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  • Boys Old Man Costume Kit

    Boys Old Man Costume Kit

    RESPECT YOUR ELDERSKids are told time and time again that wisdom needs to be listened to and that they should prize the folks who have walked the world longer than they.  Give the elders respect and adhere to the insight that they have to give.  Do what they say!  That’s a lot of almost oppressive obligation for a kid to listen to and many are going to resist the effort.  They might even try to come up with ways to turn the tables. Of course, a particularly clever tyke might just turn that entire thing up on its end and transform into your old folks in order to get away with all sorts of trouble.  It isn’t that we want to encourage such behavior or would delight in hearing the story of what happened, but… that’s definitely true!  And we’re pretty sure that your kiddo (and even you) will love the whole experience.PRODUCT DETAILSLet your tyke see just what it is like to be walking around on aching bones when you help them transform into a cranky old man with this Old Man Boy’s Costume Kit.  This set of wavy gray wig, old-fashioned bow tie, and clip suspenders will give your kiddo the beginnings of a quantum leap!  Before long, they’ll be looking for their walking cane, demanding their rocking chair, and offering you some Werther’s Originals while telling you tales from the old days back on the recess fields of elementary school! ALL WITHOUT A CURSED BODY-SWAPYou’ll be able to enjoy watching your kid hobble around and demand that all the “young kids” get off their lawn when they transform into a crotchety old man with this disguise kit.  How often can you give your kiddo the opportunity to see life from another person’s perspective without it involving a weird cursed object or misspoken wish that turns into a Freaky Friday kind of situation!?  Take this opportunity while it is available! 

    $19.99 Old Man Costumes
  • Toddler Renaissance Man Costume

    Toddler Renaissance Man Costume

    It’s Renaissance Faire time! The time to dress up and watch people reenact life in Renaissance times. It can be very “edu-taining,” and your little ren faire fan can get in on the fun in our exclusive Toddler Renaissance Man Costume! Renaissance costumes are definitely some of the coolest period costumes to wear. They can be very colorful and elaborate, or they can also be very practical and earthy, but they all look fun. What will your toddler imagine they are doing while they are wearing this costume? They might pretend to be a merchant, trading goods and wares all around the countryside. Maybe they fancy themselves a tavern owner, who spends their days making delicious food and drinks for weary travelers. Or, maybe he wants to grab a sword and protect his townsfolk from bandits! This Renaissance-inspired costume is the perfect style for your little one to be whoever they want to be at reenactments and festivals. We designed this exclusive costume to look just like an outfit that a toddler may have worn a few hundred years ago. The matching vest and trousers look rugged, but comfortable, and go well with the attached shirt sleeves and lace-up collar. All this costume needs is a pair of matching period boots, and any other old-timey accessories your little one may want to add. And don’t forget about the rest of the family, who can also get in on the time-traveling fun with all of our other child and adult size Renaissance Faire costumes!

    $24.99 Renaissance Costumes
  • Boys Civil War Iron Man Deluxe Costume

    Boys Civil War Iron Man Deluxe Costume

    Sometimes, superheroes just need to cool their jets. It seems like every few years, the Avengers jump into a massive conflict with a different supervillain, and a whole city ends up getting leveled by the crossfire. With all that destruction, city planners are starting to get pretty fed up. Iron Man knows it, which is why he’s working overtime to minimize the damage done by metahumans. But Captain America must not have gotten the memo, since he’s gone AWOL! And usually, Iron Man would just shoot him another email, but this time it seems like the situation calls for a more direct approach. This time, he’s going to have to intervene. He’s going to have to build a coalition. He’s going to have to get really, personally involved. Or maybe your kid could put on Tony Stark’s suit, and lend an armor-plated hand!With this Civil War Iron Man costume, your kid can take on the latest look of our favorite mechanical mastermind. The licensed Marvel outfit includes a polyester jumpsuit that has realistic printed details and sculpted fiberfill muscles in the chest and arms. Sure, it might not have all the bells and whistles of Tony Stark’s real super suit. Then again, we hear that thing costs a couple billion dollars to make, so this one seems like a pretty fair compromise! The costume also includes a molded plastic mask and a pair of attached boot tops that will make your child look ready for launch!

    $39.99 Iron Man Costumes
  • Moon Man Adult Costume

    Moon Man Adult Costume

    A Big Time MoonThe moon is quite a big deal. Earth’s only natural satellite, it helps us with our orbit, it creates the tides, and it might have even helped create the conditions for life to start! So, it’s only natural that when mankind got enough technology we would send some explorers to go and check it out!Well, in our humble opinion, it’s time to go back to the moon! Of course, we’re going to need your help, too. But don’t sweat it, Because we’ve got this Moon Man Costume for adults in tip-top, mission-ready shape!Not quite sure you’ve got what it takes? Nah, we’re sure you do! You’re going to do great, and you’re going to look great, too, when you’ve got this Moon Man costume style on. Collect rocks, or keep your eyes peeled for that Martian base. We hear there’s a secret party on the moon thrown by the Martians, and it’s an all-time top bash. We’re telling ya, the moon is gonna be great!Product DetailsThis Moon Man Costume is, yes, a very whimsical costume style that’s sure to be a big-time party hit. It comes with the helmet, jumpsuit, and belt. And, yes, the jumpsuit has an attached molded posterior section (in the nude) for you to show of as you choose. Like we said, this costume is gonna be a hit!Punny or funnySometimes the joke is subtle, and sometimes it’s obvious. When you’ve got a big-time joke planned for your Halloween costume, well, you know we’re the top spot to shop. Because we’ve got punny costumes, we’ve got funny costumes, and we’ve got costumes that will cause an uproar! Basically, if you can think of the joke, we’ve already got a costume style with it, ready for you. 

    $44.99 Astronaut Costumes
  • Creepy Man Behind the Wall Adult Mask

    Creepy Man Behind the Wall Adult Mask

    Behind the WallLife waiting behind the walls, waiting for someone to invoke your name can be a little dull at times. There’s so much pent-up anger and while you wile away the time, willing potential victims to invite you to come out to play.Product DetailsThis half mask has a dramatic look with a flat white color and dripping red around the eyes and around the mouth. There are subtle over the eyes with a black mesh over the eyes to make your eyes blend into the darkness of the nightmare you might be hiding! He ComesSo, if you’re ready to step out as this internet phenomenon, you’re going to need this mask. Spreading fear is a sure thing so forgive us for hiding as soon as we see you. Dress up in black and head out into the world. You come!

    $19.99 Scary Accessories
  • Old Man Mask

    Old Man Mask

    Over The HillSo, you’re on that long hike that we call life. You’re climbing that hill. You’re on your way up. Here’s the thing, sometimes you just need a shortcut to become the old soul you just know is inside somewhere. Old folks simply get away with things that us spring chickens can’t. For instance, Argyle might not be part of your day-to-day wardrobe right now but maybe in a couple decades, you’ll find that it simply looks natural. You’ll find yourself sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper, wearing a newsie cap with highwater slacks and argyle socks and somewhere a young kid will be looking you up and down wondering why he can’t get away with dressing like that. Just wait and see young fella! Or, he could take the aforementioned shortcut over the hill with this old man mask. So could you, now that we think of it!Product DetailsYou’ll feel right at home yelling, “Get off my lawn!” when you show up in this old man mask at your next costume party. It’s realistic, flexible, and might even allow you to get away with wearing Argyle like never before. You might not get the wisdom that comes from hiking over the hill all those years but you just might fool a few people! Act Your AgeYou might be young only once but with this mask, you can be old as many times as you want! Sure, it works great on Halloween but don’t stop there! Bring it out when you’re FaceTiming your friends to explain why you don’t want to go clubbing. Bond with your Grandpa by griping about the new-fangled jukebox at the Eagles Club. The sky is the limit. . . as long as dinner is served by four-thirty.

    $19.99 Masks
  • Hippie Man Wig and Mustache

    Hippie Man Wig and Mustache

    Some people say that the hippie movement was about promoting love, peace, and tolerance. But we were there, man, and from the roughly eight nonconsecutive minutes we can recall during the 60s we can say without a shadow of a doubt that they were about one thing only: outta sight, totally boss, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen hair. And we had the most hair. We even dodged the draft because the draft board mistook us for a lhasa apso napping on top of a pile of dirty laundry!If you want to look like a hippie but don’t want to spend two years sleeping in the backseat of a beat up 1958 Ford Edsel, then we’ve got you covered. Our Hippie Man Wig and Mustache will give you that hirsute come hither look you’ve been pining for in a matter of seconds thanks to the comfiness of the wig and the self-adhesive mustache! This may very well be as far out as it gets.

    $16.99 Hippie Costumes
  • Child Stick Man Costume

    Child Stick Man Costume

    You and your family have been through many Halloween stages. You’ve had years were everyone went over the top and you’ve had years were you might have fallen short as a team. It happens, sometimes everyone wants to work together to create a great group costume that’ll make the neighborhood buzz. Sometimes nothing seems to fall into place at the right moment and you and your kids go in separate creative directions.  So you’ve done the caveman thing, you’ve touched on super heroes. There even was a Halloween where everyone went as their favorite breakfast food, the bacon and eggs were surprisingly easy while the bowl of Coco Flakes was a little more challenging. What if there was a group costume that everyone could enjoy and no one would argue over which role they want? Can’t be done, you say? Ah, friend! It’s time for you to discover the hilarious Halloween glory of the walking family of stick figures. That’s right, with this costume the rule is the more the merrier. You and your family can look like the most amateur of animations in the darkness of night, each move becoming more hilarious then the next.  If you and your family are ready for a simple but memorable night of trick-or-treating together then your child or children will love the stickman body suit. It’s simple to slip on with glowing lights attached to the jumpsuit and hood. It’ll be great for Halloween but they’ll probably find other uses for it. Anyone up for an epic game of nighttime tag in the backyard? This year, it’ll be easy to get the whole family animated. 

    $24.99 Funny Kids Costumes
  • Toddler Stick Man Costume

    Toddler Stick Man Costume

    They say that art is in the eye of the beholder. To some the Mona Lisa represents the pinnacle of creative works. Others like the impressionist stylings of Monet. Others like the abstract paintings of Pablo Picasso. And some people even like to point at Jackson Pollock’s radical splatterings as examples of refined art. Us? Well, we’re quite fond of stick figure drawings. Sure, they’re not quite as elegant as the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, but there’s just something raw and real about the stick man!It’s one of the first things we all learn how to draw with finger paints (alongside that giant happy yellow sun) when going through kindergarten. They always look so simple and happy on the page, and they’re always with a family. It’s hard to deny how brilliant those little guys are. Of course, now you can share that wacky sense of creativity with your child by turning him into a real life stick man!That’s right, this toddler Stick Man costume transforms your child into the staple cartoon figure that everyone likes to draw! The costume comes with a black jumpsuit and hood that has LED lights in the shape of a stick man on the exterior. When lit up, it will look like your child is a walking talking stick man come to life. It’s a cool effect to see in the dark and it will certainly have your child feeling like he’s a true work of art!

    $19.99 Funny Kids Costumes
  • Tin Man Toddler Girls Costume

    Tin Man Toddler Girls Costume

    Calling all girls. It’s time for a new Tin Man! Tin Man is one of the most famed Wizard of Oz characters of all, but we’re in a new modern era, and it’s time for a new take. We’d like the new Tin Man to be female. And we’d really like if she was a toddler. And we’d love it if it could be your girl!Yes, the only requisite for this girl Tin Man is that she be a total cutie, so we’re sure that your precious one will fit the bill. Just outfit her with this signature Tin Man toddler costume, and she’ll have everything she needs to travel down the yellow brick road. Sounds like a real adventure is going to be coming her way!Team her up with her best friend or sister as Dorothy, and they’ll be ready to put a brand new spin on the Wizard of Oz. Or use this cutie patootie costume to complete your family’s group theme. When you all travel to the Emerald City together, it’s going to be outright magical. “We’re off to see the Wizard…”Set her up with this costume, and it will have everything she needs to be the new Tin Girl. The foam backed dress gives her a rigid look, but it’s much more comfortable than real metal. Just seal the deal with the hat, maybe a touch of makeup, and she’ll be ready for Wizard of Oz fun. With toddler/kid sizes in 3-4 and 4-6, outfit your little one with this costume for a real special adventure!

    $29.99 Tin Woodsman Costumes
  • Skull Military Man Boys Costume

    Skull Military Man Boys Costume

    Are you looking to turn your kid into the toughest mercenary in the neighborhood? Do you want to send your child on important missions to take down bad guys? You’re going to need toput him through some intensive training then! He’s going to have to do his push-ups, work on his jumping jacks and he’d better eat ALL of his vegetables. After all, you can’t grow up to be big and strong if he doesn’t eat all of his veggies. And, of course, your young one is going to need one killer outfit if he really wants to transform into a commando! That’s where this exclusive child military costume comes into play.Our completely exclusive child Skull Military Man costume comes straight from the minds of our costume designers. They worked day and night to craft a costume that will help your kid look his toughest when he heads out on intense missions in the neighborhood. The great costume comes with plenty of detailed items to help complete your kid’s military look. The black vest has buckles and resembles real military combat armor and a set of camouflage pants that will help give your kid that army feel. The costume even comes with a hood and skull mask, which should intimidate any enemy he encounters during his mission.Make sure to check out our full list of army accessories, since your child will definitely need some of our toy gun and toy military accessories if he plans on succeeding during his mission.

    $59.99 Military Costumes
  • Brown Ladies Man Wig

    Brown Ladies Man Wig

    You know that you’re a ladies man, deep down. You just need to find a way of showing everyone else who you really are. We think that a new hairdo would be a good place to start. Your hair says a lot about you. Go look in the mirror and think what yours is telling everybody. Now, look at this amazing Brown Ladies Man Wig. This beautiful feathered wig will make you the most wanted man in any party! Men will want to be you. Women will want to know your secret for such perfect hair.With this good-looking accessory topping of your 70’s outfit for Halloween, everyone will finally understand just how big of a deal you are. You’ll finally get the respect as a renowned ladies man that you deserve! Look through the rest of our 70’s themed accessories to add to your disco costume and you’ll be the grooviest one around. No one will be able to match your mojo!

    $11.99 Disco Costumes
  • Toddler Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costume

    Toddler Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costume

    We‚Äôre off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz‚Ķwell, you know the rest. It‚Äôs a lyric we all love to sing again and again‚Äîwe often break into song in the office, and this is an all-time favorite of ours. We‚Äôre sure it‚Äôs one of yours too! We bet your toddler has seen The Wizard of Oz. It‚Äôs a classic loved by young and old alike. We‚Äôre sure your little one would love to be the Tin Man for Halloween. While he‚Äôs in costume, you can joke that he’s not walking funny because he’s a wobbly toddler. He just needs someone to oil his knees! Make sure to buy the oil can accessory, so you can run after him as he bumbles around. Now if you can only find a way to get him to sing, ‚Äúif I only had a heart.‚Äù Soon, your little tin-guy will be on the path to see the wizard when he wears this Toddler Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costume.Why not have a Wizard of Oz theme party and dress up the whole crew? We bet your lovable little tike has a crew of unique friends. Could they be looking for a brain, courage‚Ķand home? Maybe they‚Äôll all break into song and dance all the way down an imaginary yellow brick road. You‚Äôll be convinced that we‚Äôre not in Kansas anymore, and that‚Äôs how the party gets started!

    $19.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Adult Green Man Costume

    Adult Green Man Costume

    Are you tired of the same old boring costumes at every party? You know you’re going to see a sexy cat, and a self-referencing play on words, and a politician, and a monster. You’re going to see whatever big trend was on the news, and whatever character stood out in the latest blockbuster. You’re going to see super heroes and super villains, pirates and gangsters. You’re going to see the same costumes you’ve seen for years.You’re not going to contribute to this mundane mediocrity! By George, you’re going to come up with a spectacularly original costume, one that no one has ever seen before. Maybe you’ll create a painfully detailed, stunning accurate 16th-century Templar knight, complete with hand-crafted chainmail. Or a wolf man costume covered in real yak hair, just like they used in the old movies. Or a mermaid with real scales.There’s just a few problems… All of those costumes cost serious money. And they take a lot of time. But your costume party is tomorrow night. How will you be able to make an original costume in less than 24 hours, without breaking the bank?Go green this Halloween in this Zentai Green Man Costume! There are so many possibilities with this jumpsuit—it’s a beautiful blank slate. You could be a Martian, or a plant, or a gecko… We can almost guarantee that there will be no one at the costume party dressed like you. Almost.

    $19.99 Zentai Suits
  • Sexy Tin Man Woman Costume

    Sexy Tin Man Woman Costume

    Do you ever get sick and tired of folks telling you to just ‚Äúfollow your heart?‚Äù Pardon us, but what on Earth does that mean and WHY is the answer that everyone gives to all of life‚Äôs decisions, all of the time? Don‚Äôt know what you want to ‚Äúbe‚Äù after college? Don‚Äôt worry, darlin‚Äô. Just follow your heart! Don‚Äôt know whether you can afford health insurance? It‚Äôs OK, kiddo; don‚Äôt be dramatic. Follow your heart. Can‚Äôt decide if you should quit your cubicle job and backpack around the globe? Don‚Äôt overthink it; follow your heart, sister! Sound familiar? The trouble is, people who are trying to decide things often don‚Äôt know what their heart wants…hence…the difficult decision. Are we right? How about you avoid that advice–at least for one night–in this Sexy Tin Man Costume. No one can sling that rusty cliche your way when you‚Äôre wearing a costume that clearly implies that you don‚Äôt have a heart, now can they? We think not.But obviously, that peace of mind is just icing on the proverbial cake; this costume would be worth its weight in…tin…with or without that added bonus. The silver metallic dress features a low cut sweetheart neckline, while the silver knee-high boot toppers boast sweet red hearts on their cuffs. It doesn‚Äôt take a half-crazy wizard to tell you that this costume will carry you anywhere you want to go tonight. Take your axe and oil can and enjoy the Zen-like that will surely come from knowing that for one night, you don‚Äôt need to follow your heart. You‚Äôve got a smokin‚Äô hot look to light the way.

    $49.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Superman Man of Steel Adult Deluxe Costume

    Superman Man of Steel Adult Deluxe Costume

    What would you do if you not only discovered that you were actually from a whole different planet, but also that you had amazing superpowers? Well, if you decide to embrace it and become a hero, you get to wear awesome uniforms! When you wear this awesome Superman Deluxe Costume, you’ll look just like Supes does in the hit movie Man of Steel!Simply being from the planet Krypton isn’t enough to make someone a superhero. For mild mannered Kryptonian Clark Kent, it took an attack on his beloved adopted home world (spoiler: that’s Earth) from the sinister General Zod to make him don his red and blue uniform and start kicking some bad guy posterior. But once he got used to the idea of fighting evil, it didn’t take him long to earn the trust and respect of his fellow Earthlings. It may have had something to do with him flying around, shooting lasers out of his eyes, and punching holes through buildings, so there’s nothing an average human could do to stop Superman, anyway. But, he probably earned their trust, too…This licensed costume is just the thing you’ll need to become the hero of your Halloween party! The jumpsuit and attachable cape are designed after Superman’s suit from the movie, for authenticity. It even features foam muscles built into the jumpsuit, to give you that “man of steel” physique. Once you decide to become a superhero, though, don’t be surprised if the other guests start asking you to open jars and bottles for them. That just comes with the job.

    $54.99 Superman Costumes
  • Child Mega Man Costume

    Child Mega Man Costume

    So many robots are evil these days. Gutsman, Elecman, Magnet Man and that evil fax machine in the office. It’s good to know that Dr. Light has been busy inventing this Child Mega Man Costume so someone can stand up to all of them! All your kid has to do is put on this licensed outfit to look just like the hero of the video games. He’ll be ready to absorb powers from evil robots and send Dr. Wily packing! (Let us know when he suits up, because we really need a good robot put a stop to the evil laptop that’s been hanging out in our break room).

    $54.99 Mega Man Costumes
  • Iron Man Adult Gloves

    Iron Man Adult Gloves

    These are Iron Man Adult Gloves

    $12.99 Iron Man Costumes
  • Adult Tin Man Costume

    Adult Tin Man Costume

    Far off in the land of Oz there is a man who is stuck in the woods. This shiny, metal man isn’t lost or anything but actually can’t move. That’s right, the Tin Man has been stuck in one place for years just waiting for some nice person to pick up a near by oil can to help him out. Lucky for this guy Dorothy Gale came by and helped him out so he can join her and her friends on a trip to see the Wizard. Now you can look just like the Tin Man in this great Wizard of Oz costume.

    $44.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Child Tin Man Costume

    Child Tin Man Costume

    The poor Tin Man has been through a lot! Have you ever wondered about his back story? He used to be a woodsman, a very clumsy woodsman. Actually, that’s not fair. The Wicked Witch cursed his ax after he rebuffed her love. For some reason, the munchkin community decided to replace his arms, legs, and well. . . the rest of him with tin. Hmm, well it turns out that tin doesn’t make a great medical grade material. It rusts. So, before Dorothy came along he was simply stuck after getting caught in the rain, hoping some observant passerby would hear him squeak “Oil can”. Well, it could have turned out worse. The Tin Man was lucky to find his group of odd balls, how else would he find the strength to head to Oz? There’s nothing like a goal to give you a brand new lease on life! Anyway, his look is pretty cool. As long as no one puts magnets on his back, he’s got plenty of dignity in stunning silver. He’s not nearly as susceptible to the outside world as the rest of his friends. You won’t see him high tailing it when you light a match or hiding when little Toto barks. His only weakness? Simple old water. We’ve got good news! Pesky water will be no problem when it comes to this slick Tin Man costume for children. It might look sharp but it’s actually made with a soft satiny fabric designed to give off a metallic sheen. The ensemble features a shirt printed with metallic details and the heart given to him by the Wizard, pants with shoe covers, and the classic oil funnel head piece. To finish off the look, paint your child’s face silver and invest in the silver Tin Man ax. Your child will love dressing up as this classic character, their main line is even easy to remember, “Oil can, oil can” 

    $29.99 Buy product
  • Child Colonial Man Wig

    Child Colonial Man Wig

    Does your child seem to have an unusual interest in the birth of our great nation? Does his knowledge of the Revolutionary War often put college professors to shame? Does he suffer from early-onset childhood baldness, which is incredibly rare and also might not even exist, but let’s just go with it?If so, then rest easy, parent, because we have just the thing for you and your incredibly precious child! This Child Colonial Wig will be just the thing to surprise and delight the kind of kid who knows the customs of the 18th Century the way most kids his age know all the lines from Spongebob Squarepants. And if that‚Äôs the case, then he already knows that any fashionable, well-mannered gentleman of the 1700s – including our first five presidents, just in case he didn‚Äôt know that – would have worn a wig just like this one! With this 100% synthetic white hair wig styled with sausage curls on the top and the sides, with ponytail tied at the back with black ribbon, he’ll feel like he just traveled back in time to the signing of the Constitution!

    $14.99 Colonial Costumes
  • Child Green Army Man Costume

    Child Green Army Man Costume

    How many times as a kid have you looked at some of your toys—or, let’s face it, even as an adult—and wondered if you could just bring those little trinkets to life. Enlarge them, chat a bit, and really make a day out of playing for once. The countless figurines, miniatures, action figures, stuffed animals, and assortment of other toys that we’d gathered have obviously left a pretty huge impression on us and, if we can trust any of the resources at our disposal, the time we’ve spent with them left a major impact on them, too!The proof is in the pudding of the stories our toys could tell. And, it is especially evident once we throw some space-age tech at them and enlarge the toys to near-life size and ask them what they think about their new life! They’re usually surprised and sometimes have to deal with the fact that they don’t really have all the parts to actually speak, but those who can have lots to tell. Problem is that the process isn’t exactly reversible yet. So, we have a whole bunch of life-sized toys that are anxious to go meet some new people. (They have been cramped up in a toy chest for a couple decades, after all.)Such is the case of this little army guy. You can hang out with a number of the normally plastic army soldiers with this Child Green Army Man costume. The long sleeved shirt fastens with Velcro at the front and has a plastic sheen that is perfectly reminiscent of the toys we all had as youngsters (or may simply have seen in a few of our favorite shows). The gloves and pants fit with elastic and the belt with Velcro. The green foam helmet fastens over the chin. Accessorize with some green body paint and a plastic rifle—we recommend the green one!—and you’ll have a perfectly plastic protector. Available in multiple sizes in case you need to fashion a full army to conquer any of the other life sized toys that might have run crazy into the nights. … Maybe we shouldn’t animate every toy we run across.

    $39.99 Military Costumes
  • Green Army Man Costume

    Green Army Man Costume

    Green army men are the true patriots. Think about it: they are always at the ready, always on guard. Do they even take breaks? Honestly, have you ever seen an army man grab some R&R, or hit the latrine? Do they even eat?! Hang on, now that we think of it, is it possible army men aren’t even real men at all? What if they’re just genetically engineered soldiers designed to do only one thing: defend. Is that good or bad, morally speaking? Like, do you ever wonder if army men have feelings? But those feelings can never be expressed because they’re hidden behind a hardened plastic mask that won’t let anything out? And they’re just trapped there, always at the ready, while mentally they are just completely spent? Wow, that’s actually a really deep, dark rabbit hole. Pull up! We’ve got to get out of here!Listen, those little plastic army men are probably not trapped in their own heads, silently screaming to be free. It’s actually probably a nice gig, since you pretty much get to chill for… well, forever. And the outfit is so styling, isn’t it? Who else is going to be able to pull off the shiny molded look? Not only that, how many people are truly trained in the use of a green plastic rifle? You don’t want that weapon in the hands of just anyone. So if signing up for the green army corps sounds right to you and you think you’re up for the challenge, then you’d better gear up properly with some green accessories. You don’t want to show up to boot in some sorry state, do you? Now move, soldier. On the double!

    $59.99 Military Costumes
  • Latex Tin Man Mask

    Latex Tin Man Mask

    If I’ve only had a heart!Deep in the dark woods of Oz stands a lonely figure who is just waiting for someone to talk to. This figure is known as the Tin Man and all he wants is to one day have a heart so he could finally feel the feelings that everyone else feels.Now you can join Dorothy on a trip to the Emerald city to see the Wizard when you add this Tin Man mask to your costume this Halloween.

    $44.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes