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  • Women's Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume

    Women’s Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume

    So, you‚Äôve just enlisted with one of the top pirate crews. You have two days to prep your things before you sail–pack your bag, say goodbye to those land lovers, (and pick up an extra box of Dramamine at the local drug store). You want to show up looking fierce and every bit as worthy of the sea as your male counterparts. It‚Äôs this Women‚Äôs Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume for you, then, lassie! This ensemble helps you to show those sea dogs that you’re no rookie, you can pillage and plunder with the best of them. It doesn‚Äôt hurt that this dress boasts a flag showing off their favorite logo–it never hurts to make a good first impression. Even on a pirate ship. Actually, come to think of it…especially on a pirate ship.So, suit up in this Women’s Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume and get ready to hear a whole lot of ‘Yawrs’ once you step on board. You also may want to secure this deep in your trunk, pirates will steal anything beautiful and this ensemble is definitely that. The long-sleeved peasant blouse pairs perfectly with the faux leather corset. The two-layer wrap skirt is printed with the skull and crossbones for style, while the striped leggings will keep you warm when the salty sea wind starts to whip up. Enough of a treasure for you, scallywag? We didn‚Äôt even tell you about the the antique-brass-tone metal buckles. Wow! Well, we can‚Äôt help with the seasickness or the ship‚Äôs food, but as far as looking the part of a particularly savvy sailor, we got you covered, miss matey!

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  • Plus Size Pirate Maiden Costume

    Plus Size Pirate Maiden Costume

    You may think you know a lot about pirates, but let us ask you this: why were those buccaneers always going around raiding ships and looking for gold? For wealth? Glory? Most people might answer “yes,” but they’d be wrong. The truth is, they were all trying to impress this swashbuckling beauty, who’s as fearsome and deadly as she is alluring. Did guys like Blackbeard and Black Bart succeed in impressing her with all that legendary piracy? We can’t say for sure, but all the modern-day pirates (along with pretty much everyone else) will try just as hard to get your attention in this Plus Size Pirate Maiden Costume!She may be decked out in the trappings of a 17th Century lady (like a peasant-style blouse and corset, not to mention a long skirt), but this pirate queen has a rough edge indicative of the rough-and-tumble life of a high-seas buccaneer. The hem of her skirt and the sleeves on the blouse have that jagged, torn look, showing that they’ve been through their fair share of battles and hijackings. Though it takes years of maritime raiding to achieve that authentic pirate look (and just as long to build up that intimidating reputation), you’ll transform into a pirate queen in seconds with this awesome dress!In the plus size Plus Size Pirate Maiden Costume, you’ll truly be a force to reckoned with, whether you’re going to a Halloween party, a masquerade, or even on the deck of your very own pirate galley!

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  • Women's Captain Crossbones Pirate Costume

    Women’s Captain Crossbones Pirate Costume

    A Big Deal on the Big BlueIs the pirate’s life for you? Here at, we fight the idea that pirating has more to do with downloading movies through illegal means than exploring the high seas. But we’re sure you’re stuck in the romantic past just like we are. How can something as boring as downloading media compare to battening down the hatches and fighting the authority of the British Naval force? Sure, not all pirates were good guys. In fact, not all pirates were guys! Anne Bonny and Mary Read are ranked among some of the most infamous pirates in history. They fought alongside their crew, acting just as fierce and capable as the rest of them! The thing is if we want the title of “pirate” to continue to stand for the character that we see come alive today then you’ll need a memorable pirate costume to keep that tough, high seas sailing image fresh in the minds of the people!Product Details & DesignYou’ll be the roughest and toughest on the wild modern seas with this sleek pirate costume that’s Made-By-Us. This ensemble is a layered and detailed look features a captain’s jacket, skull patterned leggings, and of course, the classic pirate hat. The blouse is layered under a striped and skull patterned sash and faux leather belt. Pirates might not control the high seas anymore but those landlubbers better watch out when you show up!Gather Ye Hardies!Have you always wanted to run a crew? Gather up your mates put together a pirate crew. Cause everyone knows that there ain’t no party like a pirate party. Plus, you get bonus points if you get together on a boat and pay for grog with gold coins. No one on board? No worries, when you’re heading out in such a gorgeous pirate costume, people will be signing up to work for you in no time!

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  • Mens Rum Pirate Costume

    Mens Rum Pirate Costume

    Halloween and rum go together like peanut butter and chocolate–harmonious, satisfying, timeless. Think about it, you never need to ask, ‚ÄúWho likes rum?‚Äù because the answer is (obviously) everyone! So if you instinctively pointed to yourself with your thumbs while shouting, “This guy!” then you are not alone. You already know what this Men‚Äôs Rum Pirate Costume is all about. Swashbucklers are notorious for their love of the beverage, so you’ll look right at home on Halloween when you wear this outfit and sip on your drink of choice with your crew. Of course, you’ll also look right at home brandishing a cutlass against your foes on the high seas, too, but sitting back on the ship while enjoying some rum sounds like a much more relaxing time. There are, in fact, only two ways you could improve upon this near perfect costume. 1) Get yourself a parrot and train it to walk over to the counter and ask the barmaid for a refill for you (super bonus if you can train it to carry the drink back to your seat). And 2) bring your own treasure chest to use as a footrest wherever you go, so you can always be drinking your rum in a leisurely position while still looking totally in character. Other than those two costume hacks, this look is pretty much pure gold with its regal red jacket and blue stretchy pants. Oh, we guess you should also pick yourself a ruffly shirt and a pirate‚Äôs cap, unless you think you can teach your parrot to shop online for you while you continue sip on your cocktail. We wouldn‚Äôt put it past you. You‚Äôre a pirate, after all!

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  • Toddler Ahoy Matey Pirate Costume

    Toddler Ahoy Matey Pirate Costume

    Who’d have thought that your young one would end up leading a life of piracy, and at such a tender age, too? Why, there’s no telling what sort of things your toddler will be up too as a pirate! He’ll be searching for buried treasure in the backyard, drawing treasure maps with crayons and looting the cookie jar when no one’s looking. But sometimes, you just got to let your kid live their dream of being the greatest buccaneer on the high seas. In fact, it’s about time you did something to help your child be the best pirate out there!It’s time you outfitted your little one like a real buccaneer. After all, if he’s going to rise to the rank of captain, then he’s going to need a pirate outfit that lets his crew know that he means business. This toddler Pirate Ahoy Matey costume is exactly the kind of outfit he needs. With a white swashbuckler shirt and a red vest with gold edging for added flair, this costume is one part adorable and one part pirate. The bandana has a gold skull emblem on the front to let the crew that he’s one tough customer and he’s out to get all loot he can get his hands on!Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from joining your kid on his high seas adventures. We carry plenty of adult pirate costumes to go along with this toddler one, so you can suit up as your little one’s first mate for a spot of treasure hunting!

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  • Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume

    Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume

    Yo ho-ho, ye scallywags and old salts!Ah, the Golden Age of Piracy. There were some pretty famous rogues sailing the high seas as pirates back then, searching for treasure and looting the rich. You’ve heard of these guys. Captain Kidd and his legendary buried treasure. Black Sam Bellamy, called the “Robin Hood of pirates, because if you steal from the rich and give your booty to the poor, it’s all good, right? The notorious Blackbeard and his ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge, which sounds like a totally serious rig.So, what about the women pirates? Yes, there really were women pirates! They just haven’t gotten their fair share of attention. Like Anne Bonny and Mary Reed, who did their fair share of swashbuckling and treasure hunting, too. They got into the piracy biz by dressing up in boys’ clothing for most of their lives. How sad for them, because they could have been wearing something like this bad-in-a-very-good-way Deluxe Colonial Pirate Costume – for women. But you, however, can board this year’s Halloween ship in high seas style by putting on these lady buccaneer. The pirate costume has everything you need except the boots and the battleship. The white peasant-style dress is layered to catch the sea breezes and has a faux leather waist cincher to show off your shape. The velvety short jacket has ornamental buttons and the tri-corner pirate hat shades your eyes from the glare off the water. Just pick up the cool plastic sword and you’re ready to board ship and get your booty!

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  • Boy's Pirate Costume

    Boy’s Pirate Costume

    Avast ye, scurvy dog. If your child be hungerin‚Äô for an adventurous lifestyle, then perhaps it‚Äôs high time that he be settin’ forth on a pirate‚Äôs journey. The quest is dangerous! He may have to battle against every manner of foe, from rival scoundrel pirates, to giant kraken capable of breaking a seafaring ship in two. He may have to decipher clues from a mysterious treasure map, or dig through piles of sand to find a chest full of gold. That last thing you want your child to do is worry about his outfit! That‚Äôs where we come in‚Äîwith this boy‚Äôs pirate costume.This kid‚Äôs pirate costume gives your child the bonafide look of a swashbuckling buccaneer, ready for a trip across the seven seas. It comes with a puffy white pirate shirt with an attached vest and striped pirate trousers. There‚Äôs no need for boots either! A pair of boot covers that fit over your child‚Äôs shoes are attached to the trousers. Of course, no pirate outfit is complete without a headscarf! This costume comes with a red bandana with a gold Jolly Roger symbol on the front. Put it all together and your child will look like one slippery scoundrel, ready to engage in some skullduggery and treasure hunting. Just make sure to equip your little buccaneer with a set of our toy pirate weapons, since every good pirate needs a good cutlass at his side while he battles against his foes on the high seas

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  • Women's Ghost Pirate Costume

    Women’s Ghost Pirate Costume

    Seafaring SpecterThe mist is rising from the choppy waves as the sun goes down over the water. The captain of the ship looks out into the horizon. Suddenly, as he scans the seas, a ship appears in the distance. Its sails are torn, the body is so full of holes that it really shouldn’t be floating. As the crew gathers around, they hear it. The soft thudding of far-off bass and haunting hollering. Far off, over the darkening waves, the beat was dropping. Who doesn’t want to be a part of an undead pirate party? After all, there ain’t no party like an undead pirate party because an undead party literally doesn’t stop. Pirates already have quite the rep for knowing how to have a good time but when they rise from the dead, their ability to party on is inspirational as well as bone-chilling. Product DetailsGorgeous layers of silver and gray are the stars of the show with this mystically roguish look. Whether you’re headed to the streets with a full-on zombie or you’re simply headed out as a restless spirit, you’ll surely love the spooky yet elegant tone of this dress. The lace that makes up the skirt is short in front and makes a subtle tumbling bustle in the back. The bodice is fitted in the middle with a laced faux suede corset. It also has flowy off-shoulder sleeves with elastic around the neckline to keep it in place. Pair it with a gnarly sword and you’ll be ready for eerie moonlight requisitions on unsuspecting ships. Harbor HauntsPerfect for both nautical parties and spooktacular Halloween affairs, alike. You’ll be glad to have a quality costume that no one is soon to forget. Pair up with other sailors and pirates that have been to Davy Jones’s Locker to put together a truly terrifying yet photogenic group costume. What is it about seaweed and the undead that go so well together? 

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  • Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume

    Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume

    As a highly in demand fashion designer, you’re renown comes for putting your own little twists on the classics. So we ask you: why should Halloween be any different?A little high seas subterfuge never hurt anyone…but neither did a little high fashion. You get to become the daring and dashing pirate lass of your stylish dreams when you hit the deck of the boat party in this Sexy Rogue Pirate Costume. While you look lovely—impeccably styled—what is hiding beneath the surface of this ensemble is actually a cunning rogue, ready to have her fill of whatever types of riches she can set her hands on. Ad while real life pirates may not have been exactly scintillating (months at sea without a shower?), you’ve managed to add your signature oomph to even the most iconic of looks. We applaud you for opting for this put-together and positively polished lady pirate look, and we are humbled by your good taste. Your gal pals will turn green—not from seasickness, but from envy—that they didn’t snatch this sassy costume up first! They’ll ooh and ah over the way this outfit’s dainty ivory dress with lace trim plays against the formfitting black faux leather corset. Vixen. Mostly, they’ll admire how you styled it with all the perfect accessories for what is in-argh-uably the best look on the high seas.

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  • Plus Size Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume

    Plus Size Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume

    Those scurvy rogues! Pirates are well known for getting their way by being ruthless, by using stealth, and by striking fear into the hearts of those sailing the high seas. Generally being big old meanies in big old boats, you know? But you‚Äôre much more clever than that. And we don’t think you’ll have to rely on these tactics to get what you want. We suspect you know how to make pirates and landlubbers alike willingly hand over boatloads of their treasure to you. How to make all the other sailors want to be mutiny so they can be a part of your crew. And how to let the whole motley bunch of them know that if they even dare think of crossing you, it‚Äôll be walking the plank for them! You‚Äôll do it by wearing this Plus Size Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume when you‚Äôre out buccaneering, won‚Äôt you? Smart move, lady pirate. The look of this costume commands all the aye-ayes you need to be in charge. The flashy red dress is off the shoulder and long sleeved and flirty skirted. And short to make it boarding enemy ships easy. The faux corset is like the ones every wench wears, but yours is so much more classy ‚Äì it‚Äôs rich velvet and laces up with elegant red ribbon. The corset makes a shell over the skirt to mimic a dashing pirate‚Äôs coat. And of course, you‚Äôll know the perfect accessories to add. Like a big captain‚Äôs hat and some serious shoes and a scary looking sword, just to keep everybody in line.

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  • Adult Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume

    Adult Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume

    Come to think of it, a lot of outstanding costumes are based on a tried-and-true formula: find an interesting historical figure, hit the books, and create a more fashionable version of the clothes they might have worn in real life. For instance, this Adult Sexy Vixen Pirate Costume is the kind of outfit that several notorious ladies might have preferred if they hadn’t been afraid of losing their jobs as pirates. In fact, two of the most famous female pirates of all time almost missed each other because of silly pirate rules about gender and complicated wardrobe restrictions. The fearsome buccaneer Anne Bonny was only able to band together with Mary Read after discovering that her counterpart had been disguised as a crewman named ‘Mark.’ After that, they caused enough mayhem to make them some of the wealthiest and most wanted women in the Caribbean! Imagine what they could have accomplished if they’d been allowed to show off their feminine side sooner without fearing for life and livelihood!Well, not everybody finds the history books as inspiring as we do. So it’s our job to make sure that costumes like this make a big impression even without any preface or assigned reading. And this one does! The fantastic black-and-red velvet of the corset-style dress will look great with the hat and boots of your choosing. A belt to keep a pair of flintlock pistols or a well-polished cutlass at the ready will let everyone know that you are deadly serious about your job, and looking great while doing it!

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  • Plus Size Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume

    Plus Size Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume

    Living like a pirate is tough work. But just because the grog is bad, the food is worse, and your shipmates are as likely make you walk the plank as they are to say hello, it doesn’t mean you have to dress like a scurvy-riddled sea urchin! Dress up in this Plus Size Burgundy Pirate Wench Costume, and you’ll have that sassy, chic buccaneer look you’ve been wanting for all of your pirating exploits!There are other reasons to don a stylish outfit while sailing the Seven Seas than just looking nice. Like in any job, you want to dress professionally when you go to work. So, wearing a fine quality dress while pillaging a merchant ship for its cargo will leave a much better impression than if you were wearing filthy, tattered rags. You might be surprised how quickly word travels on the open ocean, and if you’re wanting a reputation for being a fearsome, unstoppable pirate, wearing some dashingly recognizable attire will help make that happen. On top of that, this lacy dress breathes a lot better than the heavy leather and wool garb most other sea dogs are tromping around in, which will definitely come in handy if you decide to set sail in the balmy, humid tropics!Lace also helps you look like one saucy lass, and the burgundy skirt and intricately designed bodice give this ensemble a bold flair. The hat and sash complete this swashbuckling look, so you just need to add some fierce boots and a sword. Then, you’ll be ready for any pirating job that comes your way, no matter how tough it gets!

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  • Knee-High Mismatched Pirate Socks Men

    Knee-High Mismatched Pirate Socks Men

    When you’re a pirate, you don’t care if your clothes match.Trust us, after months at sea, you’d take whatever clothes you could find too. There’s no time for coordinating your hat and coat, let along finding two stockings that match. A pirate’s mission is to find practical clothes. What’s practical? Anything whole, non blood-stained, and not frighteningly odorous of course.So if you’re feeling like becoming a pirate yourself, you’re practically obligated to wear an outfit that doesn’t match. You might even need to smear on some dirt and rip a few hems just so the other pirates take you seriously. But if you’re assembling your pirate ensemble, you mine as well get a pair of socks that are mismatched for you already. For example, our Knee-High Mismatched Pirate Socks are completely different. One has bold black and white stripes and the other is brown and printed with a wood grain (in case you feel like having a peg leg without actually severing a limb). Your feet and their pirate-wear will be covered. Literally.

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  • Pirate Hat with Dreads

    Pirate Hat with Dreads

    HATS AND THE HIGH SEASThink you’re boarding the pirate ship looking like that? Think again, matey! Only the toughest-looking men and women get to board The Ghostly Deceit (That’s the name of our pirate ship. Pretty cool, huh?) So c’mon you salty sea dog, it’s time to upgrade your duds so you look less like a person who just got out of a business meeting and more like a person who just got done looting an enemy ship! Argggggh! First things first, you’ll need everyone’s pirate’s trademark, a tricorn hat. It’s a must-have accessory that will assert your dominance over other pirates and the seven seas in general. Once one is placed on your head, you’ll feel like a different person and lucky you, we have just the one. The pirate hat with dreads creates an intimidating, no-nonsense look so people will assume you’re about to thieve from them, steering clear of you, which is exactly the look we’re going for!       PRODUCT DETAILSThe pirate hat with dreads is made from soft, polyester foam so it feels nice and comfortable on your head. Synthetic dreads with decorative beads are sewn to the bottom of the hat, creating one convenient accessory. AARGH… Argh you getting a full pirate costume to go with this hat? You should, we have tons of them!   

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  • Plus Size Men's Sparrow Pirate Costume

    Plus Size Men’s Sparrow Pirate Costume

    Avast Ye! Ahoy, matey! We hear you’re a bit hard up for the perfect costume. But you can’t let Halloween become a black spot on your name. You really only have two choices, lad: You can surrender, call it a night, and hole up on the couch with a bucket o’ popcorn and a long face; or you can gather your crew, suit up for adventure, and set out in search of hidden loot and faraway lands. Yeah…it doesn’t seem like much of a choice to us either!In this Men’s Plus Size Sparrow Pirate Costume, you can lead a mutiny, commandeer a ship, and become captain, all faster than you can say, “Dead men tell no tales!” This exclusive look will instantly transform you into a fearsome, charismatic, and skilled pirate known by name across all seven seas. And to think, you were going to stay home and watch scary movies by yourself. We could send you to Davy Jones’ locker for that kind of thinking! Or make you walk the plank for defecting from your favorite holiday. But, we’ll cite you with a warnin’ this time, and take our cut of whatever treasure you happen upon, instead.Design & DetailsThis is a costume for a real pirate’s pirate, ya know? It’s Made by Us right in our own costume studio, with the goal of capturing the spirit of a true swashbuckler. It’s comprised of a shirt, pants, scarves, belts, and vest—oh, and a whole lot of swagger! The top has button detailing and loose arms, for easy swinging of your sword (which you’ll want to pick up, separately). You get a red headscarf and a striped hip scarf, adding that alluring devil-may-care pirate strut to your stride. Of course, you’ll want a sturdy pair of boots and a classic tricorn hat to make this look truly seaworthy. You don’t want to be taken for a landlubber, do you?No More Hornswaggle!This is basically the best pirate look around! And as such, we don’t want to hear any more whinin’ about not having a good enough costume for Halloween. Don’t cheat your crew out of partyin’ with ye this Halloween…and don’t even think about that night in on the couch…savvy?   

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  • Men's Sparrow Pirate Costume

    Men’s Sparrow Pirate Costume

    THE BIRTH OF A LEGENDAvast!  Let us hear tell of a buccaneer who took the seas by storm and made wenches and cutthroats, noblemen and gentlewomen, scholars and scum, alike, all halt in their steps to stop and gaze whene’er the scurvy pirate would step foot on shore.  Now, you might think we’re talking about Blackbeard or Hook or any of those other pirates that folks have been whispering about for years.  But, no!  We’re talking about a real legend.Or, at least, we’re talking about one that is just about to become one.  All stories of heroic adventure begin with someone who has not yet made the history books.  Who wants to hear about a famous bloke who did another fame-bestowing thing?  No!  We want an origin story about a would-be saint of the sails and devil of the drink.  And, we think it is about time for those pages to begin turning for you!DESIGN & DETAILSOur own scurvy dog designers have traveled throughout the Seven Seas to put together the perfect pirate look and, boy, did that magic compass pay off!  This exclusive Sparrow Pirate Costume is crafted in-house and Made by Us with the best materials and greatest skill that you can find.  This six-piece costume includes a sea-blue tunic-style vest that stays off the shoulder, a loose-fitting white shirt with a deep V-neck, and dark pants with elastic ankles.  The black and brass belt bind everything together while the waist and headscarf give you a perfect contrast of maroon color.  Accessorize with any of your favorite pirate picks and get ready to set sail to adventure! A PIRATE NAMERemember that no story of a scurvy scalawag or pristine pirate is complete without a name that is both captivating and fearsome.  Make sure that you come up with one that matches your new look because this finely made Pirate Costume is going to last as long as you will!  

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  • Girl's Posh Pirate Costume

    Girl’s Posh Pirate Costume

    The allure of the open sea and promise of untold riches has called many a young lad and ornery old man to the Seven Seas. Enlisting on or stealing ships that they pray nightly will carry them over the treacherous ocean. Sure, many think of these guys when it comes to the legends of famous pirates‚Ķ but history is just too terrified to write the real accounts. After all, why are both the sea and the ships called she!? Do not be fooled‚Ķ the lasses flying the skull and crossbone flags are the real buccaneers.Now, it is time to help your girl write her name into the pages of history and riches. You can take the first step with this Girl‚Äôs Posh Pirate costume. Show your scallywag crew just what kinds of gains they have in store by showing the gleaming gold that she‚Äôs acquired and a style that cannot be squashed!This stylish costume riffs on classic pirate themes, and creates a look that any little lady would be proud to wear to sea. The slacks are a red and blacked stripe and matching red head tie will warn your opposition that you mean business. A stylish period peasant-style blouse has sewn on faux leather that gives a perfect contrast as well as the look of a gal who is more than prepared for a bit of swashbuckling on the gangplanks. Be sure to pick up a weapon accessory, though, just in case some barnswaggle is foolish enough to try! When she signs up for adventure with this classic costume, the only thing she’ll have to worry about is where to find good island to stash all that treasure on!

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  • Sexy Buckle Pirate Boots

    Sexy Buckle Pirate Boots

    What do all pirates have in common? That is, besides a surly disposition, a love of the sea, and an unquenchable hunger for booty (we mean treasure, obviously)? If you said ‚ÄúThey always pay off their gambling debts on time, and happily share their grog with their fellow pirates,‚Äù we honestly don’t know if that’s true or not, but we’re leaning toward not. The answer we were looking for is, ‚ÄúThey’re all fans of awesome pirate boots!‚Äù And not just regular old awesome pirate boots; but dashing, roguish boots with buckles all over them, just like these Sexy Buckle Pirate Boots! These fierce faux leather boots are the perfect footwear for pillaging and plundering your way across the high seas in style. The provocative heels and alluring cuffed tops are also a sassy look for strutting and shaking your booty around a costume dance party with your swashbuckling crew! We’ll leave it up to you to decide if we were still talking about ‚Äútreasure‚Äù that time.

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  • Pirate Handbag

    Pirate Handbag

    Are you tired of other pirates trying to steal your loot? You’ve tried everything. You buried your gold. That didn’t work, every idiot who can read a map went out looking for it. You tried putting it in a Swiss Bank Account. Sure that worked, but then you realized that you had to go to Switzerland every single time you wanted to get a little spending cash. That didn’t really work. Then you tried one of those large purses that you see women carrying. It worked, for a while. Then some jerk came along and stole the entire purse. (Including your tampons, if he needed one so badly he could have just asked.)No, for a pirate like you, you need this Teen Pirate Treasure Purse to keep all your hard earned loot in. It is easy to keep hidden under your jacket, keeping your gold safe, and readily accessible!

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  • Caribbean Pirate Hat

    Caribbean Pirate Hat

    Hats Off to You!Ahhh, your first voyage at sea. Many people think becoming a pirate captain is easy—just grab a boat, a ragtag crew, and pursue your rogue ways—but it’s not so. Upper-level piracy actually involves intense training and land exercises on pirate base camps before you earn your “sea legs.” It’s all very intricate—and secretive of course—but nevertheless, you have completed the grueling training portion and are ready to set sail! Congrats!You’ll need your ship, of course, and supplies, and your parrot, and wait…don’t even think of pushing off from shore without the proper captain’s hat!Product DetailsThis Carribean Pirate Hat is the ideal topper for your hard-earned wardrobe. It’s a classic tricorn shape with a perfectly distressed, faux leather material for that “I have spent years at sea, pillaging and plundering,” look. It’s fearsome. It’s weathered. It’s the perfect hat for you to make your big blue debut.R-E-S-P-E-Sea-TRemember, the most important thing for a pirate on the high seas is his reputation—you want to be respected and feared in equal measures. And if there is anything we’ve learned about pirates after all these years, it’s that no one respects a pirate captain without a really good hat. No one.  

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  • Plus Size Rogue Pirate Costume

    Plus Size Rogue Pirate Costume

    Pirates were basically the world’s first hipsters. Don’t scoff, think about it! Exhibit A: Pirates and hipsters both love beards. In fact, more than that they both love unusual hairstyles in general. Do they even keep razors on pirate ships? Exhibit B: Pirates and hipsters both stick up their noses to the status quo. Try to make them live a life of lawfulness? Ha! Pirates laugh at that before they make you walk the plank. Try to give a hipster some meat? Ha! Hipsters laugh at that before they make you listen to all the reasons they’re vegan (the plank is preferable!). Are you seeing the connection here? Exhibit C: Those clothes! What kind of fashion is that, with the sashes and the puffy shirts? Pirate fashion! But also, wait for it… Hipster fashion! Are we blowing your mind yet? You can say yes. The next time you’re walking down the street of some trendy neighborhood in New York or Los Angeles or wherever it is hipsters call home, you’ll pass by a wood and steel coffee shop. At least you assume it’s a coffee shop, but you can’t be sure because there aren’t many places to sit and everyone seems to be wearing pirate clothes. And then you’ll start to panic, thinking you’ve fallen through a hole in time and you’re back in the 1600s, about to be fed to sharks. Don’t worry, friend. You’re just in the presence of hipsters. So don this costume and blend in with ease!

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  • Salty Taffy Girls Pirate Costume

    Salty Taffy Girls Pirate Costume

    Becoming a pirate is a big decision, but not as big as choosing what kind of swashbuckling identity to take on. If your little aspiring buccaneer is looking for a bright and colorful way to sail the high seas, she’ll have the best time plundering in this awesome Salty Taffy Pirate Costume!What is a “salty taffy” pirate, anyway? Does she make her own saltwater taffy, and leave pieces of it on the ships she’s attacked as a sort of calling card? Or, does it have more to do with her salty personality, and when she’s got a ship full of loot in her telescope, she sticks to it like taffy until all of that treasure is her’s? Nah, those are good guesses, but this sweet and salty moniker comes from her spending all of her time on the briny open water, while also preferring pastel colored outfits over bland raggedy clothes. And once you see how cool she looks in this killer pirate costume, you’ll totally get what she’s talking about!This wicked looking outfit may be bright and colorful, but watch out, that’s still a dastardly pirate wearing it! The flashy candy-like colors on the skirt and blouse are perfect for an outlaw who’s salty, but also a bit sweet. Once she’s put on the matching aqua blue scarf and the cuffed boot covers and grabbed a pirate sword to carry into battle, she’ll be the most notorious (and colorful) pirate to ever set sail!

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  • Kid's Cutthroat Pirate Costume

    Kid’s Cutthroat Pirate Costume

    It’s been tough for the once lofty career pirates. Invent a couple airplanes and suddenly nobody is traveling by ship anymore! The old pirates who were especially skilled and capable of finding the best treasures have mostly retired and moved to what they claim is “somewhere warm.” Pirates retiring to Florida!? That’s just depressing. Where is the adventure!?But, all hope isn’t lost. There is another faction of would-be pirates just waiting to be picked up and brought to the seas for a long life of pilfering and swashbuckling. They’re energetic and learn faster than anyone a Seven Seas captain has ever encountered. They can climb like mad and, trust us, they will climb on anything! And, best yet, hardly any of them have ever had a paycheck, so they are ready to work for a pittance of the profit! That last one can get you in trouble with certain labor laws, but… you’re a pirate! Can’t imagine that bothers you…We’re talking about a whole new league of kiddo pirates! And, you can garb up your newest in this Kid’s Cutthroat Pirate costume to transform the tyke into a dangerous looking rebel. The black and red color scheme speaks danger! The shirt comes accented with a crisp white collar and bell sleeves, edged by stripes of faux leather and black cord. Wrist cuffs give your new pillager an edge of danger while the cropped pants are sure to keep the kid ready to climb up the mainsail for any number of tasks. Accessorize the scum with an eye patch, pistol, or a good old fashioned cutlass and you’ll be ready for all the pirating you’ve longed for. Available in adult and plus sizes so you can have your full crew up and ready in no time.

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  • Women's Noir Pirate Costume

    Women’s Noir Pirate Costume

    When it comes to the high seas life of a pirate, things can get surprisingly… dull. Don’t get us wrong. There are plenty of exciting parts of being a pirate: naval battles, buried treasure, hurricanes, sea monsters, curses… You never know when the next adventure will hit, when the next mutiny will rear up, when the next battle will begin. But in between those quick bursts of adrenaline-pumping chaos, routine life is actually pretty uneventful. You’re sailing a giant ship through a giant body of water, after all. You’re stuck in the same small area as everyone else, eating the same hardtack every day, scrubbing the same deck, wearing the same clothes…And those clothes aren’t usually that exciting. We get that pirates have to be practical as they shimmy up ropes and cross swords with the British Navy, but would it kill them to get a little style? It’s always the same old thing: torn up pants, baggy shirts, maybe an eye patch or some vertical stripes to add a little flair. Pretty much wherever you go, pirates all look the same.Well, not you! You will definitely stand out from the rest of your bloodthirsty crew with this Women’s Noir Pirate Costume. The all-black ensemble is sleek, understated and sexy, for just the right mix of intimidation and sex appeal. The corset ties in the front and back and has white lace trim attached, while the elastic banded black velvet pants have two lines of black and silver fabric attached from the top to bottom on each side. It also comes with a belt and necktie for a little extra zing. You’ll be the best-dressed pirate on any of the seven seas! (White shirt under corset, hat, sword and boots not included.)

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  • Mens Pillaging Pirate Costume

    Mens Pillaging Pirate Costume

    You are visiting friends in Pittsburgh, and you’ve just stepped off the bus at Grant Avenue downtown. It’s a beautiful, clear, sunny day, and your pals text you: we’re going to see the Pirates today. Grab some pirate stuff and meet us on the Roberto Clemente bridge.” Obviously, you’re new to Pittsburgh, but “pirate stuff” seems pretty straightforward.So imagine your surprise when you walk into PNC Park in this Men’s Pillaging Pirate Costume. You’ll be happy to know while the blue- and white-striped shirt and black jagged hemmed pants of this ensemble aren’t the standard black-and-gold local game attire, you likely won’t be the only person in a crowd of thousands donning this outfit’s bold, red waist sash and headscarf. Probably. And we admit, it does like the perfect outfit for going to see some pirates; you’re totally transformed into a swashbuckling scoundrel of the sea. You’ll feel right in character to go rob a British trading vessel, or find some buried treasure on a distant island shore. And you’ll likely make it onto the Megatron.But hey, at least now you have a killer costume for Halloween. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with a solid pirate costume like this one. Just make sure that you’re actually going to a pirate party next time and not a baseball game, unless you like a lot of attention.

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  • Black Caribbean Pirate Hat

    Black Caribbean Pirate Hat

    Maintaining control on the high seas is virtually impossible. You’ve got weird monsters climbing up from the depths, curses that you have to constantly cleanse, and treasure that never seems to be hiding exactly where it has promised to stay buried… not to mention loads of other competing pirates that are certain that they deserve to captain your ship more than you! There’s only so many things that a pirate captain can do to keep that edge… and swinging your cutlass and making mutineers walk the plank is only a solution for a short period of time. Eventually, they stop listening… or you run out of crew!Fortunately, the major symbol of pirate leadership hasn’t changed much over the years: the hat. A keen pirate hat commands attention and demands loyalty and you will be certain to have both with this Black Caribbean Pirate Hat. The black faux leather tricorn design makes for the most recognizable seafaring look and has a built in elastic band to ensure it fits well and is less likely to be blown away by any unexpected hurricane winds. Put your best foot (or peg-leg forward) and give the command to set sail to the next treasure horde because, with this hat, you have no fear of mutiny… probably.

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  • Captivating Pirate Women's Plus Size Costume

    Captivating Pirate Women’s Plus Size Costume

    A good pirate has two personas, one for land and one for the sea. The pirate at sea should look as fierce as possible with hair askew, scars showing, and weapons at the ready. After all, when you roll up to that treasure-laden merchant ship you want to make sure that their captain knows that you’re a group of tough Buccaneers that are worth their salt. Here’s a little secret: while some pirates did live up to their violent reputation many simply intimidated the crews of a ship into giving them all their riches. Looking tough was most of the battle most of the time!Well, the Captain of a pirate crew can’t be greasy and scary all the time. What’s the point of having riches if you can’t go ashore and mingle with the people? Many pirates would have top end finery that they’d save for their trips ashore. Let’s not pretend these pirates were only men, oh no! One of the most successful pirates, due to her strictly enforced code of conduct, was a woman from China that ran a bigger fleet of ships than her country’s Navy. We bet she had some stunning outfits for rendezvousing with the authorities to pay them their bribes. So, whether you’re anchoring in wild Tortuga or the civilized ports of Portugal if you’re wearing this ensemble people are sure to believe you got those diamonds you’re pawning through only legitimate means.You’ll look like the epitome of a sophisticated captain of the 1600’s in this ivory lace-trimmed jacket and white layered skirt. You’ll retain that sense of authority with the wide brimmed hat while the cross belt with room for three weapons of your choosing will let those equally two-faced authorities know that you’re no one to be trifled with. Just be sure to have fun with your sharp new look, after all, what’s the pirate’s life for if you can’t have any fun with it!

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  • Boys Pirate King Costume

    Boys Pirate King Costume

    Here‚Äôs the thing…pirates can be a bit unforgiving. Once someone becomes a full-blown pirate, he‚Äôs quick to punish his enemies and make room on his comfy ship for those loyal to his cause. Our recommendation? Do yourself a favor and give your kiddo a chance to become the greatest pirate of the high seas in this Child Pirate King Costume. He‚Äôs likely to remember your generosity and support, which means you likely won‚Äôt have to walk the plank any time soon. Phew! And even though we know your little guy doesn‚Äôt seem the type to hold grudges (or really, a parrot, he‚Äôs not much of a bird person) the high seas are a powerful force, capable of changing even the kindest of third graders into absolute scallywags. We have seen it happen on more than one occasion. But here‚Äôs the thing, once a little one has decided ‚Äúthe pirate‚Äôs life for me‚Äù there is very little you can do to dissuade him. The more you try to anchor him to dry land, the more the salty sea will call to him.Thus, it‚Äôs best to bolster his confidence and this pirate uniform will do just that! It has the classic black and white jagged pants and the shirt emblazoned with the skull and crossbones symbol. The headband and waist sash are included, but you‚Äôll need to pick up his sword and eye patch separately (the thoughtfulness will be duly noted). Pretty soon, he’ll be ruling the waves while collecting every treasure chest he comes across. And who knows, for your unconditional love and support, he may just bring some of that treasure back to you on regular visits home.

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  • Rubies Face Pirate Makeup

    Rubies Face Pirate Makeup

    Any good pirate who’s worth his sword has got to have a few scars here and there. And chances are because of the lack of showers or a decent extra water supply the cuts are going to be a little infected. Also believe it or not the pirates used to use black makeup or tar or anything they could put around their eyes in order to prevent the sun’s bright rays from hurting their vision too much. We guess they weren’t all that dumb after all, were they? We’re going to guess that you don’t have any crazy scars on your face. So here’s some great Scurvy Pirate Makeup to help you create a few temporary ones to add to your already sweet pirate costume. Yer’ll look like a bloodthirsty buccaneer, capable of the most gruesome acts. But you won’t actually look like one, right?

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  • Mens Pillaging Pirate Costume

    Mens Pillaging Pirate Costume

    You are visiting friends in Pittsburgh, and you’ve just stepped off the bus at Grant Avenue downtown. It’s a beautiful, clear, sunny day, and your pals text you: we’re going to see the Pirates today. Grab some pirate stuff and meet us on the Roberto Clemente bridge.” Obviously, you’re new to Pittsburgh, but “pirate stuff” seems pretty straightforward.So imagine your surprise when you walk into PNC Park in this Men’s Pillaging Pirate Costume. You’ll be happy to know while the blue- and white-striped shirt and black jagged hemmed pants of this ensemble aren’t the standard black-and-gold local game attire, you likely won’t be the only person in a crowd of thousands donning this outfit’s bold, red waist sash and headscarf. Probably. And we admit, it does like the perfect outfit for going to see some pirates; you’re totally transformed into a swashbuckling scoundrel of the sea. You’ll feel right in character to go rob a British trading vessel, or find some buried treasure on a distant island shore. And you’ll likely make it onto the Megatron.But hey, at least now you have a killer costume for Halloween. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with a solid pirate costume like this one. Just make sure that you’re actually going to a pirate party next time and not a baseball game, unless you like a lot of attention.

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