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  • Voodoo Hat

    Voodoo Hat

    This is a Voodoo Hat. 

    $19.99 VooDoo Costumes
  • Child Gangster Fedora Hat

    Child Gangster Fedora Hat

    Some of the coolest bits of pop culture come out of the 1920s. Full of glitz and glamor, wild sights and late nights, historians nicknamed them the Roaring Twenties for a reason. There was the Lost Generation of writers who documented these years for our entertainment. Hemingway and Fitzgerald sitting at their typewriters, sipping champagne in some Parisian paradise, told us of flappers and dreamers and shady mob types. That trope stuck around and has become the subject of much noir.And that noir inspires the imagination in all of us, even to this day. Even your little one! Sleek and mysterious, no one will make the mistake of messing with this budding crime boss (or his hat!). Show that you really mean business with this Child Gangster Fedora Hat. Just… please remember to take it off in the presence of a lady. Just because you’re a gangster doesn’t mean you can’t still have a few manners.

    $6.99 Gangster Costumes
  • Deluxe Waldo Hat

    Deluxe Waldo Hat

    A CAP OF INVISIBILITYThere is always talk of various magical items that help you get by the troubles of modern living.  Some witches enjoy their flying brooms.  Wizards often have their camouflaging cloaks.  Unfortunately, we Regular Joes don’t often have such a mystical luxury.  But, we have come upon a couple folks who are wonderful at their wandering while hidden in plain sight!  If only we knew how that Waldo did it, managing to disappear and leave us all wondering where the heck he went!PRODUCT DETAILSWell, ask and ye shall receive.  Feel the mighty power of invisibility when you pop your top with this Deluxe Waldo Hat.  This simple cap might just look like a candy-stripe cap with a buffy red ball topper, but something about it is what keeps our favorite blending bloke capable of hiding no matter how hard we look!  Feel like you’re the man everyone’s looking for with this comfy cap!MAKE YOUR MIRAGE MEETUPWhen you’re donning this iconic Waldo Hat, you’ve instantly got the invite to join in with all the other folks who manage to escape our eyes.  Join up with the Invisible Man, Desperately-Sought Susan, and Carmen SanDiego when you’re rocking the Waldo look.  Just be sure to wave a hand at us to give us a chance to find ya! 

    $14.99 Where's Waldo Costumes
  • Folkmanis Mini Rabbit in Hat Finger Puppet

    Folkmanis Mini Rabbit in Hat Finger Puppet

    This is a Folkmanis Mini Rabbit in Hat Finger Puppet.

    $9.99 Magician Costumes
  • Unicorn Head Lite Hat

    Unicorn Head Lite Hat

    This is a Unicorn Head Lite.

    $19.99 Unicorn Costumes
  • Kid Cat in the Hat Insta-Tux Kit

    Kid Cat in the Hat Insta-Tux Kit

    I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny, said the Cat in the Hat! He always rhymes the right words, and danced the right moves. He is truly the cat’s meow! So, why not get your copy of your favorite Dr. Seuss book, then get ready for a good time. Now your kid can be just like the magical Cat in the Hat with the Kid Cat in the Hat Insta-Tux kit. The tall red and white hat will adorn their heads as they spin the rhymes. A white furry patch with a red bow tie will bring together the iconic look as they quote the world renown Dr.Seuss. Oh, the places you’ll go as The Cat in the Hat!

    $19.99 Dr. Seuss Costumes
  • Aviator Brown Hat

    Aviator Brown Hat

    Get ready to fly off into the wild blue yonder! While we’re not entirely sure what a “yonder” is (some kind of Swedish snack food, maybe?) we do know that you want to play it safe and wear the right gear before taking off. A dashing scarf and a bomber jacket are good ways to stay protected and toasty while pulling off death defying stunts in your chilly biplane, Did we mention they also happen to look awesome?To keep your noggin warm and your hair from blowing around in that breezy open cockpit, you’ll also want to add this Aviator Brown Hat to your airborne ensemble! This vintage style, faux leather skullcap looks just like those worn by fearless pilots and pioneers during the early days of flight, and features buckled straps that fasten under your chin. Add a pair of goggles to complete this heroic aviator or steampunk look!

    $19.99 Pilot / Flight Attendant Costumes
  • Pirate Hat with Dreads

    Pirate Hat with Dreads

    This is a Pirate Hat with Dreads.

    $14.99 Pirate Accessories
  • Skull Top Hat

    Skull Top Hat

    This is a Top Hat with Skulls.

    $19.99 Scary Accessories
  • Deluxe Extra Tall Mountie Hat

    Deluxe Extra Tall Mountie Hat

    This is a Deluxe Extra Tall Mountie Hat.

    $14.99 Hats
  • High Shtreimel Hat

    High Shtreimel Hat

    The High Shtreimel is a fur hat meant to be worn by married Jewish men of certain sects. It’s set over the yarmulke for special occasions, such as the weekly Shabbat or weddings. Huh, just a fur hat, right. Nope. A traditional Shtreimel is custom made for the wearer. The manufacturers keep the way they make their wares secret. Understandable, the hats can be quite intricate, typically made with real fur from fox or pine marten using specific numbers of furs for religious significance.This hat can be the most expensive piece of clothing in the special occasion ensemble so it’s lucky that you’ve found this ready-made version. Maybe you’re in a musical or maybe you want to see what it would be like to dip your toes into Rabbinical training. Either way, this hat will give you the look you’re going for. Just remember to keep your mind sharp or someone might say, the hat is fine but the head is too small.

    $24.99 Hats
  • Voodoo Top Hat

    Voodoo Top Hat

    This is a Voodoo Top Hat. 

    $14.99 VooDoo Costumes
  • Turkey Hat

    Turkey Hat

    Ham, A TravestyWe have a bone to pick. What’s with all of this ham business going on at Thanksgiving dinner? Thanksgiving is supposed to be about squabbling about politics while Uncle Dave eats all of the stuffing. Then, Grandpa tells some story about rotary telephones that no one understands. But, most importantly, it’s about that bird! You’re supposed to be inspired with hope when you look at that golden turkey on the table, sitting right next to that weird horn-shaped centerpiece on the table that no one can really explain the meaning of.Lately, some, poor, misguided, and depraved families have been skipping on the turkey all together… in place of ham. Well, it’s time to give turkey a boost in the war for Thanksgiving. It’s time to show those ham families what the true meaning of the holiday is about!Product DetailsThis adult roasted turkey hat shows off a golden bird in all of its glory. The soft hat fits comfortably on your noggin and it’s sculpted to look like a cooked turkey. Just place it on your head and the whole world will know where you stand on the turkey vs. ham debate!Turkey TimeWhether you just want to bring a dash of fun into your Thanksgiving outfit, or you’re one of those poor souls stuck in a “ham family” this roasted should make your point clear. Turkey is king.

    $9.99 Thanksgiving Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Matador Hat

    Adult Deluxe Matador Hat

    Oh the bravery of a matador. He dresses in the bright gold, silver, and red colors flourishing his fancy ensemble, flashing steel blade, and bright scarlet cape before the great bull in front of him. It is a true symbol of the fight between man and beast. Let us not forget the unique hat that adorns his head. Although not quite as intricate as the rest of their outfit, the hat is actually sometimes given away to someone after the fight as a symbol of respect and honor. There’s even a little more symbolism than that. The knob-shaped sides represent the bull’s horns, and the circular indentation on the top symbolizes the bull’s eye. You didn’t know you’d get a culture lesson when choosing your costume–did you? Nowadays for us it’s mostly just a silly hat that will complete your fantastic matador outfit without having to harm (or be harmed by) a single bull! They can hang out in the pastures for a little bit longer while you show off your killer paso doble moves at the next dance party.

    $6.99 Spanish Costumes
  • Kids Magician Hat

    Kids Magician Hat

    Anybody lose a rabbit?For our next trick, we’ll try to make all of your kid’s magician dreams come true! Your kid loves spreading shock, awe, and surprise with they’re sleight of hand tricks and stealth disappearing acts, and we don’t blame them Рhave you ever been inside a magic shop? That stuff is seriously cool! And while we’re always trying to figure out how they did that, sometimes, it’s just fun to sit back and enjoy the show. So while your little magic maker is figuring out their signature moves, give them the one thing they need to really look legit Рthis Kids Magician Hat! A black hat with red and black trim, it’s got silver buttons around the stack, giving it that perfect touch of magic! With this hat, there’s be no limit to the kinds of illusions your child will be able to pull off! After all, tricks are for kids!

    $6.99 Magician Costumes
  • Straw Hat with Ribbon

    Straw Hat with Ribbon

    Absolutely FabulousWe have to ask: is there anything better than a fabulous hat? Nope, there isn’t! Scarlet didn’t think so, nor does any lady at the derby! Whether you’re looking to class up a historical garment, or you want to bet on whether your horse will win, place, or show, or you just want to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face in glamorous style, why then you’ve got to get yourself a hat. And a fabulous one at that!No worries. we’re here (as always) to save the day. This White Straw Hat has classic coloring, pretty construction, and a big black bow to ensure you look cool, even when it’s hot! You’re welcome. Just remember us when you’re cashing in your winning ticket at the race!Ptoduct DetailsThis gorgeous topper is demure, durable, and darling! It’s a white woven base with a super-wide brim, laced in a big black bow. The bow tails will flap in the breeze and dance atop your locks. So what are you waiting for? Protect your face—and fashion needs—with this fab hat!Good OddsWhatever ladylike look you’re going for, there’s a great chance that this hat is the answer to topping it off in style! Just make sure you hold it onto it when the wind picks up—losing this would be a true tragedy.

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  • Men's Chameleon Pop Star Hat w/ Wig

    Men’s Chameleon Pop Star Hat w/ Wig

    This is an exclusive Men’s Chameleon Pop Star Hat w/ Wig.

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  • Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Large Tin Lunch Box

    Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Large Tin Lunch Box

    This is a Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Large Tin Tote.

    $12.99 Dr. Seuss Costumes
  • Child Straw Hat

    Child Straw Hat

    A HAT FOR ALL SEASONSThe trouble with many accessories is that you can only find a use for them every once in a while.  Sunglasses out of the bright sun might look cool, but only until you start stumbling into stuff.  An umbrella is certain to unleash a curse indoors.  But, the right hat can be a game changer.  Pull down the brim to dodge the wind.  Let some breeze in to cool the head but keep the sun off it at the same time.  Fit in whether you’re in the old west, at the farm, or even go on a grand adventure as a superpowered pirate!PRODUCT DETAILSGive your kiddo just the extra edge they need to complete a fantastic look.  This Child’s Straw Hat is securely made and breathable so your tyke won’t overheat.  The chin string can hang loose or be looped tighter to keep it from blowing away during those gusts or races they’re about to win. FROM FRONTIER TO HIGH SEASA good hat finishes a great look.  That’s always true.  The only question is what look this Straw Hat is going to complete!  Will your kiddo be adventuring in the frontier of the wild west or taking to the oceans as a pirate on a quest to become the king of the seven seas!? 

    $7.99 Hats
  • I Love Lucy Ricky Straw Hat and Bow Tie

    I Love Lucy Ricky Straw Hat and Bow Tie

    We all know that Lucy is an absolute doll. She’d make a great friend to go out with, she’d always have an interesting story to tell. It would be great to hear about her version of what happened at the chocolate factory! But the thing is, being married to this wild character probably wouldn’t be easy. You wouldn’t know what to expect. Is she wearing a white beard so that Ricky will shave his mustache or is she trying to play the saxophone so she can try out for Ricky’s band?Well, to keep things chipper, you’d want to be dressed to impress. You never know when your partner is going to come out wearing a barrel. That’s where Ricky’s sense of style kept him in the cool when it came to his wife’s shenanigans! There is never a dull moment when you are married to Lucille Ball, but Mr. Ricardo always manages to look great. Look like the dapper Desi Arnaz when you wear this I Love Lucy Ricky Straw Hat and Bow Tie.

    $14.99 I Love Lucy Costumes
  • Witch Doctor Plush Hat with Braids

    Witch Doctor Hat with Dreadlocks

    This is a Witch Doctor Hat with Dreadlocks.

    $29.99 Scary Accessories
  • Adult Captain Hook Pirate Hat

    Adult Captain Hook Pirate Hat

    It’s not every day that you meet a pirate with as much class as Captain Hook. Actually, if you’re meeting a pirate in general every day then that’s super strange. Where are you meeting all of these pirates? Anyway, there are a few hat styles for pirates. You’ve got the classic tri-corn hat, the seafaring stocking cap, and of course the classic red scarf but none of these are as instantly recognizable as Captain Hook’s iconic red hat with its dramatic white feather.Hook has some interesting hang ups. Why does he despise the carefree Peter Pan so much? It seems like he’s got plenty of space to hang out in the sea without needing to worry about a bunch of perpetually immature kids in the woods. Despite his shortcomings he’s got a great sense of style. His long hair is perfectly curled, his coat is figure flattering and eye-catching, and his hat is always perfectly cocked. After all, if he’s going to run Neverland, he’d better look his best.

    $39.99 Captain Hook Costumes
  • Adult Crab Hat

    Adult Crab Hat

    Real crabs make lousy hats. We know because we’ve tried it and we have to say that it just doesn’t work very well. Their shell is made out of a dense calcium material that‚Äôs not very comfortable and they have all those legs wriggling around. Of course, there‚Äôs always those pincers you have to watch out for as well. Wearing a real crab for a hat just seems like a horrid proposition. This soft, comfy crab hat on the other hand? Well, that‚Äôs a capital idea!Made out of plush, soft fabric, this crab hat will be a real delight on your noggin. You never have to worry about getting pinched or prodded, since it‚Äôs a piece of cartoony apparel that gives the satisfaction of wearing a crustacean on your head, without any of the odd and icky downsides of wearing a real one. So, before you head out to the beach in hopes of finding a crab to wear on your head, just order this cool hat.

    $14.99 Sea Creature Costumes
  • Brown Junior Cowboy Hat and Bandana Set

    Brown Junior Cowboy Hat and Bandana Set

    Every little cowpoke dreams of chasing off outlaws and saving the day. It’s the best part of being a rough and tough cowboy! But before your little buckaroo rides down the dusty trail into the sunset, they have to make sure they have all the right gear to look dashing while getting the jump on the bad guys.They can probably get by without a lot of accessories (at first) but your kid definitely won’t want to get caught in a showdown without their trusty Brown Junior Cowboy and Bandana Set! This kit is an essential part of any cowboy or cowgirl getup, and includes a rugged looking, curved brim hat, just like how real Wild West heroes liked to wear them, and an authentic style bandana, which would really come in handy in a chase across the dusty open range! Even bandits and cattle rustlers will think your little cowpoke is the real deal!

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