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  • Women's Sugar Skull Mask

    Women’s Sugar Skull Mask

    This is a Women’s Sugar Skull Mask

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  • Women's Day of the Dead Mask

    Women’s Day of the Dead Mask

    This is a Women’s Day of the Dead Mask

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  • Men's Day of the Dead Mask

    Men’s Day of the Dead Mask

    This is a Men’s Day of the Dead Mask

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  • TMNT Michelangelo Basic Mask

    TMNT Michelangelo Basic Mask

    Ever the Party DudeTimes have changed. Raphael is now the leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leonardo is no longer serious and he likes to make wisecracks. Donatello has an artificial shell with crazy gadgets inside. The one thing that hasn’t changed is Michelangelo’s love of pizza and parties! He’s always down for a big slice of pizza with the volume cranked all the way up on his boom box. That’s just who he is!Well, if your little one is into pizza or partying, then Michelangelo is definitely the turtle for him! Now, it’s easier than ever your child to transform into their favorite TMNT.Product DetailsThis Michelangelo TMNT Basic Mask is based on Mikey from Rise of the TMNT. It’s made out of molded plastic and features all of Mikey’s details from the cartoon, including his bright orange mask and his happy, party-dude grin. The mask fits with an elastic band around the back and it even features a vinyl cushion on the interior to provide a comfortable fit. Once your child has it on, they’ll be ready for a pizza… or a party… or a pizza party!The Bros Are BackRise of the TMNT has reintroduced the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to a whole new generation of fans! If your little one is itching to be the party dude from the show, then this mask is the easiest way for them to transform into their favorite turtle.

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  • TMNT Raphael Basic Mask

    TMNT Raphael Basic Mask

    One Tough TurtleIt’s not really a competition. Raph takes the cake when it comes to toughest turtle. He even calls his unique style of martial arts “Smash-jutsu” because he literally obliterates his enemies into smithereens! It’s no wonder that he’s the one leading the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this time around in Nickelodeon’s Rise of the TMNT!If your child is one tough cookie, then maybe they have what it takes to be the one and only Raphael! All they need is a little bit of attitude and this TMNT Raphael Basic Mask!Product DetailsThis Raph mask is officially licensed from the show and is made out of molded plastic. It’s shaped like his face and comes with cool features like his single snaggletooth and his red eyemask around the top. The interior of the mask has plenty of vinyl padding to provide a comfortable fit. The back also has an elastic strap with a fastener in back to make sure the mask stays secured on your child’s face as they perform some deadly ninja moves!Time to Smash and BashWhat happens when you combine brute force with ninja moves? You get one awesome turtle who can take on any bad guy! Your child will be ready to face off against the entire Foot Clan when they wear this Raph mask!

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  • Blue Full Face Mask

    Blue Full Face Mask

    Have you ever felt so blue and down that you’ve just wanted to cover yourself entirely in paint, so everyone can see how sad you are? We don’t get unhappy too often, but when we do that’s exactly what we try doing first. After a few times doing this though, we’ve run into a few flaws. Usually we feel better after a little while, but the blue paint doesn’t really wash off that easily. As a result we get sad again and repaint all we washed off. This also brings us two reason number two and three. We create a terrible cycle, and we spend a little too much money on paint. Next time you consider this course of action, be sure to check out these sweet full face blue masks. They look so cool they might even cheer you up when you look at yourself in the mirror wearing one. If that doesn’t work then just wear it around town, and people will know they should help cheer you up. Once that works then you just remove the mask and go about your life. No messy, expensive paint, and no downward cycle of sadness.

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  • Deluxe Adult Star-Lord Mask

    Deluxe Adult Star-Lord Mask

    How freakin’ cool is the name “Star Lord”? The only better superhero name that Peter Quill could possibly have cooked up would be something like “Captain Awesome” or maybe “Doctor Magnificent”. Of course, the only thing that’s better than his name is his completely dashing look. Could he have chosen a better style? He looks like the kind of daring space pirate captain that could steal your heart along with your valuable treasures and the best part of his entire look is definitely his mask.Now, you can have that look and you don’t even need to be a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy! All you need to do is add this deluxe Star-Lord Mask to you cart and you’ll be all set to go. It’s designed to look like the one from the Marvel movies, so just wear it with your best red jacket and you’ll be ready for your own kind of intergalactic hijinks.

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  • Jurassic World Dino Mask w/ Sounds

    Jurassic World Dino Mask w/ Sounds

    SOLVE THE MYSTERYPaleontologists have been trying to understand the true origins of the creatures that were renting Earth before we moved in ever since we discovered that we weren’t the first tenants.  In fact, we basically had a whole movie that was all about figuring out what noises they made when chatting with each other.However, the scientific community is still in heavy debate about what to call the noises that come out of the velociraptor.  That means it is time to outsource the investigation so we can finally decide once and for all:  squawk, chirp, or bark?PRODUCT DETAILSThe first step is to observe your own little monster while they’re wearing this child-sized Jurassic World Dino Mask.  It looks just like the brilliant leader of the raptor squad, Blue, and features sound effects that perfectly replicate the vocalizations of the amazing critters.  Your kid is going to love sounding and looking like their favorite dinosaur and you’ll get to identify all the sounds in no time! CAST YOUR VOTE When your kiddo becomes their favorite dinosaur, you’ll be able to play a brand new game of dino chatting.  Perfect your slightly monstrous bird sounds and dino barks!  Of course, your kid will have an upper hand with the sound-producing mask, but there’s nothing saying you can’t get one, too! 

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  • Avengers Iron Man Hero Mask

    Avengers Iron Man Hero Mask

    The LegacyTony Stark isn’t the only one who can wear the Iron Man suit! Just take a look at the movies. We’ve seen James Rhodes were a suit. We’ve seen Bruce Banner wear a suit. We’ve even seen Pepper Potts wearing her Rescue suit! Perhaps with just a heroic attitude and the will to do good, anyone can become a successor to the Iron Man suit! Maybe… you could become the next Iron Man!Well, now’s your chance!  This Avengers Iron Man Hero Mask lets you try on the look of Tony Stark’s tech to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a superhero.Product DetailsThis officially licensed Iron Man mask is inspired by the mask seen in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. It has the bright reds and gold color scheme and features eye holes for vision. The mask fits with an elastic band in back, so all you have to do is strap it on to feel like Iron Man.That Stark FeelingThis simple mask might not be infused with Tony Stark’s tech, but it will help you get a feel for what it’s like to be Iron Man! It’s a quick and easy way to cosplay as your favorite Marvel superhero.

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  • Spawn: Mask

    Spawn: Mask

    This is a Spawn Mask.

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  • Avengers Black Panther Hero Mask

    Avengers Black Panther Hero Mask

    This is a Black Panther Avengers Hero Mask.

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  • Avengers Captain America Hero Mask

    Avengers Captain America Hero Mask

    Who’s the Hero?What makes Captain America a hero? Is it the crazy superpowers granted to him by the Super Soldier Serum? Is it his ability to lead the Avengers? How about that snazzy shield that he carries around everywhere? Nope. What truly makes Captain America a real hero is his dedication to sticking up for what’s right, even when if it means some really tough battles are ahead of him. Well, that… and he has a really cool mask!Yes, you too can be a superhero like Cap with the right attitude and this Captain America Avengers Hero Mask.Product DetailsThis officially licensed mask helps you bring out your inner hero. It’s made out of molded plastic and is shaped like Cap’s iconic mask. It even has the printed “wings” on the sides and the “A” in front. It features generous openings for your eyes and it fits with an elastic band in the back. Just slip it on your head and you’ll be ready to assume the role of the leader of the Avengers.Now to Find Some Super Soldier Serum!Of course, this mask won’t give you any superpowers, so if you do plan on fighting bad guys like Cap does, then you might want to find some Super Soldier Serum first!

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  • PVC Stormtrooper Mask

    PVC Stormtrooper Mask

    The life of a Stormtrooper is rough. Back in the early days of the Republic, enlistment itself was quite a bother. You first had to be a direct clone of Jango. That pretty much eliminated any chance for most of us from joining up. Those lucky enough to be completely identical right down to DNA then had to endure years of tough training on Kamino. And, even after all that, let’s just say that the aiming of blasters was… problematic. We thought it was the genetics, so we opened it up to anyone capable of finishing the training and donning the iconic gear… but same problem.Oh, we laughed for several hours when we realized that it was the mask that was the problem! Optics were completely misaligned. So many clones all dead because of that silly mistake. Whoops! So, now we have almost no Stormtroopers available and a completely repaired optical system. Good news for you, Stormtrooper, because you’re enlisted! Grab your officially licensed half mask molded PVC Stormtrooper Mask and get ready to go head to head with an unknown number rebels. It’s that easy! Don’t worry. We’re sure that your aim is going to be better than before. It basically can’t not be!

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  • Adult Crazy Clown Mask

    Adult Crazy Clown Mask

    This is a Crazy Clown Mask.

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  • Black Mask Plague Doctor

    Black Mask Plague Doctor

    A Sick LookPlague Doctor masks were once used for… well… the plague. Doctors filled the masks with herbs and spices to prevent themselves from catching the illness through the “foul air” that was thought to cause the disease. Now we know that the plague was spread through fleas. But we’re pretty sure this distinctive look has uses elsewhere! For instance, what would happen if you carried this mask and pulled it on whenever your coworkers started sneezing. We’re pretty sure you might avoid a few colds per year! Throw it on when you’re sitting in a particularly stinky subway car. Or you could just enjoy yourself this Halloween and make the most of this creepy, Black Plague era mask!Product DetailsThis faux leather mask is a grand, dark touch for a plague doctor costume. It has molded metallic rings that seem like they’ve been riveted to the leather. The creepy beak will make your silhouette stand out while the elastic band will keep your mask in place. Match this mask with a hooded robe or even a simple black hoodie and you’ll have a macabre costume that’s ready to go. Perfect for Ren Faires and costume parties, you’ll love plaguing your friends with your creepy look!

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  • Men's Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Costume

    Men’s Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask Costume

    THE LOOK OF A PRINCEUsually, if you’ve got a story about heroes that transform into a group of magical girls who defend the galaxy from forces of evil, you get used to the idea that there are going to be two different looks… two identities!  We might also expect that there might be someone else with a secret identity, perhaps a friend who is actually a villain or a long-lost ally in the war against the darkness.  Well, in Sailor Moon, you’re going to get a whole bunch of all of that! But, then you have the quizzical existence of Tuxedo Mask.  Who is he!?  Is he an ally to the Scouts or an opponent?  How about that college guy who is always picking on our civilian Sailor Moon?  Well, truth be told, he has three identities!  Tuxedo Mask is not only the secret (usually) hero aiding the Scouts, but also that trash-talking college kid… and the Prince of Earth!?  Well, with that much going on in a guy’s life, he might need some help! DESIGN & DETAILSEven though it’s been a while since Prince Endymion has walked the Earth, our in-house designers are still happy to serve our protector and future hubby to Princess Serenity! What better way than with this officially licensed Tuxedo Mask Costume from Sailor Moon?  This exclusive look includes slim-fit tux pants and a shirt front with a white bow tie attached to the collar.  The elegant tuxedo jacket features shining golden buttons and a long black cape with Tuxedo Mask’s iconic red lining.  The tall top hat has a blue band that matches the jacket’s lapels and you need not fear for your identity thanks to the white mesh eye mask.  PRACTICE YOUR ROSE TOSSINGWe don’t know a ton about being Terran princes, but we do know that Tuxedo Masks have a pretty dangerous aim with flung flora.  So, we will take care of making you look the part and you just worry about your underhanded rose throw!

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  • Deluxe Freddy Costume Sweater w/ Mask

    Deluxe Freddy Costume Sweater w/ Mask

    We‚Äôre not gonna lie: the world is a scary place. There are diseases, famines, impending environmental catastrophes, violence, war, and (shudder) reality TV. We‚Äôre running out of fish in the oceans, for goodness sake! Yeesh. The oceans! We got pretty scared even writing that list. Now, we know that dressing up like Freddy Krueger for Halloween can‚Äôt undo the real-world fright fest. But we say…if you can‚Äôt beat ‚Äòem, join ‚Äòem! Scare the living daylights out of your pals when you arrive in this Deluxe Freddy Sweater with Mask. After all, Freddy just wants to say hello by waving his clawed glove. He just wanted to runs his claws through your hair, too. Right? He promises to be gentle, just whatever you do… don’t fall asleep. Freddy can’t control what happens once you slip off into sleepy land. Freddy probably won‚Äôt have the urge to tear you to shreds! Right? This sweater and mask combo will make you instantly recognizable as the iconic Hollywood villain. And at least when you‚Äôre dressed as Freddy Krueger you will be hard-pressed to find someone out there scarier than you. Phew. You‚Äôre safe…for tonight. The hat and gloves pictured are sold separately, but the mask is enough to make us all duck for cover. This officially licensed look is officially terrifying. Bravo. We have to go hide in a cave in Antarctica now.

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  • Martian Invader Vacuform Mask 23" Wall Hanger Mars Attacks

    Martian Invader Vacuform Mask 23″ Wall Hanger Mars Attacks

    No Country for Old AliensWhat’s with all of these happy alien movies? Remember when aliens were scary and they wanted to seize control of the Earth through a fiery conquest? Well, we do! We’re sick of seeing movies with cutesy extraterrestrial creatures. We’re sick of the aliens that want to be your friend and eat human peanut butter based candies. Where are the scary green space aliens who with laser guns? Where are the aliens with complete and total contempt for the human race? We want those aliens back! You know, the little hideous green men with murderous intent! Well, one of them is right here!Product DetailsThis Mars Attacks Martian Invader Mask Decoration brings you a totally terrifying creature from the classic science fiction movie. The vacuform mask measures 23″ tall and is molded into the shape of an alien face from the film. The mask has a retro look, intended to resemble vintage Halloween masks, and is designed to be used as a decoration.Returning to Extraterrestrial RootsIf you’re like us and you like the deadly aliens of sci-fi past, then you’re going to want this Mars Attacks Martian Invader Vacuform Mask! Just hang it on the wall and you’ll feel like the alien invasion has started in your own home!

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  • Vacuform Mask 23" Wall Hanger Decor Classic Witch

    Vacuform Mask 23″ Wall Hanger Decor Classic Witch

    Hex-a-planAre you suffering from shadows wandering into your bedroom at night? Are your loved ones turning into toads before your eyes? Do your groceries seem to always go bad before their expiration date? If you’re suffering from one or more of these symptoms then you may be the victim of a hex. Want relief from the demons? Consider Hex-a-plan. A blend of traditional holy water and modern technology keeps those witchy vibes from invading your home. No need to worry yourself with smokey sage or sprinkling salt on all your doorways, Hex-a-plan will keep you from succumbing to the dark forces. Don’t take Hex-a-plan if you’ve already signed the book of the beast. Hex-a-plan won’t turn toads or mice back to their human form. Hex-a-plan may cause loss of visions, dizziness, or consistent feelings of boredom. If demons show up at your house after taking Hex-a-plan, call your exorcist. Product DetailsSome people might not like witches due to their general evil vibe and ability to disappear in a cloud of smoke but we think a witch adds color to special spooky occasions (or maybe that’s just the green skin). This large witch mask has dramatically large features and glows in the dark so she’s hard to miss no matter the lighting. With an angry expression and cartoonish, old-fashioned features this molded mask decoration is just the right balance of spooky and scary!

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  • Vacuform Mask 23" Wall Hanger Decor Space Invader

    Vacuform Mask 23″ Wall Hanger Decor Space Invader

    This is a Space Invader Vacuform Mask 23″ Wall Hanger Decor.

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  • HAZMAT Suit & Mask Costume

    HAZMAT Suit & Mask Costume

    I’m not really a hazmat agent. I just play one on…Halloween.So, just imagine this: The Halloween party or the local bar or whatever place you‚Äôre planning on hanging out in is totally hopping. There are tons of people having fun. Tons of people thinking everything is just fine. Tons of people never, ever expecting‚Ķ‚Ķyour arrival in a hazmat suit. The people in the crowd will part for you. They will gasp a collective gasp. And then they will will start freaking out about what possible haz mats (i.e., hazardous materials) you‚Äôre there to take care of. Chemical agents (scary)? Nuclear agents (scarier)? Biological agents (ewwww)? Fire (blaaah ‚Äì run!)? To keep up the trick and make it believable, you‚Äôll need to be wearing a seriously authentic looking hazmat suit.Like this HAZMAT Suit and Mask. It looks just like the real deal, but nobody has to know that the yellow polyester jumpsuit was designed as a costume. The sleeves, pant legs and hood are fitted with elastic to stay in place while you scope out the scene. There‚Äôs even a latex mask that covers your face like a real SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus ‚Äì like SCUBA, but not underwater‚Ķ). It stays on with an elastic band. The whole getup zips up the front so it‚Äôs easy to put on, and to take off for the big reveal when your joke is over. Then everybody will know that it‚Äôs not a functional hazmat suit ‚Äì it‚Äôs just made to look like one. Then you‚Äôll win the night. You will so totally win.

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  • Elephant Latex Mask

    Elephant Latex Mask

    This is an Elephant Mask.

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  • Brown Plague Doctor Mask

    Brown Plague Doctor Mask

    Looking SickPlague times are never easy. There’s never anyone to hang out with. People are always either laid up in bed or hiding from the disease behind shuttered windows. Then there’s the smell, the lack of food, and the litter in the streets. The biggest event that happens every week is the body cart rolling through. At least those guys are ringing a bell. Talk about bad vibes. Anyway, next Plague season you’re going to be ready. Why stay inside, stuffy behind closed windows when you could be heading out as the doctors do? Wear this plague mask to give you a brand new lease on life even while the scourge reigns in the city! Product DetailsWhether you’re waiting out the Black Plague or you’re simply looking for a spooky look for your next costumed event, you’re sure to love this eerie mask. The faux leather looks as if it was hand sewn decades ago. Metallic eye holes are inserted at the eyes to give your look a modern twist. A strap fixes this mask to your head even as you’re headed out on important plague errands. Pair this with a long black cloak or a modern look. Whatever you prefer. Who are you to be told what to do by a measly germ?

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  • Weeping Angel Vacuform Mask

    Weeping Angel Vacuform Mask

    There are pros and cons to becoming the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life-form ever produced. On the plus side, you’re the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life-form ever produced. You can send a person into the past with a simple touch. And you can turn someone into a new Weeping Angel by imprinting your image in their eyes. The downside is that you’ll also be one of the loneliest beings in the universe. Your quantum lock reaction freezes you and makes you unable to socialize. So weigh the options. If you decide to go for it, get this Weeping Angel Vacuform Mask.

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  • Winter Dragon: Mask

    Winter Dragon: Mask

    The Great Dragon PlanDragons, man. Dragons. We thought that cold weather would send them away. We thought that they would go hibernate for a few months. Nope. Apparently, dragons are still active during the winter. And apparently, some of those dragons even have some seriously dangerous frost breath. Really, it’s only a matter of time before the entire human race is forced to bow before the scaly creatures! We have a little bit of a gameplan, though.You see, if you disguise yourself as a dragon BEFORE the great dragon apocalypse, you might be able to convince the other dragons that you’re on the level. Then, you can live life as a powerful dragon alongside the other reptilian conquerors.Product DetailsOkay, so maybe our plan isn’t exactly air-tight, but this Winter Dragon Mask will help anyone look like a real dragon. This molded mask is made out of latex and it covers the entire head. It features a highly detailed exterior, with plenty of textured scales and faux spikes. The eyes are a fiery yellow-orange color and the teeth are sure to make you feel like a ferocious predator. Just throw it on your head and you might even be able to trick a few real dragons into thinking that you’re one of them.

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  • Disney Beast Mouth Mover Mask

    Disney Beast Mouth Mover Mask

    Do you love Disney movies? So do we. Really, how could anyone resist? Those early nineties cartoons were especially fascinating with all those classic songs, the hand drawn art, and the sharp humor. Our only complaint? Where’s the personality in the princes our favorite princesses are falling for? While we like Prince Eric, he’s simply a very nice, somewhat naïve, and very handsome fellow. He’s great but no one to trade your flippers for. Our favorite prince? Prince Adam, aka the Beast. Yeah, he might not be a sight for sore eyes but he sure is a sight for bored ones. Plus, he’s got a three story library and rocks at snow ball fights, what’s not to like? Well, yeah there’s that temper but you can get that under control once you’ve stepped into his massive boots with this realistic mask with movable jaw mask. This mask has the tawny colored fur of the original Beauty and the Beast. People will instantly be a memory lane when they see the low ears and gently curving horns, weirdly endearing if you ask us. So, for your next costumed event don’t be shy just put on your mask. Use that movable jaw to shout “Join me for dinner” at first person who doesn’t shudder at your paw. We think it’ll work.

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  • Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Mouth Mover Mask

    Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Mouth Mover Mask

    Smiles are such a strange thing, aren’t they? Everyone has one that’s just a little bit different from everyone else’s smile. Some happy and full of glee, while others are full devious mystery. Some smiles are full of teeth, others are just a grin, but my, oh my, are there some unique ones out there. Take the smile of the Cheshire Cat for examples. No one can beat his smile! Perhaps it’s because that the rest of him sometimes disappears, leaving only a set of kitty teeth to see. We tried disappearing ourselves once, but just couldn’t figure out how to do it like Alice in Wonderland character, but we did come up with a way to get a smile just like his!This Cheshire Cat Mouth Mover Mask gives you the mischievous grin of the Through the Looking Glass character. With a furry exterior, glaring blue eyes and a smile that moves as your mouth does, this mask can help anyone achieve their dream of being a fantastically fancy cat from Wonderland. Of course, it may take some time to learn that disappearing trick he does…(we’re still working on that one).

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  • Adult Black 3-Hole Face Mask

    Adult Black 3-Hole Face Mask

    We always wonder how the guy who invented the ski mask feels about what his creation has become. He was probably a ski enthusiast who loved to knit in his spare time. One day he got a little sick of the wind whipping at his entire face, and decided to do something about it. Hard at work that night he knit together a wonderful device that covers as much of your face as possible so you can stay warm, and on the slopes for longer periods of time. Then people realized that they could use it to rob banks and various bad guy stuff. But we know what you’re looking into this for, right? You just want a nice, cozy hat to keep your face warm in the dead of winter, right? Well this knit face mask is perfect for that. We suppose it would also be perfect for scaring the tar out of your family in the middle of the night too. That’s not illegal either. Just don’t give anyone heart attacks. Need a prop for added thrill? We have a fake crowbar that would be perfect!

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  • Mandible Viking Warrior Mask

    Mandible Viking Warrior Mask

    This Viking has been to hell and back… literally. Now he is the most gruesome of all gladiators. He has no problem picking up an axe and chopping anyone to bits who dares to stand in his way. Gruesome we know but hey, being a true Viking means showing no mercy! Become the maniacal ancient warrior when you wear this Mandible Viking Warrior Mask.A mask made for a true warrior, made from the skeleton of your enemies. Bones, teeth, horns, this Viking is not one to be messed with and it shows, just look at his helmet! You will be a walking talking billboard for what will happen when you cross a true warrior! We hope you‚Äôre up to the task of being a Viking.

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  • Adult Feline Mask

    Adult Feline Mask

    Trying to go out this Halloween as one fine feline? Well, we trust that you have the catty attitude down already but you’ll need to have the ‘purrfect’ outfit. Of course, you’ll be going out as a black cat. There’s no better type of cat, is there? Well, at least not around our favorite time of the year. So stock up on the all black accessories like a slender pair of elbow length gloves, some sleek go-go boots, and an adorable tail. Then you can complete your sassy new look with this devious Adult Feline Mask!You’ll feel like you’ve got nine lives and be daring enough to risk burning through one or two when you conceal your identity with this mask. Cross everyone’s path and take pride in spreading a plague of bad luck. When others make eye contact with you, they won’t know whether their night is about to get a whole lot better or a whole lot worse. Keep everybody on their toes this Halloween when you wear this devilish Feline Mask!

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