect accessories already, thigh-high stockings and fingerless gloves, but a few more never hurts! Check out our dark Alice wig and make sure to grab a cute, yet dark, pair of heels to complete your head-to-toe transformation.

    $34.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Sexy Zombie Bride Costume

    Sexy Zombie Bride Costume

    Always the bridesmaid ,never the bride.You have been dreaming about your big day since you were a little girl. You know what you want your bridesmaids to wear. You have the perfect wedding dress picked out. Now all you need to do is find someone to marry. A Mr. Perfect if you will.You just never thought that the zombie apocalypse would happen before your big day. Now you’re a zombie like the rest of the world ,and you will never get married. It’s the end of the world after all. However ,there is a guy…he keeps making eyes at you. And not the your-brain-looks-really-tasty-eyes. No ,these eyes have cartoon hearts in them.Well ,we have news for you! Zombies can get married. Absolutely they can. Just put on this Sexy Zombie Bride Costume ,grab your guy ,and get to the alter. You’ll look fantastic in this white-ish dress ,sure it might not be the one you were dreaming of as a kid ,but you are getting married! That’s got to count for something. And maybe make sure the minister is undead as well. You don’t want any brainy situations on your hands. It might be a little difficult to wrangle the rest of the wedding party ,but they will come once they hear the menu options don’t include chicken ,or fish. And after words you can all do the Zombie. Basically you all stand around ,and moan for brains. But you will finally get that wedding you always dreamed of! (Even if you are undead for it.)

    $49.99 Bride Costumes
  • Sexy Santa Babe Costume

    Sexy Santa Babe Costume

    So you‚Äôve got a thing for big older guys in white beards. The heart wants what it wants! Who are we to judge? After all, we love redheads‚Ķto each her own! But listen…just like dating an accountant from January to March, we know that romancing the old boy who lives in the North Pole has its own certain set of challenges. He won‚Äôt upgrade to a car – much less a private plane (which we both know he could easily afford) – forcing you to go for ride-alongs in a cold sleigh pulled by eight smelly (and cranky) reindeer. He never wants to come down to the mainland to meet your friends, and you can forget it when it comes to him and social media…people can barely believe that he even exists, much less the fact that two of you are in a serious, committed relationship! And if you ever want some quality alone time with your man, it better not be between Halloween and Christmas…not only is he up to his pink ears in work, but he’s constantly surrounded by elves, reindeer, and that ex-wife of his who still insists on calling herself *the* Mrs. Claus. They got divorced, like, a hundred years ago!Sometimes, the only thing that keeps you going is the thought of you two finally dashing away on your annual tropical vacation, which starts on December 26 at 12:01 AM sharp, and doesn’t end until the North Pole Q4 preparations begin in March. And this year, you wanna make some memories he’ll remember far into next December…which is why we suggest you pack this Women’s Sexy Santa Babe Costume! One look at you in this red velour dress with white faux fur trim, a matching red velour shrug, and a red santa hat will make Old St. Nick feel young again. Add some white thigh-highs and black heels and you’ll be getting your jollies all over town! (get it? We said “jollies” while talking about Santa Claus? Yeah…guess we’d be tired of that joke, too, if we were you…)

    $28.99 Christmas Costumes
  • Sexy Cowboy Costume for Men

    Sexy Cowboy Costume for Men

    Back in the Saddle AgainIt can be tough on the plains, wrangling up the doggies for ranchers around the range. The days are long and hot. The nights are frigid and lonely. But wouldn’t it be great if we could go back just for a little bit? Living only the most picturesque scenes. We’d love to huddle around a campfire while a fellow cowpoke played the harmonica. The stars would be bright as we rest with a wool blanket underneath our heads. It sounds like a pretty good vacation, we’re just not interested in those saddle sores. If you can see yourself on the wild plains, don’t go out and buy yourself a house quite yet. Try out this costume first, then you’ll know if you’re cowboy material or not. Product DetailsYou’ll have everything you need to look like you’re straight out of a sexier version of the wild west when you have this sexy cowboy costume at hand. It includes a fringed vest that’s made from a rich brown faux leather material that matches the fringed chaps. The chaps secure with a strip of hook and loop fastener. Top it off with the classic red bandana and you’ll be ready to giddy-up. Happy TrailsWhen you’ve got a costume this fun, any costume party in your future is sure to be a good time. Just make sure you get yourself a good cowboy hat to make your look complete. Want to further your cowboy character? Find yourself a pair of cowboy boots, a handsome mustache, or even one of those famous sheriff stars, or whatever accessories make you feel most at home when saying suave old west sayings like, “What seems to be the problem, pilgrim?”. Whether you’re heading to a Western-themed party or you’re simply going out for Halloween, you’re sure to look right at home on the high plains!

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  • Women's Sexy Zebra Costume

    Women’s Sexy Zebra Costume

    Galloping GoddessTaking average costumes and making them edgier brings a smile to this fashionista’s face. In fact, she views this new hobby as a fun and exciting style challenge. The self-declared trendsetter has an eye for spotting and executing new trends which is why she’s merging her talent with a day that’s all about dressing up, Halloween. Now she can add ‘sassy Halloween costume strategist’ to her long list of style accomplishments which can’t hurt her chances of getting into fashion school. In the past, she’s wowed skeptics by transforming a bearded lady costume into the most attractive bearded lady costume we’ve ever seen. She shocked us by doing the same thing with a snail costume. It made us view spiral shells in a whole new light. This stylish costume guru has accomplished similar feats with a goblin costume. (We didn’t think it was possible either but this girl is a powerhouse!)Product DetailsHer latest innovation is this sexy zebra costume. The one-piece makes women not only look like an exotic animal but it also creates a captivating edge that other zebra costumes lack. The striped teddy fastens via a partial zipper in the back and a sequin panel in the teddy’s center adds a pop of sparkle to the otherwise all black and white costume. The keyhole cutout is a stylish costume aspect that fellow fashionistas will recognize and applaud. The thigh-high stockings are extremely stretchy and the included headpiece features ears and a fuzzy mane successfully completing the wild look.A Sassy StampedeIf you’re an animal lover with a fondness for the latest fashion trends (and classic ones like animal print) then this is the costume for you. Hit the town with your clique of fellow style-scholars all dressed as sexy animals and form the sassiest stampede the world has ever seen. The sexy giraffe costume and wild tiger costume make fierce additions to any safari-themed squad.                 

    $49.99 Zebra Costumes
  • Men's Sexy Doctor Costume

    Men’s Sexy Doctor Costume

    Doctor Knows BestWe all know that we should listen to our doctors. They want us to ignore the daily call of the sugar craving. Abstain from smoking cigarettes. Stretch in the mornings and exercise in the evenings. The thing is, it’s hard to obey those strongly worded suggestions. Come two o clock in the afternoon, visions of the cookies in the breakroom are dancing in our head no matter how much we nodded as we sat on the exam table. Our advice, Doctors ought to dress in a memorable way! They’ve tried this out in the past. They’ve tried hideous ties featuring cartoon characters or golfing motifs but that’s not really what we were thinking. We were thinking about a doctor ensemble that will inspire us to reach for those carrot sticks when we’re ravenous at the end of the workday. That’s where this outfit comes in!Product DetailsThis sleeveless doctor top will make you look like a hero of the E.R. without all the mess that comes with dealing with actual patients. The top has an official-looking light blue shirt front with the red cross accented sleeveless lab coat (Still a coat, not a vest). Top it all off with the conversation-starting stethoscope and you’ll be ready to dole out some advice. Healthy, Wealthy, and WiseSome say you get healthy, wealthy, and wise by having a consistent sleep schedule. While we’re all for being well rested, we think those virtues can be gained by dressing the part. Or at least you’ll feel like you’re all three of those things and that’s what matters, right? When you’re working the room, it doesn’t matter what reality really is! So, whether you’re pairing this costume with a nurse ensemble or you’re headed out to save the day solo, you’re sure to gain the confidence of the potential patients in the room. ‘Cause really, who’s the one with the stethoscope in the room?

    $29.99 Doctor Costumes
  • Men's Sexy Airline Pilot Costume

    Men’s Sexy Airline Pilot Costume

    No More SleevesSleeves. They get in the way of having a good time. They’re also the bane of manliness. Long ago, someone who hated fun must have decided that healthy man arms needed to be sheathed in them, but that’s all just a bunch of nonsense. That evil person wanted to hide your greatest feature from the world. It’s just something that we don’t agree with. If it were up to us, we’d get rid of all sleeves and let the biceps of the world be free from their forced fabric shackles. It’s time to begin the revolution and it all starts with you.You must shed your sleeves. Say goodbye to hiding your man-muscles from the public. Give the world a collective ticket to the gun show. Start by becoming a studly sleeveless airline pilot. It doesn’t matter if you know how to fly a plane, because your naked arms will be looking so magnificent, it won’t even matter if you have a pilot’s license or not. All you need is this costume and your trusty biceps.Product DetailsThis sexy Airline Pilot costume lets you introduce the world to your bare arms (not to be confused with bear arms). The costume comes with a completely sleeveless top, so your biceps can feel the breeze. The front of the top is designed to look like a pilot’s shirt and jacket, complete with gold decorative buttons. A pair of black pants and white cuffs help finish the look.Pilot’s BicepsNow, despite how confident you might be feeling when you wear this sleeveless costume, we have to remind you that it’s never a good idea to fly a plane without a proper license. Make sure you have the required skills to jump into a cockpit! You are, however, allowed to pilot those biceps through the air like a champ!

    $44.99 Pilot / Flight Attendant Costumes
  • Sexy Disco Diva Dress

    Sexy Disco Diva Dress

    If there’s something wrong with channeling all the negativity in a person’s life into dance, we don’t want to be right. What else would we do with a whole lot of extra pent-up frustration and foiled ambition? Nothing could be as much fun as squishing it beneath the sleek and fashionable heels of our kneehigh go-go boots! In fact, every few months we like to take a trip to the local disco club and work out all our problems beneath a shimmering disco ball to some of the catchiest music ever recorded. We think that’s a strategy that could make a lot of other people feel better, too, and we hope you agree. But maybe that sounds crazy. Maybe you’d rather just sit around in silence, like so many other people seem to prefer. That’s gonna make our mission a lot tougher! Help us help you by trying on this Sexy Disco Diva Dress and stepping out there on the dance floor. We’re certain that with some matching boogie shoes or roller skates, an outfit like this will improve anybody’s mood. And if it doesn’t? Well, that hasn’t happened so far, but we’d tentatively suggest cranking up the music and shaking it even harder. Sometimes all that bad stuff can be kind of sticky, you know?Do us a favor: if our method works for you, would you pass it on? The only thing that would make us happier than one person wearing a Sexy Disco Diva Dress and dancing til they feel better is everyone putting on a Sexy Disco Diva Dress and feeling better together!

    $24.99 Disco Costumes
  • Sexy Ring Mistress Costume

    Sexy Ring Mistress Costume

    Elephants?! What elephants? How did I miss those? And juggling monkeys? I demand my money back! Where did you see those things? Easily command the audience’s attention in this Sexy Ring Mistress Costume. Let’s just hope they don’t get too distracted.I don’t know about you, but when I went to the circus as a kid the ring master didn’t look quite like this! The circus was full of exotic animals, cotton candy, peanuts, and creepy performers. Even though the performers were quite cool in the ring, I was terrified of them when they were just roaming around the tent.The ring master was possibly the creepiest of all, but they wouldn’t have been if they would have worn this costume! The velvet jacket is made of a poly/nylon blend and has a beautiful tailcoat. The embroidered satin collar adds detail to the jacket along with the gold-tone chains and button closure and brocade epaulets anchored with buttons. The base dress has a back zipper and a tutu skirt with ruffled lace. The included gold brocade vest bodice has satin bra cups and adjustable shoulder straps. And even though this ring mistress is not your average center-ring master, you can’t lead a circus without a bow tie (which is sewn to a white neckband that fastens with buttons at the back) and a black top hat. Add a black whip and a pair of high-heel boots to complete your ring mistress look this Halloween! Oh, and don’t forget to pair up with a circus performer of your own to make sure everyone knows who’s in charge.

    $134.99 Circus Costumes
  • Sexy High Seas Pirate Costume

    Sexy High Seas Pirate Costume

    Shiver me timbers! Whether ye be the captain or the first mate, the high seas be calling yer name. Landlubbers don’t understand the love we pirates have for the open water and the taste we have for adventure. Only a true pirate knows the feeling of excitement as we hoist the colors and pull out of port. Ahoy – what treasures await us!A wench may not be allowed some ships, but you rule the mighty seas with your skirt hiked up high and a take-no-prisoners attitude! Show that cabin boy who’s in charge of this here sailing vessel. If they give you any lip about a lassie being in charge, feed ’em to the fishes! This here is an equal opportunity plunder.You need to look the part of a fearless Cap’n and this dress does the job right. With a white blouse, corseted vest, multi-layered hi-lo skirt, and full petticoat, you’ll be able to move around and fight with the best of them. From firing the cannons to boarding another vessel in search of booty, you’re a saucy lass that can do it all. And, of course, no proper pirate would be caught dead without her tricorn hat. This one’s got an ostrich feather. Some say you stole it from the king’s man himself. Aye, that ye did.

    $179.99 Adult Pirate Costumes
  • Sexy Ring Mistress Costume

    Sexy Ring Mistress Costume

    Elephants?! What elephants? How did I miss those? And juggling monkeys? I demand my money back! Where did you see those things? Easily command the audience’s attention in this Sexy Ring Mistress Costume. Let’s just hope they don’t get too distracted.I don’t know about you, but when I went to the circus as a kid the ring master didn’t look quite like this! The circus was full of exotic animals, cotton candy, peanuts, and creepy performers. Even though the performers were quite cool in the ring, I was terrified of them when they were just roaming around the tent.The ring master was possibly the creepiest of all, but they wouldn’t have been if they would have worn this costume! The velvet jacket is made of a poly/nylon blend and has a beautiful tailcoat. The embroidered satin collar adds detail to the jacket along with the gold-tone chains and button closure and brocade epaulets anchored with buttons. The base dress has a back zipper and a tutu skirt with ruffled lace. The included gold brocade vest bodice has satin bra cups and adjustable shoulder straps. And even though this ring mistress is not your average center-ring master, you can’t lead a circus without a bow tie (which is sewn to a white neckband that fastens with buttons at the back) and a black top hat. Add a black whip and a pair of high-heel boots to complete your ring mistress look this Halloween! Oh, and don’t forget to pair up with a circus performer of your own to make sure everyone knows who’s in charge.

    $134.99 Circus Costumes