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  • Sexy Native American Princess Costume

    Sexy Native American Princess Costume

    The lands are bountiful with roaming beasts and luscious forest, and there’s plenty to do when you head out into the woods. Those most skilled at the outdoors lifestyle know to dress for the adventure, too. Skilled in both word and deed, kind in heart and strong in arm, the bold show no fear in the face of any that threat. They command the environment, and relish in the opportunity to do so.And, when it is that time for you to become of that ilk, the only thing to do is to suit up in this costume. This ancient inspired dress is a polyester spandex halter dress that laces up the center and features brown and white feathers on the hemline. Matching armbands ward you from off center attacks. The feathered headdress secures comfortably so as to remain firmly in place.

    $49.99 Adult Native American Costumes
  • Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Every pirate will fall in love with the lass who wears this Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume! But it’s not like every ship hand gets a chance to court the Captain, after all. They’re going to have to work their way up the crew’s ranks, and prove their worth as both deckhands and as fighters. Once they bring you a chest of gold doubloons, then (and only then) maybe you’ll consider hanging out with them. However you picture your adventure on the high seas, outfit yourself with this classic pirate look, and you’re sure to have the Captain swagger that you’ve always wanted!

    $49.99 Sexy Pirate Costumes
  • Sexy Red Glitter Shoes

    Sexy Red Glitter Shoes

    Every woman has a pair of shoes that makes her feel special. The ones that make her feel powerful, successful, and strong. The ones she could walk a million miles in. Or, fight in if she needed to. They are the kind of shoes that are more than just fabric, and rubber. They are magic. They make us feel like we can do anything. And we will do anything.What are those shoes for you? Can you think of them? Or did yours fall apart? These Sexy Red Glitter Shoes might be the perfect replacement. Their bold color ensures that you will feel strong. You will feel confident. (You can’t wear red glitter and not feel confident.) They match every dress, and are so very wonderful. They may just be shoes, but they can make you feel like a princess, and an adventurer, and a little saucy all at once. These special heels are more than fabric, and glitter, they are magic.

    $34.99 Kansas Girl Costumes
  • Sexy Nurse Costume

    Sexy Nurse Costume

    We know you’ve got lots of important stuff to do. There’s vitals for the guy down the hall. You have to get medication for the brand new patient. That old coot in 302 sent back his jello again. And then there’s a doctor that’s giving you lip (which isn’t anything new… unfortunately. But you’ve got this. This is your dream job after all and you landed it. You’re a nurse. That’s practically a super power in today’s world. You get to save people and make people feel better, plus you get paid for it! Of course, you personally may not actually be a nurse everyday. You may just appreciate all the hard work and effort that these nurses do for the populace at large. Because let’s face it, the entire population has the ability to do some pretty dangerous things and get seriouslu hurt as a result. Well on occasion they do some pretty dumb stuff, and we need as many skilled people as possible to patch them up. Enter the nurses of the world! So if you’re feeling like you want to be part of this elite group, consider this sexy nurse costume. It comes with the little head piece and stethoscope (purely decorative, don’t diagnose anyone with this). We know, it’s not necessarily sanitary, and it wouldn’t meet any dress codes in any hospitals anywhere, but hey. You’ll feel confident when you pass out ice packs to daredevils who were trying to show off for cool ladies such as yourself.Warning: does not come with actual license to practice nursing.

    $34.99 Nurse Costumes
  • Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume

    Sexy Blue Tuxedo Costume

    We often have a sort of office wide contest to determine what might ‘win.’ Most offices do it, of course, though our office pots get a little more creative. Last month, the ambition was to find out what lipstick and nail polish combination worked the best for the abominable snow monster. Turns out, we had major points of contention on that one. Who knew that the yeti was sorta like the arctic hare and looked significantly different based on season environment!? It’s pink sometimes! (The answer was still turquoise blue, by the way, even when pink to the total surprise of those of us who voted turquoise.)This debate was all about forming the perfect costumes to appease the career ambitions of children, make for the best wedding tuxedo, and also be the ideal color for a yeti’s lipstick. Now, the intention was to make three separate costumes, but we can understand where things went awry. The good news is that we managed to combine all those traits into a costume that knocks the boots off our feet!So you can now benefit from this Sexy Blue Tuxedo costume. Inspired from the joyous aspiration of leading a big top circus and breaking all gender barriers, this lovely blue jacket has long back tails and a brilliant finish that will keep all eyes on you. The sleeveless shirt has buttons and ruffles in front and blends perfectly into the pleated skirt. The bowtie and top hat each match the color scheme and has adjustable straps for easy wear around your neck while the hat has simple loops to connect to your hair with bobby pins. Finish the costume with some shining blue gogo boots and a matching cane. Team up with a cohort in one of the other available tuxedo skirt colors and you’ll have an epic show in no time.

    $69.99 Tuxedo Costumes
  • Sexy Native American One-Shoulder Costume

    Sexy Native American One-Shoulder Costume

    When you think of outfits that can stand up to the rigors of nature, images of lacy and silky garments probably don’t pop into your head. Sure, fancy and delicate outfits may look exciting at first, but they fall apart in no time in the great outdoors. If you are wanting an alluring style that can hold up against the elements, leather is definitely the way to go, which looks durable but fashionable too. Now, since this costume is made of faux suede fabric rather than leather, we don’t recommend actually wearing it on a trek through the woods. But, it will keep you nice and comfy at your costume party or event.This Native American inspired costume brings many decorative styles together to create a fun and unique look. The dress features plenty of frills and flair along the skirt and neckline, while the decorative geometric pattered bands on the collar, belt, and ankle cuffs add a splash of color to the ensemble. Add a coordinating footwear selection to complete this outfit, and you’ll be ready to show off your strong new look.

    $34.99 Adult Native American Costumes
  • Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Every pirate will fall in love with the lass who wears this Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume! But it’s not like every ship hand gets a chance to court the Captain, after all. They’re going to have to work their way up the crew’s ranks, and prove their worth as both deckhands and as fighters. Once they bring you a chest of gold doubloons, then (and only then) maybe you’ll consider hanging out with them. However you picture your adventure on the high seas, outfit yourself with this classic pirate look, and you’re sure to have the Captain swagger that you’ve always wanted!

    $49.99 Sexy Pirate Costumes
  • Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume

    Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume

    Well, if things had gone according to plan, Han would be free and Princess Leia would be on her merry way. Instead, Princess Leia was revealed, and now she’s Jabba the Hutt’s slave. So that sucks.On the plus side, Princess Leia isn’t one to just lull about waiting for something to go her way. She’s a do-er. Which is totally why she uses her slave chain to her advantage and tries to strangle that slimy piece of worm-ridden filth, Jabba the Hutt. Sure, she has to do it in rather skimpy dancing girl outfit, but she does it nonetheless. After all, sometimes daring escapes can’t wait for practical clothes. Sometimes, you’ve just got to do what you got to do, gold bikini or no.In the mean time, we imagine that at least Princess Leia was rather cool and comfortable in the ridiculous get-up (she was on a hot dessert planet after all). And even if it was an outfit made for a dancing girl and not a Princess, we’ve got to admit, she made it look good. So if you’re feeling like an empowered sassy princess (or maybe you’re stuck in a dessert and need some lighter clothes) then maybe you want to try out our Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume too. It’s officially licensed, with bra top, a gold choker, vinyl hair ornaments, and the long maroon skirt (attached to a golden vinyl front piece and briefs). Just promise us one thing? Try talking people down before you resort to chain-choking. Trust us, it’s for the best.

    $49.99 Princess Leia Costumes
  • Plus Size Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Plus Size Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Things are getting out of control on the high seas these days. Sailors are putting on those pesky mutinies. Swashbucklers are becoming completely unbuckled. All of those pirates – where do they keep coming from? And from the state of things on board, it seems like nobody can run the ship but you. But how will you ever get all those scurvy characters to shape up and pay attention? Well, we’re sure you have the right qualifications and the strong personality and the great leadership abilities it’ll take to do the job. But perhaps we can offer you some assistance. This Plus Size Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume will give you a look that turns all those ruffians’ heads and make them start saying, “Aye! Aye!” at once.From the top of the lady pirate’s tricorne hat to the ruffled edges of the tiered skirt, this costume will help you command attention. There’s a corset top that means business, but it laces up with pretty ribbon for a ladylike look. The tiered, maroon skirt has a high low hemline to let you jump freely from ship to ship. Sleeves of the shirt are gauzy cotton for that romantic pirate look. The brown, faux leather belt is wide enough to define your waist while it pulls the whole look together. The plastic belt buckle has a fearsome skull at each corner to show you mean business. And that hat we were talking about is all feathered and saucy looking. You’ll want to get a pair of serious boots and some life life weapons and and you’ll have the high seas under control in no time!

    $49.99 Sexy Pirate Costumes
  • Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Every pirate will fall in love with the lass who wears this Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume! But it’s not like every ship hand gets a chance to court the Captain, after all. They’re going to have to work their way up the crew’s ranks, and prove their worth as both deckhands and as fighters. Once they bring you a chest of gold doubloons, then (and only then) maybe you’ll consider hanging out with them. However you picture your adventure on the high seas, outfit yourself with this classic pirate look, and you’re sure to have the Captain swagger that you’ve always wanted!

    $49.99 Sexy Pirate Costumes
  • Sexy Black Ruffle Tanga Panties

    Sexy Black Ruffle Tanga Panties

    Have you ever had your cutest skirt fall a little flat? It is supposed to have a little umph. But instead it just lays there. You’ve tried tulle underneath, but that doesn’t really work when the skirt you want to wear is a little short, and sometimes the tulle leaves you a little…well, it leaves you a little itchy. You need something that you can wear, and not be uncomfortable.These Black Ruffle Tanga Panties are just the thing to keep you in the highest fashion. You won’t have to worry about your skirt laying flat, or having itchy legs for your big date. These black panties will go with every skirt, yes, even your cute yellow polka dot mini skirt! You’ll be able to dance the night away without worrying if you are mooning everybody in the club.

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  • Women's Sexy Supergirl Costume

    Women’s Sexy Supergirl Costume

    Being a new girl in any place is tough, but we imagine being a Kryptonian makes being new to Earth a bit easier. While Supergirl still has to put up with annoying people like the rest of us, knowing she could throw them into orbit if she wanted to must be a nice consolation. Dress up in this official Supergirl Costume, and show everyone how Kryptonians fight in style! Supergirl has pretty much all of the same powers as her cousin (this guy named Superman, maybe you’ve heard of him), because she gets her abilities from Earth’s sun, just like he does. But since she didn’t grow up on Earth, she doesn’t have the same restraint and mental discipline, and tends to leave more of a path of destruction when she’s battling bad guys. On the other hand, she’s got a much cuter sense of fashion than Supes does, preferring to fight injustice in a skirt and short cape rather than tights and a tacky long cape. She still likes the red and blue colors, though, which is good because they look pretty super on her! Even though you still have to deal with everything that comes with being an Earthling, at least you can pretend to be Supergirl when you go out in this heroic costume. You’ll look pretty super and sassy in this form fitting dress, and the stretchy metallic boot covers make any shoes you wear match the skirt and cape. Now, if only this costume could make you fly like a real Kryptonian, so you wouldn’t have to find a ride to the party…

    $49.99 Supergirl Costumes
  • Sexy Black Petticoat Slip

    Sexy Black Petticoat Slip

    We know how it goes: you’ve put together the perfect look, the right bodice to match the flawless flowing skirt. You dance and enjoy yourself for the first half of the night, but a touch of fatigue starts to hit about the midway point. A quick pick-me-up by way of a great conversation, mischievous prank, or the scandal of a lewd joke and you are ready to continue the festivities for another several hours! However… it is much harder to pick the poof back up in your skirts. The flare that was there has dwindled and you can’t be tugging that fabric up all night!That is where the perfect poof-protecting petticoat comes into play! With this Sexy Black Teardrop Petticoat Slip, you can be sure that the poof will never lose its presence. The elastic waistband keeps the petticoat in place while its sultry black color is gorgeous, even if you elect to keep it hidden from the public. The midsection is made of a separate material and the whole of it has lovely teardrop designed along the trim. Remain the life of the party and ensure your clothes do, too!

    $13.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Sexy Vintage Vixen Costume

    Sexy Vintage Vixen Costume

    Hop in your time machine and go back to an era where peace, love, and happiness were the only things you needed in life! Well, that and some groovy tunes, some pretty flowers, and some far out parties.The sixties may have been all about peace and love, but it was also about a distinct style that has yet to be replicated. Women were just starting to come into their own and they made their presence known with their fun, flowery, and fantastical outfits. A good floral pattern is always ready to impress! And don‚Äôt forget about the bells – whether it was bell sleeves or bell bottoms, the women of the sixties loved their flare!You’ll pop into this bright paisley dress that will make you look and feel like a swinging go-go girl who is always ready for excitement. Practice your sixties dance movies and get ready to shake it in this cute costume! This polyester dress (what could be more 60s than polyester?!) is low cut at the neckline and has large bell sleeves for added detail. The dress itself is printed with a violet, black, light pink, and white paisley print that will have everyone at the party talking! A matching headwrap is also included so you can keep your hair out of your eyes while you get down on the dance floor! Add a pair of white go-go boots, a pair of groovy shades, and perhaps a flower power purse for a complete look that‚Äôs ready for a night out!

    $34.99 Disco Costumes
  • Plus Size Sexy Firegirl Costume

    Plus Size Sexy Firegirl Costume

    Fire departments are equipped and trained to handle almost any heated situation. But, some fires are just too hot for the average firefighter. Be prepared for sizzling situations like these by wearing this Plus Size Sexy Firegirl Costume! At first glance, this costume looks like it leaves far too much skin uncovered to protect against fires. But, that’s simply because it uses other methods for keeping the flames at bay. When things get really heated, sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire, and this costume is definitely on fire! It sounds cliche, and honestly, not very effective, but we‚Äôre pretty confident that anyone looking this fierce can take care of a few pesky flames. You also have to take ventilation into account when fighting a fire, and the open design of this costume will keep you nice and cool while you’re saving the day! Actually, since we’re not sure how this outfit will handle the heat and action of real firefighting, we’re gonna recommend you stick to wearing it just to look hot. The short dress features metal clasps and reflective strips across it, for a look inspired by real firefighting gear. It also includes a set of suspenders to help you achieve that trademark firefighter look, so all you need to add is a pair of sturdy, sassy boots and a matching helmet to complete this smoldering hot look. Now you just have to decide if you want to put fires out, or help crank up the heat!

    $44.99 Firefighter Costumes
  • Sexy Dark Alice Costume

    Sexy Dark Alice Costume

    Not every adventure through Wonderland can be innocent and full of fun. That world is in a constant war zone between the Red Queen always trying to release that darn Jabberwocky and the White Queen having to find a means to an end. Sometimes battles are lost and friends are gone forever… kind of a major downer, right?Well, all the pain and suffering happening in Wonderland has made Alice take on a new slightly gothic look. The little girl in blue has grown up and upgraded to a woman in black. You can match Alice’s new edgy style with this Women’s Dark Alice Costume! This outfit will be perfect for this coming Halloween or if you’d like to stand out at your next cosplay event! You can tell everyone about the dark rabbit hole you crawled out of and all of the tragic events that took place during your most recent adventure through Wonderland. Everyone will be interested in hearing about the dark tale that brought on this gothic transformation. Once you impress them with your story you can continue to ‘wow’ everybody with your costume! All of your friends will want to take a closer look at the demented drawing of Wonderland natives printed on your apron and take in all the dark details.The costume will come with the perfect accessories already, thigh-high stockings and fingerless gloves, but a few more never hurts! Check out our dark Alice wig and make sure to grab a cute, yet dark, pair of heels to complete your head-to-toe transformation.

    $34.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Sexy Wisteria Crayon Dress

    Sexy Wisteria Crayon Dress

    Everyone will want to “color” with you when they see you wearing this sexy wisteria Crayon dress. The unique, colorful, and creative costume is just the sort of life-of-the-party outfit that goes great with all the Halloween festivities. And best of all, you can get them in a bunch of different colors so all your friends can dress up too, like you just walked out of the crayon box.This awesomely sexy crayon inspired costume is a beautiful shade of purple, the dress ties in the back for a fitted appearance. You didn‚Äôt think we would let you hit the town in something that resembled a potato sack did you? Of course not, we‚Äôve got your back! Throw on your poly-form headpiece and you‚Äôve got a creative costume that will grab the attention from everyone at the party! Want to spice up your look a little more? Check our out long wavy purple wig that will match your Sexy Wisteria Crayon Dress perfectly! We would be lying if we said we didn‚Äôt love a killer group costume and as we mentioned this colorful costume comes in a HUGE variety so you and your friends will have the perfect Instagram photo, your phone will be blowing up with all the likes your photo will get! We‚Äôve even got this variation in men‚Äôs and children sizes so you can have a great family costume too! Crayons aren‚Äôt just for coloring books now!

    $24.99 Crayon Costumes
  • Sexy Pink Crayon Dress

    Sexy Pink Crayon Dress

    Unless you have been living in a cave (or someplace without airports, drug stores, or bookshops), you probably know that coloring has had a bit of resurgence. That‚Äôs right, your favorite childhood pastime has become the hip new activity–even for grown ups! So we think it is high time that the coloring instruments grow up a bit, too!With this look, you can fly solo as your favorite colored crayon (duh! pink, obviously) or team up with one of our other hues for a super fun and sassy group theme! Every time you wear it, you will paint the town pink as you add your signature panache to any party in this Sexy Pink Crayon Dress. We‚Äôre not quite sure this is what the industry had in mind when they invested in the idea of ‚Äúadult coloring‚Äù but we think it looks way more fun than a bunch of empty, intricate mandalas. Just sayin‚Äô.This officially licensed Crayola mini dress ties in the back (for a fitted and flirty appearance) and is printed to look just like your favorite crayon in the box. Because we ask you: if you can‚Äôt give into your whimsy and dress up as a sexy crayon on Halloween, then when can you? Exactly. Now is your moment to color outside the lines a bit. Sharpen your style with this look and hop to it!

    $24.99 Crayon Costumes
  • Sexy Sky Blue Crayon Dress

    Sexy Sky Blue Crayon Dress

    Guess who is drawing a crowd? Beautiful blue is! She just hopped out of her Crayola Coloring box and over to the party. Who new a Crayola crayon could be so fabulous. Sky Blue loves to color, and draw beautiful scenery. In fact she changed her name to Sky Blue to feel closer to her art. You can see her work drawn all over the sky, colored around the clouds, and sometimes in animals. She is one of Mother Nature’s favorite artists and colors. Stand out on Halloween at her, or maybe show off and pair up with some friends to build a pack of Crayola Crayons. Everyone loves bright colors, and blue is one of the most calming. Time to bring zen to Halloween with the beautiful sky blue.This officially licensed Sexy Sky Blue Crayon Dress is wonderful crowd pleaser. The dress is 100 percent polyester to make the crayon look sleek. For a form fitted appearance there are ties in the back to adjust waist size. The Crayola label is printed on the front portion of the dress and gives the appearance of wrapping around the body. To adorn the head this costume comes with a foam headpiece. Get ready to go out with a pack of delightful colors. Or, go solo as Sexy Sky Blue. Just remember you can color the world as you go.

    $24.99 Crayon Costumes
  • Black Sexy Hot Pants

    Black Sexy Hot Pants

    So you’re wearing a daringly short dress some Friday night. You’ve prepared for this, your legs are shaved and moisturized to high gloss and you found some heels that you can stand in for more than five minutes. The night is yours. Then, let’s say you’re just getting comfortable and the D.J. asks you to come onstage and dance with a few other girls. You’re like, “Yeah! This is my night, man!” You get on stage and shake it with the other girls. It’s fun, but when you get down you find the pics your friend took on her phone are a little too cheeky for your comfort. When you want to wear that little dress and also want to live your life without baring it all to the world these hot pants are a great option. So you don’t have to worry about wearing your mini skirt when you’re riding your bike, or sliding down that fireman pole, or jumping in the bouncy house. Do what you do, girl!

    $5.99 Petticoats
  • Sexy Poison Ivy Costume

    Sexy Poison Ivy Costume

    Batman has fought a lot of villains over the years. There are the heavy hitters like the Joker, Two-Face and Bane. There are the loveable ant-heroes like Catwoman. There are the B-list (or maybe C-list?) substitutes like Egghead and Condiment King (yes, he’s really real and he really does spray condiments at his foes). The world’s greatest detective has one of the most colorful and eclectic rogue’s galleries of all time.But maybe none of these has such a place in fans’ hearts as Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley—AKA Poison Ivy.The reasons are obvious. Poison Ivy is addictively attractive, with her shiny dark green leaves and her trailing vines and her milky sap. She’s truly worth risking an itchy, painful rash and even blisters…Oh, wait. We mixed that up. That’s the plant poison ivy, not the super villainess Poison Ivy. Oops.This Women’s Poison Ivy Villain Costume is meant to help you become that Poison Ivy, the sexy and toxic plant-loving villainess who is far more concerned about saving endangered plant species than stealing the world’s largest diamond. The officially licensed costume features a dark green dress that looks like it came straight off a comic book cover, along with fingerless gloves with faux ivy on the top, an ivy leaf armband and an ivy leaf headpiece with a comb that attaches into your hair.With this costume, you’ll take your rightful place in Batman’s rogues’ gallery, and you won’t have to risk a nasty rash either. It’s a win-win!

    $29.99 Poison Ivy Costumes
  • Sexy Leprechaun Costume

    Sexy Leprechaun Costume

    Have the luck of the Irish on your side this March in this women’s Sexy Leprechaun Costume. The ensemble includes dress, sleeve puffs, hat, pot of gold bag, and riding crop. You’ll be set to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when you add any of our sexy stockings, shoes or petticoats!

    $49.99 St. Patrick's Day Costumes
  • Sexy White Lycra Hot Pants

    Sexy White Lycra Hot Pants

    Alright girls, you know how it goes when you wear a flirty costume. You look great, but that short skirt? Yikes! It makes you feel as if you can’t make the slightest move or you might reveal a little bit more than you had planned on. It happens to the best of us and we have figured out the perfect way to avoid the situation entirely. All you need is a pair of boy shorts! They’re a simple and affordable accessory to go with our sexier costumes or any outfit you plan on wearing for a night out on the town. Don’t be afraid of the mini skirt ever again!Planning on being a cute angel or a sassy superhero this Halloween? Add a pair of these white spandex to complete your costume. This accessory will also go perfectly with an adventurous sailor or playful nurse costume. No matter what you go out as, make sure that you don’t have to worry about any unwanted slips with a pair of these sexy white hot pants!

    $5.99 Sailor Moon Costumes
  • Sexy Disco Diva Dress

    Sexy Disco Diva Dress

    If there’s something wrong with channeling all the negativity in a person’s life into dance, we don’t want to be right. What else would we do with a whole lot of extra pent-up frustration and foiled ambition? Nothing could be as much fun as squishing it beneath the sleek and fashionable heels of our kneehigh go-go boots! In fact, every few months we like to take a trip to the local disco club and work out all our problems beneath a shimmering disco ball to some of the catchiest music ever recorded. We think that’s a strategy that could make a lot of other people feel better, too, and we hope you agree. But maybe that sounds crazy. Maybe you’d rather just sit around in silence, like so many other people seem to prefer. That’s gonna make our mission a lot tougher! Help us help you by trying on this Sexy Disco Diva Dress and stepping out there on the dance floor. We’re certain that with some matching boogie shoes or roller skates, an outfit like this will improve anybody’s mood. And if it doesn’t? Well, that hasn’t happened so far, but we’d tentatively suggest cranking up the music and shaking it even harder. Sometimes all that bad stuff can be kind of sticky, you know?Do us a favor: if our method works for you, would you pass it on? The only thing that would make us happier than one person wearing a Sexy Disco Diva Dress and dancing til they feel better is everyone putting on a Sexy Disco Diva Dress and feeling better together!

    $24.99 Disco Costumes