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  • Star Wars The Last Jedi Deluxe Praetorian Guard Kids Costume

    Star Wars The Last Jedi Deluxe Praetorian Guard Kids Costume

    Are you facing off against every single challenger who comes to your door, looking for a fight? Well, maybe it’s about time you thought about getting a few bodyguards. You need some kind of elite guard force to deal with all the crazy riffraff characters that come knocking on your door who aren’t really worth your time. Emperor Palpatine had his own guard and so does Supreme Leader Snoke, so really, it’s about time for you to start putting together your own version. The best place to start is your child.Wouldn’t your kid make for the perfect Captain of your own guard? He’s already got a fierce fighting stance, doesn’t he? And he probably has enough energy to keep the rest of the guards in line. He’s certainly the best candidate for the job! Lucky for you, this child deluxe Praetorian Guard costume lets your child look like one of the guards from Star Wars: The Last Jedi!This deluxe costume is any young Star Wars fan’s dream. It comes with all the pieces needed to start your Praetorian Guard off the right way. It comes with a bright red robe with attached shoulder pieces that recreate the style seen in the movie. It also comes with a mask that has a menacing look, perfect for intimidating those who might try to challenge your young one’s authority. Make sure you that you teach him a few of your patented combat moves to have him ready for anyone who comes looking for some trouble!

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  • Justice League Deluxe Tactical Batman Boys Costume

    Justice League Deluxe Tactical Batman Boys Costume

    Batman’s tale is a tragic one. His parents were taken from him during the springtime of his youth. It was the catalyst that sent him on a lifelong journey to abolish crime from the world. He began training in martial arts and he also began developing high-tech weaponry to defeat criminals. He also began wearing tights with a bat-symbol on it! Yes, despite how glamorous Batman’s life looks, it’s actually quite rough.We’d never want to put your kid through that kind of history just to turn him into a crime fighting superhero, so we figured out a much easier way for your child to live out his dreams of being a superhero. You just need to teach him a few of your best ninja moves and get him this boys Batman costume, which is officially licensed from DC.This Deluxe Tactical Batman Costume gives your child a look that’s ready for any villain! It’s based on the one seen in the Justice League movie and comes with plenty of great details to set your kid apart from all the other young heroes. The jumpsuit has printed armor pieces on the front and faux muscles designed into the chest and arms. It even comes with spiked arm gauntlets so he can strike fear into the hearts of bag guys everywhere. The final piece to the costume is the mask, which effectively protects your kid’s secret identity. That means no bad guys will be figuring out who your little one is during his heroic capers, and it also means no baddies will be knocking on your door looking for the Batcave.

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  • Care Bears Deluxe Grumpy Bear Adult Costume

    Care Bears Deluxe Grumpy Bear Adult Costume

    THE ORIGINAL GRUMPY CATWhen one finally arrives at adulthood, it (unfortunately) becomes unacceptable to pout. You have to put on your big kid pants and deal with your problems like an adult. No amount of stomping, crying, or sulking will fix your issues. Your mom or dad isn’t going to materialize right in front of you, sit you down, and say, “this is what you need to do, kiddo.” Nope, those days are long gone! Welcome to the real world; you better buckle your seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride with lots of ups and downs…Or on the other hand, you can revert back to your childish ways and pout if that’s how you prefer to handle your problems. Just make sure that you’re wearing this Deluxe Grumpy Bear costume and you’ll totally get away with acting immature. The most irritable Care Bear is known for surly behavior, so no one will think twice if you let out a sigh of frustration and roll your eyes if things don’t go your way!DESIGN & DETAILS    This officially licensed adult costume consists of a super-soft and fluffy zip-up jumpsuit. The cuddly garment features the rain cloud belly badge and an attached headpiece with little bear ears. The mitts are also fastened to the sleeves of the jumpsuit for your convenience so they won’t get lost during any Halloween escapades. The included shoe covers stretch over feet so you’re covered in lush blue fabric from head-to-toe.  A BAD MOOD ESSENTIAL  We’ll just warn you, it’s hard to feel crabby when you’re outfitted in this plush costume. Although, it does come in handy when you’ve been waiting in line at the DMV for three hours and all you want to do is throw an epic temper tantrum. Keep this costume handy for those unavoidable grown-up situations!            

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  • Plus Size Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    Plus Size Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    Do you love being on stage? Do you daydream about singing the classics with everyone’s eyes glued to your every movement? Maybe you can’t stop thinking about sharing the screen with Bogart, Bacall, and the Rat Pack? Well now you can do it in perfect Golden Age style with this eye-catching red sequined singer’s dress. Maybe you can sing a few tunes stretched across a Baby Grand Piano, or under the lone spotlight, softly whispering into one of those square old-fashioned microphones. With your red hair and sparkly dress, who knows who you can influence!This Plus Size Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume is designed to help you slink across the room, catching every gaze and dropping every jaw. You’ll be talked about for days – the way you walk, the way you hold your long cigarette holder, just like Rita Hayworth, or Marilyn Monroe herself. Your purple gloves extend up to your elbows just like a classic debutante, completing your stage-worthy presence. Who knows, in this outfit, you might even land your place on the big screen, walking confidently, with your hand on your hip, across the office floor of a private investigator, trying to find out who framed your husband in a recent crime?You have the world in the palm of your gloved hand in this costume that is designed to move comfortably with you through the night, and the thigh-high slit will make it so that your audience won’t forget your name, no matter what time you finish your set.

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  • Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    If you’re looking for something entertaining to do on a night out in a cartoon world, keep in mind your options are pretty similar to anywhere else, just more cartoony.You can go out to dinner where the maitre’d may be a penguin and your silverware tells you about the desert specials. You may want to go dancing, but keep an eye on your partner because they may actually have two left feet (or more)! If you’re looking for the best show in town though, you’ll want to stop by the club and catch the local singer perform her set. It will be just what you need to set the mood for your night on the town!If you think you’ve got the singing chops to make it on stage, you’ll also need this Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume to really win over the crowd. Being a singer is as much about image and performance as it is about talent if you want to hit the big time, and this getup will make sure people are still talking about you long after the show ends. The strapless sequined dress will fit like a glove and light up the lounge while you’re working your magic and the slit up of the right side will keep it classy as well as keep everyone’s attention. The included purple knit gloves make a great accompaniment, as will any sexy heels and glamorous hairstyles or wigs you want to add. Jaws will be dropping before you even breath a note the second you step out onto the stage in this costume!

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  • Kids Deluxe Army Ranger Costume

    Kids Deluxe Army Ranger Costume

    Many kids dream of serving their country in the military. And even though not everyone grows up to do so, they can still have fun with it while they are still kids!He’s already completed the mission of picking up his toys and his mission to make the bed was a complete success. Now, it’s time to kick it up a notch and send him on a really dangerous mission, like rescuing some hostages in a battle zone, or engaging terrorists in a gunfight. Alright, so he might not quite be ready for those kinds of missions, but you got to admit, that the Army Ranger uniform makes any kid look like he’s a one kid army.This deluxe kids Army Ranger costume comes with all of the essential items your little soldier needs for a realistic and complete costume this Halloween. This officially licensed costume starts with the camo pants that have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit. The shirt has a wing collar and fastens with Velcro at the center front. It also has embroidered flag and Army patches on it. A padded vest goes over the shirt and has multiple cargo pockets with Velcro flaps to hold all of their essential accessories for the night. The vest fastens with plastic buckles at center front. Slide the tan knee pads over the pants and fasten them with webbing straps and Velcro. A thigh holster and pouch have adjustable-length webbing straps that fasten with plastic parachute buckles for added detail. Top it all off with the included plastic helmet with chin strap and fabric helmet cover.

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  • Men's Deluxe Gangster Shoes

    Men’s Deluxe Gangster Shoes

    In a world of crime and punishment, of law and justice, it’s usually pretty clear that we want to be the good guys, except when we also want to look great and own the whole town! It’s rough and, frankly, pretty gross to be rolling around in the dirt and muck trying to solve crimes when, instead, you could participate in bolstering the economy and proving to the family just how much they matter! Who could blame someone for looking after important things like that!?So, ultimately, it is up to you… which kind of Mob boss will you be? It is a pretty easy choice to be the hard, but firm, loving but stern Don or Dona, but the real choice is making sure how you’re going to look the part! Choosing the right kind of clothes to participate in high society is crucial, but you better not overlook your feet. After all, when you get those visitors who want to kneel down and kiss your ring, you want them to be looking at upper class style, even at the bottom of your feet. You can do so pretty easily with these Deluxe Gangster Shoes. These classic black and white wingtip Oxford clackers have black rubber, non-slip soles, and a comfy lining that will have you looking sharp and help avoid slipping on any unsavory spills as you get to your getaway vehicle. Join these with the full Gangster regalia and you’ll be having other Gang Bosses coming to ask you for favors!

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  • Toddler Deluxe Lion Guard Kion Costume

    Toddler Deluxe Lion Guard Kion Costume

    Waiting to be the king has got to be tough, but luckily the savannah around Pride Rock has plenty of excitement if you know where to look for it. Your little lion cub can join the fun faster than they can say “Hakuna Matata” in this Deluxe Kion Costume, from Disney’s The Lion Guard! As the Prince of Pride Rock, Kion has pretty big shoes to fill (or he would, if lions wore shoes) when his father, Simba, retires from being king. That won’t be for a while though, so in the meantime, Kion and his friends protect the Pride Lands as the Lion Guard. But, what do they do on slow days, when there aren’t any troublemakers to stop, or anyone to save from danger? They probably play games of baobab ball and swim in the watering hole, and maybe they even have singing contests. We bet Kion’s “Roar of the Elders” power also gives him a wild singing voice! While this costume won’t quite give your toddler a legendary roar, it will give them the ferociously fuzzy look they need to keep the Pride Lands safe! The cozy jumpsuit features a stuffed tail in the back and Kion’s unique paw marking on the shoulder. The matching hood is shaped to look like a lion cub head, with Kion’s face printed on the front, and big soft ears and an orange mane on top. Your little cub will have a hevi kabisa (or “totally intense”) time prowling and playing around in this fiercely adorable outfit!

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  • Womens Deluxe Pocahontas Costume

    Womens Deluxe Pocahontas Costume

    All the colors of the windDisney has made a lot of movies. Movies that take place in France, under the sea (by Denmark), Baghdad, Germany. And in 1995 one finally took place in the United States. Finally, we got the animated film Pocahontas.The classic music, the adorable Meeko the raccoon, and Flit the ruby-throated hummingbird. And there are more memorable characters, too, like wise old Grandmother Willow with her guiding words like “all around you are spirits, child. They live in the earth, water, sky if you listen they will guide you.” Those are words to live by. And we’ll take it because of the beautiful artwork completed by the Disney animators.Product DetailsSo if you want to be a Disney princess this year try this Women’s Deluxe Pocahontas Costume. It features the asymmetrical design of the dress that the animators came up with for the film. It includes the beautiful turquoise colored necklace like Pocahontas wears in the film. You’ll be ready to sing Just Around the Riverbend when you wear this official costume.

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  • Women's Deluxe Evil Queen Costume

    Women’s Deluxe Evil Queen Costume

    When you want to become truly evil, you can’t just go around snipping children’s balloon strings and walk away laughing as they cry and the balloon hovers up to the sky. While that’s truly mean, for sure, it’s not exactly evil. To do that, first, you need to get this Women’s Deluxe Evil Queen Costume so you have the right look, and then you’ve got to learn how to poison an apple with an ancient sleeping curse and give it to the fairest maiden in the land. That’s not the kind of thing they teach you on the food channel, but we think, if you’re truly evil, you’ll figure it out. Luckily, can help you with dressing the part for this new villain gig. We’ve got you covered there!

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  • Tinker Bell Deluxe Infant Costume

    Tinker Bell Deluxe Infant Costume

    Is your little girl getting ready to celebrate her first Halloween? Maybe you‚Äôre aiming to give your bundle of joy an even better Halloween than last years? Well, get the cameras ready! When you dress your infant up with this Tinker Bell Deluxe Costume, she will be all smiles and you‚Äôll want to capture as many of those moments on film as you can.Tink is one of the most iconic characters to have ever come out of the wondrous works of Disney, and now your kiddo can be transformed into this lovable fairy. Need another costume for the other apple in your eye? Well, then simply grab an Infant Peter Pan Costume and your babies will look ready to fly off to Neverland! You may want to make sure to keep your windows closed‚Ķ with enough trust and faith (and a wee bit of fairy dust) anything is possible. Now, this Tinker Bell Costume may be Deluxe but we can‚Äôt include the fairy dust (trust us it’s easier that way). However, what this Deluxe costume does offer is a lovely puffy green skirt along with a beautiful set of wings. Your little girl will be the cutest fairy in the neighborhood with this adorable costume!Give your baby an absolutely magical Halloween with this great Disney-themed costume. She‚Äôll be ready for an amazing adventure. Whether it be taking down captain hook or collecting candy, with this costume you‚Äôre little girl will surely be successful! Grab her a wand and she‚Äôll be ready to charm the whole town.

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  • Disney Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Women's Costume

    Disney Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Women’s Costume

    What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? If you say dinner and a movie than it’s time you were inspired by Aladdin and Jasmine, Disney’s most adventurous couple. Sure, you might argue that other characters have been through more but with the aid of a flying carpet this couple saw a good third of the world in just one night and that was just their first date!Once this princess launched over that wall she proved to us that she wasn’t the typical princess. Yeah, she might not know a lot about the real world. She gets nabbed immediately for taking an apple without realizing that you’ve got to pay for food in Agrabah. She wises up pretty quickly and by the end of her first day outside the palace walls, she’s using some sweet parkour moves to jump from building to building. It’s lucky that she’s up for thinking on her feet because it’s not long at all until she’s on one of the craziest first dates of all time. Imagine the guts it takes to float on a rug without any kind of seat belt a thousand feet up in the air. That’s a lot of magic to depend on when your life is in the tasseled hands of a rug. Of course, anyone who rocks a turquoise jumpsuit like Jasmine does would be pretty daring.When you’re dressing up for your next costumed event, channel some bravery and no-nonsense attitude into your personality when you dress up as Jasmine. You might want to keep your pet Tiger back home but we do have some great Aladdin costumes available if you’re interested in doing a flying carpet reenactment. Talk about the best live action date ever!

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  • Santa's Deluxe Pink Velvet Hat

    Santa’s Deluxe Pink Velvet Hat

    This is a Deluxe Pink Velvet Santa Hat.

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  • Womens Deluxe Aurora Costume

    Womens Deluxe Aurora Costume

    We know what you’re thinking: “Who’s Princess Aurora? I just clicked on this costume because I love this pink dress.” Makes sense. Aurora doesn’t get the flashy attention like Snow White, or Aladdin, or all those other famous Disney characters. And she has to spend a bunch of her life asleep as it is! That’s right, Princess Aurora goes by another name you might know: Sleeping Beauty. She’s supposed to be protected by her three fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, but with names like those it’s no surprise that Aurora gets tricked anyway (No offense to fairy godmothers. You’re great most of the time!). Maleficent puts a spell on her (Well, curse might be a better word for it) and she sleeps. Kind of nice, really. Feel like a nap and off you go for a deep sleep for as long as you like. When you’re finally awoken by your handsome prince… well, you’ve been woken up by making out with a handsome prince. All in all not the worst deal in the world. When you finally show back up to work, they’re going to be mad that you’ve missed so many days you were scheduled to come in, but then you can just tell them how you were cursed and put into a deep sleep and then point out that your manager apparently didn’t even try to rescue you. That’s going to look bad. They’re going to forget about all that missed work and give you your job back. So now you’ve got your job, your man, and your gorgeous dress. Life is pretty good when you’re Aurora! Except no one remembering your name is Aurora, not Sleeping Beauty. But, no big deal all things considered.

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  • Frozen Traveling Anna Deluxe Costume

    Frozen Traveling Anna Deluxe Costume

    You know, it’s customary in Arendelle to have some travel clothes ready. You never know when there is going to be a sudden eternal winter and you have to race up the North Mountain to stop it. If you’re in the market for a new ensemble and Wandering Oaken is fresh out after his big summer blow out, we think you should give our Frozen Travelling Anna costume a try. it’s a deluxe version of the costume she wears in the classic Disney film, and with this costume and a little heart (and a little singing) you’re going to convince Elsa to stop all these icy shenanigans.

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  • Doc McStuffins Deluxe Costume Tutu

    Doc McStuffins Deluxe Costume Tutu

    Whenever we ponder what we wanted to be when we grew up, we had a big list of all the possible occupations. The next step was to dive into our rooms and start practicing! Some of us had it pretty easy. Astronauts just grabbed a cardboard box and, with the right illustrations, were ready to take off. Firemen just grabbed the house outside and sprayed everything whether it was on fire or not!But, doctors? They needed patients and equipment! So, all the stuffed animals in the world could get all the attention they needed. And it is still just as true! Who can help Stuffy when a spider comes to spook? Or Lambie when she needs some attention? Your little one, that’s who! With this Dottie “Doc” McStuffins costume, your kiddo can get into the role of stuffed animal doctor, just like our hero from the Disney series. This officially licensed costume will give the opportunity to become your tyke‚Äôs favorite Disney Junior character. With elegant details, this dress costume will make any one feel like they belong in a magical playhouse clinic. The satin dress and attached pink tulle petticoat look just like Dottie’s animated appearance, and with the attached lab coat, the confidence will flow and your little doctor will be ready to take really good care of all the stuffed animals. And with this costume, you won’t even have to add a toy stethoscope, because the top has a printed version ready to help with all the doctoring magic!

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  • Deluxe Finding Nemo Child Costume

    Deluxe Finding Nemo Child Costume

    Does your little one love Finding Nemo? Let us rephrase that, is it possible for your family to walk by an aquarium, or anything that has a picture of a clown fish on it, without someone shouting “Nemo!”? If that sounds familiar, then you have a little Finding Nemo fan, and they are really going to make an adorable splash in this Deluxe Finding Nemo Costume for children! The ocean is a huge place, bigger than any other place on the planet. So, finding one tiny fish in the great big ocean may seem about as easy as finding a needle in a haystack (if the haystack were the size of the Moon, plus filled with sharks). But thankfully for Nemo, he is such a friendly little clown fish (plus, cute as a button), so there were plenty of other sea critters willing to help Nemo find his dad, Marlin. We bet it’s easy to make friends when you’re covered in cheerfully bright orange and white stripes! You already know how much your little one loves Finding Nemo, so they are going to have lots of fun pretending to swim around like a tiny clown fish in this cute costume. The tunic can easily be worn over another costume or their everyday clothes, and features Nemo’s friendly face printed on the front. Your whole family can dress up in other adult and child Finding Nemo costumes, so you all can be one big happy school of fish. Now, all of the other kids will be shouting “Nemo!” when they see your little fishy in this costume!

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  • Transformers 5 Deluxe Optimus Prime Costume

    Transformers 5 Deluxe Optimus Prime Costume

    Autobot DreamsIt wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. When you were younger, you had some pretty wild dreams and aspirations. You weren’t going to grow up to work some kind of normal job. When you grew up, you were going to fight against the forces of evil. When you grew up, you were going to lead a crew of righteous heroes. When you grew up, you were going to be a robot that could transform into a semi-truck and you were going to blast Decepticons to smithereens.Of course, you grew and found out that “Transformer” just isn’t a real career for adults, but we think that you shouldn’t let go of that dream you had as a kid. You can totally be a Transformer and not just any Transformer. You can be the leader of the Autobots. You can be Optimus Prime himself and all you need is this deluxe Optimus Prime costume.Product DetailsThis adult Transformers 5 Optimus Prime costume is a deluxe outfit licensed from the movie that will have you ready to take charge of the Autobots. It comes with a full jumpsuit that has plenty of printed details on the front. Attached armor pieces on the shoulders and chest help give you a fully robotic look. It even has silver metallic accents on top. The helmet is a two-piece mold that fits together to form Optimus Prime’s head. Another armor piece fits around the waist to tie the whole look together.Autobots, Roll Out!When you start wearing this Optimus Prime costume, you can pretend that you actually grew up to become a Transformer, even if your everyday life is a little less extraordinary than being the leader of the Autobots. You can even gather up a few friends and assemble a whole crew of Transformers when you check out our other adult Transformer costumes.

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  • Girls Sally Deluxe Costume

    Girls Sally Deluxe Costume

    It’s always a challenge knowing if you’re raising your kid right. When do you step in and admonish that eye roll? At what point should your child be force fed something other than mac and cheese? How many scary stories should your little angel be allowed to read during the Halloween season? Well, you can sometimes feel bamboozled by all of these questions you can always remain proud that you’ll always be a better parent than Sally’s maker! If you’re not getting served a dollop of sleeping potion every time your child wants to leave the house like Dr. Finkelstein. Talk about a controlling parent. He was like Cinderella’s step mother made worse with a bad case of helicopter parenting. We get it, he stitched her together but as we all know, just because you made the child doesn’t mean you can control that kid. Other than her habit of poisoning her guardian on the regular, Sally is a very sweet girl! She wants to save Halloween Town from her crush’s schemes, she wants freedom, and like so many girls, she wants to be noticed for who she is. We can all feel for her! This Sally costume has seen an upgrade from Sally’s movie rags. The dress is made of satiny fabric but retains the same Tim Burton flair with the unique patterns on the different patches. The neckline is asymmetrical, the sleeves slightly ruffled, and the hemline is cut in a ragged pattern and dressed up with sparkly tulle. Once she slips the costume on there will be no doubt in her mind, this is Halloween!

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  • Disney Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Women's Costume

    Disney Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe Women’s Costume

    What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? If you say dinner and a movie than it’s time you were inspired by Aladdin and Jasmine, Disney’s most adventurous couple. Sure, you might argue that other characters have been through more but with the aid of a flying carpet this couple saw a good third of the world in just one night and that was just their first date!Once this princess launched over that wall she proved to us that she wasn’t the typical princess. Yeah, she might not know a lot about the real world. She gets nabbed immediately for taking an apple without realizing that you’ve got to pay for food in Agrabah. She wises up pretty quickly and by the end of her first day outside the palace walls, she’s using some sweet parkour moves to jump from building to building. It’s lucky that she’s up for thinking on her feet because it’s not long at all until she’s on one of the craziest first dates of all time. Imagine the guts it takes to float on a rug without any kind of seat belt a thousand feet up in the air. That’s a lot of magic to depend on when your life is in the tasseled hands of a rug. Of course, anyone who rocks a turquoise jumpsuit like Jasmine does would be pretty daring.When you’re dressing up for your next costumed event, channel some bravery and no-nonsense attitude into your personality when you dress up as Jasmine. You might want to keep your pet Tiger back home but we do have some great Aladdin costumes available if you’re interested in doing a flying carpet reenactment. Talk about the best live action date ever!

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  • Chip Deluxe Toddler Costume

    Chip Deluxe Toddler Costume

    In a mystical castle hidden away in a dense forest somewhere in France, there lies the cutest little teacup you’ve ever seen. The castle in Beauty and the Beast is a weird enough place to end up at while searching for your missing father but just imagine growing up there. Mrs. Potts must have been in a constant state of stress while her fragile porcelain son used the castle as his personal jungle gym. Ha may have road the dumbwaiter or swam in the sink while the other dishes were just trying to get clean, considering his enchanted circumstances, Chip has always had a handle on adventure. We don’t give the little guy the credit that he deserves. If you think about it, he saved the day in the animated version of Beauty and the Beast. If Chip hadn’t slipped into Belle’s satchel with the mirror, Belle and her father would have remained locked up while the castle was under attack by the townspeople. Without him, the beast would have remained a beast, Chip’s mother would have remained a teapot, and of course, we’re happy he turned back into a boy but we sure love that bubble trick that he got so good at over the years. If your little one is curious and mischievous then he’d have a great time hamming it up as Chip. For this costume, we skipped the breakable china and made an adorable foam version of our porcelain hero. Now your little boy can play, sing, and dance without worrying about getting another chip. At the end of the night, take the opportunity to say, “Off to the cupboard with you now, Chip, it’s past your bedtime!”.

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  • Dopey Deluxe Infant Costume

    Dopey Deluxe Infant Costume

    We’ve been thinking about it and we concluded that babies are very similar to Snow White’s seven dwarfs. They are both miniature humans who have the same hobbies and similar temperaments. Allow us to explain. There is a dwarf named Bashful and infants have the tendency to get really shy. The same can be said for Sleepy, Grumpy, and especially…Dopey!One of the best things about being around babies is witnessing their dopey expressions. It’s adorable when they squish their faces together and stick their little fingers in their nose. Most importantly, everyone gets a little dopey when they are in the presence of a baby. It’s impossible to look at their chubby cheeks and round bellies and not say, “goo goo gaga.” It’s crazy how their lovable (and dopey) faces have the ability to make us babble incoherently (and stupidly), but that’s a baby’s natural charm! So of course we find it fitting to dress as many infants as possible in this adorable deluxe Dopey infant costume.Now you can watch your baby acting dopey while he looks like the cartoon dwarf with the same name! This costume consists of a soft green tunic with a padded belly to give your baby an even pudgier appearance. Pull the floppy hat over his head and stretch the booties around his feet and he’ll look ready to march to the mines and collect some diamonds. His marching may be a little uncoordinated, but he’ll get there!

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  • Toddler Deluxe Pink Ladies Jacket Costume

    Toddler Deluxe Pink Ladies Jacket Costume

    The Pink Ladies pledge to act cool, to look cool, and to be cool.This Toddler Deluxe Pink Ladies Jacket is an exclusive look for your little one. True to the movie, the jacket is a lovely bubblegum pink, with a front zipper closure and winged collar! However, what truly makes this jacket iconic is the screen printed “Pink Ladies” logo on the back of the jacket. To complete the look, this jacket also comes with a pink ascot scarf, so your daughter will fit right in, in the 1950s! Pair with a poodle skirt and cat eye glasses for a classic look, or with black leggings and curly hair for an edgier style.

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  • Deluxe Plus Size Gangster Costume

    Deluxe Plus Size Gangster Costume

    Have you ever wanted to be a gangster? More than likely you’ve had a daydream or two about it, because it sounds pretty awesome on paper, but there was definitely a downside. While guys like James Cagney made it look downright glamorous what with all the money, the respect, the relationships, the danger, the action… wait, what’s the downside again? I can’t remember. Being a gangster circa 1920 sounds amazing.

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  • Kids Deluxe Gangster Costume

    Kids Deluxe Gangster Costume

    You better not make him mad or you’ll meet his Tommy gun! Well, maybe it‚Äôs just a toy, but we still think this little guy is pretty intimidating. Just because he‚Äôs intimidating doesn‚Äôt mean he‚Äôs not adorable – heck, we think his cuteness is just as much of a weapon as his toy tommy gun!The 1920s were a rough and tumble time. Not much unlike the Wild West, the roaring 20s were part excitement, part lawless, part scary. Even the kids were ready to get into the act! While it wasn‚Äôt all sunshine and unicorns, the 20s were a happening time that most of us look upon fondly. It‚Äôs no surprise that kids find this time entertaining as well. It‚Äôs a good thing we have plenty of costumes – including this deluxe gangster costume to satisfy your child‚Äôs need to be part of the action.This Kids Deluxe Gangster Costume is great for little gangster guys in training. The pinstripe double-breasted jacket has two faux pockets to give a polished look to your little guy. The matching pinstripe pants have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit that they‚Äôll want to wear all night long. Pick up the matching black hat and the toy gun accessory for an explosive look! Don‚Äôt forget to get a black shirt and white tie to really bring this costume to life! Throw on a pair of black shoes and get ready for a night out on the town running candy through the back alleys!

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  • Toddler Deluxe Frog Costume

    Toddler Deluxe Frog Costume

    You are ribbiting!Kids are just weird, are we right? They leak all kinds of fluids. And the smells. What is with all the weird smells. You don’t remember giving them anything that would produce that kind of smell. And some of the sounds they make are really strange. It’s almost as if they are intentionally trying to freak us out.But no, look at those cute little faces. They couldn’t possibly be trying to torture us psychologically. They are so awesome. Because of them, we are allowed to play with LEGOs, and Play-Doh. We are able to play pretend again. And that’s not even mentioning the first time you show your little tike something new. It’s like you are a super magician, and you know everything.One such magic moment was when you first showed your son a frog. He was so amazed by the little slimy, jumping creature. He has been so fascinated by them that now they are all he wants. He keeps asking for all the frogs. In stores, in movies, in the wild. So, this Halloween put him in this Toddler Deluxe Frog Costume, and show him a little more magic. He will be amazed at how you transformed him into his favorite animal, so amazed in fact, that he may stop getting liquids on you. (Good luck with that though.)

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  • Captain Underpants Deluxe Child Costume

    Captain Underpants Deluxe Child Costume

    The Hero We NeedMost of the time superheroes in comic books and TV shows are gifted with miraculous powers, giving them the strength to pulverize enemies and squash foes. Other times, these heroes are wealthy enough so they can equip themselves with high-tech gadgets to elevate them to certified superhero status. However, one-of-a-kind superheroes like Captain Underpants don’t need gimmicks or gizmos; just pass him the clean laundry so he can gear up and save the world; or at least the students of Jerome Horwitz Elementary. Sure, any well-read Captain Underpants fan could argue that the undergarment-wearing crusader did gain superpowers in the third book by drinking “Extra Strength Super Power Juice,” but even if he chose not to imbibe the mysterious liquid, he would still be an epic character. Not everyone has the confidence to strut around in a pair of unforgiving tighty-whities so we think his carefree nature is a superpower in itself! We’d like to see if those other high-maintenance superheroes (you know who we’re referencing) can just throw on a pair of undies, tie a cape around their neck, and then defeat bad guys like Sir Stinks-A-Lot. Um, we don’t think so! Product DetailsIf Captain Underpants is the easy-going superhero that makes your little bookworms perk up, then they’ll love wearing this deluxe kid’s costume. Offering more coverage then a measly pair of undies, this soft nude jumpsuit makes costumers appear like they are just wearing underwear and a cape. A character mask completes the cartoonish look. Now, your young intellectual can grab the house plunger, storm the streets, and show off this Captain Underpants costume to the neighborhood! Tighty-Whitey TimeYou’ve finally become the person you were always meant to be… Captain Underpants! This Captain Underpants costume will transform your little dude from ordinary to extraordinary (and also in heroic underpants).

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  • Harry Potter Deluxe Hagrid Plus Size Mens Costume

    Harry Potter Deluxe Hagrid Plus Size Mens Costume

    Do you love animals? When it comes to your friends are you loyal to the end? You might not be a master of magic spells or your emotions but when it comes to your friends you know how to make even the direst situations seem like they’re going to have a happy ending!  If you’re like us Hagrid was your favorite professor at Hogwarts. Yes, including Dumbledore, believe it or not! Hagrid was there for Harry from the very beginning. He was the one who dropped off the newly famous infant at the doorstep of the Dursleys, wiping away tears from his oversized face as he got on his flying motorcycle to fly home. Hagrid might be tough enough to raise dragons and spiders but he certainly never puts a stop to his feelings.  There are just too many reasons to love Hagrid. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone that you could go to in order to vent your woes and get some questionable advice? Hagrid always has some cocoa and hard cookie like things ready to soothe his favorite student’s sorrows. That is, unless he’s busy hatching some dangerous blast-ended Skrewts, probably our least favorite poisonous pet of Hagrid’s history. You’ll look the part in this Hagrid costume. The long coat and under vest have silver buttons down the front. You’ll be the epitome of a gentle half-giant once you add a shaggy wig and beard. Bring along an umbrella in lieu of a wand to make the costume complete and if you can find a three-headed dog that would be pretty cool, too!

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  • Adult Deluxe Plus Size Professor McGonagall Costume

    Adult Deluxe Plus Size Professor McGonagall Costume

    Education is not the filling of the pail but the lighting of a fire- W.B. Yeats There are plenty of heroes in the Harry Potter series. Some of them are well known some are completely unsung. Sure, he fought Voldemort with only a mother’s love when he was only a year old later but the heroic feats we know and love would not have occurred without the wonderful Hogwarts staff. The teachers of the Wizarding World really know how to light that fire for learning in their students! While there are plenty of memorable professors at Hogwarts, none are as smart and respectable yet open minded as Professor McGonagall. She is someone no one wants to mess with. She’s got a strict persona, an eagle’s eye, and a sharp tongue. She has her weaknesses, sure. She’ll pull some major strings when it comes to a strong Gryffindor Quidditch team for instance. Harry expected the horrible Hogwarts ax after Minerva caught him flying a broom underage but after she saw his skills she sent him straight to the Quidditch captain rather than the headmaster. Her dark robes and traditional hat hide a secret wit and girlish desire to see her house in first place at all times! If you’re a Gryffindor fan till the end then you’ll make a great McGonagall! This deluxe costume features a rich black robe with smart details. The floor length robe has a deep, collared V-neck over ruched, silky black fabric. It secures under the neck with gold button loop. The sleeves are dramatic, forming to a point at the shoulders and flaring at the wrist with a leathery finish. This Halloween, you’ll love wearing this powerful McGonagall ensemble. You may have graduated Hogwarts with honors but that doesn’t mean you have to leave. In fact, we’re delighted you’ve decided to stay, ten points for Gryffindor!

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  • Deluxe Hagrid Adult Costume

    Deluxe Hagrid Adult Costume

    Rubeus Hagrid might look pretty scary, but looks are often deceiving! Take a look at oatmeal for instance. It looks like a horrid mess of inedible slop, but it actually hits the spot quite nicely in the morning. Yeah, that’s it! Hagrid is a little bit like oatmeal. He might not be the handsomest dish around, but he certainly is a mainstay at Hogwarts!…okay, maybe that might not quite be the best analogy, but you get the picture. The lovable big lug is one of our favorite characters, from his big rugged beard down to his giant-sized feet (half-giant, really). He spends most his time worrying about his friends and family and we also hear he’s a pretty decent cook (Mmm! Mmm! Rock cakes!). That’s why we’re really excited about this adult deluxe Hagrid costume, which is officially licensed from the Harry Potter films.The costume comes with everything you need to become Hagrid (aside from the heart of gold, which you will have to provide). The large brown coat has two front pockets, perfect for storing moldy dog biscuits for Fang or whatever you like to call your favorite canine friend. The coat also has an attached vest with a full button front to give you a realistic look from the movie. Make sure you start cultivating your beard now, since you’re going to need a pretty grisly one in order to portray the legendary groundskeeper at Hogwarts.

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