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  • Giant Double Blade Axe

    Giant Double Blade Axe

    Introducing a New Revolutionary ItemAre deadly interlopers raining on your parade? Is that oak tree continually making a fool of you with it’s large, woody trunk? Are you a horror movie villain in need of a scary weapon to swing at unsuspecting teenagers? Well, let us introduce you to this brand new product on the market. It’s called “axe”.Yes, from the makers of “club” and “spear” comes this handy little accessory that solves all of life’s little problems. “Axe” can be used for so many different purposes! Vikings can use it to fight against rival clans. Lumberjacks can use it to teach those darn trees a lesson. Crazy axe murderers from the movies can use it to do the whole axe-murderer thing.Product DetailsThis Giant Double Blade Axe is a practice version of the iconic “axe”.  The head of the axe looks like a slab of forged iron and even has a bronze paint job along the blade. The handle looks like real wood, so you get the full axe experience without any of the danger of a real axe.Practice for the Real ThingOnce you have this toy axe, you can begin practicing your axe skills. Eventually, you might just be ready for the real deal!

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  • Giant Plastic Cigarette Holder

    Giant Plastic Cigarette Holder

    Simply dazzling, DaaahlingHow do you party like a million at the turn of the last century? We don’t blame you for asking. Rich people back in the day had so much more style than we do now. Now we can expect our rich to tweet comments that are not only boring but grammatically incorrect as well. Back then they spoke it witty idioms in a mid-Atlantic accent. Rich folks today try to look cool by wearing torn jeans and weathered hoodies. Back then they had no qualms with wearing a fluffy ankle-length coat made from one thousand innocent snow white bunnies. Yeah, we’re pretty glad the bunny fad is long gone but it would be nice to have a lot more glamour thrown into the upper crust of our society. Product DetailsTime to put that weird little mechanical cigarette away and pose with this giant cigarette holder like the stars of the silver screen did in the twenties and thirties. It’s a whopping thirteen and a half inch long, so you can be sure it’ll stand out in photos!Smoke-Free in the SpeakeasyYou can’t smoke in most bars these days. Which is good for you because you don’t want to use this plastic cigarette holder for tobacco, it’s for looks only! So top off your starlet or flapper costume with this piece. Now all you have to do is work on that fancy Audrey Hepburn accent!

    $2.99 Flapper Costumes
  • Giant Elf Ears Headband

    Giant Elf Ears Headband

    Embracing Elf CareElf culture: it’s where it’s at. Elves are always living their best lives. Take their middle earth existence, for example. They’re the smartest creatures in the land with thousands of years of first-hand history and an eye for the future as well. Oh yeah, and they happen to be the hottest creatures as well. Where are their flaws? What’s that? Their major weakness is supposed to be their haughty attitude? Umm, yeah. They’re allowed to be haughty, they’re the smartest and the hottest! If you want to take your inner elf to a whole new level these giant ears will leave no doubt about what kind of creature you are. Product DetailsThese foam ears attach to a headband so you don’t need to worry about your ears falling off while you attend to your elvish duties. Go Ahead, Be Elf-ishWhen it comes to turning into an elf, you have a lot of choices. Throw on Christmas wear and you could be one of Santa’s helpers. A long white gown will make you look like you’ve emerged from an ancient strand of woods. And you could even become a fairy with a pair of sheer wings. So go ahead, order these ears, and take care of your elf!

    $8.99 Christmas Costumes
  • 36'' Giant Jumping Spider

    36” Giant Jumping Spider

    A DEBATE OF SIZESWords have particular meanings to help us all know what we’re talking about.  When someone says giant, for example, we know that we’re talking about someone in that 8′ to 20′ height range.  Beyond that is clearly in the titan area and something to be avoided altogether.But, when we’re talking about giant versions of non-human creatures, things get a little sticky.  What exactly is a “huge horse” or a “mammoth mouse?”  Trying to decide those stats is bound to cause some serious controversy!  PRODUCT DETAILSBring to bear the answer for at least one of these giant creatures with this Giant Jumping Spider.  This 36″ fuzzy spider critter gives solid evidence that a giant spider is three feet long.  And, while that’s nothing to a 20′ tall humanoid, it will still be plenty big enough to give all your friends (arachnophobic or otherwise) to admit that this is indeed giant!  LET ME PET YOUR DO-AAAAAGH!Your friends are going to think that giving your fuzzy pooch a pet is going to be delightful… until they reach out and feel that your four-legged friend has an extra set!  Watch your friends turn into frenemies when they see this Giant Spider pal waiting to jump out and greet them! 

    $79.99 Spiders and Spider Webs
  • Giant 70s Disco Shades

    Giant 70s Disco Shades

    You could use a lot of words to describe the Disco Era, but “subtle” isn’t one of them. Everything about disco was revved up and over the top, from the big hairdos to the multi-colored clothing to the thumping beats blasting across the dance floor. Any cultural movement with room for platform shoes, mirror balls, and shaking booties is not a movement that lends itself to keeping things low-key. When the disco whistle starts calling, it’s your duty to get out there and make a statement. Do whatever it takes to make an impression, as long as it doesn’t mean leaving the dance floor.When you’re trying to cure a case of disco fever, bigger is almost always better, and you don’t get much bigger than this pair of retro shades. These gigantic sunglasses cover your entire face and then some, practically filling up the dance floor with their shiny gold frame and yellow tinted lenses. Whether or not you have the swiftest steps or the smoothest lines at the party, you can be assured of one thing: you’ll have the biggest glasses. When you’re dealing in disco, that counts for quite a bit.

    $5.99 Disco Costumes
  • Giant EVA Foam Ears Headband

    Giant EVA Foam Ears Headband

    Are you looking to have the biggest ears on the block? We don’t blame you because we know that having big ears is really a blessing in disguise. Not only do you hear better when you have jumbo-sized ears, but you also get asked to make special guest appearances at parties. Yup, that’s right, you’ll be asked to attend lots of fabulous parties so everyone can marvel at your amazing, extra large, hearing appendages! Tell your many fans that they can look, but they can’t touch. You don’t want to risk damaging your colossal ear canals, do you!? This accessory made from soft EVA foam will give you the mammoth-sized ears that you want. The giant foam ears are fastened securely to a comfortable headband so anyone can easily wear this funny accessory for hours. Let us know if you somehow acquire supersonic hearing by wearing this headband, if so, we are definitely picking up a pair too!

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  • Giant Leprechaun Hat

    Giant Leprechaun Hat

    Have you ever heard the old Irish saying, ‘the bigger the hat, the luckier the leprechaun’? Neither have we! But we do, however, believe this phrase may hold some truth to it! Leprechauns are such little guys with such tiny hats and they are always getting snatched up by humans. That in turn, of course, leads them to lose all their gold. Those mischievous fairies have some of the worst luck, and we think it may have something to do with the size of their hats.Now then, check out this Giant Leprechaun Hat. This green top hat is big enough to be an apartment complex for those puny leprechauns! There’s no way you won’t feel lucky when you walk around with this enormous accessory resting on your crown. Your friends will easily be able to spot you in a crowd this Halloween or St. Paddy’s day. Then they too can enjoy the luck that radiates off of you and this huge hat. Be the luckiest leprechaun with the biggest topper and never worry about losing your gold or your lucky charms again!

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  • Giant Spiderweb Decoration

    Giant Spiderweb Decoration

    We often wonder what the world would be like if it was overrun by giants spiders. Would we spend our lives living in fear of eight-legged arachnid overlords, or would we come to living in harmony with the giant, creepy looking creatures? What are we talking about? Of course we’d have to live in fear of them! They’re giant predators who mummify their victims before consuming their liquid insides. It’d be a nightmare. Which brings us to this decorative product for your party, which is bound to make the nightmare feel a little a too real for your next Halloween party!This Giant Spiderweb Decoration makes any room in your home seem like the layer of a giant arachnid. With a classic webbing design, it’s easy to add the look of an alternate reality where giant spiders roam the Earth, looking for a tasty human to devour. It’s certainly the kind of thing you need for a scary theme at any party, but it also makes for a cool decoration to make any room look dark and menacing!

    $19.99 Spiders and Spider Webs
  • Giant Skull

    Giant Skull

    Before you start decorating for the holiday, close your eyes and picture a horribly haunted house…what do you see? Bats? Cobwebs? Spooky lighting? Skulls?Perfect. As this is your first haunted house, you will want to make sure to set it up right! You have most of the major components in place, but you know that nothing suggests death and decay like displaying a spooky skull decoration in your room of doom! Spook up your haunted Halloween scene by adding this Giant Skull to your festivities and your visitors will see the glowing red eyes and instantly get a chill down their spine; but when this fella starts laughing maniacally, they will scream and run for cover! It is a perfect decor item to display either indoors or outdoors and a must-have for any all Hallow‚Äôs eve bash!

    $59.99 Skeletons
  • Giant Boob Costume

    Giant Boob Costume

    In this day and age, even with the internet, smartphones, and constant contact with everyone you know, it can still be tough to keep up with everything going on in the world. If you’re wearing this silly Giant Boob Costume, though, you won’t have any problem staying abreast of things!Of course, there are many things one could be referring to when talking about a “giant boob” besides a… ahem, you know. They might be talking about somebody they know who is not very bright. Or, maybe someone is having a heated discussion about a particularly large specimen of a famous tropical bird with blue feet they saw in a nature documentary. This costume obviously isn’t about dim witted folks or blue footed boobies, but with the right accessories and a bit of ingenuity, it could be! Put on a latex mask of your favorite celebrity to make fun of, or a pair of blue shoes or boots, and you can add a whole new level to this already voluptuous costume!This plush foam boob suit is a pretty simple look, so it’s easy to customize and turn into an even more unique costume that’s sure to get some laughs! It loops around your neck and ties up in the back, so you won’t have any problems fitting it over your other clothes and accessories. But, if you just want to sport this look the au naturale way, team up with a buddy who’s also wearing one, and you two will make a lovely pair!

    $39.99 Adult Humor Costumes
  • Giant Cartoon Hand Gloves

    Giant Cartoon Hand Gloves

    When you are getting ready to cross the boundary from Toon Land and into the Meat Space, you know there are a number of things you need to take care of in order to blend in and acclimate. People have a much duller complexion. We’re far less lively. Literally, we’re less animated. We’re also generally pretty proportional with hands and feet and faces all matching pretty conventionally into a magical sort of ratio that helps other humans recognize their fellow men, women, and children as belonging to the same species. Cartoon folks are much more varied and have some exaggerated proportions that make them cuter, funnier, friendlier, or occasionally pretty horrific, if we’re being honest.Of course, the opposite is true, too. For those humans who want to delve into Toon Land, you need to take even a few extra precautions. We assume that, by now, you have your colorful makeup and ear headbands, gaudy … we mean lovely clothing. But, have you thought about your hands and, specifically, your fingers!? They need to be large! Bright! And, most importantly, four-fingered. We’ve got you covered, quite literally, with these Giant Cartoon Hand Gloves. Slip them on and you’ll slip right alongside your cartoon buddies and no one will be the wiser!

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  • Giant 'Bang' Gun

    Giant ‘Bang’ Gun

    If you want to be the funniest clown at the parties this Halloween you need to make sure you have the best accessories for clowning around. Grab a lovely flower that will drench any unsuspecting sniffer who gets close enough for a good whiff. Get your hands on the most obnoxious brass horn you can find along with a colorful wig and a bright red nose. Then all you’ll need to complete the most hilarious Halloween costume is this Giant ‘Bang’ Gun!People are always in the need of a good laugh! With this prop, in all honesty, you’ll be more of a doctor than a clown when you’re making the world a better place, one laugh at a time. In a night full of terrifying vampires, werewolves, and other demonic costumes be the one to stand out and spread good cheer along with smiles! Go out this Halloween with a bang when you add this uproarious accessory to your clown costume.

    $6.99 Clown Costumes
  • The Giant Squidstache

    The Giant Squidstache

    Arg, that’s one macho ‘stache ya got there, me matey! Great barnacles, you’ve got tentacles wiggling from the spot where your whiskers should be! There aren’t many pirates sailing the seven seas who can boast of that accomplishment, so consider yourself to be lucky, ye scallywag. You’re practically akin to the great Cthulhu and other swashbucklers would forfeit their sharpest sword to have tentacles swishing around by their rum-guzzling mouths! Yar matey, ye are one blessed treasure-hunting pirate and we would make 100 men walk the plank just to have a squidstache like yours! This cool and unique pirate accessory is the perfect way to enhance your pirate costume and turn you from someone that swabs the poop deck into the Captain of the whole ship. It works with any pirate costume that you pick out and the squishy tentacles are soft so they won’t irritate you. In fact, you may even like to wear this giant squidstache on a daily basis. You’ll definitely steal the thunder from all of the other bearded guys around you!

    $4.99 Pirate Accessories
  • Mossy Oak Giant Bow Bridal Sash

    Mossy Oak Giant Bow Bridal Sash

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful bride. She loved climbing trees, camping, hiking, and generally all outdoors activities. She didn’t know what to wear the day of her wedding because all the dresses were just too girly. She decided to create her own dress out of items she found in the forest. The final product was incredible, she was like a princess out of a fairy tail. You can be just like her in the officially licensed Mossy Oak Giant Bow Bridal Sash. The 100 percent polyester Mossy Oak pattern creates a lovely bridal sash. It is 150 inches long by 12.5 inches wide (extra long to make a bow with). Your wedding will be memorable and earthy.

    $6.99 Bride Costumes
  • Giant Lightup Long Hairy Spider

    Giant Lightup Long Hairy Spider

    Say goodbye to the friendly neighborhood spider, and say hello to this spooky scary Giant Light Up Long Hairy Spider decoration! Want to make your house extra spooky this Halloween? Why not get the help of your friendly neighborhood giant spider! This fuzzy guy just loves to surprise guests and give them a good fright with his glowing eyes. Now you can invite him into your home when you pick up this Giant Light Up Long Hairy Spider decoration. Soft black fur covers his large foam body, and he has eight bendable legs! Batteries are included, but we recommend purchasing extras so your great big hairy spider can stay spooky for the entire season. Come on, what even is a giant spider if he doesn’t have piercing red eyes? Definitely not scary, that’s for sure!

    $38.99 Spiders and Spider Webs
  • Giant Squirting Sunflower

    Giant Squirting Sunflower

    One good laugh deserves another! After you’ve delighted your audience with your side splitting humor, bring out the pièce de résistance this Giant Squirting Sunflower. Trust us you’re not a clown until you’ve squirting someone in the face and that’s a fact.

    $5.99 Clown Costumes
  • Giant Turban

    Giant Turban

    It’s rather likely you’ll be the subject of a children’s movie, immortalized in written tales for generations to come, or bombarded with the cameras of documentary filmmakers—so before Ali Baba rubs your magic lamp, make sure you’re dressed to impress.A Giant Turban, a powerful voice, and a number of magic tricks should do it. Or if you want to impersonate Johnny Carson, that’s a good option too. Just, um, make sure you have at least three (preferably more) wishes to grant the lucky lamp-rubber. That’s sort of why you’re here, you know. Can we get a day off? Make that two days off. Next let’s fast-forward to Halloween night, the best day of the year. Finally, we would like seven more wishes—oh, that’s not allowed? Fine. We’ll take a round of new, comfy swivel chairs for the office.

    $14.99 Hats