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  • Infant / Toddler Ghostbusters Costume

    Infant / Toddler Ghostbusters Costume

    When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, it’s probably not a good idea to call an adorable toddler. You’re much better off calling the professionals, by which we mean Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and the boys who call themselves the Ghostbusters. They actually know what to do when it comes to paranormal activity. Toddlers… not so much. In fact, we can pretty much guarantee that a toddler would not be any help when it comes to fighting ghosts. Not only because it’s a toddler, but also because you’d be trying to fight the ghost (wielding a proton pack, no less. Definitely not kid friendly) while also making sure your toddler didn’t accidentally transport himself into a paranormal dimension (it happened one time!). Definitely not something you need battling an oozing ghoul.On the other hand, toddlers are adorable, and toddler ghostbusters are even more adorable, simply because any toddler dressed up as a profession is the cutest thing ever. So you’d be really tempted to call your toddler instead of the Ghostbusters, but again, let us assure you, that is a mistake. Took us like three weeks to get the last one out of that paranormal dimension, and his hair is still green. But, ghost busting is a growing industry, and you want your toddler to be able to provide for himself when she’s older, so maybe it’s a good idea to get her excited about joining the team. She doesn’t have to take any calls or drive the Ecto-1 (Doesn’t even have a license!), but she’s a born ghostbuster and when she’s old enough she’ll be the best recruit there is. And she’ll still be adorable in the uniform!

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  • Infant Li'l Pumpkin Onesie Costume

    Infant Li’l Pumpkin Onesie Costume

    Pumpkins are the quintessential Halloween icon. Whenever you think of Halloween, the first thing likely to pop into your mind is an image of a perfectly orange pumpkin.Pumpkins are so cute that we‚Äôve taken to calling our little one‚Äôs ‚Äúpumpkin‚Äù as a sign of affection. So what could be more perfect for your little one this Halloween than a pumpkin costume? Cute on top of more cute! Not only is a pumpkin costume adorable, but it‚Äôs also quite festive and practical. Having a way to get at those diapers easily is a must-have for any parent ready to take their little pumpkin out for a night on the town! Getting at diapers is one thing, but also having something that keeps your little pumpkin warm is essential for chilly Halloween nights, which is why a romper is such a great choice! It ticks all of them must-have boxes for an infant Halloween costumeYour child will be the cutest one in the preschool pumpkin patch in this Infant Li’l Pumpkin Onesie! It has convenient inseam snaps for easy diapering and a cute jack-o’-lantern face printed on the front. The orange romper also has a collar of green ‚Äúleaves‚Äù for added detail. The hat and booties also have the printed jack-o-lantern face and the hat has green leaves sewn to the top for a look that is straight from the pumpkin patch! The booties have elastic at the ankles so that they stay in place all night long while also keeping your little one‚Äôs feet nice and toasty!

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  • Infant My First Halloween Onesie Costume

    Infant My First Halloween Onesie Costume

    Of all the holidays in one’s life, there are few that mean more to so many than the momentous firsts in an infant’s initial year. Especially, of course, to you: the parents. There are a lot of firsts, in fact, some of which you’ve probably gotten to experience! Take, for example, the first crawl or the first little dance. There was, of course, the first nerve-wracking car ride and then the first night home from the hospital. Then there was, unfortunately, the first marathon crying session and the first thrown plate of food‚Äîthe first bruise, even, from a bottle he or she threw at you. There might be a first favorite food or television show or song or relative (but don’t tell the others!). A little one’s first Halloween can be a momentous event, especially considering it’s likely the first first that warrants a celebratory costume! You (and your little one) should celebrate the occasion by dressing her in this Infant My First Halloween Onesie! It’s made out of a soft, comfy cotton fabric, the crotch snaps, make diapering easy for you, and “My 1st Halloween” is printed on the front, so everyone can celebrate with you. The pants have an elastic waist with printed candy corn along the legs, and the booties feature padded soles and elastic ankle bands to ensure hard surfaces have little impact on those fragile little feet. Oh, and it’s super-cute‚Äîmaking this a first-time at least you won’t soon forget!

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  • Stitch Infant Costume

    Stitch Infant Costume

    The cool thing about having an Ohana is that you can always add to that Ohana. There’s always room for more! In case you don’t remember, Ohana means family, and what’s better than having a brand new little dude in the family? Nothing, honestly. Perhaps you’re even a new parent, and your baby already has a ton of personality… maybe he loves to get into trouble, maybe he loves to say nonsense words that sound vaguely like English mixed with an alien language, and just maybe he has an undying love for the Elvis Presley songbook. There’s really only one thing to do now: get this Stitch Infant Costume and throw the biggest, best luau anyone has ever seen. Straight from the adorable Disney animated classic, this Stitch infant costume is very soft, and looks just like the lovable alien from the film. The headpiece has an opening for their entire face, with big ears, and a tuft of blue hair on top. He’ll even have little paws and soft claws! So, make this Stitch costume a part of your Ohana and plan for a Hawaiian Halloween!

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  • Dumbo Infant Costume

    Dumbo Infant Costume

    What can we say about Disney’s Dumbo? On the surface, it’s an animated film about a baby elephant, but it’s so much more than that! It’s a movie about learning how to be yourself in the face of adversity. It’s a movie about following your dreams, even if they are a little bit left of the dial. It’s about making friends who accept you for you. It’s about believing in yourself, even when a bunch of big old elephant ladies are mean to you. Also, there’s a weird part with hallucinations of pink elephants…we’re not really sure what that was all about. Of course, your little one probably didn’t get all that from the classic cartoon, but he still loves Dumbo, which is why your little one will love this cute infant costume!This Dumbo Infant Costume makes your child look just like the adorable character from the movie. The tiny outfit has the giant ears, the red collar and the yellow hat that all help to create the cartoonish look made famous by the film. It’s a great look for any little fan!

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  • Infant Lil Mouse Costume

    Infant Lil Mouse Costume

    Finally, a little mouse that we’re glad to have in the house! Your baby will look oh-so-sweet in this Infant Lil Mouse Costume. It’s cozy, and cuddly, and even comes with a foam piece of cheese. We just hope your little one doesn’t get too accustomed to mousing around, because when they get a little bit older, they’re not going to be able to fit in all of those mouse holes!When your infant goes in this adorable costume, you’ll be happy to have a furry critter to carry around. Coordinate this cute mouse costume with mom and pops to have a family of furry critters, or coordinate with siblings or playdate friends to have a whole posse of cute little mouse faces. Whether your child is in a group or dressed up solo, they’re sure to look great in all of those Instagram shots when they go in this look!Fully line, this comfortable romper suit is made of 100% polyester velour. The zip up and Velcro closures means you’ll be able to get your little one in and out of this jumpsuit with ease, and simple headpiece with over-sized ears coordinates with non slip footies for a head to toe cute critter style. Outfit your boy or girl newborn with this adorable look, and get ready to make your little one even cuter!

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  • Infant Pink Mini Monster Costume

    Infant Pink Mini Monster Costume

    This little monster is busting out of the closet!Do you sometimes think that your little baby girl can be a teeny tiny little terror? Secretly of course, because duh, you’re a perfect parent who loves their child. We know that great things often come in small packages, so of course this Infant Pink Mini Monster Costume is perfect! Plus, it’s pink, yellow, and polka dotted so she’s sure to love wearing it as much as you will watching her crawl around in it. It’s a great way to channel your little lady’s blooming personality! Sure, monsters are supposed to be scary but it’s time to ditch that stigma and show the world just how cute and cuddly they can be! The adorable ensemble includes a furry little jumpsuit, hood, the cutest striped horns, googly eyes and booties all made of soft 100% polyester fleece. Check out our blue mini monster costume for boys so you can have a pair of little boy and girl monsters. If you have some more monsters that aren’t so little, don’t worry because we carry cuddly monster costumes in toddler sizes as well! You can parade your whole gang around the block, collecting crazy amounts of candy in the cutest monster costumes around! That’s what Halloween is all about, right? We know that not all little girls what to be princesses so switch it up this year and pick a costume that’s sure to make a statement, a very cute yet ferocious statement!

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  • Infant Hugs and Quiches Chef Costume

    Infant Hugs and Quiches Chef Costume

    If there is anything that your little babe knows, it is what they wanna eat and what they‚Äôd prefer to chuck out of their mouths, onto the floors, and probably into your hair! At first, it makes a person think that they‚Äôre just being rude, but those little ones have a surprisingly complex sense of taste and their palate is highly attuned. Sine it isn‚Äôt easy trying to train your own personal 3 star chef, it’s probably best to start your little cooking genius out early.You can teach your baby the importance of using the right amount of spice and how cook risotto like a champ. Of course, your tyke probably already has a pretty distinctive set of lungs, so, they‚Äôre already on the right track in taking after the most notorious and famous of TV personality and Master Chefs in the world—we‚Äôre looking at you, Mr. Ramsey! (Though, maybe encourage little more kindly a choice of vocabulary!) But, in no time, your tyke will be telling the difference between cooking styles and perhaps be the first to ever win that super complicated blind taste test contest that always gets people sent home early!Your little one will need a new outfit to reflect that growing culinary prowess and that’s where we come in! Inspired by famous chefs of the world, this Infant ‚ÄúHugs and Quiches‚Äù Chef costume comes with everything you need to get your baby’s Master Chef look just right. With a top that resembles a classic chef’s coat, it’s the easiest way to get your little one ready for the next masterpiece in the kitchen. And, hopefully this time, it won‚Äôt be splattered all over the floor!

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  • Toddler and Infant Mega Man Costume

    Toddler and Infant Mega Man Costume

    What’s your plan for a robot attack? You know Dr. Wily has been toiling away in his workshop, creating the next batch of robot masters, right? He’s just waiting to unleash them upon your neighborhood and we think you’d better have a plan to deal with them!Help against the next crisis may just be a bit closer than you think. We have a hunch that your toddler has a enough energy to power up one of Dr. Light’s Mega Busters, so all he really needs to battle against all of the evil robots of the world, is a cool outfit to wear. It just so happens that we’re pretty good friends with Doctor Light and he helped us create this Mega Man costume for toddlers. It’s based on his greatest creation, Mega Man, and once your child has it on, even Guts Man won’t be a problem for him.The costume comes with everything a kid could need to transform into the signature video game character. The light blue jumpsuit has dark blue accents to recreate Mega Man’s outfit, and a front zipper. The Mega Buster arm cannon piece fits over your child’s hand like a glove and is made out of soft fabric. The blue helmet fits with a strap under the chin and finishes the look.Once your child has it on, you’ll instantly feel safe, even if Dr. Wily shows up outside your house, hovering around in his UFO.

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  • Petite Pirate Infant Costume

    Petite Pirate Infant Costume

    When you’re a pirate, raising a little one can be tough. Trying to pass on your swashbuckling ways to your kid is hard enough, but with the rapidly diminishing supply of doubloons and buried treasure to plunder, it’s a wonder how a buccaneer can even rear a youngin’ up these days! That’s why it’s important to take advantage of a good deal when you can find one and boy do we have a deal for you.This Pirate Infant Costume brings you the finest in scallywag attire for your little one! Not only does it provide your tiny pirate with an outfit that’s fit for carrying on the family tradition of piracy, but it also won’t cost you a boatload of doubloons to get it! You’ll be ready to teach your child the ways of the sea, so your little one will be ready for an adventure as your first mate in no time.

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  • Cheshire Cat Infant Costume

    Cheshire Cat Infant Costume

    Mischief is the name of the game when it comes to the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Not content with doing normal kitty cat things, like playing with yarn, chasing after laser pointers and laying in sunbeams, he’s taken to waiting around in Tulgey Wood asking Alice riddles and playing a few pranks here and there. Of course, ultimately he’s a good guy, helping Alice when she needs a hand, but who says you can’t have a little fun while being good?Now, your little one has the chance to become the curious little character from the Tim Burton inspired film! With a soft gray style, the mesmerizing eyes and cute little kitty ears, this Cheshire Cat Infant Costume recreates the look from the Through the Looking Glass movie, so your little bundle of joy gets to have the look of the playful feline in a matter of seconds. Just pair him up with Alice or the Mad Hatter and you’ll be ready for a crazy adventure with your little cutie.

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  • Ghostbusters Infant Slimer Bunting Costume

    Ghostbusters Infant Slimer Bunting Costume

    Oh no, your baby got slimed! Quick, you’d better call the Ghostbusters to catch the little poltergeist before it slimes again!Honestly, your baby is a lot like Slimer from the movie. They both have voracious appetites and leave a messy, slimy trail in their wake. Most of Slimer‚Äôs time is occupied by eating, and so is your baby‚Äôs. It makes sense that the two of them would start hanging out.Luckily, you‚Äôve got the Ghostbusters on speed dial after the whole fiasco at Aunt Sally‚Äôs dinner party (let‚Äôs not get into the messy details). They‚Äôll be able to catch the mischievous little mess maker (Slimer, not your baby!). He caused a lot of destruction last time he went up against the team at the Sedgewick Hotel, but they have better equipment this time, so hopefully your house will still be left standing! Then again, maybe Slimer isn‚Äôt such a bad roommate‚ĶOh wait, maybe your little one didn‚Äôt get slimed after all‚Ķ It looks like he‚Äôs just wrapped up in this adorable Infant Slimer Bunting. The officially licensed green plush polyester bunting has a satin lining to keep your baby warm and cozy, along with an adorable attachable headpiece that has a pink Slimer tongue sewn onto the chin strap and a soft-sculpted Slimer head with plastic eyes. Slime not included‚Ķ at least not from Slimer.

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  • Infant Stink Bug Costume

    Infant Stink Bug Costume

    Do you ever wonder what that strange smell is that’s been taking over the house for the past few years? It seems to be with you almost everywhere you go too. No, it couldn’t possibly be you. You shower, know how to use the bathroom, and even brush your teeth twice a day (well most of the time at least). Still, you’re about at your wit’s end. Well lucky for you we dressed up as private investigators last Halloween so we can help you out no problem. As it turns out, that little guy you made not too long ago is a bit of an expert at making some potent stenches in more ways than one. It’s not their fault they’re a prodigy of sorts though. We just don’t understand why people are so offended by it. If they could single-handedly beat any military grade tear gas with just what they can produce from their bodies, they’d always be willing to show it off in public any chance they can! Until society figures out how to properly portray jealousy, we’ll just have to warn them when a chemical weapon enters the premises. It has to be just as cute as your little love bug though.Bug, hmm… that gives us an idea. We might as well just show them what your little guy really is so they know to either steer clear, or be a little cautious of what your little stinker is capable of. This comfy, easy to put on costume is perfect for doing just that. The only question we have is, where on earth does all that smell come from?

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  • Cuddly Puppy Infant Costume

    Cuddly Puppy Infant Costume

    Having both a puppy and a baby in the same household can get pretty overwhelming. Even just having one or the other is extremely tiring! Having to keep an eye on the curious lil pup or babe at all times as well as keeping track of everything in your home is a lot harder than it sounds… and it already sounds pretty tough. So having a puppy and a baby at the same time basically seems like an impossible task to take on. However, we think there is a way to have both with literally half the work! Check out this Cuddly Puppy Infant Costume.The only thing cuter than a puppy and a baby in the same room is your little bundle of joy dressed up in this adorable swaddle bunting and hat combo. You’ll have all the cuteness of both, a puppy and a baby, yet only one cutie to keep an eye on and, in reality, only one mess to clean up… at a time. Whether you plan on taking your infant out and around the block for their first time trick-or-treating or you simply want to capture the most adorable baby pictures anyone has ever seen, this Cuddly Puppy Infant Costume will be perfect!Wrap your bundle of joy up in this spotted bunting and keep his head warm with the precious soft-sculpted and floppy-eared hat. All your friends and neighbors will line up to see the cutest puppy in the neighborhood. Just keep in mind that pacifiers and regular diaper changings will keep your baby happier than ear scratches and belly rubs!

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  • Infant Playful Penguin Costume

    Infant Playful Penguin Costume

    Are you already ready to give your newborn their first costume? How about letting them try out being another species? Your baby will be cozy and cute in this infant Playful Penguin costume. With head to toe style in this romper costume, they’ll be dapper, dashing, and of course, they’ll be 100% penguin-ey!One of our favorite things about these birds of the Antarctic is that their signature feather pattern is strikingly similar to one of the most iconic human looks, the tuxedo! This light hearted costume takes that idea and runs with it by adding a top hat and bow tie. All polyester fabric with polyurethane foam inserts provide just the right feel to this chill look; and with a plush beak, flipper footies, and a comfy flip up hood with character details, your infant will be able to instantly become a delightful high society animal! And the Velcro attachments and snap together bottom means you’ll be able to complete their penguin transformation with ease.With this fun look they’ll be equally equipped to attend a high society function, or to take a swim with their new friends in the southern hemisphere. But if you just want to keep your little one close at hand to show off your new Playful Penguin, well, that’s just fine too! (Who wouldn’t want an adorable Penguin to chill with??)

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  • Infant Dory Costume

    Infant Dory Costume

    We love our Pixar heroes. They have such great motives for going on their adventures. You’ve got Carl, who honored a wish he made to his wife by tying a million balloons to his house and flying it to the Amazon. You’ve got Woody, who realized the power of friendship after overcoming a bitter rivalry. Of course you’ve got Mr. Incredible, who put his entire family at risk because he wanted one more sweet taste of his glory days. And then you’ve got Dory, a little fish who can’t remember anything.Did you know that Dory can’t remember anything? We love that about her because we share the same affliction. Please don’t tell anyone though, OK? We’d hate to have it get out on the internet that we can’t remember anything. We’re just like that fish from the movie. What was her name again? Jaws? Whatever, the point is that we can’t remember anything, just like Dory.If your little fish watches Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, then they’ll love our officially licensed Dory costume. It will be easy to put on the little bugger because it fits just like a pair of jammies. Sturdy foam keeps the fins in shape, and the hood piece comes off in case your tot needs to air out their head real quick. Does a baby have the same short-term memory span as a fish? In all honesty, we’re just not sure!

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  • Infant / Toddler Bunny Costume

    Infant / Toddler Bunny Costume

    Your little darling is adorable. You know that. We know that. Heck, that li’l babe has been milking cutsie points all month and obviously knows it. We’ve seen plenty of those Baby Genius movies to know that they’re scheming all day, speaking clearly while we adult folks are out of the room, scaling out of their cribs and inventing some sort of quantum harmonic communication systems to chat up the neighbor kids. The gurgling baby noises and squishing themselves all up and grabbing their tiny little feet until they look like a little chubby ball? All a ploy designed to win extra snuggles, a bonus treat, or probably just to distract us from the 22nd century lab they’ve invented in the crawl space!We should probably feel frightened. Or we should, at least, be a bit frustrated with the tykes. After all, we spend how many hours a day trying to cipher out what this cry or that cry means and when they are willing to speak a few fully realized words, they’re almost always pointing at something they are not describing! If they can invent baby jetpacks, they should at least be clear in identifying what they want! But, alas… all they need to do is hit that “cute button” and we’re all fawning over them again.Well, if you can’t beat them, you join them. And, if they want to trigger our cutsie queues, then they might as well show up in the right dress for it. How about this Bunny costume for your infant or toddler!? Made of satin and velour, it is as comfortable and soft as it is adorable. The jumpsuit binds with elastic and simple ties, but all that comfort comes second to how crazy cuddly the pink satin tummy and floppy sewn-on lop ears will make the kiddo look. A single year of this snuggly bunny won’t be enough. Fortunately, we’ve got them in larger child sizes, too, so your sneaky little genius can be dealing with these cute tactics for years to come!

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  • Infant Blue and Orange Dino Costume

    Infant Blue and Orange Dino Costume

    Does your baby have a wonderful fascination with dinosaurs? Is his favorite toy a stuffed dino that he never let’s leave his side? Do his imitations of dinosaurs‚Äô roars warm your heart more than a hot cup of coffee in the morning? Well, then get ready to give your little bundle of joy a prehistoric experience!This adorable Blue and Orange Dino Costume will give you the cutest ankle bitter in town. Your baby boy will be transformed into a lovable triceratops once you bundle him up in this cozy jumpsuit. Besides your kiddo‚Äôs ear-to-ear smile the cutest thing about this costume is the delightful soft-sculpted dinosaur face with horns on the hood. What really brings this endearing outfit together is the tiny blue attachable tail. Dress your infant up with this costume and he‚Äôll be ready to collect more candy than any other baby in town. Of course, if Halloween is still a ways off, you can still get in an awesome prehistoric photo shoot! Set up the scene and let your tri-horn stomp around. You‚Äôll be sure to capture the cutest pictures of a dinosaur anyone has ever seen.Got more than one kiddie to dress up or even a pup running around? Well then take a look at the rest of the dinosaur costumes we have for children and pets. Your home could become the next Jurassic Park. Only more of like a petting zoo version of the famed amusement park because all of your dinos will look extra huggable!

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  • Prestige Infant Nemo Costume

    Prestige Infant Nemo Costume

    Are you getting worried? Are you thinking “oh this costume is great and all, and super cute, but I don’t want to play ‘Finding Nemo’ in real life.” That’s a valid concern, sure. You’re just being a good parent. But look at this thing. It’s bright orange! There’s no way this rambunctious little kid is getting out of your sight. Instead, your child will be overwhelmingly excited to swim around the room, never getting lost or floundering (eh? Fish puns!) when you’re near. Besides, one of the big messages of the delightful Pixar film, besides never letting your kid get taken by Scuba divers (not to be trusted, if we’re being honest. How are those people breathing under water, huh? Seems fishy), is that a parent has to let their child grow and risk and tackle adventures. It’s a tough world out there and your kid needs to know the occasional scrape isn’t the end of the world. They’re a tough little fish and they can do it!So quit clowning around and put them in the most adorable outfit this side of the Great Barrier Reef. Things will go swimmingly. And if they’re dressed as little Nemo, it makes a great photo opportunity for you to dress up as dad Marlin or the unforgettable Dory (do you get it? Because she’s so forgetful. Makes sense, right? It’s a good joke, right? … guys?). Can you believe the memories you’ll be creating with that costume combination? Simply adorable, and certain to make a splash for years to come. That’s right, little Nemo, swim for it!

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  • Infant / Toddler Batman Costume

    Infant / Toddler Batman Costume

    “A hero can be anyone.”The bad guys just got a new reason to fear the night! When Gotham’s criminals run wild, nothing gets them shaking in their boots like the sight of Batman…even a pint-sized version!A poor little rich kid name Bruce Wayne by day, this masked avenger comes out at night to protect the innocent civilians of Gotham from the same kind criminal evil that took his parents away. Armed with the latest technology to help fight crime, he’s also got a loyal and protective butler, Alfred Pennyworth (who, it’s rumored, is also a former agent of the MI-6) and a trusty sidekick Robin to be the air under his bat wings. And make no mistake…though he is fueled by a tragic childhood, his quest is not for blind revenge…when it comes to protecting his city, Batman lives by a higher code, the code of a true (dark) knight!Which is all to say: What a cool guy! But in order to do the job of Gotham’s greatest hero, your little cutie is going to need the right costume…and that’s where this Infant / Toddler Batman Costume comes in! Licensed from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, one look at that gold symbol on this caped bat-suit and all the bad guys will know that they just messed with the wrong hero! Armed with a trusty yellow utility belt, your little Bruce Wayne will be able to put down even the deadliest of villains and still be home in time for dinner!

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  • Infant Pink Minnie Mouse Costume

    Infant Pink Minnie Mouse Costume

    We all know there are a couple elements necessary for a successful Halloween costume: the cute and the comfy. But there’s the clever and the authentic, the bizarre and the naughty, too. There’s probably even more than that, but it’s been a long day, and we hope you can agree with at least this much.How many of those boxes could you check off when your little one sports this adorable polka dot costume? The cuteness is inherent, so the naughty, clever, and bizarre, we guess, are left up to you and your little princess to add. Hit a couple of those marks and, who knows, she could be the life of the costume party or the light of a dark trick-or-treating jaunt. Next to a bunch of spooky ghosts, she might somehow look even cuter than before. At the doorstep of your neighbors’ place, she’ll be a sight for sore eyes currently reeling at the horde of zombies out and about. This Infant Pink Minnie Mouse Costume‚Äîcomplete with lace trim, a three-layer satin skirt, and a glittery mouse-ears headband‚Äîis as much a treat for her as it is for everyone around! Pair the white satin waist sash and peter pan collar with some black leggings and dark, shiny shoes to start a classic adventure your little mousie will never forget!

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