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  • Light Up Wood Jack-O-Lantern Face Pumpkin Decor

    Light Up Wood Jack-O-Lantern Face Pumpkin Decor

    This is a Wood Light Up Jack-O-Lantern Face Pumpkin Decor.

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  • Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration 5'

    Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration 5′

    This is a 5′ Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration.

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  • Mens David S. Pumpkins Costume

    Mens David S. Pumpkins Costume

    What’s the Deal With Pumpkins?Who is David S. Pumpkins? We’re not sure. Where did he come from? No one really knows, aside from those skeletons that are always dancing next to him. What’s with the dancing skeletons? It’s a mystery. Why does he like pumpkins so much? We think it has something to do with his last name, but we really can’t confirm or deny that. So then, what does the S stand for? Okay, here’s a question that we CAN answer. It’s Simon. David Simon Pumpkin. Why do we like him so much? You know, we don’t really have a good answer for that.Despite not much being known about Mr. Pumpkins, he is totally amazing. You either look past all of the questions and get it… or you stare at him and just wonder what the big deal is. This David S. Pumpkins costume is for those who get it. Everyone else? Well, they can just look at this costume making a weird face while mumbling, “I don’t quite get it.”Product DetailsThis costume is an officially licensed outfit based on the Saturday Night Live character. The jacket is black and has plenty of orange pumpkins on the exterior. It has buttons in the front, but everyone knows that the real David likes to keep it loose and open. He’s a casual guy. The matching pants continue the flow of the outfit and have an elastic band in the waist for fitting. The tie adds the finishing zing to the costume, so you’ll be ready to give every a solid Halloween thumbs up this year.Dancers in the MixOf course, it’s hard to be David S. Pumpkins without some skeletons dancers in the mix. Make sure you find a couple of friends to dress up as your beat boy crew to get the full effect. Not everyone will get what’s going on, but that’s all a part of the David S. Pumpkins fun!

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  • Teal Trick or Treat Pumpkin

    Teal Trick or Treat Pumpkin

    This is a Teal Trick or Treat Pumpkin.

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  • Pumpking Hands: 12Ft Hanging

    Pumpking Hands: 12Ft Hanging

    Seasonally SpookyWhat’s your favorite scary movie? What do you crave when that first bite of cold hits the night air when autumn rolls around? Do you want to curl up in front of the television and watch a monster flick? Or maybe you stay up late reading classic Victorian ghost stories. Everyone has a different taste for the scary side of life. Why not spread that macabre type of joy with outdoor Halloween decor that’ll really stand out in any landscape. The shrieks from delighted Halloween revelers are a great payoff for your eerie investment.Product DetailsThis frightful pumpkin king is sure to set the tone in your yard. The horrendous pumpkin face glares down on passers-by with a sharp wide grin. A tattered poncho hangs from the shoulders while aged hands peek out of the sleeves as if they’re ready to reach out and grab and trick-or-treaters that get too close!Don’t Lose Your GourdYou already love carving a pumpkin into a smiling jack-o-lantern now you can also add a pumpkin that’s ready to go year after year to your decor. With a spooky smile that never fades, you’ll be ready to get ghastly as soon as the leaves start to change!

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  • Round Orange 6" Tall Pumpkin Decoration

    Round Orange 6″ Tall Pumpkin Decoration

    The Perfect PumpkinIt’s tough picking out the perfect pumpkin. Once you get to the patch, you have to scour through hundred of orange squash to select the best one. Some are too tall. Others are way too wide. Some have weird splotches on the sides and few even smell a little… overripe. It can be a fun process, but sometimes we just wish that we could get the perfect pumpkin, year after year, without the constant struggle…Well, that’s where this Round Orange Pumpkin Decoration comes into play.Product DetailsThis perky little pumpkin is made out of molded plastic, which means this little decoration never goes bad. You can store it in your closet year after year! It’s about 6 inches tall and has a 7.5-inch diameter. It features a bright orange paint job to recreate the look of a perfect pumpkin. It adds a great splash of color to your autumn decor theme and is a must-have for Halloween parties!Skip the PatchIf you don’t have the time to head to the pumpkin patch, or if you just don’t want to deal with the mess of cleaning up pumpkins after Halloween, then just give this perfect pumpkin decoration a try this Halloween season.

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  • Orange 7.5" Tall Pumpkin Decoration

    Orange 7.5″ Tall Pumpkin Decoration

    Reality vs. ExpectationGetting a real pumpkin always seems like a great idea. Of course, the reality of the whole situation doesn’t always match up to the expectation. First, you have to make sure you head out the pumpkin patch early! If you don’t all of the good pumpkins will be taken and you might end up with a soggy, misshapen pumpkin. Then, there’s cleanup. Once you’re all done with the pumpkin, you need to dispose of it properly before it starts to become a stinky mess!No thanks! Why not just skip all of that hassle by picking up this Orange Pumpkin Decoration?Product DetailsThis Orange Pumpkin is made out of molded plastic and is shaped into the perfect pumpkin! It’s around 7.5 inches tall and it features a realistic paint job, so it looks just like the real thing. And the best part about this pumpkin is that it never goes bad! You can just store it in the closet until Halloween next year to add a touch of autumn style to your home.Skip the Messy Real PumpkinJust skip the real pumpkin this year! Use this festive decoration to give your home a Halloween-ready look without any of the mess of a real pumpkin!

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  • 7 Inch Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

    7 Inch Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

    Pumpkins are iconic for the fall season. But no one ever said your pumpkin had to be boring.You know what we mean. Those big, boring, orange gourds on every step and table come fall? Yeah, okay, so that’s the “classic” pumpkin look, and yeah, sure, they’re perfect for pies and jack-o-lanterns. But you can do better than just a plain pumpkin when it comes to decorating.For instance, you could have our 7 Inch Champagne Glitter Pumpkin gracing your table. This is a gold pumpkin covered in sparkles and sequins. It sits about 7″ high and 8″ in diameter and is sure to add a bit of flare and pizzazz to those same old boring pumpkins. Even better? It’ll store beautifully so you can use it again and again. No that’s the gourd we’re looking for.

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  • Star Wars Darth Vader Light-Up Orange Pumpkin

    Star Wars Darth Vader Light-Up Orange Pumpkin

    Whenever Halloween comes around, we ponder the sheer usefulness of the lightsaber for pumpkin carving. It’s a precise, elegant tool that would easily make the best cuts, plus, if you are careful enough, you can leave the guts in there and cook the sides for eating later while you create your gourd masterpiece! In fact, one of Darth Vader’s favorite past times was carving various fruits into silly faces. Remember the first episode of star wars with young Anakin when he carves that luck charm for Padme? Exactly, we actually have fact to back this one up. If you don’t have the skill or patience to master the Jedi art of pumpkin carving, we do have a pretty awesome solution for you. This little light up pumpkin already has Darth Vader’s face carved in. It also is made of plastic, and lights up with batteries, so you can use it more often than just a single Halloween. Just store it in the attic, and bring it out whenever you’re feeling festive or like having a Star Wars decoration out.

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  • Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Fangs

    Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Fangs

    A Toothy GrinHow exciting is it to pick out pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns? You can see potential in the shape. Sometimes they are tall and dramatic. Sometimes they are adorable and plump. Their personality just shines through the bright orange flesh. Maybe you carve the same design year after year. Maybe you think far ahead of time for a unique expression each year. Or maybe you’re even training in a new jack-o-lantern designer this year and helping the next generation catch on the Halloween enthusiasm. Here’s the thing, creating truly dramatic jack-o-lantern teeth can be tricky and if you want to take your pumpkin to the next level, you’ll want these glow-in-the-dark chompers in your arsenal. Product DetailsYou’ll get seven fangs with this set. From the two dramatic three-inch fangs to the vicious little one-and-a-half inch teeth, you’ll be able to put together all sorts of looks by simply twisting the screws into the open pumpkin mouth. It’s easy enough for kids to do to make your seasonal pumpkin carving extra special. Family FunIt’s always fun to create something frightening with the kiddos! Your child will find wild ways to use these glow-in-the-dark teeth, year after year. So carve out a generous mouth and some angry eyes and who knows, your jack-o-lanterns just might be the most spooky on this Halloween season. Maybe they’ll even scare off those neighborhood kids with Halloween tricks in mind! Bout time those pumpkins scared back! 

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  • SNL David S. Pumpkins Wig

    SNL David S. Pumpkins Wig

    What Does The “S” Stand For?Suave? Sophisticated? Silly? Nope, all of those are incorrect. The “S” in David S. Pumpkins simply stands for “Simon.” Why? No clue. Actually, the whole David S. Pumpkin character is a complete conundrum but we’re not vexed by it; we’re living for it. It doesn’t matter what he does, where he’s from, or what he’s doing inside that haunted elevator, he’s a character shrouded in mystery and possesses the casual creepiness we strive for. David S. Pumpkins is provocative. David S. Pumpkins is our muse. Always. Product DetailsIf you feel as inspired by the sensational SNL character as we do, then don the iconic pumpkin suit and start surprising unsuspecting couples in elevators. Also, don’t forget to pick up this very helpful accessory to pair with your pumpkin suit. The David S. Pumpkins wig is made from curly synthetic hair and features a bizarre patch of white hair in front and a comfortable elastic cap. Stretch it over your noggin’ and release your inner weirdo. Cue The MusicCongratulations, you now have everything needed to become the latest Halloween idol, the “Santa Claus” of Halloween if you will, the one and only David S. Pumpkins. Get two of your friends to dress up as the bizarre skeleton backup dancers to complete your transformation. Any questions?        

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  • SNL David S Pumpkins Long Sleeve Suit Costume Tee

    SNL David S Pumpkins Long Sleeve Suit Costume Tee

    David is Cool. Suits are Lame.So, you love David S. Pumpkins. How could you not? There’s just one glaring problem keeping you from becoming your idol from SNL. You hate wearing a suit. People have tried making you a monkey suit before and you just won’t have it. You need to keep comfortable while you’re traversing through the world and a suit just cramps your style too much.That’s cool. We get it. We often have the same problem. That shouldn’t keep you from living out your dream of becoming the one and only David S. Pumpkins. You never have to even think about going near a suit when you wear this David S. Pumpkins Long Sleeve suit costume tee.Product DetailsThis long sleeve style t-shirt brings you the best of both worlds. Not only do you get an outfit that looks like the one worn by David S. Pumpkins from the Saturday Night Live sketch, but you also get a comfortable t-shirt that you can wear all night with no worries. The exterior has the Jack o lantern pattern, but it also has a printed coat front and tie. The only thing you need to do to turn this into a full costume is just grab your favorite pair of jeans and head out the door.Missing SkelliesThis comfortable shirt will have you looking like the wacky character in no time, but… isn’t something missing? Oh, that’s right! David S. Pumpkins needs a few skeleton b-boy dancers tagging along with him! If you plan on wearing this shirt as your costume, then make sure to grab a few of your friends and two of our skeleton costumes. Make sure they have their breakdancing moves down and you’d better make sure that you have your cool-guy thumbs up move ready for the masses!

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  • Halloween Pumpkins Kid's White Ankle Socks

    Halloween Pumpkins Kid’s White Ankle Socks

    Pumpkin on the RunAre you ready to have a little more Halloween in your kid’s October day-to-day? There’s something about autumn that gives people more energy. The sun shines brightly through yellow and red leaves. The bright days wake you up as soon as you step out into the daylight. It seems like laughter and happy voices carry farther. Cinnamon and candy corn tastes better. There are leaves to jump in, apples to pick, and hot cider to drink. It’s about time we integrate fall celebrations into our everyday wardrobe.Product DetailsThese little white socks with orange pumpkins are ready to bring your little one into the Halloween spirit. The ribbed cuffs of the socks will keep them securely on your child’s feet no matter how many Halloween cupcakes your little one eats. Smell Those FeetCold weather might be around the corner but there’s still plenty of time to celebrate the outdoors. Heading to the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard makes memories that will last a lifetime. So if you want to celebrate those seasonal occasions from your kiddo’s head to their feet, slide these adorable jack-o-lantern socks on their feet. Now when your little one is yelling, “trick-or-treat, smell my feet”, it’s more charming than ever!

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  • Halloween Pumpkins Adult White Crew Socks for Adults

    Halloween Pumpkins Adult White Crew Socks for Adults

    All things HalloweenWe really are all about all things Halloween, being that Halloween is our forte, first and foremost. And we love costumes, and ghouls and goblins, and candy. But carving Jack O’ Lanterns out of our fall pumpkins is at the top of the list when it comes to Halloween activities. It’s a ton of fun, and they are truly awesome decorations!So, when October 1st hits, and we’re ready to suit up in our most seasonal apparel, we need a few fashion items to show off that we’re getting ready for pumpkin carving season. Since we’re not quite ready to bust out the costumes quite yet! We’d be inclined to make a subtle style selection, like by adding these Halloween Pumpkins Adult White Crew Socks to our outfit. With an allover Pumpkin print, they’re the perfect way to show off that you’re ready for the Halloween fun!Product DetailsWe think you’ll have a sweet seasonal treat for your feet when you choose these Halloween Pumpkins Socks. Crew cut, they’re 98% polyester and 2% spandex for the perfect fit, and the repeating pattern of pumpkins with Jack O’ Lantern faces is perfectly evocative of the Halloween season.

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  • 10 Piece Colossal Pumpkin Carving Kit: Orange

    10 Piece Colossal Pumpkin Carving Kit: Orange

    SLICE N’ DICEOn a beautiful fall weekend in October, you and the family pile into the mini-van for an autumn adventure. It’s time for a trip to the local pumpkin patch so you guys can gather orange gourds for displaying on the front steps. It’s a yearly family tradition and one everyone looks forward to dearly. Once everyone is back at home, clutching their perfect pumpkins, it’s time to get artsy. This is when regular pumpkins transform into glowing Jack-o-lanterns—the kind that get plenty of praise and attention on Halloween.Help your pumpkin, soon-to-be-Jack-o-lantern, stand out from the others that will inevitably be in the neighborhood by picking up the 10-piece colossal pumpkin carving kit. It comes with everything needed for expert pumpkin craftmanship. Make intricate and detailed shapes with everything seen here! PRODUCT DETAILSCarve pumpkins like a certified pumpkin carving professionally. (Do those even exist?) Anyway, this carving kit comes with a super goop scoop, perfect for scooping out the icky insides. You’ll also get one small saw, one detailer and one marker for drawing on the pumpkin first. You’ll also get 6 pop out stencils to help create a masterful Jack-o-lantern. FUNKIN PUMPKINLet us know how your Jack-o-lantern turned out by leaving a product review for the carving kit below!         

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  • 5'' Green Pumpkin Decoration

    5” Green Pumpkin Decoration

    Garden GoodnessIt’s October. Harvest time. A time when you can wipe the sweat off your brow and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But here’s the thing, it’s the modern era. Not all of us are spending our summer tending vegetables and bonding with mother earth. We’re lucky to have enough time to grow herbs on our window sills in the summer, much less have enough harvest to sweat over come fall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a homey touch of the harvest to your Halloween setting this year.Product DetailsWith a rich, earthy color and realistic stem, this pumpkin would look right at home in a witch’s kitchen along with her home-harvested herbs. The five-inch light-weight gourd will look great when paired with your living pumpkins or can be used as a centerpiece during fall get-togethers. Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!What is it about pumpkins that are so magical? Would Cinderella’s escape be as believable if her carriage had been transformed from a watermelon? We just don’t think so. If you want to keep your decor seasonal and classy while adding a mystical twist, this little pumpkin is a great way to go. The perfect size for adding a flash of color, you’ll find a different way of displaying this pumpkin year after year. 

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  • 20 Piece Family Pumpkin Carving Kit

    20 Piece Family Pumpkin Carving Kit

    A Family AffairLots of families get together for the winter holidays—a December gathering around a table is nothing unusual. But your family makes a big to-do of Halloween, and all the siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even neighbors gather together to carve pumpkins, brew potions, and decorate for an unforgettable haunted house. The main event is a grand spooky feast on All Hallows Eve before taking all the kids trick-or-treating. Cool! Will your family adopt us?But seriously, you don’t expect to host this year’s grand Halloween gathering with the one hand-me-down carving knife you have, do you? No way! You’ll be a laughingstock. You’ll need a few of these 20 Piece Family Pumpkin Carving Kits for an efficient and festive event your (awesome) family can be proud of!Product DetailsThis handy tool set has everything you and yours need for pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you want to create the most basic of Jack-o-lanterns or the most intricate Impressionist image, this set has you covered. It includes 12 stencils, 2 scoops, 2 carvers, 2 detailers, and 2 markers, all in a slime-green hue that will be easy to locate among the pumpkin pieces. We can’t wait to see what you create!Host(ess) With the Most(est)Have fun hosting this epic event for the first time, and make sure you pick up enough of these kits to cover your crowd. The point is to lay out the newspaper and all spend time together as you carve your pumpkins. And don’t forget to add us to the invite list!

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  • Star Wars 12" Darth Vader Face Light-Up Pumpkin

    Star Wars 12″ Darth Vader Face Light-Up Pumpkin

    Give in to the Dark Side! Actually, the Dark Side isn’t as bad as its reputation makes it sound. Okay, the Sith have done some pretty bad things (and blown up some planets…), but do you think they still would have done all that if everyone had just stopped referring to them as “the dark side” or calling them evil all the time? Maybe if the Jedi had sent them a nice peace offering instead of always trying to stop them, they would have all become friends. Yeah, right, and maybe mynocks will fly out of our noses! Well, it’s still funny to think about. But, if a Jedi “were” to give a nice gift to a Sith Lord, it could be something like this Star Wars Darth Vader Face Light-Up Pumpkin. A Sith would appreciate such a thoughtful gift, since everyone knows they love black. And they would be tickled to see Darth Vader’s famous mask featured on it in nice, festive lights. We may never know if this light-up pumpkin could have stopped centuries of conflict between darkness and light, but we do know it will brighten up your Halloween decorations!

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  • 4.5 Inch Short Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

    4.5 Inch Short Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

    We’ve spent a lot of time around festive Autumn-themed accessories, and we’ve come up with a few basic guidelines to make decorating easier. Some of them are a little more traditional, like Rule 1: “Orange and black whenever possible.” Rule 2, as you might have guessed, is simply “Pumpkins.” But we also want our parties to sparkle, so Rule 3 is this: “Nothing is not improved by glitter.”Depending on how we’re feeling, we either make a bunch of charts to decide whether an item is going to liven up a seasonal get-together, or we just listen to our inner party animals. And our party animals are unanimous on this one! A 4.5 Inch Short Champagne Glitter Pumpkin will make a charming centerpiece or accent whether your guests are arriving in costume or something a little more formal. The tasteful champagne color will make everything around it look a little better and feel a little more effervescent. Cheers!

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  • 36 Piece Purple Glitter Mini Pumpkins

    36 Piece Purple Glitter Mini Pumpkins

    As much as we love Halloween around here, we’re starting to get a little sick of the typical orange pumpkins with green stems. We tried putting out black pumpkins to match the other main color of the holiday, but we quickly discovered this particular shade of dark doesn’t show up well in the dead of night when most end of October festivities occur. It was time we moved on to a cool color darker than green but brighter than the night.

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  • Cream Pumpkin: 6''x9''

    Cream Pumpkin: 6”x9”

    Every fall we’re blessed by the presence of pumpkins! Yes, spectacular squash that fill our fancy family rooms with a festive flavor for your eyes; and for your mouth if you conclude to cook a perfectly pleasing pumpkin pie. Alas, as time must pass, so too must the stalwart squash that steals our heart. What if we could mourn no more the loss of our sweet decorative squash? This decorative cream pumpkin lives the dream of being seen in a healthy gleam even after said season leaves the calendar!Made entirely for decorative purposes, this cream pumpkin is 6” x 9” and makes for the perfect adornment for any fall occasion. It’s great for sprucing up your Halloween theme or for getting that Thanksgiving scene just right! You can even use this handy little piece is a neat centerpiece decoration for the lovely dinner you have planned with the family!

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  • Cream Pumpkin: 5''x6''

    Cream Pumpkin: 5”x6”

    Well, we wouldn’t be much of a costume shop if we didn’t love pumpkins. After all, those orange autumn squash not only help set the mood for the greatest holiday ever (Halloween), but they also make for a delicious pie and when you add them to a lattes and bars… forget about it! The major problem with pumpkins is this. If we use them as a decoration, then how are we going to make pumpkin pie? How are we going to have enough pumpkins to make pumpkin spice latte? How will we have enough pumpkins to make grandma’s tasty bars? Well, we came up with a not-so-obvious solution! Want to hear?Instead of using REAL pumpkins to decorate your home for the holidays, it’s time to use fake pumpkins. That’s right, fake ones. This cream pumpkin decoration looks just like a white pumpkin, but is made out of synthetic materials, so no poor pumpkins had to be sacrificed to make it. That means more pumpkins for lattes, bars and pies.Buy a decoration, save a pumpkin… for pies!

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  • Set of Three White BOO Pumpkins

    Set of Three White BOO Pumpkins

    Autumn. The season of sweaters, boots, and pumpkin lattes. It’s a season we all look forward to. Something about the colorful leaves and that smell in the air makes you want to start making your home as cozy as possible like a squirrel preparing for winter. If you want to achieve that comfy, country feel these pumpkins will give your home the look you’re looking for. The pumpkin is one of the best parts of fall. When you’re driving through the country in October you’ll see the orange pumpkins just waiting to be picked and hoping to end up in a good home, ushering trick-or-treaters to porches everywhere. This take on the autumnal favorite will be there to dress up your home season after season. The “boo” pumpkins add a little spice to your home sweet home when you set them up where ever you like. They’ll look fresh on your porch or pretty on your mantel, where ever your house could use a little extra seasonal touch. With these pumpkins, happy Halloween might just be a sure thing.

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  • 5 Inch Skinny Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

    5 Inch Skinny Champagne Glitter Pumpkin

    If this pumpkin were a celebrity, it would definitely be Ke$ha because it’s covered in glitter! Unfortunately, it’s not a celebrity though, it’s just a pumpkin… well, maybe it’s an up and coming pumpkin. It might take a few roles as an extra, finally getting a speaking role, and then appear in some indie darlings. After that, it might just star in its first Hollywood picture, “All that Glitters is Pumpkin” and FINALLY reach the peak of stardom it has dreamed of since it was but a seed. Then you get the satisfaction of name dropping to everyone you meet, saying that you knew this pumpkin before it was big.

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  • 36-Piece Small Orange Pumpkins Set

    36-Piece Small Orange Pumpkins Set

    Every year your family comes to your house in droves. It starts in October, and doesn‚Äôt end until after the New Year. You don’t mind. You love your family, no matter how crazy they can be. The amount of cooking that goes into feeding that many people though, geez louise, so much cooking. But, it’s fun watching the younger kids helping out, mashing potatoes, cutting the sugar cookies, eating the decorating sprinkles when they think you aren’t looking.But, the cooking isn’t the only time consuming part. The amount of decorations that go up can take a few hours. You haul out boxes and boxes. Some contain pretty leaf wreaths. Others have holiday dishes. But, for some reason the one with the plastic pumpkins is gone. This 36-Piece Small Orange Pumpkins Set is the easy replacement for that missing box. They can be strewn around the food table. Adding a little color to the beautiful food you slaved over, and the misshapen sugar cookies the little kids made. And, they are small enough to store with other decorations for next year.

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  • Pumpkin Carving Set

    Pumpkin Carving Set

    Will you attempt to carve a Picasso-esque figure, or a swirling ghost in the firm golden flesh of a pumpkin? Most people pick a pumpkin and become inspired by its shape. Will you see a vampire, a bat…or maybe even President Trump? Yes, there’s an orange joke in there somewhere, but we didn’t actually come out and say it. We think we are pretty clever, but we’re not here to gloat. Back to pumpkins…Whatever it is you imagine, you can carve to your heart’s desire. This Pumpkin Carving Set is much safer than traditional kitchen knives, but still requires some caution. The serrated knife will carve all of the circles, nooks and crannies…and take on some pretty complicated angles that are required for jack-o-lantern teeth. The best part is the compliments you’ll get as the result of your creativity and handiwork!

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  • Set of 6 White Wicked Pumpkins

    Set of 6 White Wicked Pumpkins

    Every now and again certain people will need things spelled out for them before they are fully capable of understanding what’s going on. Well, you can avoid having to go out of your way in order to explain exactly what type of vibe or theme you are going for in your home or outside in your front yard this Halloween. Simply place this Set of Six White ‘Wicked’ Pumpkins on your front porch or on a mantle above your fireplace. If people are still having a hard time understanding the look you’re hoping to achieve this holiday, make these wicked white pumpkins the centerpiece on your dining table and highlight it with some spooky candles and other scary decorations! If they are still struggling then we are sorry to say but, they are obviously not the type to celebrate this most haunting of nights and you should ask them to immediately leave your home.

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  • 8" Orange & Black Glitter Pumpkin

    8″ Orange & Black Glitter Pumpkin

    Our research teams are always tirelessly scouring the earth for new and wondrous decorations to show off every Halloween season. Sometimes, we find some things that seemed awesome at first, but then upon closer study, don’t work out (Note: we’re not saying we found spooky decorative slime that looked really cool at first, but then just attracted tons of bugs and melted the paint off the wall, but if we had, that would be a great example of one that didn’t work out). Luckily, we find actual-cool stuff much more often! One of the more exciting specimens we’ve recently come across is this striped Orange & Black Glitter Pumpkin. At first glance, this gourd seems like more of a curious oddity than a decoration. But upon closer inspection, the rich, glossy black and the sparkling orange segments come together to look very Halloweeny. It will make a classy accent to your decoration arrangements, and a great conversation starter during your festivities!

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  • Star Wars 12" Yoda Scene Light-Up Pumpkin

    Star Wars 12″ Yoda Scene Light-Up Pumpkin

    A tiny green creature and Jedi Master once said, ‚Äúalways pass on what you have learned,‚Äù and we don‚Äôt want to disappoint. Therefore, we are force-d to tell you what have learned over the years, when it comes to Halloween decorations: they make any party twice as memorable, and any night twice as spooky. With that knowledge, you must understand however, that only the best decorations are approved by Yoda! You are in luck though, because this Star Wars 12″ Yoda Scene Light-Up Pumpkin was handpicked by the little green man himself‚Ķ we weren‚Äôt supposed to tell you this, but he even posed for it! Yoda only accepts the best decorations because loves Halloween, which makes sense, because he fits right in with all the costumes, and he doesn‚Äôt have to worry about getting any funny looks. Plus, (he will deny this if you ask) but we know he’s got a real sweet tooth. You can place this decor anywhere to infuse some instant Star Wars into your trick-or-treating scene. The molded plastic pumpkin is a foot tall, and will never rot away! And while the pumpkin shouldn‚Äôt get wet, you can place it inside or out, as long as it is by an outlet. So, plug it in, turn it on, and get ready to be transported to a world of Jedis, lightsabers, and candy corn. THIS PUMPKIN YOU MUST HAVE, my young padawan!

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