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  • Jaws Adult Bruce The Shark Mask

    Jaws Adult Bruce The Shark Mask

    In the classic blockbuster film Jaws, a poor, hungry, but ambitious great white shark named Bruce leaves his childhood home in search of new opportunities in a scary new world. For a time, things seem to be looking up for Bruce, and he finds a fun new beach to live and play in. But, he is soon hunted down and blown up by a gang of vicious humans while trying to give them a traditional shark greeting. It’s really tragic… If you want to pay your respects to this fallen hero of shark-kind, wear this Jaws Bruce The Shark Mask to your next costume party. This latex mask is a faithful recreation of Bruce and his famous “jaws” in his final moments, even including his last meal of fishing boat captain and scuba tank. It’s a fitting tribute to this gentle giant, and a great way to spread awareness of the misunderstood lives and heritage of sharks.

    $79.99 Horror Movie Costumes
  • Skull on Jaws

    Skull on Jaws

    Well, friend. We told you–over and over again–that the zombie apocalypse was about to begin. And did you listen? Nope! No you didn‚Äôt.So, no, we‚Äôre not really surprised to see this undead partygoer crawling out of your grass. Oh, wait. Hang on. That is just a really frightening looking zombie decoration popping out of your yard. Whew! You even had us fooled. Sorry, we really thought it was real for a second! Well, we are happy to know the apocalypse isn‚Äôt imminent (yet), but we are also really impressed by this Skull on Jaws! We mean, WOW. That truly looks like a gruesome zombie is clawing its way out of your lawn to eat our brains. Actually, we may need to get one of these…maybe when the real zombies come they will assume we‚Äôve already joined their ranks if they see this out in the garden. In fact, maybe we‚Äôll get two.

    $16.99 Skeletons