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  • Mehron Modern Vampire Makeup Kit

    Mehron Modern Vampire Makeup Kit

    Back in the old days, if you wanted the look of a vampire, you had to actually know where to find a vampire, and get them to bite you; which, believe it or not, is harder than it sounds. And if you manage to pull it off, you get the pale and ghastly complexion and features of a nocturnal bloodsucker, but there’s so many side effects that come with it. Like, a craving for blood, an aversion to sunlight, and a general desire to just hang out by yourself in your castle all day. It seems like a lot of work for not a lot of payoff…If you ask us, this Modern Vampire Makeup Kit is a much better way to do it! This kit comes with everything you need to give yourself a professional grade vampire makeover; including a detailing pencil for drawing creepy veins, FX blood to make it look like you’ve recently fed, and a set of freaky fangs! It may not be quite as authentic as becoming a real vampire, but it’s less of a pain in the neck.

    $29.99 Vampire Costumes
  • Mehron Bronzed Tan Cake Makeup

    Mehron Bronzed Tan Cake Makeup

    We’ve heard the story before. You were stuck inside some store working all summer long so you never had time to get a decent tan out in the sun; but you want to go out on Halloween with all of your friends dressed as those crazy kids from the Jersey Shore. (Man, they live a great life of scholarly pursuits and pure ways, don’t they?) What are you ever to do though? All of those people are absolute bronze goddesses! Why don’t you try this Ultimate Bronze Tan Makeup? It’s not exactly the best thing for everyday use (It cakes on a little thick) but it will definitely give you a fantastic tan for that Halloween night at a sweet costume party. Need a little extra makeup for your theater performance where your character is from a slightly warmer climate? This works great for that too!

    $10.99 Cleopatra Costumes
  • Mehron Dancers Makeup Kit

    Mehron Dancers Makeup Kit

    Whether you’re doing pliés across the stage, shuffling off to Buffalo, frozen en pointe, doing jazz hands, or just bustin’ a move to the beat of your own drum, you’ll need makeup… and lots of it. Especially if you’re not the prima ballerina––better to distract them with your face than draw attention to your lack of coordination and form.If you’re going to be in a dance recital, this makeup kit will help you out. Included is all that you need to give yourself a stunning look while you’re on stage. Stage makeup is different than regular makeup––it highlights your features from far away. Rouged cheeks, bright blue eyeshadow, and bright red lipstick, none of which Mom would allow normally, are all encouraged on stage, so it’s a change to go big and bold. You’ll know you looked great on stage if when you greet your friends and family after the performance they do a double-take and comment on how much makeup you have on.

    $29.99 Makeup
  • Mehron Skeleton Makeup Character Kit

    Mehron Skeleton Makeup Character Kit

    It is awesome when someone comes to a party as a skeleton. Wearing a bony costume, with their face painted as a scary skull. But how do they get their face so perfect? We ask ourselves that all time. We can’t figure out how to draw on our faces like they do. We are convinced that they hired a Hollywood make-up artist to do it for them. And that is cheating if you ask us.But they didn’t. They just got this Skeleton Makeup Kit. It gives you step by step instructions on how to get the perfect spooky skeletal face. People will start asking you who did your Halloween make-up. You’ll be able to tell them that you did it. They probably wont believe you, we probably wouldn’t believe you. But you can just give us a spooky grin, and tell us how we don’t have to believe you.

    $14.99 Skeleton Costumes
  • Mehron Werewolf Makeup Kit

    Mehron Werewolf Makeup Kit

    Does Halloween night or a full moon tend to bring out your inner beast‚Äîprompting you to sprout a mane of hair, double in muscle mass, and grow fierce claws and fangs? If so, that’s pretty neat, and we wish you the absolute best out in this wolf-eat-wolf world, but I hope you understand why we can’t hang out anymore.If not, no need to worry, because you can use this werewolf makeup kit to complete your transformation instead. Our kit includes everything you need to achieve a realistic, professional-quality look to complete your werewolf costume, including application instructions. This means that rather than worrying about your look before that costume party of the year, you can worry about losing more friends than just us!

    $14.99 Werewolf Costumes
  • Rubies IT: The Movie Pennywise Makeup Kit New

    Rubies IT: The Movie Pennywise Makeup Kit New

    Have you ever tried to put makeup on in a sewer? We’ve always wondered how Pennywise has been perfectly applying his clown makeup over the years. There are a few hurdles to be conquered. First, there is the problem of lighting. It’s super hard to apply this white makeup evenly by flashlight light in the reflection of the street drain runoff. Secondly, the damp itself is tricky. It simply degrades the crisp, creepy lines you want for your evil clown façade. Thirdly, it’s tricky to make any costume companies deliver to storm drains for some reason. Honestly, we don’t even do that! So, before you move into your storm sewer this season, get ahold of this Pennywise makeup kit. It comes with white cream makeup that’s easy to apply in a tube. You’ll also get two makeup applicators for detail work, and a stick of red lipstick, and a palette of red, black, grey, and cream. One more tip, set up some battery powered lighting down there! No need to be a martyr!  

    $16.99 Pennywise Costumes
  • Rubies IT: The Movie Pennywise Makeup Kit Classic

    Rubies IT: The Movie Pennywise Makeup Kit Classic

    We give Pennywise a hard time. Sure, he’s an evil clown that feeds on children’s fear but he has some intense skill. We don’t know that we would ever be able to compete with his timing. Showing up in a photo album when everyone thinks they’re safe? Not something we could ever do! The thing is, there is a skill we can copy. What is that impressive skill? His makeup game, of course!This makeup kit has everything you need to become this nightmarish clown (aesthetically, no evil magic powers). You’ll get a white cream base coat, a black, red, and blue detail crayon, a blending sponge, and a red rubber nose. The best part is you won’t have to apply it in a sewer if you don’t want to! Hey, there are upsides to being a mere human. Just make sure you stay out of our nightmares. We can’t handle it. 

    $9.99 Pennywise Costumes
  • Smiffy's Space Superstar Makeup Kit

    Smiffy’s Space Superstar Makeup Kit

    Every once in a while someone arrives on the music scene who seems to break the barriers of time and space. With epic melodies that are so out of orbit that they may as well have come from Mars. A star that seems to make whatever they’re wearing seem right, even if it mostly consists of a fiery colored leotard and epic mullet, and some amazing makeup. When you’re from Mars, you do and wear what you want.You might be preparing for the Battle of the Bands or perhaps you’re planning an epic Halloween ensemble, this makeup kit has everything to make you look like a disaffected space explorer turned musical icon. Sure, you could stick to the awesome ballads of previous space stars but who says you can’t make your own far-out hits. As far as you know the cosmos is patiently waiting for your inter-galactic beats.

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  • Rubies Deluxe Beetlejuice Makeup Kit

    Rubies Deluxe Beetlejuice Makeup Kit

    Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle. . . Wait! Let’s think about this for a second. If we finish this chant are we going to be able to handle what’s about to happen next? Sure, the legendary ghoul might intensely disturb your roommates but wouldn’t it be fun to unleash a little chaos in your life? Maybe you don’t need to unearth the intensely creepy fellow to experience the macabre pandemonium that he can release. Perhaps you’ll be able to feel that sinister sensation simply by dressing up as the nightmarish Beetlejuice. Wait? Just because we said it a third time that doesn’t mean we finish the mantra, right? You can don a striped suit, you can rock that wild hair but if you aren’t fixing up that deathly pallor then you aren’t going to take the look to its full potential. This makeup will make you look like you’re fresh from the grave with a white base, black accents, and green and purple accent colors. You’ll also receive blending sponges and a detail blending stick. So, put on the makeup, turn on the juice, and see what shakes loose.  

    $14.99 Beetlejuice Costumes
  • Fun World Professional Cream Makeup - Green

    Fun World Professional Cream Makeup – Green

    A lot of things that people love tend to be green. It’s the color of fresh cut grass, trees in the springtime, money, and mint chocolate ice cream. We’re sure there are probably more green things out there than that, but for the purposes of this exercise we don’t need to go any further. One thing that gets overlooked though is green makeup. It comes in handy more often than you might think! What would you do if you had to throw together an emergency alien disguise and all you have is rouge and concealer?? Now you never have to worry about finding yourself without Professional Green Cream Makeup! This makeup is just what the pros use when someone needs to be transformed into a green zombie or a witch. It’s gentle on your skin, and washes off with soapy water, so you don’t need to stay green any longer than you have to!

    $4.99 Frankenstein Costumes
  • Fun World Professional Black Cream Makeup

    Fun World Professional Black Cream Makeup

    We can’t argue with it. Halloween is a pretty dark holiday. People get scared all the time, it takes place at night, and there are dead people all over the place! We’re pretty sure it’s the darkest holiday out there (We mean, have you seen Nightmare Before Christmas?) Just watch any Tim Burton film and you’ll understand what Halloween looks like. In fact, that reminds us of something. You’re probably going to need a lot of black makeup to create the best look for the dismal festivities. Why not go pro with it with this Professional Black Cream Makeup for your next zombie outfit? This cream provides a perfect base to really cast shadows where they need to be and contrast anything else you wear. Grab some white makeup and shade this is for a great fresh from the crypt corpse look! CAUTION: makeup can stain fabrics, so be careful when applying it and until it dries. We recommend wearing old clothing such as a t-shirt and old shorts when applying and waiting to put on the rest of your costume.

    $4.99 Scary Accessories
  • Makeup Prosthetics Clawed

    Makeup Prosthetics Clawed

    Have you ever gotten into one of those conversations where everyone starts swapping tales of their death-defying deeds, and then before you know it somebody’s rolling up a sleeve, and before you know it you’re in a full on game of “who’s got the coolest scar?” That can be a little intimidating for those of us who have led a reasonably calm and cautious life. There’s plenty to be said for taking the careful route and avoiding the kinds of activities that lead to really memorable scars, but on the other hand nobody likes to feel left out. But before you go out looking to get yourself slashed and sliced, maybe consider elevating your wound game in a less permanent way. These prosthetic claw marks are a wound that would do any danger-lover proud, and the best part is there’s no actual injury required. Just affix the two sets of claw marks to your skin using the included adhesive, apply some smears of artificial blood, and presto Рyou’ve got the kind of battle wounds that can make even your gnarliest friends do a double take. We suppose we can’t stop you from going out and getting scars the old-fashioned way if you’re really determined to do so, but if it was us, we’d go for the prosthetic every time.

    $12.99 Bruce Lee Costumes
  • Makeup Prosthetics Bullet Wounds

    Makeup Prosthetics Bullet Wounds

    You keep telling everyone that lately you’ve been feeling unstoppable like you’re nearly invincible, but no one is taking you seriously. They maybe give you an insincere shoulder shrug or, at the most, a superficial saying like, ‚ÄúDon’t go and fly too close to the sun.‚Äù Well, you may just need something that will really make them take notice to your recent claims of being bulletproof. So, why not walk in the house with these Makeup Prosthetic Bullet Wounds scattered around your torso? Act like its no big deal and just give your friends that‚ÄîI told ya so‚Äîlook. Once you’ve had your fun messing with their heads, you can add these prosthetic wounds to any costume you want to amp up. They would go great with any monster costume that you want to be perceived as indestructible, whether it be a hungry zombie, a thirsty vamp, or a rabid werewolf, these bullet injuries will take your monster to the next level of scary!

    $9.99 Scary Accessories
  • Zombie Makeup Kit

    Zombie Makeup Kit

    There are three basic ways to look like a zombie: 1. Become one of the undead. This is by far the easiest way, but it has a few drawbacks. Mainly that you’ll be undead and your diet will consist of 100% brains. Ick. Also, your higher brain functions kind of shut down so you’re basically walking around like a zombie (Oh wait, we just got why they call it that). 2. Don’t shower for a month and then don’t sleep for like 3 days straight. Downsides? You’ll have to listen to everyone ask you how you’re feeling and telling you that you look terrible. Also, you will stink horribly and most people will have stopped associating with you.3. Just buy this Zombie Makeup kit. Isn’t that so much easier than becoming undead or giving up your social life? Of course it is. With this zombie makeup, you slap it on and you’re good to go. Now that we think of it, this way is much easier than the first way of becoming an actual zombie. Anyone with any brains would get this kit!

    $29.99 Zombie Costumes
  • Rubies Edward Scissorhands Makeup

    Rubies Edward Scissorhands Makeup

    We’re not gonna mince words, having scissors for hands does not sound fun to us. They could definitely be handy if you worked for a landscaping company, or in a gift wrapping factory. But if you have to do literally anything else, like open a door or scratch your nose, they just aren’t going to cut it. Well, actually the whole problem is that they WILL cut it. You know what we meant.As problematic as having scissory mitts would be in everyday life, “Edward Scissorhands” is still a wicked-good movie, and dressing up as the title character is a bunch of fun! But, Eddie’s pasty, scarred up face can be a hard look to get just right. Luckily, if you’re planning to dress up as this modern day fairy tale character, you can use this Edward Scissorhands Makeup kit to help with your complexion. This kit contains the proper makeup colors and fake scars you need to look like an artificial human with hands of sharp steel, but a heart of gold. Now we just need to work on your shrub trimming skills…

    $9.99 Edward Scissorhands Costumes
  • Fun World Day of the Dead Female Makeup

    Fun World Day of the Dead Female Makeup

    When it comes to remembering the dead around the world, there’s only one place that we want to be. Most places decide to don black, carry around a few drab flowers, and maybe have a dull meal to honor their ancestor and loved ones who have passed on to the other side, but in Mexico things are a little different. They throw a giant party more full of colors than a rainbow. The main flower they use? Marigolds! They put them on shrines, in the streets, by graves, and even paint them on their faces! That’s the other thing. Have you ever been to a party that was lame AND had face painting involved? We didn’t think so.

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  • Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray

    Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray

    Sometimes clowns are supposed to be sad, but not all of them should be. Have you ever had a situation when you got all dressed up as a slap happy clown ready to head out and put smiles on everybody’s faces with your dopey smile, and bright eyes? Then you step outside and it starts to rain, too bad your umbrella doesn’t work right because it’s part of your comedy act, and of course your clown car is in the shop because the shocks couldn’t handle the weight of all thirteen clowns in one car. By the time you get downtown, you’re definitely not looking like a happy clown anymore. You might even look a little scary with all the makeup running down your face.

    $10.99 Buy product
  • Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup Kit

    Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Makeup Kit

    Harley Quinn makes being bad look so good. One would think that it’s one of her super powers, but she doesn’t have any powers except for being incredibly dangerous. She’s also incredibly gorgeous, you know, in a psychotic ex-girlfriend sort of way. We’re not sure if it’s her contagious cackle or bizarre outlook on life, but something about her is captivating in a way that we just can’t describe. This makeup kit will help you create the Clown Princess’s beauty that everyone finds so indescribable. The face makeup will give you her signature pale complexion and classic bright red lips. Last but not least, the blue and red triangles drawn underneath your eyes will transform you into DC’s craziest female supervillain and the Suicide Squad’s most deranged leading lady!

    $14.99 Harley Quinn Costumes
  • Rubies Tin Man Face Makeup

    Rubies Tin Man Face Makeup

    If you only had a heart and this Tin Man Face Makeup your life will be complete! Get ready for an Oz-like adventure with this fantastic cr√®me makeup. With a face full of silver, you’ll be ready to hop, skip, and dance down the yellow brick road, off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz with your jolly crew of Oz misfits!Finally, transforming yourself into a man made of metal has never been so simple! With an easy to apply and easy to remove metallic face makeup you will soon be the perfect replica of Dorothy’s right hand man! Our tin man makeup will stay put all night. Don’t forget to bring your oil can along so you can move freely throughout the night without those unnecessary squeaks. Get together with Dorothy and the rest of the gang, but be aware of all the wicked witches that might be lurking out there.

    $4.99 Tin Woodsman Costumes
  • Rubies Deluxe Joker Wig & Makeup Kit

    Rubies Deluxe Joker Wig & Makeup Kit

    Do you know how The Joker got those scars? Sure, he’s told a few different stories, but nobody’s gotten the whole truth. Maybe the real story behind his iconic facial flair is pretty embarrassing, so he made up a bunch of tales to confuse everyone. Maybe he just had a terrible accident while flossing his teeth, which if that’s the case, then he clearly flosses harder than we do! If you really are curious how he got those scars, you can either track him down and ask him (best of luck to ya!), or you can use this Deluxe Joker Wig and Makeup Kit to look like him without any… permanent effects. This official makeup kit has everything you need to look like the chaotically criminal clown, including prosthetic scars and a green, stingy haired wig. It’s an essential component of your Joker costume, so don’t go bat-hunting without it! And, if anyone asks you how you got your scars, be sure to have some clever anecdotes ready to share.

    $19.99 Joker Costumes
  • Rubies Draculaura Makeup Kit

    Rubies Draculaura Makeup Kit

    Oh, my, goodness, she is totally the coolest girl in the school! You know her name? It’s Draculaura and she totally gets high fashion like no one else. That sassy girl really has a style of her own. She is like the coolest at Monster High School. She has a great look every day. She is a scary, sweet, sassy, girl who really knows a lot about make up. You can be just like her with the officially licensed Draculaura Makeup Kit. The cool kit comes with an awesome temporary skull tattoo. Let your lips look cute with the mini lipstick. The awesome makeup tray has white, dark pink, black, and light pink makeup for a fun look. You’ll also love the black makeup crayon for lining eyes, or drawing on the skin. Not only does the kit have all that cools stuff you’ll get two sponge applicators too! Have a good time looking awesome as Draculaura.

    $6.99 Monster High Costumes
  • Fun World Glow in the Dark Makeup Kit

    Fun World Glow in the Dark Makeup Kit

    We’re not sure what it is about monsters but they all seem to glow in the dark. Maybe somebody out there is trying to give a bit of a leg up in the “trying not to get eaten” department and let us see them in the dark a little earlier so we can get the heck out of there, at least until we trip over a branch that we honestly should never have tripped over in the first place. Either way it’s incredibly imperative that you follow those same guidelines and rules when you are dressing up as a monster for Halloween. Whether you’re covered in radioactive material, glowing mushroom juice, or some sort of strange, supernatural ectoplasm you must follow the monster code! We’re not sure who enforces it but we wouldn’t want to be caught by any of the monster police out there. There’s no telling what those guys are capable of if they’re the ones taking care of regular monsters.

    $6.99 Skeleton Costumes
  • Rubies Beetlejuice Makeup

    Rubies Beetlejuice Makeup

    After folks move into the great beyond, there is always a little confusion. The Realm of the Dead has a lot of unexpected rules. There is, of course, a handbook that the recently deceased are able to acquire that helps them through the trying transition, but we also hear that it’s pretty big and is hardly an exciting read. So, the new ghosts are often looking for someone who has been there a while. A ghost that knows what’s what and can keep the afterlife exciting.It’s showtime and you’ve got a spotlight right on you! The best way to make sure that you get hired for a little exercising exorcisms is to be sure that you have the right look. You’ve got the clothes. You’ve got the amazing superpowers. Now you just need to make sure that you’ve got the right nuanced look. And this Beetlejuice Makeup is the surefire kit to make that happen. The officially licensed kit comes straight out of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased and includes the dead-flesh white base, a black stick to apply the dark spots around your eyes, and the tooth wax to give you the perfect shade of insect-slime that will prove you are the Ghost with the Most!

    $11.99 Beetlejuice Costumes
  • Fun World Zombie Doll Makeup

    Fun World Zombie Doll Makeup

    We really don’t want to know how it happened, but somehow a hybrid of a zombie and a living doll has crawled up from the depths of Hades to make sure that none of us are able to sleep again. Ever. Because if you were to take a survey of “the last thing you want to see standing over your bed at night,” both “living dead” and “living doll” would be at the top of the list. But think of a combination of both… a Living Dead Doll! Nothing could be scarier. So If you really want to spook people this Halloween, become the most horrifying thing imaginable with the help of this Zombie Doll Makeup kit!It’s got everything you need to transform into everyone’s worst nightmare, including giant doll eyelashes, grotesque “stitch” tattoos, and all the necessary makeup gear to tie it together. The Zombie Doll Makeup is a great way to put a scary and unforgettable twist on your old “Raggedy Ann” costume!

    $9.99 Doll Costumes