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  • Mens Fun Dip Costume

    Mens Fun Dip Costume

    When people see you wearing this Mens Fun Dip Costume, their initial reaction might be that you seem really sweet. But after that first impression, the more complex flavors of your personality really start to come through!After all, Fun Dip isn’t like so many other confections. It requires patience, coordination, and a tolerance for sticky fingers. To get the full effect, you’ve got to coat the Lik-A-Stix with just the right amount of Yum Diddly Dip, and savor every flavorful mouthful. It’s a candy that lets everybody know that you’re willing to put in the time for a little extra pleasure. It’s a treat for people who appreciate the finer things!Then again, you can get a quick buzz by dumping the whole packet of sugary powder in your mouth and chomping down on the stick‚Äîso it’s versatile, just like you! Hey, people don’t always have time for a leisurely joy ride down the avenue: sometimes they’re in a hurry! But Fun Dip will get them where they want to be, no matter what their schedule. And so will a Lamborghini! According to our calculations, that makes Fun Dip the Lamborghini of snacks.By extension, this outfit is essentially a Mens Lamborghini Of Snacks Costume. And everybody wants to be pals with the guy whose wrapper doubles as a high-performance luxury automobile! So for best results, we recommend using that phrase whenever possible to describe this playful outfit inspired by a classic treat.

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  • Fun World Blood Spray

    Fun World Blood Spray

    Solvin’ The Hemoglobin ProblemStop. Right. There. Before hurling yourself down a hill to purposefully acquire convincing cuts and scraps, we want you to know there’s another way to enhance a scary Halloween costume without causing physical bodily harm and it comes in the form of a handy spray. This theatrical quality makeup covers both clothing and skin in a very fine blood-red mist and unlike falling off a cliff, it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s completely pain-free and also easy to use. Just pretend it’s your very perfume and give yourself a few healthy spritzes once you’re wearing your costume to amp up the scare factor a couple notches. Product DetailsContained inside a pump action atomizer, this zombie blood spray holds 2 ounces of the liquid makeup. Not solely limited to being applied to the flesh, this spray can be dusted over clothing, accessories, and even home decor to create a theatrical quality. It’s easily portable and small enough to keep inside a pant or jacket pocket if touch-ups throughout the night are necessary.Bloody Ingenious! This spray works great with a variety of zombie costumes but can also be used to make any vampire or Carrie costume more convincing. People may believe that you actually did take a digger and applaud your commitment.         

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  • Child Big Top Fun Clown Costume

    Child Big Top Fun Clown Costume

    Some little girls want to dress as princesses all day. They want the tiaras, and the fancy dresses, and the clackety heals. Some want to be cops just like their dads. They chase the dog around, trying to arrest the “bad guy”. And some little girls just want to be as color full as they can.Your little girl is the kind that loves everything colorful. The kind that tries to wear every color of the rainbow every day. Blue leggings with a yellow and blue polka dot skirt. She even threw a purple feather boa. She truly did look like a walking, talking rainbow. But all that didn’t prepare you for her excitement when you took her to the circus for the first time, and she saw the colorful, goofy clowns.She demanded that day, and every day after that, to be dressed like the energetic clowns that came pouring out to the main stage. This Child Big Top Fun Clown Costume is just the thing she would choose to wear herself. It has all of the colors she demands in her daily outfits. She will get to dance around, twirling her vibrant skirt. She really will be as colorful as a rainbow. And this way, you won’t have to wash all of her clothes every few days because she decided to put the all on at the same time. No, this is a skirt, shirt, and hat combo, making it easy for her to have the color but not for you to have the laundry!

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  • Fun World Voodoo Makeup Kit

    Fun World Voodoo Makeup Kit

    We’ll have You in StitchesThe life of a Voodoo doll is a wild one. It’s full of ups and downs. You can use voodoo dolls for both good and evil. People don’t always have to be mean. A little voodoo doll can change things for the better. You can dip the voodoo doll into a cozy bubble bath on a chilly night while the real deal heads out into the cold winter air. Maybe the real deal look-alike will be warm even when the cold wind blows. Of course, you could always pin a leg to give them a charley horse if they make you really mad. But that’s the last resort, right? You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, after all. Product DetailsYou’ll be able to choose from a variety of looks with this strange makeup kit. You’ll get four colors of creme paint, applicators, and a pencil to make detail work a breeze. Not sure your skills are up to scratch? No worries, this kit comes with instructions to create a few scary faces.Bayou BelleCreating a Voodoo look is a whole lot of fun. Choose from our wide variety of props, wigs, and costumes to make a witchy look of your own. Nothing like spooky details to make Halloween magic memorable!

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  • Fun World Black Matte Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish

    Fun World Black Matte Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish

    Dusky DarlingYou probably tried pulling off the black lipstick thing when you were in middle school. Admit it. We all went through that fishnet fashion faze. But here’s the thing, we think you ought to try it again. Now’s the time to embrace your love of all things witchy and wonderful. Covens everywhere are loud and proud trading beauty potion secrets and charm ingredients without worrying about the fiery consequences of the past. Product DetailsThis matte liquid lipstick is far from the shiny gloss you used in middle school. You’ll love the classy matte look that matches the black nail polish. It’s easy to look chic and mysterious when you’ve got makeup that amps up your witchy look. Black as a Happy Halloween NightIf you’re ready to test out your black makeup look, you’re not limited to witch costumes. Try out classy zombie costumes, Day of the Dead looks, and even a scary ragdoll ensemble. After all, any costume could use more midnight sassy twist. And hey, we don’t blame you if you slide back into your fishnet, smoky-eyed look of days gone by. In fact, we’re all for it. Just be sure to wear it with the air of the proud witchy adult you are these days. No need to slide back into teenage angst! 

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  • Fun World Purple Professional Cream Makeup

    Fun World Purple Professional Cream Makeup

    Put to Good UseWe know what you are thinking: Who would need purple face makeup for Halloween. Red, maybe. Definitely black. Maybe a yellow tube every now and then. But purple?Who, indeed! Perhaps a health nut dressing as an eggplant. Or a zombie looking to up the authenticity of his bumps and bruises. A witch may use it to offset all that black. And don’t underestimate the needs of a purple people eater! The fact is, LOTS of costumes could benefit from Purple Professional Cream Makeup just like this one. So whether you’re aiming to be a butterfly or a blueberry, a ballerina or a bruised-up quarterback, this little tube is for you!Product DetailsThis product is used by pros to create some cool makeup effects, and as such is hypoallergenic and quick drying! It washes right off with soap and water, and supplies you with that pop of purple you need for an authentic look!The Total PackageSo enjoy the night accented in your perfect face makeup, with this purple hue at the helm. We applaud you for seeing the use of such a vibrant and versatile hue, and for taking your Halloween look so seriously!

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  • Fun World Liquid Latex Pint Bottle

    Fun World Liquid Latex Pint Bottle

    Undead TextureAre you ready to head out into the world as an undead nightmare? Well, unless you want to go all in and get attacked by a creature then you’ll have to learn how to create an undead look. A deathly pallor is one thing, all you need is some pale makeup and some serious dark makeup for bags under your eyes and shadows under your cheekbones. Oh, and let’s not forget some blood throughout your look. One thing that will bring your costume from a ghostly look to a walking, flesh-hungry zombie? A realistic undead texture!Product DetailsThis product will bring your face from spooky to horrific. It contains sixteen ounces of fluid latex that you can apply in various ways. Make sure you test an area of your skin to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to latex. You can use a remarkable number of techniques for wounds, skin imperfections, and rotting flesh. You can even use it to adhere prosthetics to your skin. However you use it, you’re sure to enjoy your macabre new facade. Skin TinglingSo, whether you are heading out with a whole horde for a zombie pub crawl or you’re patient zero and you’re simply going out for Halloween, you’ll have a great time heading out with a realistically horrific face! And hey, if the zombie apocalypse does come maybe you’ll even sneak through the masses unscathed.

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  • Fun World Glow in the Dark Makeup Kit

    Fun World Glow in the Dark Makeup Kit

    We’re not sure what it is about monsters but they all seem to glow in the dark. Maybe somebody out there is trying to give a bit of a leg up in the “trying not to get eaten” department and let us see them in the dark a little earlier so we can get the heck out of there, at least until we trip over a branch that we honestly should never have tripped over in the first place. Either way it’s incredibly imperative that you follow those same guidelines and rules when you are dressing up as a monster for Halloween. Whether you’re covered in radioactive material, glowing mushroom juice, or some sort of strange, supernatural ectoplasm you must follow the monster code! We’re not sure who enforces it but we wouldn’t want to be caught by any of the monster police out there. There’s no telling what those guys are capable of if they’re the ones taking care of regular monsters.

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  • Fun World Women's Zombie Makeup Kit

    Fun World Women’s Zombie Makeup Kit

    It’s the End of the World and We Know ItDo you think you’re ready for the zombie apocalypse? Would you sit and wait out the chaos while working on your fighting skills or would you load up the car with survival gear and head to the hills? Maybe you’re one of those people who looks for good places in town to barricade and hole up with a few loved ones for the long term while you’re taking Fido for a walk. You might seem like you’re simply pausing to enjoy the beautiful day but in reality, you’re noting that the historical society building has bars on the lower windows, heavy wooden doors, and a great balcony for staging an effective defense. Still, sometimes the best-laid plans fail and you end up as one of the biters. Come to terms with that potential end with this zombie makeup kit!Product DetailsThis kit has everything you need to transform. You’ll love the liquid latex that’s perfect for creating the decaying look of the undead. The cream makeup comes with sponge applicators to create a deathly pallor as well as a black crayon for detail work. Top the whole look off with horrifying fake, flexible teeth and you’ll be ready to wander the earth until the end of time (or the sun comes up, either or).Always PreparedIf we’re being honest, you can never actually be ready for the zombie apocalypse. That doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared for a zombie bar crawl. No need to wing it when you have a makeup kit that’s this detailed. Who knew getting your gore on could be this fun?

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  • Fun World Werewolf Teeth

    Fun World Werewolf Teeth

    We haven’t really seen too many werewolves running around without teeth. We met a single one once. At first we were terrified of its hulking, hairy form towering above us in the moonlight. We shivered in fear for our lives as he stared down on us. Then his ferocious lips curled back into a snarl that should have shaken us to our core. The only problem was that he forgot his dentures back at the house on his night stand. His pink gums actually made us laugh a little too much, and the poor guy ran off in embarrassment.

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  • Fun World Zipper FX Makeup Kit

    Fun World Zipper FX Makeup Kit

    Designing Halloween costumes is a lot like being a magician: it’s all about creating a spectacular illusion. But the illusion isn’t really complete without someone to wear the costume. Come to think of it, wearing a costume might make you more like a magician than what we normally do. But that would make us like master magician-trainers!Ta-da! You thought that last part was just a belabored metaphor, but it was really your first lesson in sleight-of-hand! What we’re really dealing with here is a Zipper FX Makeup Kit that will create the grotesque illusion that your skin is coming undone like a parka in July! How does it work? You’ll have to read the instructions: master magician-trainers never reveal their secrets (especially when they aren’t exactly sure what those secrets are). Here’s the gist: purchase kit, apply cosmetics, freak out the audience. Then take a bow! You did it! We always knew you had it in you.

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  • Fun World Theatrical Blood

    Fun World Theatrical Blood

    Planning on dressing up as a creature of the night this Halloween? Well then you’re going to need to get bloody! Don’t waste your time plotting out a heist at the nearest blood bank when you can just as easily grab a few tubes of this Theatrical Blood! It’s super easy to apply and it’s not real blood… that would just be downright disgusting and, not to mention, quite unsanitary.Now then, decide whether you want to be a vicious vampire, a lone werewolf, or a starving zombie. Grab this Theatrical Blood and make it appear as if you’ve just taken a juicy bite out of your last victim! You can even smear it on your hands and arms to add even more terror to your disguise. Don’t be surprised if some are weary of letting you enter their home with this realistic blood covering you. Just assure them that you’ve had your fill for the night and you just want to hit the dance floor!

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  • Fun World Broken Doll Makeup Kit

    Fun World Broken Doll Makeup Kit

    Child’s PlayWhen the doll showed up on the doorstep in that mysterious brown box without any address information on the top, the Smith family was confused, of course. Who would mail them such an expensive looking china doll? Still, they thought some well-wisher must have seen the doll in a shop and thought of their little girl Sally who’s birthday was just around the corner. They put the doll on her shelf full of stuffed animals and didn’t think much more about it. That is, until the doll fell off the shelf at three in the morning, just as Sally woke from a nightmare with a terrified scream. Mr. and Mrs. Smith ran into the room to sooth their daughter. She seemed fine, just shaken. But the doll. . . the doll’s porcelain face had shattered beyond repair. The poor Smith family thought they could just throw the doll away. Little did they know it had a mind of its own!Product DetailsYou’ll have everything you need to transform into the dangerous doll we all feared as children with this creepy broken doll makeup kit. There are eyelashes and glue for both the bottom and upper lashes, white and ivory makeup, and some pink for that painted on blush look. Top the pretty, perfect look off with the cracked porcelain tattoos and you’ll be ready to bring those nightmares from our childhood to life!Toy Chest of TerrorReady to head out this Halloween? This makeup can be paired with a number of dresses and wigs. And there’s no reason to stop there, either. Head out with all sorts of creepy toys from our past such as a stuffed bunny cast off or a terrifying dummy. We always had a bad feeling about that old abandoned toy chest!

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  • Fun World Zombie's Eye Latex Makeup Kit

    Fun World Zombie’s Eye Latex Makeup Kit

    Here’s one thing that we just don’t get about Zombies; they last for what seems like forever as long as they don’t get shot in the head but they are also always in a state of decomposition. Dead flesh can get eaten by all sorts of bugs and insects so wouldn’t the just rot away and disappear? Maybe we’re overthinking this. We like zombie movies a lot and sometimes things are just best left untouched by silly scientific fact (who needs it?). We’ve always been in full support of seeing various body parts just hanging on by a thread in those shoes because nothing amps up the gross quite like an eyeball out of its socket. Throw on this easy to use latex makeup kit and you’ll become a real anomaly in the scientific world with your own version of the classic horde monster. Don’t forget to bloody yourself up with a few other makeup kits and always remember to look both ways before crossing the street to get to the other side. just a little undead humor for you paired with the fact that it’s difficult to do with one eye. Man we really killed it with the explanation.

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  • Fun World Ghostly White Makeup Kit

    Fun World Ghostly White Makeup Kit

    Give up the ghostingGhosting is now the most common way to let a romantic interest know they are no longer a romantic interest. But here’s the thing, whether people have done it to others or the thought would never crosses their mind, everyone hates getting ghosted. For one, how are you supposed to let that person know you weren’t exactly shopping for engagement rings, yourself. Secondly, what if they had actually fallen off a cliff and they were ghosts in the most literal term? You shouldn’t have to worry about that when someone is just being a jerk.Product DetailsGive yourself a ghostly look with four pots of creme paint featuring white, gray, red, and black for all the spooky shading you could ask for. You’ll also get applicators and black pencil for detail work. When paired with our ghost costumes, this makeup is sure to haunt revelers throughout the night!Sweet, sweet revengeWe at have a policy for when our employees are treated this way. Dressing up as ghosts and casually haunting local players who ghost has become a favorite past time of many of our employees. And while we get a lot of flack, noone at work has mentioned any instances of ghosting so it must not be happening anymore. Either that or our coworkers have stopped talking about their dating life at work. Hmm, now that we think about it maybe this ghostly white makeup set should only be used for Halloween costumes. 

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  • Fun World Zombie Doll Makeup

    Fun World Zombie Doll Makeup

    We really don’t want to know how it happened, but somehow a hybrid of a zombie and a living doll has crawled up from the depths of Hades to make sure that none of us are able to sleep again. Ever. Because if you were to take a survey of “the last thing you want to see standing over your bed at night,” both “living dead” and “living doll” would be at the top of the list. But think of a combination of both… a Living Dead Doll! Nothing could be scarier. So If you really want to spook people this Halloween, become the most horrifying thing imaginable with the help of this Zombie Doll Makeup kit!It’s got everything you need to transform into everyone’s worst nightmare, including giant doll eyelashes, grotesque “stitch” tattoos, and all the necessary makeup gear to tie it together. The Zombie Doll Makeup is a great way to put a scary and unforgettable twist on your old “Raggedy Ann” costume!

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  • Fun World Professional Cream Makeup - Green

    Fun World Professional Cream Makeup – Green

    A lot of things that people love tend to be green. It’s the color of fresh cut grass, trees in the springtime, money, and mint chocolate ice cream. We’re sure there are probably more green things out there than that, but for the purposes of this exercise we don’t need to go any further. One thing that gets overlooked though is green makeup. It comes in handy more often than you might think! What would you do if you had to throw together an emergency alien disguise and all you have is rouge and concealer?? Now you never have to worry about finding yourself without Professional Green Cream Makeup! This makeup is just what the pros use when someone needs to be transformed into a green zombie or a witch. It’s gentle on your skin, and washes off with soapy water, so you don’t need to stay green any longer than you have to!

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  • Fun World Gallon of Blood

    Fun World Gallon of Blood

    Look, we don’t ask questions. We’re not sure what some of our products get used for. Some of them are pretty easy to guess. A Deluxe Marty McFly costume? Probably a dude (or chick) going to a costume party. A Black Flickering Candelabra? Someone is clearly setting up for a séance in their spare bedroom. A Groot Candy Bowl? Some kid got his first apartment, and wants to keep a bowl of candy or chips next to the couch so he doesn’t have to get up.A Gallon of Blood? Look like we said. We don’t know what everyone does with their items. And frankly, sometimes we feel better not knowing. Maybe you need to fake your death. Or perhaps you are setting up for a haunted house. Who knows. You could be using this to mess with the teenagers down the street who pretend to be vampires. Carrying it in your house as they all look on, mouths hanging open. As long as you don’t hurt anyone, enjoy a gallon of fake blood!

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  • Fun World Clown Makeup Kit

    Fun World Clown Makeup Kit

    Paint the ClownIf you’re planning on being a clown for Halloween, you basically have a few options for announcing your clownhood. You can wear one of those “Hello, my name is _______” stickers beneath your huge bowtie. You can go around saying to everyone “I’m a clown!” and then laughing maniacally in their faces. Or you can step it up, do what’s right, and paint your face to look clownish.We bet you can guess which option we’re into, right? Because let’s face it, a clown without the makeup is just kind of a weird dude in a wig, right? Grab this Clown Makeup Kit and make it official. Because everyone knows the scariest part of a clown is the creepy, creepy face paint!Product DetailsThis set has everything you need to turn yourself into—in our humble opinion—the scariest creature possible this Halloween. It has plenty of white face paint, as well as black and red for accents. You also get a makeup pencil, sponge, and brush for easy use. All-In In fact, this compact makeup kit is so complete and simple, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to find it. But don’t beat yourself up; your brain space is being taken up by all those balloon animal patterns and plots to take over the human race. We’re glad to see you’ve finally found your way, and that you’re committed to the creepiness! 

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  • Fun World Mermaid Face Jewelry Kit

    Fun World Mermaid Face Jewelry Kit

    A Shore ThingMermaids are in right now. We get it. They should always be in. Actually, now that we think about it we’re pretty sure mermaids have been and always will be in. They live in the most mysterious places on earth. They swim through the colorful reefs and ancient sunken ships. How amazing would it be to dig through the antiques down there? Who knows what you could find? Mermaids don’t really care about boring jewelry and coins. Their sparkle comes naturally. There are contraptions forgotten by history, sunken cities, and oh so many embarrassing photographs of people who died centuries back. If you’re ready to head into the mermaid’s mysterious realm, accessories are key!Product DetailsThis makeup kit has gorgeous jewels that stick onto your forehead as well as jewels under the eyes. You’ll get flecks of shimmers to bring the jewels together. And finally, the glitter gel will make you look like you just rolled up onto the surf. A Sliding ScaleAre you ready to head into the aquatic lifestyle? Top off any of our gorgeous mermaid costumes with a wig and this sparkly makeup kit. So go ahead and sparkle up, you never know what you’ll find when you dive into the mysterious mermaid life!

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  • Fun World Day of the Dead Male Makeup Kit

    Fun World Day of the Dead Male Makeup Kit

    Admit it: You’ve always been intrigued by makeup and have wanted to try your hand at decorating your face just like you saw Mommy do to hers. Day of the Dead gives you permission to paint your face without ridicule, all under the guise of tradition. So go all out. Transform yourself into the glamorous skull boy that’s always been lurking underneath.Celebrate the Day of the Dead as a living sugar skull! This Day of the Dead Male Makeup kit has everything you need to transform your face into a mask of death. If you’re unfamiliar with the holiday and are looking for tips, here are some basics. First of all, the holiday is the first of November, not “Mexican Halloween,” and has traditions descended both from native Aztec traditions and Catholic interpretations brought by Spanish colonists. The Catrina, the name used for elaborate skull faces, shouldn’t be scary––the holiday is meant to commemorate the dead with celebration of their lives, and all the skeleton imagery is to normalize the cycle of life and death. After all, we all have skeletons inside us. What’s scary about that? So go all out this Dia de los Muertos with this Day of the Dead Male Makeup kit!

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  • Fun World Complete Unicorn Makeup Kit

    Fun World Complete Unicorn Makeup Kit

    MYSTICAL MYSTERIESFolks have wondered for ages where the unicorns may have gone.  Since they appear in all sorts of different cultural legends, it seems only fitting that they must have been around some time.  Maybe they got overlooked on that big boat?Of course, with a being that has so many exotic and mysterious powers, it seems more likely that they’re hidden in plain sight.  Perhaps they’re shapeshifters, masquerading around as humans.  Perhaps we just need to let them feel comfortable to come out into the open again! PRODUCT DETAILSWhether you’re trying to draw one out or reveal your true form to the rest of the world, this Complete Unicorn Makeup Kit is bound to help you charge into the light of day like the gleaming rainbow creature you are.  This makeup kit includes a spiral unicorn horn as well as dark, light, and magenta makeup tones to help you create a radiant umbral look.  Accent it further with diamond baubles and you’ll feel like legit magic. A WINNING WHINNYWatch the awe in the faces of all those around you when you strut your unicorn style out thanks to the magic of this Makeup Kit.  You’ll definitely want to practice those unicorn calls because you’ll look so authentic that you might be conjuring the real ones out of the woodwork!  

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  • Fun Fairy Girls Costume

    Fun Fairy Girls Costume

    If you’ve ever seen a lush garden in the warm early morning light then you know how easy it is to believe in fairies, they live anywhere that’s rich with moss and ferns be that a mountain valley, a forest creek, or your very own flower garden! Fairies know about that important old adage: location, location, location.  The little-winged creatures not only pick the prettiest places to live but they invented the tiny home movement years ago. They build their apartments in the mossy trunks of trees and their cottages under the colorful roofs of toad stools, with a pretty lifestyle like this it’s no wonder that little girls everywhere dream of being part of the magic! If your magical girl is a lover of all things little and living then she would fit right into a fairy colony. As a two-inch-tall flying version of herself, she would have an interesting choice of day jobs. She could touch blossoms at daybreak to help them bloom. She could distribute the dew at dawn. Or, if she’s not a morning person, she could guide the birds back to their nests with her fairy lights after the sun sets. Whatever kind of fairy your little girl might be, one thing is for sure, she’s sure to be adorable in this sparkly outfit! This purple, shiny dress has sequined petals laying over the tulle skirt and matching sequins on the bodice. She’ll also be set up with her very own iridescent fairy wings that attach with clear elastic bands to keep flitting around easy. The look is topped off with a pretty flower crown so that your little one will feel more magical than ever! You always had an inkling but now you’re sure. There are fairies in your very own back yard!

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  • Fun World Red Matte Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish

    Fun World Red Matte Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish

    Crimson CharactersRed lipstick has a strange place in our society. It’s both a staple and a statement. There are so many reasons to have both bright red lipstick and nail polish in your arsenal. For one, it makes pictures look absolutely timeless. Even if you’ve been swiping through Instagram photos all day when you’re wearing red lipstick you look like you’ve been using a typewriter and riding in a T-Bird all day. In a way, red lipstick can make a character truly come to light. When a vampire is only wearing a cloak and a white ruffled shirt she could just be an art student. But once she’s got her red lipstick and nail polish on, there’s no doubt who she is! Next time you’re rocking a dramatic look, don’t forget the pop of color with this sweet red nail and lip set!Product DetailsGiving yourself a dramatic pout is super easy with this liquid lipstick. It dries with a matte finish for a modern touch and washes off with soap and water. The nail polish simply peels off when you’re ready to go back to normal which makes it a great option for kid’s costumes.Red Means Ready  You might be dressed with your shoes on, you’re not quite ready if you don’t have your lipstick on. So go ahead and fully transform. Once you’ve gone red, you’re ready!

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  • Fun World Black Nail Polish and Lipstick

    Fun World Black Nail Polish and Lipstick

    TO GOTH OR POSHWhether you’re a vampire, witch, rocker, or recluse, there is one style that seems to fit the mold while also letting you really work those creative fingers.  Who knows where the look of the black night really took flight, but none can argue that it leaves a truly lasting impression! All you really need to decide is if you want to go with the gothic look of pale terror and dark art that drives folks into the dark ages of madness or if you’re looking to take a twist on a Victorian elegance and bring them back to the dark ages! PRODUCT DETAILSWith the high gloss look of this set of Black Nail Polish and Lipstick, you can be sure to give every moment that dark shine and leave folks wondering how deep that darkness runs.  Both the polish and lipstick has a nearly magical glossy finish that will leave your nails and lips shining.  The polish dries to a semisolid so you can peel it off easily or rip at it for a textured look.  GOTHY-GAUCHE Some might think that the black lip and nail look is a tad unkempt or ill-mannered, but you’ll be able to set them straight with just a grin and clack of your fingernails when this glossy goth look catches their eyes.  

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  • Fun World Red Professional Cream Makeup

    Fun World Red Professional Cream Makeup

    Seeing RedClown, red queen, or devil—this Halloween has you seeing red! We love a great costume (obviously), but do you know what we adore even more? The reveler who takes the time and care to do their makeup up right! Think about it: a clown without the carefully-painted face is just a zany dude in big shoes and a frizzy wig. The essence of clownhood is in the makeup! And there are many, many costumes that get their real oomph from a little tube like this Red Professional Cream Makeup. Don’t believe us? Go ahead—go out dressed like a devil tonight, but without the red face; see how scary people think you are! Product DetailsThis is a high-quality tube of product fit for the pros! It has a true red hue and is also hypoallergenic and quick-drying, perfect for last minute touch-ups in a flash. You can wash this makeup off easily with a little soap and water, though we don’t know why you’d ever want to. We’re pretty much wearing full face paint all the time! It makes for more amusing days and devil-may-care nights. Try it. Makeup MarvelSo pick up a tube of this red makeup, along with any other colors you’ll need to complete your look. There’s no excuse for a clean face that doesn’t match your costume—we know you’re better than that!

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  • Fun World Fierce Vampire Makeup Kit

    Fun World Fierce Vampire Makeup Kit

     Wow! Bet you never thought you’d end up like this! All our lives we worry about all sorts of little things. Trying to get tan before summer hits full force and we need to throw on our bathing suits and hit the beaches. There are taxes and parking tickets and thank you notes. But here’s the thing, there’s no need to worry about any of that once you’ve become a vampire. Well, you’ll have other values, of course. You’ll need to bulk up on your velvet wardrobe. You’ll need to make sure your music collection is free from California singer-songwriter albums and cheery Reggae music. Oh, and your taste for garlic is over and done with. You’ll have to let your mom know to hold off on the meatballs and garlic bread for your next birthday dinner.Product DetailsMost importantly, this kit has white fangs that custom fit your canines. The sponge applicator can apply the white and creme makeup. And, of course, the whole ensemble isn’t complete without the red blood capsules. You’ll also get instructions so you’ll know exactly how to transform when the time is ready. Unholy Moly!This look will make people jump in fright. Cause you’re not what you used to be. You’re something darker. And lucky for you, we’ve go some awesome costumes that you can choose from so you can roam the night in eternity in style. 

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  • Fun World Gold Glitter and Flakes

    Fun World Gold Glitter and Flakes

    The Midas Touch We’re not quite sure how King Midas was bestowed with the power to touch an object and turn it into pure gold but we do know one thing; we’re seriously jealous. If we were gifted with the Midas touch, we know exactly how we would use it. First, we’d touch every piece of jewelry in our jewelry box to transform it into 24 karat gold so the days of wearing rhinestone studs in our ears and Sterling silver chains around our necks would be no more. Next, we’d touch literally everything in our possession and sell it to pay off some pesky credit card debt. It’s a foolproof plan except we still have one problem: who can supply us with the Midas touch?Product Details We haven’t quite invented a product with the power to turn every object into pure gold (yet) but we do have a way to create the appearance like you’re dripping in gold. The package of gold glitter and flakes comes with a glue that is safe enough to apply to the skin. Simply speckle the gold glitter and gold flakes (both included) onto the applied glue and allow it to dry. It’s easily removed with with soap and warm water. Go For The Gold   You can never wear too much gold right? Use this makeup kit to accompany any 70’s or pop star themed costume!   

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  • Fun World Child Skull Makeup Kit

    Fun World Child Skull Makeup Kit

    Face the SeasonIs your kiddo oh so ready to get spooky this season? There’s no costume more classic than a skeleton. Some people might wonder why that is. There are many different scary characters out there, after all. From the classic movie monsters to sharp-tooth vampires, all children have a lot of choices. But nothing can beat the skeleton. A skull isn’t a monster or supernatural creature. It’s a secret mask that lies inside all of us. We all hide a skull. On Halloween, our inner skull comes out to play, adding spirit to the spooky season. Product DetailsDespite being a Halloween and Day of the Dead staple, skull makeup can be a little daunting. When you’ve got this kit, you can conquer a boney faced look once and for all with the confidence that you’ve got everything you need, including instructions. White cream makeup makes up the base while the black makes hollows under the eyes and cheekbones. The red and green colors can add gruesome touches for a creative twist. No Bones About ItOnce this set comes, you’re sure to feel pumped for the spooky season too. Any costume can have a spooky skull twist from pirates to ninjas. It’s Halloween, you do you! 

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  • Fun World Brown Professional Cream Makeup

    Fun World Brown Professional Cream Makeup

    Finishing TouchesYou’ve got the perfect costume for Halloween—maybe you’re dressing as a zombie, or a deer, or a bear. Maybe you’re going full-on werewolf or plan on moseying around the neighborhood as a sloth. Perhaps you’ve chosen to dress as a scarecrow, or a sweet little dog. Well, we have good news for you! Regardless of your Halloween style, this Brown Professional Cream Makeup can help make it next-level! A werewolf without a brown face just isn’t as scary. A deer without the perfect markings is just a kid in a cute antler hood. The right makeup separates the Halloween amateurs from the costume experts!Product DetailsThis tube holds professional quality, medium-brown makeup that is hypoallergenic and can wash off easily with soap and water (no special remover required). So, pick up as many packs as you need to complete your costume with professional flair!Paint the Town BrownYou’ve heard of painting the town red, but it’s time to turn that on its head. With this makeup complementing your costume, you’re ready to paint the town brown, and we hear that’s even more fun! Enjoy your look, tonight. We’re glad you decided to finish it off right! 

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