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  • Sexy Zorro Costume

    Sexy Zorro Costume

    We are often inspired and even a bit dangerously attracted to some of the vigilante and anti-hero types that come from the Spanish world. We have entire squads devoted to the Spanish armada of pirate ships, all waiting anxiously to hear their accents threaten to board our ships and steal away treasures away from the nobility to bring some bliss to the peasants. But, as much as the world of piracy one of mystery and intrigue, it is also pretty uncommon. You literally have to sail around and advertise that you’ve got the good to even have a chance to see the flag flying!Fortunately, there is a legend of another Spaniard who is a little more land-locked and even more attractive in that debonair sort of anti-aristocratic activities! Being Zorro is about more than just humiliating tyrannical bad guys and sword fighting, though. (At least, according to what we’ve heard. From our perspectives, admittedly, it does look pretty much like it is just those things… but it is also about looking astounding while doing so!) Who can save the villa in regular daily clothes!? Especially when you’ve got to blend in during the day time? No, every hero needs the intrigue of a disguise, but even that eventually fails when the bad guys focus on trying to get rid of your mask. And that gives us the perfect idea!Make some real marks on the world when you prove that nobody knows who the Zorro actually is with this sexy Zorro costume. This officially licensed disguise includes a black faux leather crop top with vivid burgundy trim and matching sash and black gauntlets. The cape connects with off the shoulder straps to reveal that the villains are not dealing with your run-of-the-mill vigilante; you mean business! Your black shredded hemline skirt shows that you’ve seen your share of combat and have survived to return the favor while the foam eye mask protects your identity from the nobles that you’ll be taking down. Accessorize with a rapier and be ready to mark that Z to keep those aristocrats in fear while the men of town gasp in excitement at your mere presence.

    $49.99 Zorro Costumes
  • Sexy Batgirl Costume

    Sexy Batgirl Costume

    While in the middle of an intense investigation to track down a criminal mastermind, or a vicious hand to hand brawl with some costumed goons, looking sexy is probably the last thing on your mind. Luckily, when you’re dishing out some Gotham City-style justice in this Sexy Batgirl Costume, you’ll look as hot as you do fierce!Like most superheroes, Batgirl has got a different bat-suit for any situation she might run into. She’s got a tough armored fighting costume, when Two Face’s henchmen need to be roughed up, a camouflaged uniform, in case she has to sneak into Poison Ivy’s jungle laboratory, and cold weather gear, for whenever Mr. Freeze is up to his old tricks again. Batgirl also keeps a secret weapon of a whole different kind in her Bat-wardrobe: a uniform designed to stop the crooks and villains of Gotham in their tracks! While keeping the classic bat theme, this costume is decidedly more seductive than her other bat-suits, which gives Batgirl the edge when those thugs let their guard down. Fighting in a skirt and high heels is as tough as it sounds, but the distracting, sassy flair they add are totally worth it.We don’t expect you to get into too many skirmishes when dressed as this masked vixen, but if you run into someone dressed as the Joker or some other Gotham City rogue, you won’t have any trouble taking them down. The stretchy black dress and matching gauntlets and boot tops give you a dangerously alluring look, and the cape and molded eye mask are as menacing as they are captivating. And once you’ve finished thwarting bad guys for the night, you’ll be perfectly dressed to stop for bat-cocktails, too!

    $54.99 Batgirl Costumes
  • Sexy Tin Man Woman Costume

    Sexy Tin Man Woman Costume

    Do you ever get sick and tired of folks telling you to just ‚Äúfollow your heart?‚Äù Pardon us, but what on Earth does that mean and WHY is the answer that everyone gives to all of life‚Äôs decisions, all of the time? Don‚Äôt know what you want to ‚Äúbe‚Äù after college? Don‚Äôt worry, darlin‚Äô. Just follow your heart! Don‚Äôt know whether you can afford health insurance? It‚Äôs OK, kiddo; don‚Äôt be dramatic. Follow your heart. Can‚Äôt decide if you should quit your cubicle job and backpack around the globe? Don‚Äôt overthink it; follow your heart, sister! Sound familiar? The trouble is, people who are trying to decide things often don‚Äôt know what their heart wants…hence…the difficult decision. Are we right? How about you avoid that advice–at least for one night–in this Sexy Tin Man Costume. No one can sling that rusty cliche your way when you‚Äôre wearing a costume that clearly implies that you don‚Äôt have a heart, now can they? We think not.But obviously, that peace of mind is just icing on the proverbial cake; this costume would be worth its weight in…tin…with or without that added bonus. The silver metallic dress features a low cut sweetheart neckline, while the silver knee-high boot toppers boast sweet red hearts on their cuffs. It doesn‚Äôt take a half-crazy wizard to tell you that this costume will carry you anywhere you want to go tonight. Take your axe and oil can and enjoy the Zen-like that will surely come from knowing that for one night, you don‚Äôt need to follow your heart. You‚Äôve got a smokin‚Äô hot look to light the way.

    $49.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Women's Sexy Costume Boots

    Women’s Sexy Costume Boots

    A pair of good black high heel boots is central to countless great costumes. Do you want to be a deadly-as-she-is-beautiful pirate scourge? A leather-clad vigilante whose feline speed and savagery leaves the bad guys beaten and bruised before they saw what hit them? A vicious vampire ,delightful demon ,or generally good-looking gothic girl? These boots are the common element to all these beloved themes.Our Sexy Costume Boots are a set of high quality footwear that will make a fine addition to your regular wardrobe as well. The side zipper makes putting them on and taking them off a much more pleasing endeavor ,and the buckles on the calf add a certain flair that‚ s appropriate for every look.

    $39.99 Witch Costumes
  • Sexy Rag Doll Costume

    Sexy Rag Doll Costume

    The term “rag doll” usually makes everyone think of those old ,sewn-together dolls that just lie around and gather dust in the attic for decades. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You know dolls can walk ,talk ,and have plenty of their own fun when there’s no one looking. That’s why you’re ready to challenge all the unfair stereotypes about rag dolls and put a fresh twist on the whole “Raggedy Ann” look. This Halloween ,it’s as easy as putting on this adorable rag doll costume for adults!There’s nothing raggedy at all about this grownup getup. As you can see ,it includes the signature blue and red polka dot dress ,which have some eye-catching features that make this more than just any old doll suit. Like a big blue bow at the bottom of the neckline ,and a white apron with two giant red buttons. It also comes with a pair of alluring knee-high stockings that have those signature red-and-white stripes. And ,of course ,let’s not forget about the bonnet. That’s included ,too. This suit truly hits on all the classic “rag doll” details but takes a very unique and “grownup” approach to an iconic look.So whether you’ll be hitting those Halloween festivities with your own raggedy “Andy” in tow ,or just going by yourself for some solo fun ,do it in your own ,fresh way… and with some style while you’re at it! There’s no better way to be your own doll this Halloween than with the sexy rag doll costume!

    $47.99 Raggedy Ann Costumes
  • Sexy Valiant Viking Costume

    Sexy Valiant Viking Costume

    Sword in my hand ,Axe on my side. Valhalla awaits me…There is no greater honor for a Viking than to fall on the field of battle. Because it was only then ,that these mighty warriors could ascend to Odin’s great halls of Valhalla ,or to Freyja’s fields called Folkvangr. It was the highest honor to be taken with the gods.But there is more to being a Viking than ascending to the great realms of the gods upon death from combat ,or child birth. There was the craft of their weapons ,and shield making. There were great singers ,and entertainer. (You try keeping hot blooded people calm without some entertainment.) And there were story tellers. The people who recited Grimnismal ,a poem of Odin ,and many others.It would be amazing to go back for just one minute to see the fierceness of the Viking people. Or you can just wear this Sexy Valiant Viking Costume as you watch Vikings on Hulu. That way you will get all the excitement of the time ,but not have to live in a hut in the winter. Or you can wow your friends when you walk into the hottest Halloween party dressed in this faux fur lined helmet with truly impressive horns. Just be careful ,once you put on this costume you might start to feel like a true Viking. Wanting to go into battle ,and to meet Odin in the halls of Valhalla.

    $259.99 Viking Costumes
  • Sexy Detective Costume

    Sexy Detective Costume

    How curious were you as a child? Inquisitive ,perhaps? Maybe you had an endless series of Why or What’s that questions? So many per hour that you were about ready to make your parents ready to fall into the fetal position just so you might stop the perpetual interrogation? And ,when they did ,did you still loom over them and inquire ,“Why are you doing that?”Well ,of course you did. We all did! But ,that tendency stuck with a few of us. So ,the real real question is if you kept up on this interrogating habit!? Do you still have the knack for hunting down the truth and the unending pool of curiosity fueling you to solve the most insidious of the world’s mysteries? Well ,that is the key to becoming one of the world’s most famous detectives ,of course. Never giving up and constantly pushing forward! And ,now that you’ve fully grown ,people can’t just throw their hands up and tell you to stop asking… especially know that you’ve learned a few tricks to ensure that they are compliant. You’re on the way to becoming one of the best investigators of all time.It is time to put your abilities to find the truth to the test… and time to put that Sherlock guy out of business! And ,how better to do it than being clad in this Sexy Detective costume? The plaid twill cape has comfy ties in the front and a matching polyester spandex vest and halter dress. No doubt ,this gear would be enough to get you on any case ,but the iconic deerstalker hat will make people double-take when they think old Detective Holmes has gotten way better at his job! Hand off your plastic pipe or magnifying glass to show all the evidence to your devoted fans and ,then ,take your prisoners back to the lockup yourself!

    $54.99 Sherlock Holmes Costumes
  • Women's Sexy Prisoner Costume

    Women’s Sexy Prisoner Costume

    Ahh ,there is nothing better in this world than a good ole fashion jailbreak… especially if you’ve been locked up for a while. Freedom will never have tasted better. Enjoy your freedom to the fullest this Halloween when you dress up in this Women’s Sexy Prisoner Costume.When you’re strutting around the party scene in this fun costume ,you’ll be highly suspect. Although as long as you play innocent ,we don’t think you will have to worry about anyone calling the police. With this costume ,it will be clear that you were locked up for that killer sense of fashion that you hold so dear. This cute striped V-neck tank dress comes with a matching pillbox hat and a stylish belt that has handcuffs and “County Prison” printed around it. So ,yes ,it is a very easy costume to slip in and out of and it is its simplicity that makes the outfit so perfect. You don’t need to waste your time with loads of makeup and accessories to complete your Halloween look. This costume makes your transformation as easy as 1 ,2 ,3!Get a bunch of your friends to dress up in these Women’s Prisoner Costumes and all of you could be the sassiest group of inmates in your cell block. You could also have one friend go as a cop and the two of you can have tons of fun with a game of cat and mouse! However you decided to celebrate your Halloween with this costume ,we’re sure you’ll be ready for some serious time… some serious party time ,that is!

    $24.99 Police Costumes
  • Sexy Race Car Driver Costume

    Sexy Race Car Driver Costume

    There’s an age-old debate over whether race car drivers are real athletes or not. And we tend to think that they are. Now ,these guys and gals probably aren’t running any marathons or able to hit 50 home runs a year or good at sacking quarterbacks ,we understand that. But there’s a certain level of endurance that makes them athletic. You know how difficult it can be driving your car in stop and go traffic ,right? Your leg gets pretty tired pretty quickly as you have to keep speeding up ,slowing down ,brake ,speed up ,slow down…(we’re getting triggered just thinking about it…)So ,yeah ,race car drivers are totally athletes. They have to prepare themselves for incredible speedway marathons for every race. And just being able to hang in there with every race through all the stopping and starting ,through all the turning and adjusting ,and then having enough physical capacity to stay focused the rest of the way out? That’s pretty athletic as far as we’re concerned. The good news is ,even if you’re not athletic ,you can still dress like one of those drivers in a costume like our Sexy Race Car Driver outfit.This costume is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The sleeves and collar are red with metallic checkerboard print ,the romper has printed patches ,and the skirt has a sewn-on faux leather belt that fastens with Velcro behind the printed “buckle.” In short ,this costume looks legit. It even comes with a black and white satin checkered flag ,so you’re ready for a photo finish. Add a pair of our boots and your costume is complete!

    $34.99 Race Car Costumes
  • Men's Plus Size Sexy Bear Costume

    Men’s Plus Size Sexy Bear Costume

    Hey There, Grizzly GuyWhenever a guy is being compared to a bear it usually implies he’s cute, cuddly, and particularly skilled at bear hugs. Well, that isn’t always the case now, is it? Not all guys like giving out big bear hugs to anyone who asks. Some guys want to possess intimidating bear-like qualities like apparent fierceness and palpable courage without getting thrown into the “cuddly” category. If you rather growl and grumble than listen to teddy bear comparisons, then suit up in this sexy bear costume; a perfect mix of macho and modern.In the same vein as women sporting some form of animal ears paired with lingerie, this get-up allows wearers to incorporate costume duds with everyday apparel. You’ll be all-bear from the waist up and all business from the waist down (or something like that) by sporting this look.Product DetailsWear a favorite pair of pants and comfortable shoes with these “bear essentials,” creating a manly costume that says “bear hugs just aren’t my style.”  The velvety sleeveless tunic allows everyone free tickets to the “gun show” (AKA show off those muscles, dude) while the character hood cloaks men in lush brown fur which hangs below the shoulders for extra coverage. The included faux fur mitts complete the whole look, accenting the bear hood perfectly. Just unleash your innate animal instincts to add an element of authenticity.Beary AdaptableYour girlfriend, fiance, wife, or current bae will love that you’ve chosen this costume for its versatility. It can be paired with so many themes, spawning an unbearably cute couple’s costume. (Sorry, we couldn’t help but throw one corny bear pun in here.) Pairing it with a Goldilocks costume makes for a delightful storybook twosome. She can also match you by sporting a sexy women’s bear costume. Now you’re a pack of undeniably good-looking bears.                        

    $49.99 Bear Costumes
  • Sexy Blue Sailor Girl Costume

    Sexy Blue Sailor Girl Costume

    Get ready to rock the boat in this Sexy Blue Sailor Girl Costume! The ensemble includes dress ,shorts and sailor hat. Make it even sexier when you add our sailor shoes and life preserver bag. You’ll become the sweetheart of any voyage in this sexy sailor costume!

    $44.99 Sailor Costumes
  • Sexy Neon Orange Crayon Dress

    Sexy Neon Orange Crayon Dress

    Colors can have an immense impact on our daily lives. Colors like yellow and orange can excite people. While blacks and greys can be depressing. Blue is calming. Some colors can be slimming when worn. Some are less flattering. Some are attached to age. Bright for young. Dark for old.It can be difficult to decide what you are going to wear when you go out on the town. Casual or formal? Skirt or pants? Cardigan or jacket? Or t-shirt? What’s the weather going to be like? Do you care? Is someone else going to be wearing the same thing? If you wear a jacket where are you going to put it when inside? Does this top match this skirt? Tights or no tights? Patterned tights?Well, at least you know for Halloween you wont have to worry what you should wear. Because as they say orange is the new black, and we have an easy way for you to decide on your Halloween costume. This Women’s Sexy Neon Orange Crayon Dress is your ticket to flaunting your superb style without going to the big house. You’ll be rocking the Crayola OMG Orange, so you are sure to stand out. People will be able to see you in your bright outfit from across the room. Waving, calling you over for a dance. Friends will be exclaiming “OMG girl you look sharp!” They will be green with jealousy, and you’ll be bright exciting orange. All you’ll have to decide next is what shoes to wear with this costume. Flats or heels?

    $24.99 Crayon Costumes
  • Sexy Black Zipper Catsuit

    Sexy Black Zipper Catsuit

    Sexy, strong female-leads and heroines have been taking control of the big (and small) screen by storm lately. With so many fierce females in pop culture, from comic books to movies to real life, it’s no surprise that women everywhere are clamoring to show off their own strong and sassy side! Whether you want to prowl undetected through the night to monitor your neighborhood or if you want to crash a party looking stunning, then this black catsuit costume is the perfect choice. Dress it up with a pair of heels or make if functional with a pair of durable boots – either way this costume will be ready for whatever adventures you have planned (or unplanned!).Adding a super hero mask will hide your identity while you play a modern-day Robin Hood or a sleek belt and shoes will make you the hottest cat in the room. Even better, change it up each day to keep everyone guessing! But make no mistake, when you wear this sexy catsuit costume you’ll steal the show.Nothing screams sexy like a form-fitting spandex jumpsuit and this women’s costume is no exception. Wear this Sexy Black Zipper Catsuit as the base for a comic book villainess outfit or a modern-day super spy! The poly/spandex jumpsuit has a shiny wet-look finish to add a little extra sassiness and the mandarin collar and center-front zipper give it stylish accents that are just begging to be personalized! Add sexy boots or shoes, a cape, and a hat or mask to put your own individual stamp on this slinky number. Meeeeow!

    $39.99 Catwoman Costumes
  • Sexy Wild Tiger Costume

    Sexy Wild Tiger Costume

    Look, we get it. You like feeling exotic! But we gotta tell ya‚Ķthis whole thing about wanting to get plastic surgery to make yourself look like a big cat‚Ķwe‚Äôre not big fans of it. Sure, it‚Äôs your life, your face‚Ķbut we just have a feeling that, kind of like that Tweety Bird tattoo you got on your shoulder senior year of high school, you might end up living to regret it.So instead of spending all of your savings on a series of non-medically necessary cosmetic procedures, let‚Äôs think of some other, less-insane-sounding routes that will help give you that satisfying feeling of aligning with your supposed spirit animal, shall we?For instance, we have this Sexy Wild Tiger Costume that just might be the ticket. The tiger print jumpsuit has long sleeves and a scoop neck, giving you that long, lean body line that you love so much. It’s also made from 92% polyester 8% spandex, so it will move with you when you’re slinking around. It‚Äôs even got a soft moveable tail attached in the back, and it comes with a matching tiger print headband with two attached cat ears…so you can even pretend to be a tiger without people thinking you‚Äôve lost all your marbles (at the most, they‚Äôll probably think you‚Äôve just come from a matinee performance of “Cats: the Musical”, which either will go a long way in improving their opinion of you, or it won‚Äôt‚Ķit mainly depends on how they feel about Andrew Lloyd Webber). Add your own black thigh-high boots or kitten heels (get it?) to complete your feline look. Roar!

    $49.99 Tiger Costumes
  • Sexy Dirty Cop Costume

    Sexy Dirty Cop Costume

    The streets are no place for a goody two shoes kind of cop to make a living. The crime and the danger will eat a girl alive if she doesn’t wise up and get a little dirty herself. Now, with this Sexy Dirty Cop Costume, it’s easy for any rookie to go rogue. With a form-fitting style and a sexy skirt cut, this police officer outfit lets all the bad guys know that you’re a girl who doesn’t just bend the rules, but breaks them at every chance! The set comes complete with a badge and hat, to make sure that everyone gives you the authority that you deserve! Of course, whether you decide to use your new look to clean up the criminal activity, or add to it is totally up to you. Just make sure you have a good alibi if you decide to break bad this year!

    $49.99 Police Costumes
  • Adult Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume

    Adult Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume

    Come to think of it ,a lot of outstanding costumes are based on a tried-and-true formula: find an interesting historical figure ,hit the books ,and create a more fashionable version of the clothes they might have worn in real life. For instance ,this Adult Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume is the kind of outfit that several notorious ladies might have preferred if they hadn’t been afraid of losing their jobs as pirates. In fact ,two of the most famous female pirates of all time almost missed each other because of silly pirate rules about gender and complicated wardrobe restrictions. The fearsome buccaneer Anne Bonny was only able to band together with Mary Read after discovering that her counterpart had been disguised as a crewman named ‘Mark.’ After that ,they caused enough mayhem to make them some of the wealthiest and most wanted women in the Caribbean! Imagine what they could have accomplished if they’d been allowed to show off their feminine side sooner without fearing for life and livelihood!Well ,not everybody finds the history books as inspiring as we do. So it’s our job to make sure that costumes like this make a big impression even without any preface or assigned reading. And this one does! The fantastic black-and-red velvet of the corset-style dress will look great with the hat and boots of your choosing. A belt to keep a pair of flintlock pistols or a well-polished cutlass at the ready will let everyone know that you are deadly serious about your job ,and looking great while doing it!

    $39.99 Sexy Pirate Costumes
  • Sexy Pink Princess Costume

    Sexy Pink Princess Costume

    We get it, you‚Äôve been waiting for what feels like forever for your boyfriend to come rescue you, but he keeps running into the wrong castles. It‚Äôs frustrating. At least you‚Äôll have plenty of time to devise your own escape from imprisonment by this dinosaur-turtle who‚Äôs been harassing you and your friends for the last…oh 30-some years now. Nevermind your mustachioed plumber boyfriend and his brother; you can get yourself out of this predicament. In this classic styled Sexy Pink Princess Costume, you‚Äôll be able to easily use your wits to talk your way past the turtle-monster gatekeepers and the mushroom looking patrol guards. Just jump over a few pits of fire and avoid the biting potted flowers and you‚Äôll be home free. Included in this costume is a zip-up dress with sequin trim and hot pink hem detail, along with white gloves (to keep your hands clean from all your lock picking and stone wall climbing involved in your escape), and a crown to remind everyone that you–yes you!–are an actual princess who escaped from her confinement in order to get back to her Kingdom of various fungal creatures.Trust us, in this outfit, you won‚Äôt need those bumbling plumbing brothers (you‚Äôll see them at the next tennis tournament in any case), and you can throw your own royal parties and salons, regaling all your guests with your wonderful stories of your grand escape from sure peril.

    $49.99 Super Mario Bros Costumes
  • Sexy Nurse Costume

    Sexy Nurse Costume

    We know you’ve got lots of important stuff to do. There’s vitals for the guy down the hall. You have to get medication for the brand new patient. That old coot in 302 sent back his jello again. And then there’s a doctor that’s giving you lip (which isn’t anything new… unfortunately. But you’ve got this. This is your dream job after all and you landed it. You’re a nurse. That’s practically a super power in today’s world. You get to save people and make people feel better, plus you get paid for it! Of course, you personally may not actually be a nurse everyday. You may just appreciate all the hard work and effort that these nurses do for the populace at large. Because let’s face it, the entire population has the ability to do some pretty dangerous things and get seriouslu hurt as a result. Well on occasion they do some pretty dumb stuff, and we need as many skilled people as possible to patch them up. Enter the nurses of the world! So if you’re feeling like you want to be part of this elite group, consider this sexy nurse costume. It comes with the little head piece and stethoscope (purely decorative, don’t diagnose anyone with this). We know, it’s not necessarily sanitary, and it wouldn’t meet any dress codes in any hospitals anywhere, but hey. You’ll feel confident when you pass out ice packs to daredevils who were trying to show off for cool ladies such as yourself.Warning: does not come with actual license to practice nursing.

    $34.99 Nurse Costumes
  • Sexy Burgundy Wig

    Sexy Burgundy Wig

    Did you know that some DNA tests can tell you what the likelihood is that you’ll have red-headed children? The gene for red hair is recessive, so a person needs two copies of that gene for it to show up (or “be expressed”, as they say in science DNA talk). That means that, even if both parents carry the gene, just one in four of their children are likely to turn out to be a redhead. And did you also know that, contrary to what many people assume, redheads did not originate in Scandinavia, Scotland or Ireland, but in central Asia? Their coloring is due to a mutation in the MC1R gene that fails to produce sun-protective, skin-darkening eumelanin and instead causes pale skin, freckles and red hair. Pretty neat, huh?But if you don’t naturally fall into the gene pool of the Gingers, you can still get all that fiery, attention-getting glory with this Sexy Burgundy Wig! This super stylish, sassy red hair wig with short bangs or long sides is perfect for a grown-up costume of your favorite bow-and-arrow wielding Disney character, or even just a fun night out on the town! Blaze it up, baby!

    $18.99 Wigs
  • Womens Sexy Retro Stewardess Costume

    Womens Sexy Retro Stewardess Costume

    Do you remember the days when flying was a glamorous endeavor? Flight attendants were treated like movie stars and pilots were the rockstars of their day. Even though those days are long gone, flying can still be fun and enjoyable – even for the stewardess!Look like you just got off a plane in the early 1960s with this retro stewardess costume. You’ve been all over the world and now it’s time to have some fun! The first stop is drinks with the girls, and then it’s over to Pilot John’s party. After all, you deserve some fun when you fly the world the way the world wants to fly!This retro stewardess dress will transport you back to the time of great service, when flying was still a novelty and everyone wanted to be in on the action! The form-fitting turquoise pullover dress has wide, white lapels and is styled to look like a pencil skirt with a jacket. The classic pillbox hat has loops for bobby pins so you can securely fasten it to your hair for all night wear. The costume also includes a necktie that‚Äôs sewn to an elastic band so you don‚Äôt have to worry about tying a tie this Halloween! Top it all off with some added and essential details. Start with the plastic pilot‚Äôs wings flight pins that have an antique brass tone. Then add the mini satchel purse to store all of your necessities. The purse measures 9x7x2 – just big enough to fit everything you need for your next layover!

    $34.99 Pilot / Flight Attendant Costumes
  • Sexy Babe the Blue Ox Costume

    Sexy Babe the Blue Ox Costume

    When we first decided to pay tribute to one of the most mysterious creatures in American folklore, we had gotten used to seeing Paul and Babe as fiberglass roadside attractions instead of flesh-and-blood companions. So it took us a while to figure out that the hunky lumberjack and the bovine dreamboat had that kind of chemistry!But wonderful discoveries always seem to happen when you explore a character’s deepest fears and fantasies by writing immersive, collaborative fanfiction. And by the final chapter of the epic graphic novel trilogy that we created during our research for this costume, we all felt it. This wasn’t just a routine story about a couple of logging buddies battling for survival in an irradiated tundra ruled by mutant polar bear warlords and marauding gangs of biker penguins. Nope! These two were clearly in love.We were just as surprised as you, but we couldn’t come up with anything else that captured our imaginations in quite the same way. A young sports reporter named Paul Bunyan reliving the glory days of Pre-war baseball through the recollections of an aging slugger nicknamed “The Blue Ox?” Snoozefest. A single mom named Babe turning to a life of crime to feed her gargantuan infant son and his ever-growing appetite? Way too stressful.And once we pinned down Babe’s origins, this eye-catching icy blue outfit practically designed and made itself! It’s a svelte blue ox ensemble that pairs nicely with a conventional lumberjack look, but it should make people think twice about the way they tell tall tales!

    $39.99 Paul Bunyan Costumes
  • Sexy School Girl Costume

    Sexy School Girl Costume

    Ah, to be young and in school again. All that precious class time to spend learning important life lessons and sleeping, young love (well, not experiencing it per se, but seeing it happen from inside of the locker a bully just stuffed us in), and school lunches. Some days they were made with actual recognizable ingredients! We‚Äôd give anything to go back, even for just a day. We‚Äôd go back to our 10th grade science fair so we wouldn‚Äôt make our bleach and ammonia model volcano mistake again.The school uniform was a bummer though. We remember our poor mom who had to iron all the knife pleats in our skirt every morning, and polish our shoes until they looked like mirrors. And the nuns who‚Äôd hold a ruler up to our leg to make sure we weren‚Äôt wearing our skirt too short. Well, if only they could see our sexy school girl costume now, they‚Äôd have just given up on us when they had the chance!And forget acute angles — you‚Äôll be a cute angel in this four piece throwback to your glory days in high school! With a pair of stockings, a pair of patent black leather shoes, and a yardstick you‚Äôll be ready for recess in no time. You’re whole ensemble will definitely earn you an A+ in all of your classes.

    $29.99 School Girl Costumes
  • Sexy SWAT Girl Costume

    Sexy SWAT Girl Costume

    Are you ready to clean up the streets and lock up the bad guys? Have you always had the urge to serve and protect your community? Well, don’t waste your time applying to the police academy. It can be such a hassle and take forever to finally get out on the streets! No, instead grab this awesome SWAT Girl Costume and start regulating the fun at costume parties this Halloween!Burst into the party scene and yell “FREEZE!” Tell everybody to put their hands in the air and then make them wave ‘em like they just don’t care. Grab a handful of friends and you could all be a part of an elite squadron of party experts. It will be your jobs to make sure that every buzz kill is taken care of immediately and that everyone follows the rules. What are the rules you ask? Well, the three big ones are easy to remember: The music has to be bumping, the dance floor has to be hopping, and people have to use coasters. After all, we’re not savages… So, if you think you can handle that kind of responsibility, then it’s time to slip into this sassy black jumpsuit and get to work!If you really strive to be the best of the best then you need to make sure you accessorize. You’ll want a pair of black boots that are both stunning and ready for some running. Also, you can’t go wrong with one of our SWAT helmets. Once you strap up your boots and buckle your chinstrap you’ll look cuter than ever and be fully prepared to ensure a fun and safe Halloween for everyone!

    $49.99 SWAT Costumes
  • Sexy Duffwoman Costume

    Sexy Duffwoman Costume

    Who wouldn‚Äôt want to party with you when you‚Äôre dressed in this licensed Sexy Duffwoman Costume? Bring the iconic beer from the beloved and long running series The Simpsons to life in the form of a sexy costume that is sure to grab the attention from everyone you encounter during your evening. Cold Beer and cool costumes, what could make for a better combination for a costume party?The ensemble includes an eye catching shiny red and blue dress, cape, belt with can holders, and headband with a felt Duff beer can emblem. You’ll be the girl everyone wants to party with when you fill the can holders on your belt with cans of your favorite beverage! The Duff logo will be printed right on the front of your dress so there will no mistaking your getup for anything else other than pure happiness in the form of a costume. A superhero isn‚Äôt a superhero without the cape. While you may not be fighting crime you will be providing cold beverages and what could be more important than that? You will be quenching the thirst of those looking to have a good time! Grab our men‚Äôs Duff costume for the special dude in your life and get ready for the best couples costume in history! In need of a beer? Have no fear, Duffwomen is here!

    $49.99 Simpsons Costumes