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  • Koala Kigurumi Costume

    Koala Kigurumi Costume

    Everyone loves a good costume party, but they can be quite exhausting, can’t they? Sure, you get to converse with all of your friends about their outfit choice, you get to listen some music and maybe you do a little bit of dancing. Then, you feel ready for a nap…but that doesn’t have to be the end of the party! What if there was an outfit that let you switch straight from party mode to nap mode, all while giving you an adorable look to boot? It’s too bad no one ever came up with an idea like that. Oh wait, there’s this Koala Kigurumi!This Koala Kirugumi brings you an adorable costume look that doubles as pajama wear. With an extra soft fleece design, you’ll feel comfortable snuggling up for a nice nap, or ready to crash the costume party with adorable style. It has a character hood on the top, so all you need to do is flip it up to go into full-koala party mode!

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  • Adult Giraffe Kigurumi Costume

    Adult Giraffe Kigurumi Costume

    Did you know that giraffes in the wild sleep around 30 minutes a day? That’s right, only 30 whole minutes a day! Those mellow critters can’t really afford to sit down to rest for more than 5 minutes; otherwise they might become dinner for a hungry lion or a roaming hyena. Those giraffes must really relish in those few minutes a day that they can let their guard down to sit down for a nice little nap. Can you even imagine how nice a nap must feel as a giraffe? Well, we invite you to engage in a little experiment and all you need is this pajama style kigurumi and a good place to take a nap!This adult giraffe Kigurumi is a Japanese style pajama costume that’s designed to be ultra-comfortable. It zips up in front and it’s made out of a polyester fleece material that’s super-soft to the touch, but that’s not even the best part. The best part about this costume is the attached hood, which is shaped like a giraffe’s head, with cute little eyes and tiny horns (called ossicones). Once you have it on, you’ll feel like a cute and cozy giraffe, ready for a nice little nap.All you need to do to find out what it’s like for a giraffe to nap, you just need to slip into this outfit and curl up on your couch (or your other favorite nap spot) and enjoy a nice 5 minute power nap like a real giraffe. Of course, this costume is also great for any animal themed costume party if that’s your cup of tea!

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  • Adult Rilakkuma Kigurumi Pajama Costume

    Adult Rilakkuma Kigurumi Pajama Costume

    If there’s one thing that the Japanese are masters at, it’s making awesome things even better. Take the humble teddy bear for instance. A great children’s toy, but when San-X got a hold of it, they created the adorable and lovable Rilakkuma! Now, you can dress just like him with this Rilakkuma Kigurumi Pajama Costume. It’s ultra-soft, so you can feel as cozy as plush animal wrapped in a blanket while wearing it and it has all the bear’s features designed right into the hood! It’s great for taking naps, or for chilling with all your friends! Who knows? Maybe Korilakkuma will swing over for a visit once you have this adorable jammies outfit on!

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  • Wolf Adult Kigurumi Costume

    Wolf Adult Kigurumi Costume

    Big bad wolf. Ready to huff and puff and make the forest a dangerous place to visit. Apex predator and top dog of the animal kingdom.Nahhhh, that’s not our style! We love wolves but we prefer our animals to be a whole lot more chill. And sometimes softer. And more adorable. Come to think of it, we love stuffed animals the most!Now, it’s not very easy to transform into animal. Let alone to transform into a stuffed animal. But let us introduce you to something that does just the trick. The Kigurumi! Originally from Japan, these fun animal inspired pajamas features soft sculpted details and amazing animal themes. And since they’re basically just upgraded pajamas, they work equally great as sleepwear and as a costume!This Wolf Kigurumi for adults is no exception. It has an adorable wolf face and a tail, so any human can become a cool canine. And with soft 100 percent polyester fleece, we’re sure you’ll love it for dress up day at school or work, or for dozing off in when you’re just hanging out. With a one size fits most design, this pajama set is equally suited for both men and women. But consult our size chart for the perfect fit!When you go out in this Kigurumi, we’re sure you’re going to love wolfing around. And maybe you’ll even get a chance to howl at the moon! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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  • How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Adult Kigurumi Costume

    How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Adult Kigurumi Costume

    Waking up is the worst. You hear the sound of the alarm clock going off and you know it’s time to get up, get dressed, and get out the door. Being torn from the pleasant luxuries of warm blankets and soft pillows is a complaint worth griping over, but luckily this newest trend from Japan eases the pain a little bit. Introducing the kigurumi! Kigurumis are the coziest pajamas that are perfectly suitable to wear when going about daily business. Plus, they are designed to look like your favorite movie and television characters. So the next time you have to make a trip to the post office, you can soar there instead. Designed to look exactly like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, this adult kigurumi features a pair of attached wings so all your errands will now be carried out by flying! The plush fleece fabric gives you the comfort of lying in your bed, while the character hood and tail turns you into the Alpha of all dragons. The transition from comfy bed to the real world will be more manageable if you introduce a kigurumi into your life. This specific one makes you look like Hiccup’s rare dragon bestie, Toothless. Be prepared to feel ferocious enough to take on the day, while staying snugly as can be.

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  • Super Mario Brothers Adult Mario Kigurumi Costume

    Super Mario Brothers Adult Mario Kigurumi Costume

    Super Snooze BrosDo you think Mario ever gets tired? Just look at the guy! He spends most of his time saving the Mushroom Kingdom and defeating Bowser, and when he isn’t doing that, he’s entering Mario Kart races and playing tennis with his pals. And in his off time, he battles it out with other video game characters in Super Smash Bros. We don’t even know how he makes time to work as a plumber for his day job. Well, we figured out how he does it! He takes some epic power naps to help keep in tip-top shape and he wears this Super Mario Bros Kigurumi while he takes his little snooze.Product DetailsThis Mario Kigurumi is a Japanese-style pajama costume that helps you look like your favorite Nintendo character. Both comfy and whimsical, it’s designed for both costume parties and impromptu naps during the day. The jumpsuit is made out of an ultra-comfortable fleece material and it even has the bright blues and reds of Mario’s outfit from the video games. It fits with buttons down the center of the jumpsuit and it features rib knit cuffs at the wrists and ankles to create a snug fit. It also features pockets along the sides, just in case you have a few power-ups that you want to store during your nap. Finally, the hood really brings the whole look together! The top of the head even has an embroidered “M” on the top of the hood, so all you have to do is flip the hood up and you’ll look like just like Mario when you’re taking a nap!Comfy Cosplay TimeWhether you’re looking for a comfy way to cosplay, or you just need a soft new outfit for sleeping, then this Super Mario Bros adult Kigurumi is perfect for you!

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  • Adult How to Train Your Dragon Light Fury Kigurumi

    Adult How to Train Your Dragon Light Fury Kigurumi

    This is a How to Train Your Dragon Adult Light Fury Kigurumi.

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  • Nintendo Pokemon Adult Snorlax Kigurumi

    Nintendo Pokemon Adult Snorlax Kigurumi

    Nap Attack!Want to be on the top of your game? Do you also want to cuddle up and relax all day? Why not be on the top of your napping game? Napping all day takes practice and patience. If you’re ready to train for some serious hibernation, you’ll want to channel the Snorlax, Pokemon. You might already relate to this laid-back monster. At the same time, he’s a rather elusive creature, shying away from trainers so he can keep doing what he does best. Sleepy and rebel is a combination we never knew we craved. Next time you’re looking at a rainy weekend with nothing to do, get into character when you button yourself into this utterly cozy Pokemon costume. We can’t think of a better theme for an over-sized nap-ready fleece suit!Product DetailsThis Snorlax suit is in the Japanese tradition of a Kigurumi which combines a plush creature with a pajama suit. With an oversized fit that buttons up the front, you can easily wear your own clothes underneath. Adorable details like clawed sleeves that fold over your hands and a sleepy Pokemon face will make your ensemble perfect for heading out for a costume party as well as looking extra cute when you’re lounging around the house. More Snore in StoreYou can rest easy knowing that you’ve got one of the best Pokemon around when you’ve got this costume in your closet. A great catch, Snorlax is happy to hang when you’re taking some serious downtime on the weekend. Heading to a Halloween party? You’ll look right at home munching at the snack table in this look, no awkward small talk required. Maybe now people take you seriously when you list napping as one of your favorite hobbies. It’s these little things that make it great to have Snorlax on your side!

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  • Nintendo Pokemon Adult Pikachu Kigurumi

    Nintendo Pokemon Adult Pikachu Kigurumi

    Pika-Choose PikachuIn the original games, you had 3 choices. You could choose Squirtle, the perky little water Pokemon. You could choose Bulbasaur, the plucky plant creature with an onion on his back. Or, you could choose Charmander, the little lizard with a fiery tail. Sure, those were all fun Pokemon, but that’s not the Pokemon that everyone wanted (especially if they ever saw an episode of the anime). Of course, what everyone REALLY wanted was to be like Ash. They wanted the best Pokemon of them all, Pikachu! He scurried alongside Ash through thick and thin, he could beat Pokemon that totally outmatched him, and he even knew how to foil Team Rocket like a little champ. Why would you want any other Pokemon as your starter?Well, now you can choose Pikachu as your starter… pajama set! This Pokemon Pikachu Kigurumi will have you feeling as cozy as a Pikachu!Product DetailsThis cozy kigurumi is a Japanese-style pajama costume that’s comfy for taking naps and doubles as a great costume to wear to your next costume party. It’s an ultra-soft jumpsuit made out of bright yellow fabric that matches the look of the little yellow critter from the video games. Just slip into it, fasten the line of buttons down the front, and you’re ready for a light snooze. The pajama costume even comes with a character hood, which has a pair of ears on top and Pikachu’s face designed onto the front. Just flip it up and you’ll be ready to cosplay the one and only Pikachu!It’s a Pikachu PartyYou can indulge in your inner electric-type Pokemon when you wear these Pikachu pajamas. They might not give you the ability to Thundershock your enemies, but you’ll be able to battle your foes with cuteness and coziness when you suit up in this costume!

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  • Pusheenicorn Unisex Kigurumi Costume

    Pusheenicorn Unisex Kigurumi Costume

    PUSHEEN’S GUIDE TO COMFORTWe didn’t think Pusheen the cat could possibly get any cuter, but we’ve been proven wrong. Very wrong, in fact. When the pudgy, all-gray Tabby is snacking on a triple-scoop ice cream cone while propelling a scooter, Pusheen was assumed to be at the pinnacle of cuteness. But, then it happened.Pusheenicorn! Now the supremely portly kitty with the propensity to laze around has been given a rainbow tail, mane, and a horn causing our minds to explode due to an overload of adorableness. When the Pusheenicorn kigurumi, modeled after the illustrated character, came into the office it made us squeal with sheer delight. Right then and there we knew our next all-day lounge-fest needed to incorporate this pajama jumpsuit. Relaxation doesn’t get any more magical (or adorable) than this, folks! PRODUCT DETAILSHere is a step by step guide on how to lounge as a Pusheenicorn. Step 1: Zip yourself into this soft and furry, officially licensed, unisex kigurumi featuring ultra-soft fabric, ribbed ankle cuffs, and ribbed wrist cuffs. Step 2: Put the oversized hood up to show off the squee-worthy embroidered cat face and the plush spiral horn. Step 3: Find a prime spot for lounging, plop down, and mix some magic into an easy-breezy weekend filled with lounging. Also, please note a pastel striped tail and spikes are attached to the back displaying dreamlike features associated with unicorns. A CLASSIC COZY COSTUMENot only is the Pusheenicorn the perfect pair of pajamas, it also serves as a quintessential cozy costume since there’s an element of disguise. If ‘cozy’ is your middle name, check out our wide selection of kigurumi lounge costumes so you have one for every day of the week!

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  • Adult Calico Cat Kigurumi

    Adult Calico Cat Kigurumi

    The Cat’s PajamasHave you ever heard that phrase? The cat’s pajamas? We’d heard it before, but never really knew what that meant! So, we did what any respectable adult would do about that and we did a quick search on the internet. It turns out, some real hip cats back in the 1920s used to say that phrase to describe something that was totally awesome! And here, we thought people were talking about something like thus Calico Cat Kigurumi!Of course, “the cat’s pajamas” fits this Calico Cat Kigurumi outfit on both levels! It’s an ultra-comfy suit you can wear to bed or you can wear it while you do totally awesome things like a real alley cat! Product DetailsThis cute kitty outfit is a Japanese-style pajama costume. It’s made entirely of a cozy fleece material, making it perfect for cat naps. It has the classic orange, white, and black colors, just like a real calico tabby cat. It fits with buttons down the center of the suit so you can quickly change into it. The rib-knit wrist and ankle cuffs help to keep you feeling snug. The best part of this costume has to be the hood! The hood is designed to look like a kitty’s face and features appliqued details like big, green eyes, a nose, and whiskers. It even has a pair of soft pointy ears on the top!Cat NapsThe greatest part about this kitty kigurumi (say that five times fast) is that it’s a versatile outfit! Not only does it work as a comfy pair of pajamas, but you can also use them to your next costume party. And let us tell you, a comfy kigurumi like this is the easiest way to look your best while keeping comfy at the next party!

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  • Adult's Lobster Kigurumi Costume

    Adult’s Lobster Kigurumi Costume

    Happy as a ClamDo you think lobsters are ever jealous of clams? Clams get a real nice rap for their happiness level. It’s something about their ability to hide out in their shell as the dangerous ocean roils around them. Well, lucky for you… and lobsters there’s a way to be just as cosey as a clam without moving into a hard and slimy living space! Level the lobster up to the happiest animal in the sea with a fleece kigurumi that’ll make you want to cuddle up as soon as you get home. And if you get invited to a Halloween party last minute, this will make a great costume in a pinch!Product DetailsWhether you’re a chef, a seafood lover, or just a little crabby, this cozy lobster suit is sure to stir up plenty of giggles and flavor to both your costume and lounging wardrobe. The fleece suit buttons up the front and has little crustacean legs on the sides. While the sleeves branch into hilarious lobster claws, you can also have access to your human hands with a slot in your sleeves. This look is pretty slick as there’s a soft shell texture on the back for a 360 disguise. The whole look is completed with a yellow lined hood with an adorable lobster head on top. Oversized enough to wear layers underneath for cold weather parties and soft enough to lounge in after a day of feasting, there’s always a reason to wear this lobster kigurumi.Go Ahead, Get ShellfishDecision making can be tricky when you’re deciding on what cozy kigurumi to buy. Shake things up with a hilarious lobster costume that’s party ready as soon as it arrives at your door. You don’t even have to add butter anyone up to make this a real show stopper!

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  • Flying Squirrel Kigurumi

    Flying Squirrel Kigurumi

    Treetop DaydreamsHave you ever thought about how cozy flying squirrel life would be? You’d curl up in the knot of a tree with all your cuddly little family members when the night came. And when the sun came up, you’d fling yourself into the air and glide into the next tree. You’d explore the forest throughout the day, floating on the air, taking in the view from the treetops. All while chomping on nuts and seeds. We think that all sounds pretty great. We humans might not be able to fly from treetop to treetop but we can live life a little more like the squirrels. You can climb a few trees, always taking advantage of any treehouses in your vicinity. You can eat more nuts and seeds. But most importantly, when night comes, you’ve gotta up your cuddle game!Product DetailsLevel up your cozy wear when you slip into this Flying Squirrel Kigurumi. The soft fleece allows for the highest level of chill while the wings and squirrely features promise adventure when the sun is shining again. This over-size suit has pockets on the sides and buttons up the front, allowing you to easily slip it over fitted clothing, making it a perfect cold weather costume. The over-sized hood has big embroidered eyes and pink-lined ears to make sure people recognize how cute you are at first glance!A Not So Nutty IdeaWhy should you only be able to wear your Halloween costume once a year? This adorable look works great for Halloween events as well as pajama parties and next level at home cozy-wear for snow days. Have a cozy pal who’s looking for a similar look? Kigurumis come in all sorts of critter themes. Next time a rainy day comes your way, you could have a super soft cozy critter party. Now that’s an idea any forest creature could get behind!

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  • Lilo & Stitch Scrump Kigurumi Costume For Adult

    Lilo & Stitch Scrump Kigurumi Costume For Adult

    Lilo & Stitch Adult Scrump Kigurumi Costume

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  • Platypus Kigurumi Costume

    Platypus Kigurumi Costume

    Questions from Down UnderNature answers an important question with the platypus. What would happen if you combined a duck, a beaver, and a puppy dog into one animal? Well, you get an animal that has a duck bill, a beaver fur and tail, and a personality as adorable as a puppy dog! Give it to Australia to introduce us to one of the weirdest critters in the world. It mixes the strange with the absolutely adorable… and, quite frankly, we can’t get enough of the cute little critters.How about you? Are you as in love with mother nature’s odd anomaly of an animal that is the platypus? Well, then it’s time to cozy up like your favorite creature with this ultra-comfortable and ultra-adorable Platypus Kigurumi.Product DetailsThis adult kigurumi is a Japanese style pajama costume that’s perfect for pajama parties or for just a little mid-day snooze. It comes with an ultra-soft jumpsuit that’s made out of a light brown fleece fabric. The belly of the suit is a cream color and features buttons along the center. Side seam pockets let you store a few goodies in your pajamas while you nap and the rib knit cuffs help keep you snug inside this costume pajama set. The hood features a stuffed duckbill and appliqued details on the top. Finally, the finishing touch to the outfit is the stuffed tail attached to the back. Once you have it on, you can slumber like the Australian marsupial!Platypus at the Pajama PartyIf you’re looking for a pair of soft pajamas that are a little out of the ordinary, then this Platypus Kigurumi costume is a great look. Of course, if you’re looking to be extra-comfortable at your next costume party, then this cozy outfit is also exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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  • Polar Bear Kigurumi

    Polar Bear Kigurumi

    Let’s Get PolarLet’s get polar. With four paws! You know what we mean. Getting into some Polar Bear business! Booking a flight up to the Arctic Circle, disembarking, and roaring our way onto an ice floe. We’ll probably catch some fish along the way, hang out with some seals, and tumble in some snow. We’re sure it’s gonna be a ton of fun to be a polar bear!On second thought. Naw! Let’s just skip all that and fire up a National Geographic documentary and watch all of that happen from the comfort of our own home. But, we’re not suggesting that you skip the Polar Bear style. Nope, not one bit! All you gotta do to go polar when you’re at home is to slip into this Polar Bear Kigurumi. With fun animal style on this pajama set, you’re gonna be ready to roar while you watch all those wildlife documentaries!Product DetailsThis is an authentic Kigurumi from Sazac. If you’re not familiar with the Kigurumi, well, let us explain. They’re the newest pajama trend from Japan! Fun animal themed pajamas became a pretty instant success there, and it didn’t take long for the trend to cross the sea.Sazac is a top manufacturer of Kigurumi animal pajamas, and we’re proud to offer them right here at Because (obviously) they make great costumes! This Polar Bear pajama set is made with super soft 100 percent polyester fleece, has facial features on the hood, and even has paw pads on the attached mitts. Now, that’s Kigur-a-riffic!Total comfortLet us assure you, costume pajamas make for a great costume. You can dance and party in total comfort. But they’re great to use as pajamas, too! Wear them to bed or for just hanging out around the house. Whenever you wear this Kigurumi set, we’re sure you’re going to be one very cool polar bear!

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  • Raccoon Kigurumi

    Raccoon Kigurumi

    You Can Reach the TopIn June of 2018, something incredible happened. One determined (and adorable) raccoon did the unthinkable. He climbed all 25 stories of the UBS Plaza building in St. Paul, Minnesota. He scaled floor after floor, his tiny paws clutching onto the side of the building for dear life. He rested on window sills to take a breather, but he never gave up. Did he know that there would be a feast of cat food waiting for him at the top? Did he know that he would be safely transported to a new and better home when the adventure was all over? No one really knows what he was thinking, but the whole world watched as this tiny critter inspired us all to persevere!Okay, so maybe we’re from Minnesota and this raccoon’s story is the biggest thing to happen to our state since Paul Bunyan! Still, you can’t deny how adorable and uplifting this tiny animal’s tale is. We like to think there’s a little bit of the St. Paul raccoon in all of us, just waiting for a chance to shine. Maybe it’s time that you tapped into your inner raccoon for your next costume party!Product DetailsThis raccoon kigurumi helps you embrace your own spirit of inner resolve! Now, we don’t recommend scaling any skyscrapers while wearing it, since the pajama-style outfit is more suited for a day of lounging than climbing. The soft and cozy fabric makes for the perfect nap attire, but that’s not even the best part! The attached hood has a raccoon face designed into the top of it to make you feel like one cute critter. Combine that with the raccoon tail attached to the back of it and you might be ready to hop off of the couch to start your own adventure of epic proportions!Cozy, Comfy, ConfidentYou can wear this kigurumi style costume to celebrate the St. Paul raccoon’s success, or you can just wear it as your new comfy outfit for movie night. Either way, you’ll be feeling as cute, comfortable, and confident as a raccoon!

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  • Shiba Inu Kigurumi

    Shiba Inu Kigurumi

    Defiantly IndependentIndependence. Isn’t that what all humans crave? After all, we devote plenty of holidays to the idea. We all desire to move through life, unhindered by the restraints of society. We all wish to decide our own fate by making our own decisions. Most creatures in the animal kingdom don’t fully understand our plight! Do you see the yearning for independence in the common lemming or that annoying squirrel who hangs out in your backyard? No. Only the humble Shiba Inu understands the struggle for independence.Yes, the Shiba Inu. It’s the dog that understands you. If you’ve ever met one of the cute little doggos, then you know that they get it. Each one is like a mini James Dean—a rebel without a cause. They eat on their own schedule. They only cuddle when they feel like it (or not at all). They play ball when it suits them and casually watch you fetch the tennis ball when they’re not in the mood. They’ve got their own ideas about things and they play by their own rules, just like you. If you plan on dressing up like a pooch this year, then this Shiba Inu kigurumi is just the ticket!Product DetailsThis ultra-cozy pajama-style costume helps you transform into the most independent dog of them all. The costume is made of a soft material and has a button up front. It also has a bright red collar around the neck and a little curly tail attached to the back. Of course, the best part of this costume is the hood! It’s shaped like a Shiba Inu face with a pair of big black puppy dog eyes on top and a pair of pointy ears on the sides.Bork of VictoryDon’t be afraid to declare your independence with a triumphant bork! The comfy design of this costume makes it great to wear to bed or to a party. You’ll feel cozy, confident, and completely independent while wearing it!

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  • Adult Shark Costume Kigurumi

    Adult Shark Costume Kigurumi

    We have to advise against cuddling with a great white shark. We know that they look like a lot of fun to hug, but we did a little bit of research and our zoologist friends have recommended a “no-touchy” policy when it comes to interacting with dangerous sharks. It did, however, lead us to wonder whether or not sharks sleep. They need to keep moving, so do they ever get a chance to take a nice, cozy nap? Well, the answer is complicated and scientists still aren’t quite sure, but until then, we’re going to pay tribute to sleepy sharks everywhere with this shark union suit!This shark union suit has a two in one purpose. Not only does it make for a cool costume to wear to your next costume party, but it also doubles at a cozy outfit to snuggle up in during nap time. It has a fabric fin attached to the back of the jumpsuit and the hood is shaped liked a shark’s head. It even has a set of fierce looking teeth. And that’s not even the best part! It’s made of a super-soft material that you’ll love to slip into for all relaxation purposes, so even if real sharks aren’t capable of sleeping in the wild, you’ll be capable of it while wearing this outfit.We’ll continue researching about the sleep patterns of sharks (if they even exist). If we find out that sharks can’t sleep, then maybe we’ll just send those great white sharks of the wild a pair of these soft pajamas to help them get a nap in!

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  • Adult Skunk Kigurumi Costume

    Adult Skunk Kigurumi Costume

    There’s nothing worse than that feeling of being dragged from a good dream by the beeping of your alarm clock. Well, maybe getting out of bed is worse. Actually, the feeling of changing from your cozy pajamas and into your boring work clothes has to be the most soul-sucking feeling out there. What if you had pajamas that you could put over your clothes? What if those pajamas made you feel so whimsical that you felt like you were back in that good dream? What if, in this new dream, you could explore the city as a human-sized skunk? Kigurumi are the newest trend from Japan! People who wear kigurumi have found a way around the boring and anti-cozy life so many of us are leading. They simply slip these suits over their work clothes and go off to live their extra magical day. Just goes to show, dressing cozy can be fun. You’ll never want to wear your boring sweatpants again because you can find a kigurumi for just about every cute critter in the animal kingdom. Then again, it’s hard to beat how adorable this little stinker is. With its giant eyes and soft pink nose, a skunk this cute could get away with anything. You’re sure to look hip in your new PJ suit, but unlike your skunk cousins, you won’t smell funky. The loose and breathable fabric makes these suits comfortable to wear whether you’re watching your favorite Peppy Le Pew cartoons or you’re showing off your woodland dance moves at a Halloween party. You’ve already spent enough time in uninspired loungewear so go ahead and odor your kigurumi today. (Get it, skunk, odor?)

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  • Adult Gudetama Kigurumi Costume Gudetama

    Adult Gudetama Kigurumi Costume Gudetama

    The Lazy HeroGudetama is sort of our hero. You might be wondering how a simple egg can be a hero in our book, especially since he doesn’t seem to have any superpowers and, quite frankly, he doesn’t even seem to do much. But that’s the point. He’s our hero because he’s the best at being lazy, which is one of our favorite things to do!Gudetama is relatable. He’s the sleepy egg who’s had a tough day doing egg stuff, trying to deal with all the crazy stuff happening in the world. He just wants a little bit of rest! Well, we get it, little egg guy. Sometimes you just need a nice lazy day to keep yourself sane. Maybe take a nap on a frying pan or use an eggshell like a papasan chair! Well, now you can laze about just like the Japanese egg with this adult Gudetama Kigurumi Costume.Design & DetailsThis kigurumi costume is a Japanese-style pajama costume that’s designed to look like Sanrio’s Gudetama! The jumpsuit is made of an ultra-soft fleece material, which keeps you feeling extra comfy during your lazy day. It’s a rich yellow color to mimic his yolk colored body and the center even has a bright white eggshell around the waist. Buttons down the center make this easy to change into and the rib knit cuffs around the wrists and ankles give it a snug fit. Finally, the character hood has Gudetama’s adorable little face embroidered onto the front. Just snuggle into the outfit and you’ll be ready to lay around just like the little egg dude!Sleep Easy, EggIf you’re looking for a way to emulate your favorite lazy hero, then this kigurumi is exactly the pajama costume you need! With a comfy fit, you’ll be taking it easy just like Gudetama.

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  • Adult Cthulhu Kigurumi Costume

    Adult Cthulhu Kigurumi Costume

    Answer the CallCthulhu has been in his deep prison for a long while now. It’s been a long haul. He’s slept through the industrial revolution, the advent of sliced bread, and that decade when everyone kept getting perms and wearing shoulder pads. He’s been stirring recently. Maybe it’s because we humans drilled for oil in the wrong place. Maybe it’s simply because his time is simply coming. But the point is, Cthulhu has missed a lot of world happenings while he’s been trapped. win favor with the infamous octopus-God by dressing up as him and offering to catch him up on the world’s culture before he dives headfirst into bringing death and destruction down on the world!Product DetailsIf you’re the kind of person can’t decide between staying in and watch horror movies on Halloween or heading out in a costume that flaunts your love of the holiday than this Kigurumi is just the ticket! The comfy fit is oversized, buttoning over any ensemble so that you can slip it on when you get home from work to fully transform into the cuddle monster that was stirring inside all day. Soft wings are attached to the back while the hood slips over your head giving you the ancient tentacles that were first described by H.P. Lovecraft. Don’t Melt the MessengerReady to act as a go-between to man and an ancient god? We’re sure you’ll do a great job, you just have to get on the ancient deities good side. Obtain his mercy on mankind by showing him all the hits. Start with the classic movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and have a nautical movie marathon that covers everything from Das Boot to the Pirates of the Caribean. Then move on to land-based shows. In the meantime, the rest of humanity will be preparing for Cthulhu’s attack. Who knew a cozy pajama costume would make you into a hero?

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  • Sailor Moon Adult Luna Kigurumi

    Sailor Moon Adult Luna Kigurumi

    The Destiny of a CatLuna is the most important character in Sailor Moon. Why? Well, isn’t it obvious? Had Luna never tracked down Usagi Tsukino, then that she never would have learned about her greater destiny in the universe! Her sleeping powers may never have been awakened. She never would have connected with the other Sailor Senshi and Queen Beryl would have destroyed the entire planet just for fun. She never would have met her true love, Tuxedo Mask! Yes, without Luna, they would have had to change the name of the anime series to “Teen Girl Doesn’t Study for Test” instead of “Sailor Moon”! Usagi would have spent her time flunking math tests and eating ice cream… which would have been a much less interesting series.Well, the good news is that Luna DID meet Usagi and the little kitty helped her achieve her destiny! Perhaps you can do the same for a Sailor Senshi when you wear this Sailor Moon Luna Kigurumi Costume!Product DetailsThis Luna Kigurumi is a Japanese-style pajama costume that’s officially licensed from the classic anime series, Sailor Moon. Constructed out of a fleece material, the pajama suit feels too soft to believe! It fits with buttons down the center and it even comes with a pair of pockets along the side seams. A plush, stuffed tail is attached to the back of the outfit for good measure, but the absolute best part about this costume has to be the hood! The hood has appliqued details, like Luna’s adorable eyes and nose, along with a pair of stuffed kitty ears on the top. Just flip up the hood and you’ll feel like one cozy kitty!Courage and CatnapsWhether you decide to fight against the forces of evil or just take a catnap, this Sailor Moon Luna Kigurumi is the perfect outfit to wear!

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  • Adult Pug Kigurumi Pajama Costume

    Adult Pug Kigurumi Pajama Costume

    It’s tiring spending the whole day at work looking up pug memes while pretending to do real work. (We’ve been there). When you get done, you just want to put on some jammies and hit the couch for some serious movie time. Let us introduce you to this Adult Pug Kigurumi Pajama Costume. Based on your favorite dog of all time, this comfy onesie makes for a great way to relax after a long day of your pug life. (We know you didn’t choose it. It chose you). Wear it any time you want get cozy, or any time you want to confuse the heck out of your pet dog.

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  • Disney Lilo and Stitch Kids Stitch Kigurumi

    Disney Lilo and Stitch Kids Stitch Kigurumi

    The Itch to be StitchKids love Stitch! You know, the little blue alien from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch! Can you blame them? The little guy is one part adorable, furry pet and one part destruction machine filled with chaos. Actually, most kids have a little bit of the alien critter in them. Think about it for a second. Both kids and Stitch have ultra-cute moments. Both like to make strange noises when trying to communicate with other humans. And both can be prone to making a complete mess without even trying!Well, maybe your child has a few Stitch-like qualities too! That makes this Lilo and Stitch Kigurumi Costume the perfect outfit for any child who has the itch to be Stitch! Product DetailsThis Stitch Kigurumi is a Japanese-style pajama costume based on your child’s favorite cartoon character! And what could be more perfect than a soft pair of pajamas to play in? It’s a simple blue jumpsuit that’s made out of an ultra-soft fleece fabric that’s cozy for sleeping and comfy for playing. It fits with buttons down the center, so your little one can wriggle into it with ease. It even features a pair of pockets, one on each side. Of course, the best part about this costume has to be the hood, which is shaped like Stitch’s head, complete with appliqued details and a pair of floppy ears. Your child will be ready to head to a costume party… or a slumber party in this comfortable and cozy costume!Experiment 626 is HomeYour child can be as cute as a Disney alien when they wear this Lilo and Stitch Kigurumi! Any little fan of the movie will be ready for a nap or a costume party when they become the one and only Stitch!

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  • Peacock Kigurumi Costume

    Peacock Kigurumi Costume

    Extra: The Birdy WordBeing extra is exhausting. Just ask those colorful peacocks about it. It’s something that they know all about! They spend a ton of time snoozing, but that’s only because their waking hours have to be spent shaking their brilliant feathers at other birds. They’re just not like those their avian brethren with shabby, bland feathers, so it’s their responsibility to go all out. If you had vibrant plumage decorating your booty like that, then you’d probably do the same…Actually, this Peacock Kigurumi gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little bit of extra behavior! And the great news is that when you’re all done shaking your tailfeathers, you’ll be perfectly dressed for a little beauty sleep.Product DetailsThis kigurumi is a Japanese style pajama costume that’s both comfortable and colorful. It’s a unisex, jumpsuit-style construction made out of a cozy fleece material that’s soft to the touch. It fits with buttons that run along the front and the back has fleece tailfeathers attached to it. Brilliant blues and gorgeous greens cover the exterior of these costume pajamas, ensuring that you’ll have an attention-grabbing style, just like a real peacock. Finally, the best part about this costume has to be the hood. The hood has soft-sculpted details and an appliqued face on the top to make your birdy transformation complete. Just slip it on and you’ll be prepared to be extra… or maybe just extra sleepy!Drama JammiesWhether you love attention like your favorite bird or you just want a cozy set of jammies to help you sleep, this Peacock Kigurumi is definitely for you. It’s the best way to keep cozy while you strut your stuff! It’s up to you if you want to start any extra drama while wearing them.

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  • Green Dinosaur Kigurumi

    Green Dinosaur Kigurumi

    Time to Wake UpEveryone knows about the dinosaurs. They lived back in the prehistoric times and they’ve been taking a big old dirt nap for hundreds of millions of years. Well, we’re tired of it! We’re trying to undo the whole “dinosaurs are extinct” thing. We’re not talking about digging up some dinosaur bones, or doing anything crazy with mosquitoes that we found preserved inside tree sap. That’s just plain crazy. We ARE talking about is getting as many people to dress up like dinosaurs as possible.Okay, so maybe that sounds a little crazy too, but when you can wear this ultra-comfortable Green Dinosaur Kigumuri, the choice to dress up like a dinosaur becomes a lot easier.Product DetailsThis comfy kigurumi is a Japanese style pajama costume that’s designed to keep you warm and cozy all day. It’s also designed to make you look like a ferocious and slightly cute dinosaur. The suit is made out of a fuzzy fleece material that’s almost too soft to believe. It fits with a row of buttons down the front and features rib-knit cuffs on the wrists and ankles to help create a snug fit. A dinosaur tail is attached to the back to help you feel like a terrible thunder lizard and the finishing touch to this pajama suit is the hood. It has dino-like details, including a pair of eyes, some felt teeth, and some soft dino spikes along the top.Revive the Dinosaurs!It’s time to bring the dinosaurs back to life! Just put this dinosaur kigurumi on and you’ll be defying the rules of extinction. Of course, you can always just wear this pajama costume to help you take a nice snooze. Just make sure you don’t get caught snoozing the next time a comet flies by the Earth!

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  • Manatee Kigurumi Costume

    Manatee Kigurumi Costume

    In First Row for Slow MoWhat munches on food half the day, evolved from elephants, and was the inspiration for the original little mermaid? Well, that’d be the sleepy yet magical manatee, of course! These slow-moving creatures know how to stop and smell the seagrass. They only move at three to five miles per hour so they literally cannot live a fast-paced lifestyle. Maybe you can pick up on some of these chill vibes when you’re dressing up in this manatee kigurumi. Go ahead and lay back, munch on some seaweed, and listen to your “sounds of the ocean” noise machine. Yeah, you might not be living life at breakneck speed but we think taking life slow can get pretty interesting!Product DetailsThis over-sized suit is a manatee version of the Japanese kigurumi that’s been taking the world by storm. The beautiful lightweight fleece is “porpoise-fully” oversized so you can throw clothes underneath, handy for when you need to jump from a meeting with your boss to a Halloween work party in an instant. The suit buttons up the front and has sleeves that fold over your hands to create flippers. The suit has sweet details like the pocket on the front with a plush piece of lettuce and an adorable sculpted manatee face attached to the hood. Sea What you can seaAre you ready to dive into your new nautical persona? Whether you’re dressing up for a costume party or event or you simply want something extremely adorable to wear around the house, this manatee costume will always be a favorite. That hula skirt had better move over because honestly can’t think of a better costume to wear to a tropical themed party. You’ll have plenty of room for pineapple pizza and coconut cream pie. What better way to indulge your inner manatee?

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  • Chameleon Kigurumi

    Chameleon Kigurumi

    Show Your True ColorsWe get it. You roll through your day, acting fairly “normal” as you interact with your fellow humans. All the while, you’re actually trying to hold back some of your… weirder impulses. Perhaps you want to grab your djembe and break out into an impromptu drum circle in the middle of your humdrum business meeting. Maybe you secretly like to do the Dougie when no one is looking. We get it. We’re weird too… and it feels glorious!Well, it’s time to fly the flag of weirdness high! Stop hiding and embrace your inner weirdness with a truly exceptional pair of pajamas! Suit up in this Chameleon Kigurumi, which is a colorful way to express your unique style. And yes, you can get as weird as you like.Product DetailsThis ultra-comfortable kigurumi is a Japanese-style pajama costume designed with comfort in mind. The entire suit is made out of a fleece material that’s both comfortable and warm. It fits with buttons down the front and features snug, elastic sleeves and matching ankle cuffs. The brilliant color scheme, which includes vivid reds, greens, and blues, helps get you ready for any wild slumber party with your friends. The back of the suit has an attached, plush tail and the hood has big, plush eyes on the top.Festival FavoriteIt’s true. This kigurumi is comfortable enough for sleeping, making it a great choice for regular movie nights on the couch. We think this pajama set truly shines when you’re showing it off! After all, it’s colorful enough for dancing, making his Chameleon Kigurumi the ideal outfit for festival goers. You can flaunt your flashy style on the dance floor and then when you finally need to take a little snooze, you’ll already be dressed in the perfect pajama set for sleeping.

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  • Fennec Fox Kigurumi

    Fennec Fox Kigurumi

    All the SnugglesHave you seen a fennec fox? Alright, hold on a second. If you have never seen one, then go ahead and do this really quick before you continue reading. Open up a new tab in your browser, do a quick image search for fennec foxes and then come back. Don’t worry, we’ll be here waiting for you…Did you SEE them? Did you want to shower them with all of the snuggles, ever? They’re obviously the greatest animal in the world and if we could, we’d sleep cuddled up with about a dozen fennec foxes if we could!Unfortunately, they’re wild animals and make awful pets. Most of them don’t want to cuddle with human beings! The good news is that this Fennec Fox Kigurumi perfectly captures the adorable and cuddly nature of the fox and transforms it into a pair of comfy pajamas that you can wear!Product DetailsThis Fennec Fox Kigurumi is a Japanese-style pajama costume that will have you feeling cute and cozy in no time! The costume is a full jumpsuit-style and fits with buttons down the center. The fleece material is almost too soft to believe. The back has an attached tail at the waist, but the best part of this costume has to be the hood! Made out of the same ultra-soft fleece, it features a big pair of ears attached to the sides and it even has a pair of big ol’ fox eyes on top. Just flip the hood up and you transform into one adorable little fox!Sleepy like a FoxPerfect for slumber parties, impromptu naps after work, and costume parties where you want to be the most comfortable guest in the room, this Fennec Fox Kigurumi is guaranteed to make you feel as cuddly as a real Fennec Fox!

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