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  • Plus Size Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Plus Size Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume

    Things are getting out of control on the high seas these days. Sailors are putting on those pesky mutinies. Swashbucklers are becoming completely unbuckled. All of those pirates – where do they keep coming from? And from the state of things on board, it seems like nobody can run the ship but you. But how will you ever get all those scurvy characters to shape up and pay attention? Well, we’re sure you have the right qualifications and the strong personality and the great leadership abilities it’ll take to do the job. But perhaps we can offer you some assistance. This Plus Size Sexy Swashbuckler Captain Costume will give you a look that turns all those ruffians’ heads and make them start saying, “Aye! Aye!” at once.From the top of the lady pirate’s tricorne hat to the ruffled edges of the tiered skirt, this costume will help you command attention. There’s a corset top that means business, but it laces up with pretty ribbon for a ladylike look. The tiered, maroon skirt has a high low hemline to let you jump freely from ship to ship. Sleeves of the shirt are gauzy cotton for that romantic pirate look. The brown, faux leather belt is wide enough to define your waist while it pulls the whole look together. The plastic belt buckle has a fearsome skull at each corner to show you mean business. And that hat we were talking about is all feathered and saucy looking. You’ll want to get a pair of serious boots and some life life weapons and and you’ll have the high seas under control in no time!

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  • Plus Size Sexy Firegirl Costume

    Plus Size Sexy Firegirl Costume

    Fire departments are equipped and trained to handle almost any heated situation. But, some fires are just too hot for the average firefighter. Be prepared for sizzling situations like these by wearing this Plus Size Sexy Firegirl Costume! At first glance, this costume looks like it leaves far too much skin uncovered to protect against fires. But, that’s simply because it uses other methods for keeping the flames at bay. When things get really heated, sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire, and this costume is definitely on fire! It sounds cliche, and honestly, not very effective, but we‚Äôre pretty confident that anyone looking this fierce can take care of a few pesky flames. You also have to take ventilation into account when fighting a fire, and the open design of this costume will keep you nice and cool while you’re saving the day! Actually, since we’re not sure how this outfit will handle the heat and action of real firefighting, we’re gonna recommend you stick to wearing it just to look hot. The short dress features metal clasps and reflective strips across it, for a look inspired by real firefighting gear. It also includes a set of suspenders to help you achieve that trademark firefighter look, so all you need to add is a pair of sturdy, sassy boots and a matching helmet to complete this smoldering hot look. Now you just have to decide if you want to put fires out, or help crank up the heat!

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  • Plus Size Fence Net Pantyhose

    Plus Size Fence Net Pantyhose

    Accessories aren’t necessary for all of your pretty dresses. But they are cute, and sometimes desired. The right pair of shoes can perfectly accent a dress, just like the way you do your hair, or what jewelry you wear can do the same thing. It takes a lot to make your very own look, and pantyhose are a serious consideration.Do you wear them? Well, you do when they are these Plus Size Fence Net pantyhose. They do the same thing those perfect shoes do. They accent any dress, adding a little flair to what could be a simple outfit. You will feel more confident when you slip these on because of how long your legs will look. So, while these aren’t necessary, you will definitely want to have them for those days you want to feel a little flirty.

    $6.99 Hosiery
  • Plus Size Feelin' Groovy Dress

    Plus Size Feelin’ Groovy Dress

    So groovy baby!The 60s, and 70s were great. So great that some folks don‚Äôt even remember them. There is are a couple lost decades from the good times that they had. You wish you could have that good of a time…okay well, maybe not that good. You still want to be able to remember it.But you do wish you had been around to see the bands that were rocking. The Kinks. The Rolling Stones. Procol Harum. CREAM. Jimmy Hendrix. Bob Dylan. You wish you were on that grassy field in White Lake New York. Woodstock they called it. Three days of peace, and music. We know we wish we had been there. We would have been dancing, swaying to the groove of the music.Now you can experience your own kind of free love, and peace movement. Slip on this Feelin’ Groovy Dress, and go listen to some music in a field. Other like minded individuals will come join you. (We know we would.) Sway to the music as Procol Harum starts playing Conquistador. Sing along as you listen to Baba O’Riley by The Who, “Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals, I get my back into my living”. You will feel connected to everyone, sharing a vision of peace, and love for the world. Just don‚Äôt take any “candy” from strangers, you want to be able to remember such a groovy time after all.

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  • Plus Size Bavarian Guy Costume

    Plus Size Bavarian Guy Costume

    Prost!If you ever go to the famous annual celebration of Bavarian culture (known worldwide as Oktoberfest, maybe you’ve heard of it?), that’s one word German word you’ll definitely want to learn. You’ll be saying it often as you cheerfully raise your beer glass to toast with all of your new friends! It’ll also come in handy any other times you’re celebrating in this festive Plus Size Bavarian Guy Costume!Whether you’re strolling around a beer garden, sipping some deliciously malty nectar of the gods and eating pretzels and hot cheese with your buddies, or you’re at a less traditional celebration with costumes and sudsy beverages of its own, this outfit will have you looking ready for good times! In fact, you’ll quickly realize that it’s practically impossible to have a bad time while wearing lederhosen. Even the word ‚Äúlederhosen‚Äù itself is fun to say, in addition to being a fantastically festive style to party in. So, if you are wearing this costume and somehow manage to not have a great time, we suggest refilling your beer stein and seeing if that raises your spirits.You won’t have to worry about bad times, though, since this Bavarian-style outfit is the kind of traditional look that can keep celebrations like Oktoberfest going strong for weeks! The lace-up tunic, earth-toned lederhosen, and matching brimmed hat help give you a touch of old world Alpine style, which you can dance around in, or just feast, drink, and be merry. If you’re celebrating with a date, have your fraulein dress up in one of our Bavarian Girl costumes for a German couple costume. After all, shouting ‚ÄúProst!‚Äù is always more fun in groups!

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  • Plus Size Disco Diva Dress

    Plus Size Disco Diva Dress

    At first I was afraid. I was Petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side.The best way we have found to deal with a sad break up, is to go out for a little fun on the town. And if he tries to get you back, just tell him to walk right out that door. You have other things to be doing. Like dancing at the Disco.Slip on this Women’s Plus Size Disco Diva Dress, and forget about him. The whole dance club will see you walking in glittering like a proper disco gal in this swirl patterned sequined dress. Adding a pair of gogo boots will complete your diva look. The women will all be asking where you got such a happening dress, and the men will be clamoring over themselves to be the first to dance with you. By the end of the night you will be saying, “Who was I trying to forget? Must not have been anyone important.”Maybe, you’ll even find your next guy there. The kind of man who loves to go out, and disco till the sun comes up. Because, like Gloria Gaynor sang, as long as you know how to love you know you will survive! Because you have all your life to live, and all your love to give. You will Survive. But, in this Disco Diva Dress you wont just “survive” you’ll thrive!

    $34.99 Disco Costumes
  • Plus Size Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume

    Plus Size Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume

    Those scurvy rogues! Pirates are well known for getting their way by being ruthless ,by using stealth ,and by striking fear into the hearts of those sailing the high seas. Generally being big old meanies in big old boats ,you know? But you‚ re much more clever than that. And we don’t think you’ll have to rely on these tactics to get what you want. We suspect you know how to make pirates and landlubbers alike willingly hand over boatloads of their treasure to you. How to make all the other sailors want to be mutiny so they can be a part of your crew. And how to let the whole motley bunch of them know that if they even dare think of crossing you ,it‚ ll be walking the plank for them! You‚ ll do it by wearing this Plus Size Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume when you‚ re out buccaneering ,won‚ t you? Smart move ,lady pirate. The look of this costume commands all the aye-ayes you need to be in charge. The flashy red dress is off the shoulder and long sleeved and flirty skirted. And short to make it boarding enemy ships easy. The faux corset is like the ones every wench wears ,but yours is so much more classy ‚ it‚ s rich velvet and laces up with elegant red ribbon. The corset makes a shell over the skirt to mimic a dashing pirate‚ s coat. And of course ,you‚ ll know the perfect accessories to add. Like a big captain‚ s hat and some serious shoes and a scary looking sword ,just to keep everybody in line.

    $49.99 Sexy Pirate Costumes
  • Plus Size Tavern Lady Costume

    Plus Size Tavern Lady Costume

    Ah. Everyone loves a good tavern. They are delightful places to spend time unwinding from one adventure and planning for the next. You can meet incredibly interesting people with amazing tales of their own journeys or find new friends to go out on quests alongside with you. Either way, you can always enjoy a pint of the finest mead in the land. Taverns are awesome!Now, some people say once you‚Äôve seen one tavern, you‚Äôve seen them all. And yes, that statement can hold some truth. It is all up to the Tavern Lady to ensure that travelers come back. She must be cool, attentive, and able to partake in conversation on any topic. If this happens to be who you already are, then you’d make a perfect Tavern Lady! All you need now is the right look so you can fit in with the normal crowd of a medieval tavern. Check out this amazing renaissance-style dress! Once you toss on this shift and lace up the overdress you‚Äôll look like the most inviting and friendly maiden anyone has ever had the pleasure of meeting. Complete this fair look with some old worldly looking footwear, such as our Victorian or Viking boots, or your finest pair of Lady Jane shoes.Whether Halloween is right around the corner or if you‚Äôre a Renaissance Festival fanatic, this Tavern Lady Costume will be perfect for getting you in that medieval state of mind. Then all you‚Äôll need to do is perfect your Old English along with some of those amazing medieval dance moves. Then you‚Äôll be ready to party like its 1499!

    $49.99 Renaissance Costumes
  • Sexy Plus Spanish Pirate Costume

    Sexy Plus Spanish Pirate Costume

    Everyone loves dressing up as a swashbuckler! The outfits are dashing and sexy, you get to say things like “Yaaaarg!”, and nobody can say that they were surprised whenever you plunder their snacks. Showing up in this Sexy Plus Spanish Pirate Costume will make you the sassiest and most fearsome pirate at the party!So, what makes a Spanish pirate so fearsome? We’re glad you asked! Way back in the “Golden Age of Piracy” (around the late 1600’s and early 1700’s, for those of you that missed that day in Pirate History Class), Spanish conquerors around the Caribbean were busy loading cargo ships full of treasure and sending them back home to Spain, resulting in many juicy targets for ambitious buccaneers to attack. That’s where Spanish pirates came in. As well trained sailors who didn’t like pirates stealing their country’s treasure, these fearless corsairs would attack and plunder other pirates who had looted Spanish treasure ships. It takes a ton of guts and skill to be a pirate, but if you ask us, it takes way more to be a pirate that pirates other pirates!There you have it. This fiery Spanish pirate costume will transform you into one of the most historically fearsome pirates out there! We suppose we could have just told you that this sassy ensemble is a hot and frilly look that will stop other costumed pirates dead in the tracks, especially when you add a pair of sexy cuffed pirate boots and a toy sword. But, then we wouldn’t have gotten to talk about cool pirate stuff…

    $54.99 Sexy Pirate Costumes