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  • Fun World Black Matte Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish

    Fun World Black Matte Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish

    Dusky DarlingYou probably tried pulling off the black lipstick thing when you were in middle school. Admit it. We all went through that fishnet fashion faze. But here’s the thing, we think you ought to try it again. Now’s the time to embrace your love of all things witchy and wonderful. Covens everywhere are loud and proud trading beauty potion secrets and charm ingredients without worrying about the fiery consequences of the past. Product DetailsThis matte liquid lipstick is far from the shiny gloss you used in middle school. You’ll love the classy matte look that matches the black nail polish. It’s easy to look chic and mysterious when you’ve got makeup that amps up your witchy look. Black as a Happy Halloween NightIf you’re ready to test out your black makeup look, you’re not limited to witch costumes. Try out classy zombie costumes, Day of the Dead looks, and even a scary ragdoll ensemble. After all, any costume could use more midnight sassy twist. And hey, we don’t blame you if you slide back into your fishnet, smoky-eyed look of days gone by. In fact, we’re all for it. Just be sure to wear it with the air of the proud witchy adult you are these days. No need to slide back into teenage angst! 

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  • Matte Silver Elongated Cross on 36" Chain

    Matte Silver Elongated Cross on 36″ Chain

    You never know when it might come in handy to have a cross hanging around your neck. If you’re dressed as a Christian religious figure, like a nun or pastor, this symbol of faith will tie your costume together very nicely. It would also be a huge help if you find yourself face to face with a hungry vampire, or if you need to perform an impromptu exorcism. One thing’s for certain: you never know when something so small could really save your bacon. If you’re looking for a tasteful piece of jewelry for such occasions, this Matte Silver Elongated Cross and Chain is a very elegant option. Its simple design and silver finish look very graceful with Christian-themed costumes, or with everyday clothes. It’s never a bad idea to have the Big Guy Upstairs by your side if you get into a pinch!

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  • Fun World Red Matte Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish

    Fun World Red Matte Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish

    Crimson CharactersRed lipstick has a strange place in our society. It’s both a staple and a statement. There are so many reasons to have both bright red lipstick and nail polish in your arsenal. For one, it makes pictures look absolutely timeless. Even if you’ve been swiping through Instagram photos all day when you’re wearing red lipstick you look like you’ve been using a typewriter and riding in a T-Bird all day. In a way, red lipstick can make a character truly come to light. When a vampire is only wearing a cloak and a white ruffled shirt she could just be an art student. But once she’s got her red lipstick and nail polish on, there’s no doubt who she is! Next time you’re rocking a dramatic look, don’t forget the pop of color with this sweet red nail and lip set!Product DetailsGiving yourself a dramatic pout is super easy with this liquid lipstick. It dries with a matte finish for a modern touch and washes off with soap and water. The nail polish simply peels off when you’re ready to go back to normal which makes it a great option for kid’s costumes.Red Means Ready  You might be dressed with your shoes on, you’re not quite ready if you don’t have your lipstick on. So go ahead and fully transform. Once you’ve gone red, you’re ready!

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