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  • Poop Hat

    Poop Hat

    Doodie HeadsHas anyone ever called you a doodie head? It sounds childish, but people call us a doodie head all the time. It feels like we’re in 2nd grade all over again. Like, really. Who calls someone a doodie head in this day and age. It’s like you can’t head out in public wearing a poop hat on your head without getting called names!Oh, wait a second. Do you think that people call us that because of this hat? It IS shaped like a doodie…Product DetailsWell, if anyone calls you a doodie head while wearing this Poop Hat, don’t be alarmed. It’s pretty normal. The foam hat is a dark, chocolate brown color and it’s shaped like the iconic poop emoji from texts and emails. It even has a pair of felt eyes and mouth to round out the look. It’s one size fits most, so all you have to do is plop this on your head to become a real doodie head.Just for LaughsOkay, so maybe the hat is the reason that our friends and family have been calling us a doodie head and laughing! If you don’t mind being called that, and if you like making your friends laugh, then this may just be the hat for you.

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  • Inflatable Poop Adult's Costume

    Inflatable Poop Adult’s Costume

    Poop HappensLife doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, you’re on top of the world and everything seems to line up perfectly for you. Other days? Well, you get a heaping helping of humble pie! Most of adult life is all about dealing with the bad, along with the good. At some point, you just have to learn to roll with it. After all, poop happens, as the phrase goes.Well, it’s time to show the world that you’re a well-adjusted adult capable of adapting to life’s struggles. It’s time to show them that when poop happens, you can have a sense of humor about it and laugh it off. How are you going to go about that? Well, with this Inflatable Poop Costume, of course!Product DetailsYou’ll be completely pooped when you wear this Inflatable Poop Costume. The costume comes with a tunic-style top made out of an air-tight windbreaker style fabric. The tunic is inspired by the iconic poop emoji and comes complete with a pair of cartoon eyes printed on the front. The costume inflates with a small fan, which is located in the back of the costume. Just flip the switch on, and the costume will self inflate in just a few minutes. The fan requires 4 AA batteries to operate, so no charging or cables required! The battery can be clipped to your clothing inside the costume, making it easy to access to turn the fan off and on. You can wear it with your normal clothes underneath, making it a simple costume to change out of when you’re all done wearing.When It Hits the FanIt seems rather funny that this inflatable costume comes with a fan, isn’t it? After all… we all know that you’re never supposed to let certain things hit the fan! Right?

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  • Poop Emoji Sunstaches Sunglasses

    Poop Emoji Sunstaches Sunglasses

    Popular PooPoop is in. We’re not sure why, but everyone seems to be in love with poo. Maybe it’s because he looks so happy, or maybe it’s because he looks a little like a swirl of soft serve chocolate ice cream. Whatever the reason is, that little brown emoji is everywhere these days. He’s in your text messages, on your instant messenger, and on your social media. We have to admit that we kind of like the little guy!If you’re still on the fence about him, maybe you just need a little perspective. Maybe you just need to walk a mile in the Poop Emoji’s shoes to appreciate who he is!Product DetailsThese Poop Emoji Sunstaches Sunglasses will help you feel like one happy piece of doo doo! The front of the sunglasses are molded to look like the iconic swirled Poop Emoji. He even has his huge eyes and his goofy smile. The lenses have full UV protection and are made of shatter resistance materials.UV Protection in Doo Doo styleThis pair of sunglasses is great for anyone who’s enamored by the Poop Emoji, or anyone who just wants to protect their eyes from the sun in doodie style!

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  • Happy Poop Costume

    Happy Poop Costume

    Let’s get real about poop for a hot second: poop is a real downer. While you’re standing in line with a cart full of groceries and your little bundle of joy decides to make a stinky in their diaper, well my friend, that stinks. When you leave your dog at home all afternoon only to come back to find a heaping pile of crap on your rug, well, that stinks too. Like you, we have experienced our fair share of poo-dilemmas which have left us feeling down in the dumps (ha, get it?). Then the poop emoji entered our lives and like a rainbow after a storm, our opinion on poop became much brighter.What a splendid take on a disgusting, but necessary, bodily function, we thought as we stared at the smiling poop emoji illuminating from our iPhone. It looks more like soft serve ice cream or a chocolate truffle than a rancid turd. We loved the idea of taking something so foul and transforming it into something so undeniably cute, thus our infatuation with the poop emoji began! We started collecting everything poop related- keychains, pens, shirts, mugs, pins, jewelry, slippers, and pillows. But as our obsession for poop novelty items grew, our satisfaction with these trinkets dwindled. We needed something more! Instead of merely acquiring poop knickknacks, we wanted to transform into the brown pile of dung with the wide eyes, so we got our hands on this happy poop costume and our lives have never been happier. This tunic style costume for adults features a surprised poop emoji face and appropriate holes for you head and arms. Wear it to announce that you’re (newly) down with the brown and you don’t care who knows it!   

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