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  • Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    This is a Light Up Spiders Garland. 

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  • Hanging Faceless Reaper w/ Lantern

    Hanging Faceless Reaper w/ Lantern

    This hanging, faceless reaper decoration is sure to make others uneasy. In place of a face there is a dark void, which is oddly more frightening than any scary face could be.

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  • Pumpking Hands: 12Ft Hanging

    Pumpking Hands: 12Ft Hanging

    Seasonally SpookyWhat’s your favorite scary movie? What do you crave when that first bite of cold hits the night air when autumn rolls around? Do you want to curl up in front of the television and watch a monster flick? Or maybe you stay up late reading classic Victorian ghost stories. Everyone has a different taste for the scary side of life. Why not spread that macabre type of joy with outdoor Halloween decor that’ll really stand out in any landscape. The shrieks from delighted Halloween revelers are a great payoff for your eerie investment.Product DetailsThis frightful pumpkin king is sure to set the tone in your yard. The horrendous pumpkin face glares down on passers-by with a sharp wide grin. A tattered poncho hangs from the shoulders while aged hands peek out of the sleeves as if they’re ready to reach out and grab and trick-or-treaters that get too close!Don’t Lose Your GourdYou already love carving a pumpkin into a smiling jack-o-lantern now you can also add a pumpkin that’s ready to go year after year to your decor. With a spooky smile that never fades, you’ll be ready to get ghastly as soon as the leaves start to change!

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  • Prop 5Ft Hanging Skeleton

    Prop 5Ft Hanging Skeleton

    Haunted Hang OutsWe think ghosts should be the best spirits they should be. After all, not everyone who dies gets to haunt the living plane. What would you do if you became a ghost? Would you delight in popping through walls and sneaking into movie theaters and museums after hours? Or maybe you’d play pranks on anyone that annoyed you in life. Your roommate from college that never paid you back for the internet bill is going to wonder why all their furniture keeps piling up at three o’clock in the morning. Maybe this hanging skeleton prop will inspire your afterlife antics when you hang it up this Halloween season.Product DetailsThis skeleton is draped in layers of black tulle and makes a great centerpiece for your porch or your inside decor. The prop has a skull at the top and skeletal hands attached. With tattered grey fabric and draping black sleeves, it’ll catch the wind and make your seasonal decor extra eerie. Horror AuthorityDo you want to feel like you’re a Halloween boss? We have everything you need to create a cemetery with all shapes and sizes of skeletons or a creepy haunted house. Play your cards right and your haunted habitat could be out of this world!

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  • Hanging 12 Ft Reaper Prop

    Hanging 12 Ft Reaper Prop

    Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper! – Blue Oyster CultHave you ever wanted to grab that special girl’s hand, but were nervous about it? Your hand starts sweating. You wipe it on your pant leg. And she moves her hand away from the perfect hand holding place. Your buddy suggested watching a scary movie, or just manning up, and taking her hand…if she wants. And that I your struggle. You are nervous because she hasn’t taken your hand yet either.When you hang this big guy at your door, you’ll be able to sing Baby take my hand, don’t fear the reaper! as she grabs YOUR hand. Yes, she will grab your hand. You’ll get around the nervousness by letting her take the lead, and all thanks to this 12 Ft Hanging Reaper Prop. Not to mention how awesome it will make your house look in the fall.

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  • Hanging Light Up Black Reaper

    Hanging Light Up Black Reaper

    Doesn’t it feel like certain things just don’t show up quite as often as they used to? Only a few short centuries ago, it seemed like people were always stumbling across unicorns and dragons, or getting bombarded by ecstatic visions of angels and ghosts. Then there are more modern mysteries, like where did we put our car keys?Every so often, it’s good to remind people that mysterious forces could be lurking around every corner. It keeps them sharp, you know? But we’re guessing that if you hang our missing car keys on your front porch, people will be more confused than enlightened. Here’s something they’ll understand: this primally-spooky Hanging Light Up Black Reaper. Hang it in a tree, on a fencepost, on your porch‚Äîhang it all! Hang it anywhere! For one glorious moment, force your neighbors to look upon the spectral face of the supernatural! Add some theremin music, and they’ll be shaking in their boots.

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  • Hanging Bride w/ Black Rose

    Hanging Bride w/ Black Rose

    The people who had our warehouse before us were a little too ambitious. They were originally a thriving snow machine company for the Minnesota area, but wanted to diversify a little bit more for whatever reason. One day they tried holding a wedding in the warehouse. Needless to say forklifts and wedding parties really don’t go as hand in hand as we thought, and now we have the ghost of a very angry bride haunting us for all of eternity even after they moved out and we came in. She still carries the final red rose left from the bouquet she had when she got ready to walk down the aisle. Now it’s been turned black with time and the evil that’s coursing through her. We really need to find a way to get rid of here. She’s pretty scary. Maybe she can hang out at your next Halloween party. She’s a swinging dancer and loves to just have a great time. Sure we’re trying to prevent her from potentially driving us insane or potentially killing us, but we’re pretty sure she’s just a little stir crazy from being stuck in here for so long! Give her a nice place to settle her bones and we’re sure you will all get along just fine!

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  • Hanging Neon Skeleton

    Hanging Neon Skeleton

    Creepy No MoreSkeletons are going through a little rebranding process. They are sick and tired of being thought of as ‘creepy’ and ‘eerie.’ It’s not who they are deep down in the bellies of their unskinned torsos. They are people, just like you and I, the only difference is skeletons lack flesh. These innovative skeletons have taken a novel approach to changing their physical appearance and have decided to paint their bones in neon paint. It’s like a tattoo but less permanent; what a grand idea! Decorate the exterior of a front porch with a hanging neon skeleton to add a splash of color to any Halloween decor scene.Product DetailsThese molded plastic skeletons are approximately 16 inches long once they’re hanging. The fabric cord loop attached to the top of the skull makes displaying very simple. Also, these skeletons are easily poseable. They have articulated points at the neck, shoulders, hips, and ankles so position them how you like! Skeleton SquadPurchase a whole bunch of these skeletons to hang from tree branches to create a cool (yet kind of creepy) vibe. Remember, Halloween decor doesn’t have to be macabre; it can be colorful and fun too.    

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  • Hanging: Rotating Ghost

    Hanging: Rotating Ghost

    Throwing a Halloween party for your friends is always a spooky fun time, especially when they see all the decorations you’ve set up to give them chills! Their skin will crawl once they run into the fake bats and spiderwebs you’ve set up, and the slimy rubber zombie parts you’ve scattered around will make their stomachs churn. And when they first lay eyes on the authentic ghost you’ve hired to haunt your party, they’ll jump right out of their costumes!Wait, you remembered to hire the ghost, right? Awww man, that was going to be so scary! Luckily you don’t have to worry too much, since you can still set up this Hanging Rotating Ghost decoration to add a bit of paranormal flair to your festivities. You can adjust the arms into ghastly poses, and its fluttering spectral body flashes and spins eerily, and makes haunting sound effects! This decoration isn’t quite as creepy as a real ghost, but it doesn’t charge you by the hour, and it won’t get ectoplasm all over your house!

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  • Hanging Rotted Skeleton

    Hanging Rotted Skeleton

    Ooh boy, what happened to this guy? He’s looking a little worse for wear. Would someone get him a glass of water? Well, we’re not sure what his backstory is. He could be a pirate who’s come back for his booty after those darned red coats tried to get rid of him. He could also have been one of those mysterious bog mummies that have been popping up all over the British Isles. Either way, it looks like this zombie has been left out a little too long!This Hanging Rotted Skeleton lights up and will look really frightening hanging on your porch. It’s all wrapped up in cloth and gauze to keep the appearance that it has been decaying for quite sometime. It’s the perfect item to give your house a spooky Halloween look without a hint of Martha Stewart charm. This is a must-have decoration for a spooky graveyard scene!

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  • 32in Hanging Ghost

    32in Hanging Ghost

    Props to the PoltergeistYou know those shows where there’s a team of people exploring a supposedly haunted area? We like the concept but we think it could be done better. For instance, when some ghost hunting professional shows up, they could be much kinder. Instead of demanding to know their name and asking them to speak they could play some music and dance around, bringing some life back into the ghost’s afterlife. Well, now that we think about it, ghostly performances could be a brand new show. America’s Next Top Phantom, which specter is going to wail the best? Which spirit will thrill us with its ghostly grooves? Find out in next weeks haunting finale! Basically, we think that ghosts deserve respect for what they do best!Product DetailsIf you’re ready to invite this friendly spirit into your decor this Halloween, you won’t regret it. This thirty-inch ghost won’t slam doors in the middle of the night or pile all the chairs in your dining room on the table. It will just hang out on your porch or in your house, getting your family and the neighborhood kids pumped for the upcoming Halloween season!Your Friendly Neighborhood GhostSo, we’ve called around. Turns out there’s not much of a market for an afterlife talent show. Something about the ghosts being invisible takes away from the TV entertainment factor. Still, it’s time that we invite more spooks into our lives. They shake things up, make life more interesting. After all, Halloween is for the haunted!

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  • Killer Clown: Window Hanging Decoration

    Killer Clown: Window Hanging Decoration

    Whoa, it looks like you have a peeping tom on your hands. He’s pressed tightly to your window, trying his darnedest to get a peek at whoever is roaming inside your house. Oh never mind, that’s no peeping tom! It’s just Ogler the Clown! No need to worry, he’s harmless. He just likes to pop his head in the window every now and then to say hello. Ogler makes his rounds through the neighborhood cause he wants to make sure that he gets a chance to see everyone. Aw, what a thoughtful, yet creepy little guy!Whether you think this clown is friendly or downright spooky, this Halloween decoration is bound to get a lot of attention. The clown window decoration attaches to glass or house siding, so it appears as if you have a red-haired spy peering into your home. The hanging clown will illicit chills from passerby who suffer from coulrophobia and anyone who has an intense fear of peeping toms!

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  • Spooky Hanging Ghost

    Spooky Hanging Ghost

    We all love our homes. They are a place of warmth and family, of nostalgia and hospitality. It is where our memories begin and continue to grow, fostering new experiences that will become new memories that we recall fondly and share with excited voices to the new generations. It is our heart and soul, where we feel most complete, and that is a truly splendid thing. Of course… it is really hard to let go of things that are that good. So, when “our time” comes and we are meant to move on to the next place… well, let’s just say that change can be really hard and saying goodbye to some amazing memories can be outright impossible!So, we’re not at all surprised that a number of ghastly souls like to hang around long, long after they should have departed. In times long ago, this was always a trouble for new residents (or even the family who was trying to deal with Great Grandpa Frankie still demanding that the TV was set to the oldies station). But, we are pretty skilled at teaching our departed some new and more useful skill sets for afterlife dwelling. So, we’re happy to help you out with your Spooky Hanging Ghost and ensure that they are at least bringing some clearly perceptible entertainment with their 7 foot tall mass of white mesh and smiling ghostly faces. Contact us soon so we can turn your freak outs into hangouts in no time!

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  • Hanging Rotten Skulls

    Hanging Rotten Skulls

    What haunted house is complete without some rotten skulls hanging from the ceiling? None that we’d want to visit! Take a look at this Hanging Rotten Skulls decoration. It will be perfect for your porch to let your guests know that they’ve come to the right place for some good ole fashion scares. Hang this trio of skulls anywhere in your home, as well. In the entryway for an instant scream from guests walking in the door, or right around a corner in the hallway to catch a handful of friends off guard.Where ever you decide to let these boneheads hangout we guarantee that they’ll do their job and do it well. Raising some heart rates is what these guys are dying to do. Goosebumps are the only things they like to hand out, and after years of rotting, they’ve gotten extremely good at it. Grab this haunting d√©cor and make your home the spookiest on the block this Halloween.

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  • Witch Window Hanging Decoration

    Witch Window Hanging Decoration

    Autumn is a great time to start bringing out your accessories. So many people look forward to the day when they can wear their boots and cable knit sweater to the apple orchard. What could be more picturesque? So, go ahead and tug that cute fall cap on your head but whatever you do, don’t forget to accesorize your house! In the gloomy oncoming months it’s only fair to make sure your good old house looks as cheerful and accessorized as you do.Here’s the thing, over the years you may have run dry on cute seasonal decorating ideas. Of course you wouldn’t stray from the classic Jack-O-Lantern but it’s tricky to move beyond pumpkins without straying into Spooks Ville. This witch is sure to get plenty of giggles from trick-or-treaters, we don’t know if she’s peeping in the window to see what’s brewing in there or maybe she simply lost control of her broomstick. Either way, your house will thank you for the new autumn accessory.

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  • Hanging Flame Light

    Hanging Flame Light

    Scenario: The year is 1750 and you’re wandering through the woods in Salem, Massachusetts. Witches are running wild, or so everyone has been saying, and you really can’t handle the situation you have found yourself in. Wouldn’t it be cool to have this makeshift lantern? Another (more likely) scenario: you just moved into your new home and the landlord can’t be trusted to fix a thing‚Äîincluding the wiring that powers your porch light. Well, luckily, you can keep this Hanging Flame Light on your or in front yard so the trick-or-treaters stop at your house. This is an 18-inch-long hanging light which is easy to assemble and includes lights and an AC adapter. When it lights up, it looks as though you have a burning flame outside your house, or a magic, ever-glowing light as you frolic through the woods in 18th-century Salem, for some reason.

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  • White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop

    White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop

    If you really want a bunch of good screams this Halloween, you’ll need to have the scariest decorations available. Forget about vampires and werewolves, they just don’t do the trick anymore. Nowadays it’s all about the paranormal! So add this White Shadow Ghost Hanging Prop to your haunted house setup. Hang him on your porch in the light for everyone to see or toss this ghastly ghoul in a tree and have him await unsuspecting trick or treaters in the dark!This prop even has adjustable arms, so you get to decide what pose you’d like your creepy new friend in. Have them placed wide open as if he was inviting all your visitors to join him the spirit world. You could also set him up to appear like he’s reaching out after souls to devour in order to make his own ghostly powers even stronger! How ever and where ever you set this haunting prop up, you’ll be sure to get some good screams with a face like his hanging around your home this year.

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