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  • Inflatable Snowman - Decoration

    Inflatable Snowman – Decoration

    This is an Inflatable Snowman Decoration

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  • Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration 5'

    Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration 5′

    This is a 5′ Inflatable Pumpkin Decoration.

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  • Toy Story Kids Rex Inflatable Costume

    Toy Story Kids Rex Inflatable Costume

    ARCHEOLOGICAL SECRETS REVEALED!Most of the world widely accepts the fact that dinosaurs once roamed the planet until something awful happened and stole them away from us. Now, realistically, it’s probably best that they didn’t stick around. With the way we’ve built up cities and depend on functioning infrastructure, a periodic rampage of lizards in the 20-foot tall range might cause some problems. So, for the last 65 million years, we’ve been without their engaging company. However, recent discoveries suggest that some of the dinosaurs managed to escape total extinction! Who knew that some of these miraculous reptiles could just let out a single massive roar that deflated them so completely that they shrunk down into teeny tiny toy sizes!? Yeah, we were just as astonished as you to learn that creatures like the Tyrannosaurus Rex could shrink themselves down to little 10-inch toys! The question is: what do we do now!? PRODUCT DETAILSIf your first thought about what to do with tiny deflated dinosaurs is to blow them back up, well, you’re our kind of people! That’s why this officially licensed Inflatable Rex costume is perfect for that Tyrannosaurus-Kiddo that you have in your life. This jumpsuit looks just like our favorite Toy Story dinosaur, Rex, from his scaley belly and cute little claws to his giant toothy smile. Your kiddo can look right through the mesh screen over Rex’s mouth and the flip of a switch on the built-in fan will inflate this costume right into the proper dimensions! A TINY-SAURUS?Once we managed to reinflate our frightening T-Rex, we did notice that it was just a touch… shorter than it used to be. In fact, a lot shorter. But, while this Rex look might not be as ferocious as the T-Rex of the past may have been, we think the kiddo version of Rex is quite a bit cuter! 

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  • Fire Extinguisher Inflatable

    Fire Extinguisher Inflatable

    This is an Inflatable Fire Extinguisher.

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  • The Inflatable Handcuffs

    The Inflatable Handcuffs

    This is the Inflatable Handcuffs.

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  • Rocket Raccoon Inflatable Weapon

    Rocket Raccoon Inflatable Weapon

    Some superheroes have super-strength. Good for them. Others have the ability to fly. Woo-hoo. Big deal. But Rocket Raccoon doesn‚Äôt need fancy skills, he just has a really big gun. Impressive! You may not be able to get away with hauling a giant hand cannon around with you wherever you go, but this Rocket Raccoon Inflatable Weapon is a completely acceptable option for accessorizing this Halloween. It is from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie–so all your pals will recognize and envy it–but it is also a toy, so it‚Äôs super portable (and a whole lot safer!) It inflates to 34‚Äù long, with all the looks of a deadly space gun, but the Nova Corps won’t have to charge you with anything for being in possession of it. And that is relief, because you just spent your savings on your sweet Rocket costume to go along with it!

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  • Santa Inflatable Costume

    Santa Inflatable Costume

    This is an Inflatable Santa Costume. 

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  • Snowman Inflatable Costume

    Snowman Inflatable Costume

    No Melt SnowmanIt’s no secret. We’re from Minnesota, so we know all about how to build a snowman. You start by finding some good snow to use. You want a nice clump of wet snow! Start packing that snow up into a small ball. Start rolling that small ball on the ground until it starts picking up more snow. (Pro tip: rolling it in a spiral motion tends to work better.) Once you have it to the right size, just light pack in the snow on the outside and you’ve got yourself a nice base. Repeat that process with some smaller balls and stack them on top of the bigger one to create your snowman! After that, you just accessorize to perfection.Of course, none of that helps you if you don’t have snow on the ground! If you want to have a snowman at your place and you don’t have any snow, that’s when you use this Inflatable Snowman Costume.Product DetailsThis Snowman Costume is an easy way to create a snowman… even in the middle of summer! It comes with a bodysuit made out of windbreaker-style material. It fits with a simple zipper in the back and has an attached hat on top. The fan attaches to the suit and has a control pack with batteries that you can attach to your clothing. A simple flip of the switch starts the fan, which inflates the costume within a few minutes. The fan works continuously as you wear the outfit, keeping it inflated. Finally, the costume comes with a scarf that ties around the neck to finish the whole look off!Snowman IndoorsWe live in Minnesota, so we almost always have access to snow! If you don’t, or if you don’t want to try building a snowman inside, then this Inflatable Snowman Costume is the way to go!

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  • Adult Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Costume

    Adult Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Costume

    Macabre CabWhen you were introduced to the brand new Death Cab ap, you thought it was simply a discount cab service with an emo twist. You shrugged and downloaded it, cause who doesn’t want options when the nearest car is twenty minutes away and the fees have tripled because it’s snowing outside. It was weeks later when you decided to give it a try after a late night out. You did think it was strange that it was a skull creeping along the map towards you. But the driver had great ratings so what were you going to do? Then, when your ride was there, you glanced out the window and to your surprise there was no vehicle what-so-ever outside. No Honda, no hearse, nada. Until you noticed a shadowy figure beckoning at you through the window and tapping at his watch. You didn’t want to get charged without getting a ride. Turns out, it was a great decision! The cloaked figure took you into his arms and carried you home while you slept like a little baby. Turns out the grim reaper makes a great cabbie. Of course, you gave him a five-star review. You want to stay on this guy’s good side!Product DetailsFloating around in the arms of death is more pleasant than ever with this inflatable Pick-me-up death costume. Its has a long black cloak that will cover your legs to make it look like the reaper is giving you a lift. The bony hands wrapped around the inflatable body that’s hilariously short with tennies, gray pants, and a blue sweatshirt. your real head will pop up from the blue sweatshirt so you can set the tone, panicked or at-ease. Death’s head is inflated above your head with a bare skull that’s ready to take you wherever you’re headed. Overly Inflated IdealsWe don’t want to give you the wrong idea. This costume won’t change your life. Once people see you wearing this, they’ll have high expectations for your Halloween costumes for years to come. Let’s hope you can live up to them!

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  • Adult Giant Inflatable Brontosaurus Costume

    Adult Giant Inflatable Brontosaurus Costume

    Dreams Do Come TrueCan you remember it? It was a simpler time. You were playing with your toy dinosaurs on the living room floor. Those majestic creatures meandered across the magnificent landscape of your home. They traverse the mountainous peaks of the couch. They brazenly trekked across the living room carpet. Perhaps they even stopped to marvel at the family television. After that, they would engage in a battle royale to determine supremacy amongst all of dinosaur-kind! Then your mind would wander to the unthinkable… what if you were a dinosaur yourself?Sure, you knew it was kind of crazy. How could a kid turn into a dinosaur? But still, you yearned to know what it would be like to stomp through the primitive jungles as a towering brontosaurus. You longed to feel the warm Jurassic sun on your reptilian skin! Well, friend, we’re here to tell you that you’re not crazy. We too, dreamed of becoming a dinosaur. This inflatable Brontosaurus costume brings you one step closer to realizing that dream.Product DetailsSay hello to a dream come true! This brontosaurus costume comes with everything you need to transform into the dinosaur of your dreams. It comes with a grey jumpsuit that’s shaped like the body of a brontosaurus. Your head fits through a hole in the neck and your legs fit through the front legs like a pair of pants. There are also openings for your arms on the sides. Just turn on the included fan and motor to inflate the costume to its full gargantuan glory!Stomp the YardWhen you wear this costume, you’ll finally be able to romp with your childhood dinosaur toys as their equal. You can stomp through your living room as the dinosaur that you’ve always known yourself to be and finally live the dream!

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  • Child Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Costume

    Child Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Costume

    Scaring is CaringYour horror-obsessed little one is impossible to scare! They love haunted houses, late night strolls through eerie graveyards, hunting for ghosts, and scary movies—the spookier, the better.Your little ghoul doesn’t just want to give their pals a scare this Halloween…they want to give ’em the scare of their lives! And they’ve tried on a LOT of costumes to find the most fear-inducing. You’d call the kids to dinner and BAM! there was a werewolf eating your meatloaf. Or you’d get in the car to head to the grocery store, adjust your rearview mirror, and EEK! a deranged clown was strapped into the backseat. There were some good scares, but nothing prepared you for when you came home from work to find this Inflatable Grim Reaper Pick Me Up Kid Costume haunting your front steps. You aged five years just from that encounter! And that’s just the kind of scary effect your little fright-monster is after this Halloween.Product DetailsThis costume is as clever as it terrifying! It appears to be the Grim Reaper carrying around your child’s lifeless body (shudder) when in fact, your kid will be walking around with their own legs under the Reaper’s black robes. It inflates to give bulk and a realistic look to the Reaper’s face, as well as the blue top, gray pants, and “shoes” of the child’s body, from within which your kiddo’s head will emerge. It’s a terrific, terrifying ride to see this costume stride down the hall. It’s bound to be a hit with horror-lovers everywhere!Grim OutlookIt doesn’t look good for this little one, it appears the cold hand of death has carried them off into…wait…it appears the child in this costume is easily roused by the scents of chocolate, nougat, caramel, and candy corn. We bet the Grim Reaper wishes he knew how powerful a life-giving elixir candy can be!

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  • Adult Giant Inflatable Eagle Costume

    Adult Giant Inflatable Eagle Costume

    Patriotism Done RightThere are right ways and a wrong way to show your patriotism. The wrong way? Well, half-baked patriotism. That just makes us so angry. If you’re going to honor your country, why not do it with enthusiasm. What would have happened if they would have stopped halfway when building the Washington Monument? It would just be a short, stubby tower of white bricks. We doubt that people would pause long enough to even take their selfie with such a sad and confusing structure, no matter what it stands for. What if, instead of four presidents built into Mount Rushmore, we had simply constructed a wooden billboard with their faces painted on it in that general vicinity. Would anyone visit that and contemplate the general splendor that rides from sea to shining sea in this fine land of ours? We think not.Product DetailsNo, when it comes to honoring our country, we don’t go halfway. That’s why, whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or the Fourth of July parade this year, make sure you don’t hold anything back with this inflatable bald eagle costume! The fan on the interior runs on batteries to keep you aloft all night. With a tall, stern bald head and wide wings that move with you as you flap, this costume makes an instant impression when you walk in the room. Oh Say, Can You SeeWhile this eagle costume does not give you the ability to fly, you’ll surely make hearts soar when you walk into any room while wearing this look! We can see you posing with a red, white, and blue background for an unbeatable profile picture that you can bring out every independence day. A brave costume like this one is a great way to flaunt your patriotic feelings. We can see it being a hit. Can you?

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  • Adult Red Baymax Inflatable Costume

    Adult Red Baymax Inflatable Costume

    In the futuristic city of San Fransokyo, anything is possible! It may sound cheesy at first, but once you see how awesome an inflatable robot looks with a couple upgrades and some cool friends that believe in him, you’ll just start cheering him on! Or, you can become the awesome crime busting bot in this Red Baymax Inflatable Costume, which is even cooler than cheering!In the thrilling Disney movie Big Hero 6, Baymax starts out as a robot that’s programmed to be a medical helper, but his talents are little limited until he’s upgraded by his pal, Hiro, to help him stop an evil plot. Then, he really gets to show off what he’s capable of! What is he capable of, exactly? Glad you asked! He has a rocket-powered fist that he can launch at bad guys, he is covered in hi-tech armor to protect his squishy balloon body, and he’s also fully programmed in a wide variety of fighting styles. Oh, did we also mention that he can fly!?! So yeah, we guess you could say that Baymax turned into a pretty cool dude (even if he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of ‚Äúfist bumps‚Äù yet)What better way to turn into a cool inflatable robot than in an inflatable robot costume? This officially licensed outfit makes you look just like the big friendly robot when he’s in his superhero armor. There is even a battery powered fan attached to keep the bodysuit full while you wear it, to give you Baymax’s plush build. Villains of San Fransokyo (or of your costume party) don’t stand chance when you’re in this wicked super suit!

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  • Inflatable Gangster Machine Gun

    Inflatable Gangster Machine Gun

    Most people know the iconic firearm of the Prohibition era as a Tommy Gun, although it’s more properly known as a Thompson submachine gun, after its inventor John T. Thompson. “Tommy gun” is far from its only nickname, though, and nowhere near its most colorful. It’s been called a lot of things over the years, including “The Chicago Typewriter,” “The Trench Sweeper,” and, most straightforwardly, “The Annihilator.” The general thrust seems to be that this is a gun that can shoot an awful lot of things in a very short period of time. If you need a lot of things shot quickly, that’s probably about as much as you can ask for.Of course, you’re not going to be shooting anything with this particular Tommy Gun. This fully inflatable firearm is straight out of an old cartoon where all of the gangsters wear brightly colored suits and talk in a bad Edward G. Robinson impression. But that’s OK, you’re only a costume gangster. The mean streets are probably that much safer with your inflatable armory out on patrol. This is probably a much more adorable show of firepower than old John T. Thompson ever imagined, but we’d be no one at the costume party will be complaining about that.

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  • Inflatable Machine Gun

    Inflatable Machine Gun

    Wouldn’t everything be a little nicer if it were inflatable? Imagine being able to move in just a few hours thanks to inflatable furniture. Or planning on having a cookout? Good thing you brought your inflatable kitchen. Gotta be in Chicago in two hours? What a great time to have packed your inflatable plane. Unfortunately, science has let humanity down big time and hasn’t developed inflatable everything yet. But they have developed the inflatable machine gun, which works out pretty well if you’re looking for a quick and easy accessory to go with your soldier or gangster costume. In the meantime, while we’re all waiting for the scientists to build us an inflatable home theater, at least you’ll be able to look way cooler in your army costume.

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  • Adult Inflatable Black Jumpsuit Costume

    Adult Inflatable Black Jumpsuit Costume

    The Silver LiningEver feel like you can’t stand the rain? Stay dry and super fly when you focus on your rainy day’s silver lining. For one, you can just stay inside and be your weird self. What? Nothing personal. When we’re all stuck inside without anyone around to judge us, we all get weird. It’s rainy days like this that lets us do strange things like trying to recreate nineties music videos with the new fisheye lens on our phone. Come to think of it, if you get that just right, you’re going to have to share that with social media, it would be a shame not to! Looks like your rainy day storm cloud just gained a super fly silver lining!Product DetailsWhether you’re using this inflatable suit to recreate a classic music video or you simply want to be the biggest shadow around, you’re sure to enjoy going big when you activate this inflatable suit. The all-black look lets you stay anonymous with a black hood, gloves, and even socks to hide every part of your identity. Elastic at your wrists and ankles keep the air generated by the fan in back trapped inside. The fan runs on four AA batteries that are sold separately. A battery pack attaches to your clothing on the inside to make sure everything stays in place even if you’re dancing.Funny Shadow FiguresAre you looking to create an enigmatic over the top character? You’ll find all the mystery and volume you need with this look. Whether you’re performing an interpretive dance depicting a shadowy sumo wrestler demon or you’re using this to create an 8 ball costume or even a creative version of the void, your look is sure to stand out. It turns out that being a black spot on this Halloween holiday isn’t a bad thing!

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  • Adult's Inflatable Red Jumpsuit Costume

    Adult’s Inflatable Red Jumpsuit Costume

    Shades of RedLet’s cut to the chase. We’re not going to even pretend to know what sort of plans you have for this Inflatable Red Jumpsuit Costume. Perhaps you plan on dressing up as Super Tomato Man, the newest comic book character who was bitten by a radioactive tomato and now does everything that a tomato can. Maybe you’re starring in a one-person show about the life and times of a young red bell pepper and you need a costume that perfectly captures the visual appearance of the misunderstood produce item. Maybe you’re an aspiring DJ looking for your visual gimmick and you just want to be big and red at your next concert!We just don’t know. What we do know, however, is that whatever you do while wearing this inflatable costume… it’s going to be awesome!Product DetailsThis costume is pretty simple. It’s actually just a big red jumpsuit that has elastic in the ankles and wrists. Just zip it up in front and you’re ready to inflate this bad boy! A small fan with an attached battery pack is located in the back of the jumpsuit. Just switch it on and the costume will begin to self inflate. Leave it on to keep your costume fully inflated as you do amazing things in it. The included hood does cover your entire face and is made from a semi-sheer material that you can see through, but it may obstruct your vision, so make sure to remain safe while wearing it! Finally, the included pair of gloves and socks completely encase you in the color red.100% Awesome!Wear this costume to be red from head to toe all day! We’re not sure what you plan on doing with it, but just make sure that it’s 100% awesome!

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  • Inflatable Poop Adult's Costume

    Inflatable Poop Adult’s Costume

    Poop HappensLife doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, you’re on top of the world and everything seems to line up perfectly for you. Other days? Well, you get a heaping helping of humble pie! Most of adult life is all about dealing with the bad, along with the good. At some point, you just have to learn to roll with it. After all, poop happens, as the phrase goes.Well, it’s time to show the world that you’re a well-adjusted adult capable of adapting to life’s struggles. It’s time to show them that when poop happens, you can have a sense of humor about it and laugh it off. How are you going to go about that? Well, with this Inflatable Poop Costume, of course!Product DetailsYou’ll be completely pooped when you wear this Inflatable Poop Costume. The costume comes with a tunic-style top made out of an air-tight windbreaker style fabric. The tunic is inspired by the iconic poop emoji and comes complete with a pair of cartoon eyes printed on the front. The costume inflates with a small fan, which is located in the back of the costume. Just flip the switch on, and the costume will self inflate in just a few minutes. The fan requires 4 AA batteries to operate, so no charging or cables required! The battery can be clipped to your clothing inside the costume, making it easy to access to turn the fan off and on. You can wear it with your normal clothes underneath, making it a simple costume to change out of when you’re all done wearing.When It Hits the FanIt seems rather funny that this inflatable costume comes with a fan, isn’t it? After all… we all know that you’re never supposed to let certain things hit the fan! Right?

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  • Adult's Inflatable Cow Costume

    Adult’s Inflatable Cow Costume

    This is an Adult Inflatable Cow Costume.

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  • Inflatable Reaper & Carriage w/ Sound

    Inflatable Reaper & Carriage w/ Sound

    A Tale to TerrifyWe all know the one about Cinderella and the pumpkin carriage. A less popular story, much less exciting for little princesses everywhere, is the one starring the Grim Reaper and the haunted Jack-o-Lantern. Yes, there’s still a ball involved but the premise is closer to Poe’s Masque of the Red Death rather than the fairy tale we all grew up with. And while there were still ladies wearing pretty gowns twirling around with princes and dignitaries to orchestra music, the events that happened when the clock struck midnight created an entirely different ending to the tale! While you might not want to tell this sinister story at bedtime, displaying this spooky image in your yard is sure to make an impression on the neighborhood! This creepy carriage with its intimidating driver hints at a terrifying tale that both young and old will have to fill in with their imaginations. And you know that’s where the devilish details lurk!Product DetailsAt seven feet tall, this Halloween display is sure to send shivers down the spines of anyone who dares pass. It leaves quite an impression during the day but it gets even better, the pumpkin flaunts swirling strands of light at night so that it can be seen from far off. While the site of this inflatable display is enough to be the talk of Halloween night, it also plays creepy noises and taunts, inviting people who can’t yet see your yard’s ghastly visitor to investigate the creepy noises. The display is scary, to be sure, but the cartoonish skeleton face of the driver and the bright orange of the pumpkin, carefully stay on the side of playful so that the smallest trick-or-treaters can get to your door with only a delightfully frightened squeal. Ticket to RideThere’s no way we would hop into this pumpkin carriage, even if we had a golden ticket to your ride. But we would be delighted to have this carriage stop in our neighborhood just for a delightful case of the heebie-jeebies. How about you, do you need a ride?

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  • Inflatable Baby Girl Adult Costume

    Inflatable Baby Girl Adult Costume

    True Life: I’m an adult baby.Do you remember watching that True Life episode on MTV? Yeah, us too! It was life-changing to see grown adults carrying on as unconvincing babies, however we couldn’t get over one tiny detail: why didn’t these people invest in better costumes? Their get-ups didn’t resemble those worn by real babies; they looked more like cradle-dwelling adults who had really bad table manners. Immediately we thought, Jeez, we really need to help these adult babies out. So we made it our mission to hook them up with a more convincing guise. Introducing this inflatable adult baby girl costume!This inflatable costume will prove that you are fully committed to your diaper-wearing lifestyle. Just crawl inside the jumpsuit and connect the fan cord to the battery pack. Once those two appliances are joined, clip the battery pack to your waist and your costume will stay inflated. Clear plastic covers the pacifier so you can see out, but others won’t easily be able to see in. Everyone will finally perceive you exactly how you perceive yourself: as a large-and-in-charge newborn, ready to goo goo and ga ga your little heart out.We’re hoping this costume will fulfill all your infantile needs, but if by chance it doesn’t, don’t hold back. Throw the temper tantrum of a lifetime! There’s nothing more fitting than an adult dressed in an inflatable baby costume having a public meltdown.

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  • Adult Inflatable Hippo Costume

    Adult Inflatable Hippo Costume

    Sometimes we judgmental humans have a habit of putting other animals in boxes, overly simplifying their complicated lives. We think every owl is wise but there are more owls that watch reality TV than are reading The Odyssey. Humans have always thought cats to be such wise creatures, and though they might have some good ideas we’ve all seen some cats make some pretty silly moves.Hippos are no different. We think of hippos as hungry, a little scary, and rather clumsy but not all hippos are that way, some hippos are actually remarkably light on their bulky toes. They don’t get to hear music very often but when they do they have a surprising knack for rhythm. This particular hippo that you see before you was lucky enough to be hanging out in a nearby swamp when an orchestra was staging an outdoor concert.After hearing that sweet symphony, she was hooked. She knew by the way those strings moved her that she had to find a way to become a ballerina. After she raised the plane fare to make it to New York she auditioned at Julliard and against all odds she made it!With this inflatable costume you can become this ambitious and graceful hippo. She has lovely spotted gray skin that looks wonderful under the theater lights and contrasts nicely with her pink tutu and ballet slippers. With her long lashes and a positive attitude, she’s ready for her debut and you can be a part of it. If Degas could only see this hippo in action!

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  • Adult Inflatable Cow Costume

    Adult Inflatable Cow Costume

    Holy smokes, that’s a big cow!Are you looking to make a big time impression at your next costume event? Are you looking to throw down some serious “moooves” at the costume dance? Are you ready to use a battery operated fan to inflate yourself to epic proportion?If it’s yes to any of the above (or even just one) then we are speaking the same language. And that also means that we’re going to need to get you into this Inflatable Cow Costume for adults! Seriously fun, this classic costume is the perfect way to make a very big, and very spotted impression at your next get-together.Whether you’re partying on Halloween night, or are just looking to bring a little barnyard fun to school or work, this signature costume will have you looking like you just rolled in from the farm. A simple polyester jumpsuit made from a windbreaker material inflates with a battery pack that conveniently clips to the waist or fits in the pocket. Cartoonish cow facial features on the hood complete the theme, and this costume secures around the chin so you don’t have to mess with any see-through visors either.Just arm yourself with 4 AA batteries (maybe a few extra if you’ve got a long event planned) and you’ll be ready to “blow yourself up” into one heckuva cool cow. Practice your moos and get ready to chat up all the other animals at the shindig. When the chickens and piggies get a load of you, well, you’re going to be the one in charge of all the fun!

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  • Adult Inflatable Minion Stuart Costume

    Adult Inflatable Minion Stuart Costume

    Being a henchman might not be the most glamorous job, but someone has to do it! Without the Minions, the world would lose out on so much. Who will help Gru build his crazy machines? Who will entertain Margo, Edith and Agnes? Who will foil Scarlet Overkill’s attempts at world domination? We need more Minions on this Earth, and… actually, have you ever considered becoming a Minion?That’s right! You could be a Minion. Sure, you’re a little bit bigger than a normal Minion and you’re a lot less…yellow, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to enter the world of minioning. If you have a love of bananas, a desire to build weird gadgets or a tendency to speak in weird babble words, then you might have what it takes to serve the world as one of the Minions. All you need, is the right look. This inflatable Minion Stuart costume may be just the thing you need to get your new career started.Based on his many appearances in Despicable Me and Minions, this licensed costume artfully uses a tiny fan to keep this suit inflated into the funny little Minion shape. A single eye protrudes from the front and a set of overalls decorates the front. Once you cozy yourself up inside of it, the only thing missing for your transformation into a Minion will be a healthy hankering for some bananas! Actually, come to think of it… we happen to have plenty of bananas to make for a great couples costume.

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  • Adult Inflatable Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

    Adult Inflatable Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

    For years, you’ve lived in shame, knowing that you couldn’t achieve your childhood dream of being a Tyrannosaurus Rex. A dream that I‚Äôm sure is shared by many adults and kids alike. Sure, no one thought you could do it. Sure, everyone called you crazy, but it was your dream! They won’t laugh at you anymore with this Adult Inflatable Jurassic World T-Rex Costume. Straight from the blockbuster movie, this costume makes you look like the terrifying beast that escaped from his ‚Äòsecure‚Äô pen. People will be running in fear! All havoc will break loose! Jeff Goldblum will be stricken speechless! You’ll finally be a dinosaur!This unique and terrifying Jurassic Park costume is an inflatable jumpsuit that has a zipper closure at front and elastic at the wrists and ankles to keep the air in and to keep you looking just like a T-Rex (well, what we can assume a T-Rex looked like). Even though you are supposed to be a scary dinosaur, we wanted to make sure you could still see when you walk around this Halloween (or just down the street on a random Tuesday ‚Äì we don‚Äôt judge), so there‚Äôs a clear vinyl port at the neck of the T-Rex so you can see your ‚Äòdinner‚Äô clearly. The fan that keeps you inflated ‚Äì your costume, not your ego ‚Äì requires four AA batteries that are not included with the costume (silly shipping regulations). Enjoy your night out on the town as the T-Rex you‚Äôve always wanted to be with this Jurassic Park costume!

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  • Adult Inflatable SpongeBob Movie Costume

    Adult Inflatable SpongeBob Movie Costume

    It must have taken more than a little bit of magic to get SpongeBob out of the ocean, but he gave us all a shot of adrenaline to the heart when he brought the gang out of the sea and into the wife open world of oxygen in Sponge Out of Water. We’re still reeling, honestly. If you’re ready to get that giggly yellow sponge dude out of Bikini Bottom and into your hometown, might we suggest that you suit up with this Adult Inflatable Spongebob Movie Costume? It will give you the look that he had when they all saved the day from Burger Beard and you can talk over party favors about the Hash-Slinging Slasher, Doodlebob, and that ever-elusive boating license. You could tell jellyfishing stories, brag about your top-secret Krabby Party clearance, or even complain with other creatures helplessly obsessed with obtaining a license that’s a bit out of reach. Slip into this awesome suit and you’ll finally be able to make all the Krabby Patties that you want, and you won’t even need an intergalactic dolphin to pull it off! It’s 100% polyester, requires a few AA batteries (good thing you’re out of water), and features a back zipper from waist to the top of the hood for easy access in and out. Extra points if you can juggle two Spongebob-themed costumes in a single setting. We recommend Spongebob and Squidward‚Äîyou know, for the empathy it’ll inspire in your heart for annoying fry cooks and cynical neighbors.

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  • Jurassic World Teen Inflatable T-Rex Costume

    Jurassic World Teen Inflatable T-Rex Costume

    Oh, The Hu-Meme-ityThe invasion has begun. By now, you’ve seen the memes. You’ve seen T-Rexes mowing the lawn. You’ve seen them shoveling the sidewalk. You’ve seen them attempting to ride a bicycle with their tiny little arms. You’ve seen them head to the gym for their daily work out and you’ve seen them making the bed in the morning. You’ve seen them working in the office on their computers. The onslaught of dinosaur memes may have even overtaken the insane volume of cat memes going around on the internet! Humanity is surely doomed!Well, that’s okay. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Right? With this inflatable T-Rex costume, your teen will be able to become a meme of their own. It’s even officially licensed from the latest Jurassic World movie, so you can be sure that this thing is legit.Product DetailsThis dinosaur costume comes with everything your child needs to become the ferocious beast from the movies. It comes with an oversized jumpsuit that’s made out of an airtight windbreaker material. It has printed dinosaur details on the exterior and even has details like a tail, a vicious looking head, and tiny dino arms. Of course, the best part about this costume is the inflation function. It comes with a small fan and motor that inflate the costume with the flip of a switch. Just zip it up, turn on the fan, and your teen will be ready to meme!Hilarity May EnsueWhether your child decides to use this to make some new internet videos or they just want to live their dream of becoming a dinosaur, this Jurassic World inflatable T-Rex costume is the answer! We have to admit that it is a bit difficult to move around in, but that just makes the costume that much funnier to watch in action.

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  • Child Jurassic World 2 Inflatable Blue Velociraptor Costume

    Child Jurassic World 2 Inflatable Blue Velociraptor Costume

    An important bondThe bond between an animal and trainer is a super-duper big deal. And in no case more so than Owen and his velociraptor Blue in the Jurassic World movies. Of course, Blue’s been living out in the wilds of Isla Nublar since the park shut down, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her training. Your kid can now suit up as the super lethal, and super awesome Blue by slipping into this Inflatable Blue Velociraptor costume. With dramatic inflating action, they’ll be blown up to dinosaur size! It just takes a few batteries and they’ll be able to recreate some of the most memorable moments from the Jurassic World movies.product DetailsThis Child Inflatable Blue Velociraptor Costume is officially licensed from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. It’s 100 percent polyester, made of a windbreaker-like material. A drawstring secures around the face opening, but otherwise, the suit is secure and will blow up when the fan is activated. Just use 4 AA batteries to power the integrated fan, and your child will be ready for Jurassic action!Suiting upWe’re sure any boy or girl will love suiting up as a velociraptor. After all, they’ve been the most popular dinosaurs since the first Jurassic Park movie came out back in the 90s. We’ve got plenty of Dinosaur styles to match this one, too, including the inflatable T-Rex costume. So, get your entire family into the fun, and let’s go get dino wild!

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  • Adult Inflatable Earth Costume

    Adult Inflatable Earth Costume

    The Original Rock and RollWhen we think the dawn of rock and roll we might think of Elvis or the Beatles or the invention of the electric guitar. That’s fair. But here’s the thing, we’re ignoring billions of years of natural occurrences. What about tons of burning lava shooting into the air isn’t rock and roll? Aren’t tectonic plates banging into each other hard enough to create mountains cooler than kids bumping into each other in a mosh pit? Remember Pangea, the main continent? The earth literally ripped it into pieces. What about that doesn’t slay? Sure, maybe the earth doesn’t play drums, strum on a guitar, or scream into a microphone but we think geysers, canyons, and the general creation of the universe’s only known life forms is just as cool as coming up with a top forty hit or even a platinum album. It’s time to pay tribute to the one and only, original rock and roller… the earth!Details & DesignThis inflatable earth shows all your favorite continents and oceans all on one globe! This earth costume will be a lot of fun to wear to Earth Day events, peace marches, and any costumed events that come up and since it’s Made by Us, it’s quality enough to be worn again and again! Holes for the head, arms, and legs let you speak (or sing) for the earth even while you’re orbiting around the party. Give Us Some SpaceWant to make this into an awesome group ensemble? It’s easy to pair this costume with sun, moon, and other planets to create a creative group solar system costume. The best part is, you can be sure no one will dare litter when you’re around. Simply cross your arms and they’ll tuck their pop bottle away to recycle later. When our planet gets up close and personal, this globe always makes an impact!

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  • Treasure Chest Inflatable Cooler

    Treasure Chest Inflatable Cooler

    When you’re sailing the seven seas or in the midst of an amazing Halloween party the last thing you want to do is run out of refreshments! Well luckily, with this Pirate Treasure Chest Inflatable Cooler, that is one less thing to worry about! Once you blow up this inflatable cooler you’ll be able to fit in plenty of refreshing beverages for everyone to refuel with before hitting the dance floor again! Bottled water, cans of soda, perhaps a little bit of rum, anything that will quench the thirst of a pirate can fit in this Treasure Chest!This cooler is designed to look like something you’d have to dig up on a deserted island. With the skull and cross-bones symbol on top of the lid of it, this Treasure Chest is the perfect accessory for your pirate costume! While other scurvy sea-dogs may have parrots or peg-legs, you’ll be given the title of ‘best pirate in all the ocean’ when you enter the party wielding this chest! Everyone will want to hear the tale of your adventure to obtain such a treasure. Although we would just suggest that you don’t keep any actual treasure in this cooler… without a lock, it may not be there for long!

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