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  • Deluxe Kids Tusken Raider Costume

    Deluxe Kids Tusken Raider Costume

    Quick, what mysterious group of sand people was even the great Obi-Wan Kenobi afraid of picking a fight with? That‚Äôs right; it was the Tusken Raiders. These mysterious bantha-riding people of the deserts of Tatooine were incredibly fearsome with a long-distance rifle, and in large numbers were definitely nothing to mess around with.So what better costume could there be for your child? We mean, he‚Äôs pretty good with a slingshot, and when he and his friends are tearing through the house together, you might as well just offer up the resources you have until they move on, leaving destruction in their wake. This Halloween, give him this Deluxe Kids Tusken Raider Costume, and let him embody his true calling. Just make sure that he cuts you in on anything he nabs from passing podracers or unaware and unguarded Jawa stops–I think we all know those places are goldmines for spare speeder parts and other important gear.In any case, this is a great costume for harnessing the single-minded nature of some of the best survivors of an unrelenting desert world in the Star Wars universe! The whole outfit is comprised of a tan mesh long-sleeve robe with an attached waist sash, and an attached foam double bandoleer. Included is even a Tusken mask! The only thing you need now is a toy weapon accessory to complete the full look.

    $44.99 Kids Star Wars Costumes
  • Deluxe Child Raphael Costume

    Deluxe Child Raphael Costume

    At long last, an educational costume! Enough of these superhero costumes, about guys with magic powers who can do ninja stuff, or about mutated turtle people. Finally, the costume kids need: Raphael Sanzio da Urbino! Or as you know him, Raphael. Obviously, this world-famous Italian painter needs no introduction. He painted a well-known fresco, The School of Athens. Beginning in 1509, Raphael- Hang on, why is this costume green? Raphael wasn’t green. This costume looks like a turtle- Oh man! It is a turtle! Of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, to be more specific. Well, there goes four years of Art History for us. When we step back and think about it, we suppose it’s not surprising that there isn’t a costume for a centuries-old man who painted stuff. A mutated teenage turtle with ninja training is obviously much more appealing to the child demographic. And why not? Raphael is rumored to be “cool, but rude”, just like many children! And he uses sharp sais to kick Shredder’s butt along with all of the foot clan. Now that we think of it, when did art ever defend New York City from attack by an evil underground army? Ever? We’ll have to look into this. And is there anything more American than enjoying pizza? No. And there’s no record that Raphael the artist ever ate pizza. On the other hand, there’s plenty of evidence that Raphael the turtle loves pizza! So who’s a better role model, parents? The stuffy old man spending all his time in front of a canvas, or a spunky, funky mutant ninja turtle defending our cities and enjoying some pizza with his brothers? We think the evidence speaks for itself. Cowabunga, turtles!

    $39.99 Ninja Turtles Costumes
  • Deluxe Plus Size Pink Witch Costume

    Deluxe Plus Size Pink Witch Costume

    A good witch is hard to come by these days. Witches are a dime a dozen, but how often do you find one who uses their magic for good? But when you do find a witch who‚Äôs willing to use her powers for the positive rather than the negative, then be sure to befriend her – and quick!If you can‚Äôt find a good witch to help you out, then maybe it‚Äôs time you thought about becoming one yourself. That‚Äôd be the good life, wouldn‚Äôt it? Casting spells all day long – you‚Äôd never have to empty the dishwasher or take the dog for a walk again! You could just use your magic wand to do your chores for you. While you‚Äôre at it, you could even use a spell to whip up dinner and put the kids to bed early so you have a little ‚Äòyou‚Äô time.But wait, that‚Äôs not the good we are talking about, is it? Do you long to make others’ wishes come true? How about making your own wish of being your favorite storybook character to ever wear a pink sparkly gown? With this Deluxe Plus Size Pink Witch Costume you can fulfill your dreams! This 100% polyester satin and tulle dress is just what dreams are made of. The dress has a satin bodice with glittery tulle sleeves and bust overlay for added detail. The back zipper makes for easy on and off. For added volume, the skirt has a satin base layer with two layers of tulle overlay. For the complete look, don‚Äôt forget to add the silver crown and the magic wand – a witch can‚Äôt produce her spells without one, now can she?

    $59.99 Oz Witch Costumes
  • Deluxe Werewolf Costume

    Deluxe Werewolf Costume

    Every horror movie and story involving werewolves tell us that they are only a problem during a full moon. Whether the intense lunar rays do something to trigger the transformation, or they just have really consistent timing, it’s become common knowledge that you don’t go out on a full moon night when there are werewolves running amok. That is, unless you’re one of them!If you happen to be a fearsome lycanthrope (that’s the fancy word for “werewolf”) then a full moon is your time to shine! But if you want to get in on the ferocious fun without becoming a real shapeshifter, you can live out your wild wolf dreams with this Deluxe Werewolf Costume. It lets you feel like a monster on the prowl, but it’s much less of a commitment (and much less painful) than actually undergoing a lycanthropic metamorphosis, which usually involves lots of biting and torn, ruined clothes. Think of how shocked your friends will be if you show up to a party on a full moon night without telling them you’ll be dressed up like a towering monster. You might even get to chase them through some trees and feel like a real beast!Ahem… sorry, we get a little worked up when we think about werewolves. Actually, you may not want to surprise people with this highly detailed costume, partly because that’s kinda weird, but mostly because this furry full body outfit would look really creepy in the pale moonlight. But it’s the perfect look for Halloween, when everyone can let their inner monster out to scare up some excitement, no full moon required!

    $189.99 Werewolf Costumes
  • Deluxe Pirate Eye Patch

    Deluxe Pirate Eye Patch

    Throughout history there were many different people that used eye patches. Soldiers and sailors were some of the most common people to be seen sporting one, normally to cover a battle wound. Aircraft pilots in the past were also known to use them in order to help preserve their night vision during battles. Now, the most common and stereotypical user of the eye patch was, of course, the dreaded scoundrels of the sea, the pirates. You’ll look like a fierce yet fabulous rogue pirate with some mystery behind her eyes…or eye, when you wear this Deluxe Pirate Eye Patch. Do you need this eye patch because you lost an eye in a savage sword battle with Captain Hook or maybe you use it as a tactical advantage when taking over enemy ships? Well, that is up to you while you tell others your tales of being out in the open seas. Whatever you decided to tell all your curious onlookers, this eye patch will be a great addition to any pirate costume!

    $5.99 Pirate Accessories
  • Deluxe Kids Mickey Mouse Costume

    Deluxe Kids Mickey Mouse Costume

    Every kid loves Mickey Mouse. That’s a proven fact. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. First of all, Mickey Mouse is a mouse (yeah, you probably already knew that), and kids love anything that’s small and soft and cuddly. Real mice aren’t like that but mice like Mickey are! Secondly, Mickey Mouse has giant buttons on his pants, as if giant buttons are better at holding stuff together than regular sized buttons. We have no idea why this makes kids love Mickey more, but it does! Thirdly, those big giant ears. How iconic! One look at those ears and everyone, not even just kids, instantly knows it’s Mickey. That’s magic you can’t buy! Mickey Mouse is a bundle of wonder for kids of any age, ready to journey into make believe for some wondrous fun!Well now your child doesn’t have to sit there waiting for magic. Now your child can become magic on their very own! How? But dressing up like the mouse, the myth, the legend himself, Mickey Mouse! Your child will get to enjoy all the magic of the mouse: being soft and cuddly, having giant buttons, and big black ears to deliver that iconic shape! And then of course, your kid is going to cause some mischief. Yup, we didn’t bring it up before because it usually turns people off from buying the costume but… well, your kid is probably going to pull the old Sorcerer’s Apprentice thing. They put on this costume and you’re looking at a good 75% chance of magic broomsticks dumping water into your house forever. But, these things happen. And at least your kid will look cute doing it!Note: We are not responsible for any water damage as a result of this costume.

    $34.99 Mickey Mouse Costumes
  • Kids Deluxe Boba Fett Costume

    Kids Deluxe Boba Fett Costume

    Who’s the only bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy that’s cooler than Boba Fett? Exactly, there isn’t one! But in our own galaxy, your little Star Wars fan can look just like the infamous mercenary in this Deluxe Boba Fett Costume, and not even the ice planet Hoth is cooler than that!Not much is known about Fett, which is just how he likes it. We know he’s a clone of Jango Fett, the legendary Mandalorian warrior who was also the model for the Republic’s clone army during the Clone Wars, but he disappeared for a while after Jango fell in battle. It’s also known that Boba wears Jango’s former armor, is every bit as skilled and deadly (maybe even more), and is a man of few words, just like his dad. After all, one can’t be a notorious intergalactic bounty hunter by blasting around space and drawing attention. He’s learned to be patient and wait for the right time to capture his target. But, also like his dad, the younger Fett is really good at blowing stuff up for those times when patience doesn’t do the trick!Hopefully, your little bounty hunter doesn’t have to blast their way out of a tough situation while trick-or-treating, but in this awesome officially licensed costume, he’ll look up to the task! The jumpsuit features built-in foam armor plates and gauntlets, and comes with a matching rubber utility belt, battle-worn cape, and helmet for extra authenticity. Get him the matching Jet Pack and a toy blaster, and that candy bounty will be all his when Halloween comes around!

    $59.99 Boba Fett Costumes
  • Deluxe Men's Scarecrow Costume

    Deluxe Men’s Scarecrow Costume

    There are only a few types of scarecrows that we can find in popular culture and they are all dramatically different from each other. The first, of course, is the standard inanimate thing of straw and stuffing that sits in the middle of a field, hung up by wood, and just hangs out… silent and immobile… trying to spook away the birds that swing in to feed on the fields. You can usually recognize these guys by how many fat crows are perched on top of them, resting off their amazing feast. Hardly the adventurous or even frightening entity.But, it has to be thanks to that guy that we see the other two. One is a dark and enigmatic figure that hides in the shadows of Gotham, ready to infect the entire population with a chemical fear that drives them into literal madness. He’s a notorious villain, terrifying even before he’s afflicted anyone with brain-altering fear toxin, and his madness drives him to some of the most atrocious acts in the whole of Gotham. The other is a delightful guardian and a perfect mix of goofy and brave. Made literally of straw and burlap, this guy could hardly hurt a fly and is more intimidated by the crows than he is scary. Still, loveable is a quality that we certainly admire more than homicidal!So, now you have a choice to make! Will you be this kindly soul thanks to this Deluxe Men’s Scarecrow costume or will you turn to a darker path. If you’d like to go the kindly route, you’ll be right at home in this burlap pullover tunic with wrist ties and fabric straw bursting through your seams. The matching pants maintain the design and are bolstered with elastic for easy fitting. The belt, wrist, and ankle ties have sewn-on patches and the black cloth hat’s patchwork band completes the kindly look. Augment yourself further with some carefully chosen face paint or even find a whole crew to go on some epic adventures. Just watch out or that other guy down the shadowed streets!

    $34.99 Scarecrow Costumes
  • Women's Deluxe Hooded Robe

    Women’s Deluxe Hooded Robe

    Can people always find you chilling out in your robe. Well, that can mean a lot of things. Maybe when you think about robes you think of cozying up and not leaving the house? Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. Robes are usually cozy and fluffy but they can also be rather intense. Think about it. There are different types of robes, all for different purposes. There are monk’s robes. Judge’s robes. And the legendary Golden Girls always wore robes as well. However, none of these robes make the intense impact of this deluxe robe for priestesses and vampires. Why should you leave your love of robes behind on Halloween? This Women’s Deluxe Hooded Robe will make a great foundation for any costume. It’s dashing in a midnight black with red lining. You’ll love the corset detailing and the dramatically large sleeves and hood. The best part? You can feel totally at home even as you boogie your way through the night of fright. Who knew evil mischief making could be so comfortable!Use your imagination to create a boundless list of looks this robe can create. Add devil horns and a pitchfork accessory for a devil lady look. Or pop in some fangs and hook a cross necklace around your neck for a vampiress vixen. (ooh, spooky!) Or perhaps you have a tattered broomstick and pointed hat lying around, making you a formidable witch. Whatever look you choose to turn this robe into, you’ll still be good ole’ robe lovin’ you!

    $34.99 Devil Costumes
  • Deluxe Brown Boot Tops

    Deluxe Brown Boot Tops

    We all know that piracy is wrong. And, we’re not talking about filming a movie at the theatre or illegally downloading your favorite video games. That’s also a major issue, but we’re currently referring to the much older variety. Raiding, pillaging, smuggling, looting, and drinking too heavily while on moving vehicles are all definite paths to doom. Now, they might also be paths to lots of treasure, fame, and epic adventure, but definitely don’t forget about the high degree of danger. Plus, your mother is definitely going to get bothered if you aren’t contacting her regularly.Still, if you heart is set on a life of adventure on the high seas, at least make sure that you are fully equipped for the trip. For your mother for Davy Jones’ sake! Now, it’s clear that you have already thought about your shirt and trousers, a nice rugged seafaring jacket, and a good assortment of weaponry and other pirate necessities. But, have you given thought to your footwear? Here is where bringing in your modern shoes is probably a really good idea, but you also need some authenticity. And, that is where these Deluxe Brown Boot Tops come into play. Secure to your own shoes with elastic straps and bright gold buttons, then lace up for the full look and you can be in modern attire while also looking the part of the pirate. Best of all worlds!

    $14.99 Pirate Accessories
  • Deluxe Baby Blue Tuxedo

    Deluxe Baby Blue Tuxedo

    Show your colorful personality in this Deluxe Baby Blue Tuxedo and add our matching baby blue shoes ,cane and top hat and you’ll be the life of the party–just keep your eyes open for your big break!Fans of the movie Dumb and Dumber can wear this along with a Harry wig and become the bumbling pet groomer portrayed by Jeff Daniels. Get an orange tux so your best buddy can be Lloyd ,and set off on an adventure.

    $64.99 Tuxedo Costumes
  • Deluxe Pink Witch Costume

    Deluxe Pink Witch Costume

    It can be so tempting to be wicked when you’re a witch, but some take the high road and become good witches. It may seem like a tougher job than being bad, but it’s worth it, if even just for the more glamorous fashion choices! Show off your magical good side with our exclusive Deluxe Pink Witch Costume. Good witches are held to a pretty high standard, and not just when it comes to their spell casting duties. They are expected to be sweet and compassionate, and only use their magical skills to help others, unlike sinister witches, who can pretty much do whatever they want. But, while evil witches dress up in dark, shabby looking cloaks, nice witches get to wear bright, elegant outfits, with big puffy skirts and sparkling flowing lace. They might even have graceful magic wings to flutter around on, which is much classier way to get around than on a dirty flying broomstick. This exclusive dress is the perfect look for a good witch who wants to make her own magical style. Leave the skirt long and flowing gracefully, or add volume to it with a petticoat, and add any number of other accessories to cast your own uniquely stylish spells, like satin gloves, sparkly heels or slippers, or a majestic crown or headpiece. After all, if you’re going to go through all the trouble of being a good witch, you might as well have a wonderful ensemble to match!

    $44.99 Oz Witch Costumes
  • Kids Deluxe Robin Costume

    Kids Deluxe Robin Costume

    Even Batman needs help. Hard to believe, right? But he doesn’t trust just anyone to watch his back, so he turns to his trusty sidekick Robin when the going gets tough. Your little crimefighter can jump into the action with Batman, too, in this Deluxe Robin Costume! Do you know what makes Robin such a great sidekick to the Caped Crusader? Is it how his skills as an acrobat make his jumpy and flippy fighting technique a perfect compliment to the Dark Knight’s more punchy and powerful style? Is it how his smaller size makes him better suited for sneaking around and crawling through vents? Does he know exactly how Batman likes his coffee (black as the night, with a bit of lemon to help his growly voice)? It’s actually all of that, plus Robin already knows the secret code to get into the Batcave, which really comes in handy in emergencies! Whether your little one is dressing up on their own, or as a dynamic duo with their brother or dad dressed in a Batman costume, this Robin outfit will get them in the crime fighting mood. They are going to look super-tough with all of the foam muscles built into the top and sleeves of the jumpsuit. The yellow cape features black lining on the inside and velcro fasteners to keep it in place. They may look cute when they put on the black eye mask, but don’t let that fool you, they’ll also be ready for action!

    $34.99 Robin Costumes
  • Deluxe Elvis Wig

    Deluxe Elvis Wig

    Your jumpsuit’s on and your aviators are still plastered to your face. What’s left? Well, becoming the king of rock and roll isn’t that easy. You’re gonna need a lot of swagger while maintaining a love-struck attitude at the same time. Millions of high school girls around the world weren’t screaming about Elvis’s jumpsuit or his sunglasses. Hey, we don’t want to make any enemies but we don’t think it was his music either. No, they were screaming over his hunky persona!Show you’ve got that spunky quality old school rock and roll fans crave with the slicked back do’ that Elvis shook, rattled, and rolled in! After all, no one meek has ever really pulled off a Pompadour. That’s a fact. You can look it up. But you won’t have the time to go Wikipediaing Elvis’s do once you’re wearing it. You’ll be too busy living that rock and roll lifestyle. Peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich, anyone?B

    $29.99 Elvis Costumes
  • Super Deluxe Dorothy Wig

    Super Deluxe Dorothy Wig

    Somewhere over the rainbow, there may be a far-away place with munchkins and witches and even a Wizard. Even in that place, however, they still know a thing or two about good hair. You’ll have a perfect, off-the-farm look with this Super Deluxe Dorothy Wig.A good pair of braided pigtails never steered anyone wrong. Look at Dorothy – she was able to navigate the treacherous yellow brick road all the way to Oz in order to stand up to the Wizard and get what she needed in order to get home. Not only did she do this for herself, but she was able to draw upon the power of her braids in order to get her friends set up pretty nicely, too.This synthetic wig features luscious brown hair with two thick braids that have blue ribbons tied at the bottom of each for a classic Dorothy look. The wig is attached to a net for a look that will stay in place all night long!

    $29.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Deluxe Jango Fett Blaster

    Deluxe Jango Fett Blaster

    When you want to take down a bit bounty, you need a big hunter. You’re not going to pick someone you’ve never heard of. You want a real hunter, solid genetics. Someone that if, say, a group of people wanted to create a clone army might have been the principle subject. They also note that you can recognize a significant player in the world of heroics or villainy by the equipment for which they are known. You know King Arthur by the singing sword. You know Bilbo by his magic ring and Sting. So, it follows that any bounty hunter worth mentioning should also have a signature weapon!We’re of course speaking of the notorious bounty hunter in a galaxy far, far away who fired blasts while jetpacking through the air… and you can step into the same role—jet pack or no—with this Deluxe Jango Fett Blaster. This white and orange plastic gun looks exactly like the blaster Jango might have used, but it has a secret bonus. While firing at your imaginary (or even your real) targets, you won’t have to burn all your hunting energy shouting out your “pew-pews!” because the blaster will do it for you! Firing off authentic sounding movie blaster sounds at each trigger pull, astound friends and enemies when you pull this epic blaster out of your cloak.

    $12.99 Jango Fett Costumes
  • Deluxe Adult Elvis Costume

    Deluxe Adult Elvis Costume

    How many legends of Rock‚Äôn Roll can there be in a single life time? Well, frankly, it is a surprising number! Loads of people have gone by that honorific. Some we‚Äôve heard of and others we‚Äô think of in different avenues… Chuck Berry, Solomon Burke, Fats Domino, Alan Freed, Bill Haley, Little Richard‚Ķ and that doesn‚Äôt even count the Kings of Country, Pop, Blues, and all the rest. It makes a person really wonder how the King of Rock and Roll immediately conjures up the image of Elvis Presley, even for those of us who sadly missed his living days (unless, of course, Death Becomes Her wasn‚Äôt lying)‚ĶOf course, that isn‚Äôt so hard to answer, is it? Presley had a style so much his own and so memorable that we can find contests all about who can most closely impersonate the musical and film giant. There‚Äôs even categories. Look-alikes and Sound-alikes, Young Presleys, Jailhouse Rock Presleys, Too Many Peanut-Butter-and-Banana Sandwiches Presleys‚Ķ Perhaps the King isn‚Äôt truly dead so long as we continue to honor his memory with some fantastic impersonations while wearing some of his most famous costumes.And it is your turn, too, to awaken the King with this officially licensed Deluxe Adult Elvis costume. The white jumpsuit features the golden luster of stars and rhinestones and has a split along the legs to reveal the beautifully contrasting red at your ankles. Golden eagles and rhinestones decorate the white foam belt which features golden chains hanging down in wealthy accent. Couple this look with any of our Rock Legend wigs and you will be slicked back and ready to rock. Your fans won‚Äôt be able to help falling in love even long after you have left the building.

    $69.99 Elvis Costumes
  • Deluxe Toddler Pink Witch Costume

    Deluxe Toddler Pink Witch Costume

    Who says you need to wear all black and have green skin to be a witch? That may be the case if you want to be a wicked one but your little cutie is the opposite of wicked. If anything, she’s wicked awesome! Your girly is the biggest sweetheart we’ve ever seen so we think that this Deluxe Toddler Pink Witch Costume would be perfect for her this Halloween!Slip your toddler into this beautiful sparkling pink dress and watch the night magically come alive with her contagious giggles and smile. She’ll look like the kind of witch you’d run into while on some crazy adventure in a far away land, one that you could trust to help you out along the way. Just look at that glittery crown! If that doesn’t shout trustworthy then we don’t know what does. Grab her a little magical wand and she’ll be ready to cast all sorts of helpful spells. Never again will you have to do the dishes or vacuum the house, not with your handy-dandy sorceress floating around in her charming transportation bubble! Quick side-note, magical powers are not included… but hey, who knows, maybe she’ll develop them once she’s wearing this enchanting costume and then you get to say goodbye to house-chores.Show the world that not every witch is evil and lacks a sense of style when you dress your kiddo up with this Deluxe Toddle Pink Witch Costume. She’ll look like a star apprentice of Oz’s very own Glenda the Good Witch and spread joy everywhere she goes this Halloween!

    $34.99 Oz Witch Costumes
  • Deluxe Queen of Hearts Adult Costume

    Deluxe Queen of Hearts Adult Costume

    Demanding respect in your kingdom takes more than a little bit of confidence, gusto, and croquette set. It also demands a beautiful dress. And man, did the Queen of Hearts know how to wear an elegant and head-turning dress!She may not be the nicest storybook character ever – heck, she’s probably one of the nastiest. I mean, cutting off people’s heads just because they disagree with her? That’s pretty cruel. But you have to hand it to her: she did have a unique style about her and knew enough about fashion to have the Hatter help her out with new hat designs. Behind that evil façade I’m sure there’s a softer side to the Queen, but I doubt we’ll see it anytime soon!But you don’t have to be nice to rock a gorgeous gown and this deluxe Queen of Hearts costume dress proves it. The poly/spandex blend dress has a red, crushed velvet skirt with gathered black satin overlay around the waistline. The floor-length gown is ready for any royal event with its puffed shoulders and elegant gold trim. The dress is detailed with a checkered, striped, and heart pattern that makes it a uniquely stylish addition to your Halloween wardrobe. It also comes with a full-length white petticoat with an elastic waist and a sequin heart crown. Heads will roll when you step out of the castle in this fabulous Queen of Hearts costume. Whether it’s for Halloween or a play, this dress will stop people in their tracks – and not just because they are afraid you are going to yell, “off with their heads!”

    $174.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Wilma Flintstone Costume

    Adult Deluxe Wilma Flintstone Costume

    Keeping up with Bedrock fashion is no small feat, but Wilma has a little secret weapon in her arsenal of style tricks. Zebra print. She’s been hanging on to this one for just the right occasion to really knock Fred off his feet. Of course, she could always just whack him with a club, but why go to all the trouble when she can just knock him out by looking amazing?Wilma has always been the real star of the Flintstones family. We think Fred is cool and all with his human-powered car and sweet lodge hat, but Wilma is the one who truly has style and personality that’s ready for the small (and big) screen. She is, after all, the one holding the family together – right? Fred’s shenanigans can only go so far before Wilma has to swoop in and save the day.Now you, too, can have the same style and class as the first woman of Bedrock, Wilma Flintstone. This affordable and officially licensed Wilma Flintstone costume will have you ready for Halloween or just a fun night on the town. The one shoulder white fleece and zebra print dress is ready for any occasion. The zebra print has a velour fabric at the hemline and neckline. The costume also comes with a plastic necklace of large rock shaped ‘pearls’ and you can top it all off with the included orange wig with Wilma’s signature style. Add a pair of caveman feet for a look that’s ready for the Stone Age!

    $34.99 Flintstone Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Wilma Flintstone Costume

    Adult Deluxe Wilma Flintstone Costume

    Keeping up with Bedrock fashion is no small feat, but Wilma has a little secret weapon in her arsenal of style tricks. Zebra print. She’s been hanging on to this one for just the right occasion to really knock Fred off his feet. Of course, she could always just whack him with a club, but why go to all the trouble when she can just knock him out by looking amazing?Wilma has always been the real star of the Flintstones family. We think Fred is cool and all with his human-powered car and sweet lodge hat, but Wilma is the one who truly has style and personality that’s ready for the small (and big) screen. She is, after all, the one holding the family together – right? Fred’s shenanigans can only go so far before Wilma has to swoop in and save the day.Now you, too, can have the same style and class as the first woman of Bedrock, Wilma Flintstone. This affordable and officially licensed Wilma Flintstone costume will have you ready for Halloween or just a fun night on the town. The one shoulder white fleece and zebra print dress is ready for any occasion. The zebra print has a velour fabric at the hemline and neckline. The costume also comes with a plastic necklace of large rock shaped ‘pearls’ and you can top it all off with the included orange wig with Wilma’s signature style. Add a pair of caveman feet for a look that’s ready for the Stone Age!

    $34.99 Flintstone Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Fred Flintstone Costume

    Adult Deluxe Fred Flintstone Costume

    We’ve all daydreamed about living in a simpler time, working hard at a good job, and coming home every night to a nice house, a faithful pet, and a loving family. But when you imagine it, is the pet actually a dog-sized dinosaur? It sounds like this Deluxe Fred Flintstone Costume is just what you need to make your dream a reality!Good old Fred is the portrait of the modern Stone Age working man (it’s a cave-portrait, but it still counts) and if you don’t believe us, just check out his day to day life in the town of Bedrock. He’s not the sharpest tooth in the saber tooth tiger’s mouth, but he’s a hard worker at the local quarry, and it seems like he’s always got enough cash to treat Wilma and Pebbles to bronto-burgers and a movie at the drive-in! Also, we’re no experts on Flintstones-era fashion, but we’d bet that orange spotted pelt he’s always seen sporting wasn’t cheap.Luckily, looking as good as Fred couldn’t be easier in the modern age when you’ve got this deluxe costume! It comes with everything you’ll need to pull off this prehistoric style, including a high quality spotted tunic and matching cuffs, a tie, and a black shaped wig and a pair of foot covers for that full “caveman chic” appearance. Everything is officially licensed, too, so the only way you could possibly look more like Fred is if you showed up to the costume party in a foot-propelled car! We still think it’d be cool to have a pet dinosaur, though…

    $49.99 Flintstone Costumes
  • Child Deluxe Darth Vader Costume

    Child Deluxe Darth Vader Costume

    Do people cower in fear when they hear your child’s name? Well, everyone cowers in fear when they hear the name “Darth Vader” uttered. Maybe it’s his mastery over the Dark Side of the Force that strikes fear into his foes. Maybe it’s his impressive lightsaber skills. Perhaps it’s the menacing black armor that he wears during the original Star Wars Trilogy. We think it might just be his deep James Earl Jones voice!Well, the unfortunate truth is that we can’t all have the deep voice of James Earl Jones (although speaking into a pedestal fan does help anyone do a pretty good Darth Vader impersonation). We can, however, help your child achieve the look of a menacing Sith Lord with this Deluxe Edition Darth Vader costume for kids.The costume comes with a full jumpsuit that has boot tops designed into the feet. It also has an attached chest piece and collar for a complete look. The black cape is also included as is the 3D belt. Of course, the final piece to this outfit is the injection molded mask, which makes your child look like the most deadly Sith Lord in the entire galaxy.Once your child has it all on, he may just have the desire to hunt down the last of the Jedi Knights in the galaxy. Make sure he’s properly equipped with one of our Star Wars lightsabers and you may even want to check out our Emperor Palpatine costume to help guide him on his path to the Dark Side.

    $49.99 Darth Vader Costumes