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  • Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    Light Up Hanging Garland Spider

    This is a Light Up Spiders Garland. 

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  • Light Up Garland- White Ghost

    Light Up Garland- White Ghost

    This is a Light Up Garland Ghost.

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  • 52" Metal Boo Garland

    52″ Metal Boo Garland

    This is a 52″ Metal Boo Garland.

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  • Pre-Lit Orange Garland

    Pre-Lit Orange Garland

    This is a Pre-Lit Orange Garland.

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  • Garlic Garland

    Garlic Garland

    Why do vampires hate being around garlic? Is there some sort of chemical compound that magically repels these monsters? According to science and legend, garlic can be used to kill tons of bacteria which is why many believed it could ward off evil spirits such as vampires. We’re a little simpler on the idea. You see, vampires have very sensitive noses, and if you’ve smelled garlic or someone’s breath who eats a lot of garlic, you know it’s not the best thing to smell. As a result, they run far away. It’s a little strange, but very effective. It’s actually become such an effective deterrent that all you have to do is show them something that resembles garlic and that will send them packing. This way, you don’t even have to worry about the stench yourself. Try on these great faux garlic cloves next time you decide to vacation in Transylvania.

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