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  • Blank Female Mask

    Blank Female Mask

    We are naturally attracted to the mysteries of things. That’s why we are always asking so many questions. Like, what is beyond the stars? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop? (We’ve never been able to figure that out.) And, somethings we don’t really want an answer to, preferring the mystery to the truth. What flavor is superman ice cream, and what makes it look like that?This is the reason that people are so alluring at masquerades. We want to know who is really under that disguise. What handsome prince is hiding behind that Guy Fawkes mask? They’ll be asking the same when you show up wearing this Blank Female Mask. Because, behind a mask, you could be any one. This will be the kind of mystery where they will be wanting to lift up the blank mask to see your beautiful face. So, dance with the dashing Guy Fawkes, and have a night of mysterious attraction.

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  • Adult Affordable Batman Mask

    Adult Affordable Batman Mask

    Alright, so you‚Äôre not a trust fund kid who lives in a mansion and can afford a butler or tons of amazing, possibly M16-grade weapons and transportation. That doesn‚Äôt mean that you don‚Äôt have what it takes to be Batman! After all‚Ķit‚Äôs not the money that makes the man, it‚Äôs the man who makes the money (though, just so we‚Äôre clear, you‚Äôre not gonna make any money at this job, okay? It‚Äôs basically charity work‚Ķsuper cool charity work, but still…don’t give up that job at Starbucks just yet)!But no matter what your means, you can‚Äôt just go out in Gotham City fighting crime without protecting your secret identity. So before you take that bus into the city to fight the bad guys, pop this officially licensed Adult Affordable Batman Mask onto that mug of yours! It‚Äôs made of molded plastic, shaped like the classic Batman mask – champagne Batman on a High Life budget! – and has an elastic strap to hold it in place. Trust us, this is one crime-fighting expense you‚Äôre gonna wanna shell out for‚Ķand when that Joker is all up in your grill, you’ll be glad you did!

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  • The Simpsons Barney Mask

    The Simpsons Barney Mask

    If you love Duff, hate Fudd, and have always had a belching problem, then pal, we’ve got some solid news Рyou no longer have to feel so alone!Let’s break it down Рyou’re actually one of the most capable and smartest people in all of Springfield. After all, you almost made it into outer space as a NASA Astronaut after only one night of sobriety! But also…we’re not here to tell you how you should live your life. You love Duff beer, and as an American, that’s your right! So drink deep, friend, and keep pursuing your (other) passion…being the talented auteur film director of such films as Pukahontas. And when you need a quiet 15 to sleep the beer off, just slip on this Barney Gumble Mask…no one around you will ever know that you’re sound asleep, which also saves you from the pesky problem of getting kicked out of Moe’s for being over-served! Cheers!

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  • Greek Mask

    Greek Mask

    Back in Ancient times the original theater that turned into the great western performing arts came from Greece. It was a little different back then. Originally there was only one actor who played every single roll in the play! Talk about some talent. Can you imagine Leonardo Di Caprio playing Inception all by himself? Or maybe he did do that and we just haven’t come up with that theory yet. Not that there aren’t enough theories out on that movie anyway. Either way in order to change personalities around the actor would put different masks on throughout the performance so we could all tell the difference. They probably used different voices as well which would have sounded pretty funny too. Now you can add this Greek Mask to your collection of theater outfits or just combine it with an awesome Greek god or goddess costume. Dionysus was the god of theater but also the god of wine so be ready to represent that as well if you choose him!

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  • Black Baroque Mask

    Black Baroque Mask

    When you are getting ready for a fancy masquerade, picking out an outfit is the easy part! It’s usually choosing what kind of mask to wear that is the real challenge, since you probably want one that reflects who you are, but not one that will instantly give away your identity. You may want a mask that is elegantly designed, but not so fancy that it distracts from the rest of your ensemble that you’re spending so much time putting together. It’s harder than it sounds! If you’re wanting a mask that compliments your party-wear, look no further than this Black Baroque Mask to complete your look! This molded plastic mask is more than just a simple eye cover, and it features expressive ridges and decorative satin edging for a sophisticated style. Whether you show up in a strapping tuxedo or a graceful ball gown, all of the other party guests will be dying to know who is under that black mask!

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  • Carnival Mardi Gras Mask

    Carnival Mardi Gras Mask

    Leaving it to the ImaginationLet’s just be honest for a second… There’s something seriously hot about wearing a mask. Don’t you think? Look at it this way: we all know that concealing just a bit creates some extra allure. There’s the curiosity of what is hiding behind what you see!Think about it! Would Zorro be half as hot without his mask? What about the Man In Black in The Princess Bride? (Trust us, it wasn’t just the pirating that transformed Wesley from a sweet farm boy to a dashing hero.) We could go on forever with this. (We haven’t even started up with The Phantom of the Opera.) The point is: when it comes to being deliciously mysterious and exciting, masks are where it’s at.Product DetailsThere’s no better time to don a mysterious mask than Mardi Gras. With this Carnival Mardi Gras Mask, you’ll be whooping it up on Fat Tuesday in authentic style. The green mask is covered in velvet, lined in gold trim, and sports peacock and purple feather decorations. This is perfect for men and women alike at giving yourself an elegant flair that will incite no end to sexy speculation. Take It Off!The party will begin when you arrive in this Carnival Mask and you’ll love the thrill of the rest of the attendees unable to resist trying to guess who you are beneath it! 

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  • Black Velvet Mardi Gras Mask

    Black Velvet Mardi Gras Mask

    Mardi Gras! AKA “Fat Tuesday”! A-AKA “The Day Many People Take The Next Day Off From Work For!” This traditional celebration is held in many parts of the world in various capacities. For some people, it’s an important religious holiday to mark the start of Lent, and for some others, it’s a reason to get plastered on a work night and throw beads at each other. Whatever their reasons, this annual Carnival has enough spectacle and excitement to spare for all participants. One big part of Mardi Gras, that everyone can get in on, is the act of using ornate masks to hide your identity during the festivities. When you’re wearing this Black Velvet Mardi Gras Mask at a parade, you can be sure you’re celebrating in style. This black and gold polyester mask fits on with the attached headband, so your identity is kept only as secret as you want. It’s the perfect accessory to help celebrate your “joie de vivre”!

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  • Skull Mask

    Skull Mask

    There is no starker symbol of our own mortality than the skull, that bone which protects every part of our body that truly makes us human. So what could be more fun than to wear one as a mask! The irony of wearing a skull over your head, which has already got a skull inside of it (hopefully), isn’t lost on us. It’s kind of like one of those double tacos with cheese in between the shells. We hope that’s a good analogy, we failed anatomy in high school. I guess you could say we were too busy “not studying,” and “skipping class.”Our Skull Mask is a very versatile jumping off point for a variety of costume ideas. You could be any number of fictional characters, an undead person in general, or even jolly old Death himself! This detailed latex mask is rife with simulated cracks and dents. We included plenty of breathing holes too, because you wouldn’t want to be caught dead suffocating in a mask like this.

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  • Adult Stormtrooper Top and Mask Costume

    Adult Stormtrooper Top and Mask Costume

    The Rebel Alliance contains a mean bunch of people. They blew up two Death Stars without any care what effect that it would have on others. What the Rebels didn’t seem to think about is how expensive Death Stars are. Finding intergalactic contractors to take on such a job takes a lot of space credits and really puts a burden on the Imperial budget. To make up for the losses the Empire has cut the costs in Stormtrooper armor. No longer are full suits given out but instead new recruits are given comfortable shirts with helmet masks. By doing this the Empire hopes to have a brand new Emperor Palpatine Memorial Death Star made in just a few years. You can look like the newest version of the troopers with this easy set. Don’t think of it as a downgrade, think of it as the newest style!

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  • Blank White Mask

    Blank White Mask

    Have a big masquerade ball coming up and need something subtle to preserve your anonymity? Are you Zorro and need something appropriate to wear for opposite day? Are you planning the heist of a century but hate the way that pantyhose feels when it‚Äôs stretched over your head? Don‚Äôt we all! Well, have no fear, because is always here for you with just the right accessory.The Blank White Eye Mask is just the thing you need for going incognito in style. This plastic mask will obscure the most recognizable part of your beautiful, perfect face without covering your eyes, the body parts that scientists all agree are most important for vision. Slip this on courtesy of its supple elastic band and go out and do whatever you want without fear of being judged or arrested (and subsequently being judged by an actual judge — judges are the last people in the world you want judging you).Disclaimer: does not condone committing any crimes unless you absolutely have to or doing so will be really, really fun.

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  • Corset Lace Cat Mask

    Corset Lace Cat Mask

    In case you haven’t noticed (or been on the internet for the past couple decades), cats are totally in right now. People are posting pictures and videos of cuddly kitty cats lying under a bunch of pillows, hiding in silly places, or being bothered by other kitties, and it’s just a feline free-for-all out there! But did you know that not all cats are so cuddly? Some of them can be pretty devious, while others can be downright ferocious, which makes for some sassy costume ideas.There are as many types of cat costumes out there as there are types of cats, which is a lot. If your kitty themed outfit needs a little more allure, this Corset Cat Mask will make the “puurfect” addition. The hood-style mask is made of stitched faux leather, and can be adjusted with corset-style lacing in the back. It features matching cat ears on the top, to give your slinky costume a feline touch. Since cats are so popular right now, this mask is practically guaranteed to be a hit!

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  • Goin Ape Gorilla Mask

    Goin Ape Gorilla Mask

    Eating a dozen bananas isn’t the best way to get in touch with your animal side. Trust us. We’ve tried it, and it just ended up making us sick.If you want to look like an animal, we suggest trying out some good accessories or make-up instead of “method” acting your way into it. If you want to be a wolf, get some fangs and pointy ears. A cat? Try whiskers and a tail. The proper expressions and noises help too (you know, so people can know what kind of animal you are).Or, of course, you could just try a full animal costume or mask. Like our Goin Ape Gorilla Mask for example. This big black gorilla mask has a hard inside shell and a soft molded foam exterior. There’s shaggy black fur, big gorilla teeth, and ani-motion action (the face moves when you do)! Put this on and everyone will know exactly what animal you’re trying to be. Then you can go bananas.

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  • Red Black Lace Half Mask

    Red Black Lace Half Mask

    What is it about half masks that can turn a normal party into a gala?Maybe we’ve read a one too many Harlequin Romances, but think about it! The masquerade ball practically made Romeo & Juliet. Would they have fallen in love if they hadn’t been swept up in the intrigue and exciting of a bunch of half-masked people dancing around? Maybe! But we’ll never know, will we, because that play is at least 500 years old and Shakespeare is now writing sonnets in the big playhouse in the sky! And what was one of the most mesmerizing scenes in the movie Labyrinth? When they were at the masquerade ball, right? (Admittedly the whole thing was also a little creepy, but let’s not quibble facts right now…we’re on a roll!).And don’t forget how great these masks are for covering up disfiguring scars or hideous face syndrome, as proved by both The Phantom of The Opera and The Man In The Iron Mask. With these gorgeous and decorative accessories, you’ll never have to worry about hearing the terrified shrieks of men, women, or children whence they come upon the sight of you! Basically, “What a lovely mask, I hardly noticed your face!” or “I have no idea who you are or might be, let’s dance!” are the only comments you’ll hear when you’re wearing this Red Black Lace Half Mask! And frankly, with it’s decorative sequins, beads, and feathers, this mask deserves all the veiled (get it?) compliments it can get!

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  • Darth Vader Authentic Mask & Helmet

    Darth Vader Authentic Mask & Helmet

    We can’t wait for the future, when cybernetic implants will surely let us listen to The Imperial March in flawless hi-fi just by thinking about it. But until then, we’ll just have to stare at this stunning Darth Vader Authentic Mask & Helmet and try not to get drool all over ourselves. Because whenever we’re in the presence of one of the most iconic masks ever committed to film, immortalized in high-quality injection molded ABS plastic, our jaws drop–and we could swear we start to hear our favorite Sith lord’s familiar orchestral motif!From the moment you look on it with your own eyes, you’ll surely agree that it’s no longer possible to underestimate the power of the dark side. Our first peek brought back feelings we’d not felt since the opening trumpet salvo of the film that started it all! Which you’re probably going to want to watch again, since it will let you appreciate the authenticity of this incredible mask, cast from original studio molds.

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  • Child Affordable Batman Mask

    Child Affordable Batman Mask

    Every good superhero knows they need to keep their identity a secret if they want to protect the ones they love.It should come as no surprise then that Batman (the smartest superhero in the DC Universe) is smart enough to cover his face and mask his voice when he’s out protecting Gotham. How terrible would it be if the Joker or Two-Face knew his identity? It would be devastating. Wayne estate would be on fire with in a matter of hours.Which is exactly why your kid is demanding a mask. They’re trying to keep you safe by keeping their identity a secret. Just let them don this Child Affordable Batman Mask and they can speed off to fight crime without endangering their family or home. Or, you know, run around the living room screaming something about being the “Dark Knight.” Either way, the mask is a must.

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  • Adult Batman Movie Mask

    Adult Batman Movie Mask

    You might not have the tragic history Bruce Wayne does, a Batmobile sitting in your garage or billions of dollars just waiting around in a Gotham City bank vault, but that doesn’t have to crush your dreams of being Batman! Sure‚Ķit makes it a little hard to afford all of his crime-fighting toys and the mansion in which to store them all in, but baby steps!All you really need right away to be Batman is the will to fight crime, the desire to learn some kick-butt moves (or just, y‚Äôknow, look so dark and forbidding that people don‚Äôt even think about trying to mess with you), and a mask. The rest can come later! So start the journey out right with this officially licensed Adult Batman Movie Mask! It‚Äôs a 22.5‚Äù circumference vinyl mask with openings for the eyes and the mouth, and has a velcro strap to help you get a snug fit. To the Bat Cave (otherwise known as your studio apartment)!

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  • Darth Vader Face Mask

    Darth Vader Face Mask

    Finding a true calling in life must have been tough for young Anakin Skywalker. He was really great at podracing, building stuff, piloting anything, and being a Jedi warrior. Yet, he became the most powerful Sith Lord in the galaxy and made entire planets tremble at his labored breath.And hey, we’re not going to judge, but if that sounds like the kind of career path that maybe interests you, then you’re going to have to have the look to go along with it. Try throwing on this Darth Vader Face Mask and you might already be a good portion of the way to being a terrifying Sith Lord. And believe us, it is way easier to put on this officially licensed mask than it is to burn most of your body away in the lava rivers of Mustafar.So, enjoy the new Sith training you’ll be taking on, as well as the ability to look fearsome while still being able to turn your head all the way around without any trouble.

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