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  • Boys Old Man Costume Kit

    Boys Old Man Costume Kit

    RESPECT YOUR ELDERSKids are told time and time again that wisdom needs to be listened to and that they should prize the folks who have walked the world longer than they.  Give the elders respect and adhere to the insight that they have to give.  Do what they say!  That’s a lot of almost oppressive obligation for a kid to listen to and many are going to resist the effort.  They might even try to come up with ways to turn the tables. Of course, a particularly clever tyke might just turn that entire thing up on its end and transform into your old folks in order to get away with all sorts of trouble.  It isn’t that we want to encourage such behavior or would delight in hearing the story of what happened, but… that’s definitely true!  And we’re pretty sure that your kiddo (and even you) will love the whole experience.PRODUCT DETAILSLet your tyke see just what it is like to be walking around on aching bones when you help them transform into a cranky old man with this Old Man Boy’s Costume Kit.  This set of wavy gray wig, old-fashioned bow tie, and clip suspenders will give your kiddo the beginnings of a quantum leap!  Before long, they’ll be looking for their walking cane, demanding their rocking chair, and offering you some Werther’s Originals while telling you tales from the old days back on the recess fields of elementary school! ALL WITHOUT A CURSED BODY-SWAPYou’ll be able to enjoy watching your kid hobble around and demand that all the “young kids” get off their lawn when they transform into a crotchety old man with this disguise kit.  How often can you give your kiddo the opportunity to see life from another person’s perspective without it involving a weird cursed object or misspoken wish that turns into a Freaky Friday kind of situation!?  Take this opportunity while it is available! 

    $19.99 Old Man Costumes
  • Girls Old Lady Costume Kit

    Girls Old Lady Costume Kit

    Time FliesAh…they grow up so fast these days. One day, you’re watching your girl frolic in the grass with her friends and the next…holy moly…what happened? Your gal must have aged 80 years overnight!Ohhhhhh, she’s just using this Girl’s Old Lady Costume Kit! That makes a lot more sense. Phew, we were nervous! It is a clever little tool to turn any tot into a grandma faster than you can say, “When I was your age…” Sadly, it can’t make her calmer, more fiscally responsible, or any more amenable to an early dinner and bedtime, but hey, what do you expect from a costume kit? Product Details This senility-inducing set is super-fun and a little bit wacky. It comes with a grey wig set in pink curlers, as well as a blue floral shawl, and a flower clip. She may want to add some specs, a cane, gloves, or a purse full of hard candies to complete the look. Or she may want to practice working in a midday nap!Lady in TrainingWell, we’re glad your girl isn’t growing up quite so fast, but still, time flies. Encourage her kooky costume with this transformative kit that may even give her a glimpse into her future. Just make sure she doesn’t cover your couch in plastic while she’s in character!

    $19.99 Accessory Kits
  • Women's Mary Poppins Accessory Kit

    Women’s Mary Poppins Accessory Kit

    A Cheery DispositionDo you think you have what it takes to become the nanny of the Banks children? Well, as you may well know, the position has a long list of musts. You’ve got to have everything from rosy cheeks to musical, singing songs was a must for both the Banks children and for us. Also, you’ve got to be careful not to give those kids castor oil. Because if you do then you might end up with toads in your bed and pepper in your tea. Honestly, we think you’ve got this position in the bag. . . along with everything else you somehow fit in there! Product DetailsOther than singing about sugar and flying around by umbrella, there are a couple things that make Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins. For one, her white gloves are always impeccably clean. Then there’s the jaunty flowered hat that she always wears. And finally? Her little red bow tie. She might seem buttoned up but her little red bow tie hints at all the fun that’s in store for the children under her care. Up, up, and Away!While we’re leaving Poppin’s main outfit to you, we’ve got her accessories covered. You can keep it classic, pairing the daisy detailed hat with a white blouse and a long black skirt. Or you could give Mary a modern twist, after all the flying around she does in the London air, we bet she’d be thrilled to wear a pair of chic slacks. Speaking of, don’t forget to bring along your umbrella as you’re headed out, who wants to struggle to find a taxi on Halloween night? Want to make it a group affair? Pair up with good ol’ Bert and maybe a few penguins and you are sure to have a wildly whimsical evening out. What else would you expect from Mary Poppins?

    $24.99 Disney Accessories
  • Kids Firefighter Kit

    Kids Firefighter Kit

    If your kiddo is dreaming of being a fire fighter when he grows up, well, then like every firefighter, he will have to be two things, both courageous and prepared! This Kids Firefighter Kit will help your kiddo get a jump start on his dream career. With all the tools in this kit your little hero will be prepared to fend of any fire and they’ll be half way to being a pro! All he needs now is to build up the courage (along with the proper training) and this dream job will be within reach. This kit comes with a classic red hat , a fire extinguisher, a mighty axe, a handy walky-talky, a crowbar, and a shiny badge. It comes with everything your child will need to put any fire to rest. You just need to supply your little one with the confidence and bravery, then not a single flame on earth will stand a chance against your Firefighting kiddo!

    $9.99 Firefighter Costumes
  • Kid Cat in the Hat Insta-Tux Kit

    Kid Cat in the Hat Insta-Tux Kit

    I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny, said the Cat in the Hat! He always rhymes the right words, and danced the right moves. He is truly the cat’s meow! So, why not get your copy of your favorite Dr. Seuss book, then get ready for a good time. Now your kid can be just like the magical Cat in the Hat with the Kid Cat in the Hat Insta-Tux kit. The tall red and white hat will adorn their heads as they spin the rhymes. A white furry patch with a red bow tie will bring together the iconic look as they quote the world renown Dr.Seuss. Oh, the places you’ll go as The Cat in the Hat!

    $19.99 Dr. Seuss Costumes
  • Plague Doctor Kit

    Plague Doctor Kit

    Are you sick of “modern” medicine that has completely ruined your business? Are you someone who uses somewhat dubious methods to treat plague-infected people? Do you enjoy wearing bird masks? Then you need this Plague Doctor kit. Not only is a plague doctor really creepy, they’re also historically accurate. Walk around with your hood up, your top hat looking dapper, and your beaky mask over your face. Sure, you want to help sick people, but you certainly don’t want to be getting sick yourself, right? The black death is making its way across the continent and you need to keep healthy. Besides, with such a scary outfit, all those contagious plague people might simply run the other way. You don’t need to worry about a thing, doctor. You are a doctor, aren’t you? You went to medical school, right? Hmm… now that we look at you, maybe it was a bad idea to have you do this surgery…

    $29.99 Steampunk Costumes
  • Police Deputy Play Kit

    Police Deputy Play Kit

    Following the RulesSome kids are a stickler for the rules. They like to obey every rule to a T and they want to make sure that everyone else is following the rules. They might try to tell the other kids to slow down on their tricycles on the sidewalk. They might try to bust any kid who tries to sneak a cookie out of the cookie jar. That’s when you know that you have a little police officer on your hands!So, what do you do when you realize that your child is destined to be a law enforcement official? Well, we think you should encourage their rule-following ways by dressing them up as a police officer. Deep down, that’s what they really want! You can start by getting this police deputy play kit.Product DetailsThis handy little police officer accessory kit comes with tons of toys for your child to use for playing the role of the newest rookie on the force. It comes with a pair of toy binoculars, sunglasses, a nightstick, handcuffs, a badge, a watch, a wallet and a faux walkie-talkie! That’s just about everything you’d find on a cop’s utility belt.Playground PatrolJust suit your little one up with this cop accessory set and your child will be ready to bust any rule-breakers on the playground. Make sure to pair it up with one of our many police officer costumes for kids for the full effect!

    $14.99 Police Costumes
  • Blind Mice Costume Kit

    Blind Mice Costume Kit

    SOME REALLY BLIND MICE…Nursery rhymes often have bizarrely dark origins and the cuter the rhyme, the darker it seems to get!  There is the idea of the three blind mice.  This sing-songy little diddy is rough enough as it is thanks to visually impaired rodents getting on the wrong track and ultimately carved apart with knives. But, then when you realize that it has some historical precedence about folks who wanted to change up the monarchy and… well… let’s just say that Queen Mary went quite a bit further than the farmer’s wife did!DESIGN & DETAILSFortunately, time and fashion let us change up how we view all sorts of things and our design team are ready to give the blind mice a second chance!  With this exclusive Blind Mice Costume Kit, you’ll have an adorable set of velvet ears on a headband, a bendable black velvet tail, and some classic sunglasses and a breakaway cane.  These accessories will help you blend into any visually-impaired look or add some mouse fun to your daily life! JUST AVOID THE FARMERSWhen you’re living the high life as an esteemed and respected blind mouse, you’ll be able to get away with a whole lot of fun.  Just watch out for certain types of folks who might want to give chase with carving knives, either way.  No sense in repeating the end of that spooky rhyme! 

    $14.99 Mouse Costumes
  • Deluxe Dalmatian Kit

    Deluxe Dalmatian Kit

    Puppies really have the life, don’t they? They get to spend most of their day taking naps. When they wake up, they play and eat until they get tired and then they just get to nap some more. It’s pretty easy to see why anyone would be barking at the chance to become a puppy for a day. This costume kit happens to help you turn into one of the most adorable puppies of all time, the Dalmatian.This deluxe Dalmatian kit comes with three great accessories that transform you into one adorable little doggie! The headband has a pair of white plush puppy ears with black spots. The matching tail is made of the same spotted plush material can be fastened to your pants to give you a wagging good look. The final piece to the kit is the collar, which is bright red and comes with an attached yellow tag. Once you have the kit on, you’ll have a busy day full of sleepy time and puppy games ahead of you!

    $14.99 Dalmatian Costumes
  • 2 Piece Giraffe Kit

    2 Piece Giraffe Kit

    This is a giraffe ears and tail set.

    $8.99 Giraffe Costumes
  • 2 Piece Fox Kit

    2 Piece Fox Kit

    This is a two piece fox kit.

    $14.99 Fox Costumes
  • 2 Piece Raccoon Kit

    2 Piece Raccoon Kit

    This is a 2 Piece Raccoon Kit. 

    $14.99 Raccoon Costumes
  • 3 Piece Nurse Kit

    3 Piece Nurse Kit

    To Your HealthA bedside manner is a true art form. A good health care professional needs to find the right way to tell Mr. Smith that he needs to stop wandering his shared suite in his birthday suit even if Benjamin Franklin swore by a daily stroll in the nude for one’s health. Nurses get all the difficult chores. They have to get their patients up in the middle of the night to get poked and prodded for testing. They doll out bitter medicine to cranky folks who just want to go home. And let’s not forget that they have to deal with the doctors on staff as well! That’s why we, as a society, send all our love to nurses! Product DescriptionThis set will let you build your nurse costume however you see fit! Whether you’re dressing in slacks or a skirt, you’ll need the traditional nurse hat and a stethoscope, we threw the red and white garter in there for good measure. You never know when you’ll need a tourniquet!On DutyWith a red and white color scheme, this set will match almost any nurse costume in our catalog! Want to keep your costume simple? Go DIY and simply throw on a white dress that you already have. After all, we all know nurses are resourceful!

    $14.99 Nurse Costumes
  • 3 Pc. Mouse Kit

    3 Pc. Mouse Kit

    This costume is a mouse-terpiece!Some people shriek in fear of mice, but we can’t get enough of them. Their twitching noses, their fuzzy bodies, and their cute pink ears make them one of our favorite animals, so we can see why you’re looking to dress as a mouse. Crafting your costume, using accessories and pieces of clothing you already have in your closet, is a sure-fire way to have a one of kind animal themed costume. This 3 piece mouse kit will definitely make your task a whole lot easier.This kit comes with the ear headband, the pink bow tie, and the long safety-clip tail. Just pick up a gray crop top and a matching tutu to get the look that is showcased here. We have a feeling that you’ll love this costume you created and you’ll go as far as to say that it’s a mouse-terpiece (ha, see what we did there?). Also, you may want to keep a block of cheese in your purse because we have a feeling that you’ll get a sudden craving for it!

    $14.99 Mouse Costumes
  • 2 Piece Showgirl Unicorn Kit

    2 Piece Showgirl Unicorn Kit

    This is a 2-Piece Showgirl Unicorn Kit.

    $19.99 Unicorn Costumes
  • Blind Mouse Kit

    Blind Mouse Kit

    You and your two best friends have been trying to find a group costume for a while. Couple costumes are easy but when you’re picking out something for the three of you, it can be tricky to avoid that dreaded third wheel feeling. Take for instance that time when two of you dressed like milk and cookies and the other dressed as a mouse. We kind of get it but it’s sort of a stretch, pretty much every animal likes cookies. Then there was that time you and the same friend dressed as a bull and matador and your other friend dressed as a mouse again. That made no sense but your mousey friend insisted on calling it a group costume! Okay, maybe you should take your friend’s hint and all go as the three blind mice this year. We’ve made it easy on you with this adorable blind mouse kit. Just put on your ears, the little bow tie, and tail, and tap tap tap your way to a great evening. Just keep your ear to the ground for the farmer’s wife, she’s a real devil with that knife!

    $14.99 Accessory Kits
  • Adult Bob Ross Kit

    Adult Bob Ross Kit

    Some people go gaga over Picasso. Others love the influential works of Leonardo da Vinci. Us? Well, we’re a little more simple when it comes art. We like…happy little clouds and their friends. We like happy trees and, well, gosh darn it, we like Bob Ross. There’s just something about his zen-like attitude and those calm brush strokes that make us feel at peace. There’s something about his deep, yet gentle voice that lulls us into a zone of comfort. And there’s definitely something going on with that fluffy afro on the top of his head. We’re not sure exactly what’s going on with that thing, but we love it! If only there was a way for anyone to harness that style…Wait! Now you CAN become just like the legendary painter on PBS with this Bob Ross kit! Of course, the kit comes with that unmistakable permed hair in the form of a synthetic wig, along with his signature facial hair, so you can start your painting career with ease! Just make sure to paint a few happy trees for us!

    $24.99 Accessory Kits
  • Fun World Day of the Dead Male Makeup Kit

    Fun World Day of the Dead Male Makeup Kit

    Admit it: You’ve always been intrigued by makeup and have wanted to try your hand at decorating your face just like you saw Mommy do to hers. Day of the Dead gives you permission to paint your face without ridicule, all under the guise of tradition. So go all out. Transform yourself into the glamorous skull boy that’s always been lurking underneath.Celebrate the Day of the Dead as a living sugar skull! This Day of the Dead Male Makeup kit has everything you need to transform your face into a mask of death. If you’re unfamiliar with the holiday and are looking for tips, here are some basics. First of all, the holiday is the first of November, not “Mexican Halloween,” and has traditions descended both from native Aztec traditions and Catholic interpretations brought by Spanish colonists. The Catrina, the name used for elaborate skull faces, shouldn’t be scary––the holiday is meant to commemorate the dead with celebration of their lives, and all the skeleton imagery is to normalize the cycle of life and death. After all, we all have skeletons inside us. What’s scary about that? So go all out this Dia de los Muertos with this Day of the Dead Male Makeup kit!

    $5.99 Day of the Dead Costumes
  • Wonder Woman Accessory Kit

    Wonder Woman Accessory Kit

    Anyone who’s ever seen an Amazonian warrior in a fight knows that they’re not to be messed with. So when a supervillain is up against Diana, a.k.a. “Wonder Woman” a.a.k.a. “Princess of the Amazonian home world,” her opponents are pretty much guaranteed to have a very bad day. Few can rival her skills in hand to hand combat or with a sword and shield, and her dazzling uniform is perfectly designed for swift movement and fierce attacks!No matter what era of WW you’re dressing up as, you’ll find this Wonder Woman Accessory Kit will come in handy to add some stylish authenticity to your look! It includes a gold toned tiara headband and matching pointed belt, and a gold braided Lasso of Truth accessory, which doesn’t actually make people tell the truth. (but it you don’t have to tell them that) You’ll look so heroic, you could form your own costumed Justice League!

    $9.99 Wonder Woman Costumes
  • Pumpkin Drink Dispenser Kit

    Pumpkin Drink Dispenser Kit

    Next-Level GreatnessLet’s be honest: anyone can “throw a party,” but few know how to set up a true shindig! What’s the difference? Well, we’re thrilled you asked! A party is an informal gathering for the purpose of merrymaking. But a shindig is a lively affair that truly celebrates something! Like…Halloween, for example. So how do you take your night from “chill vibes” to “epic and going viral?” Easy! You go above and beyond to create a sensory experience your guests will never forget. Think above and beyond typical Halloween decor of streamers, strobe lights, and tombstones. Take this Pumpkin Drink Dispenser Kit, for instance. Anyone can serve punch out of an urn, but it takes a true party master to turn a real pumpkin into a place to imbibe!Product DetailsThis clever kit should be on your supply list! It comes with 1 spout, 1 carver, 1 scoop, and 1 2-liter bag, and can turn your prized pumpkin patch pick into a much-used centerpiece of the evening. Trust us: try this neat trick and see how many times you’re tagged in people’s photos of your event!Cheers!So don’t waste another minute on cheap plastic drink containers. This kit will give you the perfect place to pour your libations, and set the stage for an epic event folks will be talking about for years to come!

    $14.99 Indoor and Home Decorations
  • Vampire Eyes Makeup Kit

    Vampire Eyes Makeup Kit

    TRULY CHARMINGAll sorts of stories tell us of the mystique of the vampire and the various power that come with the undead affiliation.  We’ve got some shapeshifting.  There are several friendly beasts of the night.  Immortality… can’t forget that bonus.  But, the allure of the vampire can’t be ignored.  (Often, literally.)  Something about their direct gaze just sends we lowly humans into a complete daze and we find ourselves willing to do anything they want.  Even writing captivating copy to describe how awesome they are!  PRODUCT DETAILSEnjoy the dark powers of the vampire, especially their charming gaze, when you use this magical Vampire Eyes Makeup Kit to transform yourself from dreamy daywalker into the mysterious force of the afterlife.  This black and white makeup base gives you that dead, pale look, and two long eyelashes adhere to your own with simple self-adhesive.  Use the included blood scab and red lipstick to give yourself a post-feeding look or just flash those blinkers to get down for real!VAMPIRE MAGICEven if we weren’t charmed by the strange power of vampiric beings, we’d still love the look of anyone in these Vampire Eyes.  Is it the long lashes?  The contrast of red and black?  (It’s probably just the immortality of this look, honestly!) 

    $12.99 Vampire Costumes
  • Fun World Complete Unicorn Makeup Kit

    Fun World Complete Unicorn Makeup Kit

    MYSTICAL MYSTERIESFolks have wondered for ages where the unicorns may have gone.  Since they appear in all sorts of different cultural legends, it seems only fitting that they must have been around some time.  Maybe they got overlooked on that big boat?Of course, with a being that has so many exotic and mysterious powers, it seems more likely that they’re hidden in plain sight.  Perhaps they’re shapeshifters, masquerading around as humans.  Perhaps we just need to let them feel comfortable to come out into the open again! PRODUCT DETAILSWhether you’re trying to draw one out or reveal your true form to the rest of the world, this Complete Unicorn Makeup Kit is bound to help you charge into the light of day like the gleaming rainbow creature you are.  This makeup kit includes a spiral unicorn horn as well as dark, light, and magenta makeup tones to help you create a radiant umbral look.  Accent it further with diamond baubles and you’ll feel like legit magic. A WINNING WHINNYWatch the awe in the faces of all those around you when you strut your unicorn style out thanks to the magic of this Makeup Kit.  You’ll definitely want to practice those unicorn calls because you’ll look so authentic that you might be conjuring the real ones out of the woodwork!  

    $12.99 Unicorn Costumes
  • WWE Finn Balor Adult Kit

    WWE Finn Balor Adult Kit

    This is a WWE Finn Balor Adult Kit. 

    $24.99 Wrestling Costumes
  • Forum Deluxe Demon Makeup Kit

    Forum Deluxe Demon Makeup Kit

    A Devilish FacadeThere are a few ways to seem like you’ve recently crept out from the depths of the earth’s crust to gather souls. You could throw on a red velvet lined cloak and set up buckets of dry ice where ever you go for dramatic entrances. You could also try painting that old pitchfork red and show up at after-school detention to make those spitball-throwing kids toss away their grody straws forever. None of these actions communicate a demonic aura quite as well as a classic red devil face, artistically achieved with this wild, red face paint kit. Product DetailsThis Halloween, choose from three different designs with this makeup kit. You’ll receive a makeup tray with an applicator, a dark red base coat, and four detailing crayons including two red, one black, and one white for accent lines. The makeup goes on smoothly and washes off with water at the end of the night. Beauty for BeelzebubIf you’re stepping out as the Prince of Darkness this Halloween, you’re going to need a fierce look. Leave your human form behind with this flaming paint. While we can supply you with detailed, high-quality makeup, it’s up to you to work on that evil devil cackle!

    $6.99 Devil Costumes