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  • Berzerker Mask Nightbreed Black

    Berzerker Mask Nightbreed Black

    This is Nightbreed Black Berzerker Mask.

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  • Alex Droog Mask Clockwork Orange

    Alex Droog Mask Clockwork Orange

    This is a Clockwork Orange Alex Droog Mask.

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  • Michael Myers Final Battle Mask Halloween (2018)

    Michael Myers Final Battle Mask Halloween (2018)

    This is the Halloween (2018) Michael Myers Final Battle Mask.

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  • Adult Red Lace Devil Mask

    Adult Red Lace Devil Mask

    Who do you want to be at the next big masquerade? Do you want to give off a mysterious look, or is a more sexy, seductive vibe what you’re after? Your choice of mask could go a long way toward influencing your style, so you’ll want to choose carefully! A lighter, whimsically styled mask might make you look more innocent, but a darker, more angular one might give you a bit of a sinister twist. There’s no telling what might happen after you have made your choice! If you’re wanting to turn everyone’s heads when you arrive to the party, you’ll want to bring this Red Lace Devil Mask along with you. This devious eye mask is covered with lacy red details, and has black lace trim around the edges. The sides of the mask taper up to points, like little horns to give you a devilish look. This mask stays in place with attached clear glasses frames, so they come off easily if you decide to reveal your identity. This is the perfect accessory for having some mischievous undercover fun!

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  • Adult Gold Half Mask w/Ribbon

    Adult Gold Half Mask w/Ribbon

    Choosing attire for a masquerade ball it one thing. Choosing the perfect mask to go with that costume is something that will take your costume to whole other level. When decided on a mask for your masquerade gown or costume, do you want something that’s perfectly symmetrical or kind of crazy and outlandish? Well, why not go for a little of both with this gold half mask with ribbon? This mask covers the top half of the face and features a unique design that has a balanced feel to it, but also includes a little extra design on one side. Gold detailing and braided design outline these white plastic masks that fasten with a ribbon. The overall design will give your costume a sophisticated, yet mysterious look. For masquerades, Mardi Gras, Halloween, or any other costumed celebration, cover your face with this gold half mask.

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  • Adult Devil Venetian Mask

    Adult Devil Venetian Mask

    We like to think that no one out there is completely bad, not even the devil himself. He’s actually got a decent light side to him. We ran into him on the street, and hit it off right away with him (we’re not sure what that says about our character). It turns out that he had this sweet masquerade party going on at his place, so he invited us all to attend. Of course we were a little nervous about accepting since it was Satan, but we’re suckers for costume parties, so we accepted anyway. We arrived bedecked in our own awesome costumes to a totally killer party! As it turns out, the head honcho demon is totally into glitter! Everything at the party sparkled like multi-colored diamonds. When the host came out to greet us he was all classy with this sweet mask of himself! It showed off his mean streak for sure but also that flamboyant side of the king of hell that we’d come to love so well.

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  • Adult White Phantom Mask

    Adult White Phantom Mask

    Have you been brushing up on your opera singing? Maybe you’ve been spending much more time in the dark, stalking your crush, and teaching her how to sing beautifully? What about that rival lover of hers from childhood? Maybe it’s time you paid a quick visit to him. There’s only one problem though. You had a bit of an accident once and now you don’t really want anyone to see what your face actually looks like. We understand, we’re not exactly the department models either. Why do you think we spend so much time working behind a computer screen?

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  • Adult Gremlins Stripe Mask

    Adult Gremlins Stripe Mask

    We all know the three rules that you’re supposed to follow when you have a Mogwai as a pet. Don’t put them near light, specially sunlight, since it can kill them. Don’t let it get wet with water nor give it any water to drink, nor bathe it. No matter how much it cries or begs, never feed it after midnight. Of course, any of us who have seen the movie, Gremlins, knows exactly what happens when you ignore any of those rules and no one needs a real gremlin running around their neighborhood, which is why we suggest that you just become a gremlin yourself if you feel like indulging in breaking the rules.This Gremlins Stripe Mask has all the gruesome details from the movie! From the tuft of mohawk hair on his head, to the scaly skin and even the gross, pointy little teeth, this mask has all the details you could want in a scary mask. Once you have it on, you can go in the sunlight, eat after midnight, or even get yourself wet and you won’t have to worry about a legion of gremlins destroying your neighborhood.

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  • Adult Halloween Michael Myers Vacuform Mask

    Adult Halloween Michael Myers Vacuform Mask

    If you’re a self-described horror fan then you know of all the reasons to appreciate Michael Myers’s character. Sure, he doesn’t have an obsession with chainsaws or the ability to appear in people’s dreams but he conquers just about every slasher classic out there. No one could argue that good old Michael has maintained a bloody yet diverse resume throughout all of his many movies. We’re pretty sure that there’s not a job market for that, thank goodness.You probably have better social skills than this horror icon who’s been off the rails since he was six-years-old. Because of that you just might be heading to a costume party this October. Whether you enter through the front door or suddenly appear at the kitchen window, you’re sure to frighten all those Halloween revelers because, for the embodiment of evil, evil Mickey seems to be pretty uptight about anyone having a good time. Go in there, have a good time and if things get weird, do as Michael would do. No! Not that, disappear like he does at the end of the Halloween movies. Yeesh!

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  • The Strangers Dollface Vacuform Mask

    The Strangers Dollface Vacuform Mask

    Knock, Knock Who’s There?They say that crime doesn’t pay. Well, that might be true but in The Strangers, a lack of a payday won’t stop these folks from coming to call. Did you see The Strangers when it first came out? Watching the classic home invasion struggle was bone-chilling enough but then the trio of characters had to be wearing these weirdly cheerful masks. Why did they have to do that to us? Now we can never answer our door ever again. Product DetailsThis licensed dollface mask is made out of hard plastic and has an elastic band around the back, securing it to your face. The huge eyes and cartoon mouth is designed after the Dollface character that spreads terror in the trailer park from the horror movie The Strangers. Playing DollsAre you ready to become part of the hit fear riling trio? While none of these characters are a barrel of fun, we would say the faux innocence of dollface is the most personable. She’s the voice of the three creeps. Which is to say, she’s the spokesperson of the crew. Now, if only she had used that voice to veto terrorizing families and convinced her good buddies to go to the movies instead. 

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  • Adult Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Mask

    Adult Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Mask

    This Eddie the Head mask is scary and all, but we’d like to take a moment to talk about something else first. Bruce Dickinson is an airline pilot. Just think about that for a moment. During a certain period of time, if you were traveling on a British charter airliner, there was a non-zero chance that the lead singer of Iron Maiden was behind the controls. That’s right, the guy who belts out some of the most iconic heavy metal music of all time could have been in the cockpit of that airplane…Life is crazy, isn’t it? Well, the one thing we can say for sure is that if you’re heading onto a commercial flight, then you probably shouldn’t be wearing this Eddie the Head mask. This licensed Iron Maiden is downright creepy and it’s bound to scare a few flight attendants! It’s molded to look like Eddie, specifically his appearance from the cover art for Piece of Mind. If you can somehow make it onto Ed Force One, you can probably wear it there. Otherwise, you should just stick to wearing this mask to costume parties to creep out your friends.

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  • Nightbreed Adult Dr. Decker Mask

    Nightbreed Adult Dr. Decker Mask

    One of the best and worst things that can happen when making a movie is that all of the wonderful pieces don’t fit together quite right. It’s awful, because a really provocative and ambitious horror flick like Nightbreed can miss out on a lot of the recognition that it deserves. But it’s great, because even if it flops at the box office like Nightbreed, all of the hard work and cool ideas of the cast and crew still get committed to film.And one of the coolest pieces of Nightbreed is the appearance of twisted psychiatrist Dr. Phillip Decker, whose eerie button-eyed visage somehow manages to be even more chilling than many of the gorier visuals. It’s the kind of design that will terrify viewers for generations to come, even if the critics didn’t quite see the appeal. If you’ve been looking for a way to tell your friends to see the movie, this mask will help you start the conversation (as long as that zipper doesn’t get in the way!).

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  • Adult Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Skinner Mask

    Adult Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Skinner Mask

    Let’s get real, here. The pressures of our society are kind of insane. It seems like every day the beauty standards get harder and harder to keep up with. Have weird eyebrows? There are thousands of makeup tutorials on YouTube to help you draw them back into perfection. Have an unruly beard? Simply buy some high-end beard wax to make yourself look like you’re straight out of a cologne ad. It doesn’t even stop with looks, it’s like every Tom, Dick, and Harry is supposed to have some kind of highfalutin job. What about those good old slaughterhouse jobs? What’s a guy with top notch chainsaw skills supposed to do? Well, we think you ought to change things up. Wear your finely crafted leather mask with pride. You can be the one to throw off society’s standards. Sure, human skin isn’t most people’s cup of tea but your craft is a dying one, literally. So go out there and let those folks get a look at you. As they say, be the change you want to see in the world.

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  • Adult Rob Zombie Mask

    Adult Rob Zombie Mask

    Let‚Äôs say Rob Zombie had only been a musician. That he would have given the world White Zombie as well as his solo hits like Hands of Death, Hellbilly Deluxe, and even The Howard Stern Show‚Äôs theme song would have been impressive enough alone. But Rob‚Äôs not a one trick pony. He‚Äôs also a brilliant director and gave us timeless and heart-warming classics like House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, you know, good movies to put on for the kids to distract them while you‚Äôre trying to get things done around the house. Rob‚Äôs a horror Renaissance man, one of America‚Äôs innovators in the field of the awesome macabre.If Rob‚Äôs one of your idols too, then you‚Äôre in luck — now you get to be the legend himself courtesy of his official mask! The Rob Zombie portrayed in this mask has certainly seen better days, but that‚Äôs kind of the point. The ghastly complexion, the painful X notched into the forehead, and the charming beard will leave an impression even on people who don‚Äôt pay respect to the hero of horror!

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  • American Horror Story Adult Bloody Face Mask

    American Horror Story Adult Bloody Face Mask

    There’s a lot to be scared of inside of Briarcliff Asylum. There’s Sister Jude who rules with an iron fist, a demonic Sister Mary Eunice who instigates chaos, and evil Dr. Arden who conducts human science experiments. One would think they could trust the mellow court-appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Thredson, but that would be a big mistake. When Oliver Thredson isn’t with patients, he is murdering woman and making a mask from their skin. Pretty scary, huh? Become the sadistic serial killer with intense mommy issues when you don this American Horror Story Adult Bloody Face Mask. It’s safe to say that you’ll look like you need to be institutionalized.

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  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 Leatherface Pretty Woman Mask

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 Leatherface Pretty Woman Mask

    Well, it looks as tho Leatherface is going out of his way to work on his appearance. This is good news! The chainsaw wielding psycho has been pretty negligent regarding his outward presentation. He usually just uses a mask made of human flesh to cover up his face, but now he is using makeup. He’s painting his skin crafted mask with lipstick and face rouge in hopes to look better. Oh wow, he even used bright blue eye shadow on his eyelids and it’s pretty intense.On second thought, we’re really not sure that Leatherface’s newfound preference for wearing makeup is doing him any favors. He may even look…worse! If you are a fan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre then you will appreciate this latex mask, featuring attached hair, stitches, and ties. This TCM mask recreates Leatherface’s memorable look from the classic 1974 movie and belongs in every horror enthusiast’s collection!

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  • Unicorn Moving Mouth Adult Mask

    Unicorn Moving Mouth Adult Mask

    The Sparkle RevolutionWe can’t be the only ones who are wholly enjoying this unicorn Rennaisance. It’s really something special, much like this exciting yet allusive beast. We’ve seen all sorts of products celebrating their mystic from delicious smelling and rainbow-colored bath bombs, gold accented unicorn tattoos, and let’s not forget the somewhat controversial sweet, sprinkle-filled unicorn coffee drink. No matter how you felt about that sugar and the caffeine-fueled difference that was campaigned by a un-named global coffee shop, it’s much more fun to be on board the unicorn wagon than off it. Our advice? Jump right on into the crystal clear pool of unicorn wonder with an out-of-this-world costume. What better way to make kaleidoscopic dreams come true?Product Details Now, we haven’t verified that this unicorn mask makes dreams come true or heals the wounded but we have established that the mouth moves to speak as you speak. The mask has a soft fur-like finish, a rainbow mane that is the envy of all other beasts in the esoteric forest. It has baby blue eyes and wide nose openings for easy breathing and speaking. To top it all off, you’ll look amazing when you show off your shining golden horn. A Marshmallowy MorrowWhen we think about the future, we should think about a future in which unicorns have a substantial foothold. This doesn’t have to be a trend. After all, sweetness and light are always in style, right? Start the future outright. Trot into any party like you’re walking on clouds. You can pair this mask with everything from rainbow robes to your regular black t-shirt and jeans. Because you’re making the unicorn part of your day-to-day and thus you’re doing what you need to do to launch the unicorn dream of today into tomorrow. It doesn’t need to be a dream indeed, it can be a rainbow reality. 

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  • Deluxe Buffalo Mask

    Deluxe Buffalo Mask

    You’re considering getting this buffalo mask but you’re thinking “how often am I really going to be able to use this buffalo mask?” Oh friend, have we got news for you. Just as they once used every part of the buffalo, this mask can be used for every possible occasion, especially if you don’t mind weird looks!For instance, now every time there’s a pagan sacrifice you need to attend, grab this buffalo mask and fit right in! Once you’re done with the sacrifice, hang the mask on the wall for a great decoration, or keep wearing the mask and announce yourself as the great Minotaur of Crete! The looks you get might make you doubt that decision, but those people are just jealous of your great power and your shapely horns. Don’t be surprised if all your friends start wearing buffalo masks too and join your herd. Yes, we’re ending this with that great pun, but can you blame us? Now go, great Minotaur!

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  • Adult Slipknot Sid Mask

    Adult Slipknot Sid Mask

    Step inside, see the devil in IToo many times, we’ve let it come to thisSid Wilson, AKA Ratboy, DJ Starscream, or simply #0, wears as many hats as he has nicknames. He’s an awesome pianist, rapper, and DJ, but we’ll always most love him for his contributions to Slipknot. Like everyone else in the band Sid wears a mask when he performs, and his are nearly always inspired by gas masks. Sid would have fit right in during World War I, ready to entertain in the trenches during a mustard gas attack. We’re not sure how popular metal was back during the 1910s, though.This is Sid’s mask from The Devil in I, the hit single from Slipknot’s 2014 album .5: The Gray Chapter. This mask is creepy enough to creep out people who aren’t familiar with the band, and wearing this in public is a sure-fire way to meet other fans!

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  • Adult Slipknot Corey Mask

    Adult Slipknot Corey Mask

    Corey Taylor is a heavy metal vocalist who can really do it all. As Slipknot’s lead vocalist, he can sing melodically, he can scream in a raspy voice, and he can talk faster than most people can listen. Not only is he capable of all of that, but he also has great taste when it comes to masks. Corey has been through quite a few of them throughout the years and this Slipknot mask best illustrates the mask he wore for the release of Vol. 3. Don the mask and hopefully you’ll be able to scream/sing just like the lead singer of Slipknot!

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  • Shredder Mask

    Shredder Mask

    ”Call me¬†the Shredder. I have trained¬†in the ways of Ninjustsu for my entire life and I have sharpened my skills to the highest level. An old enemy of mine, Splinter, is hiding in New York City and training¬†a peculiar band of ninjas. The time has come to pay all of them a visit‚ĶLook – we get that hate can be just as much of a driving force as love, but‚Ķdo you think you might be taking your hatred of Splinter and his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just a little too far? You‚Äôve basically wrapped your entire existence around taking that clan down, and we gotta tell you – we‚Äôre questioning whether that level of obsession is even remotely healthy!You‚Äôre the Deadly Steel Devil of the Evil Foot Clan, but are you happy?All we’re saying is think about it. For instance, when you pull on this Shredder Mask and ride off into the city sunset in search of turtles to destroy, maybe just take a moment to think about what you’re really hiding under that mask and costume of razor blades. Are you protecting your body from the attack of others, or are you really just hiding from yourself? Either way, we’re here for you, Shredder. Maybe not all the time – you run with kind of a rough crowd, and quite frankly, your friends terrify us – but when you’re ready to talk, we’ll be here for you, big guy!

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  • Marvin the Martian Mask

    Marvin the Martian Mask

    For years Marvin the Martian has been wanting to take over every planet in the galaxy, he even bought a large box of planet claiming flags to do so. But when ever this little alien reaches a planet that he wishes to be his he runs into someone else who wants to stop him. Most recently he got into a fight with Duck Dodgers over planet X. Neither party wanted to give it up so Marvin thought if he can’t have it no one should. So good bye planet X and hello new planet to conquer, Earth. Complete your Marvin the Martian costume with just the right mask when you pick up this great accessory. Be sure to also check out our other great Looney Tune costumes and accessories as well.

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  • Latex Cowardly Lion Mask

    Latex Cowardly Lion Mask

    If I only had the nerve The Cowardly Lion sung as he danced with the Tin Man. If only that beautiful feline had the nerve to be brave! He would have no problem traveling through Oz by himself if he wasn’t so scared. As the Cowardly Lion you can build up your nerve this Halloween! The Latex Cowardly Lion Mask is a great accessory for your Wizard of Oz themed bash. Team up with Dorothy, Tin Man, Scare Crow, and the Wizard for a memorable group costume. Remember to follow the yellow brick road to your costume fantasies. When you reach the Wizard don’t fall for his tricks, build up your nerve, and give him a big hug! The Cowardly Lion will always love hugs, just don’t pull on his tail.

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  • Green Alien Mask

    Green Alien Mask

    Ever look up at the starry night sky wondering if there are beings on another planet doing the same thing? The idea that there could be alien lifeforms has always interested mankind, some invite the possibility while others dread the existence of life on distant planets. There are hopes of learning from these extraterrestrial creatures as well as fear of them bringing destruction upon Earth. What would you do if you were the alien that happened to come across humanity? Would you offer your superior intellect as help for the human race or decide that this world is a lost cause and label the planet as ‘ready for invasion’? Having trouble deciding the fate of the Earth? Maybe you need to get inside the head of an alien! Well, you’re in luck because we just so happen to have this Roswell Green Alien Mask that will help anyone get into the mindset of an unearthly creature.

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  • Gollum Mask

    Gollum Mask

    Let’s be honest…Gollum has just not had his day in the sun.First, let’s state the obvious…the lack of vitamin D could get to anybody. Did they even know about Seasonal Affective Disorder in Middle Earth? We get moody when we haven’t see the sun in a week…can you imagine hanging out in a dark and dank cavern all day and night, for years on end? We can’t help wondering if everything would have been different if Gollum would’ve just taken the One Ring and hidden out on a tropical island somewhere. Sure, the Ring still would’ve still continued to corrupt the little guy, but then at least he’d have some sun and surf to help him chill out a lil’ bit when he was riding those waves (get it?) of obsession. And then, you’ve got some big-footed bozo coming into your space, trying to steal your (precious) stuff… No wonder Gollum wanted to do murder!So think of this officially licensed Gollum Mask as a chance to do the little guy some justice. Sure, he looks horrifying, but they didn’t exactly have a great dental plan in the Misty Mountains, now did they? Same goes for his hair…the dude was just workin’ to make the best with what he got. At least you know he cares about stuff, you know? He’s got passion. And when he loves something…he really loves it, know what we’re sayin’? Those are impressive qualities! He’s an underdog who was just trying get back the One Ring that was never rightfully his, even if it meant murdering anyone who stood in his way! And then he died a tragic death going after the thing that he loved the most…we can all relate to that, right? So this Halloween, get out there and spread the word about this unsung hero by pulling on this Gollum Mask and giving him his day in the (late autumnal evening) sun!

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  • Freddy Overhead Mask

    Freddy Overhead Mask

    We get a little freaked out when movies are too real. Did you ever see that one where the guy is caught under a rock in the desert? So disturbing. And the most terrifying part was that it was based on a true story, so we knew that it couldn’t be just a bad dream. That’s what makes this gruesome Freddy Overhead Mask so frightening. Even if we decide to stop watching A Nightmare on Elm Street, someone could show up to the party in this realistic mask and scare the living sleep out of us!This detailed headpiece has openings for the eyes of its wearer, but the rest is covered in Freddy’s warped skin and horrifying lesions. With some bladed gloves and Freddy’s signature hat, everyone might keep their distance at first. But they’ll have to come closer to admire the impressive natural rubber latex construction of this official mask.

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  • Deluxe Predator Mask

    Deluxe Predator Mask

    There’s something out there waiting for us…and it ain’t no man.Do you sometimes go out into the woods, and hunt for sport? Are the animals you hunt intelligent? Do they fight back? Are you from another planet? Some kind of intergalactic big game hunter? Did you try to hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987 through a Central American jungle? If so, you might just be a Predator.Get this Deluxe Predator Mask, and make it official. Become what we already know you are. Use your stealth technology to hunt your human pray. Tease them a little, make those humans think they’ve beaten you. Then catch them with your laser nets. Come at them with your Plasma Caster cannon. Just what ever you do, don’t let them “Get to da choppa!”

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  • Rubber Fred Flintstone Mask

    Rubber Fred Flintstone Mask

    Yabba-dabba-doo! Unless you’re Jon Hamm, (seriously, has anyone noticed he looks just like Fred Flintstone, if Fred Flintstone were arrestingly suave?) anyone serious about dressing up like the Bedrock patriarch is gonna need a good mask to go along with their leopard-skin jacket, some dinosaur spare ribs, and a car with a hole at the bottom for you to move with your feet. Otherwise you’ll just look like any old caveman schmuck. It’s officially licensed, of course––you think we screw around with Big Cartoon?––and looks like Fred for a funny and authentic addition to any costume.He might be best know these days as the face of vitamins to a generation of kids, but before drugstore dominance and a couple of best-forgotten live-action outings, good ol’ Fred Flintstone was one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. He’s known for being less than kind to his wife Wilma, best-buddy Barney Rubble and dog, err, dinosaur Dino, but Fred’s a real softie when it comes to his daughter Pebbles. Patterned after Jackie Gleason’s Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners to the very edge of legal actionability, Fred Flintstone is part of a classic lineage of oafish sitcom dads, having himself provided the blueprint for Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin and many more. Just like all of them, we all know Fred’s a good guy at heart… kinda, sort of. Hey, he tries! Settle into Bedrock and get your best Yabba-dabba-do on. Don your hardhat when you clock in at the quarry, and do your best twinkle-toes when heading down the land at the bowling alley.

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  • Purple Feather Masquerade Mask

    Purple Feather Masquerade Mask

    This is a Purple Feather Masquerade Mask.

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  • Deluxe Feather Mardi Gras Mask

    Deluxe Feather Mardi Gras Mask

    This is a Deluxe Feather Mardi Gras Mask.

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