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  • Deadly Dragon Boy's Costume

    Deadly Dragon Boy’s Costume

    This is a Boy’s Deadly Dragon Costume.

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  • Plus Size Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Costume

    Plus Size Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Costume

    One Shell of a SenseiMaster Roshi has a pretty impressive resume. Throughout Akira Toriyama’s iconic Dragon Ball Z anime series, he’s accomplished some pretty wild feats. He trained Goku and taught him how to perform the Kamehameha. He blew up the moon during a martial arts tournament. He even competed in the Tournament of Power for the fate of Universe 7. He’s definitely a sensei to be reckoned with! Of course, we think his most impressive accomplishment comes in the form of his signature style. He’s bringing the turtle shell back!Okay, so maybe wearing a turtle shell was never really fashionable, but the Turtle Hermit used his shell to help him train. If you want to master the art of Turtle Hermit style, then you’re going to need a shell… something that this Plus Size Dragon Ball Z Costume comes with!Design & DetailsOfficially licensed from the anime series, this Master Roshi costume is a plus size version of the iconic outfit. It comes with his orange button-up shirt, which features the alphabet pattern seen in the series. The white shorts are perfect for relaxing days at the Kame House and fit with elastic in the waist. The purple turtle shell accessory, which is a must-have for anyone stepping into the role of Roshi, has elastic shoulder straps and fits like a backpack. The costume also comes with a few accessories to perfect your Turtle Hermit look. The bald cap fits on your head and the white beard helps you achieve his signature facial hair. Finish the look off with the included shades!Containing Your New PowerYou’ll be ready to train some young whippersnappers in the ways of the Turtle Hermit style when you wear this officially licensed Dragon Ball Z costume! Make sure you practice some special moves though—you never know when you’re going to need to perform the Evil Containment Wave!

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  • Toddler Knight Of The Dragon Costume

    Toddler Knight Of The Dragon Costume

    Scientists have theorized that it takes more than 10,000 hours of practice to become great at something. 10,000 hours! That means you have to start training your kid now if he ever wants to be the best knight he can be. If he wants to survive killing the dragon, and saving the princess.You’ll have to find the best swordsmen to teach him the craft. He will need to learn Bonetti’s Defense, the Capo Ferro attack, and the Thibault, and Aggripa swordsmanship styles. He will need to learn to ride a horse, and to joust. (You never know when jousting will come in handy.) And he will need to practice while wearing armor. This way he doesn’t get slowed down in a fight because he isn’t used to it.Well, we can’t really help with the swordsmanship, although we hear that Inigo Montoya is pretty handy with a sword. But we can help with some training armor. This Toddler Knight Of The Dragon Costume will help your son learn what it is like to fight with armor. He should wear it for 10,000 hours to get used to having it on. He should also train for that many hours too, just so he has an upper hand when he comes face to face with the terrible dragon who is keeping the princess locked up in the tower. We wish him luck on his quest!

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  • How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Adult Kigurumi Costume

    How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Adult Kigurumi Costume

    Waking up is the worst. You hear the sound of the alarm clock going off and you know it’s time to get up, get dressed, and get out the door. Being torn from the pleasant luxuries of warm blankets and soft pillows is a complaint worth griping over, but luckily this newest trend from Japan eases the pain a little bit. Introducing the kigurumi! Kigurumis are the coziest pajamas that are perfectly suitable to wear when going about daily business. Plus, they are designed to look like your favorite movie and television characters. So the next time you have to make a trip to the post office, you can soar there instead. Designed to look exactly like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, this adult kigurumi features a pair of attached wings so all your errands will now be carried out by flying! The plush fleece fabric gives you the comfort of lying in your bed, while the character hood and tail turns you into the Alpha of all dragons. The transition from comfy bed to the real world will be more manageable if you introduce a kigurumi into your life. This specific one makes you look like Hiccup’s rare dragon bestie, Toothless. Be prepared to feel ferocious enough to take on the day, while staying snugly as can be.

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  • Adult How to Train Your Dragon Light Fury Kigurumi

    Adult How to Train Your Dragon Light Fury Kigurumi

    This is a How to Train Your Dragon Adult Light Fury Kigurumi.

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  • Women's Dragon Ninja Costume

    Women’s Dragon Ninja Costume

    Want to join the ranks of the most elite mercenaries in the world? Well, that would obviously be the legendary shinobi and if you’re planning on mixing it up with warriors of their caliber then you’re going to need the right duds. Don’t worry about traveling back to the time where the ninja reigned supreme, in order to portray the shinobi’s deadly style. We have exactly what you need, just take a look at this Women’s Dragon Ninja Costume!Once you slip into this fierce red/black long-sleeved romper, you will look like the deadliest woman walking around the party scene. Secure the belt around your waist and show off the frightening dragon print. Every foe you face will run for the hills when they see that you were trained in the way of the dragon. The stylish arm and leg ties attached to the romper will make you look even more intimidating when you strut around the party scene. The last piece of this costume is the fabric mask that covers the bottom of your face. It will up your stealth and make you the most lethal warrior walking the streets this Halloween.Now all you need to do is add an awesome pair of combat boots to your attire and this amazing Women’s Dragon Ninja Costume is complete. Make sure you also take a look through the vast collection of weapons we have in stock. Pick out the perfect arsenal and you’ll be ready for any mission this Halloween!

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  • Purse Dragon Egg

    Purse Dragon Egg

    All fired upYou’re a boss. You know it. Your friends know it. It’s time to flaunt your untapped potential. This dragon egg purse will make it seem like you’re one burning pier away from gaining your very own fiery sidekick. What would you do with a dragon by your side? Would you wrangle in all the internet trolls? Take a free tour of your bucket list sites? Remind anyone who’s ghosted you or your friends how to be polite? While you might not be riding dragon back or righting the wrongs of the world, you can still dream! Keep the fire going when you sling this dragon egg purse over your shoulder. Details & DesignMake your Dragon Queen ensemble pop with this turquoise dragon egg bag. The long shoulder strap matches the scale-like pattern of the egg. Keep your belongings safe with the zippered top. At eight inches tall, you can fit everything you need for an evening into your pouch. Taking FlightAre you ready to take on the role of a queen with a vision? This egg will easily perfect your costume. Pair up with a team of warriors or a northern knight to make a royal impression on the world!

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  • Makeup Kit Dragon

    Makeup Kit Dragon

    Working KnightsDo you ever wonder why knights were always trying to slay dragons? Dragons breathed fire. They were plated in metal. They could fly away. Knights were coming up to their caves armed with swords. Swords! That’s like attacking a forest fire with a squirt gun. We have to imagine that the dragons would pretend to be weaker than they were. How else would lunch keep delivering itself to their front door? Work the knights just like dragons of old with this gorgeous makeup kit in gleaming colors. Product DetailsThis makeup kit has everything you need to transform your face into a fairytale dragon. It includes a palette of makeup in three shades of green, two makeup sticks for details, two tubes of sparkles, a dragon scale stencil, and a sponge for application. Use the included stickers to make your made-up look really stand out. With color, pattern, and sparkle your dragon makeup is sure to break the mold!Winging ItWant a plan of attack for an awesome dragon costume this year? From full dragon costume to accessories like wings and claws, we have what it takes to make your costume fire! One thing’s for sure, you’re sure to slay this dragon look this year!

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  • The Women's Dragon Beauty Costume

    The Women’s Dragon Beauty Costume

    This is the Women’s Dragon Beauty Costume.

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  • The Women's Dragon Beauty Costume

    The Women’s Dragon Beauty Costume

    This is the Women’s Dragon Beauty Costume.

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  • Infant Darling Dragon Swaddle Wings Costume

    Infant Darling Dragon Swaddle Wings Costume

    What‚Äôs more precious than a baby, that perfect little bundle of sweetness and light that could only have come from heaven? (Unless it‚Äôs someone else‚Äôs baby and it‚Äôs ruining your meal at a restaurant — then it‚Äôs debatable.) That‚Äôs right, the only thing better than a little baby is a dragon, because dragons can grow to be up to 300 feet long, fly, and render entire cities to ashes with nothing but their breath.But why compromise? With our Dragon Swaddle your baby will look so convincing that you‚Äôll always have to be on the lookout for ragtag teams of treasure hunters. The best part is that the wings are functional. No, they don‚Äôt fly, but they do wrap around your little treasure to keep them warm and snug. The toasty hat looks like a dragon‚Äôs head to complete the illusion. It has a bemused look on its face because it‚Äôs wondering why its neck is a baby‚Äôs head!

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  • Teagan the Dragon Costume

    Teagan the Dragon Costume

    Dragons sometimes get a bad rap. Everyone thinks that all they do is fly around and burn down buildings with their fiery breath and kidnap princesses and eat knights. But not all dragons are like that, we promise! In fact, we know one that is sweet as can be—Teagan the Dragon.Teagan is an adorable purple dragon who only wants to have fun and make new friends, which means she’s the perfect companion for your little one. Instead of using her fiery breath to burn down barns, Teagan likes to roast marshmallows to make s’mores. Instead of kidnapping princesses, Teagan likes to play dress-up with them. And instead of eating knights, Teagan prefers to eat ice cream (after a healthy, well balanced dinner, of course!). She is nothing like most dragons—she’s much better!If your toddler wants to dress up like the world’s sweetest dragon, we have just the thing: this Toddler Teagan the Dragon Costume. The soft purple jumpsuit is covered in cute pink polka dots and comes with a matching hood that has a dragon face on the top. Stuffed pink spikes run down the back of the hood to the tip of the attached tail, and attached shoe covers feature pink stuffed claws. The costume fastens in the front with a Velcro strip for easy wear. As soon as your toddler slips into this costume, they’ll be the cutest dragon ever to soar through the skies!

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  • Paige the Dragon Costume

    Paige the Dragon Costume

    Paige the Dragon is here to save the day! This fluffy purple dragon isn’t like your other run-of-the-mill dragons, because she loves to get out of her cave and travel around the countryside. But instead of spewing fire, flames, and destruction, Paige is just all about flying high, smelling the roses, and munching on candy whenever she gets the chance! If you think your little one might enjoy becoming this delightful dragon, this toddler costume will transform any child into the plush and huggable friend. And in sizes 12 Months to 2T, we’re going to have the right fit to get your young one some purple spikes and claws. This adorable Halloween costume is styled as a romper with hood and matching shoe covers. Purple pile material is accented with spots of pink fur, and metallic pink spikes give this dragon a cute factor that’s just a little bit intimidating too! But the soft sculpt eyes and teeth are sure to let all the villagers know that this beastie is a sweet one who probably just wants to cuddle and watch her favorite flicks. Complete her costume look with pink tights, and she’ll be ready to hang out, provided that you have enough sweets on hand to keep her fire breathing at bay!

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  • Hydra Red Dragon Costume

    Hydra Red Dragon Costume

    In a world that is filled with amazing stories from all sorts of different cultures, it is non-stop engaging to pour through the different mythologies to see what each of them came up with. Wildly different stories, everywhere! But, what can really throw a mystical researcher is when they come upon similar stories told between a whole mess of people who never met about creatures that couldn’t possibly have traveled everywhere. Still, one astounding pattern continues to emerge. Giant lizards. Creatures so immense and powerful that they induce worship, awe, and fear. Dragons.Of course, each culture has their slight modifications. Are they winged? Do they spit fire? Green, red, or gold scales? We can hardly expect everything to match up. Still, we’re sold. Dragons? Totally real and completely compelling! But, how is one supposed to do some fierce creatures their due credit? That’s when we realized that we could turn the legends of the ancient Greeks and the legendary guardian to the Underworld. You know what they say about two heads together?Well, why stop at one dragon head when two are better? And, at that rate, why not three!? You can eat your foes in a third of the time when you have extra teeth chomping them up! Realizing that might be a tad bit terrifying, we’ve got this Hydra Red Dragon costume toned down into toddler size but that doesn’t stop its accented spike sleeves, crimson red polyester, dragon faced and foam-stuffed hood, or the stuffed hydra head mittens from doing it’s ferocious job! If you think that your party can handle it, this lovely Hydra is available in multiple sizes. Heh. Why stop at three heads when you can get the whole family to triple up!?

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  • Teagan the Dragon Costume

    Teagan the Dragon Costume

    Dragons sometimes get a bad rap. Everyone thinks that all they do is fly around and burn down buildings with their fiery breath and kidnap princesses and eat knights. But not all dragons are like that, we promise! In fact, we know one that is sweet as can be—Teagan the Dragon.Teagan is an adorable purple dragon who only wants to have fun and make new friends, which means she’s the perfect companion for your little one. Instead of using her fiery breath to burn down barns, Teagan likes to roast marshmallows to make s’mores. Instead of kidnapping princesses, Teagan likes to play dress-up with them. And instead of eating knights, Teagan prefers to eat ice cream (after a healthy, well balanced dinner, of course!). She is nothing like most dragons—she’s much better!If your toddler wants to dress up like the world’s sweetest dragon, we have just the thing: this Toddler Teagan the Dragon Costume. The soft purple jumpsuit is covered in cute pink polka dots and comes with a matching hood that has a dragon face on the top. Stuffed pink spikes run down the back of the hood to the tip of the attached tail, and attached shoe covers feature pink stuffed claws. The costume fastens in the front with a Velcro strip for easy wear. As soon as your toddler slips into this costume, they’ll be the cutest dragon ever to soar through the skies!

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  • Winter Dragon: Mask

    Winter Dragon: Mask

    The Great Dragon PlanDragons, man. Dragons. We thought that cold weather would send them away. We thought that they would go hibernate for a few months. Nope. Apparently, dragons are still active during the winter. And apparently, some of those dragons even have some seriously dangerous frost breath. Really, it’s only a matter of time before the entire human race is forced to bow before the scaly creatures! We have a little bit of a gameplan, though.You see, if you disguise yourself as a dragon BEFORE the great dragon apocalypse, you might be able to convince the other dragons that you’re on the level. Then, you can live life as a powerful dragon alongside the other reptilian conquerors.Product DetailsOkay, so maybe our plan isn’t exactly air-tight, but this Winter Dragon Mask will help anyone look like a real dragon. This molded mask is made out of latex and it covers the entire head. It features a highly detailed exterior, with plenty of textured scales and faux spikes. The eyes are a fiery yellow-orange color and the teeth are sure to make you feel like a ferocious predator. Just throw it on your head and you might even be able to trick a few real dragons into thinking that you’re one of them.

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  • Dragon Lady Ninja Costume

    Dragon Lady Ninja Costume

    Powerful and magnanimous, the Dragon is spoken of in rushed exhilaration at the same time as with a hushed terror. Cultures argue about their appearance. Some myths speak of massive reptiles with four limbs and great wings who fly over fields and castle, breathing fire and hunting maidens to entertain them while they lord over their stole treasure hoard. Others tell of dog-headed demon lizards who fly or crawl with no need of wings. And, still others tell of dragons who appear in animal form, though massive and wise. The only thing any myth agrees upon is the danger the wise and potent creatures pose upon those foolish enough to cross them.So, it should be no surprise that when commoners hear of the might Dragon Ninjas, there are numerous whispers of what to expect. Powerful men who crush stone with their fist. Swift men who ascend walls and rush over water with the speed of their feet. Of course, you simply offer a knowing smile as you listen to their foolish tales.Because you are, in truth, the Dragon Lady, a ninja of great power and reputation, even if the fools might not be prepared to take in your appearance. Garbed in your dark tunic and blood red edging and vivid sash and headband accents, you immediately command attention and inspire both fear and titillation. The marker of the Red Dragon and optional mask will leave all inspired and ready to tell tales of the Dragoness!

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  • Dragon Wings

    Dragon Wings

    Tipping the ScalesIt can be tricky to learn how to fly as a dragon. After all, dragons rarely live in basic landscapes. Take cave dragons, for instance. They live high up in the mountains, exclusively. When cave dragons take off they can easily be blustered up by a rogue gust of wind. That can take a dragons daily plans off their traveling course by miles. They might be headed over to terrorize the innocent Homeyham village but they’ll end up gliding over unicorn lake and the enchanted forest instead. One gust of wind saved Homeyham Village from a lot of trouble. Weather saves the day again!Product DetailsThese lovely verdant dragon wings are the perfect way to top off a costume and will work wonders for playing pretend as well. The ribs of the wings have a subtle neutral-toned pattern on one side and have a claw at the top. The wings are plenty comfortable with elastic securing them to your child’s shoulders. Flight PatternsWhen you’re training your little one to be a winged dragon, give them a few tips. Tell them to take off from a low place. Check the weather before flights. And never, ever eat a full meal before a high-altitude journey. Being a dragon is a lot of responsibility!

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  • Dragon Ball Z Frieza Costume

    Dragon Ball Z Frieza Costume

    Frieza sort of has a bad rap across the entire universe (Universe 7 at least). After all, the guy did amass an empire of bloodthirsty warriors, he blew up entire planets and he exterminated a fair number of alien races. He also tried to kill Goku and his friends, then came back from the dead to try to kill Goku and his friends again. Maybe the Dragon Ball Z character needs a little bit of a rebranding if he wants to be a little more popular guy!That’s where you come in. You can assume the role of the mighty Dragon Ball Z character when you wear this Frieza costume and maybe if you do only nice things, instead of heading on missions of mass extinction, you turn Frieza’s public image around!The exclusive Frieza costume comes with everything you need to transform into Goku’s greatest nemesis. The costume comes with a full-body jumpsuit that’s made out of a polyester and spandex blend that stretches to fit. It has foam padding and metallic purple accents to help you look like a muscular fighter, capable of going toe to toe with any Z Fighter. A stuffed tail is attached to the back of the jumpsuit, since you can’t be Frieza without his signature tail! The shoe covers are sculpted to look like the alien emperor’s claws and the helmet recreates his smooth purple head.Once you have this entire outfit on, all you need to do is do good deeds, like helping your friends move and volunteer at the local hospital. Everyone will start seeing Frieza in a whole new light after that!

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  • Collectors Set Dragon Ball Z Crystal Ball

    Collectors Set Dragon Ball Z Crystal Ball

    Good Ol’ DaysRemember the old days? Dragon Ball used to be much simpler! Goku was just a rowdy kid hunting Dragon Balls while getting into brawls with thugs. He’d meet a few good friends along the way and have a grand time. Nowadays he spends his time fighting against Gods, intergalactic conquerors, and celestial beings with the power to blow up a planet by pointing at it.Well, this handy Dragon Ball Z collectible crystal ball set harkens back to the roots of the Akira Toriyama anime series!Product DetailsThese Dragon Ball Z crystal balls perfectly recreate the legendary artifacts from the series. Each one measures around 3 inches in diameter and has an orange-amber hue. Each one has the appropriate number of stars on them, from 1 to 7, and they even come in a display bed. They’re great for display as the centerpiece in your Dragon Ball Z collection, but they’re also perfect for crafting a highly realistic cosplay outfit.Happy HuntingWhether you want a collectible that reminds you of the good old days or you want to go on the hunt for Dragon Balls on your next cosplay event, this collector’s set is definitely the way to go!

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  • Adult Dragon Ball Z Trunks Costume

    Adult Dragon Ball Z Trunks Costume

    When the future has a rampaging Perfect Cell on the loose, what do you do? You grab your sword, then you hop in a time machine and you head back in time to stop him from absorbing the other androids, that’s what you do! Or at least, that’s what Trunks did. It helps that his mom is a genius level inventor who had the skills to create a time machine and it also helps that he’s a half-Saiyan, half-human hybrid with combat skills that could take down Frieza in a matter of seconds, but you can still harness the power of his awesome style with this licensed Dragon Ball Z costume.Now, you don’t even have to be the son of Vegeta to become the one and only Future Trunks. Based on his appearance from Akira Toriyama’s anime, Dragon Ball Z, this Adult Trunks Costume comes with the complete ensemble worn by Trunks in the series. The blue jacket has exaggerated lapels, along with front pockets and a Capsule Corp. patch on the sleeve. The black tank top fits underneath to provide a style that matches the anime and manga series. The pants fit with elastic and have bunching along each pant leg to create a baggy look. The foam boot covers look like the footwear worn by Future Trunks and fit over any pair of your own shoes. Of course, no transformation into the son of Bulma is complete without having some brightly colored (and totally not dyed) hair. The costume set includes a purple wig that comes shaped in his classic style. Once you have the look down, all you need to do is find someone to transform into a Super Saiyan. (We’re still trying to figure out how to do that one.)

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  • Adorable Dragon Infant Costume

    Adorable Dragon Infant Costume

    In the time of kings and castles, there was only one thing that all feared and that was the mighty dragon! Peasants ran for the hills, knights quivered in fear, and kings bowed to their knees. Nowadays things are a bit different. In fact, you can have your very own dragon crawling around your home! No fooling. All you need is this Adorable Dragon Infant Costume and your little bundle of joy can transform into a fire-breathing cutie!The neighborhood better hide their princesses and all their gold because this adorable little flyer will be going around the block this year. As long as they have plenty of sweet treats and don’t pull any tricks, their homes shan’t feel the scorn of his fury. Instead, they will get to enjoy the cute giggles and charming coos your little one has to offer. This costume comes with everything to make your kiddo into the most adorable creature anyone has ever seen. This footie jumpsuit will cover your baby from head to toe and there is even a stuffed tail and a pair of wings attached. The hood also has a soft-sculpted dragon snout and eyes, and will fasten securely under his chin with the help of Velcro. No matter how fast he flies around the block you can be sure the Velcro will holdfast.Suit your infant up as a delightful mythical beast with this Adorable Dragon Infant Costume this Halloween. Grab a few other medieval-themed costumes and the whole family can be a fun fairytale!

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  • Toddler Dinky Dragon Costume

    Toddler Dinky Dragon Costume

    Get ready for some fire!Even people who don‚Äôt have kids know that there‚Äôs a reason why they call it ‚ÄúThe Terrible Two‚Äôs‚Äù and the ‚ÄúMe Me Me Threes‚Äù – those little buddies are coming into their own sense of self, and if anyone tries to stop them from getting what they want‚Ķwatch out! It‚Äôs just all part of the growing-up process, and we gotta admit – sometimes, it can actually be pretty entertaining to watch them stomp and roar around over the littlest things. At least they‚Äôve got a personality, right?!Luckily – or unluckily! – those tantrums will be on a whole new level with this Toddler Dinky Dragon Costume! There will be fire and smoke and maybe even a little flying. But I think you can handle it. Just keep all flammable items away and … well, run. Made of 100% polyester, this Toddler Dinky Dragon Costume zips and Velcros in the back and has elastic around the wrists and ankles for easy slip-on and take-off. The front of the jumpsuit is light blue with a green stomach, and sports a blue tail with orange spikes that‚Äôs attached to the back of the jumpsuit. It also has soft orange wings that snap onto the back, and a hood – sporting a dragon‚Äôs nose, eyes, ears, green horns, and orange spikes! – that fastens with a velcro clasp at the chin. It even comes with shoe covers that fasten with Velcro! This costume is so cute and fun, the only thing you‚Äôll have to do to make your toddler‚Äôs next costume excursion a success is just keep all flammable items away from them and … well, run!

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  • Dragon Lord Sword and Shield

    Dragon Lord Sword and Shield

    We all know that being a Dragon Lord is kind of a big deal. Not only do you have to rule your subjects with all the decorum expected of a King, you also have to tend over your flock of dragons. And since it’s known far and wide dragons are known to be a bit… we’ll call it temperamental, it might not be the easiest task. But, it’s totally cool. Because you have the strength, wisdom, experience and of course the tools of the trade. Namely, this Dragon Lord sword and shield. With these weapons at your side, no one’s going to doubt that you are an authentic ruler of the dragon kingdom!

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  • Kids Dragon Ball Z Trunks Costume

    Kids Dragon Ball Z Trunks Costume

    The future is a pretty grim place in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Z. Cell’s pretty much destroyed the world. Gohan, Goku and the rest of the Z fighters have been defeated and well, that’s really just the start of it. The good news is that hope is not gone. Trunks is determined to use his mother’s time machine to head back to the past to make things right. He might be named after an article of clothing you wear to the pool, but don’t let that fool you. He’s one tough cookie!We think your kid is one tough cookie too. Maybe he could be the savior of the universe, but he’s going to need the right look before he heads off to battle against Perfect Cell. He’s going to need gear designed by Capsule Corp. to get into the right attitude (after all, he wants to look cool while he’s throwing down with all the baddies from the Red Ribbon Army) and we just so happen to have some connections with the Bulma at the Capsule Corp.Introducing this child Trunks costume. This licensed Dragon Ball Z outfit successfully recreates Future Trunks’ uniform from the Perfect Cell Saga, complete with his blue jacket, baggy pants and foam boot covers. The costume set even comes with a purple wig, parted down the middle. Of course, you’ll be responsible for teaching him all of your secret techniques so he can defeat Cell in a matter of minutes, so you’d better start brushing up on your Galick Gun!

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  • Pink Dragon Kigurumi

    Pink Dragon Kigurumi

    A Pink ConjuringSo, um, a conjuring has happened. But don’t worry! We’re privy to all of the details. A wizard stumbled out of the woods, you see, and let us know he was about to cast a mighty, mighty spell. We won’t get into the details of the incantation, but we can let you know the gist! He said, “Let there be pink. Lots of pink!”Unbeknownst to us at the time, he was talking about pink dragons, and as it happened, his spellcraft had a very fine pink dragon flying above us in short order. We were enamored! So much, so, that we went home and immediately put on these Pink Dragon pajamas. Yup, with a pink kigurumi on, we could become twinsies with the giant pink dragon himself!product DetailsWell, long story short, now you can become pink dragon admirer when you wear this Pink Dragon Kigurumi from Sazac. This pajama set is designed as fun and fluffy character pajamas, with plenty of dragon details. The hood his teal-tipped spikes, manga-style eyes, tiny slit nostrils, and two triangle felt teeth. There are spikes down the back, of course, along with wings and a spiky tail, too! This kigurumi buttons up the front, and is designed to fit most people with a baggy fit.Dragons on the mind?If you’ve got dragons on the mind for Halloween, well, you’ve landed in just the right spot. Because we have tons of dragon costumes! From cozy pajamas like this kigurumi to elaborate dragon costumes that will help you live out your favorite fantasy stories, we’ve got styles for them all. Be sure to shop our huge selection to check out all of the top selling items!

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  • Blue Dragon Kigurumi

    Blue Dragon Kigurumi

    A DRAGON’S SLUMBERThey say that you should never interrupt a dragon’s sleep. On one hand, that’s really good advice. On the other hand, that’s just silly advice. Who needs to be told not to interrupt a sleeping dragon!? Of all things in the world that could be sleeping and should not be intruded upon, dragons are so obviously at the top of the list that nobody needs to be told!Of course, that list may unfortunately not include you. Perhaps folks are constantly waking you up. If only there were a solution to prevent this horrible offense from ever again occurring. And, even better, if it would help you stay comfy, too! PRODUCT DETAILSIt is time to get crazy cozy and look dangerous while dozing with this Blue Dragon Kigurumi. This is a fleece onesie that buttons in the front and has rib-knit cuffs at the wrist and ankles. The hood has soft-sculpted dragon details including horns and bright, cheerful eyes. Colorful wings are at the back and spines line your dragon tail. TIME FOR TREASUREYou’re going to love this Blue Dragon Kigurumi thanks to its comfort, but the real winner is how folks are likely to walk just a little lighter when you’re napping. Golden trinkets might be nice but a deeper sleep is treasure!

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  • Dragon Feet

    Dragon Feet

    Dragon DreamsWe’ve always dreamed about it. Doesn’t everyone? You know, flying through the air, breathing fire, hoarding gold, and terrorizing kingdoms! Yes, we always wanted to be a big and powerful dragon from a fairytale. Of course, us normal humans can’t just cast a magical spell or drink a potion to turn into one like in some fantasy tale… but with a bit of creativity and some dragon accessories, we’ve found a way to begin a transformation into a dragon! The best place to start is with your feet!Product DetailsThese dragon feet turn your feet into the scaly limbs of a terrible dragon! These feet are hand made in the USA and are constructed out of latex (no dragons were harmed in creating these accessories) and they’re molded to look like claws of a dragon. They feature faux fur tops and fit with an elastic band that secures them to your feet.Draconic ImpulsesWatch out! These dragon feet have a few side effects! You may just feel the urge to engage in dragon-like activities, including gold hoarding and terrorizing the countryside. Knights may also start tracking you down, so you’d better be prepared to fend off dragonslayers!

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  • Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Men's Costume

    Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Men’s Costume

    TEACHER IN A TURTLE SHELLBefore Goku went Super Saiyan and before he was exchanging blows with Frieza, he was just a young brat with a monkey tail and a slightly tougher punch than your average kiddo. Master Roshi molded that kid into the high-powered warrior that he is today, so you could argue that all the victories Goku won are Roshi’s wins, too. Training Goku may be his crowning achievement, but that’s just one of his many accomplishments over the years in the Dragon Ball Z series.He invented the Kamehameha Wave, the most important technique in the Z Fighter’s repertoire. He won the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament under the guise of “Jackie Chun.” He effortlessly defeated a whole legion of Red Ribbon Army soldiers. Really, his only failing is his luck with the ladies, but we’re pretty sure that they haven’t stopped to look at how spectacular his style is! After all, who else can make wearing a turtle shell look fashionable?DESIGN & DETAILSIf you want to step into the role of Akira Toriyama’s legendary character, then it’s time to wear this Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi costume. Our own team of designers spent a month in the hyperbolic time chamber to perfect this super look. This officially licensed costume comes with everything you need to become Roshi. This shirt is a button up style and has a unique print with letters and triangles. The shorts are a cuffed, casual style, perfect for chilling on the beach or fighting deadly foes. It comes with a bald cap with appliqued eyebrows, since we all know that the Turtle Hermit is naturally bald. The goatee is made of a thick, faux fur material and will require double-sided tape or spirit gum to apply to your face. Finally, sport these dark sunglasses and the foam turtle shell to start your training!CALL THE OTHER DBZ FIGHTERSYou’ve had a long life of hard work. It is time to relax. What better way than to hit the beach and set up a lawn chair! Of course, the baddies are bound to appear. Just know, if they do, all the other fighters owe you. Just order them around. That’s your right as Old Man Roshi — and the ability to command the other DBZ characters is the true ultimate power!

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  • Adult Green Dragon Costume

    Adult Green Dragon Costume

    So you want to dress up as an awesome dragon this Halloween but you don‚Äôt want to scare everyone away? Well, we have a costume that you need to check out! Take a look at this Green Dragon Costume for adults. It will be perfect for keeping that friendly reputation that you hold so dearly.This costume isn‚Äôt only great for appearing approachable it‚Äôs also excellent for adventuring! What else would you expect? You‚Äôre a dragon! There‚Äôs nothing a dragon loves more than an awesome adventure that leads to tons of gold. This outgoing green dragon usually ventures off with Italian plumbers, somehow they know how to gather up gold coins better than anyone. So find your own duo of jumping plumbers and you‚Äôll be swimming in gold in no time! We know what you‚Äôre thinking, “If this is a dragon costume then where are the wings?” Well, who needs wings when you got mad hops? Once you toss on this comfy jumpsuit, you‚Äôll feel like you can leap over the tallest of buildings. (Note: It‚Äôs only a feeling, you won‚Äôt actually be able to jump that high‚Ķ however, if you somehow are able to do so, contact us immediately!)So do you think you‚Äôre ready to leap into action with a duo of mustached plumbers? Are you prepared to collect more gold than you ever imagined? Well grab this awesome Adult Green Dragon Costume for Halloween and start working on your hops! You‚Äôll be sure to find yourself on an astounding adventure in no time with this jumpsuit.

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