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  • Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Huge, plumped up lips have been kind of a big deal lately. You can’t flip through a fashion magazine without seeing a celebrity that looks like they’ve had some work done to make their lips big and full. But if it was a botched job, it ends up just looking like they are having a bad allergic reaction to eating some shellfish. So why do people keep doing it then if it could turn out that badly? Honestly, we couldn’t tell you. People are just silly. Luckily, if you’re wanting to try out the big lip look without having to go under the knife, you can do just that with this Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo makeup kit. You don’t even need prosthetic glue for this look, since you can simply apply it with water and by following the included instructions. Try on the lip tuck for size and find out what all the fuss is about!

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  • Champ Bite Applique

    Champ Bite Applique

    Take that chomp like a ChampYou’ve seen a variety of zombie movies. It’s hard to get enough of the violent disaster scenario even if you’re the type to shield your eyes during the gory parts. It’s all the survival, scavenging, and finding good places to hole up through a storm of the dead. But there are those serious mistakes zombie survivors always seem to make. For one, everyone always gets on the road and panicked drivers will always make for traffic jams. Secondly, people are always yelling out and attracting more zombies when they’re bitten. They’re going down making a ton of noise and attracting more enemies. How rude! You can be different, take your bite like a champ with this handy, dandy bite applique. Hey, it’s just a flesh wound… we’re sure you’ll be okay!Product DetailsReady to take your first bite? Apply this bloody bite to your neck with spirit gum and you’ll get an inside scoop of what it feels like to be part of the undead downfall.Undead DiningNow that you’ve got this wound,  you have to decide what your bites backstory is. Were you cornered trying to fight your way out of a cabin in the woods? Were you on a supply run? You’ve got the bite now indulge in the drama! 

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  • Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit Resident Evil 2

    Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit Resident Evil 2

    This is a Resident Evil 2 Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit.

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  • Makeup Kit Dragon

    Makeup Kit Dragon

    Working KnightsDo you ever wonder why knights were always trying to slay dragons? Dragons breathed fire. They were plated in metal. They could fly away. Knights were coming up to their caves armed with swords. Swords! That’s like attacking a forest fire with a squirt gun. We have to imagine that the dragons would pretend to be weaker than they were. How else would lunch keep delivering itself to their front door? Work the knights just like dragons of old with this gorgeous makeup kit in gleaming colors. Product DetailsThis makeup kit has everything you need to transform your face into a fairytale dragon. It includes a palette of makeup in three shades of green, two makeup sticks for details, two tubes of sparkles, a dragon scale stencil, and a sponge for application. Use the included stickers to make your made-up look really stand out. With color, pattern, and sparkle your dragon makeup is sure to break the mold!Winging ItWant a plan of attack for an awesome dragon costume this year? From full dragon costume to accessories like wings and claws, we have what it takes to make your costume fire! One thing’s for sure, you’re sure to slay this dragon look this year!

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  • White and Black Makeup Sticks

    White and Black Makeup Sticks

    No Gray AreaPutting on a good face can be challenging. No, we’re not talking about pretending to be happy when you’re having a bad day. Don’t do that. Be real, man. No, what we’re talking about is much more light-hearted. We’re talking about putting the final touches on your Halloween costume, which also can be challenging. If you don’t have the right tools, your black and white look might end up looking a dull, gray mess. If you’re looking to execute the perfect skull look or stunning zebra stripes, make sure you’ve got makeup sticks rather than sponges!Product DetailsThese makeup sticks will help you achieve the detailed look you crave. The non-toxic sticks are just over two inches long and are wrapped in gold foil so you don’t have to worry about getting your fingers messy. Great to have on hand for playtime and impromptu costumes, these makeup sticks are a must-have for anyone who wants to do a little face painting! Makings of a MasterpieceWant to add a little more color to your look? No worries, we have a wide variety of both pots and sticks for whatever look you desire. Just explore our makeup page and you’re sure to find the right makeup to face whatever character is next!

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  • Ice Queen Chunky Glitter Gels Set

    Ice Queen Chunky Glitter Gels Set

    Glow Get ‘Em QueenThe Ice Queen lifestyle is a wild one. Can you imagine keeping your kingdom in the snowy peaks of the north? You certainly wouldn’t get much company but it would definitely be beautiful! The Ice Queen started riding in a sleigh pulled by reindeer before Santa Clause did. Her henchmen are Arctic hares, polar bears, and arctic foxes, bringing her any information she might need to know about her realm. No, penguins aren’t part of her posse, they get too distracted by socializing among themselves. Her icy castle is spun with icy crystals and clear stained glass windows. Her throne is trimmed with white fur. She drapes herself in white brocade fabric and long curls accented in silver locks. And you can imagine that her trademark ice crystals dapple her face to perfection. She might be the monarch of the tundra but she rules with an icy hand!Product DetailsThis chunky glitter gel is sure to set off your look just right. The gell glitter can be applied to the skin and will stay for up to 24 hours when it dries. The colors come in iridescent greenish silver, metallic silver, and a deep blue to keep your costume looking extra icy.

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  • Blood and Glow Makeup Kit Halloween

    Blood and Glow Makeup Kit Halloween

    A Creepy Host of ColorsCan we talk about Halloween colors for a minute? When we were kids it was all about orange and black. But now we’re grown. There are so many opportunities to get creepy. So let’s branch out, shall we? Let’s say you’re heading to your work Halloween party? Are you limited to a pumpkin costume to keep everything prof? No! Get wild with your makeup and you’ll see your costume opportunities expand. Say you’re headed to a zombie pub crawl weeks before Halloween. You can wear anything that you’re willing to rip up and get blood on. Now, are you going to stick to the script and follow a Youtube tutorial perfectly? Nope! Have fun with it! Shake things up with plenty of gory drips. Dressing up is all about having fun. Shake things up with a kit that you’ll look forward to having fun with again and again!Product DetailsPaint Glow makeup is all about having a ball. These six tubes of paint feature a toxic looking glow in the dark green, fake blood gel, blood gel and white makeup that’s black light sensitive, and clear glow in the dark makeup. Perfect for club makeup and horror house looks this makeup kit is sure to make any costume pop!

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  • Mermaid Glitter Makeup Sticks

    Mermaid Glitter Makeup Sticks

    eye of the StormIt’s in the nature of a mermaid to love a storm. A hurricane might be bad news for a sailor, but for the people of the sea, it’s a time to celebrate! They see the clouds roll in and they swim to the surface. And if a human could see them, they’d see heads bobbing in the gray, crashing waves, smiling faces and hands in the air like the mermaids were at a concert. And if you could hear them above the roar of the waves, you’d hear some of the most beautiful harmonies on earth. These are occasions that mermaids look forward to. They wrap their hair in shining seaweed, drape seashells over their necks, and pull coral crowns over their heads. Want to feel like you’re one of the people of the sea? Plenty of sparkle and aquatic color will make you feel like you’ve got a magic, maritime glow. Product DetailsCreate a magical glow with these paint sticks. The rich glitter can create highlights throughout your face. Blue, silver, and a deep forest green will make any mermaid ensemble level up! Paraben free and animal testing free, you can feel good about applying these lovely colors to your face.  

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  • Fun World Blood Spray

    Fun World Blood Spray

    Solvin’ The Hemoglobin ProblemStop. Right. There. Before hurling yourself down a hill to purposefully acquire convincing cuts and scraps, we want you to know there’s another way to enhance a scary Halloween costume without causing physical bodily harm and it comes in the form of a handy spray. This theatrical quality makeup covers both clothing and skin in a very fine blood-red mist and unlike falling off a cliff, it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s completely pain-free and also easy to use. Just pretend it’s your very perfume and give yourself a few healthy spritzes once you’re wearing your costume to amp up the scare factor a couple notches. Product DetailsContained inside a pump action atomizer, this zombie blood spray holds 2 ounces of the liquid makeup. Not solely limited to being applied to the flesh, this spray can be dusted over clothing, accessories, and even home decor to create a theatrical quality. It’s easily portable and small enough to keep inside a pant or jacket pocket if touch-ups throughout the night are necessary.Bloody Ingenious! This spray works great with a variety of zombie costumes but can also be used to make any vampire or Carrie costume more convincing. People may believe that you actually did take a digger and applaud your commitment.         

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  • Fun World Voodoo Makeup Kit

    Fun World Voodoo Makeup Kit

    We’ll have You in StitchesThe life of a Voodoo doll is a wild one. It’s full of ups and downs. You can use voodoo dolls for both good and evil. People don’t always have to be mean. A little voodoo doll can change things for the better. You can dip the voodoo doll into a cozy bubble bath on a chilly night while the real deal heads out into the cold winter air. Maybe the real deal look-alike will be warm even when the cold wind blows. Of course, you could always pin a leg to give them a charley horse if they make you really mad. But that’s the last resort, right? You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, after all. Product DetailsYou’ll be able to choose from a variety of looks with this strange makeup kit. You’ll get four colors of creme paint, applicators, and a pencil to make detail work a breeze. Not sure your skills are up to scratch? No worries, this kit comes with instructions to create a few scary faces.Bayou BelleCreating a Voodoo look is a whole lot of fun. Choose from our wide variety of props, wigs, and costumes to make a witchy look of your own. Nothing like spooky details to make Halloween magic memorable!

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  • Silver Glitter Makeup

    Silver Glitter Makeup

    All That Glitters is not GoldGold gets a good rap. It gets the golden rule, a heart of gold, and streets paved in gold. But here’s the thing. Silver isn’t second place, it’s actually pretty rad! You can be a proud silver-tongued charmer. Or you might be a dangerous looking cloud with a bright silver lining. And if you’re a pirate looking to bribe your way into a civilized port, you can cross the port authority’s palm in silver. So yeah, all that glitters isn’t gold but that doesn’t mean it’s any less pretty!Product DetailAdd a dusting of silver glitter to any ensemble with this lose container of silver dust. Dust it over any look for an extra touch of shine. And when you’re ready to return to normal this glitter simply washes off with soap and water. Say it With SparkleExcited for your costume this Halloween? Add extra glitz to any look with a little silver sparkle. From aliens to Greek Goddesses and sweet little fairies, any character shines when you add this vibrant cosmetic dust. Looking for more color? We have all sorts of color from pink to red and gold. Want to spread the love? Go ahead and sprinkle some sparkle!

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  • Mermaid Stencil and Makeup Kit

    Mermaid Stencil and Makeup Kit

    On a Different ScaleFairytales deliver some interesting characters. There are a hundred different kinds of fairies that work through all sorts of elements from water, air, and those little red dotted mushroom caps we all saw in fairy tale books. There are sea monsters that have fierce beast faces with fins for feet. Or there are those sea creatures that turn into a beautiful woman when their seal skins are hidden from them. And let’s not forget the leprechauns, minotaurs, and unicorns. But here’s the thing, no creature can beat the amazing, mystifying mermaid. If you want to become a fairy tale creature on a whole new scale, then you’ve got to choose to be a mermaid! Product DetailsComplement your gorgeous mermaid costume with sparkling makeup and a unique stencil to create a fishy yet gorgeous look on your skin. The kit includes a stencil, application brush, makeup, and glitter with adhesive to make sure you’ve got both color and sparkle to your look. Taking the DiveWant to embrace your amazing new mermaid persona? We have plenty of mermaid accessories to customize your mermaid persona. From tridents to jewelry and seaweed boas, you’ll see soon enough that your inner mermaid persona will run deep!

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  • Skeleton Stencil and Makeup Kit

    Skeleton Stencil and Makeup Kit

    Looking Like DeathYou’ve been through a lot in the past month. It all started when you walked past that road closed sign and right into an opened manhole cover. Things got weird from there. You woke up in a clean white corridor where winged nurses with clipboards were surveying people in front of these super tall glowing gold gates. You were a little nervous. You weren’t sure what was up. You know you didn’t have your health insurance card and you couldn’t afford this fancy-schmancy kind of hospital. You should have known that Saint Peter’s wasn’t actually a hospital. You stepped up to the nearest angel and she smiled and said, “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your afterlife”.Product DetailsThis kit makes it easy to throw together a deathly look. It comes with a stencil to make applying the makeup neatly nice and easy. It comes with the pallet that’s shown with black, white, and gold paint to create an edgy look. With the application instructions, there’s no way you’re deathly pallor going to fail! After AllWant to throw together the perfect look for Halloween or Day of the Dead? This can be paired with any of our many skeleton costumes or a simple, stunning black ensemble. With a gorgeous kit like this, you’re sure to have a look that’ll last for eternity!

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  • Pink Glitter Makeup

    Pink Glitter Makeup

    This is Pink Glitter Makeup.

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  • Red Glitter Makeup

    Red Glitter Makeup

    This is Red Glitter Makeup.

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  • Gold Glitter Makeup

    Gold Glitter Makeup

    gold or BustAre you ready to shimmer and shine? Now, there are a lot of metals out there. A lot of nice metals. But every culture can concur that gold is always making the best impression. We know that copper is really in right now. There are those fancy Moscow Mule cups and kitchen pots and even light fixtures. Very cool. But no one is going to dress in real copper, they’d turn green! Silver is pretty timeless, it gleams in the sun and makes your mid-summer tan look extra flattering. But if you want to look like a god or goddess where are you going to turn? Gold! Want to look like an Egyptian ruler? Gold! Want to look like an angel that’s flown straight down from heaven? That’s right, gold! Do your sparkly look up right with glitter that’s never failed to floor ’em. Go with gold!Product DetailsThis little pot of gold holds just under three and a half grams of pure sparkle. Good to go for ages five and up, this sparkle works with all sorts of makeup! And when you’re ready to return to your regular hue, simply wash the sparkle off with soap and water. Who knew it was this easy to shimmer and shine?

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  • Burn Scar Applique

    Burn Scar Applique

    Not Feeling the BurnA lot can go wrong when you go on vacation. You could get lured into a performance that’s nothing but experimental mime acts and if you’re sitting in the front row, thinking that you’re in for a treat and suddenly you’re very uncomfortable but you can’t leave without getting called out. Or you might lose all your luggage and be forced to wear tourist t-shirts like some kind of Paris noob the whole time. Or, like Greg here, you might fall asleep on a clean white beach and wake up with a rather alarming burn on one side of his face. We don’t know much else about Greg’s vacation but we’re pretty sure he really wasn’t feeling it. Product DetailsSpread the burn in the most comfortable way with this realistic looking Burn Scar Powder. All you have to do to create a burn scar look anywhere on your body is mix this gelatin powder with warm water. You can spread the jelly on your skin with a stick and add blood or coloring with makeup. And when you’re ready to return to your normal, healthy self you can simply wash it off with warm soapy water! So go ahead and burn baby, burn!

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  • Slashed Skin Applique

    Slashed Skin Applique

    This is a Slashed Skin Special FX Applique.

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  • Slash Applique

    Slash Applique

    Cutting ClassDo you ever wonder how people in Hollywood create their special effects? There’s so much to do! So many characters to create. There are wounded warriors, rotting zombies, and even a handful of demons every year. It can get pretty crazy out there. People train for years on end to get their makeup creations into movies. They learn how to pump fake blood into a wound or add horns and tusks to your face. Long story short, special effects artists are a whole different kind of makeup artists from the ones that get people ready for their fancy-schmancy photo shoots… let’s hope. The nice thing is, you don’t need to worry about going to special effects college. Get a taste of this gory look with this horrific gore applique. Product DetailsThis slash applique is about four inches by two inches. You can make this slash look like part of your skin with spirit gum. It’s about half an inch thick to make sure your horrific cut stands out. Add a little blood in the middle to make your wound look fresh and drippy for shock factor. Want more? We have a lot more special effect pieces to ramp up any costume.

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  • Graftobian Fake Tears and Sweat

    Graftobian Fake Tears and Sweat

    Bosses’ LamentIt used to be easy to tell if your employees were working hard. They’d step out of the kitchen or walk out of the laundry room and you’d see the side effects of their hard efforts written on their faces. Yes, a line of sweat or two running down a worker’s face used to be a way to make sure that people were earning every penny. Until this devious Liquid Pain & Sorrow hit the market, that is. Now it’s easy for workers to make it look like they’ve been scrubbing and lifting while they’ve actually gabbing in the back. Curse you Liquid Pain & SorrowProduct DetailsWhether you’re starring in “The Tell-Tale Heart” or you’re looking for a way to amp up your boxer costume, these liquid tears and sweat are a realistic touch to all sorts of costumes. It’s simple to apply. Simply use a patting motion with a brush or sponge to create a “bead of sweat” on your brow or a tear on your cheek. You’ll appear sweaty for hours at a time. Ready to return to your normal, non-sweaty self? Simply remove the product with soap and water and you’ll be fresh as a daisy!

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  • Makeup Remover 8oz Bottle

    Makeup Remover 8oz Bottle

    At the End of the NightAll the guests have left. A collection of decorations and cups litter the whole house, but that mess will have to wait until tomorrow. You head to the bathroom to clean yourself up instead. Your reflection in the mirror is terrifically terrifying—an opinion that was shared in shrieks and shouts by all your costume party guests. You put a lot of work into your zombie makeup this year and you’ve never been more proud of your work with glue and bright red. But the prosthetics and fake blood are due to come off and so you reach for your trusty makeup remover.Product DetailsDon’t worry about going over the top with your make up this Halloween. You’ll be able to get rid of every spec of fake blood, every dried flake of glue, and bring your human face back to its daily norm thanks to this 8oz Makeup Remover from Graftobian. What would otherwise be a truly nightmarish task, will feel more like a dream!Up For the TaskAre you a daily makeup wearer too? Use this 8oz Makeup Remover to take off any casual or glam style you’ve put together. If its formula is strong enough to make a zombie look human you can bet it can handle a little eye makeup too. 

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  • Graftobian 8 oz Spirit Gum

    Graftobian 8 oz Spirit Gum

    Spirited AwayDo you get swept up in dreaming about your Halloween costume every year? If you’re like us, then as soon as that first fall chill sweeps the summer nights, you start tossing and turning in your bed, thinking about how this year your costume is really going to make an entrance! With all this enthusiasm, you know you can’t just put on a costume and expect shock and awe. No, this year you’ll really drop some jaws because you’ll transcend 2D makeup by using the wonders of theatrical spirit gum!Product Details What is spirit gum? It’s a theatrical adhesive that can be used to fix hairpieces, fake skin, scars, and other effects to your skin. To use, apply a dollop to the skin, let it “breathe” and become sticky before applying your desired object. Use makeup remover to return to your original self. Stuck On YouWant to get creative? From gory scars, monster facial features, and horrifying hair, you’ve got options. You can take it as far as you want. All you have to do is scroll through our makeup and special effects catalog to get some ideas. Who knew a little spirit could transform your Halloween look?

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  • Mehron Special Effects Complete Makeup Kit

    Mehron Special Effects Complete Makeup Kit

    Is there anything more fun than making weird looking faces at people? At some point in our lives, we’ve all probably heard the saying that we shouldn’t make funny faces or they’ll stick that way forever, but let’s be honest, they just makes us want to do it more. But there are some looks that are so weird, no matter how hard we stretch and contort our delicate human faces, they just can’t do the trick.In times like that, don’t give up; break out your trusty Special Effects Complete Makeup Kit instead! This set includes all of the high quality tools and materials you’ll need to truly transform yourself for your costume, just like the pros do. Need a zombie makeover, or to look like you just survived a bear attack? This kit even includes prosthetic wounds and stage blood for those extra gruesome effects. Trust us, your delicate human face will thank you for it!

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  • Graftobian 8 oz Spirit Gum Remover

    Graftobian 8 oz Spirit Gum Remover

    Stick ‘Em UpDid you know how easy it is to change your face? We recently tried out five different disguises at our local grocery store. First, we walked up with a long mustache and eyebrows and nabbed a mini quiche from the sample lady. Ten minutes later we rolled by with multiple eyes stuck to our forehead. That got a second glance but we still grabbed a mini quiche from the sample booth, no problem.As we walked out of the grocery store bathroom with horns coming out of our temples and warts stuck all over our face, the manager of the store stopped us. Apparently, we were scaring people and we either needed to buy a box of the quiches or get out. Still, we’re pretty impressed with how fast this spirit gum remover works when you’re needing to change your identities fast and get the rest of those delicious little quiches they were giving out at the front door. Product DetailsSpirit gum is used to stick appliques, hair, and horns to your face. Spirit gum remover helps you to return to your normal face. Apply this remover with cotton balls to make sure you’re free and clear of the sticky substance. Cause there’s nothing like scrubbing with water to take you out of the spirit. 

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  • Graftobian Bottle of Stage Blood

    Graftobian Bottle of Stage Blood

    Red Bled RedemptionSuzie has been in the theater for a while now. She’s been every part in the book. She’s played the shy, young nanny in a grim mansion hearing voices at night. She’s played the tough boss who evolves to a more understanding character after a series of slapstick events. And of course, there was the notorious time she played a blood-sucking vampire. It would have been an amazing performance if she hadn’t tried to make her own blood. But her homemade beetroot and corn syrup mix congealed so when her victim was supposed to be bleeding it just didn’t work. Was it gross? Yes. Was it frightening? No. Confusing? Totally. After this not-so-bloody disaster, Suzie has been relying on professional grade stage blood to make sure she redeems herself to every single person who was in the audience that day.Product DetailsWhether you’re looking for a frightening bloody stain or a dramatic spurt of blood, this stage blood is the way to go. You’ll get eight ounces of grotesque liquid that you can either choose to squirt or apply it with a paint brush. Wound UpAre you looking to create a horrific look? Up the ante with the prosthetics, wax, tattoos, and all sorts of other special effect products to create wounds that are customized just for your character. 

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  • Mehron Premium Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 oz Black

    Mehron Premium Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 oz Black

    NO DARK ARTS REQUIREDWhen you’re trying to pull off the right look to match the rest of your gothic, zombie, dark sorcerer, or color-coded secret ninja team, there are certain steps that you’re expected to take.  (You know you can’t argue versus those dark eyes!)The problem is that transformations into the sullen-eyed or gripped-by-death look almost always require contact with creatures from the underworld and pacts that involve your souls.  It’s just so… boring.  All that paperwork?  Ugh!  And, the ancient dark gods always want to chatter about their roleplaying character for eons.  Who has the time? PRODUCT DETAILSSave your time and your soul while giving you the dark look that you desperately desire with this Premium Black Greasepaint.  This makeup is clearly crafted from the bleakest of soot-covered hellscapes and will hold its look with ease once set with powder.  Your fellow undead, warlocks or undead warlocks are going to be so jealous.NOT TODAY, BEELZEBUB!Who needs all the mess of underworld dealings to get the look you want when you can do it all yourself with the right materials!  Refine that look with ease thanks to this premium makeup and save your time for your own dark desires.

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  • Fun World Purple Professional Cream Makeup

    Fun World Purple Professional Cream Makeup

    Put to Good UseWe know what you are thinking: Who would need purple face makeup for Halloween. Red, maybe. Definitely black. Maybe a yellow tube every now and then. But purple?Who, indeed! Perhaps a health nut dressing as an eggplant. Or a zombie looking to up the authenticity of his bumps and bruises. A witch may use it to offset all that black. And don’t underestimate the needs of a purple people eater! The fact is, LOTS of costumes could benefit from Purple Professional Cream Makeup just like this one. So whether you’re aiming to be a butterfly or a blueberry, a ballerina or a bruised-up quarterback, this little tube is for you!Product DetailsThis product is used by pros to create some cool makeup effects, and as such is hypoallergenic and quick drying! It washes right off with soap and water, and supplies you with that pop of purple you need for an authentic look!The Total PackageSo enjoy the night accented in your perfect face makeup, with this purple hue at the helm. We applaud you for seeing the use of such a vibrant and versatile hue, and for taking your Halloween look so seriously!

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  • Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray

    Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray

    Sometimes clowns are supposed to be sad, but not all of them should be. Have you ever had a situation when you got all dressed up as a slap happy clown ready to head out and put smiles on everybody’s faces with your dopey smile, and bright eyes? Then you step outside and it starts to rain, too bad your umbrella doesn’t work right because it’s part of your comedy act, and of course your clown car is in the shop because the shocks couldn’t handle the weight of all thirteen clowns in one car. By the time you get downtown, you’re definitely not looking like a happy clown anymore. You might even look a little scary with all the makeup running down your face.

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  • Rubies Monster High Twyla Makeup Kit

    Rubies Monster High Twyla Makeup Kit

    Twyla spends most of her day hiding in the shadows, but she still knows how to make a great first impression. This Monster High kit comes with all the makeup for your girl to recreate her signature look, so she can look cute while she’s hanging out with Howleen, or while she’s lurking around in the shadows.

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  • Rubies Harry Potter Makeup Set

    Rubies Harry Potter Makeup Set

    You want to have a scar just like Harry, we get it, we do too. But don’t worry, you need not survive an encounter with You Know Who to get that signature lightning bolt. With this Harry Potter makeup set, you are able to have a realistic scar, without the unrealistic expectations! This officially licensed makeup kit has everything you could ever need to add a convincing scar to your Harry Potter ensemble. Not only does this kit come with instructions for an easy application and painless transformation, it’s affordable price will also save you a trip to Gringots – but honestly, any price is better than a run in with He Who Must Not Be Named! Now just add a pair of glasses and a magic wand and you are all set to make a little magic this Halloween!

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