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  • Deluxe Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Plus Size Costume

    Deluxe Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Plus Size Costume

    Oh, the most good (that sounds a little funny, eh go with it) witch that’s ever graced our television screens. After all, she does float down to Dorothy in a giant pink bubble and takes care of a village of little tiny people called the munchkins!She really just can’t get any good…er (we started out awkward so we’re going to own it) in our minds and our hearts. She creates a beautiful snowstorm to save the gang from the poppies and works as a mentor to show that Dorothy had the ability to go home all along but needed to learn a few things about herself first. On top of all that, she just looks absolutely gorgeous in that big pink gown and tall silver crown. In our eyes she really can do no wrong (but we’re also pretty sure that’s not really in her nature!).Now it’s your turn to guide the ruby red slipper-clad lass from rural Kansas and help her find her way through Oz and also find herself on the journey there. You’ll be the best witch in town (There we go! Awkwardness over) and once you’re done, you’ll be able to kick back in your glass slippers with the wizard and have all your little munchkins pamper you all over the place. You may not have been the focus of the entire movie, but you will always be our favorite witch out there (along with everybody else’s!)

    $79.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Plus Size A League of Their Own Kit Costume

    Plus Size A League of Their Own Kit Costume

    Are you ready to take your team all the way to the World Series? Perhaps even win the game by scoring the game-winning run? That will show Dottie once and for all who the best team really is. So, to really set yourself up for victory, you’ve got to wear this Plus Size A League of Their Own Kit Costume. You’ll look just like your favorite slugger from the classic movie. It’s officially licensed and an exclusive you won’t find anywhere else. Swell!

    $59.99 A League of Their Own Costumes
  • Women's Plus Size Huntress Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Huntress Costume

    In your daily life, you thrive on your urban homestead; you arise at dawn to roosters crowing, you harvest fresh eggs and then pick veggies from the garden, and you finish it all up by baking a loaf of bread all before your bestie has even checked her social media or poured her coffee. Make no mistake about it, you’re a gal who can survive with the fittest.It would seem practically apocalyptic, then, if you failed to provide a killer Halloween costume for yourself. But what getup could capture your self-sufficient style and strong warrior spirit? How can you adequately pay tribute to your fierce and fiery personality? As luck would have it, you’ve drawn this Women’s Plus Size Huntress Costume in the great game of internet searches, and coming across this ensemble feels almost as good as winning the lottery! You will undoubtedly embody the strength and sass of this garment’s character the moment you slip it on and you can finally rebel against the costume “blahs” and beat the competition at the contest.Your winning look comes from the confidence you feel in this elasticized tunic and its faux-suede accents. Of course, you’re a natural shot with a bow and arrow (that venison jerky is homemade!) so make sure to pick one up and sling it over your crushed-velvet cape before you head out for the evening. After all, we’re all counting on you to provide your can-do spirit for the party, not to mention your to-die-for snacks. We just can’t wait to see how your flock of hens responds to the eagle design on this costume when you wear it all around the compound for weeks following the festivities.

    $49.99 Hunger Games Costumes
  • Plus Size Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    Plus Size Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    Do you love being on stage? Do you daydream about singing the classics with everyone’s eyes glued to your every movement? Maybe you can’t stop thinking about sharing the screen with Bogart, Bacall, and the Rat Pack? Well now you can do it in perfect Golden Age style with this eye-catching red sequined singer’s dress. Maybe you can sing a few tunes stretched across a Baby Grand Piano, or under the lone spotlight, softly whispering into one of those square old-fashioned microphones. With your red hair and sparkly dress, who knows who you can influence!This Plus Size Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume is designed to help you slink across the room, catching every gaze and dropping every jaw. You’ll be talked about for days – the way you walk, the way you hold your long cigarette holder, just like Rita Hayworth, or Marilyn Monroe herself. Your purple gloves extend up to your elbows just like a classic debutante, completing your stage-worthy presence. Who knows, in this outfit, you might even land your place on the big screen, walking confidently, with your hand on your hip, across the office floor of a private investigator, trying to find out who framed your husband in a recent crime?You have the world in the palm of your gloved hand in this costume that is designed to move comfortably with you through the night, and the thigh-high slit will make it so that your audience won’t forget your name, no matter what time you finish your set.

    $94.99 Jessica Rabbit Costumes
  • Women's Plus Size Police Shirt

    Women’s Plus Size Police Shirt

    There are some perks to being a police officer. When you go into Dunkin’ Donuts in uniform, you will be ushered to the front of the line. The cashier asking what the station would like, then adding an officer discount. And you never really see a cop getting a speeding ticket. And sure, impersonating an officer is illegal. But what if you weren’t “impersonating” so much as the cashier got confused. That’s not your fault.This Women’s Plus Size Police Shirt is close enough to confuse a teenager working at the doughnut shop, but not so close to be considered “impersonating”. And as long as you don’t claim to be a real police officer you won’t get in trouble. (You’ll probably still get a speeding ticket though. Sorry.) But you will at least be able to bring some delicious discounted doughnuts to your Halloween costume party. And that is something.

    $24.99 Police Costumes
  • Women's Plus Size Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

    Women’s Plus Size Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

    Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. Dreams are forever.Remember what it was like to be a kid? Long days spent playing in the sun, imagining we were part of magical worlds‚Ķ.and what better magical world was there than Neverland? Think about it! It‚Äôs a magical world that exists within a star! And the whole place is full of adventures‚Ķpirates, natives, mountains and jungles and oceans‚Ķand the best part of all? It‚Äôs got fairies!So while our friends might‚Äôve been busy pretending to be Peter Pan or one of the Lost Boys, we were all about wanting to be Tinkerbell. Yeah, sure‚Ķshe had some attitude, but wouldn‚Äôt you? Your best pal invites these naive British kids into your secret world, and then all he does is pay attention to that wet blanket Wendy! Oh sure, everyone thought Wendy was just oh so sweet, but was she ever any actual fun? She even tried to get Peter to go back to her world with her to talk to her parents about marrying her! HELLO, it‚Äôs called Neverland for a reason, sister!Anyway, what we‚Äôre saying is: Even though everyone else thinks Wendy is so great, we‚Äôve always known that Tinkerbell is the real heroine of the story of Peter Pan and Neverland. And with this Women‚Äôs Plus Size Tinkerbell Fairy Costume, you can easily show everyone what side of the North Star you fly on. whose side you stand on! The green halter dress made of interlock knit and glitter organza fabrics will make you look positively magical (and the metallic gold braid and green satin ribbon trim won’t hurt, either). There’s ribbon ties on the skirt to allow for length adjustment, and the wings have clear elastic shoulder straps for maximum comfort. The costume also comes with a headband and a fairy dust pouch! Fairy dust is not included, however…but we’re pretty sure that, in this costume? You’ll have no trouble making some wishes come true all on your own! *wink*

    $44.99 Peter Pan Costumes
  • Plus Size Tiger Costume

    Plus Size Tiger Costume

    Put on this Plus Size Tiger Costume and have a purring good time. Did you know that zoologists once thought that tigers (and all of the other “big” cats) were unable to purr? They can roar, which house cats can’t, because of adaptations in their voice box which, so the theory went, prevented them from purring. But recent studies have shown that they can and do make a rumbling sound similar to purring, in the same situations where a house cat would purr. The only difference is, they can only do it on an exhalation; house cats purr both on exhalation and inhalation. Now you’ve learned a new fact today!

    $54.99 Tiger Costumes
  • Plus Size Camel Costume

    Plus Size Camel Costume

    Here are some reasons why you may be a perfect fit for this costume: you get up slowly (and maybe a bit awkwardly) from a lying down position; you’re quite content in hot, dry weather; you can drink liters and liters of water at a time; Wednesday is your favorite day of the week and you need a new way to celebrate Hump Day!If any of that sounds like you–and even if it doesn’t, you may just be inexplicably drawn to even-toed ungulates–this plus size camel costume has you written all over it! This little guy only has one hump, so that makes him an Arabian camel or dromedary. Also, camels rarely sweat which is a nice perk. But truly, a camel is an extraordinary animal. Camels have evolved to be able to survive long stretches of time in the desert without water or sustenance, all while being really, really adorable.Tonight, though, isn’t about suffering through or sticking anything out. Tonight is about FUN, and fun you shall have. This tan flannel jumpsuit boasts a single stuffed hump (making you what kind of camel, again?) and a camel head from under which you can peer out at the rolling dunes–or the party’s dance floor. The best part of being a camel, you may find, is that you don’t even need to shower before the shindig because camels are known for being a bit smelly; another nice perk of being a camel!

    $74.99 Camel Costumes
  • Plus Size Squirrel Costume

    Plus Size Squirrel Costume

    Everyone knows that squirrels eat nuts, but they eat lots of other stuff too! Squirrels eat fruit, birdseed out of bird feeders (ask anyone with a bird feeder and you’ll hear some stories), and they probably eat a lot of food we humans throw away. Maybe you did know that stuff about squirrels. Want to hear something you didn’t know? Squirrels are conspiring to overthrow the human race and take control of the earth. Fact. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, right? Wrong. Think about it. Every time a squirrel spots you, what does it to? It freezes in its tracks with the guiltiest look on its face, doesn’t it? And then it runs up a tree. Why would the squirrel run if it wasn’t guilty, right? Doesn’t seem like much evidence until you realize that squirrels are everywhere. They uses the trees and the yards of our world freely, and they all pass that information back and forth across the globe, tracking our movements, noting our weaknesses, ready to strike whenever the signal is given.Look, the squirrel empire isn’t going to be very friendly to humans. You’re probably looking for a way to escape the purges, right? Well, what if you weren’t a human after all. You show up wearing this suit, no squirrel is going to look twice! It’s clear you’re a squirrel, not one of those evil humans. Sure, you’re abnormally large, but a squirrel would never question his brother. That’s why you need this costume. Not for tomorrow, or the next day, or maybe even the day after that. But someday, when the squirrels come, you’ll be ready for them. You’ll be one of them. Better act now, friend.

    $64.99 Squirrel Costumes
  • Plus Size Happy Cow Costume

    Plus Size Happy Cow Costume

    Have you ever seen such a happy cow? Well, there’s good reason why this cow is so happy. He’s got all the grass he could ever eat, and with how long it takes for this guy to chew his cud, he might never run out of grass. His life consists of eating, sleeping, and slapping flies off his back with his long tail. He gets lots of attention because he’s often mistaken for a celebrity cow from a certain popular fast food chicken restaurant. This cow also gets to mingle with all the lady cows in the field as part of his sleeping and eating deal.Now that you understand why this cow is so happy, what’s stopping you from getting a piece of the action? You can’t actually transform yourself into a cow (trust us, we’ve talked for quite a while with our team of scientists), but you can dress the part and maybe even pull a little inspiration from the happy cow in this Plus Size Happy Cow Costume. Everyone will be begging for moooooooo-re when they see you dressed in this plush cow costume.Now, this costume is 100% polyester and built to last. The spotted jumpsuit has a full zipper in the back with pink utters at the center of the jumpsuit. The headpiece uses Velcro to attach under the chin, and has plush ears and horns. Foot covers stretch over the ankles and an elastic strap goes under the bottom of the feet. Finally, there’s a tail in the back of the jumpsuit. Grab yourself a glass of milk and you’re all ready to head out this Halloween!

    $54.99 Cow Costumes
  • Women's Plus Size Bone Appetit Skeleton Long Dress

    Women’s Plus Size Bone Appetit Skeleton Long Dress

    The Skeleton Queen rules over all the creepy creatures in the kingdom. Ghouls, goblins, vampires, pumpkin people, you name it, the Skeleton Queen is in control of all of them.While she may be the ruler of all things underworld, she also has a fierceness about her that makes her capable of rolling with the best of them in the natural world. She may not be a CEO or runway model, but she takes care of business when it comes to managing her underlings, which makes her the envy of many. When she’s not ruling her minions, she’s catching up on world events and hanging out at posh parties in the Hamptons – I mean, a Skeleton Queen has to be cultured, right? She wouldn’t be able to rule with a bony fist if she wasn’t up to date on the next presidential election!Not only is the skeleton queen menacing, her hauntingly fierce fashion sense will make pulses race. Be the one all the wicked creatures bow to when you wear this Women’s Plus Size Bone Appetite Skeleton Long Dress. The dress is a pullover maxi-style dress that has shoulder cutouts for added drama. The all-over printed skeleton graphic is essential for giving the Skeleton Queen her from-the-grave look. And, to top it off, the bones are glow-in-the-dark for an added element of scariness. Combine this skeleton costume with a skeleton face makeup kit, a pair of skeleton or black gloves, and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes for a look that is complete and fierce from head-to-toe.

    $54.99 Skeleton Costumes
  • Plus Size Manic Mad Hatter Costume

    Plus Size Manic Mad Hatter Costume

    Did you know that in the olden days, hat makers used to actually go ‚Äúmad‚Äù from their prolonged exposure to mercury, causing erratic behavior and other wild and mysterious symptoms (later found out to be mercury poisoning)? And hence, the phrase, ‚Äúas mad as a hatter‚Äù was born!But you are just the opposite; you are approaching this whole Halloween thing from a place of absolute sanity and logic. You simply want an amazing costume that instills in you a sense the Mad Hatter‚Äôs whimsy, magic, and festivity, without the lasting side effects. Since you don‚Äôt actually want to go mad–wise choice–you‚Äôll need to find a truly maniacal costume that can inspire you to replicate all that delightful madness of your favorite character. Ta-dah! You‚Äôll want to stop time just to appreciate the delirious joy and silly antics that this Plus Size Manic Mad Hatter Costume inspire in you. Aside from your love of tea parties, you obviously also have an eye for fashion, and this brightly colored and fun frock is worthy of any seat at the tea table. The teal dress has a mesh skirt overlay, a high-low hemline, and playfully puffy sleeves. How this dress got so cute is an unanswerable riddle, to be sure, but it also comes with a big ole‚Äô bow choker and a mini top hat–so it seems the answer to the eternal question: how do I perfect a mad-cute look?

    $69.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Plus Size Pig Costume

    Plus Size Pig Costume

    If you and your friends want to really show everyone that you‚ re a bunch of party animals then there‚ s only one way to do that. You all need to go out with a farm animal theme! There‚ s no party wilder than a barnyard party. With this Plus Size Pig Costume ,you can prove it!Sure ,everyone might think that pigs are kind of smelly and dirty but you can show the fun-loving side of this farm animal. Imagine all the stereotypes about pigs you could break. No one will be able to call you a slob if you clean up after yourself and as long as you keep this jumpsuit soft and pink no one will be able to accuse you of rolling around in the mud. Although ,just because you‚ re not covered in mud doesn‚ t in any way mean that you‚ re a stick in the mud! You will still be a representative of party animals everywhere. So it will be your duty to show everyone what goes down in the barn after dark. So secure the piggy hood under your chin ,pop on the hoof shoe covers ,and you‚ ll be ready to tear up the dance floor! Grab this Plus Size Pig Costume and transform into a classic farm animal for Halloween. Have your friends look through the rest of our animal costumes and turn any party into a barnyard party! Just watch out for any of those pesky farmers ,you wouldn‚ t want those buzzkills to cut your party time short.

    $54.99 Pig Costumes
  • Plus Size White Highlander Shirt

    Plus Size White Highlander Shirt

    When you‚Äôre over 400 years old, you end up knowing some stuff. And it‚Äôs a good bet that some of that stuff has to do with how to have an effortless style that will woo the lasses (be they moral or immortal) and put your opponents on notice. And yeah, so you‚Äôve been hiding out from the other Immortals for a while, trying to remove yourself from The Game, which mainly consists of beheading each other for a version of points. But you can‚Äôt run from who you are, and eventually you‚Äôve got make a decision: You gonna take some people‚Äôs heads off in the name of good, or let them take some heads off in the name of evil?It‚Äôs a classic quandary! And you know what else is classic? This Plus Size White Highlander Shirt! Made of 100% cotton broadcloth, it will move with you as you demonstrate dizzying sword tricks and turns. The collar opens to a front blanket of 4 silver-tone buttons, revealing not only a classy taste in shirt styling, but also your manly chest. The billowy sleeves are gathered into cuffs with silver-tone buttons, and the rest of the shirt is also styled with historically accurate tailoring. Add a ponytail to complete a look that says, “Hey. Maybe I’m a time-traveler. Maybe I’m a dimension-hopper. Or maybe I’m just a guy who hates haircuts!‚Äù

    $34.99 Adult Pirate Costumes
  • Plus Size Mouse Costume

    Plus Size Mouse Costume

    Some of the most iconic animal creatures in our costuming repertoire are among our client’s favorites. We have seen several lions and tigers go out and make events more exciting than they might have ever been as well as a surprising number of dolphins and octopi. Now, we scratch our heads a bit at those, but acknowledge that dolphins do breathe air and, as freakish as the fact may be, know that an octopus can hold its … breath (?) for a long time out of water. So, even aquatic disguises aren’t too unusual to see running around on dry land.But, perhaps our most popular are the giant versions of the tiny cuddly creatures that fill our world. Especially as we near the holidays, we see adult-sized versions of chipmunks and mice become especially favored. Thus, we bring to you this Mouse costume that is no doubt going to make your home a joyful place. Now, we do have some giant-sized cats, too, so you’ve got to be a little careful with whom you’re traveling with… but we gave the same warning to the Giant Slice of Cheese costume customers about you. So, all is fair. To make up for the difficult time you’ll have hunting down the giant cheeses, enjoy this revised opening to another favorite:’Twas the night before last and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except this big mouse! Adorably gray with mittens for hands, it was cute, but large… clearly a mouse-man. The gray jumpsuit and mock turtle-neck featured ears on the hood and Velcro to stick. A bendable tail was sewn into the back and mittens fold back when its time to snack. The night would be lovely with all going on track so long as nobody showed up as a cat!

    $54.99 Mouse Costumes
  • Plus Size Bull Costume

    Plus Size Bull Costume

    Ah, that classic scene Matador versus bull. Dark against light. The man against the wild. Man is armed with spears and a sword and half a life of training. What does the bull have? Nothing but his instinct to defend himself and his territory and his horns. And guess who’s cast in the light of the bad guy. That’s right, the bull! That doesn’t seem fair to us. We don’t see the bull trying to lance the matador with pokey things!Set the record straight with this bull costume. Whether you decide to paint yourself as a gentle bull who likes to relax in sunny fields smelling flowers or you’re finally going to give a voice to the bull in the bull and matador costume duo, this is the most authentic bull jumpsuit you’ll ever wear. Most likely, how many bull costumes are you investing in? This jumpsuit is luxurious with a thick faux fur mane on the chest and on the head. The hood includes a set of white horns and faux leather ears. There are faux leather hoofs at the hands and covering the feet with faux leather. The back has a zipper to make it easy to put on and it also has an attached tail for a legit bull feel. So, it’s time to set the record straight. Make your partner suit up as a matador and discuss the complicated history between the two of you. You’re sure to win the debate. It’s time to cut the bull about bulls!

    $64.99 Bull Costumes
  • Plus Size Dames Like Us Flapper Costume

    Plus Size Dames Like Us Flapper Costume

    There are some times in history that we would like to visit. But, if we had a time machine we would definitely go back to about three minutes ago when we spilled our coffee on our new white shirt. But you, you could go any where, like the roaring 20s.The flapper days always look so fun. It seems like the first time women really had any freedom to be themselves. They talked with the kind of sass that we only wish we had. And they were the same women who demanded our right to vote. And because they were such awesome women they got it. And they also dance the Charleston. Admit it, it just looks fun.Well, if this year you finally figure out time travel, well 1. give us a call‚Äîwe still have that coffee stain, and 2. put on this Plus Size Dames Like Us Flapper Costume, and get ready to demand our right to vote. You’ll be wearing this classic flapper dress, complete with flippy, flappy fringe. But don’t fear if you don’t figure out time travel, you can still wear this fantastic costume to any Halloween party. You will still be the life of any party‚Äîand bonus points, because you will still be able to vote even if you don’t demand the right with those awesome women in 1920.

    $39.99 Flapper Costumes
  • Women's Plus Size 1920s Coco Flapper Costume

    Women’s Plus Size 1920s Coco Flapper Costume

    Wild parties, private liquor stashes, and all-night dancing. Nothing reminds us of the 1920s quite like a flapper party! It may not have been all sunshine and rainbows, but they sure knew how to have a good time.If you want to be a 1920s fashion icon, wear this Women’s Plus Size 1920s Coco Flapper Costume! It’s inspired by the designs of the French fashion legend Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Wear it for any 20s or Gatsby-themed party, and you’ll be in the rotogravure! And let‚Äôs be honest, who doesn‚Äôt want to walk among the elite class in the 1920s. After all, they were having all the fun at their extravagant parties!This unique women‚Äôs plus size flapper dress is perfect for that elite party or a Halloween night out. The costume comes with a pink, dropped-waist pullover tank dress. The dress has a black velvet waistband and neck edging to make it stand out in the crowd. The bodice of the dress features a black geometric Art Deco print and the skirt is covered with long black fringe that hangs from the waistband. The costume also includes a matching headband that fastens with Velcro for a comfortable fit and it also has a 10‚Äù black feather that fits into a pocket on the inside. Complete the look with the included pin-on brooches that are silver-tone metal with faux pearls and a 13‚Äù long black cigarette holder. Now all you need is a pair of dancing shoes and a suave gentleman at your side!

    $59.99 Flapper Costumes
  • Plus Size Elite Queen of Hearts Costume

    Plus Size Elite Queen of Hearts Costume

    If there‚Äôs one thing that‚Äôs for sure: no one will be trying to off you in this ensemble! Everything tonight will be the Queen‚Äôs way when you show up in this gorgeous getup; and that‚Äôs exactly as it should be. Heads will definitely roll if anyone else at the costume party shows up in a two-bit imitation; this Plus Size Elite Queen of Hearts Costume is the real deal and you deserve the spotlight, tonight. It is so powerful, that you will likely find yourself feeling instantly wicked once you put it on. But we think that‚Äôs OK. We like a gal with a bit of an attitude. Of course, we‚Äôre also writing this from the comfort of our office, not staring into your fierce face. We‚Äôre sure if we saw you done up in this dress and looking for your next execution victim, we may feel differently. But…we‚Äôre not! So off with their heads! Sorry, sorry. That‚Äôs your line. So, go ahead and start the hunt for Alice. Or work out your issues on some playing cards. We don‚Äôt blame you for feeling powerful and mighty in this tailored satin gown‚Äôs gorgeous details, like faux-fur trimming on the skirt, a diamond-adorned bodice, included boning hoop, petticoat, and satin panniers. We absolutely love seeing this side of you…from afar. We guess all there is for your to do is to top yourself in this sequin and faux-gem kissed crown and let the croquet match begin!

    $109.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Plus Size Mime Costume

    Plus Size Mime Costume

    Your friends all think you are the epitome of the strong and silent type–you‚Äôre always a great listener, you always demonstrate your emotions through action, and you always–ALWAYS–look great in black and white. What your group doesn‚Äôt know, though, is that you are really working hard to hone your skills so you can quit your job and become a full-time mime. Cool!The art of miming actually goes all the way back to ancient Greece, and has quite a distinguished history. But then, you know all of that already, don‚Äôt you? We had no idea what a mime enthusiast you were! It seems only fitting then, that we present to you this Plus Size Mime Costume, just perfect for your act‚Äôs big debut or a Halloween bash. After all, you are the kind of person who can make silence speak volumes, so your look should do the same for you. And this one says, I‚Äôm a serious, studied mime who will now blow your mind with my miming skills!It really is amazing how authentic this costume looks when you pair it with the classic white mime makeup. You‚Äôll look just like a famous silent movie star in the striped shirt and black pants. Or you can perfect your rope-pulling or wall-climbing skills in the skullcap and red accents. However you wear it, wherever you go, they say the first step to living your new life is to dress the part–so this ensemble is a must for you! We bet you‚Äôd squeal with joy…if it didn‚Äôt mean breaking character.

    $29.99 Clown Costumes
  • Authentic Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies Jacket

    Authentic Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies Jacket

    Show pride in your crew of friends! You can do that with this Authentic Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies jacket. This twill jacket is officially licensed from the classic film and it has a complete satin lining for ultimate comfort. Of course, the iconic Pink Ladies name is printed on the back. A Velcro patch on the left breast lets you pick your favorite of Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan, or Marty, and the chiffon scarf puts the finishing touch on your new rebellious look. Once you have it on, all you need to do is gather up a few of your friends to rule Rydell High School!

    $69.99 Grease Costumes
  • Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies Jacket

    Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies Jacket

    On Wednesdays We Wear PinkWait for a second, in Rydell High the cool girl clique wears pink everyday. Well, you’re lucky that this hue looks good on you because Rydell High’s coolest clique wants you! To join them you’ll need this Grease Plus Size Pink Ladies Jacket. Then you’ll fit right in. That’s right, you’re going to want to leave those ankle length poodle skirts of your good girl past behind. No more lounging in your room alone, listening to some baby-faced guy crooning on the record player. Oh no! Life with the Pink Ladies is pretty wild, you never know what might happen on a Friday night!Product DetailsThis plus size women’s Grease jacket is officially licensed and ready for you to wear for Halloween or a theme party. The satin jacket has an interlock waistband and sleeve cuffs for an authentic look straight out of the 1950’s. The back of the jacket has Pink Ladies printed on it in black script lettering. The jacket zips up in the front and has two false pockets for added detail. Also included is a chiffon scarf that measures 21” long. Perfect for starting a drag race or getting warm on a cool night out at the drive-in movies. Add a pair of black leggings and high heels for a look straight out of the classic film!Cool With the CrewNow all you have to do is find the crew you want to roll with this Halloween. What is your role going to be? Will you be chomping on a candy cigarette as you cast mischevious glances at Greasers that are trying not to stare? Maybe you’ll be dancing to Rock-a-billy music in the parking lot of the chrome lined diner in town. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be reconnecting with that boy you met last summer. Just make sure you have the attire and you and your crew are sure to have a happy Halloween!

    $29.99 Grease Costumes
  • Plus Size Vintage Baseball Player

    Plus Size Vintage Baseball Player

    Time travel is, according to contemporary science, impossible. One can in theory move forward through time—and, it’s only a hope even there that you can do it at faster than 60 seconds per minute of travel—but going backwards is, of course, what we’re all invested in! How can we lift up from the space-time continuum and explore when we’ve been, seeing the world from an elder decade, and return with either are greater insight to the past or at least some pretty cool nostalgic bits?But, there are other ways to transcend time… ones that don’t specifically require multiple doctorates in quantum theory. And, even if you already have a collection of those, there are still easier ways that will still allow you to enjoy a decent dinner with the family afterwards. It all comes down to some pretty metaphysical sciences of our own when we manage to draw into our time relics from the far-gone past in the form of amazing vintage clothing that will literally transform you into past heroes and relive the greatest moments of the past. (Disclaimer: By literally, we of course mean not literally at all but that your experiences will be so real they might as well be!)Draw on the inspiration of America’s Favorite Pastime by hopping into that pastime’s past with this Vintage Baseball Player costume. The B’s sure didn’t sign you to strike you out, so a little more practice in the modern age will ensure that you will land a homer and bring home the victory. In this uniform complete in its cream fabric and gray pinstripe design with knicker-style pants and rollable long sleeves, you’re almost to home plate. Fortunately, we’ve got the baseball cap to finish off the look! Accessorize with a bat, ball, or glove, or bring in the rest of your teammates and it will be like the ‘20s have come to life!

    $54.99 Baseball Costumes
  • Plus Size Renaissance Lady Costume

    Plus Size Renaissance Lady Costume

    Oh, Fair Maiden, would thou do’ith thy honor of accompanying thee to yonder tavern for a flagon of ale and a veritable bounty of nachos?If that sounds like the perfect way for someone to ask you on a date (and if you understood what it meant), then the Renaissance Faire is definitely your kind of festival! The best way to experience a Ren Faire is to show up wearing historical costumes, and when you’re donning this elegant Plus Size Renaissance Lady Costume, all the knights and lords will be scrambling to take you out!There are so many classic renaissance styles to enjoy while at the fest, like a salty tavern wench, or a humble peasant, or a even an elaborate baroness outfit, if you’re feeling extra luxurious. What makes this lovely gown the best look of all is that you can be whatever type of lady you’d like in it! You can be a well-to-do maiden in this royal looking dress, but if trouble arises, you can take up a sword and fight to defend your honor. You could even stop by the tavern and enjoy a couple rounds with the other festival goers, and your fancy style would fit right in!This lovely purple velvet and gold lace gown gives you a regal look that goes well with any accessories you choose. Whether you add an elegant tiara and slippers, or a fierce sword and boots, any way you want to enjoy the faire will be a memorable experience! And, if you do happen to accompany a lordly gentleman to the tavern, make sure he doesn’t try to stick you with “thy check”…

    $49.99 Renaissance Costumes