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  • Marvel Avengers: Endgame Captain America Scope Vision Helmet

    Marvel Avengers: Endgame Captain America Scope Vision Helmet

    End All Be allPoor Captain America, he can be behind the times sometimes. He was gone for quite a while, so we get it if he doesn’t understand the memes and televised inside jokes we all have. But while he might have to get an intern to help him change his Facebook profile picture, he never falls behind when it comes to battlefield technology. This helmet proves it! With his eyes on the prize, looking out for his teammates, you can be sure that he’d fully approve of this Civil War Captain America helmet toy!Product DetailsCaptain America knows how to use everything in his arsenal. So your kid is sure to love pulling out all the stops with this helmet! It can adjust for different sized heads so kids can wear this toy year after year. The mask-like piece fits over your kid’s face with a light-up lens that helps focus on the enemy (and helps your kid feel like a bigger team). The lens fits over one eye, allowing kids to aim the foam darts that are mounted on the side of the head more precisely. That seems like it’ll be right up ol’ Cap’s alley. Don’t you? 

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  • 300 Movie Themistocles Adult Helmet

    300 Movie Themistocles Adult Helmet

    Charge into battle, sword in hand, just like the Athenian general, Themistocles! If you want to look tough while you go sword to sword with the Spartans then this is the helmet for you. This 300 Movie Themistocles Adult Helmet will look cool with any of our 300 inspired costumes!

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  • Knight Helmet Hat

    Knight Helmet Hat

    So you think you’re interested in joining the knight’s watch? Well, this isn’t a game, boy! Here are a few things you should know:1.Becoming a knight typically takes about fourteen years, seven years as a page and seven as a squire. (But you can become a knight a click of a button).2.Knights jousted at sixty miles per hour (you’d definitely want a helmet for that!).3.Full Plate Armour weighs about fifty pounds (ours is plastic, and weighs much less). Is that enough of a pitch for ya? We have to think that this helmet accessory is the perfect way to complete your medieval costume. Just remember: it’s a prop. So you don’t actually want to go hopping into battle. But for all other costume purposes? Yup, this knight helmet hat is the ticket!

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  • Master Chief Light Up Kids Helmet

    Master Chief Light Up Kids Helmet

    Who wouldn‚Äôt want to be Master Chief? Doesn’t being a biochemically and cybernetically enhanced super-soldier sound awesome? All you have to do is constantly dodge space explosions, single-handedly defeat armies of massive, terrifying aliens and operate every kind of flying, driving or hovering contraption in the galaxy. Piece of cake! Of course, there are some major differences between our world and The Chief’s. Unless you grew your little tike in a military incubator somewhere, we’ll just assume that they already have the required skill set to be Earth’s last line of defense. Suit up with this Master Chief Light Up kids helmet and give the Covenant a force to reckoned with. The helmet features outer light accents and the famous dark-bronze, tinted visor that has seen countless Halo campaign ventures.

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  • Army Helmet

    Army Helmet

    You can’t expect to enter enemy territory without a helmet. Therefore, why would you show up to a party without one? You’d never last in either situation. So, don’t forget one of the most important elements of your costume: this Army Helmet, AKA, melon protector! The trick to every believable costume is having all of the right accessories. Stay true to your character, man!This Army Helmet looks like today’s M-8 Kevlar ballistic helmet with its digital camo pattern. This is the pattern that the U.S. Army currently uses for the combat uniform. Just like the famous Army Slogan: “Be All You Can Be,” you’ll want to suit up in the same spirit. Then, watch the salutes as you walk up to the party. Good work, soldier!

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  • Marvel Legends: Ant-Man Helmet Prop Replica

    Marvel Legends: Ant-Man Helmet Prop Replica

    Following in the FootstepsWe all want to be like our heroes. After all this time, he’s still out there, fighting the good fight and making sure that all is right with the world. He might not have any superpowers on his own, but that never stops him! After all this time, he still just looks as youthful as even and he still has that fighting spirit inside! Gosh, if only we could be more like Paul Rudd…Oh, you thought we were talking about Ant-Man, huh? Yeah, he’s pretty awesome (especially because Paul Rudd does such a charming job of playing the character in the MCU). If you’re a fan of Ant-Man, or Mr. Rudd, then you’re going to want this Marvel Legends Ant-Man Helmet Prop Replica in your collection.Product DetailsThis Ant-Man helmet is officially licensed from the Marvel movies and has some really rad features. The eye holes have a red visor covered to recreate the look from the movie and the front has molded details to give it an amazing look! It mask has LED lights that can be activated by the simple press of a button. The helmet fits with adjustable bands on the interior, so one-size-fits-most. It does require 3 AA batteries to operate the light-up features, so make sure to have a few handy to make full use of this collectible helmet!Never Ages in Your Collection!Whether you’re trying to cosplay as your favorite actor who never seems to age, or you’re just trying to become the newest member of the Avengers, this helmet is a great addition to your collection.

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  • Crow: Bird Helmet

    Crow: Bird Helmet

    Big Bad Bird BrainKing Crow was a tough old bird. He ruled a gnarly old forest, in a craggy land that was forgotten by civilization for centuries. He guarded an old fortress and gathered all sorts of treasures in a giant nest. His roost was where all sorts of ancient creatures convened to talk of ancient legends and new threats to the forested realm. But when it came time for this Centurian bird to pass on to the next realm, he remembered his one human companion, a wizard from times gone by. He left his flock and went to rest on this wizard’s grave, to enter into the next life with his mystical counterpart.Product DetailsGet some of that mystical bird spirit vibe in your look with this crow mask. The skull is detailed with aged-looking bone crags and cracks. It’s molded from comfortable latex to make sure it’s a comfortable fit that you can wear for hours on end. shaggy faux fur is attached to the back to add even more drama to your old crow costume.Flight PatternTransforming into a mystical bird man might seem like a heavy subject but it’s also surprisingly versatile. From Viking warrior to ancient druid to modern cult leader, this evil look makes all sorts of costumes take flight!

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  • Wolf Helmet Brown

    Wolf Helmet Brown

    This is a Brown Wolf Helmet.

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  • Power Rangers Adult White Ranger Helmet

    Power Rangers Adult White Ranger Helmet

    This is a Power Rangers Adult White Ranger Helmet

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  • Kids Vinyl Predator Helmet Mask

    Kids Vinyl Predator Helmet Mask

    Be careful not to carry around any weapons when your child puts on this Predator mask. The molded mask is so realistic, he might feel like the real thing, and in that case you wouldn’t want him to feel threatened.If he was to feel threatened, it could trigger his fight-or-flight instinct, which means bad news for you if he decides to go on the hunt. You would need so many sandbags outside your door. And a lot of traps. And a team of scientific researchers to discover weaknesses to exploit. And, you know, we just don’t feel comfortable tearing apart a family like that. Raising a colony of aliens to sate his need for hunting would be, of course, the alternative. Don’t get us started on that, though. We just sell masks.

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  • Child Thor Helmet

    Child Thor Helmet

    Is your little Asgardian ready to help protect the universe from the scariest villains in Marvel history? Well, he may have an amazing suit of armor and even his own mighty war hammer, but we would have to say he is missing a little something. And that little something just happens to be this amazing Thor Helmet for children!This amazing accessory will complete your kiddo’s Thor costume. Once he tosses this helmet on, he’ll be protected from anything his scheming brother Loki or that pesky Ultron has to throw his way. Even Thanos will have a tough time with your hardheaded thunder god! As they say, the best offense is a good defense and this Thor Helmet will give your youngster rock solid defense. Whether your little one needs to protect the world or deal with an intense sugar high, this helmet will keep his noggin safe and sound this Halloween.

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  • Adult Silver Gladiator Helmet

    Adult Silver Gladiator Helmet

    When Caesars ruled Rome, and soldiers fought for more land, gladiators died in the arena. In the Coliseum. That grand circular structure. Beautiful in it’s design, but terrible because of the amount of blood spilled on the sun bleached sand in the center. Each grain representing a life touched by the violence of the arena.Yet, there are reasons to fight in that massive Coliseum. For the love of Rome. The honor of family. Being forced to fight, because you are a slave. Whatever your reason, be sure you pick up an Adult Silver Gladiator Helmet, and ax, or sword, and a shield. Because, whatever happens in the arena you will need protection. You will need something to strike back against your attackers. The other slaves, and honor bound men, that have become gladiators. You will need to practice hard in order to survive. Good luck, and fight with honor.

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  • Kids Astronaut Helmet

    Kids Astronaut Helmet

    Out of OrbitYour kiddo has imagined almost everything out there. They’ve traveled through purple mountains on a turquoise unicorn that lived on marshmallows. They’ve crawled through eerie caves that held untold secrets of the universe. One weekend in March they even ventured into the center of a volcano in a lava-proof suit. All their adventures have been pretty amazing but now it’s time to venture off this earthly plane and explore what the wonders of space have to offer. Details & DesignMake sure your adventurous kid is prepared to explore the cosmos with this Made by Us astronaut helmet. Our in-house designers made sure to create a helmet with all sorts of important details such as the molded ventilation tube that wraps around one side and the very important colorful buttons on the other. The bright yellow visor flips up so kids can easily talk to aliens on a moments notice. Seeing StarsWant to complete the perfect astronaut look this Halloween? Pair this helmet with our Made by Us astronaut jumpsuit and boots. 

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  • Adults Astronaut Helmet

    Adults Astronaut Helmet

    YOUR HEAD IS IN THE CLOUDSSo, the proverbial “they” always say “you’ve got your heads stuck in the clouds” but that’s just a figure of speech for being a dreamer and what’s wrong with dreaming? We say nothing’s wrong with it! Dreaming is encouraged, especially if you’re dreaming about the night sky, swinging from star to star, sliding down the Milky Way, and exploring the moon all on your own. In fact, we have an accessory to make all your astronaut dreams blast off and become a solid reality: the adult-sized astronaut helmet. Put it on and pretend you’re walking on the moon or instead, just do the moonwalk, either way, you’ll feel like you’re floating in space, dancing amongst the stars.          PRODUCT DETAILSThe adult’s astronaut helmet is a Made by Us accessory, meaning it’s high-quality, well-made and able to use over and over again. The plastic helmet features colorful fake buttons, a fake breathing tube, and an overall dome-shape. The yellow-tinted visor can move up and down so you can put it up and get an up-close-and-personal view of the earth’s atmosphere.     BLAST OFF!Blast off to your Halloween plans wearing a complete astronaut jumpsuit. We have fashionable styles for men and women to put you on cloud 9!      

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  • Child Police Riot Helmet

    Child Police Riot Helmet

    Recess can get a little crazy at times. With Dodgeballs flying everywhere, football games getting a little intense, and kids running around the playground just going nuts. All of that just sounds a little too dangerous for our taste. Sometimes you need a little help in order to reign in that mob of screaming young children in, and a little bit of protection to do it with. We think it’s time to call in the special forces. Are you ready to take charge? Protect your head while keeping the chaotic little troublemakers at bay with this Children’s Police Riot Helmet. It works great by itself when you have to get out there and jump into action quickly but it looks even better with a full set and maybe a little bit of extra gear to go with it. Before long you’ll have the blacktop cleaned up and the playground full of friendly fun where everybody can peacefully do whatever they want, or at least until tomorrow.

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  • Black Tactical Helmet

    Black Tactical Helmet

    We don’t care how good your hair looks or how much time you spent styling it. When debris starts raining down, you’ll want a good helmet. Doesn’t matter if your Special Weapons and Tactics, an armored cop, Armed forces, or are besieging the cardboard fort in the back yard: head protection is a must.This Black Tactical Helmet is just what you need. Dark. Shiny. Super-official looking chin strap and all. It’s the perfect top-off to any military or enforcement costume. Note we said costume. This is for dress-up and play. This helmet will not actually protect you from anything dumb you decide to do. Like an insertion through the roof via that trampoline over there… so don’t do it.

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  • Kids Astronaut Helmet

    Kids Astronaut Helmet

    While we might have gone through a number of different choices in our younger days, we all had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to be when we grew up. We at least had a short list. (Frankly, most of us still have a pretty big ‘when we grow up’ well after we’ve left our childhood behind—if not a larger one!) The great thing about life is that it takes ten thousand hours of work and you can call yourself an expert in something. So, the math geeks in the office rushed to figure out how many careers we can fit into our lives. We all agreed that we definitely should have started earlier!So, when your kiddo is looking up with bright eyes at the stars high above in the deep night and clearly imagining a life of space exploration, you know that it is crucial to foster that kind of hope really quickly! And, we’ve got the perfect thing to help you get that happening at the drop of a hat. Literally. Drop this Kid’s Astronaut Helmet right on that tyke’s noggin and the space exploration dreams will begin immediately. This white plastic helm has realistic countdown blastoff sounds, a retractable visor, and oxygen vents with full on regulator hoses! Warning, though: this helmet is only tested against imaginary space pressures and should be used in conjunction with only other imaginary space vessels.

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  • Imperial Guard Helmet

    Imperial Guard Helmet

    The Red Guard…now that’s an intimidating security force. They were first implemented by Palpatine after he was elected Supreme Chancellor. The red blended in with Palpatine’s office, and their quiet yet dangerous look was a massive tool in showing the imposing force of the empire. To be one of these guards, you’d have to be the best, being chosen out of millions of other soliders. Not only did they have to be great soliders, but they needed to have unconditional loyalty to the empire and to Palpatine. His word was unquestioned.Which makes sense, because otherwise, don’t you think they’d stick around right before the big fight with Vader and Luke? Don’t you think it crossed their minds that maybe, just maybe, they should hang around in case Palpatine needed backup? Well, they didn’t question his orders and left the room and ended up leaving Palpatine in a vulnerable position of getting thrown down a ventilation shaft by Vader. We think the Imperial Guard is pretty cool, especially their uniforms. They’re imposing and mysterious. Just check out that narrow visor on this helmet. Gives you chills…Now, if you were thinking of becoming one of these elite soliders for Halloween, this officially licensed Imperial Guard Helmet is a must have. Add this helmet to the red robes that the guard wore, and don’t forget to get your wielded force pike, and a heavy blaster hidden under your robe. That will ensure that you’re ready to protect this empire this Halloween…

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  • Firefighter Helmet w/Visor

    Firefighter Helmet w/Visor

    Before you run into a burning building to fearlessly go toe-to-toe with the fire in an epic display of hand-to-hand combat, as the Captain of your crew, you’ve got to set a good example for all the rookies in your firehouse. In order to do so, emphasize safety by throwing this Firefighting Helmet with Visor on your head, then go ahead and take on that ruthless inferno, man-to-man. During your intense battle with what seems to be the gates of hell, things may get a bit hot, so throw down your visor to protect your face from the open flames and the all the heat radiating off of them. Of course, if you hope to be successful in putting that fire into an early grave, you’ll need more than just this helmet. Make sure that you are equipped with the traditional flame-retardant suit, a huge axe on your back, and a breathing apparatus (it may prove to be difficult to keep up the good fight without being able to breathe.). Once you have all the proper gear then it’s time, as Captain, to show all those newbies what being a firefighter is all about!

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  • Child Armed Forces Helmet

    Child Armed Forces Helmet

    The air force has some of the most highly trained fighter pilots in the whole world. There’s no mission too extreme or plane they can’t fly, so when good citizens are in trouble, these top gun jet jockeys are ready to swoop in and save the day! But even with all their training and hi-tech equipment, flying can be dangerous business, and the generals don’t let even their best pilots get into a multi-million dollar aircraft without the right safety gear.Your little hot shot fighter pilot will be ready to fly when you get them this awesome Armed Forces Helmet to go with their flight suit costume! They’ll have just the look they need to zero in on any bogeys through the tinted visor, and the wicked stars and Stealth Squadron decals look like they’re breaking the sound barrier! This costume helmet lets all their friends that danger can’t keep a good pilot grounded!

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  • Master Chief Adult Full Helmet

    Master Chief Adult Full Helmet

    Look, these can be trying times. And if you feel like you need a little more…protection…who are we to tell you that you don’t? For the record, when you told us that aliens were a real thing and that you had been recruited to battle them in order to serve humanity…yeah. We thought it was a little far-out. But the fact is, we don’t know what to believe anymore!So take this Master Chief Adult Full Helmet and do what you gotta do, man. We mean it Рif this is where your life is headed, then you’re gonna need those aliens to know that you mean business. And nothing says “I’m here to blast some GD Covenant BUTT!” quite like this Master Chief Adult Full Helmet. It’s even licensed from the Halo video game series, so your head will look like a helmet of SPARTAN-served death to any alien who tries to threaten humanity. Onward!

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  • Adult Green Ranger Helmet

    Adult Green Ranger Helmet

    The coolest RangerWell, Halloween’s here and you know what your task is this year. You’re going to suit up as one of the coolest characters of all time. That’s right, we’re setting the costume dial to retro, and we’re going to go with the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. And, not just any ranger, either. We’re gonna be the ever-awesome Green Ranger!We think you’re up for it, and you can be assured that we have the perfect Green Ranger costume for all your activities. But, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got the Green Ranger Helmet, and we’ve got you covered there, too. Get this helmet, pop it on along with your costume, and you’ll be Tommy the Green Ranger in no time!Product DetailsThis Adult Green Ranger Helmet is officially licensed from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Made of molded plastic, it features all the signature details from the Green Ranger uniform and it comes in two pieces that secure together with hook and loop fastener strips. This mask features a see-through black visor that will partially obstruct vision.IT’S MORPHIN TIMEThis helmet might not give you any superpowers or access to a Dinozord, but it will make you feel like you’re ready to morph into the Mighty Green Ranger. Let’s go defeat Rita Repulsa!

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  • Adult Black Ranger Helmet

    Adult Black Ranger Helmet

    Black Ranger TimeJump into the classic Power Rangers action when you suit up as the Black Ranger. Think you’re up for it? Just consider everything you’re going to be getting into. Battling Rita Repulsa and an endless onslaught of Putties. Styling as the ever cool Zack Taylor, the original Black Ranger. And, of course, piloting the Mastodon Dinozord! Now that sounds like a ton of fun to us.Naturally, the first step is going to picking up a prime Black Ranger costume for all the fun. But, don’t forget a part of the equation that’s of the utmost importance. You’re going to need a Power Rangers Helmet! Well, we got your back. Because we’re not only the world’s foremost online costume retailers, we’re also fans ourselves. Which means we got everything covered. And we’ve got this Adult Black Ranger Helmet that’s ready for the fun!Product DetailsThis Adult Black Ranger Helmet is officially licensed from the long-running television series. Made of molded plastic, it features all the signature details from the Black Ranger costume (complete with tusks!) and it comes in two pieces that secure together with hook and loop fastener strips. Sized for adults with one size fits most, this mask features a see-through visor that will partially obstruct vision.Morphin TimeWe’re your top sources for everything costume, so whether you’re outfitting your gang for a battle in some Megazords, or if you’ve got an entire family to shop for, we’ve got all the top costume choices. Browse our entire selection, and let’s get ready for some fun!

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  • Adult Blue Ranger Helmet

    Adult Blue Ranger Helmet

    Nerd!The Blue Ranger has some serious skills. Sure, you can him a nerd. You can call him a geek. You can even call him the king of all dorks, but guess what. Not only can he whoop any monster’s sorry butt with his bare hands, but he has the brains to build a flying car that can travel at speeds of over 3,000 mph (it’s called the RADBUG; look it up). Now, tell us again what the “cool” Red Ranger ever did that was better than that? Yeah, go ahead and call the Blue Ranger a nerd.Do you want a shot at being the awesomely nerdy member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?  The best way to become a Power Ranger is to get into contact with Zordon… but we have no idea how to get a hold of that guy. It’s not like he’s in the phone book or anything. The next best way to become a Ranger is to use this awesome helmet.Product DetailsThis officially licensed Blue Ranger Helmet is a great way to assume the role of the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. It comes in two pieces and snaps together to form a full helmet. It has great molded details, like the silver mouth and the black visor, which is transparent for vision.It’s Morphin TimeThis helmet might not give you any superpowers or access to a Dinozord, but it will make you feel like the nerdiest (and coolest) Power Ranger of them all.

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  • Master Chief Light Up Adult Helmet

    Master Chief Light Up Adult Helmet

    This is a Master Chief Light Up Adult Helmet.

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  • Adult Red Ranger Helmet

    Adult Red Ranger Helmet

    Quick Costume ChangesIt’s hard for us regular folks. A full costume change in a matter of seconds is just out of the question. It’s all fine and good for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They just have to shout, “It’s Morphin Time!” and their Power Coin just does a little presto chango act on their wardrobe. For the rest of us, we’d have to actually take off our normal clothes, put on the power suit, and then strap in the helmet. That’s enough time for Angel Grove to be completely overrun by Rita Repulsa’s monsters. There’s got to be an easier way!Well, there is. All you need is this Red Power Ranger helmet and you can transform into one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in an instant.Product DetailsThis officially licensed helmet is made out of molded plastic and it’s easy to put on. It comes in 2 pieces, which snap together with fasteners. The exterior is shaped to look like a t-rex and you can see through the black visor. Just pair it up with your favorite red shirt and you’ll be ready to do battle with the forces of evil in no time.The Easy WayDon’t wait around for Zordon to give you a Power Coin! Just use this Power Rangers Helmet for a quick transformation into your favorite Ranger.

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  • Viking Helmet

    Viking Helmet

    Thinking about dressing like a viking for Halloween? Just remember, those vikings were a pretty…motley…crew. And they were always subjecting themselves to the whims of the gods. So prepare for that, too.Among those many whims handed down from high were the somewhat stern instructions to affix cattle-like horns to their Viking battle helmets. We can see how it caught on; it surely makes for a dose of added terror as a horde of Vikings storms an unsuspecting village! Historians are still debating whether or not Vikings actually wore horned helmets like this, but either way it’s pretty much ingrained our modern interpretation of the famed Norse warriors. So you’d be remiss to not wear it out with your other Vikings garb this Halloween!

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  • Women's Open Face Winged Helmet

    Women’s Open Face Winged Helmet

    Becoming a totally sweet Norse Valkyrie isn’t easy, nor should it be. Because teaming up with Odin to carry the chosen warriors to the gates of Valhalla is a pretty important task. Asgard aside, maybe you’d like to try and replicate their mythological style for a little costume fun. We’ve always thought Halloween was better with a Valkyrie in the party posse!This exclusive women’s winged helmet is based on depictions of the mythological Norse Valkyries. Even if you’re not trying to be some kind of supernatural spirit, you can be a battle hardened Viking shield maiden when you add this cool helmet to your costume. With PU foam construction, this helmet is painted with the kind of detail that actually makes it look like hand worked metal. This helmet is made and designed by our costume creators right here at, and it’s ready for all of your Viking adventures. Get it, and practice your battle cry. “Valhalla!”

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  • Women's Horned Viking Helmet

    Women’s Horned Viking Helmet

    Valhalla awaits… but let’s make sure you have a good run before you join Odin in the great hall. Your horde has got a big time battle coming up, and we want to make sure that you have plenty of protection to survive in battle as long as possible. And the most important thing to protect is your head!So, complete your Viking costume with this women’s horned Viking helmet! You’re a tough shieldmaiden after all, and you want a battle style that both complements your costume, and if it adds some extra style too, well, that’s a bonus! This helmet certainly achieves that, and will be a vital addition to your ensemble.Featuring molded plastic that’s painted to look like worn metal, fur and horn accents make it a truly medieval style. The fur accents make it a great match to many of our women’s Viking costume selections, so pick out your favorite style, grab this helmet, and you too will be ready for battle! Or for just having a really great time at the costume party. That’s just fine too!

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  • Grey Wolf Helmet

    Grey Wolf Helmet

    Product DetailsIf your upcoming Halloween bash is set to include a mega session of costumed karaoke, take a deep breath, prepare your vocal chords, and deck yourself out in a look that will complement your…ahem…lilting, melodious voice. Belt it out, baddie, because now’s your time to sing off key and suffer no consequences (folks will be too frightened to tease you!)The truth is: it won’t matter if you sing like a songbird or howl like a banshee in this cool Grey Wolf Helmet. All eyes will be on you and the powerful scene you’re setting, whether you use this molded latex mask to top a classic Big Bad costume or create your own character in a pinstripe suit and shined up wingtips. For optimal use, slip on at the full moon and practice your howling high notes. Who knows, if you’re lucky your all Hallow’s eve performance may even inspire a little fang mail.

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