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  • Halloween (Rob Zombie) Michael Myers Resilient Mask & Knife

    Halloween (Rob Zombie) Michael Myers Resilient Mask & Knife

    This is a Halloween (Rob Zombie) Michael Myers Resilient Mask & Knife Set.

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  • Psycho Knife

    Psycho Knife

    If you’re a psycho, you’re going to stab people. It’s just what you do. So why not make sure that you have the coolest knife on the market? With this Psycho Knife, you’ll have an exact replica of the weapon the infamous Norman Bates used in one of the most iconic scenes from a horror movie. We are, of course, talking about the brutal shower scene!Quick FUN fact for ya: In the original black and white version of Psycho chocolate syrup was used for the image of blood swirling down the drain because the color contradiction was much greater!This replica will even make the terrifying ‘EEE-EEE-EEE‚Äù sound! Awesome, right? So now you can have tons of fun freaking out anyone when you act as if you are about to slash them down! Just maybe steer clear of scaring anybody that is in the middle of a shower… it can be awfully slippery in those tubs! Complete your Norman Bates costume with this beautiful replica knife or add it to any slasher costume you have planned out already and enjoy a thrilling night!

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  • Knife Throw Costume Adult

    Knife Throw Costume Adult

    Living on the EdgeThunk! A razor sharp blade whizzes past your ear and lands in the target. The burly mustachioed man twirls another butcher knife in his hand as the crowd cheers and squeals with delight. He smiles and nods at you as he hurls another knife and it slams into the target, just inches away from your head. The crowd cheers once again as you find yourself creeping closer to the jaws of death! Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe, you should’ve just gotten this Adult Knife Throw Costume to get the whole circus spectacle experience…Yes, we never had the courage to let a skilled knife thrower toss some blades at you! That’s why we love this costume, since it lets you get a similar experience without any of the dangers.Product DetailsThis costume is really quite simple. It comes with a white, button-up shirt with a collar and faux blood on the chest. The suspenders feature adjustable straps and metal clips that fit into just about any pair of men’s pants. The foam target board is lightweight, so carrying it on your back will be a breeze. It features red stripes, yellow stars, and a few faux blood splatters on the front. It fits with a pair of elastic shoulder straps. Finally, the costume comes with faux knives that have hook and loop fasteners which attach to the foam board. You can attach the knives right next to your face, making you look like a real risk taker without any danger!Skip the Death-Defying ActsWith this simple-to-use costume, you never have to put yourself in harm’s way to prove your mettle! With plenty of faux blood stains and customizable knife placement, you can craft a look that makes you seem like one courageous circus performer.

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  • Halloween The Movie Butcher Knife

    Halloween The Movie Butcher Knife

    Not just any old butcher knife will do. There are plenty you could grab right out of the kitchen drawer (or from the toy section at your local drugstore), but this Halloween, you’re not just any old monster. You’re Michael Myers… aka The Shape. The one who inspired a million movie slashers… and created an entire genre of horror movies. You want everything right, right down to the last detail. You’ve got the mask, the jumpsuit… and here’s that last detail: the officially licensed Halloween The Movie Butcher Knife!At 18 inches long, this fearsome toy blade will put all the other slashers at the Halloween party to shame. And though its foam construction makes the knife completely safe to handle, you’ll be the dread of Haddonfield, Illinois, when you creep around with it in your hands. So forget the imitators. This Halloween, be the Michael Myers with the Halloween The Movie Butcher Knife!

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  • Bloody Knife

    Bloody Knife

    Weapon of ChoiceA horror movie villain is only as good as their weapon. Every baddie from a slasher flick knows that simple rule. Whether that means rampaging through the countryside wielding a rumbling chainsaw or haunting the dreams of unsuspecting teenagers with your razor sharp claw-glove. Some villains like to tote around an axe, so they can bust through a pesky locked door.If you plan on dressing up like some kind of frightening figure from a horror movie this year, what will your weapon of choice be? Let us suggest the humble bloody knife! Why? Well, it’s compact, frightening, and it doesn’t require any gas like a cumbersome chainsaw!Product DetailsThis bloody knife accessory recreates the look of a scary weapon from a horror film. It’s made of a molded plastic material and has a black handle with a silver blade. The edge is blunt, obviously (we’re not going to sell you a REAL instrument of death), but the look is still rather terrifying! The blade also has bloody red paint splatters on it, making it look freshly used.Terrify Your VictimsWhen you suit up as a serial killer this Halloween, make sure you have this knife with you! You’re going to need it if you want to scare unsuspecting victims!

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  • Bleeding Machete Knife

    Bleeding Machete Knife

    Hey! Look out!Look just like your favorite character from a horror film with this bleeding machete weapon! You, yourself can decide which unhinged character you would like to be. You can start with Alfred Hitchcock’s original momma’s boy and go all the way to a hockey mask wearing terror. Whoever you are going to be this accessory will be the exclamation point to your ensemble. The toy weapon measures 21″ long and is made from plastic. It features a black handle and a grey blade. The grey blade is within a larger, clear blade that also contains the liquid blood that will move as you wildly gesticulate. The blood runs freely along the blade and has a realistic look. Check out all of our slasher film costumes, like Jason, Freddy Krueger and Chucky, for a complete look!Make sure you make an entrance at all your Halloween parties from now on. Your look is sure to be a scream!

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  • Oversized Fake Knife

    Oversized Fake Knife

    Let’s talk about essential costume accessories. There is the classic rubber chicken, the arrow through the head, and the rubber mallet. These are all great but none of them will send that shiver of fear through your friends quite like the ever versatile faux knife. This hollow plastic knife has a metallic sheen and a black handle with realistic wood grain detail. It’ll be great for your next Pyscho shower scene reenactment, just don’t forget to order some theatrical blood. It will jive instantly with your insane chef costume, along with the afore mentioned rubber chicken. If you’re going to dress up as any one of many horror movie villains than this piece will add the edge you’re looking for. It’s the accessory that’ll sharpen up any dull ensemble, so go ahead and carve out some space in your costume collection.

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  • Disappearing Knife

    Disappearing Knife

    We don’t ever recommend violence, but sometimes you need a weapon to make your costume look a little more tough or scary (accessories are very important when it comes to Halloween costumes). Here’s the thing: Whatever you do, don’t go around carrying real weapons in your Halloween costume. It’s too dangerous and someone could get hurt. A better option is this disappearing knife. This plastic knife with cross hatch grip features a 3” silver blade that retract into the handle, so even if you accidentally stab somebody, you won’t cause any damage. Also, you can have some fun in your scary serial killer costume by going crazy and stabbing guests at your Halloween party. Also, if you’re tired of carrying it, you can slip it into your pocket without running the risk of cutting your costume or even yourself. Add some toughness (and some magic) to your costume with this retractable blade disappearing knife.

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  • Assassin's Creed Foam Kukri Knife

    Assassin’s Creed Foam Kukri Knife

    Not Just a WeaponAh, the Kukri. Not only is a fun word to say, but it’s also a quite handy little weapon that’s wielded by Jacob and Evie Frye Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. But did you know that it wasn’t just some kind of cool looking dagger used to dispatch of assassination targets? Here are five awesome fun facts about the weapon:The weapon was of Nepalese origin.It probably evolved from a farming sickle.It could be used like a machete to clear brush out of the way.Gurkha troops were issued 2 Kukri blades: one ceremonial and one exercise.It could be used as more than just a weapon; it was used for chopping firewood, digging, cutting meat and opening cans.Product DetailsThis Assassin’s Creed Kukri is just a toy replica of the weapon, but it certainly does put the finishing touches on your Jacob Frye or Evie Frye cosplay outfit. It’s constructed of a rigid plastic core with a foam blade exterior. It perfectly recreates the look of the ones used by the characters in the video game.Cosplay Time!Even though you might not be able to use this one to chop wood or open bottles, this Assassin’s Creed Kukri makes for the perfect addition to your next cosplay event!

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  • Adult Knife Costume

    Adult Knife Costume

    Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, unless it’s this awesome Adult Knife Costume! Everyone will love it! What’s not to like? It’s shiny and over-sized, it could be hilarious or horrifying (depending how you wear it), and did we mention it’s, like, SUPER shiny! This costume could defuse that whole gunfight situation with a few laughs in no time. You could act like an eating utensil from a fairytale! Suddenly brought to life and living in a cursed castle with hopes that a beautiful bookworm from a neighboring village may happen upon it. Maybe, before you were transformed into a butter knife, you were an amazing chef in the kitchen or, perhaps, you were the head waiter in the whole castle. Backstory is entirely up to you, however, we suggest you come up with a cool accent and few extra quirks to really bring the character to life. Maybe you aren’t exactly going for a PG look this Halloween, well then all you need to do is add a little bit of color to your blade. We were thinking a nice dark shade of red. You could look like a bloodstained murder weapon used in one of the most graphic and horrific acts of homicide since Jason or Michael’s last killing spree. Again, backstory is completely up to you, just don’t give up too many details unless you want to be charged with accessory to a murder. Whichever route you decide to take with this costume, once you slip it on you’ll be the sharpest dressed person in the whole party!… The costume itself isn’t actually all that sharp, so no need to worry about slicing anyone up on the dancefloor!

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  • Native American Bone Knife

    Native American Bone Knife

    Product DetailsIf you lived in ancient times you really had to be resourceful. The Native Americans sure were. They made all sorts of tools out of whatever they could find around them, which means that they had no problem making tools and weapons out of old animal bones. Although everyday tools have changed a little bit since those days, our appreciation for old-school ingenuity hasn’t waned. Unfortunately, we’re not crafty enough to make tools out of real bones, so we came up with something a little bit different that still gets the historical look without all the work.This faux bone knife has a rugged look based on tools used by Native American tribes of North America. It might not be 100% historically accurate, but it does give you the kind of look that will make you feel like you could survive a thousand years ago in the wilderness.

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