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  • Halloween Colorful Bat Lantern

    Halloween Colorful Bat Lantern

    This is a Halloween Bat Lantern.

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  • Spooky Eyes Lantern

    Spooky Eyes Lantern

    Features of the NightWhat is it about October? It has an air of energy. Kids come home from school with rosy cheeks and excited voices. The days are either spooky and stormy or there is a bright blue sky that’s framed with orange, yellow, and red leaves. Bright pumpkins, colorful corn, and tart apples are piled on carts next to country roads, ready to go home and spread the autumn cheer.But here’s the thing, it’s not just the colors that make us love this month so much. We love the dark side too! October nights get chilly. The wind picks up, carrying the dry leaves across the cement, stirring our imagination. It might just be the wind or it could be Halloween creatures, getting ready to celebrate the spooky season. Product DetailsThis lightweight lantern is an easy way to add color and character to your Halloween decor! It features colorful eyes and has wire rods under the paper to keep it structured. Ready to switch the season? Take it down, fold it up, and store it away for next years festivities!Keeping it EerieIt’s easy to make a kid-friendly spooky setting when you choose decorations from our collection. Set the tone with safe candle alternatives like glowsticks and LED candles to make these lanterns really pop!

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  • Light Up Jack O Lantern Knit Pompom Beanie

    Light Up Jack O Lantern Knit Pompom Beanie

    Jack O’ One TradeThe best part about a jack o’ lantern? His glowing grin. The worst part about a jack o’ lantern? All he does is sit on the front step the whole season. There’s so much excitement when the pumpkins are bought and ready for the squishy, messy fun of carving a personality onto their faces. And whether you go terrifying or angelic, at the end of the carving session the general desire is to show off your masterpiece. As we’ve already covered though, your new jack o’ lantern is rather lazy and pictures just can’t do it justice. What solution could possibly exist?Product DescriptionHow about this Light Up Jack O’ Lantern Knit Cap? The spooky fun of your favorite Halloween decoration can come with you wherever you’re headed. Don’t tell the jack o’ lanterns back home, but the face on this festive cap lights up and flashes in different colors, making it even cooler than the others. Plus, if you’re worried about folks being frightened by someone wearing a jack o’ lantern on their head, the traditional smile and triangle eyes on this cap guarantee a calmer reception.Safe for TravelEven if this year’s jack o’ lantern had legs and could accompany you wherever you went, there’s a certain amount of danger for him. Pumpkin smashers are lurking everywhere for one. Secondly, what if he trips and becomes his own smasher? There’s too much risk. We recommend accessorizing with this knitted substitute instead (your exquisite jack o’ lantern is better left at home).

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  • Halloween Jack O' Lantern Decor Night-Light

    Halloween Jack O’ Lantern Decor Night-Light

    This is a Jack O’ Lantern Halloween Decor Night-Light.

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  • Hanging Faceless Reaper w/ Lantern

    Hanging Faceless Reaper w/ Lantern

    This hanging, faceless reaper decoration is sure to make others uneasy. In place of a face there is a dark void, which is oddly more frightening than any scary face could be.

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  • Skull Light Up Lantern

    Skull Light Up Lantern

    The path to the netherworld is dark. Very dark, and crawling with creeping, slithering, unmentionable things. But luckily we have just the thing to light your way (what… were you expecting a… flashlight?! Bwahahaha!). Because not just any old creepy, rustic lantern will do. You’ll need something just as sinister as all that surrounds you… something which bodes ill for all who dare disturb you! And that is none other than this ultra-spooky Skull Light Up Lantern!With an evil grinning death’s-head in place of a candle flame, everyone who visits your manor this Halloween will know immediately what kind of a night they are in for when they see this creepy lantern glowing ominously in your window. And if you’re not into the whole “reaping souls” thing, it’s also a great way of letting trick-or-treaters know that your house believes in Halloween. Whether they have the guts to ring your doorbell for candy, well… that’s a completely different story!

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  • Jack O Lantern Headband

    Jack O Lantern Headband

    The Pick of the PatchAre you looking to make a brand new entrance with a classic costume? You’ve done the pumpkin costume before. You know you like it. It puts you into the spooky spirit of the season and gives you a reason to drink that Pumpkin Spice Latte with an extra happy grin on your face. But just because you want to wear a familiar costume doesn’t meen you’re not up for a change. Top off your favorite costume with a little glitz and glam and you’ll find yourself liking your pumpkin look even more than ever!Product DetailsThis pumpkin is the perfect way to crown a costume or add a touch of seasonal festiveness to your everyday wardrobe. The orange felt cap is set at a jaunty angle on a black headband. Topped with ruched tulle and glamorous black sequins, this pumpkin headpiece is ready for any type of seasonal get-together!Sparkly, not SpookyIt’s not often that a look works for trunk-or-treating in the school parking lot and your best friends famous fetes. Pair this costume with the look of your choice and you’ll feel fabulous and cheery all at once. Who knows, you might even get a discount on that latte. Pumpkins got to look after each other, after all!

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  • Jack O Lantern Treat Bag

    Jack O Lantern Treat Bag

    Choose Your BagIt can be a tough decision. Your child is going to get a mega-haul this year. You picked out the perfect costume, so there’s no doubt that your child is going to be looking amazing! That just means that residents manning the candy bowl at their door are going to unload tons of candy in your child’s bag. We’re talking chocolate bars, gummy bears, candy corn, fruit chews, circus peanuts, and maybe even… full bars. The really tough decision is figuring out what bag you’re going to give your child to carry all of the candy!You could give them a pillowcase. It’s classic, but it doesn’t fully capture Halloween spirit. How about this Jack O Lantern candy bag?Product DetailsThis bright orange bag is a must-have addition to any costume, especially if your child is primed to bring in the motherlode this year! The bag is made out of plastic and features a printed image of a Jack O Lantern face on the sides. It has a pair of handles on the top for easy carrying.All the CandyJust set your child up with this Halloween bag and they’ll be ready to get ALL the candy (even full bars).

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  • Mr Jack O Lantern Halloween Decor Candy Bucket

    Mr Jack O Lantern Halloween Decor Candy Bucket

    This is a Mr Jack O Lantern Candy Bucket Halloween Decor.

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  • Pop-Open Purple & Orange Lantern Set

    Pop-Open Purple & Orange Lantern Set

    If You’ve Got It, Haunt ItYou’ve been in a haunted house decorating war with your neighbors for weeks. You put up creepy tombstones in the grass, they put up tombstones, too. You hung ghosts from the trees, and then so did they. You cobwebbed every external inch you could find, and…well…you get the picture. It looks like you’re going to have to find a unique decor item that will put you over the edge and help you win the title of coolest Halloween abode!This Pop-Open Purple & Orange Lantern Set will add spooky-chic flair to your porch, entryway, or steps. They’re the best kind of decorative magic—easy to use and hard to beat!Product DetailsThis powerful duo is crafted of paper and hang easily from trees, eaves, and ceilings. Seriously, they give so much atmosphere! Black stencil cut-outs boast both a crooked tree and a spider pattern, and they silhouette dramatically against the vibrant orange and purple backlighting of the lanterns. The best part is, they use simple tea lights, so no need to worry about open flames. Fancy, festive, and easy to operate—you neighbors will surely covet them!Keep It LightNever underestimate your ability to outshine the competition. Once your neighborhood sees these spooky lanterns, they’ll know just who’s got the most haunted house! And it’s all in the name of good, spooky fun, of course.

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  • Jack O' Lantern Crossbody Bag Glitter

    Jack O’ Lantern Crossbody Bag Glitter

    This is the Glitter Jack O’ Lantern Crossbody Bag.

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  • Kids Deluxe Green Lantern Costume

    Kids Deluxe Green Lantern Costume

    Did you know that ‚ÄúGreen Lantern‚Äù technically doesn‚Äôt just refer to one superhero character, but that it‚Äôs actually the name of a number of superheroes (appearing exclusively in DC Comics, of course)?And did you also know that Hal Jordan was not the original leader – thus unofficially known as The Green Lantern) of Green Lantern? That was Alan Scott, who was created in 1940, right when superheroes were becoming super (geddit?) popular. Alan Scott usually fought the usual common criminal in New York City, aided by the magic of his ring, which granted him a variety of extraordinary powers. Tough luck for Alan, though, because the publication of his character ceased in 1949, when comic books lost some of their mass appeal (a.k.a., television started being a thing). But don‚Äôt cry for Alan-tina‚Ķin 1959, as a way to wrangle the surging fascination with science fiction, the Green Lantern character was reinvented as Hal Jordan, an officer for an interstellar law enforcement agency known as the Green Lantern Corps. Additional members of this agency, all of whom call themselves Green Lanterns, were introduced steadily over time. Together, they‚Äôve taken on the evil Sinestro time and time again and also joined other superhero buddies in stopping the Legion of Doom from taking over the world.Which is all to say: There‚Äôs a spot open in the Green Lantern Corps, and if your kid is ready to fill it, then we‚Äôve got their costume pressed and ready for action! Just have them slip on this o officially licensed Kids Deluxe Green Lantern Costume, slip on the included eye mask, and power up that Green Lantern plastic power ring, and they’ll be ready to shine the light of good over all evil! (Just make sure they know that they’ll have to save the world before bedtime!)

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  • Harry Potter Lantern

    Harry Potter Lantern

    Keep any of the young adventurous wizards in your company, Muggle or magical, safe on Halloween with this officially licensed Harry Potter lantern. It’s a sure fire way to shine a little bit of light even on the darkest of paths that your kiddo may choose to journey down this year. It really lights up the night (with the magic of C batteries)! And with the Hogwarts logo shining through the front of the lantern you can be sure that any Death Eater or any other type of evil force Voldemort may send will run back to Azkaban with their tails between their legs! They wouldn’t want to take the chance of having the Famous Potter hot on their trail. So this year, don’t just stop once you have the perfect wand, broom, and scarf, this Harry Potter Lantern is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to make this Halloween a little more magical.

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  • Adult Deluxe Green Lantern Costume

    Adult Deluxe Green Lantern Costume

    You can spend all day trying to materialize constructs out of thin air using your willpower, but it probably won’t work unless you’re a fully sanctioned Green Lantern. We got the uniform just waiting for you, but you might have to ask the Guardians to give you a real power ring if you want to fully harness the might power of Oan energy.

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  • Jack O Lantern Adult Costume

    Jack O Lantern Adult Costume

    Ah, the pumpkin. The squash of a thousand uses. Wait, no, we‚Äôre thinking of the butternut. The pumpkin actually only has three uses. The first is to flavor literally every commercially available coffee drink for six weeks out of the year. The second is to be turned into pies, so that they may be set down next to other, better pies in order to make them look more appetizing. The third and most famous use for the pumpkin is to be made into jack-o’-lanterns, which it‚Äôs infinitely better suited for than the original produce we used to make jack-o’-lanterns out of — the grape. You used to need a lot of patience and a very tiny knife.Outside of going to strangers‚Äô houses and demanding unhealthy food, there is no more quintessential Halloween tradition that the jack-o’-lantern. What speaks of fall better than laying down some newspaper, plopping down a 10 pound vegetable, digging through seeds and slime, and then carving a goofy face for all to see from your porch? Haven‚Äôt we all felt the inevitable heartache that comes when time, squirrels, or vandalous teenagers ruin our beloved creations? But you know what they say: time flies. Come to think of it, squirrels also fly. Do teenagers fly too? We‚Äôll get right back to you on that.Our Jack O Lantern Costume lets you pay tribute to the most cherished symbol of fall. Cheerful and easy to wear, you‚Äôll be a hit wherever you go in this happy ensemble. And don‚Äôt just wear it for Halloween either — try it out at weddings, bar mitzvahs, even at court appearances! Everyone loves jack-o’-lanterns.

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  • Black Jack O Lantern Party Cup

    Black Jack O Lantern Party Cup

    R.I.P. Red Party CupEveryone loves a great Halloween party. But the whole “red plastic party cup” look doesn’t exactly scream spooky. As you’re set to host your very first haunted shindig, you’ll need to think beyond big picture concerns like costumes, decor, and the guest list. What sets apart a truly memorable party from a blip on the social radar is attention to detail.And this Black Jack O Lantern Party Cup says, “I thought of everything, even my drinking container!” Lay to rest the ubiquitous red party cup and behold this creepier, cooler cup that takes you to a new level. And you won’t even have to write your name on it in permanent marker!Product DetailsLight up the night with this drink accessory, and instantly earn the title “host with the most.” It’s a hard black plastic cup that can hold 20 oz. and it features a glowing, evil Jack-o-lantern print on the front. For a really cool gathering, grab a whole bunch of these cups, mix up a fun batch of drinks, and place a sign on the bar that reads, “Pick your poison!”Total UpgradeThis cup is such a step up from typical party ware, we’re thrilled to see you taking your hosting duties so seriously. We also wouldn’t be surprised to hear of you sipping from this cup year round, to make every day feel like an all-out party!      

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  • Women's Jack O' Lantern Tights

    Women’s Jack O’ Lantern Tights

    That Halloween Feelin’Do you like Halloween from your head down to your knees? We don’t blame you. Halloween has so much potential for fun! We’re all expected to behave as normally as possible most of the year. We’re supposed to throw on our jeans, button up our cardigans, and throw our hair in ponytails. But once October comes around, the rules loosen up a little bit. We get to flaunt black and orange stripes at the beginning of the month. And as the days flick by, society allows us to have more and more fun with our wardrobe. Spiders work their way onto our t-shirts. Your vampire inspired looks suddenly look at home on the spiderweb and ghost decorated streets. You can play with color or simply embrace black attire. You do you, ’tis the season. Product DetailsKeep your legs warm and on-theme this Halloween with these Jack-o-lantern tights! With opaque material covering your gams, you’ll feel confident rocking short shorts and skirts this season. Grinning GamsNo need to go all in with grim tights this October, let your personality shine with these grinning tights! Whether you’re wearing these to work during the day or they’re topping off your evening ensemble, you’re sure to feel a little more mischevious once you slip these on!

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  • Lightshow Projection Jack O' Lantern Decoration

    Lightshow Projection Jack O’ Lantern Decoration

    Light Up the NightAs much as we Halloween enthusiasts hate to admit it, this season can be a bit of a scary one for kiddos. They haven’t been through many Octobers so we can see why it’s a little overwhelming. From their perspective, the world gets darker and adults start putting skeletons in their windows and cobwebs on their porches. That’s a pretty crazy thing to take in when you’ve only been around for five years. But here’s the thing, they’ve got to get into it sooner or later. It’s just too much fun to pass up! Make it easier on kiddos this year with some seasonal light that stays nice and safe on the cute side of spooky. Product DetailsThere’s no need to risk your neck on a ladder with string lights this year. Instead, cast this jack-o-lantern light on the wall this spooky season. Simply stake the light into the ground, adjust the head to where you’d like the light to point, and watch the cheery Halloween spirit spread in your neighborhood!Ultimate pumpkin patchMaybe you’ve known exactly how you’re going to carve your pumpkins for months now. Maybe this is the first time you’re decorating your house for Halloween. Either way, everyone will know your stance on this holiday of spooks when this batch of friendly jack-o-lanterns is dancing on your wall!

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  • Halloween Jack O' Lantern Faces Adult Crew Cut Socks

    Halloween Jack O’ Lantern Faces Adult Crew Cut Socks

    Halloween on your FeetA little Halloween on your feet? Ah, yes. Now that is an idea we can support! We are Halloween experts, after all. It’s one of the requisites on our own job applications!So, our costume team knows full well all the ins and outs of the Halloween season. And one of the things that’s always in? Jack O’ Lanterns. The time-honored tradition of carving your own Jack O’ Lanterns is probably a tradition in your home, too, so if you’re looking for a way to celebrate the fun on a daily basis, we think you should think about getting your feet involved. By slipping on these Jack O’ Lantern Faces Adult Crew Socks!Product DetailsThese fun Halloween Crew Socks are ready to dress up your October outfits. It’s never a bad time for Jack O’ Lanterns, and these socks feature an all-over design of Jack O’ Lantern faces. They’re black at the ankle and fade to orange on the feet and are 98% polyester and 2% spandex for just the right fit.If you’re feeling a little spookyIf you’re as much of a Halloween enthusiast as we are, you could even wear these socks year round.  Whenever you’re feeling a little spooky or want to show off that you’re ready for the Halloween season, just slip these pumpkin-themed socks on your feet!

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  • Jack O Lantern Ankle Socks

    Jack O Lantern Ankle Socks

    Ho-Ho-HalloweenWhile some families do it up big for Christmas, your crew goes all out for a different holiday: Halloween! And for as far back as anyone can remember, there’s been a fun tradition of Halloween “stockings” hung over the fireplace. These are typically orange or black in color, with designs such as cats, bats, or broomsticks printed on them.And into these spooky-themed stockings go candy, cute pumpkin-shaped soaps, handmade popcorn balls, and a whole array of fun Halloween items. Everyone opens them by the fire, right before a screening of a scary movie! (Side note: your family sounds wonderful and we want an invite to Halloween at your place.)Product DetailsThat’s why you’re so jazzed to have found these Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Socks! They’re perfect for stuffing your family’s Halloween stockings with; just make sure you grab an extra pair for yourself! They are a comfy, orange-knit ankle sock with a lime trim and Jack o’ lantern pattern on top! You don’t want to be the only one on the couch watching the movie without them, do you? Holiday RivalryLet those other folks keep their egg nog and reindeer—your family opts for ghosts, fun-sized candy bars, and cute pumpkin socks to create the most festive time of the year!

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  • Child Jack O Lantern Costume

    Child Jack O Lantern Costume

    What better seasonal look that the quintessential jack-o-lantern? Did you know how the jack-o-lantern became quintessential? We do! Because, well, our employer requires this sort of knowledge of us in job interviews, let alone on the job. Since you asked, the original jack-o-lanterns weren’t pumpkins at all. They were turnips, gourds, and potatoes carved by Irish folk to pay tribute to welcome spirits and scare off evil ones. The tradition followed colonists across the sea, and as they settled and discovered new things, they were introduced by Native Americans to a plant that worked even better for this purpose: the pumpkin! Alright, history lesson over. All due respect to those other veggies, we can’t imagine the jack-o-lantern as anything but a good ol’ orange pumpkin. Its color grabs your attention, its size demands your awareness, its gross orange filling begs you to rip it all out. We can‚Äôt say with authority how effective they might be at warding off evil spirits, but we can attest that they‚Äôre excellent at making us feel right at home on a late fall evening.This autumn, your kid can celebrate the noble pumpkin in this loose-fitting polyester jack-o-lantern costume. With a fun carved-out top hat and a smiling, snaggle-toothed face, it looks about as friendly as a vegetable designed to chase away Halloween ghosts could possibly be. If you wanted to be more traditional, we suppose you could try to track down a grinning turnip costume, but we kind of suspect you‚Äôll have a tougher time with that. Take our word for it and stick with the pumpkin.

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