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  • Jack Skellington Adult Kit

    Jack Skellington Adult Kit

    This is a Jack Skellington Adult Kit.

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  • Adult Bob Ross Kit

    Adult Bob Ross Kit

    Some people go gaga over Picasso. Others love the influential works of Leonardo da Vinci. Us? Well, we’re a little more simple when it comes art. We like…happy little clouds and their friends. We like happy trees and, well, gosh darn it, we like Bob Ross. There’s just something about his zen-like attitude and those calm brush strokes that make us feel at peace. There’s something about his deep, yet gentle voice that lulls us into a zone of comfort. And there’s definitely something going on with that fluffy afro on the top of his head. We’re not sure exactly what’s going on with that thing, but we love it! If only there was a way for anyone to harness that style…Wait! Now you CAN become just like the legendary painter on PBS with this Bob Ross kit! Of course, the kit comes with that unmistakable permed hair in the form of a synthetic wig, along with his signature facial hair, so you can start your painting career with ease! Just make sure to paint a few happy trees for us!

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  • Sofia The First Accessory Kit

    Sofia The First Accessory Kit

    When you suddenly become the princess of Enchancia, it might seem like there’s a lot to learn. You’re becoming a member of the royal family, after all! But most parts of being a princess aren’t that different from being a good person of any other kind. Aside from all the magic that goes on in the castle, the biggest change seems to be that there’s a whole lot more singing and dancing!But one thing that has changed for Sofia is that she gets to wear this ornate jewel-encrusted tiara and royal purple gloves (with mini-Sofia cameos). Of course a good princess knows that it’s not the fancy clothes and jewelry that make her great, but they’re still a lot of fun to wear. This accessory kit will make any gown or active outfit feel extra-regal, whether you’re putting in an official appearance at a royal ball or just exploring the kingdom with your friends.

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  • Child Bowser Kit

    Child Bowser Kit

    Do you have lava pits surrounding your house? No? You might soon. Because your kid has decided that Bowser is way cooler than Mario. He has stolen his sisters doll, and declared himself King of the Koopas. He even declared the cat a Koopa Troopa. The cat is now the one tasked with guarding the kidnapped doll. He is just missing one thing to complete his evil transformation…He doesn’t look anything like the original Bowser. Well, he might not right now, but with this Child Bowser Kit he could. Just prepare for his attempt to install lava pits outside your house, and redesign your home into a treacherous castle, complete with draw bridges. When he puts on this Bowser hood he will truly become the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom! After his homework that is.

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  • Adult Bowser Kit

    Adult Bowser Kit

    Look, normally, we wouldn‚Äôt condone Princess kidnapping. It‚Äôs not cool, and the laws of our country don‚Äôt look kindly upon it.But also, it should be said that you live in a world entirely of your own, where our laws and morals don‚Äôt apply! And so if you want to continue to attempt to kidnap Princess Peach (technically, though, she‚Äôs not a child, so the correct term is ‚Äúabduction‚Äù), you do you, boo! We also use the word ‚Äúattempt‚Äù because you‚Äôve tried it at least ten times and have been thwarted by those Italian plumbers every time, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Besides, you‚Äôre getting really good at getting her out of the castle before Mario comes to save the day, so who‚Äôs to say that you can‚Äôt accomplish the desires of your heart? Well, probably Mario does, and we‚Äôre pretty sure Princess Peach would like to argue that the desires of your heart directly conflict with hers, but still – with this Adult Bowser Kit, you’ve got more than a fighting chance!

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  • Kids Firefighter Kit

    Kids Firefighter Kit

    If your kiddo is dreaming of being a fire fighter when he grows up, well, then like every firefighter, he will have to be two things, both courageous and prepared! This Kids Firefighter Kit will help your kiddo get a jump start on his dream career. With all the tools in this kit your little hero will be prepared to fend of any fire and they’ll be half way to being a pro! All he needs now is to build up the courage (along with the proper training) and this dream job will be within reach. This kit comes with a classic red hat , a fire extinguisher, a mighty axe, a handy walky-talky, a crowbar, and a shiny badge. It comes with everything your child will need to put any fire to rest. You just need to supply your little one with the confidence and bravery, then not a single flame on earth will stand a chance against your Firefighting kiddo!

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  • Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo Kit

    Huge, plumped up lips have been kind of a big deal lately. You can’t flip through a fashion magazine without seeing a celebrity that looks like they’ve had some work done to make their lips big and full. But if it was a botched job, it ends up just looking like they are having a bad allergic reaction to eating some shellfish. So why do people keep doing it then if it could turn out that badly? Honestly, we couldn’t tell you. People are just silly. Luckily, if you’re wanting to try out the big lip look without having to go under the knife, you can do just that with this Lip Tuck Temporary 3-D Tattoo makeup kit. You don’t even need prosthetic glue for this look, since you can simply apply it with water and by following the included instructions. Try on the lip tuck for size and find out what all the fuss is about!

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  • Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit Resident Evil 2

    Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit Resident Evil 2

    This is a Resident Evil 2 Zombie All-Pro Makeup Kit.

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  • 2 Piece Fox Kit

    2 Piece Fox Kit

    Feelin’ FoxyThe truth is, you already feel like a fox 90% of the time. Crafty, smart, quick, independent, and cute, of course! But on Halloween, you get to become the little critter you are, inside and out! For a gal like you, it won’t take much to push you over the edge into full-fledged fox mode; this little 2 Piece Fox Kit ought to do it! It’s quick and easy, yet it provides you that transformation you’re looking for. So scurry from costume party to costume party without worrying about a thing—a fox like you has places to go and people to…sneak food from.Product DetailsThis little kit is everything a fox like you needs to really come into her own! It’s a cute headband accessory that features faux ears sewn on top. The ears boast a fox’s signature tawny brown hue and black ear tips. But the tail is really something! It’s stuffed to look realistic and attaches to your brown sweats, bodysuit, or leggings with the included safety pin. What Does The Fox Say?You know how the song goes, but now that you—yes, you!—get to be the fox, you can make up your own lyrics. We bet you say something really clever. Or witty. Or something to distract us so you can steal our Halloween candy!   

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  • Cupid Accessory Kit

    Cupid Accessory Kit

    Cupid seems like he might have a hard time getting started in today’s rightfully consent-focused dating landscape. Is he tricking unwilling parters into getting together, or is Cupid just an instrument of fate, matching up soulmates? Does Cupid save his favorites for himself? I’m sure Twitter would have something to say about it, but rest easy: everybody’s just trying to have a good time at the office Valentine’s day party.Let’s face it: this getup isn’t subtle. It’s for the bold and beautiful. Who can resist a chubby-cheeked angel? This costume includes red feather wings, a soft red bow with a pink ribbon bowstring, and a Velcro arrow. And that’s all you need, really––for a genuine, historically-accurate Cupid, clothing is optional. Maybe an artfully draped white linen? The Valentine’s Cupid Accessory Kit is not intended for self-defense––the soft, heart-shaped tip should only impart love, not harm (any modifications you make notwithstanding).

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  • Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costume Kit

    Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costume Kit

    Do you like potato chips? Perhaps you have a soft spot for the salty snacks. There’s nothing wrong with liking a salty treat every now and then. Heck, we all like to indulge sometimes. But, what if you are a potato? Does that make it wrong to snack on salty potato chips?The jury’s still out on that one. We tend to think that snacks are a matter of personal taste and that it shouldn’t matter if you are a potato or not Рsnacks are free game. So, dress us up as a potato, give us a big bag of potato chips, and don’t run off and tell the kids!Create a quick and inexpensive couples costume with this Mr. and Mrs. Potato head kit! The set includes a Mr. Potato Head hat, Mrs. Potato Head hat, and two eye stickers, two nose stickers, a teeth sticker, lips sticker, and a mustache sticker. The self-adhesive felt stickers have a peel-off backing for easy use. Mr. Potato head has a green polyfoam baseball cap while Mrs. Potato Head has a yellow polyfoam visor with white fabric flowers. Use them to decorate a plain T-shirt to create your own funny Halloween costume. Whether you want to get a laugh this Halloween or need to dress up for a theme party, this easy costume is the perfect choice for getting ready in a hurry.

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  • Toy Story Woody Adult Accessory Kit

    Toy Story Woody Adult Accessory Kit

    INSTANT COWBOY FUNWe hear that you’re thinking of heading into the western frontier and making a name for yourself with the Roundup Gang. Well, we understand why you might want to become a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy. They’re capable, a ton of fun, and if Bo Peep has anything to say about it even a bit on the sexy side! But, it usually takes a lot of time and practice to take on the cowboy mantle… and, even then, you still have to worry about snakes in your boots and going head to head with the latest in Space Ranger crazies! Fortunately, there is another way… PRODUCT DETAILSGet ready to gear up with this Woody Kit from Toy Story. With this easy set of accessories, you can transform into your favorite Sheriff in a snap without all that hassle. The printed cowhide on the vest is not only stylish but also makes excellent camouflage when you’re rustling your herds. The printed handkerchief sets off the colors of the costume and keeps the dust out of your face when you ride Bullseye across the frontier. Last, the lightweight foam hat is perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes while providing you with the perfect way to connect with your favorite toy!TO THE FRONTIER AND BEYOND!Time to take that tired old expression from your buddy Buzz and turn it into something really exciting. (After all, he’s not the only one who had a TV show, right?!) Bring Woody to life in a snap by slipping into this Woody Kit! 

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  • Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume Kit

    Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume Kit

    Are you looking for something quick to throw on for Halloween? Don’t feel like being all too flashy this year? Not everyone is into the full body costumes and that is completely fine! We have plenty of easy to assemble costume kits to accommodate your Halloween needs. Check out this Adult Buzz Lightyear Costume Kit, it has just about everything you need to pass as the galaxy’s best Space Ranger.Toss on the headpiece, slip your hands into the gloves, and secure your jetpack on your back, and you’ll be ready to blast off to infinity and beyond! This costume kit will allow you to maneuver freely around the party and dance as much as you want without any restraint. You may not be ready for any big missions without the rest of Buzz’s space suit, but it’s Halloween and there is too much fun to be had to waste on worrying about Zurg’s next evil plot!

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  • Kids Toy Story Woody Costume Kit

    Kids Toy Story Woody Costume Kit

    Sometimes it’s hard going from the top of the world to feeling like you’re in the dumps. Woody felt just that way when that shiny new toy came into town on Andy’s birthday. He even tried to get rid of Buzz! He just had to remember that all the other toys loved him for who he was, and they needed him for his leadership, and can-do attitude. Now Buzz and Woody are inseparable friends!

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  • Randy Savage Wig Kit

    Randy Savage Wig Kit

    Oh, Yeaaahh!The tower of power, too sweet to be sour, funky like a monkey, sky is the limit, and space is the place.Few men have the flair or the sense of style that ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage had. Few men have been brave enough to wear two-foot-long tassels dangling from their leather jacket. Oh yeah! And even fewer still have been able to maintain such luscious locks and such a well-manicured beard for the last thirty years.Design & DetailsThis year pump up your hair game with this Randy Savage Wig Kit. You will have the look of the Macho Man when you put on this black, and yellow leopard print bandana. Oh Yeeeah! And if you think you can handle more of Macho Man Randy Savage’s look, pick up the matching red, and yellow Macho Man Randy Savage Costume. Then you really will be the tower of power. Oooh, Yeeeeaaaah!… Ohhhh-kay…?Alright, so some of Randy Savage’s outlandish style does leave us a little confused. Funky monkies in outer space? We’re not sure what he means, there, but we do know his style is definitely out there in a truly great way. You’ll love feeling just a bit of that intensity with this Randy Savage Wig. 

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  • Spy Detective Accessory Kit

    Spy Detective Accessory Kit

    An Elementary EncounterLight from the streetlamps peer out in the foggy early morning on the cobblestone streets. There’s a criminal walking these streets and you’re the one on the case. The first incident happened last week in the early morning hours when no one but bakers and lamplighters are up and about. It wasn’t the lamplighters that were the victims of this crime, it was the bakers… or rather, the baker’s bakes! After last week, freshly baked cakes have been stolen all around town. There was a chocolate cake on Lambstail Lane, missing with nothing but a few crumbs left on the tray. Then there was the browned butter pound cake on Wheller Drive and the torte on Tourtellotte. The madness has to stop and now that you’re on the case, this thief is sure to face sweet justice!Details & DesignThis Made by US detective kit has a lovely herringbone pattern. Wile the flaps are tied up for a classic, turn of the century, detective look, they can be turned loose as well. The kit also includes a picturesque pipe and a magnifying glass to pick up on all those subtle clues. If you’re putting together a DIY detective look, this kit is an easy, high-quality must have!Keep a Private Eye On ItAre you wondering what sneaky mischief might be going on right under your nose? This kit will help you get to the bottom of it. Maybe you won’t have the habits of a skilled detective yet but you’ll still make those mischief-makers think twice about stealing sweets or swiping a knick-knack. We’re watching you, junior! Pair this set with a classic sleuthing cape and get ready to get to the bottom of the issue. Looking for the perfect detective look? Choosing this costume is elementary!

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  • Princess Peach Adult Accessory Kit

    Princess Peach Adult Accessory Kit

    The people of the Mushroom Kingdom could use a new ruler. Princess Peach spends most of her time go-karting, playing tennis and getting kidnapped by giant reptile monsters. Who’s going to solve the crippling P-Wing shortage or the skyrocketing unemployment rates? It’s up to you to be the leader that Toad and all of his friends deserve!Slip these gloves on, don the crown and put on your pinkest dress, because you’re about to take on Mushroom Kingdom politics by storm. And if you don’t want to solve the problems in the kingdom, you can always just head out and take on a little go-karting with Mario instead! Whatever kind of adventure you envision, when you complete your Peach costume with this accessory set, you’ll be ready for Nintendo action.

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  • Princess Peach Child Accessory Kit

    Princess Peach Child Accessory Kit

    Being a princess isn’t all fun and games. You have to have skills with an umbrella, throwing shells from a moving Go-Kart, and you have to have epic letter-writing skills. Princess Peach has all of these things down, and she really can’t be beat. That’s why we’re not surprised your kid wants to be just like her this Halloween. She wants to be able to save herself, not wait around for some plumber to do it for her. We can respect that kind of strength.This Princess Peach Child’s Accessory Kit will let your daughter wear her crown, green jewel, and those iconic long white gloves! Your girl will be able to get out there on the track, and show the Mushroom Kingdom that girls can kick some Koopa butt just as well as any plumber ever did! Just don’t forget to also get her our pink Princess Peach Dress to really give her the princess life.

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  • Women's Mary Poppins Accessory Kit

    Women’s Mary Poppins Accessory Kit

    A Cheery DispositionDo you think you have what it takes to become the nanny of the Banks children? Well, as you may well know, the position has a long list of musts. You’ve got to have everything from rosy cheeks to musical, singing songs was a must for both the Banks children and for us. Also, you’ve got to be careful not to give those kids castor oil. Because if you do then you might end up with toads in your bed and pepper in your tea. Honestly, we think you’ve got this position in the bag. . . along with everything else you somehow fit in there! Product DetailsOther than singing about sugar and flying around by umbrella, there are a couple things that make Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins. For one, her white gloves are always impeccably clean. Then there’s the jaunty flowered hat that she always wears. And finally? Her little red bow tie. She might seem buttoned up but her little red bow tie hints at all the fun that’s in store for the children under her care. Up, up, and Away!While we’re leaving Poppin’s main outfit to you, we’ve got her accessories covered. You can keep it classic, pairing the daisy detailed hat with a white blouse and a long black skirt. Or you could give Mary a modern twist, after all the flying around she does in the London air, we bet she’d be thrilled to wear a pair of chic slacks. Speaking of, don’t forget to bring along your umbrella as you’re headed out, who wants to struggle to find a taxi on Halloween night? Want to make it a group affair? Pair up with good ol’ Bert and maybe a few penguins and you are sure to have a wildly whimsical evening out. What else would you expect from Mary Poppins?

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  • Makeup Kit Dragon

    Makeup Kit Dragon

    Working KnightsDo you ever wonder why knights were always trying to slay dragons? Dragons breathed fire. They were plated in metal. They could fly away. Knights were coming up to their caves armed with swords. Swords! That’s like attacking a forest fire with a squirt gun. We have to imagine that the dragons would pretend to be weaker than they were. How else would lunch keep delivering itself to their front door? Work the knights just like dragons of old with this gorgeous makeup kit in gleaming colors. Product DetailsThis makeup kit has everything you need to transform your face into a fairytale dragon. It includes a palette of makeup in three shades of green, two makeup sticks for details, two tubes of sparkles, a dragon scale stencil, and a sponge for application. Use the included stickers to make your made-up look really stand out. With color, pattern, and sparkle your dragon makeup is sure to break the mold!Winging ItWant a plan of attack for an awesome dragon costume this year? From full dragon costume to accessories like wings and claws, we have what it takes to make your costume fire! One thing’s for sure, you’re sure to slay this dragon look this year!

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  • Luigi Adult Accessory Kit

    Luigi Adult Accessory Kit

    Are you a fan of saving princesses from the clutches of fire-breathing turtles? Does go-karting around different perilous tracks sound like a good way to spend your days off? Do you enjoy playing all sorts of different sports with your friends? Are you also sick of your brother outshining you? Well, then we think the time has come for you to step into the heroic shoes of Luigi.This video game icon is no longer second fiddle to his famous brother. The tall guy with the big green ‘L’ on the hat is in the driver’s seat now, and he’s ready to save the kingdom. Fulfill your Super Mario aspirations as the famous mustachioed character with this Luigi Accessory Kit. It’s the perfect thing to make a quick change for this coming Halloween or at the next cosplay event you attend. Just make sure you keep an eye out for any random red shells flying around!

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  • Adult Wario Kit

    Adult Wario Kit

    HA HA!  WARIO WINS!If you ask Mario’s rival, this big lug would claim that it is all about him.  And, heck, we find it hard to argue.  The guy shows up as a greedy antagonist in a couple handheld games and just erupts onto the Nintendo scene everywhere else!Who knew that a tough guy with some questionable hygiene practices would take the Mushroom Kingdom by storm and then hop into all the other franchises and quickly dominate there, too!?  We guess Wario is short for Warrior.  PRODUCT DETAILSTransform into the gold-stealing, golf-winning, minigame-making madman that loves to show Mario up in the mustache game with this Wario Kit, officially licensed by Nintendo’s Super Mario Brothers.  This kit includes a pair of white gloves with Wario’s iconic blue W, an adhesive, faux mustache designed to look like Wario’s own, and his dull yellow hat.  Make sure to flex your backside muscles for this look!LOTS TO SAYRemember that Wario has a deeper, gruffer voice than the high-pitched and happy tune of Mario.  Plus, he ditches that overdone Italian accent for some really brutal commentary.  For a guy who takes second stage to the red-clad hero, Wario could teach him a thing or two about debate!  Fortunately, with this kit, you might not even have to get to that point, though.

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  • Adult Duffman Kit

    Adult Duffman Kit

    Are you ready for some Duff love? shouts Duffman with a big toothy smile. He is always ready for a fantastic time. Who doesn’t want to party with him?Normally only the residents of Springfield have the accessibility to good ol’ Duff Beer. Now, with Homer’s permission, of course, the licensed Simpsons kit is available to you (sorry it doesn’t include the beer). Time to start the party! Duff Beer wants you to drink responsibly while looking handsome. You may not be drinking the same stuff as the boys at Moe‚Äôs Tavern, but you‚Äôll still be living it up with your friends. Like the slogan says, ‚ÄúCan‚Äôt get enough of that wonderful Duff!”The licensed Adult Duffman Kit includes a Duff logo hat that has an elastic band for a snug fit. An awesome foam belt that fastens with the magic of Velcro (yes, Velcro is magic). On the belt 4 can coolers with the Duff logo, this way any beverage will look like a Duff Beer can (those other drinks can fake it till they make it). One word of advice: don’t do to much belly dancing, you’ll shake up the beer! Just add a smile, cool shades, and flash those muscles like the Duffman himself. When you enter a room, remember the Duffman tagline, “Oh, yeah.” You will be set for a great night.

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  • Adult Toad Kit

    Adult Toad Kit

    Just another day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Oh, no! Bowser is coming, get Princess Peach and run! Let’s hope Mario is around here to save the day! Become the servant and protector of Princess Peach in the Adult Toad Kit. Toad is a wonderful dude who always helps out Mario. But, Bowser just won’t leave the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom residents alone. Dress up with your friends as other characters from Mario games, or go solo. The Kit includes a blue vest with golden edging. Also, a Stuffed hat that looks like Toad’s cute little mushroom head. The hat has an elastic edge band to keep it in place. Get ready to liven up the party with a little piece of the Mushroom Kingdom!

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  • Child Yoshi Kit

    Child Yoshi Kit

    ‚ÄúMmmm. Worms good.‚Äù Do you like worms? Have you ever thought to yourself that you just really want to slurp down one of those little squiggly fellows? No, probably not, but Yoshi sure does! So, don‚Äôt be surprised if, once you put this Yoshi kit on, you have the propensity to ditch the gummy worms for the real thing‚Ķ Seeing a dinosaur, in this day and age, has never been easier! It is no longer necessary for you to do genetic experiments using mosquitoes and frogs! All you need is this Child Yoshi Kit, and your child will look exactly like Mario’s fun dino pal and MarioKart rival. Just strap on the shell and hood, and your little one will be ready to save Princess Peach, get behind the wheel of a go-kart, or just have a party with the whole Nintendo gang!

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  • Adult Yoshi Kit

    Adult Yoshi Kit

    One of the best things about T. Yoshisaurus Munchakoopas is that he’s not just another cute animatronic dinosaur Рhe’s also a breakdancing Nintendo superstar with a fantastic talent for grasping and throwing things with his tongue. Those are skillz! He can even swallow something and then produce a spotted egg, which is straight-up magical. He’s also a great race car driver, and a noted user of the “Ground Pound”, which is just like it sounds Рdropping bottom-first after a jump in order to destroy blocks or damage opponents (it’s pretty killer to behold). And when it comes to smooth moves, this guy has got it down with his Flutter Jump!So if you’re ready for a top secret mission to the Mushroom Kingdom, you really couldn’t pick a better disguise than this Adult Yoshi Kit. After all, what better spy tactic is there than looking like a friendly visitor who has some serious stealth tricks up his dinosaur sleeve? Go Yoshi go go!

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  • Blood and Glow Makeup Kit Halloween

    Blood and Glow Makeup Kit Halloween

    A Creepy Host of ColorsCan we talk about Halloween colors for a minute? When we were kids it was all about orange and black. But now we’re grown. There are so many opportunities to get creepy. So let’s branch out, shall we? Let’s say you’re heading to your work Halloween party? Are you limited to a pumpkin costume to keep everything prof? No! Get wild with your makeup and you’ll see your costume opportunities expand. Say you’re headed to a zombie pub crawl weeks before Halloween. You can wear anything that you’re willing to rip up and get blood on. Now, are you going to stick to the script and follow a Youtube tutorial perfectly? Nope! Have fun with it! Shake things up with plenty of gory drips. Dressing up is all about having fun. Shake things up with a kit that you’ll look forward to having fun with again and again!Product DetailsPaint Glow makeup is all about having a ball. These six tubes of paint feature a toxic looking glow in the dark green, fake blood gel, blood gel and white makeup that’s black light sensitive, and clear glow in the dark makeup. Perfect for club makeup and horror house looks this makeup kit is sure to make any costume pop!

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  • Workout Video Star Kit

    Workout Video Star Kit

    Let’s face it. Working out is exactly that, hard work! You probably just wanted to dress up in a funny costume, look like some kind of celebrity workout star and have a good laugh, but getting some realistic accessories means lugging around REAL weights all through he party. Wouldn’t be awesome if you could have some realistic looking accessories that didn’t turn dressing up in a funny costume into hard work? Well, we got your back!This Workout Video Star kit combines with our exclusive costume to give you a look that’s ready to dance it out to some oldies. It comes with a set of sweat bands and some fake dumbbells, so you can get your laughs in without having to break out a sweat. (And just in case you do, those sweat bands should help keep your wrist and forehead dry!) Now, break out that those classic oldies tunes playing on your music player and strut your stuff!

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  • Adult Zorro Accessory Kit

    Adult Zorro Accessory Kit

    So you‚Äôve decided to be a dashing black-clad masked outlaw who defends the commoners and indigenous people of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains!First, you‚Äôre going to need a lil‚Äô background info on just what kind of role you‚Äôre stepping into. Zorro – which is Spanish for ‚Äúfox‚Äù, btw, and will come up later – has been around this game for a few years now. 1919, to be exact. Although some movie adaptations have placed him during early Spanish rule of California, when we first met Zorro, he was a Californio nobleman living in Los Angeles during the era of Mexico rule (between 1821 and 1846). His real name is Don Diego Vega (later de la Vega), but becomes Se√±or Zorro in the pueblo of Los Angeles in California “to avenge the helpless, to punish cruel politicians”, and “to aid the oppressed.‚Äù When he is Diego by day, he acts like a ‚Äúpassionless fop‚Äù, but when he turns into Zorro, he not only becomes too cunning and foxlike for the bumbling authorities to catch, but also delights in publicly humiliating them, which leads his hero persona a certain sense of humor (which is nice, because what‚Äôs worse than a masked hero with no sense of humor?)So basically, if you‚Äôre looking to take up the mantle of a mysterious, dashing, dark-clad nobleman, you couldn‚Äôt do better than this guy. And with this Adult Zorro Accessory Kit, you’ll be off to a great start! It comes with a black cape, a black half-mask (very crucial to the Zorro look), and a belt that features a signature “Z” in front. Add black leather pants, black boots,a loose black shirt, and a toy sword, and you’ll be ready to slicing “Z”‘s into the air (and into the hearts of adoring fans) wherever you go!

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  • Blind Mice Costume Kit

    Blind Mice Costume Kit

    SOME REALLY BLIND MICE…Nursery rhymes often have bizarrely dark origins and the cuter the rhyme, the darker it seems to get!  There is the idea of the three blind mice.  This sing-songy little diddy is rough enough as it is thanks to visually impaired rodents getting on the wrong track and ultimately carved apart with knives. But, then when you realize that it has some historical precedence about folks who wanted to change up the monarchy and… well… let’s just say that Queen Mary went quite a bit further than the farmer’s wife did!DESIGN & DETAILSFortunately, time and fashion let us change up how we view all sorts of things and our design team are ready to give the blind mice a second chance!  With this exclusive Blind Mice Costume Kit, you’ll have an adorable set of velvet ears on a headband, a bendable black velvet tail, and some classic sunglasses and a breakaway cane.  These accessories will help you blend into any visually-impaired look or add some mouse fun to your daily life! JUST AVOID THE FARMERSWhen you’re living the high life as an esteemed and respected blind mouse, you’ll be able to get away with a whole lot of fun.  Just watch out for certain types of folks who might want to give chase with carving knives, either way.  No sense in repeating the end of that spooky rhyme! 

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