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  • Pastease Red Heart Pasties

    Pastease Red Heart Pasties

    Forget the SleeveAre you the type who wears your heart everywhere and anywhere people can see it? You don’t only stick with your sleeve. You wear your heart on your backpack, on your shorts, and on your raincoat. Hey, now you can even wear your heart when you’re not wearing anything else! Because no matter what you’re thinking, you deserve to flaunt your feelings. And if those are all feelings of love, well, good on you! Product DetailsWearing a sheer look and want to make it street legal? Maybe you just want to add a secret element to your Cupid costume. Maybe you’ll wear these reusable pasties for both occasions! These sparkly pasties are just under two inches in diameter. Latex-free and hypoallergenic, these pasties work on all sorts of people. And as they’re water resistant, the hearts aren’t going to fall off if you start sweating or it starts raining. Just stick them on, savor the sparkle and you’re good to go!A Heart ApartFeeling the love? Feel it to your core with these lovely sparkly heart pasties! The glitz and glamour are perfect for Valentines themed costumes or free festival looks. And if you’re wearing a scantily clad ensemble you don’t have to worry about giving anyone the slip. If you’re going to keep your bases covered, you might as well do it with heart!

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  • Red Sequin High Heels

    Red Sequin High Heels

    It’s crazy where you can go in the right pair of shoes. Sure, you might not want to wander across a strange land when you’re balancing on five inches but you just might find that shoes with a little more flash will open up a variety of doors. For instance, have you ever gotten caught outside of the gates of the Emerald City and some guy in a ridiculous hat won’t let you in? Well, a pair of sparkly shoes might just be that confidence booster you need to talk your way into the presence of the all-knowing wizard!We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that these shoes have what you’ll need to get you where you need to go. As long as that doesn’t include walking long distances. They are quite fabulous, every inch is covered in red sequins. The toe is squared up with a large shiny bow for the extra classy twist. So, whether you’re wearing these heels with a blue gingham dress or a sassy black number if you feel like these shoes are taking your life up a notch just go with it, they’ll always take you home again!

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  • Women's Red Baby Doll Heels

    Women’s Red Baby Doll Heels

    You’ve got the stylish threads ready. Whether you’ve gone the route of the harlequin hottie, the Wicked Witch of the East, the femme fatale, the anime warrior, or even the innocent doll who is most certainly going to wake up shortly and murder the entire population of three cities in all directions, the only thing left before tackling your greatest designs is to make sure that you have all the right accessories. Hair? Weaponry? Magical familiars? Of course, the most crucial step is the right shoes!It is tough to find the right balance in look and comfort, but we have you covered… and your feet, too, with these Women’s Red Baby Doll Heels. Made of faux patent leather, they have the perfect sultry luster and inner pink lining that will easily match any gorgeous garb you wish to pair it with. Non-slip textured soles keep you upright even when conjuring mysterious magic or avoiding those unintended bloody pools. And, the fashion forward ankle strap gives you the perfect accent. Bonus! The right shoe for every occasion and these baby doll heels are right for all occasions.

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  • Blue and Red Clown Shoes

    Blue and Red Clown Shoes

    We understand that clowns are supposed to be creatures of comedy. Actors going over-the-top with slapstick for a few laughs. But some of us have also watched movies where the clown is a psycho. So while half of the office smiles at even the mention of a clown’s shoes, the other half is covering their eyes and trying to avoid talking about it.Regardless of your clown bias, if you’re dressing the part you’ll need all the accessories. And one item that definitely shouldn’t be forgotten is the clown shoes. A clown with normal shoes is hardly a clown at all. Here we have Blue and Red Clown Shoes that are ridiculously long with big bulbous toes. And even if we tell you they have non-slip soles, we’re pretty sure some of you clowns are going to be tripping anyway. But that’s okay. We …well only some of us… will love you anyway.

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  • Red Sequin High Heels

    Red Sequin High Heels

    It’s crazy where you can go in the right pair of shoes. Sure, you might not want to wander across a strange land when you’re balancing on five inches but you just might find that shoes with a little more flash will open up a variety of doors. For instance, have you ever gotten caught outside of the gates of the Emerald City and some guy in a ridiculous hat won’t let you in? Well, a pair of sparkly shoes might just be that confidence booster you need to talk your way into the presence of the all-knowing wizard!We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that these shoes have what you’ll need to get you where you need to go. As long as that doesn’t include walking long distances. They are quite fabulous, every inch is covered in red sequins. The toe is squared up with a large shiny bow for the extra classy twist. So, whether you’re wearing these heels with a blue gingham dress or a sassy black number if you feel like these shoes are taking your life up a notch just go with it, they’ll always take you home again!

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  • Child's Red Cape

    Child’s Red Cape

    It’s been years and still the greatest debate of the modern world continues to rage on. Scientific research remains inconclusive on both sides, and it has torn entire nations apart. Will there ever be a perfect answer to the capes or no capes debate? The world may never know. We’ve always taken the side of capes. They look classy, and can be used for all sorts of sweet things whether it be looking awesome when you’re flying around, or shielding yourself from bullets. Let’s see a non-caped superhero do that! Are you with us, young hero? Will you don this great red cape of justice, and show your support for your cloaked comrades? You could customize this one any way you like! Will you put a giant logo on it? Maybe just a few sick racing stripes. We’ll provide the red base, and let your imagination do the rest, new recruit! No matter what, you’ll have way more style than those silly heroes who only wear spandex.

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  • Adult Red Ranger Mask Power Rangers

    Adult Red Ranger Mask Power Rangers

    This is a Power Rangers Adult Red Ranger Mask.

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  • Adult Red Baymax Inflatable Costume

    Adult Red Baymax Inflatable Costume

    In the futuristic city of San Fransokyo, anything is possible! It may sound cheesy at first, but once you see how awesome an inflatable robot looks with a couple upgrades and some cool friends that believe in him, you’ll just start cheering him on! Or, you can become the awesome crime busting bot in this Red Baymax Inflatable Costume, which is even cooler than cheering!In the thrilling Disney movie Big Hero 6, Baymax starts out as a robot that’s programmed to be a medical helper, but his talents are little limited until he’s upgraded by his pal, Hiro, to help him stop an evil plot. Then, he really gets to show off what he’s capable of! What is he capable of, exactly? Glad you asked! He has a rocket-powered fist that he can launch at bad guys, he is covered in hi-tech armor to protect his squishy balloon body, and he’s also fully programmed in a wide variety of fighting styles. Oh, did we also mention that he can fly!?! So yeah, we guess you could say that Baymax turned into a pretty cool dude (even if he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of ‚Äúfist bumps‚Äù yet)What better way to turn into a cool inflatable robot than in an inflatable robot costume? This officially licensed outfit makes you look just like the big friendly robot when he’s in his superhero armor. There is even a battery powered fan attached to keep the bodysuit full while you wear it, to give you Baymax’s plush build. Villains of San Fransokyo (or of your costume party) don’t stand chance when you’re in this wicked super suit!

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  • Women's Fiery Lil' Red Costume

    Women’s Fiery Lil’ Red Costume

    My, what large teeth you have.Granny sure has changed a lot since the last time you saw her. She really needs a shave, and a nail clipping. Those things look like claws. Guess that’s just what happens when you get old. It’s weird though, we would have expected to see the wolf on our way here. Wonder where he is.We know we aren’t supposed to, but we kind of like to see the wolf. It’s thrilling. In a forbidden kind of way. He looks so strong, and powerful, and kind of like he would rip our hearts out. Don’t worry we wont go near him, we heard what he did to those three little pigs, and their houses. But it doesn’t stop us from wondering what he is really like, beneath the fangs.Next time you need to go to Granny’s house, put on this Woman’s Fiery Lil’ Red Costume. You never know who you will meet on the way. Or at her house for that matter. The red of the costume will help you stand out so nothing happens to you. Don’t forget your basket either. You don’t want to show up to Granny’s house empty handed. Besides you never know what you might need if you run into the wolf in the woods. He might just take some of your yummy cookies, and leave you alone. But then again, he might think you look better than any cookie ever could.

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  • Men's Power Rangers Red Ranger Muscle Costume

    Men’s Power Rangers Red Ranger Muscle Costume

    Red Leader, Standing ByThe Mighty Morphin Power Rangers may have the skills and the powers to go toe to toe with Rita Repulsa and her minions, but every good team needs a leader. Someone needs to take command, execute the battle plans, rally the troops, and make sure everything runs smoothly. That’s the role tailored for the Red Ranger.Why the Red Ranger? Well, according to classic Japanese kabuki, the color red always indicates the hero, or leader of the story and the original idea for the Power Rangers comes from Japan. That means they incorporated some of their traditional color values into the outfits of the rangers. That’s why the Red Ranger is usually the leader of the team!Product DetailsDo you think you’re ready to lead? Then you’re going to need the uniform of a born leader! You’re going to need this Adult Red Ranger Costume. It’s officially licensed from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, so you can feel confident in your role of leader when you wear it. The top portion has muscle padding in the chest and arms, so you can look like one buff Ranger when you wear it. No trips to the gym necessary to get that strong, heroic physique! It also comes with a Red Ranger mask that helps you achieve that battle-ready look of the iconic leader. Of course, it also comes with the T-Rex Morpher belt to solidify your role as the Red Ranger. The only thing missing from this costume is the T-Rex Megazord!Evil is No Match for YouWhen you dress up in this Power Rangers Red Ranger costume, you should have no problem taking the lead in the battle against evil. Be sure to pair up with the Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink Rangers to assemble the original team that started it all! Even Lord Zedd won’t be a match for you!

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  • Santa's Red Toy Sack

    Santa’s Red Toy Sack

    HOLIDAY MAGICFinding the right bag to accessorize your bright and cheery outfit can be near impossible. You often have to check several stores and, even then, you’re only going to be settling for something that is close. And the cost? Ugh; there go the holidays! But, with a little luck and a dash of the magic of the holiday season, you might be lucky enough to land a tote that not only looks the part but can hold all the things that you require. Maybe even more! Well, it’s your lucky day. DESIGN & DETAILSKnow that we’ve got your back when you’ve got this Santa’s Toy Sack on yours! This super large bag is made of red velvet, white faux fur, and a large golden drawstring cord. The bag itself has dimensions of 26″ by 30″ which allow you to carry around almost anything you need. We can’t promise any Mary Poppins style extra-dimensional qualities, but we can sure wish to Santa that yours will be the lucky one! UNIQUE OR COMPLETE?If you’re putting together a Santa look, obviously you’re not going to be able to go anywhere and be convincing without the iconic red toy sack. Of course, even if you’re not a Santa, who wouldn’t love to stand out with this kind of tote bag?

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  • Girls Red Peasant Dress Costume

    Girls Red Peasant Dress Costume

    Old SchoolIs your girl old school? No, like really old school. We’re not talking neon bracelets, fanny packs, and teased hair kind of old school. We’re talking making candles, churning butter, and watching knights joust. Maybe she even uses archaic phrases like “ye olde” and “huzzah” around the house! Perhaps she’s even been complaining about the king and his blasted taxes! Yes, your little girl has a penchant for all things Renaissance, so it’s only natural that you’d want to take her to the Renaissance Festival this year. That, of course, requires a little bit of preparation!To really get into the spirit of the ye olden times, your young lass is going to need an outfit that makes her feel a part of the time period. With this girl’s red peasant dress, she’s sure to feel right at home when you traverse the fairgrounds in this truly “old school” kind of look!Design & DetailsOur costume designers love everything Renaissance, which is why they spent plenty of time crafting this girl’s red peasant dress. The simple design looks great on any girl trying to look her best during a trip to the fair. It comes with a peasant top blouse with cap sleeves and it even features elastic in the arms and neckline. It also comes with a red vest that has riveted lace and gold ribbon accents. Finally, the yellow skirt has an elastic band in the waist for fitting. The pieces combine for a look that should please any young lass with a taste for Medieval fashion!Great for Plays Too!Whether you’re looking for a great costume for a school play or you have an old school kind of girl getting ready for the Renaissance Festival, this simple outfit will do the trick! Of course, we have plenty of adult peasant outfits to match, just in case you’re feeling a little old school as well. 

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  • Adult Red Lace Devil Mask

    Adult Red Lace Devil Mask

    Who do you want to be at the next big masquerade? Do you want to give off a mysterious look, or is a more sexy, seductive vibe what you’re after? Your choice of mask could go a long way toward influencing your style, so you’ll want to choose carefully! A lighter, whimsically styled mask might make you look more innocent, but a darker, more angular one might give you a bit of a sinister twist. There’s no telling what might happen after you have made your choice! If you’re wanting to turn everyone’s heads when you arrive to the party, you’ll want to bring this Red Lace Devil Mask along with you. This devious eye mask is covered with lacy red details, and has black lace trim around the edges. The sides of the mask taper up to points, like little horns to give you a devilish look. This mask stays in place with attached clear glasses frames, so they come off easily if you decide to reveal your identity. This is the perfect accessory for having some mischievous undercover fun!

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  • Child Red & Green Striped Tights

    Child Red & Green Striped Tights

    Looking for the perfect accessories for your little elf. When you’re working at the North Pole, the details count a lot. Ask any elf you meet! Don’t get us wrong, it’s a cheery environment. Every elf expresses themselves in different ways. But you can be sure that they take holly and jolly very seriously. There’s not a black stocking or a boring beige cardigan to be seen. So, if your kid is going elf, you might as well go all the way!These red and green striped tights are just the thing to make your child at home in the North Pole. Paired with some curved shoes and a cute elf dress, they would surely make Santa Claus proud. Now, all your kiddo needs to do is memorize the all the songs in the Christmas carol canon. Hey, who knows, if your child plays their cards right they just might get promoted to head toy painter!

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  • Flashing Red Nose

    Flashing Red Nose

    We’ve always wondered why it was universally decided to have all clowns wear a red nose instead of any other color. Is there something about red that is much funnier than purple, orange, or even green? As it turns out, the red makes the nose stand out and look comically larger when up against the white makeup on the rest of the face. That got a little too scientific for us so if you find a funnier reason (they are clowns after all) please be sure to let us know! For now you can look even sillier with this red blinking clown nose. Just flick on the switch and not only will you have a giant red ball for a nose, but it will also light up for an even more fun look. Not really a fan of clowns? This nose works perfectly for a Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer costume as well! We definitely know why that nose is so important!

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  • Adult Red Maharaja Turban

    Adult Red Maharaja Turban

    Being the benevolent ruler of the land can be a tough job. Long hours, constant travel, and being blamed for everything bad that happens to your people can take its toll. But there are plenty of perks that come with being the maharaja to help make up for all the stress. Your living arrangements are much nicer than everyone else’s, and you get to dine on some of the finest food in the world. But the best part of being a great ruler is obvious: the dashing head wear that comes with the job! Now you can elevate your kingly costume to the appropriate level with this Red Maharaja Turban! This accessory hat is made of cloth-wrapped foam so it is easy to put on, and features gold trim and accents for a properly royal look. A matching scarf comes attached to the back of the turban that can be wrapped around your neck or draped over your shoulder at your whim. This costume turban is the one-step way to show everyone that you are in charge here!

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  • Deluxe Velvet Cape w/ Red Satin Lining

    Deluxe Velvet Cape w/ Red Satin Lining

    What’s the first thing they teach you at the Oxford School for Vampires? Dress the part! You’d think that wouldn’t be the suggestion. You’d think they would encourage subtlety but it’s hard to find pleasure in stalking a victim down a perfectly picturesque cobblestone passageway when you’re dressed in a boring outfit made up of jeans and a t-shirt. No, you’ve given up daylight and silver jewelry for this lifestyle, you’ve got to make the most of it. So, next time you’re heading out to the haunt and want to add a little color to your midnight wardrobe don’t forget the vampire standard, red satin. Yes, it lines capes as well as it lines coffins. With its soft texture and rich color, it might even give the illusion of a blush to your lifeless cheeks! Layer it over the rest of your spooky attire to give your sudden appearance that extra dramatic flair. It’s Oxford School for Vampire approved! 

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  • Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe Infant Costume

    Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe Infant Costume

    This is a Deluxe Little Red Riding Hood Infant Costume.

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  • Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe Infant Costume

    Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe Infant Costume

    This is a Deluxe Little Red Riding Hood Infant Costume.

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  • Women's Captivating Miss Red Costume

    Women’s Captivating Miss Red Costume

    Walking alone in the woods with a basket full of food probably isn’t the best idea ever. Aside from attracting numerous woodland critters and bugs (and probably violating more than a couple food safety guidelines), we’ve also read Little Red Riding Hood. We know what else happens. An anthropomorphic wolf will follow you, sneak into your grandmother’s house, eat her, and then dress up in her nightgown to lure you into a false sense of security. No way, Jos√©. We’re not falling for that one and neither should you. That’s why you should head to an awesome party while wearing this Captivating Miss Red Costume, instead of wandering through the woods by yourself! This women’s costume is a slightly dark take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood look. With a satin skirt, deep reds, and black accents, it’s the kind of outfit that, fairy tale characters, wandering wolves, and most party goers will love. The long satin hooded cape gives you an air of alluring mystery, and further lace accents help add that storybook feel to the outfit, so you’ll still give off the “on my way to grandma’s house” vibe. It’s a style that looks good with stockings and heels if you’re going for a classic “Red” flair, or with boots if you’re feeling a bit edgier. You can still bring a basket full of goodies, which will make you the star of any party. You might have to keep your eyes peeled for any wolves hanging out at the party, though; we hear they can be pretty tricky to spot!

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  • Clifford the Big Red Dog Adult Costume

    Clifford the Big Red Dog Adult Costume

    The Mysterious RedPlease allow us to blow your mind for a moment…what if Clifford wasn’t a big red dog? What if he were a big blue dog instead? Or crazier yet, what if he were a big blue cat? Also… why is Clifford red? We’re not as confused about his size as we are about his color. His size can be explained. Perhaps the pup ingested a magic potion? Totally feasible! But how in the world did he get his fire-engine red fur?Oh well, it doesn’t matter how Clifford got his vibrant red coat because Clifford’s most lovable trait isn’t his appearance; it’s his personality. Even if Clifford were bright blue, or lime green, or banana yellow, or dark purple, Clifford would still be a loyal friend to Emily Elizabeth and we would still consider him the best all-around pet.Design & DetailsIf you want to experience life as the best pet in (perhaps) the history of pets and you’re also curious about what it would feel like to look in the mirror and see a big red dog, then this is the costume for you. Our exclusive Clifford the Big Red Dog costume changes adults into a spectacular sight of epic proportions. Just step inside the hooded suit with attached mitts and shoe covers, zip it up, and set out on an adventure of your own. Create your own story. We think the title Clifford Goes to A Halloween Party is perfect!The Fun Adventure: SolvedAdmittedly, there isn’t much mystery when it comes to the tales of Clifford. He’s delightful, fun, and admittedly giant. Where the bright red fur came from isn’t so crucial as the fact that he’s full of fun. You can be part of the whole story with this Clifford costume! And, for once, the size might be just right. 

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  • Deluxe Red Hot Pants

    Deluxe Red Hot Pants

    So when you’re wearing that daring skirt the last thing you want to worry about is a wardrobe malfunction. It can happen so easily. There’s the case of the rough gust of wind. Then there’s the case of a truly funky beat coming on, how are you supposed to control your sweet dance moves? Honestly? You shouldn’t have to. These fiery red hot pants not only keep you covered but they do it with style. There’s no reason that your backup coverage should be boring, a little slippage is normal, why be shy about it? These shorts will go with your confident costume demeanor. Would that saucy sailor you’re dressing as wear boring black shorts? We don’t think so. How about that can-can dancer that you’re going out as? Definitely not, in fact, we think that dancer would love these hot pants. Being confidently covered is handy but it certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

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  • Women's Ruffled Red Riding Hood Costume

    Women’s Ruffled Red Riding Hood Costume

    Walking in the woods can be dangerous times for those who aren’t sure of their way. The stories of Red Riding Hood do not usually end especially happily. Sure, the Woodsman generally shows up at the end and takes care of any dastardly bad wolves who might have just tricked and eaten anyone’s grandmothers, but that hardly sounds like an enjoyable visit in even the best of situations! The tales of the Little Red Riding Hood are ones of curiosity gone wrong, of the dangers of the wilderness.However, Little Red Riding Hood has changed a good deal in the years since her childish romp in the wood and definitely learned to recognize wolfish behavior. She’s also learned to update her look and the red is no longer a shade of innocence and the pursued victim. Red is now the color of the huntress! Grown up, Red Riding Hood is more a force to be reckoned with and, this time, it is the wolf that should be watching for you and the Woodsman only gets to tag along if you feel like inviting him.Show the changing times in this Women’s Ruffle Red Riding Hood costume. This one-piece dress of polyester satin is skillfully crafted to look like a corset vest over a peasant blouse, so you get all the look with half the work. The bodice is made of velvet and has ribbon appliqués arranged in a crossing pattern to look like the corset lacing. But, it is the many tiers of satin ruffle in the skirt that truly makes this Little Red Riding Hood come out of the woods. Complete your look with the satin hooded cape with bright ribbon ties and you are ready to know exactly why everyone’s eyes are so big. Bring along a few additional accessories to ensure your night is a victory—we might recommend a wicker basket and, just perhaps, an axe of your own.

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  • Red Glitter Makeup

    Red Glitter Makeup

    This is Red Glitter Makeup.

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  • Red Devil Horns

    Red Devil Horns

    Give yourself a devilish good look this Halloween with these devil horns. Because once you wear these you’ll be able to let loose your mischievous side. So let your All Hallows Eve be filled filled with tricks rather than treats with this accessory. Oh, my good-word! Did you just sprout horns? We knew you were mischievous, but never expected this. Good thing they are detachable! Can you imagine trying to hide horns under hats the rest of you life for job interviews. Sure, you would look awesome, but a top-hat just isn’t your devilish style. It would be really tough to find a hat that didn’t get horn holes from wear. Non-the less you really scared us! You can bring out your inner devil with the Red Devil Horns! The red horns have black accents to bring out the scary side for Halloween. You don’t need any glue or special make-up to apply the horns. The horns come with a clear locking device that secures the horns to the head. Get ready to bring your mischievous self to the next Halloween party.

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  • Child Red Ninja Master Costume

    Child Red Ninja Master Costume

    Being a ninja seems like it would be a great career choice. You get to wear sweet costumes, duck around in the dark, and fight for the good guys. That’s every kid’s dream, isn’t it? We think that being a ninja would be the coolest thing ever. Nothing better than slinging around nunchucks and putting bad guys in their place!Even if being a ninja isn’t a good long-term career, it still makes for a fun dress-up opportunity! Get your child excited to go out this Halloween with a fun and authentic ninja costume. It’s affordable and fun, so they can use it for any day play, not just Halloween!Become part of the fierce ninja avengers in this Child Red Ninja Master Costume. Pair it with a ninja weapon for the complete warrior look that kicks butt! This kids ninja costume has all of the essential gear your child needs to become a fierce ninja this Halloween. The pullover shirt has long sleeves and the matching pants have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit all night long. The included vest has self-fabric ties at the back of the neck for an adjustable fit and the vest front has a lion emblem printed on it. The ninja hood covers the entire head except for the eyes (after all, your child has to be able to see their target, right?). If red isn’t your color, we also have black, green, blue, and white versions. You can even help your child team up with other ninjas for a fun group costume.

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  • Men's Red Satin Ruffle Shirt

    Men’s Red Satin Ruffle Shirt

    Picture the cover of a romance novel. The sun is rising on a gray stone shoreline. A voluptuous, disheveled heroine clings to the muscled legs of a handsome man. His boots are shiny, pants are tight, his long hair is blowing in the wind of the oncoming storm. And his shirt, well, his shirt is ruffled. Satin, ruffled shirts have been a favorite of heroes for a long time. Why wouldn’t they want to encase those pecs in layers of satiny softness? If you want to save the damsel in distress, get the gold, and show that scoundrel who’s boss, this is the shirt you’re going to want to wear. This shirt says, “I’m here now, everything is going to be all right”. Unless the shirt is talking to the scoundrel. Then the shirts saying, “You’ll pay for what you’ve done, you dog”. Talk about versatility!

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  • Red Pimp Costume

    Red Pimp Costume

    Ah, zebra stripes. The envy of all. Nothing says class like wearing some faux zebra stripe as you strut down the boulevard. “Hey,” it says, “I’m better than you because I’m zebra stripes and you’re something boring.” Obviously the perfect choice for any pimp ready to flash his wealth in front of the common people. When it comes to pimping, we’re told it ain’t easy. And the outfit makes the man. So if you want to convey your high pimp status, you’ll need this outfit. And if you ever run into a herd of zebra, angry that you’ve taken one of their kind for your clothing? Well, you just look those zebras in the eye and you remind them who’s boss. It’s you and you’ve got the velvet and zebra suit to prove it. Those zebra better scram if they don’t want to end up as your rug.Besides the zebra stripes, we’re talking about crushed velvet. Yes, crushed. None of this faux non-crushed velvet. Pssh, yeah right! You wouldn’t be caught dead in non-crushed velvet, and if any of your pimp friends saw you in it, you’d be the laughingstock of the neighborhood. No, you paid extra to have your velvet crushed so it’s nice and soft for the ladies. And you don’t even leave out the hat when it comes to that crushed velvet. Yeah, some lesser pimps wouldn’t bother to velvet and zebra stripe their hat, because they’re not true pimps. You? You know better. You put velvet and zebra on everything. It sends a clear message, just like you while you swing that cane. Big pimpin’.

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  • Styleable Fever Khloe Neon Red Wig

    Styleable Fever Khloe Neon Red Wig

    There is little more memorable in the world of cinema and even real life than bright, vivid, passionate colors. When those colors are affixed to a person and some style added‚Ķ is it even possible not to steal the whole of the room‚Äôs attention? We think not and can still remember the first time we saw Jessica Rabbit flip her virtually glowing, long hair in her dance routine. And, let‚Äôs not forget a few other lasting images‚Ķ a passionate fire priestess‚Ķ a brilliant if unconventional Irish princess… the list goes on!But, the realm of film and cartoon is not the only place to find hair so bright it might light up the social room. You, too, can don this Fever Khloe Neon Red wig and command all attention with your virtually supernatural hues. Even better, this professional quality and heat resistant wig is able to be styled, allowing you to change up your look and land anywhere from feisty princess to feisty performer to feisty sorceress. ‚Ķ It‚Äôs possible to not be feisty, we think, but why would you with all eyes on you!?

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  • Red Glitter Mini Top Hat

    Red Glitter Mini Top Hat

    There are so many good reasons to wear a hat, that if you’re not wearing one right now, you should probably go find one and start wearing it. They keep the bright sun out of our eyes, or the frigid wind at bay. The reasons aren’t all strictly practical, though, as adding the right hat to your costume can also spice up your look in no time!If you’re looking to add a lot of sass to your costume in a small package, this Red Glitter Mini Top Hat is the absolute tops! Everyone knows how standard black top hats will class up any outfit, and this little number can do that at half the size. The secret is the shimmering red color and matching mesh vale that can go over your face to add a bit of mystique. It’s the perfect cherry on top of your fiery fashionista or devilish diva costume!

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