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  • Sexy Giraffe Women's Costume

    Sexy Giraffe Women’s Costume

    HEY BABE, WANNA GO ON A SAFARI? It’s all in the ears. When surveying any party scene, there’s a very large chance the ‘It’ girls are clad in animal ears— and not any animal ears. Usually, bunny, mouse or cat costumes are among the elite which made us think; uh why? Why are those animals regarded as the cutest? Sure, we love a good cat video just like the next person but we’re trying to change the world around here, and we’re going to do that by making giraffe costumes a thing. A BIG thing. Move over bunnies, cats and mice, giraffes are making a name for themselves on the social scene this Halloween! (Raw!)Wear the women’s sexy giraffe costume to help put exotic animals on the party map. Link up with friends dressed as a sexy monkey, jaguar, lion, or leopard. Show the attention-seeking creatures who rule the costume scene year after year that there’s about to be some changes and jungle animals will rule the roost. Create a stampede if necessary! DESIGN & DETAILS          

    $39.99 Giraffe Costumes
  • Women's Sexy Noir Mermaid

    Women’s Sexy Noir Mermaid

    Look, the famous red-headed mermaid isn’t the only awesome half-human half-fish creature in the sea, alright? Sure, she’s sweet and all and the kid can sing, but when it comes to having moxie, no other mermaid can compare to the one you are seeing right here.When it comes to getting familiar with everything under the sea, not everyone is all wrapped up in palace recitals and balls, if you know what we’re saying’. A mermaid’s got to fend for herself against the sharks and slippery fishes, cause no one else is going to watch out for your sparkly fins without wanting’ something’ else in return! It gets dark under the waves, and you either got to be a predator or you’ll soon be the prey. You can’t just lay on some rock and dream about a prince who might not come…you got to get out there and shake those fins if you want to survive! If you want to walk with the humans, then get going…but if you want to swim with the best of ‘em in this here ocean, then slide right into the school of fishes and get ready to learn!If you think that you have what it takes to thrive under the sea then you need to first out on this women’s sexy noir mermaid costume. This sequin top features beads over the right arm, while the flattering fish-tail skirt has a sequin layer underneath making it an enchanting ensemble. We’re even going to give you a headpiece and a bead necklace to make it look like you’ve been born and raised under the sea.

    $84.99 Little Mermaid Costumes
  • Sexy Sailor Dress

    Sexy Sailor Dress

    Ahoy! You‚Äôre in the navy now! It might not be regulation, but it gets the idea across. Peel those potatoes! Swab the poop deck! (Stop giggling!) You don‚Äôt even have to get a crew cut! You might want to wear leggings if you have to get up on the rigging to hoist the sails though.We‚Äôll come clean: ‚Äúsexy‚Äù isn‚Äôt the vibe we most associated with the Age of Sail. Sweaty, tattooed men from a dozen countries stuffed in a little wooden box for months on end‚Ķ yea that doesn’t sound too “sexy” to us. We can go ahead and say, without a doubt, that this shrug dress is stylish. An off-the-shoulder mini dress with classic white trim? Nautical perfection! Plus, it’s a lot more flattering than sporting a pair of high-waist slacks…that’s for sure! Whether you‚Äôre scrubbing the portholes or packing your bag for shore leave, you‚Äôll be the envy of the pier as you strut your stuff on the gangplank. Ditch the accessories and it could even be a super-preppy non-costume dress for the yachting crowd. You‚Äôll make skipper in no time in our off-the-shoulder Sexy Sailor Dress. Just hope it‚Äôs a three-hour tour. Because if you crash, you‚Äôre never getting off that island, and you‚Äôll have to wear this forever. Oh, but that jaunty hat and scarf could really be your look. Maybe not so bad on second thought?

    $59.99 Sailor Costumes
  • Sexy Black Faux Leather Knee High Boots

    Sexy Black Faux Leather Knee High Boots

    Nobody questions that the look of your superhero disguise is as important as your super powers. There are a number out there that try to argue the point, but they are generally mid-ranged anti-heroes that are more about flaunting a few levitation and bamfing abilities rather than really inspiring the world. Don’t get us wrong… those are all pretty impressive, but the big time heroes—and even the villains—are about leaving the populous with a lasting impression, whether that might be hope or terror! And, they know the costume is crucial.So, since we all agree, let’s take time to note that the spandex shorts and flowing cape aren’t enough, folks! You’ve got to have a costume from head to toe—and neglecting the footwear is worse than skipping out on that Arkham visit. You might have a near perfect costume and we’re ready to finish it off with these Sexy Knee High Boots. There’s something magic about a pair of black lace up boots and the combo of a 4” heel, an inner thigh zipper, and the glossy faux leather finish of these beauties will have you kicking bad guy butt!

    $49.99 Boots / Shoes
  • Sexy Playtime Bunny Costume

    Sexy Playtime Bunny Costume

    Who is 100% unafraid of a little sex appeal? You are! And why should you fear your fierce femme power? After all, isn’t feeling fun, festive, and flirty half the fun of Halloween, anyway?Well the “flirty” party we can definitely help you out with; the fun you will need to discover all on your own! But we are pretty sure that should not be too difficult for you when you dress in this Sexy Playtime Bunny Costume. Whether you are planning for a cocktail party to end all Halloween cocktail parties, a pool party theme, or just a really sassy Halloween hang time with your sweetie, this costume is a luscious look that says that you are confident and totally committed to a fun holiday!You know what they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. And you’ve got it, girl! So, you’ll do just that, thank you very much, in this versatile, va-va-voom costume. Once you’re wearing the included black and white bunny ears, you can get two different looks from it–ranging from sizzlin’ hot to yowza!–depending on whether or not you choose to wear the flared skirt over the black bodysuit. Either way, add fishnet tights, high,high heels and a cane to this bunny’s black bow tie on white collar for a sexy formal look that says you’re not afraid to be yourself.

    $39.99 Playboy Bunny Costumes
  • Sexy Batgirl Costume

    Sexy Batgirl Costume

    While in the middle of an intense investigation to track down a criminal mastermind, or a vicious hand to hand brawl with some costumed goons, looking sexy is probably the last thing on your mind. Luckily, when you’re dishing out some Gotham City-style justice in this Sexy Batgirl Costume, you’ll look as hot as you do fierce!Like most superheroes, Batgirl has got a different bat-suit for any situation she might run into. She’s got a tough armored fighting costume, when Two Face’s henchmen need to be roughed up, a camouflaged uniform, in case she has to sneak into Poison Ivy’s jungle laboratory, and cold weather gear, for whenever Mr. Freeze is up to his old tricks again. Batgirl also keeps a secret weapon of a whole different kind in her Bat-wardrobe: a uniform designed to stop the crooks and villains of Gotham in their tracks! While keeping the classic bat theme, this costume is decidedly more seductive than her other bat-suits, which gives Batgirl the edge when those thugs let their guard down. Fighting in a skirt and high heels is as tough as it sounds, but the distracting, sassy flair they add are totally worth it.We don’t expect you to get into too many skirmishes when dressed as this masked vixen, but if you run into someone dressed as the Joker or some other Gotham City rogue, you won’t have any trouble taking them down. The stretchy black dress and matching gauntlets and boot tops give you a dangerously alluring look, and the cape and molded eye mask are as menacing as they are captivating. And once you’ve finished thwarting bad guys for the night, you’ll be perfectly dressed to stop for bat-cocktails, too!

    $54.99 Batgirl Costumes
  • Sexy Parisian Showgirl Costume

    Sexy Parisian Showgirl Costume

    Ah, turn-of-the-century Paris. It’s lasting nostalgic charm almost outshines the city’s actual modern-day charm. Sexy nightclubs and mysterious visitors make for a good story, and thinking about the Moulin Rouge days of Paris can transport us back instantly (even if we were never there, to begin with)!Take a trip to Paris with this sexy Parisian showgirl costume! You may not be French, but wearing some bold stripes and saying “Ooh la la” will convince even born-Parisians that you worked the night shift at the Moulin Rouge. This fun, the vintage-style costume comes with everything you need to rock a night on the town, Paris-style, this Halloween.The costume starts with a sexy fitted dress that’s flattering in all the right places. The top of the dress has a white inset under a black corset that has pink satin ribbon lacing for added detail. The striped skirt of the dress is open at center-front and is longer in the back, adding interest to the costume. A large pink bow fastens to the back of the skirt and the underskirt has an elastic waist with ties at each side so you can adjust the length to your liking. White sleeveless are gathered with elastic at the top and the black fingerless gloves have matching white ruffles. Top off the look with a matching striped mini top hat that has a satin band with a white feather and black netting. The perfectly unique way to finish off your unique costume!

    $44.99 Showgirl Costumes
  • Sexy Executioner Men's Costume

    Sexy Executioner Men’s Costume

    Ax Him No QuestionsHere’s a profession that doesn’t pop up at career fairs anymore. The thing is, because of the lack of public support for gallows these days, we’re losing all sorts of insider information that only executioners used to know. For example, no one can figure out how to pull off those cool masks they used to wear. Did they apply eyeliner under the eye holes to make themselves look extra intimidating to the condemned? Also, how did they deal with stage fright? Back in the day before television, people swarmed to public executions like it was the Super Bowl, so if the professionals on the gallows didn’t work their ax just right, all those rotten cabbages and tomatoes could be aimed at their leather hoods. So they had to get it right, or else. Executioners, however, are famously tight-lipped, kind of like magicians but scarier. So we don’t really have much of a record of what those executioners actually thought. Maybe we should assume that their grisly, intimidating leather outfits were the reason they could stay chill in front of a bunch of angry peasants. Product DetailsYou’ll look like the picture of strangely alluring terror when you throw on this belted tunic with its wet-leather look. The tunic is sleeveless and has pointed shoulders and an attached hood to keep your dark identity secret. While you’ll have to choose your own pants to pair with this look, the hood, gauntlets, and the ax are all included so you’ll be ready for your Medieval interview. End of the LineIf you’ve been looking through our costumes looking for something with a little flash that still makes people shiver in their boots, as befits Halloween then you’ve found your final destination. When you’re rocking this black ensemble, you’ll feel like a boss. There might not be a lot of demand for this profession anymore but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the gallant gallows look!

    $39.99 Executioner Costumes
  • Sexy Chucky Women's Costume

    Sexy Chucky Women’s Costume

    People have always said you have a lovely laugh. Or, is lovely what they said, maybe they said horrifying. Whichever one you’re going for, we’re sure you have it. We mean no disrespect, please don’t hurt us! The last thing we want to do is insult Chucky. Really, Chucky, you’re such a doll! With your red hair and unique sense of humor we find you very charming.The saga of Chucky has been echoing through the ages, or since the eighties, which is a while. Sparking fears of both redheads and dolls in generations of horror enthusiasts since, Chucky seemed to use his VooDoo charms to spawn a new genre. Something interesting happened to horror movies in the eighties, they were as twisted as ever but the gory antics began to morph into comedy somehow. Those twisted writers took some chances but it worked, somehow these wacky movies became classics. How many murderous dolls can you name? That’s right, the one, the only, Chucky. This doll is so popular he can’t seem to die. Every time you think he’s finished he finds another way to return.Now’s your chance to be his next reincarnation. He’s no feminist so we’ll see how he does as a lady but in every other way you’ll be sticking to his classic look. We brought back 80s style the rainbow shirt and classic “good guy” overalls. Slip into this costume and you’ll be Chucky the killer doll in no time. We dig it!

    $44.99 Chucky Costumes
  • Women's Sexy Marine Costume

    Women’s Sexy Marine Costume

    SEMPER FIOnce a Marine, always a Marine. That is the code. The code you chose to live by once you enter the specialized Marine training. You’ve always wanted to be as awesome as the people who could run those courses, and who risk their lives to keep the American people safe.You might not have the training of those brave men and women of the Marine Corps. But that shouldn’t stop you from showing your support. You already have the bumper stickers. You have the flag out front of your house. And you go to every veteran benefit dinner you can find, donating whatever you can to those who gave up so much. But you want to show your support in another way.You want to become (well, as close as you can) a United States Marine. This Women’s Sexy Marine Costume is for those of us who don’t have the time to go off to Marine training, or those of us who would end up washing out before we graduated. The form-fitting leotard romper will be comfortable if you are going to a party, or to a benefit dinner! You will be brandishing all the medals you would have surely been awarded should you have become a real Marine, and your Sargent bars will be proudly displayed on your shoulders. You’ll be dropping jaws when you saunter into the next veterans benefit dinner. Just grab some sleek red-striped Marine knee highs to complete the look!

    $69.99 Military Costumes
  • Womens Sexy Retro Stewardess Costume

    Womens Sexy Retro Stewardess Costume

    Do you remember the days when flying was a glamorous endeavor? Flight attendants were treated like movie stars and pilots were the rockstars of their day. Even though those days are long gone, flying can still be fun and enjoyable – even for the stewardess!Look like you just got off a plane in the early 1960s with this retro stewardess costume. You’ve been all over the world and now it’s time to have some fun! The first stop is drinks with the girls, and then it’s over to Pilot John’s party. After all, you deserve some fun when you fly the world the way the world wants to fly!This retro stewardess dress will transport you back to the time of great service, when flying was still a novelty and everyone wanted to be in on the action! The form-fitting turquoise pullover dress has wide, white lapels and is styled to look like a pencil skirt with a jacket. The classic pillbox hat has loops for bobby pins so you can securely fasten it to your hair for all night wear. The costume also includes a necktie that‚Äôs sewn to an elastic band so you don‚Äôt have to worry about tying a tie this Halloween! Top it all off with some added and essential details. Start with the plastic pilot‚Äôs wings flight pins that have an antique brass tone. Then add the mini satchel purse to store all of your necessities. The purse measures 9x7x2 – just big enough to fit everything you need for your next layover!

    $34.99 Pilot / Flight Attendant Costumes
  • Women's Sexy Hippie Costume

    Women’s Sexy Hippie Costume

    You or your grandparents have likely already started telling a few stories about the grand old days of the ‘70s. The colors, the music, the dance. Too often, we are all told that the days of the groovy past are long beyond us. But, half the point of bringing kids and grandchildren into the world are so we’ve finally got someone around who has to listen to our stories! And, some of those Disco Days make for spectacular stories.But, Disco wasn’t the only reason for those groovy days. Woodstock, peace and love, and the styling threads were at least as big as the glittering disco ball. Dozens of our favorite comedies make clear reference to the spectacular days, the styling threads, the grand colors, the peace and good will that came from a community ready to do little more than give a brand new meaning to being chill.Fortunately, now, you can do both at once. Relive some of your own best memories and bring the ‘70s right up into the modern day by transforming and stepping back into time with this Women’s Hippie Hottie costume. A nylon and spandex blend, you begin with a colorful flower power dress with long wide sleeves and bare shoulders. Accentuate the vivid colors with a tan fringe vest and a perfectly complementing headband. Complete the look with any of our optional accessories, a long blonde wig or matching fringe leggings, and you’ll be the dancing queen with flower power.

    $64.99 Hippie Costumes
  • Sexy School Teacher Costume

    Sexy School Teacher Costume

    Here is something you may not know: being a teacher isn’t glamorous. There are faculty meetings, parent-teacher meetings, hours spent making handouts that your students will inevitably leave on their desks or crumpled up on the floor, and even more hours of grading that can only be done in pajamas to be bearable.If you teach little kids, you have to monitor their snacks, remind them constantly that whatever mean thing they’ve just done is not how they would like to be treated by their friends, and deal with wailing breakdowns. Even worse, you could teach teenagers and have literally everything you bring in be deemed “not applicable to the real world,” whatever that means. So basically, teachers really really need to be able to feel glamorous from time to time and just let their hair down! This sexy school teacher costume is a must have for anyone who likes to be in charge of their own fun! Think of it as an extra credit assignment for your social life this Halloween.Just look at this costume! Go on, give it another read. Can you sense the major themes at work? Beauty, bold style…it is an A+ work of sassy-scholastic art. A body hugging gray dress, a black vest, and a sweet lil’ necktie all come together to plunge you into the teacherly life you wish you had. Take another look, does this look like the outfit of someone who graded thirty “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” essays? No, no it does not.

    $64.99 School Girl Costumes
  • Sexy Leopard Costume

    Sexy Leopard Costume

    A leopard is a leopard, and will never be a lion. But who cares. It’s better to be a leopard any way. A leopard can climb trees, and can leap up to 20 feet. And come on, a leopard is nocturnal. Way cooler than the lame day hunters. And just look at their cute little sleepy faces.You have always loved cats. Big cats. Small cats. Lions, tigers, panthers, and especially leopards. When you heard about the person who spent a decade slowly changing their body to become more like a leopard, you kind of wanted to do the same thing. Only less drastic. This lead to a closet full of spotted sweaters, leggings, and even underwear. But you don’t have much that makes you feel like the slinky big cat.No, a leopard can’t change their spots. But a girl can change her outfit. And this Sexy Leopard Costume will let you feel fierce like the spotted cats. You will be the life of every party (at least ones that happen at night) when you wear this body suit. You can prowl for your pray at the keg, or compare adorable headbands with your friends. Then as the sun comes up you can climb the three flights of stairs to your apartment for a nice long cat nap.

    $39.99 Leopard Costumes
  • Sexy Private School Costume

    Sexy Private School Costume

    This Halloween if you can pick between if you want to be a good girl or show off your bad side why not go with this sexy private school girl costume. Let people think you’re a bad girl with this sassy look and then turn around with smart answer when they are least expecting it. Like that moment after your European history teacher ask a question and it’s met with complete silence. Then, all of the sudden, you glance up from doodling and answer, “Versailles” like it was obvious the whole time. If you play your cards right, you are sure to keep everyone constantly confused. Some people might even see you as a goodie two shoes with your nerdy glasses and private school girl outfit. And sure, you seem pretty natural as you lean against a wall, reading “Catcher in the Rye”. And sure, you definitely know your chemistry. But the thing is, just because you’re smart it doesn’t mean you’re sweet as sugar. In fact, we think smarts naturally come with a bit of a bite. One thing is for sure since the dress is a little on the short side no one will confuse you for an angel this holiday which is a good thing, we’ve never known an angel that aced their ACTs. So, go ahead pick up this sexy costume to keep your rival math league off their game. After all, there’s nothing like showing up sassy to make people underestimate your genius. That’s right, this year you’re bringing home the gold!

    $39.99 School Girl Costumes
  • Sexy Leopard Costume

    Sexy Leopard Costume

    A leopard is a leopard, and will never be a lion. But who cares. It’s better to be a leopard any way. A leopard can climb trees, and can leap up to 20 feet. And come on, a leopard is nocturnal. Way cooler than the lame day hunters. And just look at their cute little sleepy faces.You have always loved cats. Big cats. Small cats. Lions, tigers, panthers, and especially leopards. When you heard about the person who spent a decade slowly changing their body to become more like a leopard, you kind of wanted to do the same thing. Only less drastic. This lead to a closet full of spotted sweaters, leggings, and even underwear. But you don’t have much that makes you feel like the slinky big cat.No, a leopard can’t change their spots. But a girl can change her outfit. And this Sexy Leopard Costume will let you feel fierce like the spotted cats. You will be the life of every party (at least ones that happen at night) when you wear this body suit. You can prowl for your pray at the keg, or compare adorable headbands with your friends. Then as the sun comes up you can climb the three flights of stairs to your apartment for a nice long cat nap.

    $39.99 Leopard Costumes
  • Women's Sexy Wonder Lady

    Women’s Sexy Wonder Lady

    You know what your favorite superheroes love? Makeovers! No, seriously; hear us out.Your beloved superheroes work really, really hard. Sometimes all that physical exertion, training, speeding through the air at full speed–it can really do a number on a hero’s looks. We know what you’re thinking: but in the movies, superheroes always look perfectly polished! But that’s just the magic of show biz, kid. Real life takes a toll on our favorite caped crusaders, and sometimes they can get down on themselves just like you and I. But we heard from our main gal herself that when she slipped into this Women’s Sexy Wonder Lady Costume, she felt like she had undergone a majorly positive transformation. She felt sexy for the first time in months and she highly recommends this outfit to give you a quick super-boost of confident energy. Yeah, it’s not an out fit that she’d fight crime soon but sometimes a gal just has to take care of herself!Once you wield the magic of this bra-and-shorts combo, there’s no telling just how powerful you can become. The cape snaps right onto the top to give you the same ease and flexibility that your old superhero costume offered, but the metallic hues and hot silhouettes will have you feeling like you’re flying high the moment you get them on. We think you look too good to even fight crime today. You may as well take a “personal day” and get a little R&R while you look so smokin’.

    $59.99 Wonder Woman Costumes
  • 60s Sexy Flower Power Costume

    60s Sexy Flower Power Costume

    Ever catch yourself daydreaming about the days when psychedelic music flooded people’s eardrums? Remember when people were focusing on love and peace instead of time and money? Harmony and unity were valued over dividing and conquering. If only there was a time machine to take us back to the good ole days‚Ķ well, we may just have the next best thing.Jump back to the psychedelic 60s with this Sexy Flower Power Costume! Capture the essence of that era with this vibrant outfit and give everyone a trip to the past when you enter the scene. With flowers and bright, colorful patterns covering this go-go dress, you‚Äôll leave people wondering what decade they woke up in that morning. Although this dress and headband combo is more than enough to complete your timeless transformation, feel free to add more fun accessories. We were thinking an awesome Peace Symbol necklace would go great with this outfit as well as a colorful pair of go-go boots! Once you‚Äôre all glammed out you‚Äôll be ready to spend an eternity at Woodstock. Your days can be filled with dancing to some tasty tunes and take breaks to lay back and watch the clouds pass by‚Ķ wow, sounds heavenly, doesn‚Äôt it?Well, since you have a job and responsibilities, this lifestyle probably isn‚Äôt quite right for you. However, with this Flower Power costume, you‚Äôll certainly look the part. Become a free spirit, even if only for a night, and remind people about the importance of love and peace!

    $24.99 Disco Costumes
  • Sexy Buckle Pirate Boots

    Sexy Buckle Pirate Boots

    What do all pirates have in common? That is, besides a surly disposition, a love of the sea, and an unquenchable hunger for booty (we mean treasure, obviously)? If you said ‚ÄúThey always pay off their gambling debts on time, and happily share their grog with their fellow pirates,‚Äù we honestly don’t know if that’s true or not, but we’re leaning toward not. The answer we were looking for is, ‚ÄúThey’re all fans of awesome pirate boots!‚Äù And not just regular old awesome pirate boots; but dashing, roguish boots with buckles all over them, just like these Sexy Buckle Pirate Boots! These fierce faux leather boots are the perfect footwear for pillaging and plundering your way across the high seas in style. The provocative heels and alluring cuffed tops are also a sassy look for strutting and shaking your booty around a costume dance party with your swashbuckling crew! We’ll leave it up to you to decide if we were still talking about ‚Äútreasure‚Äù that time.

    $59.99 Pirate Accessories
  • Plus Size Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume

    Plus Size Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume

    Cat’s Out of the BagYou sly cat, you little minx! Who knew someone as illustrious as you could look so delectable too?The wily is one of your most memorable characters from childhood tales—and why wouldn’t he be? He’s got class, mystery, and style that can’t be matched by anyone else in his land. He also enjoys playing a trick or two on unassuming passersby. Channel your inner mysterious feline this Halloween, but give the classic character a sassy twist. And why not? In this fun world, anything is possible!Design & DetailsThis exclusive Plus Size Sassy Storybook Cat Costume is the most tantalizing way to shake your kitty tail feathers everywhere you go. The purple and pink striped jersey dress has adjustable shoulder straps and a back zipper for a great fit. The neckline and hemline are edged with pink faux fur and the tail has an attached bow. The bodice of the dress has a purple broadcloth front inset with pink ribbon lacing along the constructed foam bust. A matching jersey shrug and wristlets with pink faux fur are also included to give the dress added detail. The thigh high stockings with matching striped print have ribbon bows at the top and the fur covered headband with ears completes the look. Add a little flash with the included faux leather choker with faux gem studs. NOTE: This fabric is quite stretchy. You don’t need to add 3 to 4 inches to your measurements. Also, the petticoat shown in the photo is sold separately so pick one up so you can have the full look that is pictured here.On Your WaySo now that you’ve got yourself this bold take on a classic costume, you’re ready to head out on a great adventure. We know you kitties aren’t all about pranks and trickery, nor do you live to give directions. Get up to some fun in this look! 

    $49.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Sexy Ninja Warrior Women's Costume

    Sexy Ninja Warrior Women’s Costume

    Suit up for battleAlright, alright. So. You’ve got a big-time heist planned out. You’re going to break into your opponents’ dojo to take back the ancient sword that was stolen from your father’s office. And that’s great. But we do have one teeny, tiny, piece of advice. Don’t take on this mission in your street clothes!You’re a ninja, after all, and that means you need to be dressing like a ninja. Like ASAP! It just so happens that we’re all to happy to help you out in that department. That’s right, all you’ll need is one of our ninja costumes, and we’ve got just the one, ready for you. It’s this Women’s Sexy Ninja Warrior Costume. Think it’s up for the task?Product DetailsA fierce style, this ninja costume will show off that you’re a top warrior. It’s styled as a hooded jumpsuit, along with a belt and drape, a pair of arm ties, a single leg tie, and a mask. The one-piece jumpsuit secures with a zipper in the front. The belt secures by tying it in the back, and it has an attached drape that’s printed with a mysterious logo. Just tie the arm and leg bands as desired, loop the mask bands behind your ears, and flip up the hood. You’ll instantly be ready to hit the streets in stealth mode!the Fun is in the fantasyWe’re all about encouraging you to try a new gig for Halloween, and if you’ve never thought about giving the martial arts a try, maybe this is the year for you to branch out! This Women’s Sexy Ninja Warrior costume is a great choice, but fact is, we’ve got plenty of stylish selections that will really let you show off your unique style. Peruse our entire selection of ninja costumes to make your selection, and probably take a look at toy weapons and accessories, too, so you’re fully equipped!

    $34.99 Ninja Costumes
  • Wickedly Sexy Witch Costume

    Wickedly Sexy Witch Costume

    People have been decrying about the terror of witchcraft for centuries, now. We’ve got so many different descriptions, though, that just about anything could fit in. Are we talking about old world hooded hags in the midst of forests who are cooking up human children? Perhaps green-skinned broom-flyers who have long feuds with another type that float around in magic bubbles with crystal pure wands? Maybe they’re made of wood and weigh as much as ducks? Well, figuring out witchcraft is dangerous business. If you know just a little too much, you might get possessed and brought to join the council yourself. (Of course, isn’t that the dream, anyway?)Just imagine… not only could you have the might of sorcery at your hands, but you’d also get to know some of the most famous of lasses in all of literature! We’ve come a long way since those days. Witchcraft is no longer an accusation made by everyone to anyone. Quite a bit rarer, though still equally whispered about in dark corners of our society. Of course… that was the plan, wasn’t it!? And now you just watch us struggle, amused by the shift in the power dynamic. You’re holding all the cards and we’re just dying to be invited to the table!So, show just how wicked your diabolical plans have become and slip into this wickedly sexy witch costume to prove that you’re the premier spellcaster on the block. The Witches’ Ball is coming up and you know there are going to be countless contenders for the crown of Witch Supreme. With this zip up dress and mesh yoke with wide hanging sleeves and the iconic conical hat with sequin fabric and brilliant buckle, you have the looks locked down! No one could argue, especially when a single wink from your enchanting eye sends them to their knees in worship.

    $39.99 Witch Costumes
  • Sexy Leopard Catsuit

    Sexy Leopard Catsuit

    Every year, thousands flock throughout the world to local party establishments to engage in a fierce competition. The contest pits people against robots against witches against human-animal hybrids and, each year, the competition is the perfect combination of fantastic and fierce. And, with the latest trend of Internet meme-based costumes, what direction are we to go? Well, we find that each year many trends come and go, but one remains eternally true… and millions of cat memes can’t be wrong, right!? What’s cuter than a cat-girl costume?Of course, the clever competitor knows that you cannot simply duplicate what others have done. Since the whole world knows that the whole world loves cats, you know that you need to step up your game. You’ve got to climb higher and achieve more than simply throwing on an Angry Cat mask or softly singing Soft Kitty. You need to not only climb higher in the competition for the ultimate cat costume… but higher on the food chain, itself! After all, you’ve got nine lives and need to live each of them to the fullest!And, the best way to climb higher on the food chain is by stepping up and claiming dominance over all you see. And, that is where we can come pouncing with a purrfect answer. With this Sexy Leopard Catsuit, you can transform into a true predator and leave your deer-in-the-headlight competition begging for mercy. Slip into his polyester spandex, form-fitting V-neck jumpsuit and wag your bendable stuffed tail to let your onlookers know exactly where they sit in the pecking order. The bell choker and stuffed ears might make you look dainty, but these leopard spots will make you ready to roar in victory.

    $49.99 Leopard Costumes
  • Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume

    Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume

    As a highly in demand fashion designer ,you‚ re renown comes for putting your own little twists on the classics. So we ask you: why should Halloween be any different?A little high seas subterfuge never hurt anyone‚ but neither did a little high fashion. You get to become the daring and dashing pirate lass of your stylish dreams when you hit the deck of the boat party in this Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume. While you look lovely‚Äîimpeccably styled‚Äîwhat is hiding beneath the surface of this ensemble is actually a cunning rogue ,ready to have her fill of whatever types of riches she can set her hands on. Ad while real life pirates may not have been exactly scintillating (months at sea without a shower?) ,you‚ ve managed to add your signature oomph to even the most iconic of looks. We applaud you for opting for this put-together and positively polished lady pirate look ,and we are humbled by your good taste. Your gal pals will turn green‚Äînot from seasickness ,but from envy‚Äîthat they didn‚ t snatch this sassy costume up first! They‚ ll ooh and ah over the way this outfit‚ s dainty ivory dress with lace trim plays against the formfitting black faux leather corset. Vixen. Mostly ,they‚ ll admire how you styled it with all the perfect accessories for what is in-argh-uably the best look on the high seas.

    $124.99 Sexy Pirate Costumes