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  • Forum Combat Hero Makeup Kit

    Forum Combat Hero Makeup Kit

    Take CoverIt’s imperative to stay covered when your entire platoon is crawling through the tall grass. It’s just as crucial to stay covered when you’re wearing army fatigues as a Halloween costume and you and your “platoon” of friends are barhopping while disguised as military personnel. However, when we say “covered” we’re not referring to a shield or protection of any kind, we’re referring to makeup. This Halloween, look as authentic as possible by coating your face with this camo-colored makeup. The combat hero makeup kit comes with everything you need to look like a decorated soldier. Product DetailsThis accessory comes with everything you need in order to create a believable transformation. Use the sponges to make a camo pattern on your face. Outline that pattern in the black makeup with the included mini-brush. Fill in all the shapes you drew with the brown, dark green, bright yellow, and black face paint. We should also note that this combat hero makeup kit also comes with an included headband that will work with any costume. At Ease, Soldier You’re almost ready to report for duty. Just pair this makeup kit with the navy seal, army ranger, or military general costume of your choosing. We can’t wait to salute you.  

    $5.99 Military Costumes
  • Charades Wicked Doll Makeup Kit

    Charades Wicked Doll Makeup Kit

    Just about everyone has had a frightening experience that involved a creepy doll. It’s something about their soulless eyes that is just terrifying. They’re motionless but somehow they always have their eyes on you… Yikes! We’re giving ourselves the chills just thinking about it. Now you can make people do a lot more than just think about the creepy dolls of their past. You can make their worst nightmare come to life with the help of this Wicked Doll Makeup Kit!This kit will come with everything you need to make your face seem as lifeless as your grandmother’s collection of dolls. You can enjoy sitting in a chair in the corner of your home, completely motionless, and then, at the perfect time, freak all of your friends out when you suddenly come to life with a devilish smile. If you do it just right you should get plenty of screams and maybe even cause some serious psychological damage! How fun.

    $5.99 Doll Costumes
  • Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Huge, plumped up lips have been kind of a big deal lately. You can’t flip through a fashion magazine without seeing a celebrity that looks like they’ve had some work done to make their lips big and full. But if it was a botched job, it ends up just looking like they are having a bad allergic reaction to eating some shellfish. So why do people keep doing it then if it could turn out that badly? Honestly, we couldn’t tell you. People are just silly. Luckily, if you’re wanting to try out the big lip look without having to go under the knife, you can do just that with this Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo makeup kit. You don’t even need prosthetic glue for this look, since you can simply apply it with water and by following the included instructions. Try on the lip tuck for size and find out what all the fuss is about!

    $12.99 Makeup
  • Graftobian Deluxe Red Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe Red Makeup

    Reasons for Red MakeupSometimes, you just need some red makeup. Maybe you’re trying to dress up like a devil and you want to turn your skin a vibrant red color. Maybe you just want to look like a clown and you need a little red makeup to put on your cheeks. Maybe you’re trying to dress up like a lady bug and you want to make sure you have the brightest look in the bunch. Or maybe, just maybe, wearing makeup makes you feel like a total boss, even if others just don’t fully understand…We understand. That’s why we have this deluxe red makeup ready for you. You can order it from us with no questions asked. You can use it however you like!Product DetailsThis deluxe red makeup is a theatrical grade makeup that can be used on the face or body. It’s fragrance free and it washes off easily with soap and warm water. You can apply it with your hands, or use your own applicators for a more professional style.Like a Boss!Just pair this red makeup with any of our devil or clown costumes to get a vibrant style that might even make you feel like a total boss!

    $14.99 Clown Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Black Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe Black Makeup

    An Inky ExteriorYou might be thinking, this is a pot of black makeup, what is there to say about such a simple concept. Hmm, well that might seem true at first glance we also have to think about how many costumes use black paint. First, there’s the obvious application, kitten whiskers, panda noses, and various other animal details. Then there are the more complicated designs that are almost as popular as animal faces. Every Halloween someone out there is going to want to go as a skeleton. If you have the makeup that it takes to put together a gorgeous sugar skull look then your friends will be forever grateful. And finally, there is all that detail work out there. Sure, you might have a green hue for your witch look but do you have what it takes to draw on the wrinkly skin, moles, and potential spiders webs? This makeup is sure to stand out when painted over any other color of face paint!Product DetailsThis pot of paint can be used for both body and face. Apply it with an application sponge and you’ll be able to get a professional grade look. And when it’s time to clean up, it simply washes off with soap and water.A Cast of CharactersIt’s amazing what you can do with face paint. You can turn yourself into the undead, into a boxer who’s lost a fight, or simply draw on some whiskers on a child’s face and turn your niece into a kitty cat. It’s not what’s in the jar, it’s what you do with it! 

    $14.99 Makeup
  • Graftobian Dark Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Wheel

    Graftobian Dark Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Wheel

    Oopsie Daisy! Once upon a time while vacationing at the Jersey Shore, we decided to get a tattoo. The drawn Chinese symbols decorating the shop’s wall spoke to us, so after some persuasion from friends, we picked one out that (supposedly) meant “strength.” Fast forward to a couple years later and we’re informed that out Chinese symbol doesn’t  mean “strength.” It actually means chicken noodle soup. Welp, that was a fail! Anyway, thank goodness for this dark tattoo cover up makeup wheel. Now we just use this helpful product to cover our permanent blunder and it saves us lots of embarrassment. Product DetailsThis wheel comes with 6 shades of concealer makeup to help you cover up tattoos for memorable occasions or for costume purposes. Choose the color you want and use an applicator sponge (not included) to apply to your skin. Instructions come with it to make the process easier. Use regular makeup remover to remove makeup. SuggestionsThis product is perfect for costumes that aren’t usually associated with tattoos. For example, if you want to dress up as a police officer, FBI agent, doctor, or nurse and you want to cover up tattoos to look more authentic then this is a great product. People might even mistake you for the real deal.      

    $24.99 Makeup
  • Graftobian Deluxe Werewolf Makeup Kit

    Graftobian Deluxe Werewolf Makeup Kit

    Grab A Bite?So, you got it wrong, eh? When that super hairy guy at the trailhead near your local woods asked if you wanted to grab a bite you totally thought he wanted to go to the diner a mile or two down the road. How were you to guess that he would change into a dog and sink his teeth into your arm right before your eyes? While you thought you might be up for trading hiking stories over a shake, he had more life shaking plans in store. You might not have been ready immediately but it’s not all that bad. Now you have a great excuse to avoid social events when the moon is full. Then there are all those gorgeous summer nights you’ve spent running through the woods, all that activity might be the reason you’ve been looking so fit. Last full moon you left your Fitbit on your wrist during your transformation and between stalking prey and running up hills to howl at the moon, you ran more than twenty miles. Talk about a fitness program!Product DetailIf you want to transform without becoming a danger to society, you’ll love this werewolf kit. The instructions make it simple to really amp up your canine appeal. You’ll get everything you need from the spirit gum that makes the long, brown hair stick to your face, to the brown makeup and makeup sponges to achieve a monstrous shaded look. While it might take a little time to finish off your look, it’s a lot easier than getting bitten by that hairy jerk in the woods. The Monster Mash ClashNow that you know about this kit, get on it fast. Everyone wants to be the werewolf at the monster mash, they might be willing to fight you for that honor. So show up to the Halloween party already transformed, your friend Dracula will have to settle for those run of the mill fangs!

    $24.99 Werewolf Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Vampire Makeup Kit

    Graftobian Deluxe Vampire Makeup Kit

    Make Vampires Scary AgainVampires used to be scary. You could confidently walk into the latest vampire movie and fully expect to shriek with terror at the mere sight of the vampire. These days, vampires are eerily attractive. We don’t know exactly when it happened, but vampires in the movies these days look like a person you might meet at an alt music concert. They have perfectly swept hair, a brooding look in their eyes, and slightly pale skin.We want the freaky vampires back! We want the kind of vampires who look like ravenous fiends from a horror film. We want the ultra-pale skin with eerie black shading around their eyes. We want blood trickling down their chin. We want to make vampires scary again!Product DetailsThis deluxe vampire makeup kit should help you create the kind of bone-chilling vampire style you’ve always dreamed of. It comes with everything you need to complete a ghastly makeup look, including a crème foundation, 4 crème color contour shades, an eye lining pencil, a makeup brush, blood gel and face powder. It also comes with a powder puff and sponges to help with application. Full color instructions help you make the most of the kit.

    $24.99 Vampire Costumes
  • Graftobian Light Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Wheel

    Graftobian Light Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Wheel

    Merry Little MistakeWe take the Bob Ross-approach to life around here; there’s no such thing as mistakes. Although we’re not very happy about our “no regrats” tattoo (for obvious reasons) we’re not entirely heartbroken over it either. Luckily, we stumbled upon this very helpful cover up makeup wheel. All we do is dab a little bit of concealer on our permanent mistake and suddenly it doesn’t seem so permanent anymore! You may want to use this wheel to achieve a certain look for Halloween or perhaps everyday use is what you’re interested in? Either way, you’ll always want this handy cosmetic product near-at-hand.Product DetailsYou’ll receive 6 shades of concealer makeup to create a color match which blends into your skin easily. There are easy-to-follow instructions on the package so application is simple. Use makeup remover once you’re ready to take it off and please not that sponges are not included. Ideas  Pick up this makeup for a more convincing look this year or apply it to look more clean-cut for a special occasion. You’ll find this product helpful if you plan on dressing as a cop, medical professional, or SWAT officer.   

    $24.99 Makeup
  • Graftobian Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit

    Graftobian Deluxe Zombie Makeup Kit

    Still on TopZombie is probably one of the top 5 greatest choices for costumes. Why? Well, that’s easy. First, it’s a very customizable look. You can go for a full-on rotting ghoul look, complete with fake guts spilling out of our stomach, or you can just put a little pale face paint on your cheeks and call it good. Second, you can mash it up with just about any other costume to become the zombified version of that costume! Mix zombie with a superhero and you have a zombie-superhero. Mix it with a bunny costume and you have a zombie bunny. Finally, it’s totally classic. It’s one of the few costumes that’s stuck around for decades, so you know it’s never going out of style.Now, if you plan on being a zombie, you’re going to want a makeup kit that gives you everything you need to get the full zombification experience. This deluxe zombie makeup kit fits that bill perfectly!Product DetailsThis zombie makeup kit comes with a crème foundation and 4 crème contour shades. It also comes with a brush, eye lining pencil, blood gel, face powder, a powder puff, and sponges. It also comes with a set of instructions to help you make the most of the makeup kit. It’s time to zombify your look!

    $24.99 Zombie Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Skull Makeup Kit

    Graftobian Deluxe Skull Makeup Kit

    Uncanny CraniumAre you looking to make your Halloween look extra creepy? Way to make a classic choice! There are few things as spooky as a skull looming out of the shadows. Just think about it for a second. Every good ghost story worth its salt has some sort of long dead ghoul emerging from unexpected places, looking for vengeance or a second chance with the love of their lives. And while a real encounter with a ghoul is the last thing we’d ever want to experience, everyone has to respect a well done ghostly costume during the spookiest season of the year. And while people got away with wearing sheets with holes cut for eyes in the past, we’re pretty sure you can do better. Whatever your ghastly ensemble might entail, polish it off with this skull makeup kit!Product DetailsThis kit has everything you need to make your ghoulish look top of the line. No need to wonder how to get started, you’ll get a step by step instruction sheet showing you how to use all the items. You’ll be prepared to use the four creme shades as you’ll get three sponge wedges for makeup applicating. Detail work is covered by the eyeliner pencil. You can even finish it all off with the powder and powder puff. Bonehead LifestyleWhether you’re dressing up for Day of the Dead or you’re ready to spook people at a Halloween party, this makeup kit is sure to make your ensemble memorable. It’s not every day that you can take pride in owning the title “Bonehead”. Who knows, if you pull this look off they might not even recognize you at your favorite haunts!

    $24.99 Skeleton Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Cat Makeup Kit

    Graftobian Deluxe Cat Makeup Kit

    Guide to Kitten Livin’Sometimes life as a human gets, well, a little boring. We’re not trying to be negative or anything. It’s just that we think it would be fun to try out living as a different species. Lucky for you, we have a couple tips on how to become a cat whether you’d like to try the feline lifestyle for an afternoon or a lifetime. First, we’ll start with the easy stuff. For instance, when someone opens a door for you, don’t just galavant on through. Take your time and hesitate at the threshold. Cat’s don’t make snap decisions like that! Second of all, whenever you want someone’s attention and they are reading, simply sit on their book until they rub you behind the ears. Most of all, make sure you knock people’s water off the coffee table if it’s at all close to the edge. All these tips might not make you super popular but it will make you more catlike!Product DetailsPerhaps you’ve followed all the above instructions or maybe you’ve decided that you want to keep your friends. Either way, we bet you’re ready to hear about ways that you can look like a cat! It’s easy with this kit. This cat kit has step-by-step instructions along with creme paint, foundation, applicators, and powder to keep it all in place. So whether you’d like to be a house cat or a wild cheetah, you’ll have the kit to give your physically feline features!Cat PrideMaybe you’re like a lynx, heading out on a solo Halloween hunt. Top our many feline costumes off with this makeup kit. No cheetah is complete without those distinctive tears. Or, perhaps you’re heading out with a pride. Celebrating Halloween with a pack of lions? Sounds like a good time to us! Either way, be sure to take a good look at yourself before leaving because if there is one virtue that cats never have, it’s humility! 

    $24.99 Cat Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Gold Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe Gold Makeup

    The Gold StandardHave you ever wondered why gold is so valuable? It’s a decent conductor, but copper and silver can do that job just as well. You can’t use it to make weapons or armor, because the metal is too soft. So, why do we go so crazy over it? Probably because it’s rare, pretty and it shines like a rockstar!Yes, gold is the rare, pretty, shining rockstar of metals. If you’re feeling like quite the rockstar and you have a desire to shine, then gold may just be the color for you. If only there was a makeup that allowed you to shine like the precious metal…Product DetailsWait, of course there’s a makeup that will make you sparkle! This deluxe gold makeup is a theatrical grade makeup that’s the color of glittering gold. You can apply it to your face and body and it’s designed to be easy to remove. Just use regular soap and water to wash it off when you’re done shining. It’s also fragrance free.More Gold than Fort KnoxYou can use this gold makeup for all of your costume needs, or you can just use it when you want to shine like a magnificent bar of gold from Fort Knox!

    $19.99 Egyptian Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Brown Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe Brown Makeup

    Change of FaceRemeber how much fun it was to play with makeup as a kid? It didn’t happen very often but when you were allowed to get the face paints out the opportunities were endless. You could become a clown, a fancy lady, or a different species. If you were a little mischevious you could even a paint on a black eye and see if you could convince your friends that you got in a fight. Now though, you’re an adult. You can play with face paint any time you want. So why don’t we take advantage of this more often? Our motor skills are much more coordinated these days so our options are even wider than before. We’re not limited to the simple whiskers and pink noses of days gone by. You can do whatever you want from a convincing werewolf to a wood grain Pinnochio. Your change of face is in your hands!Product DetailsHigh-quality Pro Paint is made in the USA, it can be blended and easily coats large areas. It can be used on your face or on your body and while it dries comfortably, you won’t have to worry about it rubbing off as you wear it. When you’re ready to go back to your former self simply wash it off with warm soap and water. This pot of paint comes in a one-ounce cake that can be activated by a small amount of water for smooth application. Use it for Cosplay, theater makeup, or to top off a Halloween costume!It’s a Cover-up!While you’ll find plenty of sweet costumes on our site, almost all of them can be polished off with cool makeup skills. Make sure your werewolf costume has a truly wild look. Make it look like you’ve been rangling cows on the range with a couple dirt smears. And let’s not forget the whiskers and brown noses of our past, after all, you’ve got to respect your origins!

    $14.99 Bear Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Witch Makeup Kit

    Graftobian Deluxe Witch Makeup Kit

    That Witch-Crafty LookAre you a good witch or a bad witch? We think it’s all a matter of perspective. While we might assume that a witch with green skin has evil intentions but we stand by the idea that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Just think about it, why would a witch have green skin? We’re pretty sure that any crafty conjurer would spend a lot of time mixing potions over a cauldron. Maybe her verdant hue is caused by boiling all those mysterious herbs! We shouldn’t assume that all potion masters are malicious! This is all to say that whether you’re a good witch, a bad witch, or simply a neutral lady with mad mystical skills, you’re going find that this makeup kit comes in handy!Product DetailsThis color wheel has the colors you need to create a witchy look whether you’re keeping your look simple or shooting for a Pinterest worthy appeal. You’ll receive an insert with full-color color instructions so you’ll know how to achieve the makeup that you have in mind. You’ll also need a sponge applicator and makeup remover to make clean up a breeze. Bubble Bubble, Makeup’s No TroubleSo, if you’ve got your pointy hat picked out, your broomstick polished, and your curses at the ready, it seems you’re ready to take on a magical facade. No Frogsbain or Eye of Newt needed to achieve this hag-like appearance. We’ve got your greenish hue covered so you can be sure that you’ll fit right in at your next coven get together! 

    $24.99 Witch Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Clown Makeup Kit

    Graftobian Deluxe Clown Makeup Kit

    Scary or Total RiotWhen it comes to clowns, there’s no in-between. They’re either a wacky buffoon that makes you laugh uncontrollably at the mere sight of them, or they’re a walking nightmare that will haunt your thoughts for years to come. You never hear about clowns like Zuppo, the painfully average clown or Tad, the moderately boring clown. That’s why if you plan on being a clown (scary or funny), then you need to go all out!Of course, the start to any great clown costume lies with selecting the right makeup kit. That means you need to be audacious and you need some bright colors, whether you’re trying to entertain or scare.Product DetailsThis deluxe clown makeup kit is a professional makeup kit that includes everything you need to create the perfect clown look. It comes with a crème foundation, along with 4 vibrant crème contour shades, including blue, red, orange and black. It also comes with an eye lining pencil, a make-up brush and face powder. A powder puff and latex sponges are also included for your convenience. Finally, a clown now and a set of instructions are included to help kick start your clown look.

    $24.99 Circus Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Orange Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe Orange Makeup

    Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?Orange is such a refreshing color. It’s the last color hanging around in late fall. A deep orange is a color we crave in the dead of winter maybe because it’s the color of fire. Orange is the color of the best things in life. That dramatic sunset spotted with stormy clouds? It’s not complete without a splash of orange. The mischevious little fox, circling a farmer’s hen house? His dashing little face is a bright and alert orange. And let’s not forget the Halloween favorite, the Jack-o-lantern. With all this orange love, you’ve got to have this color in your face paint arsenal! Product DetailThis pro-paint cake is activated with a little water. Apply it with a sponge applicator or with fingers. Once it drys, it’s smudge-proof! You can use it on your face, body, or even your hair! And when you’re ready to return to your original hue, simply wash it off with warm soap and water. Lookin’ CheesySo, whether you’re dressing up as a while fox or you want to apply dramatic and fashionable fire dancer makeup, you’ll be happy with this deep hue. Just be careful if you go out as a life-size Cheese puff, people might think you look good enough to eat!

    $14.99 Tiger Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe White Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe White Makeup

    A Whiter Shade of PaleIf you’re looking to achieve top-notch makeup for your next costumed event, white makeup is a must. From the very disturbing to top of the line stunning looks. This color doesn’t only come in handy for the newly deceased or people who’ve created sugar skull make up for the Day of the Dead. You’ll find that once a pot of high-quality white face and body paint is in your costume arsenal, your disguise options begin to expand rapidly. Bring your Marie Antionette to the next level by achieving that super pale and pink color palette. Become a black and white film star, a high tech android, or even a domineering Snow Queen. Want to get weird? Easy, just go white.Product DetailThis one-ounce white Propaint cake is blendable and will give you bright coverage. It stands up to smudges and you’ll be able to wear it throughout the day without worrying about uncomfortable and unsightly cracking. All you need to do is add a touch of water to make the white makeup applicable. When you’re ready to move on from your breathtaking pale facade, this makeup can wash off with bar soap, water, and a washcloth. White OutWant an even white base? It’s extra doable with this quality. We’ve got a few tips for you, just in case you haven’t been researching your look on Youtube for months on end. First off, and most importantly, start off with a clean and dry face. But wait, don’t moisturize! Throw on some primer if you’ve got it. Use a small brush for the details and a sponge applicator for the larger parts of your face. Apply the paint with quick, short strokes and watch the magic happen. It turns out, there’s a good way to go beyond the pale!

    $14.99 Makeup
  • Graftobian Deluxe Dark Green Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe Dark Green Makeup

    It’s Easy Being GreenWhile we’ve heard from a frog that living life in a verdant hue isn’t super easy but we think the green living is pretty awesome. Just think about it, fellow costume enthusiast, there are so many great green characters out there! Their existence might not be easy but it certainly is chill! We’ll try and restrain ourselves and only name a couple. First, there are the little green space people that jump-started stories of Area Fifty-one. Then there are all the classic witch costumes out there with healthy grassy facial features. Next, we’ve got to recognize all the wonderful green creatures out there, both fictional and actual. Let’s hear it for the dragons and the Loch Ness monster as well as dinosaurs and turtles! They all rock that green lifestyle and, honestly, it looks pretty easy to us.Product Details This theater quality face and body paint dries on the skin comfortably and has a breathable feel and smooth, smudge-proof texture. It comes in a one-ounce cake, is fragrant free, and can be activated with a bit of water.Want to amp up your reptilian game? Use one of our stencils to give yourself scaley textured skin. Apply it with a sponge and you’ll be ready to live that free and easy green lifestyle! Want to go back to your normal hue? All you need is a little warm water and soap. The Face Is Always Greener On the Other SideYou might be a little bored with your standard skin-toned facade. We get it, it’s much more fun to explore different hues. You’re not stuck with green either! Ramp up any costume with Pro Paint’s high-quality face and body paints. You remember how much fun you used to have with face paint when you were a kid, right? Well, you can paint your face all you want as an adult. We bet you our bottom dollar, kid-you would be green with envy right now! 

    $14.99 Alien Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Silver Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe Silver Makeup

    Time to Shine!Some days, you just want to shine. You have a radiance inside that just needs to fill the room! On those days, even your aura sparkles like glitter. Wouldn’t it great if there was some kind of way to give your whole body that metallic sparkle that you feel inside? Well, it turns out that it’s actually quite easy to make your skin sparkle like a piece of jewelry! You just need the right kind of makeup to get that kind of look. The good news is that we’ve scoured the world for all the best colors of makeup!Product DetailsThis deluxe silver makeup does a great of making you sparkle! The makeup is theatrical grade makeup that can be used on your face and your body. It’s fragrance-free and washes off with plain old soap and warm water. No need for special remover to wash it off when it’s done! The silver color is truly a sight to behold, making it the perfect addition to many different looks.Tin Men and RobotsYou can use this makeup when dressing up like a tin man, a robot, or just for special days where you want to sparkle with silvery magnificence.

    $19.99 Tin Woodsman Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Green Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe Green Makeup

    The Verdant LookWhile we’ve heard a little frog say that it’s pretty tough to be green, we appreciate the green side of life! Everything good in life is green. When winter exists and spring starts creeping in, we know that everything is going to be all right when the bright green buds start spreading along the treetops like a soft green fuzz. While you might proffer meat and potatoes in your day-to-day meals but after a while, people crave gorgeous greens in their diets. Freshly steamed broccoli, crispy lettuce, juicy grapes, they’re some of the best foods out there. Without green, where would we be? So, it’s about time we accepted it as a major player in our color palette. Product DetailsIf you want to transform into a lush character then you’ll need this fresh color of green! This tin has one ounce of paint that activates with a little bit of water. It can be applied with a sponge to your face and body. It dries on smoothly, without cracking like the face paint you grew up with and it doesn’t smudge as you move around. And when you’re ready to turn back to your regular tone, you can wash it off with warm water and soap. Green as GrassWhether you’re dressing up as a reptile or you’re channeling a lush bush, this paint will suit your lovely needs. Use it for playtime, the theater, or Halloween to make any ensemble complete. You’ll find that it’s pretty sweet to be green as grass!

    $14.99 Alien Costumes
  • Graftobian Deluxe Blue Makeup

    Graftobian Deluxe Blue Makeup

    Out of the BlueIf you want to look a little blue, we get it. Blue is one of the cleanest colors out there. It’s calming, washing away stress and inspiring people throughout history. You might be dressing up as a magical genie, celebrating the oceans as a happy-go-lucky fish, or transforming into a mystical creature. Let’s not forget the details either. With this paint, you’ll be able to add lustrous details to anything from peacock costumes to scales for your mermaid costume. Product Details Made in the USA, this makeup is of a theatrical grade. This one-ounce tin is activated by a little water and can be applied with a sponge or brush. It dries smoothly and can be used on the face, body, hair, and nails. Fragrance-free and breathable, it’s a great option for a full face of makeup. And when you’re ready to go back to your human hue, it’s easy. All you need to do is use warm water and soap and you’ll be good to go!A Change of ReputationIf you ask us, blue has an undeserved bad reputation. It runs deep! From the actual musical genre “The Blues” to Picasso’s blue period, people have been associating the color with being sad for too long. We think blues are fresh, clean, and . . . well yeah, sometimes sad. This blue can be whatever you need it to be. It all depends on how you wear it. So, go out there and stand up for blue. Turns out, a blue attitude can be a good thing!

    $14.99 Clown Costumes
  • Mehron Special Effects Complete Makeup Kit

    Mehron Special Effects Complete Makeup Kit

    Is there anything more fun than making weird looking faces at people? At some point in our lives, we’ve all probably heard the saying that we shouldn’t make funny faces or they’ll stick that way forever, but let’s be honest, they just makes us want to do it more. But there are some looks that are so weird, no matter how hard we stretch and contort our delicate human faces, they just can’t do the trick.In times like that, don’t give up; break out your trusty Special Effects Complete Makeup Kit instead! This set includes all of the high quality tools and materials you’ll need to truly transform yourself for your costume, just like the pros do. Need a zombie makeover, or to look like you just survived a bear attack? This kit even includes prosthetic wounds and stage blood for those extra gruesome effects. Trust us, your delicate human face will thank you for it!

    $99.99 Makeup
  • Mehron Cat Makeup Kit

    Mehron Cat Makeup Kit

    You’ve mastered all the signature feline characteristics, like scratching up the furniture, kneading expensive sweaters, wiggling your butt before you pounce on something, and mercilessly tracking down prey like mice and gazelles. But you still look like a human. Worry not, aspiring kitty. We have an easy and inexpensive way for you to realize your dream of transforming into the internet’s favorite animal. Your journey from human to feline will finally be complete with the help of this Cat Makeup Kit!It comes with everything you need to turn into the tiger or tigress you’ve always wanted to be. That includes not only base colors, powder, and a liner pencil for those small details, but also a set of kitty whiskers, so you can feel your way through dark spaces just like your fine feline friends. The makeup works great on its own or as part of a more elaborate cat costume… so be sure to have a look around at our cat-related suits and accessories!

    $14.99 Cat Costumes