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  • Makeup Prosthetics Clawed

    Makeup Prosthetics Clawed

    Have you ever gotten into one of those conversations where everyone starts swapping tales of their death-defying deeds, and then before you know it somebody’s rolling up a sleeve, and before you know it you’re in a full on game of “who’s got the coolest scar?” That can be a little intimidating for those of us who have led a reasonably calm and cautious life. There’s plenty to be said for taking the careful route and avoiding the kinds of activities that lead to really memorable scars, but on the other hand nobody likes to feel left out. But before you go out looking to get yourself slashed and sliced, maybe consider elevating your wound game in a less permanent way. These prosthetic claw marks are a wound that would do any danger-lover proud, and the best part is there’s no actual injury required. Just affix the two sets of claw marks to your skin using the included adhesive, apply some smears of artificial blood, and presto Рyou’ve got the kind of battle wounds that can make even your gnarliest friends do a double take. We suppose we can’t stop you from going out and getting scars the old-fashioned way if you’re really determined to do so, but if it was us, we’d go for the prosthetic every time.

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  • Makeup Prosthetics Bullet Wounds

    Makeup Prosthetics Bullet Wounds

    You keep telling everyone that lately you’ve been feeling unstoppable like you’re nearly invincible, but no one is taking you seriously. They maybe give you an insincere shoulder shrug or, at the most, a superficial saying like, ‚ÄúDon’t go and fly too close to the sun.‚Äù Well, you may just need something that will really make them take notice to your recent claims of being bulletproof. So, why not walk in the house with these Makeup Prosthetic Bullet Wounds scattered around your torso? Act like its no big deal and just give your friends that‚ÄîI told ya so‚Äîlook. Once you’ve had your fun messing with their heads, you can add these prosthetic wounds to any costume you want to amp up. They would go great with any monster costume that you want to be perceived as indestructible, whether it be a hungry zombie, a thirsty vamp, or a rabid werewolf, these bullet injuries will take your monster to the next level of scary!

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