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  • Old Spooky Telephone

    Old Spooky Telephone

    Who You Gonna Call?Some hauntings are more complicated. If you’ve got a haunted refrigerator, you simply dump out all your perishables and fill an ice tray with holy water and you’ll probably be good to go. Haunted couch? Invite a shaman to sleep over for the night and show that furniture who’s boss. Haunted fireplace? We’re sure they sell sage fire starters to make those spirits back off. The only appliance you really have to worry about is the haunted telephone. You can’t call anyone to help you out, you just have to lean into the experience and see what those ghosts have to say!Product DetailsWant to add an interactive piece to your Halloween display? This old-fashioned telephone is truly frightful and delightful! Stir up a ghastly atmosphere when you invite guests to answer your spooky phone. The receiver will sound harrowing phrases such as “look behind you” and “don’t you dare hang up”. Turn the rotary dial and listen to the old-fashioned ring that the whole room will here. With an antique finish and classic design, this Halloween decor will look awesome draped in spider webs and paired with dramatic velvet and eerie skeletons! Now, do you dare answer? It’s your call!

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  • Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl Circus

    Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl Circus

    This is a Circus Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl.

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  • Jack-O-Lantern Circus Dolomite Jar

    Jack-O-Lantern Circus Dolomite Jar

    This is a Circus Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Jar.

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  • Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

    Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

    Ever since the Addams Family rose into exceptional fame, a number of likewise unusual folks have began to creep out of the wood work in an effort to make themselves known and see what sort of life they could pave for themselves. It has been generally good for everyone. The spread of diverse folks, even the admittedly creepy ones, has bolstered great stories and helped to foster some mutually beneficial relationships that might have never happened before. Now, of course, there are some that aren’t quite so convinced. There is that sense of intimidation or questionable fairness when an 8-foot tall distant cousin of Lurch decides to join the volleyball team… but a number of the others have branched out in some pretty inventive ways.In fact, we have some of Thing’s siblings who have been looking for a good source of employment and entertainment for a while. One, this Animated Monster Hand in Bowl, has developed the amazing ability to speak, in fact, and is looking to become your candy greeter for this epic season. We’re not sure how it talks (beyond the use of three AA batteries), but it is pretty delightful when it jumps up to grab any candy seekers while shouting out its seasonal greetings. Have a good little scream this year with Thing’s slightly greener brother and, perhaps, you’ll have some of the actual Addamses come to visit!

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  • Halloween Colorful Bat Lantern

    Halloween Colorful Bat Lantern

    This is a Halloween Bat Lantern.

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  • Spooky Eyes Lantern

    Spooky Eyes Lantern

    Features of the NightWhat is it about October? It has an air of energy. Kids come home from school with rosy cheeks and excited voices. The days are either spooky and stormy or there is a bright blue sky that’s framed with orange, yellow, and red leaves. Bright pumpkins, colorful corn, and tart apples are piled on carts next to country roads, ready to go home and spread the autumn cheer.But here’s the thing, it’s not just the colors that make us love this month so much. We love the dark side too! October nights get chilly. The wind picks up, carrying the dry leaves across the cement, stirring our imagination. It might just be the wind or it could be Halloween creatures, getting ready to celebrate the spooky season. Product DetailsThis lightweight lantern is an easy way to add color and character to your Halloween decor! It features colorful eyes and has wire rods under the paper to keep it structured. Ready to switch the season? Take it down, fold it up, and store it away for next years festivities!Keeping it EerieIt’s easy to make a kid-friendly spooky setting when you choose decorations from our collection. Set the tone with safe candle alternatives like glowsticks and LED candles to make these lanterns really pop!

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  • Light Up Garland- White Ghost

    Light Up Garland- White Ghost

    This is a Light Up Garland Ghost.

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  • Small Spooky Light Up Tree Figurine

    Small Spooky Light Up Tree Figurine

    Wood if you CouldIf you came upon a real, haunted forest would you enter it? Your answer might be “no” right away cause who wants to put their life on hold and transform into a werewolf just for a thrill? But really, how many times in your life are you going to run into a haunted forest? You kind of have to try it out. If haunted forests were more common, they might even get onto more people’s bucket lists. So yeah, if you run into a spooky forest, we recommend just taking a few steps into those gnarly trees. Cause who knows when you’ll see one next and honestly, worth the risk!Product DetailsThis light up tree looks like it’s been dug up from the back of an eerie antique store. The gnarly tree has intense roots and hands that look like they’re about to grab naive passers-by. While the expression looks pretty aggressive, the light up factor will be the perfect addition to your Halloween display. Setting the SceneAre you ready to get a spooky set together? Set this tree up with different accessories from our indoor Halloween decor collection. From spider webs to twisty trees and plenty of pumpkins, you’ll have all sorts of options to make your event extra eerie!

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  • Tablecloth Spiderweb

    Tablecloth Spiderweb

    This is a Spiderweb Tablecloth.

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  • Stone Wall Backdrop

    Stone Wall Backdrop

    Save the princess, battle the dragons, and find the missing oracle. The work of an adventurer never ends! We want you to keep going. When the temperature drops and LARPing outside is unbearable set up a quest inside. Move the furniture out of the way and have some fun. Battling evil isn’t easy, but decorating is.With the Stone Wall Backdrop you can turn any home into a mysterious tunnel, a castle, or an exotic land. The stone wall graphic is on a plastic wall roll that can be attached using tape, or whatever device best for your walls. Creating a medieval look in your home is great for parties, game nights, or just for added decoration. Let your imagination lead the way, don’t let bad weather get you down!

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  • Halloween Spider Black Branch Purple LED Tree

    Halloween Spider Black Branch Purple LED Tree

    This is a Halloween Spider Black Branch Purple LED Tree.

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  • 14" Halloween Purple LED Tree

    14″ Halloween Purple LED Tree

    This is a  14″ Halloween Purple LED Tree.

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  • LED Halloween Camper Wall D√©cor

    LED Halloween Camper Wall Décor

    Spooky Woods ReadyAh, the haunted camping trip. It’s an October classic! You never know what’s lurking out in those scraggly woods. The misty evenings might even be hiding a creepy little graveyard. Pretty cool, huh? When you’re stuck in a boring old haunted house all year, it’s nice to get away on Halloween, the most special of holidays for haunters. This little cabin is just the ticket for a witch and her spirited friend. Imagine what fun they’ll have with any hikers who might come their way! Product DetailsThis glowing, cozy camper will flaunt your love for the road and the autumnal season all at once. The piece is designed to look like a small trailer and is decorated with pumpkins on the outside. Simply add three AA batteries and the interior will light up, showing the witch and ghost in the camper’s windows. Over a foot long and just under a foot tall, this camper will make a bright and cheery impact on your Halloween decor. S’more Ghost Stories, PleaseIf you love camping in the fall and you love Halloween, this is the perfect piece for you. Finally, you can start telling campfire tales that don’t leave the little ones sleepless at night!

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  • Pre-Lit Orange Garland

    Pre-Lit Orange Garland

    This is a Pre-Lit Orange Garland.

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  • Pre-Lit 3 Foot Orange Halloween Tree

    Pre-Lit 3 Foot Orange Halloween Tree

    No Fear, More CheerAre you the kind of person who thinks that the cheer of the holidays always feels too short? Even if you are the kind of person who throws up their tree on December 1st, the decked halls always seem to be undecked way too early. Want in on our secret? If you’re not decorating for Halloween than you’re missing out on a whole month of holiday joy! Sure, you might be throwing up some spider webs, candelabras, and black cats but there’s nothing like a sparkly tree to add a sense of wonder and cheer! So strike up a couple creepy carols and mix up some wicked good baked goods, the holiday season starts on October 1st!Product DetailsThis bright and Tinsley orange tree stands at three feet tall and is pre-light for easy take-down and set-up. Some assembly is required however it comes with simple instructions so tree-based Halloween cheer is only a few steps away. At three-feet tall, this can be set up on the floor or set on a corner table top with a Halloween themed table cloth for extra height and flair. Trick-or-TreeDo you remember what it was like to experience Halloween when you were a kid? October rolled around and it was like a jolt of energy bolting through your system! Jumpstart that energy again with this bright and sparkly orange tree. Decorate the tinsel branches with our adorable horror ornaments, drape it with spider webs, and watch as it spreads delight and fright all at once. You don’t have to have Halloween gifts but wrapping up this year’s Halloween costumes might be a good idea! This tree is great for home, public spaces, and even classrooms, it’s a great place to gather around and read spooky stories. The Headless Horseman never had such a perfect backdrop! 

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  • Martian Invader Vacuform Mask 23" Wall Hanger Mars Attacks

    Martian Invader Vacuform Mask 23″ Wall Hanger Mars Attacks

    No Country for Old AliensWhat’s with all of these happy alien movies? Remember when aliens were scary and they wanted to seize control of the Earth through a fiery conquest? Well, we do! We’re sick of seeing movies with cutesy extraterrestrial creatures. We’re sick of the aliens that want to be your friend and eat human peanut butter based candies. Where are the scary green space aliens who with laser guns? Where are the aliens with complete and total contempt for the human race? We want those aliens back! You know, the little hideous green men with murderous intent! Well, one of them is right here!Product DetailsThis Mars Attacks Martian Invader Mask Decoration brings you a totally terrifying creature from the classic science fiction movie. The vacuform mask measures 23″ tall and is molded into the shape of an alien face from the film. The mask has a retro look, intended to resemble vintage Halloween masks, and is designed to be used as a decoration.Returning to Extraterrestrial RootsIf you’re like us and you like the deadly aliens of sci-fi past, then you’re going to want this Mars Attacks Martian Invader Vacuform Mask! Just hang it on the wall and you’ll feel like the alien invasion has started in your own home!

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  • Vacuform Mask 23" Wall Hanger Decor Classic Witch

    Vacuform Mask 23″ Wall Hanger Decor Classic Witch

    Hex-a-planAre you suffering from shadows wandering into your bedroom at night? Are your loved ones turning into toads before your eyes? Do your groceries seem to always go bad before their expiration date? If you’re suffering from one or more of these symptoms then you may be the victim of a hex. Want relief from the demons? Consider Hex-a-plan. A blend of traditional holy water and modern technology keeps those witchy vibes from invading your home. No need to worry yourself with smokey sage or sprinkling salt on all your doorways, Hex-a-plan will keep you from succumbing to the dark forces. Don’t take Hex-a-plan if you’ve already signed the book of the beast. Hex-a-plan won’t turn toads or mice back to their human form. Hex-a-plan may cause loss of visions, dizziness, or consistent feelings of boredom. If demons show up at your house after taking Hex-a-plan, call your exorcist. Product DetailsSome people might not like witches due to their general evil vibe and ability to disappear in a cloud of smoke but we think a witch adds color to special spooky occasions (or maybe that’s just the green skin). This large witch mask has dramatically large features and glows in the dark so she’s hard to miss no matter the lighting. With an angry expression and cartoonish, old-fashioned features this molded mask decoration is just the right balance of spooky and scary!

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  • Gil Freak Vacuform 23" Wall Hanger D√©cor

    Gil Freak Vacuform 23″ Wall Hanger D√©cor

    WoooOooohWhooo. You hear that freaky music? That’s the cue that you’re about to get attacked by a monster. Oh no! What a fright!Of course, it doesn’t have to be all frightening. Not in the bit! Because it’s Halloween, and you’re turning your home into a macabre lair of darkness. And when that’s the sort of Halloween fun that’s destined for your abode, there is a certain monster that we feel needs to be called upon. The Lagoon dweller who’s known simply as the Gil Freak! Now that would be a frightening addition to your theme indeed!Well, we’ve got an easy way to include him and his likeness in on the fun. Just get this Gil Freak Vacuform Wall Hanger Décor! Styled like a classic Halloween costume mask from the 70s and 80s, this mask is designed to be hung up on the wall, and it’s slightly oversized for added visual appeal. It measures about 23 inches tall and is painted in vivid colors.You’ll have a piece of memorabilia that’s instantly evocative of black and white horror films when you get Gil Freak Vacuform Wall Mask. Get it to hang up this year, and check out all of our other décor to complete your spooky decorating theme!

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  • Vacuform Mask 23" Wall Hanger Decor Space Invader

    Vacuform Mask 23″ Wall Hanger Decor Space Invader

    This is a Space Invader Vacuform Mask 23″ Wall Hanger Decor.

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  • 13'' Realistic Scary Cat Decoration

    13” Realistic Scary Cat Decoration

    You know what they say about a black cat crossing your path, but what do they say about a black cat staring ominously at you? It certainly can’t mean good luck. When you’re decorating your house for the oncoming spooky season this cat will be that unsettling detail that puts people in the Halloween state of mind. Whether you’re a witch looking for a familiar or you’re looking for a dark companion for you feline housemates, you’ll find this statue fits the bill. It’s refreshing to see a cat that’s less scaredy and more scary. This kitty isn’t going to flinch any time soon, in comparison to every other cat ever who jumps two feet high for literally no good reason. Who knows what this cat is staring at? It could be checking out an unseen spirit in the corner or it could just be plotting your demise. Hey! That’s one thing this stone cold kitten probably has in common with your seemingly innocent Fluffy. So watch your back, you never know what this cat’s going to drag in.

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  • Bloody Body in a Bag Decoration

    Bloody Body in a Bag Decoration

    This is a bloody body in a bag decoration.

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  • Bloody Shower Curtain

    Bloody Shower Curtain

    Well, there are some mysteries in the world that will never be solved. Who was Jack the Ripper? Why did he stop killing? What is corn syrup really made of? Who killed Jon Bennet Ramsey? What comes after the universe? Who was DB Cooper? And, what happened to all that cash?While we may never know somethings, your friends and family are sure to get answers after they see this Splattered Bloody Shower Curtain hanging in your bathroom. They are going to demand what happened. Who did you murder? What did you do with the body? Are they going to have to be your alibi, because they are really, really, bad at lying. Plus, they don’t have time for a murder trial…if you get caught that is. Who knows you may be the answer to one of the next biggest mysteries!

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  • Prop 6Ft Witch

    Prop 6Ft Witch

    Which Witch Is WhichHanging out with a bunch of witches can be a little confusing. Not all the time, mind you. Now that it’s the modern era and magical folks feel free to dress how they please, it’s a little easier. But back in the day, telling witches apart was super difficult. So when they were standing around the cauldron it was super difficult to tell who was saying, “double, double” and who was saying, “Boil and trouble”. It was a good thing for witches back then. Because there was no way you’d want to be recognized by witch hunters back in the day. Those dramatic black cloaks were handy!Product DetailsThis hanging decoration will look like a classic image of a witch. It can hang from its head and sway in the wind as if the witch is dancing, making it perfect for Halloween night! The green witches head has a wicked grin and the iconic large witch’s nose with a wart on the tip. Lank hair hangs out of the pointy cap. Green boney hands peek out of the black robe to make it look like she’s ready to cast a spell. So if you’re ready to give your yard a magical touch, this witch will be a spellbinding hit! 

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  • Hanging 12 Ft Reaper Prop

    Hanging 12 Ft Reaper Prop

    Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper! – Blue Oyster CultHave you ever wanted to grab that special girl’s hand, but were nervous about it? Your hand starts sweating. You wipe it on your pant leg. And she moves her hand away from the perfect hand holding place. Your buddy suggested watching a scary movie, or just manning up, and taking her hand…if she wants. And that I your struggle. You are nervous because she hasn’t taken your hand yet either.When you hang this big guy at your door, you’ll be able to sing Baby take my hand, don’t fear the reaper! as she grabs YOUR hand. Yes, she will grab your hand. You’ll get around the nervousness by letting her take the lead, and all thanks to this 12 Ft Hanging Reaper Prop. Not to mention how awesome it will make your house look in the fall.

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  • Smoking Witch Cauldron

    Smoking Witch Cauldron

    This is a Smoking Cauldron.

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  • Clown Curtain

    Clown Curtain

    Clown Behind the CurtainWe have watched a TON of horror movies. People are always getting themselves into a real pickle with villains by being careless. How many people have bitten the dust after uttering one of these phrases?”Is someone there? Okay, I’m just going to hop in the shower for no reason.””Alright, I’m just going to check out this creepy basement all by myself.””Let’s split up to figure this out!”Too many, right? That’s why we always recommend sticking together during a horror movie situation and please, check behind the shower curtain… unless you can see the carnage behind it, like with this Scary Clown Curtain decoration!Product DetailsThis scary decoration helps turn your home into a horror movie! The curtain is a simple polyester material that comes with faux blood stains. It fits onto most standard curtain rods and measures a full 6 feet long. The bottom of the curtain has a pair of dangling legs with clown shoes attached to them. Add it to any room in your home to instantly add to the creep factor.Oh, the Horror!If you want to see your friends feel like they’re right in the middle of a horror flick, just add this curtain to your party decor!

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  • Hanging Bride w/ Black Rose

    Hanging Bride w/ Black Rose

    The people who had our warehouse before us were a little too ambitious. They were originally a thriving snow machine company for the Minnesota area, but wanted to diversify a little bit more for whatever reason. One day they tried holding a wedding in the warehouse. Needless to say forklifts and wedding parties really don’t go as hand in hand as we thought, and now we have the ghost of a very angry bride haunting us for all of eternity even after they moved out and we came in. She still carries the final red rose left from the bouquet she had when she got ready to walk down the aisle. Now it’s been turned black with time and the evil that’s coursing through her. We really need to find a way to get rid of here. She’s pretty scary. Maybe she can hang out at your next Halloween party. She’s a swinging dancer and loves to just have a great time. Sure we’re trying to prevent her from potentially driving us insane or potentially killing us, but we’re pretty sure she’s just a little stir crazy from being stuck in here for so long! Give her a nice place to settle her bones and we’re sure you will all get along just fine!

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  • Broken TV with Sound

    Broken TV with Sound

    Wrong ChannelThings have been happening around this old house for a while now. You didn’t listen to little Jimmy about the old man in the backyard but ever since then, things have been a little off-kilter. This ghost and we’re not saying it is a ghost but let’s not dwell in denial. This ghost has been playing all the supernatural hits. Chairs have been piling up in the middle of the room. The talking clown doll in Jimmy’s room goes off every night at three in the morning now (A clown doll, really? Were you asking for a haunting?). And the rocking chair in the corner starts rocking whenever anyone enters the room. So, there’s only one element left, right? Yep, that’s right, the television needs to go awry!Product DetailsIf you want to ramp up your Haloween decor game, this television is the way to go. It is nine inches long, thirteen inches wide, and four and a half inches deep just like an old-fashioned black and white set. Simply press the off and on button to activate the chilling sound effects, the flickering lights, and the eerie images. All you need is a little courage and three AAA batteries to make the haunting begin!Excercise This!Let’s be honest, no one really wants to live in a haunted house no matter how much they love Halloween. No worries though, this tv will give your house that creepy feeling you crave, no creepy rocking chairs required. So ramp up your interior spook factor from those basic spider webs that you’ve put up the last ten years to something on a whole new level. Whether you’re hosting a costume party or you’re just looking to scare the kiddos, this tv is sure to be a hit. So tune in. . . if you dare!

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  • Bloody Cargo Net

    Bloody Cargo Net

    It’s never good when you stumble across a bloody cargo net. Honestly, in almost every situation, blood is probably not a sign of things going well! But, especially not when it comes to bloody cargo nets, because that net was holding something. Whether that blood belongs to what was in the net, or whoever was keeping an eye on it, the net is empty now, and we can only hope you have a plan in place for when this happens. Or, this is what you want your party guests to be thinking, when they find your creepy Bloody Cargo Net decoration. There are so many ways you could use this net to add to your spooky Halloween ambiance! You could hide it in a closet, and when someone “stumbles” across it and asks about it, you can play the concerned host who warns everyone not to go anywhere in the house alone, or to go near the vents or toilets. Or, you could play it cool and tell everyone that this happens all the time, and they’ll be fine as long as they don’t look the mystery creature in the eyes. We’re having a bloody good time just thinking about it!

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  • Animated: Moving Books

    Animated: Moving Books

    A Real PageturnerIs there anything better than a great ghost story? Autumn is the best time for curling up with a creepy book. Whether you’re getting your spine tingles from consuming a horror novel, fireside or you’re telling your children ghost stories as they soak it all up with wide-eyed abandoned, it’s a tradition that has spanned the centuries! Sure, the stories might make you aware of how creeky your house is like never before but it’s worth it, right? Plus maybe now you’ll get motivated to fix that vent that keeps “tap, tap, tapping” outside your bedroom door. What vent, you say? Uh oh, you might be in trouble.Product DetailsAssuming that your house isn’t already teeming with spirits, most ghost story fans start looking for ways to make their homes creepier come autumn. After all, you’re in a spooky mood. Why shouldn’t everyone else who comes into your home sympathize? These unassuming moving books are sure to get the spines of both young and old Halloween revelers tingling! It’s time to turn a page in your Halloween decor and get interactive! Running on AA batteries, these books move about whenever anyone comes too close. Anyone who gets too scared ought to start judging books by their covers! With hilarious author pun names, these books will be trick and a treat even when they’re turned off!What a Novel Idea!So, are you ready to take your interior Halloween game to the next level? We can’t wait, it’s going to be fun. You’ll find ways to trick people, like making your nephew go grab a recipe book while you’re making ghostly marshmallow cupcakes. Or send your sister to go find that novel you want her to borrow that happens to reside right next to your new set of ghostly tales. The mischevious opportunities are endless. People might doubt your taste in literature after this but we wouldn’t read to much into it. 

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