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  • Fun World Professional Cream Makeup - White

    Fun World Professional Cream Makeup – White

    Those vampires in the movies and everything can make such a terrible image for us to follow. It has us all convinced that just a couple weeks of not seeing sunlight at all will have us as pale as the moonlight we thrive in. The reality of it is that we just can’t do that. Those celebrity vampires have been hanging out in the crypts for centuries on end to get that look, and even then they use tons of camera tricks combined with a little Photoshop, and CGI. It sets a bad image for everyone. There is a way to help you achieve this look even if you’re a newborn vampire, or even if you’re still a human. Try this professional grade white cream makeup. Soon you’ll be just as pale as any of those Hollywood vampires without the long and grueling process of laying in bed surrounded by complete darkness for days on end. Actually that might not sound half bad either…

    $4.99 Vampire Costumes
  • Rubies Hulk Avengers 2 Makeup Kit

    Rubies Hulk Avengers 2 Makeup Kit

    There are three ways to become The Hulk. The first and least advisable method is to bombard yourself with enough radiation that you’ll glow like the Vegas Strip for a hundred years. The second route is to spend eight hours at the gym and eat the equivalent of 100 steaks’ worth of protein every day for the rest of your life. This is expensive and time intensive, and you won’t even turn green as the result of it, so there’s almost no point. The third and best way to be The Hulk is to buy our Hulk Avengers 2 Makeup Kit. It has a all the green body paint and applicators you need to turn yourself into everyone’s favorite rage-fueled human wrecking ball in a matter of minutes, saving you the trouble of radiation poisoning or sore biceps.

    $3.99 Avengers Costumes
  • Mehron Evil J Villain Makeup Kit

    Mehron Evil J Villain Makeup Kit

    You look positively mad! Well, at least you will once you figure out your look. You can put on a nice suit, but nobody takes you for the mad genius you are in a flashy pinstripe three piece. Sure, you look nice in it, but it doesn’t send the message you want it to be sending. Like, “aren’t you having fun? Because I am having a…BLAST!” *Cue bombs exploding in background.*You want to inspire chaos, and to do that you need to stand out. With this Evil J Villain Makeup Kit you can stand out, and really make an impact on the community around you. With this makeup kit you can wear whatever you want, everyone will be sure to pay attention to your crazy ideas. (Even if you are wearing a nurse costume from the 50s!)

    $14.99 Joker Costumes
  • Fun World Zipper FX Makeup Kit

    Fun World Zipper FX Makeup Kit

    Designing Halloween costumes is a lot like being a magician: it’s all about creating a spectacular illusion. But the illusion isn’t really complete without someone to wear the costume. Come to think of it, wearing a costume might make you more like a magician than what we normally do. But that would make us like master magician-trainers!Ta-da! You thought that last part was just a belabored metaphor, but it was really your first lesson in sleight-of-hand! What we’re really dealing with here is a Zipper FX Makeup Kit that will create the grotesque illusion that your skin is coming undone like a parka in July! How does it work? You’ll have to read the instructions: master magician-trainers never reveal their secrets (especially when they aren’t exactly sure what those secrets are). Here’s the gist: purchase kit, apply cosmetics, freak out the audience. Then take a bow! You did it! We always knew you had it in you.

    $6.99 Scary Accessories
  • Captain Planet Blue Makeup

    Captain Planet Blue Makeup

    When the five powers of the planet combine, earth, wind, water, fire and heart, that’s when Captain Planet shows up! Of course, you might have a hard time convincing anyone that you’re him without this light blue makeup. The MAKEUP is yours! …when you complete your order.

    $0.99 Makeup
  • Mehron Silver Metallic Powder Makeup

    Mehron Silver Metallic Powder Makeup

    So, you have got all of the components of your Tin Woodsman costume in order. Only one little problem…you are not–it turns out–made of tin! Take heart, friend! You can still raise your cool costume to the next level by applying this Silver Metallic Powder Makeup! No, your hands won‚Äôt rattle when they slam $10 on the bar for a round, but they will shine brightly under the bar lights. This metallic powder can be worn with or without the mixing liquid to give you a full metal makeover! It is a LOT cheaper than getting your entire body cast in tin (and a whole lot more comfortable, too). As for the whole heart thing, we can‚Äôt help you there (we aren‚Äôt legally allowed to sell internal organs anymore) but, we think we know someone who can…he‚Äôs just right down that road there‚Ķ

    $12.99 Tin Woodsman Costumes
  • Fun World Horror Makeup Value Kit

    Fun World Horror Makeup Value Kit

    Oh, the looks you’ll create once you’ve gotten this Value Horror Makeup Kit. It’s the perfect tool for the indecisive ghoul in you. From skeletons to vampires, this kit has it all, provided you don’t slather all the makeup in one go! Makeup for the whole family. Daddy wants to be a zombie. Mommy wants to be a witch. Brother wants to be a scary clown. Sister wants to be a not-so-scary kitty. There’s a color, an application, or an effect for everyone in this Value Horror Makeup Kit. It has everything you need for scar effects, dripping and dried blood, tooth alterations (key for so many monsters), and anything else horrific you can think of. This is one step short of a serum that will actually turn you into a monster. The main difference is it doesn’t grant you any deadly powers, and washes off with soap and warm water.

    $9.99 Scary Accessories
  • Fun World Zombie's Eye Latex Makeup Kit

    Fun World Zombie’s Eye Latex Makeup Kit

    Here’s one thing that we just don’t get about Zombies; they last for what seems like forever as long as they don’t get shot in the head but they are also always in a state of decomposition. Dead flesh can get eaten by all sorts of bugs and insects so wouldn’t the just rot away and disappear? Maybe we’re overthinking this. We like zombie movies a lot and sometimes things are just best left untouched by silly scientific fact (who needs it?). We’ve always been in full support of seeing various body parts just hanging on by a thread in those shoes because nothing amps up the gross quite like an eyeball out of its socket. Throw on this easy to use latex makeup kit and you’ll become a real anomaly in the scientific world with your own version of the classic horde monster. Don’t forget to bloody yourself up with a few other makeup kits and always remember to look both ways before crossing the street to get to the other side. just a little undead humor for you paired with the fact that it’s difficult to do with one eye. Man we really killed it with the explanation.

    $8.99 Zombie Costumes
  • Rubies Green Face Makeup

    Rubies Green Face Makeup

    So you want to be a wicked witch for Halloween. You bought a fancy witch’s dress, the kind with spidery lace covering the skirt. You bought the pointed hat, and the curled toed shoes. You even made your very own flying broom. Heck you even found a pair of stripped stockings in your dresser. But you are still missing one part of being a witch.You don’t have green skin! How will people know you are an evil witch if you don’t have a green face? Well, with this Green Face Makeup you will be able to show off your evil witchy ways to anyone who sees you. You will be able to fly across the night sky cackling like only the evilest of witches can do. (Or really just carrying your “flying” broomstick as you point creepily at people, and cackle.)

    $4.99 Oz Witch Costumes
  • Mehron Witch Makeup Kit

    Mehron Witch Makeup Kit

    There’s only one day in which your oh-so supple skin will be universally frowned upon. Here’s a hint: it’s not your birthday and it’s definitely not your wedding night. That’s right, it’s Halloween!So if you really, really want to get into character when you wear the witch costume you slaved for hours over, you should take our advice (we know a thing or two about Halloween costumes): don’t allow your ensemble to be ruined by that perfect, smooth complexion of yours. Instead, try using this witch makeup kit to create the appearance of a putrid, rotten mug that will have your all your friends saying you look…erm, authentic! It includes everything you need to achieve an ugly, green complexion complete with an attachable, otherwise-unachievable mole‚Äîincluding paint, pencil, cotton swabs, and examples!

    $14.99 Witch Costumes
  • Mehron Clown Costume Makeup Kit

    Mehron Clown Costume Makeup Kit

    Have you ever thought about running away to join the circus? Why not turn your dream into a reality! It’s all about keeping life interesting, after all…isn’t it? There’s no end to the many faces you can paint with this professional quality kit. Guaranteed, you’ll never put on the same face twice…unless you want to. The matte white base in this kit is the foundation to every clown face, whether it is happy, sad, or indifferent. Have you ever heard of an indifferent clown? Neither have we, but it can probably be created with this Clown Costume Makeup Kit.In addition to the booklet included with your kit, you can find unlimited clown tutorials on the Internet these days. And now, you’ll have everything you’ll need to create the ultimate clown expression, including classic, funny, creepy, or downright scary. Whatever you decide…you can put on your clown face like a pro, and get ready to enjoy the spotlight!

    $19.99 Clown Costumes