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  • Zoot Suit Gangster Hat

    Zoot Suit Gangster Hat

    So you’re finally tired of the 9 to 5 rat race and you want to get into organized crime, huh? Well, there’s a few things you’re going to have to consider. Like, for example, how much do you like Italian food? You’re gonna want to eat lots and lots of Italian food, and also be prepared to get offended if someone suggests that their momma’s food is better than yours. Plan on learning several creative and effective ways to intimidate people, particularly when it comes to them not paying back money. Are you able to get your hands on a horse’s head? Or some cement shoes? Any of those things should do the trick.Actually, now that we think of it, organized crime is probably not a great alternative to a boring 9 to 5 job. There’s a much better chance of going to jail, you’ve always got to keep an eye out for violent rivals, and there’s really only so much Italian food you can eat before the heartburn sets in. Maybe all you need to change your life is a nice Zoot Suit. Gangsters love dressing nice, especially in those throwback Zoot Suits, and maybe just the change of outfit would make you feel better. And just in case you find that perfect suit, we’ve got the perfect hat for you.This Zoot Suit Gangster hat is made from quality pro felt (nothing else but the best for our mobsters), and sports a white hat band around the top. Get yourself feeling stylish and sophisticated by adding this hat to your gangster or swing band outfit.

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  • Large Purple Ruched Witch Hat

    Large Purple Ruched Witch Hat

    SORCERY WITH STYLEWhether it is coming time for All Hallows Eve or an off-season gathering of the Grand Coven, every witch worth her wits wants to wear a look that is all her own.  Black is a safe bet, of course, because it goes with everything… and tradition…But this modern age is looking for the next generation who can take a stand and push the Coven to the next pinnacle of witchcraft wins!  That takes some panache!  A new style that will make you memorable!  And, that extra esteem might even inspire some brand new magic while you’re at it! PRODUCT DETAILSNothing says mysterious and magical like an exotic and rich color.  Nothing says wondrous witchcraft like a wide-brimmed and weird hat.  (Super)naturally, combining the two makes perfect sense!  Enjoy some serious splendor this All Hallows Eve with a Large Purple Ruched Witch Hat featuring a huge brim, a shimmering purple fabric, and a perfectly crooked high point! PURPLE IS THE NEW BLACKBlack is for the dark ages.  Time to upgrade that witch hat for the new generation.  With brim as great as your magic and a color as deep as your soul, this is the perfect accessory to top off any look!  Seriously.  We think it goes great with business suits and swimwear, too.

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  • Kids Magician Hat

    Kids Magician Hat

    Anybody lose a rabbit?For our next trick, we’ll try to make all of your kid’s magician dreams come true! Your kid loves spreading shock, awe, and surprise with they’re sleight of hand tricks and stealth disappearing acts, and we don’t blame them Рhave you ever been inside a magic shop? That stuff is seriously cool! And while we’re always trying to figure out how they did that, sometimes, it’s just fun to sit back and enjoy the show. So while your little magic maker is figuring out their signature moves, give them the one thing they need to really look legit Рthis Kids Magician Hat! A black hat with red and black trim, it’s got silver buttons around the stack, giving it that perfect touch of magic! With this hat, there’s be no limit to the kinds of illusions your child will be able to pull off! After all, tricks are for kids!

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  • Large Ruched Witch Hat

    Large Ruched Witch Hat

    Fire up the cauldron and get your witch gear together! There’s plenty to do for this holiday season. Make sure that trusty old broom of yours is polished for your midnight rides to clandestine coven meetings. You’ve got to make sure your supplies are organized and stocked. Last year you ran out of newt’s eye in the middle of a summoning. Luckily Gertrude had brought a spare. And the most important part of the season? Making sure you have a fresh yet classic take on the witching look for all the mystical get-togethers you have planned!It’s going to be a long night of spellcasting and necromancing. And you can’t make very good spells without a proper witch hat! At ten inches tall and with a brim that you can shape to your own liking, this Ruched Witch Hat will be the perfect addition to your evening. Set it just right and go out with confidence, just remember to bring Gertrude a couple newt eyes to thank her for last year’s debacle.  

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  • Ladies Pirate Hat

    Ladies Pirate Hat

    We’d be remiss not to mention this classic Ladies Pirate Hat before you hit the waters once again. We hear your next target is old Brown Beard’s treasure, a trove hidden deep in the depths of some cave off the coast of some island full of cannibals.Well… We mean no disrespect, miss, but you probably need all the help you can get. You’re capable, but Brown Beard is known for his cunning use of traps, and they’ll be extra difficult to navigate with a horde of cannibals on your tail! The thing about this hat is that only the courageous can wear it correctly (the inscription inside reads: only the brave need apply). Coincidentally, every swashbuckling pirate respects a nice, big hat‚Äîso set this atop those gorgeous locks and we have it on good authority that you’ll demand authority and command respect from anyone and everyone who dares venture into danger with you.

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  • Mini Clip-On Top Hat

    Mini Clip-On Top Hat

    Hat TrickBecoming an elegant society person can be a little tricky. There are just so many hoops to jump through. You need to figure out what fork to use in a multi-course dinner. You need to decide how to eat lobster without getting butter all over your silken garments. And also, how does one taste pick up a brawny oak flavor versus a clean, concentrated palate? Honestly, we’d all just like to eat, drink, and be merry without trying to be fancy. So how do you become a socialite without having to take etiquette classes before one measly dinner? It’s pretty simple, actually. Simply finish any ensemble with this gorgeous top hat!Product DetailsThis little hat is quite fine! It’s accented with furls of feathers and a red rose. The little top hat has sequins around the top. It clips to your hair so you can prop it on your head just how you want it. With this little hat, any head is sure to look super elegant.You’re the Top!Top hats might seem old fashioned but we think it’s pretty timeless. This hat will be boss when it’s pair with long, silky gloves and a feather boa. Whatever you wear this headpiece with, just know that people are just to take their hats off to you!

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  • Wolf Hat Jawesome

    Wolf Hat Jawesome

    This is a Wolf Jawesome Hat

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  • Mens Sailor Captain Hat

    Mens Sailor Captain Hat

    Aye Aye Mon’ Capitan!Authority is something that needs to be earned. If you think that you can just stroll onto a ship and take control of the crew of sailors, you’ve got another thing coming. You need to have the right attitude to gain their trust and respect. You need to show them that you have everything under control. But, most importantly, you need to be wearing a captain’s hat.Yes, the mighty captain’s hat! It tells everyone that you’re one to be trusted. It lets everyone know that you can steer the ship to calm waters. If you want the entire crew shouting, “Aye, aye, mon’ capitan!” to your every word, you’d better be wearing one.Product DetailsThis sailor captain’s hat helps give you the look of a true captain. It’s made of a polyester and cotton blend and has a vinyl brim. The hat is white with blue trim and has an embroidered anchor, rope and leaf on it.Rugged SailorJust toss this happy little hat on your head to make sure that your wily crew obeys your every order. Be sure to check out our many sailor costumes to help you cultivate the look of a rugged sailor for your next costume party!

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  • Royal King Hat

    Royal King Hat

    We all have expectations. Don’t leave the nasty dirty smelling sponge in the sink for me to clean up. Please. Please. Don’t leave the toilet roll empty. Just replace it. Don’t let your dog poop on my nicely manicured lawn. If it does happen, clean it up. Why do they leave a tablespoon of milk in the carton? Just use the last of it, that way we know we to buy more.We know it can be frustrating being the king of your castle. Between the kids and the spouse, it is difficult to find things when you need them. At the same time, it is way too easy to find the LEGOs that have become embedded in the carpet, with your feet. We can’t get your kids to start replacing the toilet roll or stop leaving smelly sponges in the sink, but we can let everyone know that you are the king of the castle with this Royal King Hat! Just keep watching out for Fido’s land mines on the lawn!

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  • Knight Helmet Hat

    Knight Helmet Hat

    So you think you’re interested in joining the knight’s watch? Well, this isn’t a game, boy! Here are a few things you should know:1.Becoming a knight typically takes about fourteen years, seven years as a page and seven as a squire. (But you can become a knight a click of a button).2.Knights jousted at sixty miles per hour (you’d definitely want a helmet for that!).3.Full Plate Armour weighs about fifty pounds (ours is plastic, and weighs much less). Is that enough of a pitch for ya? We have to think that this helmet accessory is the perfect way to complete your medieval costume. Just remember: it’s a prop. So you don’t actually want to go hopping into battle. But for all other costume purposes? Yup, this knight helmet hat is the ticket!

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  • Knit Shark Hat

    Knit Shark Hat

    According to researchers, most shark attacks occur near major North American, Australian, and South African beaches within 100 feet of the shore. The same research reveals that one of the least likely places for a shark attack to occur is on the top of your head, but just try telling that to anybody wearing this hungry, hungry hat. Freak of nature or not, it’s pretty likely that this is the one and only shark attack you’re going to care about.How would a shark even make it onto someone’s head, anyway? Maybe if you’re just dunking your head in the water, or if there’s some manner of shark tornado? We suppose that once there’s a shark on your head, figuring out how it got there is fairly irrelevant. Any which way, this acrylic hat featuring knitted-in eyes and teeth and a foam-filled tail and dorsal fin is about as adorable a way as we can think of to get your head gnawed upon. If you’re going to get attacked by a shark, there are certainly worse ways to do it.

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  • Queen of Hearts Crown Hat

    Queen of Hearts Crown Hat

    Get to the part where I lose my temper.Let‚Äôs face it, being bossy and ill-tempered just isn‚Äôt much fun unless you actually have power you can abuse. That‚Äôs why some of us (admittedly less well-adjusted) Disney fans will always have a special place in our hearts for a certain playing card themed monarch. Imagine how much more enjoyable life would be if everyone knew that getting on your bad side would be the last thing they ever did — in one piece, at least!Our officially licensed Queen of Hearts crown is fit for…well, a queen. The red and black heart will let people know right away just who they‚Äôre dealing with, and the luxurious faux feathers and jewels are sure to ‚Äúsuit‚Äù you perfectly. (Unrealistically patient flamingo not included.)

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  • General Hat

    General Hat

    “Oh, a general hat! I can wear it with anything!” No. It’s a general’s hat, not a general-purpose hat. In fact, it’s quite specific. Unless you’re in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, only one person in the group wears it. It’s eye-catching, distinctive. It raises your height about 5 inches. Nothing general about that. You’ll command salutes and respect in your very own general’s hat. The enlisted personnel and non-commissioned officers will fall right in line. Think how powerful you’ll feel. Take to the seas, and now you’re an admiral! That’s how it works, right?You don’t have to graduate from West Point to rock the large-and-in-charge look with this general’s hat. It’s even designed generically (no pun intended) so you can front for any world power you want, although one that’s really into stars helps. But hey, all the big ones are, right? Whether you’re threatening Mr. Bond, drafting up battle plans, or fondling the big red button, this is the hat for all your command activities!

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  • Jessie Glam Hat and Bow Set

    Jessie Glam Hat and Bow Set

    We all know Buzz, perpetually showing off his gadgets, declaring here and there about this and that because of his missions to alien planets. We all know Woody, the lovable cowboy hero who stole young Andy’s heart (and ours). At the mention of Toy Story, conjuring images of action figures and dolls and that jerk of a neighbor, it might be easy to forget about Jessie! Jessie originated as a collectible toy from the 50s, and if we learned anything in the second film, it’s that she wouldn’t be worth half as much without her accessories! Your Jessie costume is just the same‚Äîthere details matter! So take our advice: don’t overlook this licensed Jessie Glam Hat and Bow Set! It’s a great way to add some pizzazz to an otherwise valiant effort at wild west toyhood, not to mention Woody will go wild when he sees you!

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  • Child Airline Pilot Hat

    Child Airline Pilot Hat

    Remember your first flight? Way back in the day they used to have kids come up to the cockpit and meet the pilot and get their flight pin. That moment when children would meet the captain of that airplane in the cockpit with all of those knobs and lights and all that equipment would stick with that person. No wonder why so many kids wanted to be pilots. If your child wants to fly planes, that air of authority might just be part of that appeal. Those captains not only get to travel the world but they also get to wear a pretty wicked uniform. Everything from those shiny shoes to the well-pressed coat and the gold details is impressive. The most important part of that uniform is the distinctive captain’s hat. This cap with its cool winged gold patch and embroidered details on the bill is sure to give your little captain the authority to fly his imaginary plane. When they’re playing pretend in their trusty cap they’re sure to face nothing but friendly skies!

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  • Poop Hat

    Poop Hat

    Doodie HeadsHas anyone ever called you a doodie head? It sounds childish, but people call us a doodie head all the time. It feels like we’re in 2nd grade all over again. Like, really. Who calls someone a doodie head in this day and age. It’s like you can’t head out in public wearing a poop hat on your head without getting called names!Oh, wait a second. Do you think that people call us that because of this hat? It IS shaped like a doodie…Product DetailsWell, if anyone calls you a doodie head while wearing this Poop Hat, don’t be alarmed. It’s pretty normal. The foam hat is a dark, chocolate brown color and it’s shaped like the iconic poop emoji from texts and emails. It even has a pair of felt eyes and mouth to round out the look. It’s one size fits most, so all you have to do is plop this on your head to become a real doodie head.Just for LaughsOkay, so maybe the hat is the reason that our friends and family have been calling us a doodie head and laughing! If you don’t mind being called that, and if you like making your friends laugh, then this may just be the hat for you.

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  • Eggplant Hat Adult

    Eggplant Hat Adult

    This is an Eggplant Hat.

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  • Glitzy Sequined Elf Hat

    Glitzy Sequined Elf Hat

    This is a Glitzy Sequined Elf Hat.

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  • Sequined White Sailor Hat

    Sequined White Sailor Hat

    The great thing about a Sequined White Sailor Hat is that even though it lends a blast of maritime charm to your costume like a cheerful head-mounted foghorn, nobody will notice if you want to make yours a part of a circus ringleader outfit or a shimmering marching band uniform. Sure, there’s something about it that shouts boats! But it’s also true that any sequined outfit is improved by a matching sequined hat, and this one is pretty versatile, since it comes in classic white with a black brim and gold braids on the front.Don’t get us wrong: we’re all in favor of sequin-studded sailor duds. The more, the merrier. But seasickness is a real problem for us, and we’ve heard some pretty wild tales about three-hour tours, so we want to be sure that a few of us landlubbers get to share in the sparkling spectacle as well.

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  • Adult Red Mushroom Hat

    Adult Red Mushroom Hat

    Do you geek out over Super Mario? Maybe you‚Äôve spent hours in every version trying to get to the next level. Sure, just like life, you need to jump over gaps and avoid enemies. Ha ha, see what we did there? There‚Äôs an analogy for everything…and there‚Äôs a costume for every enthusiast, or so it seems. If you’re picking up what we’re dropping down, you might just be a mushroom head‚Ķyou know, a devoted fan. In that case, we have the perfect headwear.If you‚Äôre a fan of Super Mario, this is pretty much a must have. This Adult Red Mushroom Hat might even give you special powers. Wear this Mushroom Hat to a Mario-themed party and you’ll be one item that everybody wants. They may even plot strategies to find you. But you can rest assured that you’ll be the literal life of the party!

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  • Adult Deluxe 8 pt. Navy Blue Police Hat

    Adult Deluxe 8 pt. Navy Blue Police Hat

    This Navy Blue Police Hat has 8 points! Not one. Not two. Not three or even four, but a grand total of eight! That’s straight value if you ask us. You can wear it while all the other cops marvel over all the points your cap has. With a realistic look, you can wear it with any officer costume get an official look.Ok, ok, that‚Äôs enough talk about points. The real point is this hat is freaking awesome! We just hope you‚Äôre ready for how dignified this deluxe police hat will make your outfit look this year. Whatever the occasion this official looking accessory is sure to demand attention! I mean you are supposed to be a cop after all, right? Right! Now you go out there and protect and serve like it‚Äôs your job!

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  • Child Scarecrow Hat

    Child Scarecrow Hat

    Look, we’re not the great and powerful Oz, so admittedly, we can’t give this little straw buddy a brain (but also, we always kinda felt like the Scarecrow’s brain was just fine? After all, he had the good sense to hook up with the best crew this side of Kanas, right? Can’t be that much of a lame brain if you know how to make the best friends in all the land!).But also, you don’t really even need a brain to know that this Child Scarecrow Hat is the most adorable and fun way to accessorize a Halloween or Wizard of Oz costume! Made of faux suede, this hat will “field” (geddit?” that costume up to the next level and get them ready to ease on down that yellow brick road to theatrical glory! Better yet, pair it up with our other great Wizard of Oz accessories and costumes and get the whole gang back together!

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  • Cat in the Hat Adult Costume

    Cat in the Hat Adult Costume

    Look at me!Look at me!Look at me now!It is fun to have funBut you have to know how.Little did Dr. Suess have a clue: when he uttered those words, he uttered them for you! Not only do they encompass so much of what it means to enjoy Halloween‚Äîor any party, for that matter‚Äîbut it is the perfect literary quote to blurt out when you find yourself itching for the spotlight. Yell it in the kitchen and then act out Green Eggs and Ham, or something.We recommend keeping it simple with a little dance. That is unless you are comfortable balancing on your appendages: a cup and some cake, the fish and a rake, some milk in a dish, and a little toy ship‚Äîall while bouncing on a ball. No pressure. …Yeah, we thought so. Better get your dance moves ready!This Cat in the Hat adult costume comes with everything you’ll need to bust a move as literature’s greatest feline. The black jumpsuit comes with an attached red bow tie, a detachable black tail, and the legendary red and white striped hat‚Äîwhich could double as part of a less subtle Where’s Waldo costume next year! Are you ready for mischief, shenanigans, and maybe a mess? With this costume, mischief or not, you’ll be sure to impress!

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  • Grinch Hat with Fur Beard

    Grinch Hat with Fur Beard

    2-Costumes-in-1Are you going for a look this Halloween that shows everyone how big of a Christmas fan you are? Do you want a fun costume idea for the Christmas season? Well, we have a fun accessory that will be perfect for both of those situations! Check out this awesome Grinch Hat with Fur Beard. Toss this accessory on and you’ll look like you just stepped out of Dr. Seuss’s make-believe land of Whoville.Product DetailsThis hat is a little bit festive and a little bit grinchy. A green beard is connected to the hat so it’s like 2-costumes-in-1. The adjustable hat is created to look like a traditional Santa Claus hat, with a white fur brim and fuzzy ball tassel. Wear it by itself or with a full Santa Claus costume.    Deck The Halls & Yourself This hat and beard combo is perfect for making a quick transformation. Instantly you can look ready to steal away everyone’s Christmas joy. Since you’re a big-hearted person, you’ll obviously give it back to make this Christmas season the most memorable one yet! Take a look through the rest of our accessories and grab some more Grinch themed items to make your transformation even more convincing. Just try not to get too into character and forget to actually enjoy the holiday season. 

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  • Adult Deluxe Woody Cowboy Hat

    Adult Deluxe Woody Cowboy Hat

    ‚ÄúWoody is a passionate guy who throws himself into every action. As soon as he has an instinctive thought like “I have to help them,” or “I have to run away,” he does it with 100-percent commitment. You gotta love that about anybody.‚Äù -?Tom HanksSheriff Woody Pride is one of the most lovable characters in the history of Pixar, and for good reason – he‚Äôs loyal, hilarious, and he‚Äôs got enough guts to go the extra mile for the people he loves. After all‚Ķyou don‚Äôt become the unofficial leader of your particular band of toys if you‚Äôre a schmoe, now do you?And now you can reach for the sky and become Toy Story’s lovable sheriff in this this Adult Deluxe Woody Cowboy Hat. A replica of Woody’s hat from Toy Story, it’s made of brown suede material, has a brown band around the crown, and even features rope decorations along the brim. Wear it solo or with one of our many Disney Pixar costumes! This great hat is also available in a kid size!

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  • Adult Jack Sparrow Hat

    Adult Jack Sparrow Hat

    So, you’re planning on setting sail on the high seas for an adventure of a lifetime. You’ve packed everything you could possibly need to get your Pirates of the Caribbean style adventure underway. You brought your cutlass, you’ve packed enough rum to last you a week and you’ve even brought along a magical compass that will help you locate any treasure that captures your heart’s desire! But haven’t you forgotten something, you savvy pirate, you? What’s going to be on your head while you do all this? You are going to need a hat and not just any hat! You’re going to need the hat of a Captain, like Jack Sparrow!This Captain Jack Sparrow Hat is THE pirate hat to wear. It’s made of a faux leather material and it’s shaped into a nice tricorn design. Just place it on your head and you may just find that you have a ravenous thirst for adventure… and rum! Just like the real captain from Pirates of the Caribbean!

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  • Governor Tricorn Pirate Hat

    Governor Tricorn Pirate Hat

    Avast me ‘earties, Yo ho!So you’ve bought your ship. Sure it looks like a Kia, but it’s really the Queen Anne’s Revenge. You even figured out how to hoist your pirate flag, a pole stuck through the sun roof that also doubles as the crows nest. Heck, you even have a flint lock (plastic of course), and a sword (also plastic) to do battle against anyone you might come across.But you are still missing the thing that lets common folk know you are a pirate to be feared. You are missing this Governor Tricorn Pirate Hat. Now you could go claim it from some poor unsuspecting oaf, or you can just click “Add to Cart” here, and not have to face charges of (plastic) armed robbery. Besides then you would never get to sail (drive) the seven seas (highways in town) collecting your booty (the shopping)!

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  • Grunge Witch Black Hat

    Grunge Witch Black Hat

    We have this friend she is a magical witch. She is super frugal with her money. She is the kind of person who goes dumpster diving for ingredients to us in the spell. Her cauldron was purchased at discount store. She refuses to buy new clothing until her garments rip at the seams. What people don’t know about her is that she is a millionaire. A super smart one, and just wants to save money.She lives a grunge lifestyle to dollar bills, and we are totally digging her style. You can be just like her in the Grunge Witch Black Hat. The 100 polyester hat is made to look tattered, but is a wonderful stylish accessory. There is a wire in the brim, so you can adjust the hat for whatever look you are going for.

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  • Red Royal King Hat

    Red Royal King Hat

    If you look up “king” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of a guy wearing this hat. in fact, the hat that guy is wearing isn’t even this nice! But you get the idea. When people hear the words “king”… “regal”… “royal”… “monarch”… “your highness”… and “your majesty”… they think of someone wearing this beautiful, stately and ostentatious crown. That’s why if you’re looking to put together a truly classic king costume this Halloween, there is but one choice for your royal headwear: the Red Royal King Hat!Studded in faux gems (both at the front and in eight small chains that all meet at the top of the crown), glimmering gold trim, and plush red velvet, this stately headgear has all the classic hallmarks of royalty. It has also a hat band made of faux fur that’s black and white, echoing the style you see in all the great cartoons and epic movies. To make a truly regal impression and rule Halloween, make sure you are crowned with this Red Royal King Hat

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  • Aviator Brown Hat

    Aviator Brown Hat

    Get ready to fly off into the wild blue yonder! While we’re not entirely sure what a “yonder” is (some kind of Swedish snack food, maybe?) we do know that you want to play it safe and wear the right gear before taking off. A dashing scarf and a bomber jacket are good ways to stay protected and toasty while pulling off death defying stunts in your chilly biplane, Did we mention they also happen to look awesome?To keep your noggin warm and your hair from blowing around in that breezy open cockpit, you’ll also want to add this Aviator Brown Hat to your airborne ensemble! This vintage style, faux leather skullcap looks just like those worn by fearless pilots and pioneers during the early days of flight, and features buckled straps that fasten under your chin. Add a pair of goggles to complete this heroic aviator or steampunk look!

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