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  • Deluxe Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Plus Size Costume

    Deluxe Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch Plus Size Costume

    Oh, the most good (that sounds a little funny, eh go with it) witch that’s ever graced our television screens. After all, she does float down to Dorothy in a giant pink bubble and takes care of a village of little tiny people called the munchkins!She really just can’t get any good…er (we started out awkward so we’re going to own it) in our minds and our hearts. She creates a beautiful snowstorm to save the gang from the poppies and works as a mentor to show that Dorothy had the ability to go home all along but needed to learn a few things about herself first. On top of all that, she just looks absolutely gorgeous in that big pink gown and tall silver crown. In our eyes she really can do no wrong (but we’re also pretty sure that’s not really in her nature!).Now it’s your turn to guide the ruby red slipper-clad lass from rural Kansas and help her find her way through Oz and also find herself on the journey there. You’ll be the best witch in town (There we go! Awkwardness over) and once you’re done, you’ll be able to kick back in your glass slippers with the wizard and have all your little munchkins pamper you all over the place. You may not have been the focus of the entire movie, but you will always be our favorite witch out there (along with everybody else’s!)

    $79.99 Officially Licensed Wizard of Oz Costumes
  • Plus Size Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    Plus Size Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    Do you love being on stage? Do you daydream about singing the classics with everyone’s eyes glued to your every movement? Maybe you can’t stop thinking about sharing the screen with Bogart, Bacall, and the Rat Pack? Well now you can do it in perfect Golden Age style with this eye-catching red sequined singer’s dress. Maybe you can sing a few tunes stretched across a Baby Grand Piano, or under the lone spotlight, softly whispering into one of those square old-fashioned microphones. With your red hair and sparkly dress, who knows who you can influence!This Plus Size Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume is designed to help you slink across the room, catching every gaze and dropping every jaw. You’ll be talked about for days – the way you walk, the way you hold your long cigarette holder, just like Rita Hayworth, or Marilyn Monroe herself. Your purple gloves extend up to your elbows just like a classic debutante, completing your stage-worthy presence. Who knows, in this outfit, you might even land your place on the big screen, walking confidently, with your hand on your hip, across the office floor of a private investigator, trying to find out who framed your husband in a recent crime?You have the world in the palm of your gloved hand in this costume that is designed to move comfortably with you through the night, and the thigh-high slit will make it so that your audience won’t forget your name, no matter what time you finish your set.

    $94.99 Jessica Rabbit Costumes
  • Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume

    If you’re looking for something entertaining to do on a night out in a cartoon world, keep in mind your options are pretty similar to anywhere else, just more cartoony.You can go out to dinner where the maitre’d may be a penguin and your silverware tells you about the desert specials. You may want to go dancing, but keep an eye on your partner because they may actually have two left feet (or more)! If you’re looking for the best show in town though, you’ll want to stop by the club and catch the local singer perform her set. It will be just what you need to set the mood for your night on the town!If you think you’ve got the singing chops to make it on stage, you’ll also need this Exclusive Deluxe Sequin Hollywood Singer Costume to really win over the crowd. Being a singer is as much about image and performance as it is about talent if you want to hit the big time, and this getup will make sure people are still talking about you long after the show ends. The strapless sequined dress will fit like a glove and light up the lounge while you’re working your magic and the slit up of the right side will keep it classy as well as keep everyone’s attention. The included purple knit gloves make a great accompaniment, as will any sexy heels and glamorous hairstyles or wigs you want to add. Jaws will be dropping before you even breath a note the second you step out onto the stage in this costume!

    $89.99 Jessica Rabbit Costumes
  • Deluxe Adult Leonardo

    Deluxe Adult Leonardo

    We turtles do not know the meaning of the word defeat. Those are pretty tough words, and it takes are pretty fearless leader to be able to say them and mean it. Also, they need to be a turtle. We can help you with the “turtle” part with this Deluxe Leonardo costume, but it’s up to you lead your brothers in the fight against the Foot Clan! As the oldest and most focused of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leo can seem like a bit of a stick in the mud at times. But, as the one in charge of the most fearsome fighting team in the world, he can’t afford to slack off. Of course, he’s not serious all of the time, and he occasionally parties it up with his brothers. For the most part though, if they aren’t on a mission or training, he can be found meditating or practicing his slicing and dicing skills. Being the responsible one is tough, dude! Luckily, it doesn’t take a lifetime of martial arts and discipline training to look like this hero in a half shell. Simply don this one piece green jumpsuit, which has pre-stuffed muscles built into the sleeves (way faster than going to the gym) and a velcro shell that can be stuffed and attached to the back. Then, just slip on the turtle foot shoe covers, and Leo’s trademark blue pads and eye mask to finish this awesome costume. You should totally check out our TMNT masks and costume swords if you’re looking for a radical “full turtle” experience. If you want to be the leader, you gotta look your best. Turtle Power!!!

    $64.99 Ninja Turtles Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Marie Antoinette Wig

    Adult Deluxe Marie Antoinette Wig

    If you wanted an amazing hairdo in the 18th century, you had two options. You could spend a good chunk of your day brushing and primping your hair, applying whatever kinds of styling products were available back then (we don’t know, bacon grease, maybe?), until you either came up with something you liked, or ran out of light. Or, you could be the queen, and make your servants do it for you, while you ate cake and planned your next royal dance party. It’s really a tough choice, when you think about it! Luckily, in the two hundred-ish years since then, mankind has gone to the moon, invented cell phones, and created fantastic wigs like this Deluxe Marie Antoinette Wig to make our lives easier. This high quality costume wig is styled in a tall, regal looking bouffant, with draped ringlets on the sides. It’s a queenly hairdo that doesn’t take a palace staff to achieve!

    $39.99 Marie Antoinette Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Manic Tea Party Wig

    Adult Deluxe Manic Tea Party Wig

    The table is immaculately set with your favorite cups and saucers. You’ve brewed your own special blend of loose leaf tea for exactly the perfect amount of time. The lemon wedges and sugar cubes have been artfully arranged. Your guests are on the way. There! That was the last thing on the list. Now you can check on the mouse living in your teapot and still have a minute to practice your wide-eyed gaze in the looking glass. Wait! What’s that on top of your head? That’s not the way your hair usually looks when you’re hosting a tea party, is it? Oh no! All that preparation would be ruined if you didn’t have a Adult Deluxe Manic Tea Party Wig at the ready, because people may come for the tea and cucumber sandwiches, but they stay for your frizzy locks and eccentric behavior. Luckily, we’ve got one of those wigs right here! Whew. Now where did those pesky cucumber sandwiches go?

    $39.99 Alice in Wonderland Costumes
  • Women's Disney Deluxe Ariel Costume

    Women’s Disney Deluxe Ariel Costume

    Wish I could be part of your worldA fish is a fish ,and a mermaid may never walk. That is until an evil sea witch gets involved. Then a mermaid can walk ,she just can’t talk ,or sing. And if she doesn’t get true loves kiss she will become one of Ursula’s many poor unfortunate souls.Ariel ,the redheaded daughter of Triton ,god of the sea ,is the most outspoken of her sisters. The most curious of what else is happening in the world. She really wants to explore all the things that land has to offer. And when she finds her true love ,she knows that she would gladly make a bargain with Ursula to go up on the land. To be part of Eric’s world.Put on this Women’s Disney Deluxe Ariel Costume ,and become part of Ariel’s world. The one under the sea ,and the one on land. We’re not saying that a prince will fall in love with you ,or that you will become a great singer when you put this dress on ,all we are saying is all things are possible. If you try hard ,that land prince may fall in love with you ,even without your voice. And evil sea witches like Ursula never win the day. So ,you may very well get a great singing voice if you practice ,and don’t sign any contracts with Ursula. *Dinglehopper not included.*

    $59.99 Little Mermaid Costumes
  • Women's Deluxe Mario Costume

    Women’s Deluxe Mario Costume

    It’s-a me, Mario!Who is the coolest plumber in the world? Well, Ozzy Osbourne of course. The Crazy Train riding singer was once a plumber. And let’s not forget Mario who comes in close second place as the worlds coolest plumber. Honestly, we would have given him the number one spot, but the princess is always in another castle by the time he gets there.But, you could bump the his rating up to number one coolest plumber. You could kick some Goomba butt, and rescue Princess Peach. If only you looked the part. Yeah, you perfected your spin jumping, and are able to kill the Buzzy Beetles. But you still don’t seem to fit in. You need something to make you look like a plumber.Good news! We have something to make you feel like the Italian Plumber. This Women’s Deluxe Mario Costume. It will make you look like you belong in the Mushroom Kingdom. And feel like you could beat out Ozzy for the coolest plumber in the world contest. With this costume you can show Mario how to rescue a princess in a timely manner, there will be none of this “Our princess is in another castle” business. No, in this costume you will use your spin jump to get by the Buzzy Beetles, and say arrivederci to being the second coolest plumber. Because, let’s be honest, no one wants to be number two in a plumber contest.

    $54.99 Super Mario Bros Costumes
  • Ninja Turtle Movie Child Deluxe Donatello Costume

    Ninja Turtle Movie Child Deluxe Donatello Costume

    Aw yeah, feel our bo staff, foot soldiers! Being a mutated turtle is hard enough, but when you’re a teenage mutant ninja turtle? Well let’s just say it might have been easier for Donatello to be a Renaissance sculptor instead of a ninja turtle. Then again, you don’t get much of a choice when you’re covered in mutagen and forced to grow up in the sewers of New York. You thought your life was hard? Imagine trying to go through puberty while you are also transforming from a turtle into a… well, still a turtle but an anthropomorphic one at that. Talk about shell shocked! Fortunately, you’ve got your brothers by your side. None of them look as good as you do in purple, and honestly they are so technologically behind, but they’re your best buds and there’s no one you’d rather split a slice with (except Mikey, because you know he’s going to eat more than his share). And then there’s April, what a woman! Not just a smart reporter, but a gorgeous woman to have on your side. So strap on that shell and hit the streets of New York with your trusty bo so you can kick Shredder’s butt. Leonardo is in the lead, but you’ll be right behind him with a new gadget up your sleeve to surprise your foes. Did someone call for a Turtle Van? It’s a great way to pick up some pizza for Splinter and your buds. We’re pretty sure it’s not street legal, but you know what you’re doing, Donatello. You always have before! Cowabunga!

    $19.99 Ninja Turtles Costumes
  • Deluxe Curly Lion Wig

    Deluxe Curly Lion Wig

    Look, we know you might not feel like the most courageous guy in the world. You might not even have the most luxurious locks. You might not feel like the lion that everyone knows you are on the inside. All you need is a little boost to your ego. We might be able to help, and you wont have to travel to a foreign land to get it. All you’ll have to do is click “Add to Cart”.This Deluxe Curly Lion Wig might not actually give you courage. And sure it might not make your hair into a beautiful lion’s mane. But it will make you feel like a lion at heart, we already know that you are a fierce lion, but this wig will make you feel like one too. And when you put it on, maybe you will realize that you have always been courageous. You have always been a lion.

    $24.99 Lion Costumes
  • Deluxe Caveman Neighbor Wig

    Deluxe Caveman Neighbor Wig

    If you’re painting your caveOr inventing fireYou want that blonde hairWhich all cavemen admireWhether gathering by dayOr hunting by nightEveryone lovesA well-coiffed troglodyte-Prehistoric caveman poemWe have studied every fossil and ancient cave painting we could find in order to bring the most accurate replica of the typical caveman hairdo directly to you. It turns out that cavemen most commonly had neatly parted, tidily styled, bright blonde hair. Who knew?If you’re going primal this year then you can’t do without our Deluxe Caveman Neighbor Wig. It is made from durable synthetic hair. We tried to get the real thing, but last year all of our interns got badly clubbed when we made them shave actual cavemen. This comfortable wig fits comfortably thanks to its secure mesh cap.

    $14.99 Caveman Costumes
  • Girls Frozen Deluxe Anna Coronation Gown

    Girls Frozen Deluxe Anna Coronation Gown

    Every little girl wants to be queen of their own realm. We’re sure seeing their beloved sister become Queen is also pretty cool, and now your little one can look just like Princess Anna in this officially licensed Frozen Deluxe Anna Coronation Gown! Getting to see a new queen get her crown must be a pretty incredible sight. It’s got to be even more amazing when the new monarch is your own sister, like when Anna went to Elsa’s coronation. But, even if your little girl has to stay a princess for a bit longer, she still gets to dress up and have fun at the party. Everyone else is wearing their absolute finest outfits, all of their shoes are polished up, and everyone’s hair is nicely done. The best food and decorations are set out, and at the end of the ceremony, there is a huge celebration! Your little girl will have a fantastic time at any party in this majestic costume gown, whether she’s heading to a royal coronation, or maybe something a little more low-key. The designs printed on the gown and bodice look just like those on Princess Anna’s dress, so they are perfect for a Princess of Arendelle. It also comes with all of the petticoats and lacy sleeves they will need to look magnificent, even if she is simply playing dress-up. Your princess will get her shot at being queen one day, but for now, she can have a royally fun time in this lovely costume!

    $39.99 Frozen Costumes
  • Doc McStuffins Tutu Deluxe

    Doc McStuffins Tutu Deluxe

    Whenever we ponder what we wanted to be when we grew up, we had a big list of all the possible occupations. The next step was to dive into our rooms and start practicing! Some of us had it pretty easy. Astronauts just grabbed a cardboard box and, with the right illustrations, were ready to take off. Firemen just grabbed the house outside and sprayed everything whether it was on fire or not!But, doctors? They needed patients and equipment! So, all the stuffed animals in the world could get all the attention they needed. And it is still just as true! Who can help Stuffy when a spider comes to spook? Or Lambie when she needs some attention? Your little one, that’s who! With this Dottie “Doc” McStuffins costume, your kiddo can get into the role of stuffed animal doctor, just like our hero from the Disney series. This officially licensed costume will give the opportunity to become your tyke‚Äôs favorite Disney Junior character. With elegant details, this dress costume will make any one feel like they belong in a magical playhouse clinic. The satin dress and attached pink tulle petticoat look just like Dottie’s animated appearance, and with the attached lab coat, the confidence will flow and your little doctor will be ready to take really good care of all the stuffed animals. And with this costume, you won’t even have to add a toy stethoscope, because the top has a printed version ready to help with all the doctoring magic!

    $39.99 Doc McStuffins Costumes
  • 8 pc Deluxe Black Bear Costume

    8 pc Deluxe Black Bear Costume

    You‚Äôve devoted your entire career thus far to improving humans‚Äô attitudes about bears. Because let‚Äôs face it, life is a little tough for bears and their reputations are constantly in jeopardy. When a bear gets mad, that‚Äôs about all a human remembers. And to be fair, bear anger is rather…memorable.But imagine if people judged you only on your worst moments–the times you were irritable, tired, cranky, hungry, or…DANGER!…hangry. So you go out in the world to educate people of the bear‚Äôs beneficial and wonderful qualities. It is no surprise to us, then, that you have opted for this majestic 8-piece Deluxe Black Bear Costume for this Halloween (and, honestly, probably every Halloween to follow). Because words can only go so far; this outfit will help your excellent points hit home, giving your captive audience at the party some food for thought they can really sink their teeth into! Aside from being a helpful teaching tool, this costume is absolutely cozy and will keep you warm if you emerge from your den to party in blustery conditions. It comes with everything you see: a black furry corset, a black furry skirt, a black furry hood with an attached bolero, and even furry mitts and leg warmers. Walk a mile in this cute black bear‚Äôs…paws…we think it will invigorate your research and help you spread your message in cute, persuasive style.

    $109.99 Bear Costumes
  • Deluxe Peacock Flapper Headband

    Deluxe Peacock Flapper Headband

    Peacocks are known for their beautiful, eye-catching plumage… but do you know why they have it? In simple terms, it’s to turn heads, attract attention, and distinguish the bird from the rest of the flock. When you’re a 1920s flapper dancing in the jazz age, standing out from the crowd can be difficult, because everyone wore such extravagant styles in that legendary time period. But you can put them all to shame by borrowing the peacock’s attention-getting tactics… and there’s no better way of doing that than with the bird’s feathers themselves! That’s why you’re sure to stand out with this Deluxe Peacock Flapper Headband!Decked out with black sequins and, of course, the unmistakeable “eyespot” feathers of the male peacock, there’s no better headwear if you’re going out as a flapper on Halloween… or headed to a “Great Gatsby” party. Just don’t forget to add the phrase “Old sport” to your repertoire for the night!

    $9.99 Flapper Costumes
  • Adult Deluxe Frog Costume

    Adult Deluxe Frog Costume

    We all know what ‚Äúthey‚Äù say about being green, don‚Äôt we? It is not easy…unless, that is, you decide to pull on this Adult Deluxe Frog Costume! That‚Äôs the saying, right? In all honesty, we guess that truly being green is probably harder than you‚Äôd think. After all, it is never that simple to look different from the crowd. And green, as a color palette, just doesn‚Äôt go with everything. Unless you‚Äôre a famed witch or, say, a totally independent, free-thinking lil‚Äô froggy, being green is gonna be tough. Good thing this ensemble allows you to find your inner ‚Äúribbit‚Äù and hop to the beat of your own…uh…frog. You‚Äôll be such a hit you‚Äôre bound to be followed around all night by starstruck fans, hoping to kiss you. We know. We SAID it wouldn‚Äôt be easy. We hope you‚Äôre ready.You‚Äôll be so cozy in this full bodysuit‚Äôs padded belly and attached gloves, how can innocent bystanders be expected to resist cuddling up to you? So, go on! Pull this frog-head hood up, secure the web-feet boot covers, and, well, you may want to brush up on a few of your favorite childhood rainbow-themed tunes, because this costume is a nostalgia-meets-cuddle fest waiting to happen. So maybe this whole being green thing isn‚Äôt so hard after all?

    $59.99 Frog Costumes
  • Child Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman

    Child Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman

    Batman has gone on many missions to save the world and Gotham City on his own but sometimes when the danger is too great he has to call upon some of his super friends to help out. But who does the caped crusader call up in these times of need? Depending on the situation he may call Aquaman if he needs to take care of a fishy fiend. Or if the he has to deal with something requires amazing accuracy he’ll phone his good friend Green Arrow because he always hits his target. But no matter what Batman always has a very brave and quite bold friend to help him out. Now your little guy can save the day in this awesome superhero themed costume!

    $39.99 Batman Costumes
  • Metal Deluxe Cigarette Holder

    Metal Deluxe Cigarette Holder

    Your outfit is really only as good as your accessories.And if you’re going to be a 20s flapper, you better have a cigarette holder. Nothing says glitz and glam like long gloves, a feather boa and a cigarette lit in a fancy holder. You know what we’re talking about. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly, Marilyn Monroe, and Cruella De Vil are just a few famous ladies who used these fancy smoke-extenders.This particular Metal Deluxe Cigarette Holder can extend out to 18″ long and is an actual functioning cigarette holder. That’s right, real cigarettes fit in the end, and it’s got an opening for smoke to pass through. Just in case you’re committed to the costume. Or you can do what we did when we dressed up with this baby and stick a candy cigarette in there. You know, just in case you need a little sugary pick-me-up.

    $4.99 Flapper Costumes
  • Deluxe Child Raphael Costume

    Deluxe Child Raphael Costume

    At long last, an educational costume! Enough of these superhero costumes, about guys with magic powers who can do ninja stuff, or about mutated turtle people. Finally, the costume kids need: Raphael Sanzio da Urbino! Or as you know him, Raphael. Obviously, this world-famous Italian painter needs no introduction. He painted a well-known fresco, The School of Athens. Beginning in 1509, Raphael- Hang on, why is this costume green? Raphael wasn’t green. This costume looks like a turtle- Oh man! It is a turtle! Of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, to be more specific. Well, there goes four years of Art History for us. When we step back and think about it, we suppose it’s not surprising that there isn’t a costume for a centuries-old man who painted stuff. A mutated teenage turtle with ninja training is obviously much more appealing to the child demographic. And why not? Raphael is rumored to be “cool, but rude”, just like many children! And he uses sharp sais to kick Shredder’s butt along with all of the foot clan. Now that we think of it, when did art ever defend New York City from attack by an evil underground army? Ever? We’ll have to look into this. And is there anything more American than enjoying pizza? No. And there’s no record that Raphael the artist ever ate pizza. On the other hand, there’s plenty of evidence that Raphael the turtle loves pizza! So who’s a better role model, parents? The stuffy old man spending all his time in front of a canvas, or a spunky, funky mutant ninja turtle defending our cities and enjoying some pizza with his brothers? We think the evidence speaks for itself. Cowabunga, turtles!

    $39.99 Ninja Turtles Costumes
  • Deluxe Child Luke Skywalker Costume

    Deluxe Child Luke Skywalker Costume

    I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you!That doesn’t exactly sound like something a farm kid who’d never been off his homeworld would say, especially while sneaking into a terrifying Imperial battle station, but that’s just the kind of guy Luke is! Now your little Star Wars fan can dress up as his favorite galactic hero for Halloween in this awesome Deluxe Child Luke Skywalker Costume!The eager young moisture farmer may have grown up on a sleepy desert planet, but he’s been dreaming about adventure his entire life! That’s probably how he was able to get the hang of hyperspace jumps and blaster fights so quickly once he and Obi-Wan Kenobi took off on their fateful mission. It also helps that the Force runs strong in his family, which definitely came in handy when he was sneaking into the Death Star to rescue Princess Leia, and then later when he made an impossible shot that blasted it into space dust! And his aunt and uncle always told him bullseying those womprats in his T-16 was just a waste of time!There’s no telling what kinds of intergalactic journeys your kid will go on, but this licensed costume will make sure he’s ready for whatever he runs into. The outfit is designed to look just like Luke’s rugged desert tunic from A New Hope, and includes a molded plastic utility belt and boot tops attached to the pants. Be sure to get him a toy blaster to take on his adventures, or even a lightsaber so he can get a head start on Jedi training!

    $39.99 Luke Skywalker Costumes
  • Deluxe Kids Mickey Mouse Costume

    Deluxe Kids Mickey Mouse Costume

    Every kid loves Mickey Mouse. That’s a proven fact. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. First of all, Mickey Mouse is a mouse (yeah, you probably already knew that), and kids love anything that’s small and soft and cuddly. Real mice aren’t like that but mice like Mickey are! Secondly, Mickey Mouse has giant buttons on his pants, as if giant buttons are better at holding stuff together than regular sized buttons. We have no idea why this makes kids love Mickey more, but it does! Thirdly, those big giant ears. How iconic! One look at those ears and everyone, not even just kids, instantly knows it’s Mickey. That’s magic you can’t buy! Mickey Mouse is a bundle of wonder for kids of any age, ready to journey into make believe for some wondrous fun!Well now your child doesn’t have to sit there waiting for magic. Now your child can become magic on their very own! How? But dressing up like the mouse, the myth, the legend himself, Mickey Mouse! Your child will get to enjoy all the magic of the mouse: being soft and cuddly, having giant buttons, and big black ears to deliver that iconic shape! And then of course, your kid is going to cause some mischief. Yup, we didn’t bring it up before because it usually turns people off from buying the costume but… well, your kid is probably going to pull the old Sorcerer’s Apprentice thing. They put on this costume and you’re looking at a good 75% chance of magic broomsticks dumping water into your house forever. But, these things happen. And at least your kid will look cute doing it!Note: We are not responsible for any water damage as a result of this costume.

    $34.99 Mickey Mouse Costumes
  • Deluxe Velvet Flapper Costume

    Deluxe Velvet Flapper Costume

    Are you heading to the speakeasy for Halloween?You‚Äôve got the secret address and password. You‚Äôre going to inspire everybody to get on their feet and dance the Charleston. And you‚Äôre absolutely convinced that handsome gangster will actually buy you a drink this time! So get on these glad rags and get ready for some glitz and glam ‚Äì the Deluxe Velvet Flapper costume will put you right back into the Roaring 20s.Think it‚Äôs a little bit racy? Not for a flapper like you! You get jazzed at jazz and shimmy the Shimmy with the best of them. Acceptable attire for a proper young lady? Not even! You enjoy your freedom and get a little bit restless if you can‚Äôt go out and put on the Ritz. Isn‚Äôt it outlandish? Not, it‚Äôs the cat‚Äôs meow! This flapper style is all the rage, and it‚Äôs designed to fall just above the knee so you can show a little bit of leg while you‚Äôre doing to the Bunny Hug.The skirt has classic flapper fringe around the hem that flaps while you dance out on the floor. And the loose dress has a black velvet bodice with sequin trim at the neck that’s sure to make you sparkle in the low light of the Halloween speakeasy. Silver sequins also adorn the skirt, headband and choker (you did want glitz and glam, right?). The drop waist skirt has a band of elastic to make it stay right at the hip while you‚Äôre shaking and dancing. Fringe and sequins also make the sleeves flapper appropriate. Now all you have to do is put finger waves in your hair and slip on your Mary Jane shoes to celebrate Halloween in perfect flapper style.

    $49.99 Flapper Costumes
  • Deluxe Child Michelangelo Costume

    Deluxe Child Michelangelo Costume

    Mikey here! I’m definitely the funniest of my brothers. I love video games, skateboarding, and duh, pizza!Sure Mikey might be the smallest of the TMNT crew physically, but his brain is always rolling. He is constantly coming up with ideas. Some of them less helpful than others. But he is constantly contributing to the group, which is more than he can say for Raph sometimes.Ever since he first saw it, your son has been obsessed with TMNT. You suppose you remember doing the same thing with the movies from the 90s. Only unlike how you liked Donatello the best as a kid, your son likes, no, he loves Mikey. He wants to be just like the slightly distracted dreamer. He wants to fight alongside his turtle brothers, using nunchucks, and then eating a whole pizza by himself.Your son, has not so subtly, told you that he wants to be wants to be Mikey for Halloween. He has left drawings of himself in a Mikey costume all over the house. Good thing that you have had your eye on this Deluxe Child’s Michelangelo Costume. He will look like his favorite turtle in this costume. He will be jumping up, and down so much with excitement that it will be difficult to Velcro the shell straight on his back. Your little Mikey will be coming up with crazy turtle ideas, and trying to fight off Shredder with his nunchucks, then asking for pizza. Because who doesn‚Äôt love pizza, duh!

    $39.99 Ninja Turtles Costumes
  • Deluxe Kids Tusken Raider Costume

    Deluxe Kids Tusken Raider Costume

    Quick, what mysterious group of sand people was even the great Obi-Wan Kenobi afraid of picking a fight with? That‚Äôs right; it was the Tusken Raiders. These mysterious bantha-riding people of the deserts of Tatooine were incredibly fearsome with a long-distance rifle, and in large numbers were definitely nothing to mess around with.So what better costume could there be for your child? We mean, he‚Äôs pretty good with a slingshot, and when he and his friends are tearing through the house together, you might as well just offer up the resources you have until they move on, leaving destruction in their wake. This Halloween, give him this Deluxe Kids Tusken Raider Costume, and let him embody his true calling. Just make sure that he cuts you in on anything he nabs from passing podracers or unaware and unguarded Jawa stops–I think we all know those places are goldmines for spare speeder parts and other important gear.In any case, this is a great costume for harnessing the single-minded nature of some of the best survivors of an unrelenting desert world in the Star Wars universe! The whole outfit is comprised of a tan mesh long-sleeve robe with an attached waist sash, and an attached foam double bandoleer. Included is even a Tusken mask! The only thing you need now is a toy weapon accessory to complete the full look.

    $44.99 Kids Star Wars Costumes